Also known in prior years as Westin Hotels, Western International Hotels, Western Hotels, Inc. and Western Hotels Company.

The Company was first recorded on August 27, 1930 and grew from a small hotel management company in the Pacific Northwest to become a prominent international hotel management organization. On January 5, 1998 it was sold to Starwood Hotels & Resorts, a real estate investment trust. During the span of sixty-eight years, a total of 297 hotels have been identified as managed or otherwise affiliated for marketing and/or operating functions with the Company. Since 1998, “Westin” has been one of several ‘hotel brands’ operated by the Starwood conglomerate.

For more than six decades, many executives of the Company held positions of responsibility and dedicated themselves to managing and helping grow the Company to what it is today. At the time history was being made, these details did not seem very special; however, after several years have gone by, they have become more significant. Identifying and recording the names of those leaders, in addition to the positions and dates of responsibility held at each hotel has been the most challenging assignment for this project. The leadership team was an important part of the Company’s history and was deemed significant enough to be documented and retained as a part of the archive collection.

With the desire and interest to collect the management history of Westin Hotels & Resorts, several individuals collaborated with the School of Hospitality Business Management, the Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections at Washington State University and Westin Alumni Association. It was a mighty task commenced in 2003 and declared reasonably complete in December 2007. Funding was provided by several grants and research personnel were assigned by WSU. Considerable input was obtained from existing archive documents and input from many of the Company’s former officers and managers.

While the effort to collect information was very effective, sources were limited for some periods of time and the accumulated data may not be fully complete or precisely accurate in every case. The format of this database was chosen so that further input could be easily added as it becomes available. The master file will remain with the J. Wm. Keithan Westin Hotels & Resorts Archive Collection at Washington State University. Corrections or additions may be submitted to Trevor Bond, Interim Head of the Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections by mail at:

Manuscripts, Archives & Special Collections
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-5610

With an apology for any omissions or errors, the data shown here is the best available collective effort to identify and recognize the men and women who managed the hotels with pride and professionalism, where the motto for success was always the same: People Make the Difference.