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Cage 656: Westin Hotels Archives
Series 12: Personal Collections

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Box Folder  Contents


    Carlson, Edward E.

       Edward E. Carlson was the chairman and CEO of United Airlines and
       Westin Hotels.  He began his career as a bellhop at the Benjamin
       Franklin Hotel in Seattle and worked his way to the top of the
       company by 1960, when he became president.  Carlson helped
       negotiate the hotel chain's merger with United before assuming
       leadership of the airlines.  In his capacity as chairman of
       the State of Washington World's Fair Commission from 1955
       to 1962, Carlson was instrumental in securing the 1962 World's
       Fair for Seattle.

       The Carlson collection consists chiefly of a sampling of awards
       memorabilia from the 1960s and 1970s, when Carlson headed
       Westin and then its parent company, UAL.

398 1    Scrapbook, President's Preview of the Century Plaza Hotel
           Los Angeles, June 11-13, 1966
    2    Award, The Academy of Master Chefs of Western International
           Hotels to Executive Chef Edward E. Carlson, Food and
             Beverage Conference, St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco,
    3    Distinguished Guest Award, Hyatt House Hotels, n.d.
    4    Miscellaneous menus and invitations from events given by/
          in honor of E. E. Carlson, 1973-1975, 1977
    5    WIH Co. Common Stock plaque, August 15, 1968
    6    Portrait, Frank Dupar, n.d.
    7    Sketch, E. E. Carlson, signed by attendees, WIH Annual
           Meeting, Benson Hotel, Portland, 1964
    8    Photograph, E. E. Carlson, by Grady-Jentoft, Seattle, n.d.

    Chamberlain, Marvin

       Marvin Chamberlain worked at the Multnomah Hotel in Portland,
       Oregon, during the 1940s and 1950s and then at the Olympic
       Hotel in Seattle, Washington, during the 1960s, where in
       1960 he was selected as the recipient of the Thurston-Dupar
       Inspirational Award.  He later served as Budget Director
       for Westin.

       The Chambelain collection consists of awards conferred on
       Chamberlain and photographs of corporate meetings and from his
       years at the Multnomah and the Olympic.

399 1    Thurston-Dupar Award, 1960
    2    Plaque for assistance in the opening of the Century Plaza
           Hotel, Los Angeles, June 1966
    3      Multnomah Hotel, Portland, 1940s-1950s
    4      Olympic Hotel, Seattle, 1960s
    5      Corporate Meetings, misc.

    Foreman, Christine

       Christine Foreman worked in the Olympic Hotel's Olympic Grill
       for almost 35 years as a hostess and waitress, beginning in
       1937.  During much of that time Foreman served, and befriended,
       members of a regular group of Seattle's civic leaders who met
       at the Grill, the Olympic Grill Community Development Round
       Table, or "The Table."

       The Foreman collection consists chiefly of clippings and
       correspondence, and other materials concerning "The Table,"
       but also includes scrapbooks, clippings, and other memorabilia
       from her years working at the Olympic.  The collection also
       contains some information concerning the 1962 World's Fair in

400      Scrapbooks, Olympic Hotel
    1      1937-1970
    2      1943-1972
401      Poems by Bob Hoffman for Chris Foreman from "The Table,"
           (a group of Seattle civic leaders who met regularly for
             lunch at the Olympic Grill, served by Chris Foreman)
               composed for annual Christmas party
    1      1969
    2      1970
    3      1971
    4    Certificate of service from Century 21 (Seattle World's Fair
           Committee), 1962
    5    Citation from Century 21 Committee, October 21, 1962
    6    Seattle World's Fair Guidebook, 1962
    7    Correspondence, clippings, Olympic Grill Community
           Development Round Table ("The Table")
    8    "Front!" magazine, May 1970; WIH Annual Report, 1968;
           "Guest" magazine, July 1962 (2).
    9    "Sunset" magazine, April 1962 (featuring Seattle World's
    10   "Life" magazine, February 8 and May 4, 1962 (featuring
           Seattle World's Fair)

    Himmelman, Troy

       Troy Himmelman was among the first generation of Westin
       executives.  A third generation hotelman, Himmelman moved from
       Minnesota to Seattle and acquired a substantial interest
       in the Maltby-Thurston Corporation, one of Westin's predecessor
       companies.  In 1929, he opened the Benjamin Franklin Hotel
       in Seattle and served as its first manager.  He was a senior
       vice president of the company at the time of his death in 1969.

