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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

001. (ACTINOMYCOSIS). Illinois Board of Livestock Commissioners. Special report...on actinomycosis. 1890. Springfield, IL: Springfield Printing Co. 37 pp.

An outbreak with human involvement.

002. ADAMS, Arthur (ed). The history of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths from early times until the year 1785... 1951. London: Sylvan Press. 207 pp. §

With reproductions from original books.

003. AGASSIZ, Louis (1807-1883). Histoire naturelle des poissons d'eau douce de l'Europe centrale. 1839. Neuchatel: The author. 326 pp.

Natural history of European fishes.

004. AGRIPPA von NETTESHEIM (1486?-1535). Paradoxe sur l'incertitude, vanite, et abus des sciences...de choses contre la commune opinion. 1617. [s.l. s.n.] 306 pp. §

Speaks highly of veterinarians and scorns physicians who disdain animal medicine. (see Smith, vol l, p 135)

005. (ALBERTUS MAGNUS) (1193?-1280). Albertus Magnus: being the approved, verified, sympathetic ad natural Egyptian secrets, or, white and black magic for man and beast... ca 1900. [s.l. s.n.] 208 pp. §

A late edition of these magical cures.

006. ALBRECHTSEN, J. The sterility of cows, its causes and treatment. Trans by H. Wehrbein. 1917. Chicago: Alex Eger. 98 pp.

Results of a noted Danish specialist.

007. (ALDROVANDI, Ulisse) (1522-1605). Aldrovandi on chickens. The ornithology of Ulisse Aldrovandi (1600) volume II, book XIV. Trans, with notes, by L.R. Lind. 1963. Norman: Univ of Oklahoma Press. 36 + 447 pp. §

A modern version of a classic, including uses of chicken parts in medicine.

008. ALEXANDER, Alexander Septimus (1860-). Udder diseases of the cow, and related subjects. 1929. Boston: R.G. Badger. 215 pp.

Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

009. ALLEN, Joseph Alexander (1886-); McLURE, W.C.S. Theory and practice of fox ranching. 1926. Charlottetown, Can: Irwin Printing Co. 242 pp.

Management and diseases of foxes.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

010. ALLEN, Lewis Falley (1800-1890). American cattle: their history, breeding, and management. 1868. New York: Taintor Bros. 528 pp. §

With 71 pp on diseases based on Clater.

011. ALLEN, R.L. (Richard L.) (1803-1869). Domestic animals: history and description of the horse, mule, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, and farm dogs. 1847. New York: O. Judd. 227 pp. §

A farmers' handbook stressing management.

012.__Same. 1848. New York: C.M. Saxton. 227 pp. §

013.__New American farm book. 1869. New York: O. Judd. 526 pp.


014.__The American farmer's almanac. 1876. Phila: Fisher & Bro. 34 pp. §

Contains items of veterinary interest.

015.__The farmer's almanack. 1800. Boston: John West. Unpaged. §

016.__Housekeeper's almanac. 1877. Phila: Sower, Potts & Co. §

017.__Same. 1884. Phila: Carey Bros. §

018.__Same. 1887. Phila: Behm & Gerhart. §

019.__Knickerbocker's almanac. 1831. New York: C. Brown. §

020.__The oracle of rural life: an almanack for sportsmen, farmers...for the year 1839. 1839. London: A.H. Bailey. 96 pp. §

021.__Uncle Sam's almanac... 1844. Phila: Hogan & Thompson. §

022.__Same. 1857. Phila: Leary & Getz. 52 pp. §

023.__The Whig almanac. 1853. New York: Greeley & McElrath. 65 pp. §

024.__Wright's pictorial family almanac. 1876. New York: E. Ferratt. 24 pp. §

025.__Same. 1881. §


026. AMAR, Antonio. Informe sobre la mejora y aumento de la cria de caballos dado al supremo consejo do la guerra... 1818. Barcelona: Augustin Roca. 125 pp.

Uses of horses in war.

027. ANDERSEN, Sigurd (ed). P.C. Abildgaard (1740- 1801): a biography & bibliography for the faculty of veterinary science, the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University. 1985. Copenhagen: Kandrup. 94 pp.

The life and writings of the founder of the Danish veterinary school.

Animal Disease

028.__Farmer's cyclopedia. Abridged...from the publications of the United States Department of Agriculture. Volume 3 [of 7]: Diseases of cattle, sheep, goats, cats, dogs. 1915. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page. 659 pp. §

A generally sensible work for farmers.

029.__National Research Council...A historical survey of animal-disease morbidity and mortality reporting... 1966. Washington: NAS-NRC. 40 pp. §

Includes animal and human disease nomenclature.





030.__Rex book: the veterinary guide...treatments of the various diseases of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry. 1905 Omaha: The Rex Co. 160 pp. §

A mediocre work promoting remedies.

031.__(Rinderpest) New York State Agricultural Society. First and second reports...on the statistics, pathology and treatment...of rinderpest. 1867. Albany: Weed, Parsons. 144 pp.

Based on European experience, with history.

032.__(Rinderpest) Report of...conference on diseases amongst cattle and other animals in South Africa... 1904. Bloemfontein: Argus Printing. 66 pp.

On rinderpest, TB, glanders, F&M disease, etc.

033.__(Tuberculosis) Report of...the outbreak of disease among the cattle at the state college farm... 1887. Augusta, ME: Sprague & Son. 254 pp. §

TB in the University of Maine dairy herd.

034.__Veterinary counter practice...including diseases and treatments... 9th ed. 1937. London: Chemist and Druggist. 480 pp. §

A mediocre work for the drug trade.


Animal Welfare; Vivisection

035.__ALEXANDER, Lloyd. Fifty years in the doghouse. 1964. New York: Putnam. 256 pp.

A narrative by New York SPCA agent No. 1.

036.__ANGELL, George Thorndyke (1823-1909). Autobiographical sketches and personal reflections. Boston: Am Humane Educ Soc. 1892? 114 + 37 pp.

An early SPCA leader; name associated with Angell Memorial (Animal) Hospital in Boston.

037.__Same: Second supplement. 1897. 24 pp.

038.__BAYLY, Maurice Beddow. Clinical medical discoveries. 1961. London: Natl Antivivisection Soc. 146 pp.

Decries use of animals in medical research.

039.__The futility of experiments on animals. 1962. (Same) 196 pp.

Quotes selected to discredit such work.

040.__BELL, Ernest (1851-). Fair treatment for animals. 1927. London: G. Bell & Sons. 298 pp.

Several articles urging humane treatment.

041.__BRAY, Caroline (Hennell) (1814-1905). Our duty to animals. 1881. London: S.W. Partridge.160 pp.

A children's book on humane treatment.

042.__BROWN, Antony. Who cares for animals. 1974. London: Heinemann. 234 pp.

