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If material essential to your research is not owned by the WSU Libraries, you may request that the library obtain the information for you from another library through the ILL service. You can submit a request using your ILLiad Online Interlibrary Loan account.

With ILLiad, you register once and then submit your requests using your ILLiad account. You can also use ILLiad to track your requests. Electronic delivery of articles is available for Graduate Students, Distance Education Students, and those who pay for their requests with a departmental account (IRI) (electronic delivery is not available for Cash transactions).

ILLiad and SFX work together so when you find something with the SFX Locate Document link, you can click on the link and follow the directions to automatically submit a request through your ILLiad account - no typing necessary to submit the request. This makes it very easy to submit requests.

To learn more about ILLiad, read the ILLiad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

When filling out ILLiad request forms, please provide as much information from your reference as possible. A complete bibliographic citation including author, title and date, with volume and page numbers if appropriate, helps to quickly identify the item and libraries that may be able to lend it. Also, Please be sure to indicate the level of service you want.

When an item is borrowed for your use, the lending library will determine the length of the loan period, indicate whether that period may be extended by a renewal and/or stipulate any restrictions on the use of the material. For example, when lending a rare or valuable book, a library may specify that it must be used only in the borrowing library building.

Rarely do libraries lend periodicals. However, most libraries will provide photocopies of the articles, in lieu of loan, which then become the property of the requesting individual. The WSU Libraries reserve the right to determine if a loan or a photocopy should be requested.

NOTE: ILL fees do not apply for materials supplied from the WSU Library collections to DDP students.

Use the ILLiad request forms for materials you require that are not available through Griffin or Summit.

If an item you request is not held by the WSU Libraries, we will get it for you through Interlibrary Loan when you indicate you will pay the ILL fee. Add a note in the 'Notes' box on the ILLiad request form if you authorize the ILL fee and want us to obtain the item regardless of source.

Fees for interlibrary loan transactions will be charged to your student account. Copies of articles will be posted to the Web for your retrieval unless you request mail delivery. Loaned items will be delivered to your mailing address. Only level 1, basic service is available for DDP students.

If you have any questions or problems using the request forms, please contact us at, 509-335-9672 (voice), or 509-335-0934 (fax).

Use the ILLiad request forms to request materials that are not available through Griffin or Summit. Copies of articles will be posted to the Web for your retrieval unless you request mail delivery. Loaned items will be delivered to your research/extension office. An Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI) must be on file with the Library Administrative Office to cover per page copy or ILL fees. Graduate students located at Research/Extension Offices receive support from GPSA as outlined above. Rush fees must be charged to an IRI on file.

Use the ILLiad request forms to request materials that are not available through Griffin or Summit. Copies of articles will be posted to the Web for your retrieval unless you request mail delivery. Loaned items will be delivered to your mailing address. Fees may be charged to an IRI or the GPSA Program. If neither of these payment methods apply, please contact the ILL office to arrange payment of fees.

Inquiries about the status of a request may be made at the Holland and Terrell Libraries Access Services Office (335-9672), through your ILLiad account by logging on and selecting View/Modify Outstanding Requests, or at the campus library where the request was submitted. When the material arrives, the person requesting the material is notified by E-mail or telephone. The materials will be held at the circulation desk of the library you designated as the "Pickup Location" when you registered with ILLiad. Fees are collected when you pick up the material. An additional $5 service charge is assessed for materials not picked up.

Materials requested through ILL may be picked up at the Circulation Desk in any of the following libraries:

Holland and Terrell Libraries Owen Science & Engineering Library Health Sciences (formerly Veterinary Medicine/Pharmacy) Library

When fees are charged to an Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI) or the GPSA Program, the material may also be picked up at the:

Brain Education Library Fischer Agriculture Sciences Library Architecture Library

Cash payments cannot be taken at these three libraries.

Materials will be delivered directly to WSU personnel stationed at WSU Research Stations and WSU Extension offices.

If you would like information about desktop delivery of ILL photocopies, please contact Access Services at 335-9672.

Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan may be returned to the Circulation Desk in Terrell Library or any WSU Pullman campus library. Requests for renewals should be made at the Circulation Desk in the Holland and Terrell Libraries (335-9672) three to four days prior to the due date for the material. The Interlibrary Loan Office assumes no responsibility for returning materials which were not obtained through the Interlibrary Loan service.

Textbooks or books for reserve. ILL is not a substitute for the purchase of textbooks or reserve materials. Most ILL materials are loaned for two to four weeks and some cannot be renewed.

Music. No more than 10% of a musical work can be photocopied under the copyright law. Music to be used in public performances should not be requested on interlibrary loan except under unusual circumstances.

Subject requests. Only specific titles may be requested on interlibrary loan.

The WSU Libraries subscribe to the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States of the American Library Association as well as other regional agreements.

Telephone:  (509) 335-9672
Fax:  (509) 335-0934
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