       The Himmelman collection consists of a scrapbook of Himmelman's
       early career as a hotelman in Seattle, from the opening of the
       Ben Franklin in 1929 until 1938.

402 1    Scrapbook, 1929-1938

    Hull, Frank

       In 1933, the Olympic Hotel was placed in receivership while
       the financial structure was reorganized.  Frank Hull, managing
       director of the hotel, was appointed receiver and then trustee
       when the reorganization was transferred to federal court.  After
       the reorganization was completed in 1936, Hull was elected vice
       president and general manager of the hotel.  He continued to
       serve in that capacity into the early 1940s.

       The Hull collection consists of a scrapbook documenting Hull's
       career at the Olympic and as a hotelman, beginning with the
       reorganization of the Olympic and continuing through 1942.

403 1    Scrapbook, Olympic Hotel, Seattle, 1934-1943

    Keithan, J. William

       J. William Keithan was a senior vice president of Westin.
       He began his career with the company in the food and beverage
       department at Von's Cafe in Seattle in 1950.  He later served
       as chairman of Western Service and Supply Co., a wholly owned
       subsidiary of Westin, and was in charge of the design and
       construction branch of the company.  Keithan conceived of,
       collected, and organized the Westin archives, and was instrumental
       in securing Washington State University's acquisition of the
       Westin Hotels collection.

       The Keithan collection consists chiefly of opening and closing
       gifts from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s from various Westin hotels.
       The collection also includes other miscellaneous memorabilia
       from Keithan's career at Westin.

404 1    Vase, Space Needle lease end party, n.d.
    2    Vase, commemorating Westin's 50th anniversary, 1980
    3    Marble plaque, commemorating the opening of Cincinnati
           Plaza, March 1981
    4    Marble plaque, commemorating the opening of Cincinnati
           Plaza, March 1981, opening gift to F.E. (Mrs. J. Wm.)
    5    Marble paperweight, Olympic hotel closing gift to J. Wm.
           Keithan, 1980
    6    Pewter bowl, Copley Place, Boston, official opening gift
           September 7, 1983
405 1    Key tag, opening gift, Shangri-La, Hong Kong, 1981
    2    Metal paperweight, opening gift, Dallas Westin, 1983
    3    Jewelry Box, Annual Meeting gift, St. Francis Hotel,
           San Francisco, January 1973
    4    Hard hat, Cincinnati Plaza, Bill Keithan name plate, n.d.
    5    "Bullshit Repellent," gift to J. Wm. Keithan from Gordon
           Bass at his "Multnomah Group" retirement luncheon, July 1983
    6    Stamp: J. Wm. Keithan, Jr., n.d.
    7    Apron, "Squat Team--Montecino Hills," Squatters Session,
           Westin Tucson Planning Session, n.d.
    8    Lighter, Hotel Scandanavia, Oslo, inscribed, VIP gift item, nd
    9    Door marker, "J. Wm. Keitan," Bonaventure, Montreal
           Annual Meeting, n.d. (Bonaventure, LA meeting, 1978 ?)
    10   25 year servive award pin, J. Wm. Keithan
    11   Nametags, J. Wm. Keithan, various hotels
    12   Radio, battery, gift to J. Wm. Keithan from Chinn Ho, Ilikai
           Hotel, Honolulu, n.d.
    13   Letter opener, Boston Westin opening luncheon gift,
           September 7, 1983
    14   Key blank in lucite, Crown Center, Kansas City opening
           gift, May 8, 1973
    15   Paperweight, lobby marble from the Philippine Plaza, gift
           to J. Wm. Keithan, ca. 1977
    16   Hard hat, Space Needle, Bill Keithan name plate, n.d.
406 1    Closing memento, box containing certificate, brochure, room
           key, Multnomah, April 1965
    2    Mug, Annual Meeting gift, Bayshore Inn, Vancouver, BC, 1971
    3    Office nameplate (Mr. Keithan), WIH offices, 12th floor,
           Olympic hotel
    4    Christmas ornament, gift to customers of The Savoy Room,
           Houston Oaks Hotel, 1976
    5    Commemorative coin in wooden box, opening gift, Philippine
           Plaza, September 27, 1976 (gold)
    6    Commemorative coin in wooden box, designed as opening
           gift for Philippin Plaza but presumably not issued
            (silver, minted with wrong date--1970 instead of 1976)
    7    Cuff links, WIH, 10 year service award gift, n.d. (ca 1965)
    8    Telephone cover, personalized (J. Wm. Keithan), gift to VIPs,
           Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., n.d.
    9    Commemorative coin, Alameda Hotel opening, December 1961
    10   Coin, World Trade Center Club, Hong Kong, March 29, 1978;
           Beggars Chicken hammer, Shangri-La, Hong Kong, March 30, 1978
    11   Name plate (Keithan, William), Westin Building information
           board, n.d.
    12   Belt buckle, gift commemorating opening of Williams Plaza,
           Tulsa, July 1978
    13   Business cards, J. Wm. Keithan, various stages of career
    14   Name plate (Keithan) Westin Building, n.d.
    15   Plate, opening gift, addition to the Shangri-La, Singapore,
    16   Plaque/souvenir, groundbreaking, Detroit Plaza, May 22, 1973
407 1    Carved, decorated water buffalo horns, opening team gift,
           Philippine Plaza, September 1976