A 150-year history of the RSPCA.

043.__CIABURRI, G. La vivisection. Trans from Italian by Robert Fath. 1928. Geneva: Fed Swiss Soc against Vivisection. 288 pp.

A condemnation of vivisection.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

044.__CLARKE, Frances Elizabeth (ed). Poetry's plea for animals: an anthology... 1927. Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard. 426 pp.

A sentimental collection urging kindness.

045.__COBBE, Frances Power (1822-1904). The modern rack: papers on vivisection. 1893. London: Swan, Sonnenschein. 272 pp. §

By founder of Natl Antivivisection Society.

046.__COLEMAN, Sydney R. Humane society leaders in America, with...early history of the humane movement in England. 1924. Albany, NY: American Humane Assn. 270 pp.

Work of Henry Bergh, Geo T. Angell, et al.

047.__COLERIDGE, Stephen (1854-). Great testimony against scientific cruelty... 1918. London; New York: John Lane Co. 66 pp.

Thoughts of famous persons on cruelty.

048.__COLLINS, John (1814?-1902). Voices of the dumb creation. A sequel to "Black Beauty." 1892. Phila: Penna SPCA. 53 pp.

An allegorical convocation protesting cruelty.

049.__COLMORE, G(ertrude) (-1926). Priests of progress. 1908. New York: B.W. Dodge. 384 pp.

A novel recounting horrors of vivisection.

050.__EVANS, Edward Payson (1831-1917). The criminal prosecution and capital punishment of animals. 1906. London: W. Heinemann. 384 pp.

Medieval civil and clerical proceedings.

051.__FAIRHOLME, Edward George. A century of work for animals: the history of the RSPCA, 1824-1924. 1924. New York: E.P. Dutton. 298 pp.

Founding of the RSPCA and its accomplishments.


Fleming: The wanton mutilation of animals, 1898 (052)

052.__FLEMING, George (1833-1901). The wanton mutilation of animals. 1898. London: George Bell & Sons. 24 pp; 10 plates.

Decries "fashionable" operations on animals.





053.__FLETCHER, R. A few notes on cruelty to animals: On the inadequacy of penal law... 1846. London: Longman & Co. 105 pp.

A plea for humane care; hospitalization.

054.__FLOWER, Edward Fordham (1805-1883). Bits and bearing-reins: with observations on horses and harness. 1885. London: Cassell. 7th ed, 63 pp.

Deplores use of the bearing-rein.

055.__FOX, Michael W. (1937-). Returning to Eden: animal rights and human responsibility. 1980. New York: Viking Press. 281 pp.

Implications of animal abuse for humanity.

056.__FRENCH, R.D. Antivivisection and medical science in Victorian society. 1975. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Univ Press. 425 pp.

Philosophy of the movement in Britain.

057.__GALSWORTHY, John (1867-1933). The slaughter of animals for food. 1913. London: RSPCA Council of justice to animals. 24 pp.

Urges stricter regulation of slaughter.

058.__GOUGH, Edward W. "Centaur," or, the "turn out": a practical treatise on the management of horses... 1878. London: Hardwick & Bogue.

Urges humane treatment; interesting plates.

059.__(Humane movement). Animal expression: a photographic footnote to Charles Darwin's "Expression of the emotions in man and animals." 1967. New York: Animal Welfare Institute. 54 pp.

Photos depicting joy, pain, terror, etc.

060.__ __Care and kindness for our animal friends. 1899. American Humane Educ Soc. 30 pp.

Introductory animal care for children.

061.__ __Corporation of London. Public Health Department report [on] humane slaughtering of animals. 1925. London: Skipper & East. 16 pp.

062.__ __Dog welfare: a helpful book on dog ailments. 1900? London: Natl Canine Defence League. 32 pp.

A pamphlet for owners, ed by vet surgeon.

063.__ __Dundee SPCA annual report... n.d. Dundee, Scotland: John Leng & Co. 15 pp.

Includes abridged reports of prosecutions.

064.__ __Great Britain. Anno Duodecimo...Anno primo...Anno quinto...[Three] act[s] for...prevention of cruelty to animals. 1849, 1837, 1835 London: G.E. Eyre & W. Spottiswood. 10, 2, 8 pp.

065.__ __A plea for the dumb creation: being selections from The British Workman, etc. 1868. Phila: J.S. Claxton. 93 pp.

Literary contributions and animal anecdotes.

066.__ __(same) 1876. Penna SPCA. 96 pp.

067.__HUME, C(harles) W(esley) (1866-1981). The status of animals in Christian religion. 1956. London: UFAW. 109 pp. §

Early attitudes toward animals.

068.__JACKSON, Thomas (1812-1886). Our dumb companions, or, conversations of a father with his children... 1868. London: S.W. Partridge. 134 pp.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

A child's book stressing humane treatment.

069.__KARKEEK, William Floyd (1802-1858). An essay on the future existence of the brute creation. 1878. London: W. Mitchell. 67 pp. §

Some early thoughts on the human-animal bond.

070.__KEEN, William W(illiams) (1837-). Animal experimentation and medical progress. 1914. Boston; New York: Houghton Mifflin. 312 pp. §

Summarizes the benefits of vivisection.

071.__LEAVITT, Emily Stewart. Animals and their legal rights: a survey of American laws from 1641 to 1968...[with additions by USDA]. 1968. New York: NY Anim Welfare Inst. 165 + 49 pp.

Evolution of laws to protect animals.

072.__LEFFINGWELL, Albert (1845-1916). An ethical problem: or, sidelights upon science experimentation on man and animals. 1914. London: G. Bell & Sons; New York: C.P. Farrell. 369 pp.

Condemns animal research that is not "perfectly painless." Author signature.

073.__ __(same). 1916. 374 pp.

074.__ __The vivisection controversy: essays and criticism. 1908. London: The London and Provincial Anti-vivisection Society. 251 pp.

Disputes the claimed utility of vivisection.

075.__ __The vivisection question. 1907. Chicago: Vivisection Reform Soc. 2nd ed. 267 pp.

A vehement objection to medical research.

076.__LEWIS, C.S. The problem of pain. 1974. New York: Macmillan. paperback, 160 pp.

Includes section on animal pain.

077.__MACAULAY, James (1817-1902) et al. 1881. Vivisection, scientifically and ethically considered in prize essays. London: M. Jaap. 317 pp.

Three essays on evils of vivisection.

078.__MACNAGHTEN, Lettice. Pistol v. poleaxe. A handbook on humane slaughter. 1932. London: Chapman & Hall. 577 pp.

Slaughter methods and related legislation.

079.__MUSHET, David (1772-1847). The wrongs of the animal world... 1839. London: Hatchard & Son. 324 pp.

Essays on animal cruelty and vivisection.

