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Animal Health Library Employee Directory
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Vicki Croft

Librarian 4

I am head of the Animal Health Library. My primary responsibilities include serving as the collections manager, collection development librarian, and liaison for the College of Veterinary Medicine, WADDL, and Neurosciences. I do library instruction for the above areas. Of course, reference is essentially a 40 hours per week responsibility. When no other personnel are available, I may serve as a backup for the Circulation Desk.

I serve on the Management Advisory Committee, the Research Services Planning Committee, and the Collections Management Working Group. I am the institutional representative for the Animal Health Library, one of 9 NN/LM PNR (National Network of Libraries of Medicine – Pacific Northwest Region) resource libraries. I am the Animal Health Library’s representative to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Safety Committee. I am active in various national and international groups of veterinary libraries, including the Veterinary Medical Libraries Section of the Medical Library Association (MLA) and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of MLA. I will be serving as Co-Convener for the 7th International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists, Baltimore, MD, May 2013.

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1963: Library Established
The library was established in 1963 to serve primarily the research and teaching needs of the College of Veterinary Medicine.
1981: Expansion to Pharmaceutical Sciences
In 1981 most of the pharmacy collection was transferred from the Owen Science and Engineering Library, and the Pharmacy Departmental Library merged with the existing collection. The "Veterinary Medical/Pharmacy Library" began to serve the needs of not only WSU campus patrons and practicing veterinarians, but also pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists.
2000: Transfer of Medical and Nursing Journals
More than 70 medical journals (as well as liaison and collection development activities for the WWAMI Program and Pre-nursing) were transferred to us from the Owen Science and Engineering Library.
2001: Library Renamed
To reflect our broader focus, the library was renamed "Health Sciences Library". We serve the needs of WSU faculty, staff, and students requiring information on biomedical topics, as well as practicing veterinarians, pharmacists, physicians, and clinical pharmacologists.
2009: Library Renamed
To reflect our new focus, the library was renamed "Animal Health Library". We serve the College of Veterinary Medicine, including the Program in Neurosciences and School of Global Animal Health.