    Marker, Chris

       Chris Marker is a former officer of Westin Hotels at the corporate
       offices in Seattle.  A Washington State University graduate,
       Marker began his career with Westin in 1966 and was involved in
       managing several Westin hotels, including the Olympic in Seattle,
       Continental Plaza in Chicago, Carlton in Johannesburg, South
       Africa, and the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City.

       The Marker collection includes clippings, photographs, memorabilia
       and other materials concerning Marker's career at Westin and the
       various hotels where he worked.

408 1    Memorandum, J. Wm. Keithan, December 21, 1999, re: Marker
           collection, contents
         Clippings, corporate
    2      "Business Week," reprint, "No. 3 Hotel Chain Sees the
             World," 1968
    3      "Seattle Times," June 30, 1968; June 1, 1975
         Memorabilia and misc., corporate
    4      Cassette tape: "Charles Osgood Welcomes Westin Hotels
             to CBS Radio Network," n.d.
    5      Cassette tapes: "Westin Employee Song," 1981, 1982
    6      Recipes, Trader Vic's, presented by UAL, ca 1972
    7      Menu, E. E. Carlson's Dinner, The Westin Chicago,
             April 27, 1983
    8    In-House publications, corporate: "Front!," November 1974;
           August 1979
    9    In-House publications, properties: Carlton, Johannesburg;
           Crown Center, Kansas City
         Memorabilia and misc., properties
           Carlton, Johannesburg
    10       Invitations, misc. memorabilia, pre-opening, opening
    11       "Hotelier and Caterer" article: "The Carlton: 10 Years
               Old and Still SUrging Ahead," December 1982
    12       Brochure, 10th anniversary
    13       Brochures, fact sheets, misc.
    14       Luggage tag, C.J. Marker
    15     Crown Center, coaster
    16     Olympic Hotel, Seattle, print, n.d.
    17     Olympic Hotel, Seattle, St. Francis, San Francisco, post
             cards, n.d.
    18     St. Francis, San Francisco, 75th anniversary commemorative
             book: "Meet Me At the St. Francis"
    19   Chris Marker, clippings
    20   Chris Marker, photographs

    Mullikin, Harry

       Harry Mullikin, as president and chief executive officer of
       Westin Hotels after E. E. Carlson during the 1970s and 1980s
       presided over the company during a period of unprecedented
       expansion.  Mullikin began his career with Westin as a elevator
       operator in the Cascadian Hotel in Wenatchee in 1941 and worked
       his way up through the ranks from there.  In addition to leading
       Westin, Mullikin also served as president of the American
       Hotel and Motel Association.

       The Mullikin collection consists chiefly of awards conferred
       by Westin, hotel industry groups, and other organizations that
       he served.  Additionally, it includes memorabilia and other
       materials from his career.

409      Awards, Virginia Mason Hospital
    1      Plaque for service on board of directors, 1979-1986
             and accompanying letter, January 8, 1987
    2      Plaque for service as president, board of directors,
             March 1984-March 1986
    3    Certificate, The Educational Institute of the American
           Hotel and Motel Association, designation as certified
             hotel administrator, October 25, 1977
    4    Award, American Hotel and Motel Association Educational
           Institute, bestowing title of Ambassodar, in recognition
             of service on the board of trustees, 1973-1975,
               November 1985
410 1    Jeep identity name plate: "Speedy Harry," Las Brisas,
           Acapulco, 1980
    2    Certificate in recognition of election as a trustee of the
           National Institute for the food service industry,
             May 18, 1979
    3    Plaque, New York Times article, mounted: "The Man Behind
           the Megahotels," May 8, 1977
411 1    Framed lock and key awarded to Harry Mullikin on occasion
           of the dedication of the Westin Hotel Ottawa,
             November 29, 1983

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