080.__NIVEN, Charles D. History of the humane movement. 1967. New York: Transatlantic arts. 217 pp.

Development of thought about the movement.

081.__OLDFIELD, Josiah (1863-1963). The evils of butchery. 1895. London: Wm Reeves. 77 + 21 pp.

A critique of killing methods.

082.__PACE, Mildred Mastin. Friend of animals: the story of Henry Bergh. 1942. New York: C. Scribner's Sons. 125 pp.

Life of ASPCA founder, written for children.





083.__PAGET, Stephen (1855-1926). Experiments on animals. 1900. London: T. Fisher Unwin. 274 pp.

Refutes opponents of medical research.

084.__ __(same) 1903. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons. Revised ed. 380 pp.

085.__PATERSON, David; RYDER, Richard D. (ed). Animals' rights: a symposium. 1979. London: Centaur Press. 243 pp.

Social, historical and political perspective.

086.__PEABODY, Philip Glendower (1857-). Personal experiences of two American anti-vivisectionists...with an appendix by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll. 1895. Boston: New England Anti-vivisection Society. 96 pp.

Perceived horrors, mainly in Europe.

087.__(Periodicals). The animal world. Vol 3, No 25. 1908. London: H.E. Morgan. 290 pp.

Monthly publication of the RSPCA.

088.__ __National humane review. Vol 50, No l. 50th anniversary issue. 1962. §

Articles on origins of humane movement.

089.__PHILANTHROPOS (pseud). Physiological cruelty, or...an inquiry into the vivisection question. 1883. New York: John Wiley. 156 pp.

Comes down in favor of animal experiments.

090.__PLIMSOLL, Samuel (1824-1898). Cattle ships...Mr. Plimsoll's second appeal for our seamen... 1890. London: K. Paul, Trench. 150 pp.

Overloading and ship loss; Plimsoll line.

091.__REGAN, Tom. The case for animal rights. 1983. Berkeley: Univ Calif Press. 425 pp.

A philosophic inquiry; human obligations.

092.__ROWLEY, Francis Harold (1854-). The humane idea: a brief history of man's attitude toward the other animals. 1912. Boston: American Humane Educ Soc. 72 pp.

Early concepts and related legislation.

093.__RYDER, Richard D(udley). Victims of science: the use of animals in research. 1975. London: Davis-Poynter. 279 pp.

Claims most animal experimentation is trivial.

094.__SALT, Henry Stephens (1851-1939). Animals' rights: considered in relation to social progress. 1892. London; New York: G. Bell. 162 pp.

A plea for humane treatment, wild and tame.

095.__ __(same) 1894. New York. 176 pp.

Includes essay by Albert Leffingwell.

096.__ __(same)...with preface by Peter Singer. 1980. Clarks Summit, PA: Society for Animal Rights. 232 pp.

Reprint, with extensive bibliography.

097.__SINGER, Peter. Animal liberation: a new ethics for our treatment of animals. 1973. New York: Random House. 301 pp.

Tyranny of human over nonhuman animals.

098.__SWALLOW, William Alan. Quality of mercy: history of the humane movement in the United States. 1963. Boston: Mary Mitchell Humane Fund. 187 pp.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

The work of numerous societies in the US.

099.__TRIST, Sidney (ed). The under dog: a series...on the wrongs suffered by animals... 1913. London: "Animals' Guardian" Office. 203 pp.

Papers on docking, slaughter, bearing rein.

100.__TURNER, E(rnest) S(ackville) (1909-). All heaven in a rage. 1965. New York: St Martin's Press. 324 pp.

Development of humane movement in Britain.

101.__TURNER, James (1946-). Reckoning with the beast: animals, pain, and humanity in the Victorian mind. 1980. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. 190 pp.

Sociology of the humane movement.

102.__(Vivisection). Great Britain...return showing the number of experiments on living animals. 1915, 1920. London: HMSO. 27, 34 pp.

Lists of experimenters and animal types.

103.__ __Royal commission on vivisection, fifth report...appendix. 1908. London: HMSO. 4 + 157 pp.

Official forms and index of evidence given.

104.__ __(same). Final report. 1912. 139 pp.

Justification for animal experimentation.

105.__ __[Minor publications] 1895-1946.

Pro and con, 55 small items.

106.__ __US Congress. [Senate hearing on bill for prevention of cruelty to animals.] 1900. Washington: GPO. 223 pp. §

Includes statements by prominent persons.

107.__ __World League against vivisection. Fourth international congress. 1910. London: J. Tamblyn. 357 pp.

Short papers by congress participants.

108.__WARBASSE, James Peter (1866-1957). The conquest of pain through animal experimentation. 1910. New York; London: D. Appleton. 175 pp. §

The role of animals in medical progress.

109.__WESTACOTT, Evalyn (1888-). A century of vivisection and anti-vivisection...their effect upon science, medicine and human life... 1949. Ashingdon, Essex: C.W. Daniel. 675 pp. §

A largely one-sided "expose" of research.


110. ANTRIM, A.A. The horseman's friend. 1878. Logan, IA: [s.n.] 27 pp.

Tidbits of information, eg, colic, big head.

APPERLY, Charles—see Nimrod

111. ARBURUA, Joseph M. Narrative of the veterinary profession in California. 1966. San Francisco: [s.n.]. 366 pp.§

Organizations, education, DVM biographies.

112. (ARISTOTLE). Aristotle's history of animals. 1907. London: G. Bell & Sons. 326 pp. §

Includes his books on parts of animals, internal organs, reproduction and diseases.





113. ARMATAGE, George. Every man his own horse doctor...[with] Blaine's veterinary art... 1877? New York: O. Judd. 830 pp. §

Early mention of some conditions, eg, roaring.

114.__Memoranda for emergencies, or, the veterinarian's pocket remembrancer. 1870. London: J. Churchill & Sons. 262 pp. §

Diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions.

115.__The sheep: its varieties and management in health and disease. 1882. London: F. Warne. 211 pp. §

A comprehensive handbook for shepherds.

116.__The thermometer as an aid to diagnosis in veterinary medicine. 1894. London: F. Warne. 71 pp.

A pioneering work on the subject.

117. ARMSTEAD, Hugh W. The artistic anatomy of the horse. 1900. London: Bailliere, Tindall. 48 pp.

Detailed but superficial and inelegant.

118. ASH, Edward Cecil (1888-). Dogs: their history and development. 1900? Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 2 vol, 384, 394 pp. §

Early writings, with elegant plates of breeds.

ASHMONT—see Perry, Joseph.

119. AVERY, James (1809-). Old Jim Avery's own farrier and recipe book...for the prevention and cure of disease in horses. 1859. Albany, NY: Munsell & Rowland. 340 pp. §

Some good observations, except on disease.

