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At Washington State University, extraordinary research and learning happen across majors and on all four campuses. The point of convergence for all these activities? The WSU Libraries.

The Libraries are a busy crossroads of people, ideas, and resources. All students depend upon the strengths of the WSU Libraries to achieve academic success and to prepare for their career goals.

These strengths include:

  • Teaching Scholarly Excellence: Information Literacy Education - WSU Libraries have nationally recognized faculty members who teach students to find appropriate and meaningful information and then use it correctly to reach high academic standards.
  • Accessing the World’s Knowledge: Digital Library - Digital access to information is not the future – it is the present. WSU Libraries both collect and develop digital materials; over the last decade we have developed 75 digital collections that include over 100,000 images, texts, sound files, and video clips.
  • Researching the Past: Rare Books - Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections (MASC) holds more that 53,000 rare books which are available for use even to undergraduates. MASC actively collects in areas that support the teaching and research mission of WSU.
  • Creating Dynamic Environments: Spaces and Places - Even though many resources are accessed via computer, students still need clean, quiet spaces for study and group work. WSU Libraries provide physical places where the focus is on learning, with ready access to print and electronic resources and the expertise of librarians.
  • Developing Life Skills: Student Employment - There are not enough scholarships for everyone, so many students must work while attending school. The Pullman campus libraries hire about 150 undergraduate and graduate students annually, making The Libraries one of WSU’s largest student employers.


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