Employee Information

Download the database (1.1mb Microsoft Excel Document)

This comprehensive database has been organized in an Excel spreadsheet so that the information can be sliced and diced according to the unique needs of researchers. This "slicing and dicing" can be accomplished through the use of filters, which are the arrow boxes found at the bottom right hand corner of each column heading. By simply clicking on the arrow, a list will appear which summarizes the column contents. You can then choose the specific information you would like to further look into. For instance, the filters allow users to look at specific regions, individuals, manager titles, periods of time, etc. For a more in depth explanation of filters, please use the Excel help function.

Within this Excel spreadsheet you will find three separate worksheets: "Hotel Info", "Hotel & Managers", and "Notes".

The "Hotel Info" worksheet spotlights individual hotels by identifying any prior names the hotel was known by; the city, state and country of the property; the beginning and ending dates of Westin's affiliation with the property; the number of rooms the hotel had; and whether the property was located domestically, internationally or affiliated with Westin. A random number, found in the first column of each worksheet, was assigned to every hotel to assist with the database aspect of the file. This number has no correlation with when the hotel opened. Following the hotel information (found within the "Hotel Info" worksheet), you will find a comment column which attempts to clarify or elaborate on any information gathered.

The "Hotel & Managers" worksheet is an honest attempt to consecutively outline the management team of each hotel during Westin's management or affiliation. The worksheet identifies the manager, his or her title and the dates of his or her management reign. The format of the start and end dates used within this database have been chosen to make searching with filters more efficient. You will first find the year listed, followed by a semi-colon and the month. If the month of transition was not identified through research, a double zero or thirteen has been used following the year double-zeros are found in the start date column and a thirteen is used in the end date column. The hotel information appearing within the manager's worksheet is a simplified version of the information found on the Hotel worksheet.

The Note worksheet provides similar information found in the Hotel & Manager worksheet, but it has a column listing the references of where the information was collected from. At times conflicting information was found and some assumptions had to be made. More entries may be found within the "Notes" worksheet because this is raw information and changes were made to the "Hotel & Managers" worksheet as the raw information was sorted through. The raw information was not removed from the Notes page in case additional supporting information is found in the future.

The references for the "Notes" worksheet were abbreviated and can be found in the following references:

AMC Annual Management Conference Signature Book PS Profile Sheet (Collected from Westin Alumni)
CR Corporate Roster RB Red Books
Dir Worldwide Directory W Western Hotels Employee Magazine
F Front! Magazine WIH The Story of Western International Hotels (by Sid Copeland, 1976)
G Guest Magazine
PR Position Roster WW Westin World Magazine

References were recorded by month and year. For instance, reference "F 3/70" means that additional information can be found in the March 1970 Front! Magazine. Majority of the information for the "Hotel & Managers" worksheet was collected from the Front! Magazines and the Annual Managers Conference Signature Book. Red Books were the primary reference used to collect information found on the "Hotel Info" worksheet.