120. AXE, J. Wortley (ed ). The horse, its treatment in health and disease, with a complete guide to breeding, training, and management. 1906. London: Gresham Publishing Co. 9 vol, 1605 pp. §

An encyclopedic work; many illustrations.

121. BABCOCK, Robert H(all) (1851-). Diseases of the heart and arterial system... 1903. New York; London: D. Appleton. 853 pp. §

A text for students and physicians.

122. BACON, Francis (1561-1626). Sylva sylvarum. 1658. London: W. Rawley. 125 pp. §

A late edition of Bacon's natural history. [Bound with] New Atlantis. 1658. 36 pp, [and] The history of life and death. 1658. 62 pp. Latter includes ages to which animals live.

BADCOCK, J.—see Hinds, John

123. BAKER, Austin Hart (1852-). Live stock: a cyclopedia for the farmer and stock owner...being also a complete stock doctor. 1912. Minneapolis: H.L. Baldwin. 1406 pp.

Well-written, many illustrations; by dean of Chicago Veterinary College.

124.__(same). 1918. c1916. Detroit: F.B. Dickerson. 1404 pp. §

125.__Theory and practice of veterinary medicine... 1909. 2nd ed. Chicago: A. Eger. 265 pp. §

Based on author's lecture notes.

126. BAKER, E.T. Sheep diseases. 1916. Chicago: Amer J Vet Med. 237 pp. §

Includes color plates of poisonous plants.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

127.__(same) Chicago: Alex Eger. 299 pp. §

Revised edition without color plates.

128. BALLMER, D. Neue Recepte und bewahrte Curen fur Menschen und Vieh. 1827. Schellsburg, PA: [s.n.]. 40 pp. §

Cures for man and cattle; 30 pp missing.

129. BALLOU, William Rice (1864-1893). A compend of equine anatomy and physiology. 1890. Phila: P. Blakiston. 205 pp. §

A quiz compendium and dissection guide.

130. (BANG) Bernhard Lauritz Frederik (1848-1932). Lagen og veterinaeren, der forte Dansk veterinaervidenskab... 1984. Kobenhavn: Carl Fr. Mortensens Forlag. 101 pp. §

The Danish veterinarian noted for his work on bovine abortion (Bang's disease) and TB. With Hist Med Vet 5:3 (Letters to Bang).

131. BANHAM George Amos. Table of veterinary posology and therapeutics...for the use of students and practitioners. 1901. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 192 pp.

Tables of medications and diseases; remedies.

132.__(same) 1901. London: Bailliere, Tindall.

133. BARDSLEY, Samuel Argent (1764-1851). Medical reports of cases and experiments, with...an enquiry into the origin of canine madness... 1807. London: R. Bickerstaff. 336 pp. §

Includes anecdotes of "spontaneous" rabies.

134. BARKER, C(lifford) A(lbert) V(ictor) (1919-). One voice: a history of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. 1989. Ottawa: CVMA. 260 pp. §

Includes veterinary education; biographies.

135. BARKLEY, K. The ambulance. 1978. Hicksville, NY: Exposition Press. 207 pp. §

Includes animal ambulances. Inscribed by author to J.F. Smithcors.

136. BARNUM, H.L. The American farrier: containing a minute account of...every part of the horse. 1832. Phila: U. Hunt; Cincinnati: H.L. Barnum. 286 pp.

A generally sensible work for owners.

137.__(same) 1845. c1832. Phila: U. Hunt. §

138. BARTLET, J(ohn) (1716?-1772). The gentleman's farriery, or, a practical treatise on the diseases of horses. 1754. 2nd ed. London: J. Nourse. 370 pp.

By a surgeon with little knowledge of horses.

139.__(same) 1770. 7th ed. §

140.__(same) 1773. 8th ed. §

141.__(same) 1782. 10th ed. C. Nourse. §

142.__(same) 1788. 12th ed. §

143.__Pharmacopoeia Bartleiana, or, Bartlet's gentleman farrier's repository... 1773. Eton: T. Pote. 400 pp.

Essentially a reprint of item 144.

144.__Pharmacopoeia hippiatrica, or, the gentleman farrier's repository... 1764. Eton: J. Pote. 382 pp. §

Based on item 138; not a pharmacopoeia.





145. BARTON, William P(aul) C(rillon) (1786-1856). Vegetable materia medica of the United States... 1817, 1818. Phila: M. Carey. 2 vol, 273, 243 pp.

A descriptive work, with fine color plates.

146. BASKIN, Leonard (1922-). Ars anatomica: a medical fantasia. 1972. New York: Medicina Rara. §

Thirteen contemporary drawings 16 x 22."

147. BAUM, H(ermann) (1864-1932). Das Lymphgefasssystem des Rindes. 1912. Berlin: A. Hirschwald. 170 pp.

The bovine lymphatic system; 32 color plates.

148. BAYER, Joseph. Lehrbuch der Veterinarchirurgie. 1887. Wien: W. Eraumuller. 536 pp.

A general veterinary surgery textbook.

149. BEASLEY, Henry. The druggist's general receipt book...veterinary formulary...materia medica...proprietary medicines, [etc]... 1857. Phila: Lindsay & Blakiston. 3rd Amer ed. 495 pp.

Has 150 pp on veterinary drugs; medications.

150. BEAUMONT, T(homas). The complete cow doctor: being a treatise on the disorders incident to horned cattle...by T. Beamont [sic]. 1814. Leeds: G. Wilson. 108 pp.

Poor, except for appendix on parturition.

151.__The complete new cow doctor...to which is added a concise treatise on farriery. 1835. Manchester: S. Johnson. 140 pp.

Pp 97-140 are devoted to farriery.

152. BECKFORD, Peter (1740-1811). Thoughts on hunting: in a series of familiar letters to a friend. 1810. London: J. Cundee. 314 pp. §

Kennel diseases, by an observant layman.

153.__(same) 1951. London: Methuen. 220 pp. §

154. BELL, Charles, Sir (1774-1842). Manuscript of drawings of the arteries. 1971? New York: Editions Medicina Rara, facsimile 1797 ed.

With many colored plates and commentary.

155. BENION, AD. Traite de l'elevage et des maladies du porc. 1872. Paris: P. Asselin. 539 pp.§

Written to lessen indifference of DVMs. Has extensive history of cysticercosis.

156. BENNION, Elisabeth. Antique medical instruments. 1979. London: Sotheby Parke Bernet; Berkeley, CA: Univ Calif Press. 355 pp.

Includes veterinary items, middle ages to 1870; copiously illustrated.

157. BENTWRIGHT, Jeremiah. The American horse tamer...stable economy: and remedies for all diseases to which horses are liable... 1858. New York: A.O. Moore. 86 pp. §

Mentions glanders, distemper, lampas, etc.

158. BERENGER, Richard. A new system of horsemanship. 1754. London: Paul Vaillant. 147 pp. §

Trans of Bourgelat's "The new Newcastle," in turn trans (from English) of monumental work of Wm Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle (1667).


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

159. BERJEAU, Ph. Charles. The horses of antiquity, middle ages, and the renaissance. 1864. London: Dulau & Co. §

Sixty drawings with text, to 16th century.

160. BERNERS, Juliana (1388-). The boke of Saint Albans...containing treatises on hawking, hunting, and cote armour... 1881. London: E. Stock, facsimile 1486 ed; introduction by Wm Blades. 32 pp + 90 leaves facsimiles. §

First printed English work with vet import.

161. BEYER, B. Viehseuchen-Gesetze...uber die Abwehr und Unterdrucking von Viehseuchen. 1886. Berlin: P. Parey. 360 pp.

State regulation of livestock in Germany.

162. BIERER, Bert W. American veterinary history. 1980. Madison, WI: C. Olson. 220 pp. §

From 18th to 20th century; 729 references; author signature; letter to J.F. Smithcors.

163.__History of animal plagues of North America... 1974 c1939. Washington: USDA. 97 pp. §

A chronology of disease outbreaks 1700-1939.

164.__A short history of veterinary medicine in America. 1955. East Lansing: Michigan State Univ Press. 118 pp. §

Animal plagues and the rise of vet medicine.

165. BIGGLE, Jacob. Biggle swine book: much old and more new knowledge... 1899. Phila: Wilmer Atkinson Co. 144 pp. §

Swine husbandry and diseases.

166. BILLINGS, Frank Seaver (1845-1912). The relation of animal diseases to the public health, and their prevention. 1884. New York: D. Appleton. 446 pp.

A pioneering work; sections on veterinary history and schools of Europe.

167. BINDLEY, Charles (1796-1859) (pseud for Harry Hieover). The pocket and the stud, or, practical hints on the management of the stable. 1851. London: Longman, Brown... 218 pp. §

Largely sensible; with advice to purchasers.

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A comprehensive basic human surgery text.

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Diagnosis and treatment of hog cholera.

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Scientific and practical, except on rot.

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Sections on animal disease and horsemanship.





Delabere Pritchett Blaine

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Established Blaine as "father" of discipline.

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With "copious detail of the rabid malady."

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An updated version of Blaine's work.

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A do-it-yourself work touting his remedies; a gift from the author to Colonel Fall.


Blaine: 1810 (177)

177.__(same) 1810. 4th ed, 249 pp.

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A scholarly work, with many references.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Reflects inexperience of a human surgeon; includes vet history, views of education.

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Lacks part 3 on diseases; section on animal physiology added (author?).

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Greatly improved over earlier editions.

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The education and maladies of hunting dogs.

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Anatomy, diseases and treatment of horses.

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An early work on cattle plague.

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A monumental work on the horse.

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By the head of the first French school (1761).

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A major work on rinderpest, incl prevention.

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A pamphlet for owners.

Henry Bracken (1697-1764)

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A plagiarism of Bracken, Burden and Taplin.





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By a physician with little equine experience.

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194.__(same) 1739. 363 pp.

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Abridged from the 1737 ed, with 10 folding plates and sections on other animals added.

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Based on Taplin 1811 ed but attributed to Bracken, with American data added.

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Based on Burdon: the Gentleman's Pocket Farrier (qv) and published under that title by Bracken (London 1735).

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Centennial volume of the Edinburgh school.

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Useful as dissection guide; E.A. Ehmer's copy.

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Good on sheep rot; reference to hog cholera?

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Medical and surgical conditions of horses; includes iv and sc oxygen therapy.

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Intended to combat quackery by owners.

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Discovery and early experiences.

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State organizations, education and practice; inscribed by authors to J.F. Smithcors.

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A detailed dissection of the muscles

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A plea for veterinary schools in America.

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Management and diseases of the horse.

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Animal disease, cattle breeding, obstetrics.

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A handbook of medications and doses.

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A long-standard text; 2nd copy E.A. Ehmer's.





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Facsimile of early work on wound treatment.

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System of horsemanship; lameness treatment.

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History of cowpox; early vaccination attempts.

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From Buchan's Domestic Medicine (London 1769) with retrograde section on farriery added.

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British law relating to veterinary practice.

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By an early advocate of humane treatment.

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An Americanized abridgement of Burdon's work.

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Mediocre, but advocates humane treatment.

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Generally sensible advice for owners.

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Details of blood in health and disease.

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A satire on mania over exotic chickens.

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A early text for American students.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Surgery of all species; many illustrations.

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Details treatment by arytenoidectomy.

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General and regional surgery; references.

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Specific medications; lacks surgical detail.

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Fleming trans of De canibus Britannicus (1570) on types of English dogs.

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E.A. Ehmer signature.

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E.A. Ehmer signature.

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Taxonomy of parasites of domestic animals.

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A promotion of the author's foot remedies.

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Husbandry, with mediocre section on disease.

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A general text emphasizing lower forms.

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Classification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention; L.A. Merillat signature.

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Social ecology of sheep and dairy farming.





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Some relationships of defects to disease.

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Breed histories, with many illustrations.

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Stable management of cavalry horses.

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A proposal for instructing shoeing smiths, etc.

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First US veterinary "journal;" 2 issues, but depicts contemporary conditions.

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Sound writing by an experienced practitioner.

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Facsimile of 16thC work on human anatomy.


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Complete book listing with specimen pages.

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Well illustrated, with prices.

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Includes textbooks, grinding services, etc.

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Instruments and drugs, with prices.

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Includes surgical instruments.

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With 6 p supplement (typescript) 1959.

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Copiously illustrated.


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Roman husbandry, with sections on disease.

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An early work on cattle disease.

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A pamphlet promoting dairy remedies.

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Includes chapter on Texas fever.

CAVEAT EMPTOR—see Stephen, George

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Pasteur's work on anthrax, by an associate.

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Hunting during the 16th century.





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Includes "sure remedies" for horses.

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An early work with rudiments of pathology.

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An undistinguished work from various sources.

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Ancient times to 20thC; many illustrations.

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Breeds and management of falcons.

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Emphasizes human medical interrelationships.

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Shoeing based on physiologic principles.

Bracy Clark (1771-1860)

292.__Collected writings. 1815-1859. London: The author. With numerous plates.

1. A short history of the horse. 1824. 56 pp. §

293.__2. Original remarks on the general framing of the horse. 1842. 20 pp. §

294.__3. Muscles of the posterior extremity of the horse and other domestic quadrupeds. 1842? 12 pp. §

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Clark: A treatise on the bits of horses, 1835 (296)

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310.__19. On a new secret powder for horses. n.d. 2 pp. §


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A general work, based on human sources.

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Sensible writing on shoeing; little on foot.





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Excellent on shoeing and treatment of foot.

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An enlightened work, even by today's standards.

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On milk yield, breeding, abortion, etc.

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Useful information; with plates on ageing.

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Francis Clater (1756-1823)

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Largely unoriginal; promotes sale of remedies.

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Bound with: Topham: Diseases incident to cattle... (1788) qv.

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Extensively revised, with some improvement.

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Rewritten by Youatt and Skinner; much improved.

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A radical revision of Clater's early work.

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Largely from Gibson; unchanged through 20 ed.

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A revision including 74 pp on dogs.

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A major revision by Edward Mayhew.

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First American ed, with notes by J.S. Skinner.

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With 64-pp version of Rarey's horse tamer.

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Revised by D. McTaggart.

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From the "cattle doctor;" additions by Skinner.


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A pamphlet promoting the author's remedies.

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By a competent veterinarian; well written.

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Biology of entozoa of large and small animals.

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management of swine, and the prevention and treatment of their diseases. 1883. New York: O. Judd. 295 pp.
A text for agricultural students.

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Stresses disease prevention.





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A little book of little value.

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Homeopathy, including foot-and-mouth disease.

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"...a collection of crude absurd doctrines...philosophical verbiage..." (Smith)

Coleman: Observations on the structure, oeconomy, and diseases of the foot of the horse, 1798 (353)  

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A basic veterinary textbook.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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With many informative illustrations.

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History of the college and British vet med.

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A long-standard text in Britain and America.

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Lab course for nonphysiology majors.

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A basic college textbook.

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For use by veterinary students.

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By a council member of Royal Vet College.





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A pamphlet promoting the author's remedies.

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By a VC remount officer; later AVMA VP.

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An early work on a neglected subject.

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Descriptive work, with 36 plates.

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The definitive biography, incl vet studies.

George H. Dadd (1813-1868)

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Mediocre, but with extensive vet dictionary.

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Advocates rational and humane treatment, use of anesthesia (first vet use in America?)

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Introduction by M.C. Weld.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine  

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Same content as American cattle doctor (1851).

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Urged humane treatment; vet schools in US.

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First published 1869.

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Like 1857 ed, but without colored plates.

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Like 1857 ed, with 20 hand-colored plates.

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A large folding barn sheet, in board covers.


Dadd: 1854 (403)




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Early advocate of humane and rational treatment by a person (MD) outside the vet profession.

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Includes section on art of shoeing.


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The cat in mythology, superstition and magic.

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A collection of short popular articles.

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Details of breeds, numerous plates.

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A brief work for owners.

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A handbook in dictionary form for owners.

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Proprietary remedies for home treatment.

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Diseases and treatment of small animals.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A basic textbook of applied genetics.

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A mediocre work promoting authors' remedies.

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Largely unoriginal, but urges study of animal disease by educated men.

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On prevalence and control of bovine TB.

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Treatment of horse and cattle diseases.

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A Pennsylvania German version of the 1770 ed.

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Symptoms and lesions given by body systems.

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How to determine age and soundness.

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Role of the western horse in US history; with 5 related articles from Spanish-Barb Quarterly.

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A substantial revision of the first edition.

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Prepared as article for Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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Contains 45 papers and posthumous biography.






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An early dictionary including vet medicine.

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A large work (unpaged) by an educated man.

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Encyclopedic style; Abdomen—Hemorrhoids.

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Includes diseases of horses and cattle.

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Entries on diseases of domestic animals.

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Entries on farriery, riding, cattle diseases.

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Some veterinary terms; quack medicine section.

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Based on Quincy's Lexicon-Medicum.

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A mediocre work; useful for identifying terms.

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An encyclopedic work with many text figures.

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Includes a materia medica.

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Good synopsis of contemporary practice.


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Introduction of inoculation in Russia.


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A classic work on the subject.

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A brief work promoting canine remedies.





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Simplistic: "a child of ten years can understand."


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Written for veterinarians and students.

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Details of association matters, legal documents.





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The definitive translation of this classic.

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For physicians, but with veterinary applications.


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A handbook with emphasis on management.

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Pulse in diagnosis; maintenance of health.

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A typical "farrier," but with extracts from Clark's work on prevention of disease.

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Equine diseases; includes "der Wolff" in tail.

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In the tradition of Clater; many recipes.

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An ordinary work, typical of the time.

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A mediocre work, mainly from British sources.

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A compilation of worthless cures (British).

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A mediocre work, largely British sources.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Anon: 1848 (507)

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Identical to item 509.

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A tiny book of remedies, some in old handwriting.

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A mediocre work from various sources.

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An ordinary work like many others of its kind.


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History 1894-1931, with author reminiscences.

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In miniature encyclopedia format.

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Promotes methods of the London school.





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A brief work on poultry and animal husbandry.

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Reports of acute cases by a careful observer.

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Laboratory guide for veterinary students.

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Includes structure and diseases of the foot.

George Fleming (1833-1901)

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An exhaustive history from early times to 1800.

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A comprehensive history from earliest times.

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Prevalence of animal poxes; human vaccination.

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An early work on veterinary public health.

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A useful work for owners.

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An extensive history, including treatment.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A long-time standard text; many illustrations.

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A classic work with many illustrations.

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An abridged version of earlier editions.

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A pirated abridgement of Fleming's obstetrics.


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The horseshoe as a charm against witchcraft.

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A general text; short section on disease.

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Gives symptoms and treatment of pleuropneumonia.

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Development of RAVC, 1796-1982.

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Typical of its time; includes Dr Chase's recipes.





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Essentially like the British edition.

FORRESTER, Frank—see H.W. Herbert

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A catalog of 868 items, many of vet interest.

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production et elevage. 1927. Paris: Librairie Hachette. 268 pp. §
Equine husbandry, including care of feet.

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A textbook of veterinary obstetrics.

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A retrograde work with nasty & brutal remedies.

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Riding system like that of Duke of Newcastle.


Freeman: Observations on the mechanism of the horse's foot, 1796 (557)

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A remarkably original work by a layman.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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An early authoritative work on the subject.

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An early work on wound disinfection.

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A classic work trans from German & French.

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J.V. Lacroix signature in both volumes.

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Historical survey (100-p) of 17th-19thC work.

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A veterinary materia medica and pharmacopoeia.

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Materia medica and pharmacopoeia, revised.

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From 3rd revised German edition.

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Includes several books of veterinary interest.

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Numerous works of veterinary interest.

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A handbook on animal disease; German-American.





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A copiously illustrated, accurate work.

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A satire on customs; with 10 amusing plates.

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In small format, with color plates.

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An exhaustive work by an eminent authority.

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Decries the traffic in diseased meat.

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A basic work on anatomy and physiology.

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A quiz compend on veterinary medicine.

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On anatomy and diseases of the horse.

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An encyclopedic work for stock owners.

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Like item 588; folding manikins of horse & cow.

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French system adapted to US Army.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A classic work, with few references to vet med.

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Management, diseases and surgery of the horse.

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Includes internal and external diseases of horse.

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Presented in epochs based on principalships.

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From the London ed; with 42 exquisite plates.

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From 10thC BC, with little on vaccination .

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Wound surgery; from the Strassbourg edition.

William Gibson (1680?-1750)

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The first veterinary pharmacopoeia in English.

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A poor work compiled before the surgeon-author had turned to veterinary practice.

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A genuinely new work reflecting experience.

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Methods of feeding based on age and use.

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A digest of the earlier work, by Gibson's son.


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An early work on general veterinary pathology.

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Characteristics; with rules for fighting.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A mediocre work for stock owners.

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Differs only in title from item 613.

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A comprehensive work for horsemen.

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Identical to preceding work.

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Includes a biography, shoeing and horse diseases.

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Training, diseases and lameness of racehorses.

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On helminth parasites of animals.

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Includes 130 pp on domestic animals & diseases.

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A history, with doubts re: vaccine efficacy.

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A basic comparative anatomy text.

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Care of horses by 16thC conquistadores.

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Some curious treatments for curious diseases.





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Mentions Sainbel's and Hunter's connections with the London Veterinary College.

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Report on BAI work on Texas fever transmission.

Great Britain, Animal Disease

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Work of veterinary dept, Ministry of Agriculture.

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Prevalence of disease in imported animals.

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An inquiry into care of cattle and losses at sea.

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Investigation of 1860 outbreak; color plates.

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Statistics related to 1865 outbreak.

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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With historical data and results of inoculation.

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Causes and lesions of TB in man and animals.


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Experiences of first DVM in Fort Stockton, Texas.

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Hereditary unsoundness, shoeing, lameness, etc.

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By member of a noted veterinary family.

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A generally sensible work; includes anesthesia.

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A standard work from numerous sources.

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A concise pharmacopoeia.

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Lacking in specific treatments.

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A groom's compilation of brutal treatments.





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Includes many works of veterinary interest.

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An equitation handbook by a noted riding master.

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History of research and teaching at Univ MO.

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The escutcheon as indicator of milking ability.

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A comprehensive work on equine foot disease.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Includes work of Matthew Hodson (item 671).


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A worthless plagiary in the manner of Markham.

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Not improved by addition of Hodson's work.

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Parasite control as a military exercise.

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An illustrated work by a noted parasitologist.

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Swedish vet med from 18thC; many illustrations.





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Autobiography of an early 20thC Britisher.

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Principles of equine jurisprudence, with cases.

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A quiz compend, with Rx for horses and dogs.

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A review compend for students.

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A handbook with little useful information.

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A do-it-yourself work promoting author's methods.

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Original publication Frankfort 1628.

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Biography of a pioneer in small animal practice.

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By an early US graduate (1803) of London school.

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A review for students, from numerous sources.

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On the diseases of domestic animals for farmers.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Gentle methods for breaking, but vile remedies.

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Compares equine and human skeleton and muscles.

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A practical manual, with detailed plates on teeth.

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A high-quality popular book for laymen.

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Extensively revised; includes ageing.

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A classic work on conformation and breeds.

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Illustrated by 600 photos and drawings.

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Prevalence of smallpox; plans for inoculation.

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The escutcheon as indicator of milking ability.

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An unsophisticated work of doubtful utility.

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A German classic, with items of vety interest.

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Veterinary jurisprudence, with case citations.





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Section on diseases includes other animals.

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Husbandry and diseases of domestic animals.

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Hunting dog breeds, their management and diseases.

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Includes Dinks: A sportsman's vade-mecum; Mayhew: Dogs and their management; Hutchinson: Dog breaking.

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Horse care, with sections on disease and shoeing.

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A veterinary surgery, with many illustrations.

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An outbreak of anthrax with transmission to man.

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A promotion of the author's remedies.

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With 318 illustrations, 32 plates, many in color.

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Surgery of the horse and cow; 1st ed 1850.

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An early text on veterinary microbiology.

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Reasons for occasional inefficacy of vaccination.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

HIEOVER, Harry—see Charles Bindley.

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An insightful early work on cat diseases.

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Written "to alleviate the sufferings of the canine race," partly by eliminating spaying.

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Dosage tables and points for judging added.

John Hinds (pseud for John Badcock; fl 1816-30)

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Like Hinds: The veterinary surgeon (qv).

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"The title alone condemns it." (Smith)

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Reprint of London 1827 ed; "An extraordinary book, full of hideous mistakes." (Smith)

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Causes of death in stabled horses.

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Encourages close working relationships.

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Includes a 300 pp section on materia medica.





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A multiauthor work of monumental proportions.

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A first-rate update of a classic text.

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By a noted educator who modernized vet surgery.

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By a pioneer of small animal practice.

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An updated version of a long-standard work.

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A mediocre work for farmers.

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On renal function and urinalysis.

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A comprehensive work with many illustrations.

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A Penna-German "hex book" containing charms and magic against animal and human ailments.

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From evolution of instinct to simian mentality.

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Includes rationale of treatment; surgery.

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From German work; for veterinarians and owners.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

HOPE, Sir William—see Jacques Solleysel

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A detailed guide with excellent plates.

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Speculation on cause, with "certain" remedies.


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Five color plates with fold-out body parts.

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Includes many 18th-19thC works (Youatt, Gibson, Beringer, etc, with sections on diseases).

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A generally sensible work for owners.

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On defects and diseases in relation to purchase.

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Mainly first aid; includes Hindustani vocabulary.

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Deals mainly with trotting horses.

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An atlas of equine anatomy.

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A brief work on equine disease.

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A promotion of Pratt's remedies

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773.__(same) 1905. 183 pp. §





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On treatment of equine diseases.


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The epochal work of the BAI from 1884 to 1920.

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A work on hunting dogs.

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Origin and development, with many historic photos.

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On soundness and legal aspects of warranty. Second copy with S.B. Nelson signature.

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A satire on race track characters.

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Early beliefs about horses; chapter on centaurs.

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Feline symbolism and myths through the ages.

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Works of Caius, Turberville, Markham, etc.

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Tooth structure and eruption; detailed plates.

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Promotes use of artificial insemination.

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Treatment based on secret remedies; barn chart.

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A practical work by a noted veterinarian.

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Husbandry and diseases of domestic animals.


Libri de re rustica, 1543 (792)

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Roman husbandry, with sections on animal disease.

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Includes Vegetius: Books of the veterinary art.

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Includes brief history of each disease.

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For medical students and physicians.





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Homeopathic treatment based on secret remedies.

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Section on animals (168 pp) includes diseases.

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An early text on canine medicine.

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On care, breeding, training and disease.

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Zoology of the canine genus, with 31 color plates.

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Touts vinegar for human and animal diseases.

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Signed by author.

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With 85 pp on breaking horses and animal disease.

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Book for farmers, by first secretary of USVMA.

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For owners; includes Rarey's horse taming.

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Promotes his remedies for equine diseases.

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Perhaps the first (1st ed 1795) work native to US.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Jewett: 1822 (810)

810.__(same) 1822. 2nd ed, 105 pp. §

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A compilation of animal and human remedies.

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Reprint of a 16thC work on hunting.

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Includes entries relating to domestic animals.

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Of doubtful utility, but gives specific dosages.

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Extensive discussion of distemper and rabies.

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Breeds and breeding of farm horses.





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A work on early Arabic medicine.

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On causes and control of bovine tuberculosis.

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A first-class work, including cultural aspects.

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Societal role of animals; pet-facilitated therapy

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A history of Danish-Russian veterinary relations.

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Depicts ca 400 emblems, logos, from 48 countries.

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Depicts ca 600 emblems, logos, from 55 countries. Inscribed by compiler to J.F. Smithcors.

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An illustrated taxonomic work.

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An early work on poultry diseases and parasites.

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A mediocre work promoting the author's remedies.

832.__A treatise on the horse and his diseases... the symptoms, cause, and the best treatment of each. 1880. Chicago: Rand, McNally. 91 pp. §

Essentially the same as preceding item.

833.__(same) 1881. Enosburg Falls, VT: The author. 95 pp. §

834.__(same) 1884. Chicago: Rand, McNally. 91 pp. §

835.__A treatise on the horse and his diseases...covering the common ailments of horses... 1942. Enosburg Falls, VT: The author. 80 pp. §

Little changed from previous editions.

836. KESTER, Wayne O. The history of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, 1954-1979. 1980. Golden, CO: AAEP. 160 pp. §

A year-by-year account, by AAEP Exec Secy.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A revealing look at early state boards.

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839.__(same) 1920. 3rd ed, 365 pp. §

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On diseases and treatment, with color plates.

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An early text on the subject; J.V. Lacroix copy.

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The first comprehensive work on canine distemper.

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An early work on feline disease, by noted DVM.

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A different approach; E.A. Ehmer signature.

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Mostly 20thC, with many anecdotes, biographies.

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A basic human text; E.A. Ehmer signature.

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History of the German veterinary profession.

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A remarkable depiction of lesions in color.

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A classic work; 2nd copy, E.E. Wegner signature.

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Feeding, management and diseases of livestock.

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An early text on preventive veterinary medicine.





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A mediocre work based on 72 years of experience!

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Text used at American Vet Coll; E.E. Wegner copy.

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Results of Koch's epochal investigations.

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Includes roster of faculty and graduates.

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Of doubtful utility, with many domestic receipts.

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For farmers; promotes the author's remedies.

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A mediocre work for farmers.

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On hunting, including diseases of hunting dogs.

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Castration and spaying of animals and poultry.

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A classic work by a noted veterinarian.

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Extracts from North American Veterinarian.

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Forerunner of standard text on the subject.

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Extracts from North American Veterinarian.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Lafosse: Cours d'hippiatrique, 1772 (868)

868. LAFOSSE, Philippe-Etienne (1738?-1820). Cours d'hippiatrique, ou traite complet de la medecine des chevaux... 1772. Paris: College de Presle. 402 pp.

A monumental work on equine anatomy and disease, with 65 magnificent large folio plates.

869.__Guide du marechal: ouvrage contenant une connoissance exacte du cheval...de guerir ses maladies... 1768. Paris: Desaint. 426 pp. §

Management and diseases of horses, with an enlightened system of shoeing; many plates.

870. LAFOSSE, Etienne-Guillaume (-1765). Observations and discoveries made upon horses: with a new method of shoeing. 1755. London: J. Nourse. 120 pp. §

A highly original work by the father of P-E. Lafosse, translated from the French.

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Breeds of French and English hunting dogs.

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A retrograde work with many brutal remedies.

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A British work with much on poisonous plants.

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Includes breeds, history, anatomy and diseases.





James Law (1838-1921)

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876.__(same) 1880. 4th ed. 426 pp.

877.__(same) 1900. 12th ed, 617 pp, §

878.__The horseman's friend and veterinary advisor: a complete and handy treatise on domestic animals... 1907. London: A. Moring. 439 pp. §

Like item 875, with added material on horses.

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The nature of the disease, with extensive history.

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Diagnosis, fever, catarrh, roaring, heaves, etc.

881.__(same) Vol 2, 1900. 574 pp. §

Enteritis ,colic, bloat, azoturia, poisons, etc.

882.__(same) Vol 3, 1901. 601 pp. §

Nervous system, eye, milk fever, osteoporosis, etc.

883.__(same) Vol 4, 1902. 675 pp.

Dourine, glanders, rabies, anthrax, tetanus, etc.

884.__(same) Vol 5. 1903. 532 pp.

Parasites, actinomycosis, snake bite, etc.

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An advocate of enlightened veterinary practice.

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890.__The history and delineation of the horse, in all his varieties...with a particular investigation of the race-horse... 1809. London: J. Cundee. 288 pp.

Good on management; urges humane methods.

891.__The horse in all his varieties and uses: his breeding, rearing and managment

...preservation from disease. 1829. London: M. Arnold. 315 pp. §

Largely abstracted from his other works.
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894.__A philosophical and practical treatise on horses, and on the moral duties of man towards the brute creation. 1796. London: T. Longman. 2 vol, 600; 391 pp.

A discursive work; includes earlier writers.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

895.__(same) 1802. London: H.D. Symonds. 2nd ed, 2 vol, 639; 391 pp. §

896. LAWRENCE, Richard. The complete farrier and British sportsman: containing...the structure and animal economy of the horse...prevention and cure for every disease... 1816. London: W. Lewis. 512 pp.

An ordinary compilation, except for his original naked-eye analysis of the gallop.

897.__(same) 1833. London: T. Kelly. 518 pp. §

898.__(same) 1850. 518 pp.

899.__An inquiry into the structure and animal economy of the horse: comprehending the diseases to which his limbs and feet are subject...shoeing, and...ascertaining his age... 1801. Birmingham: Knott & Lloyd. 221 pp, 33 plates. §

Good on conformation and gait; exquisite plates.

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901. LAWSON, A. The modern farrier, or, the art of preserving the health and curing the diseases of horses, dogs, oxen, sheep, and swine. 1822. Newcastle upon Tyne: MacKenzie & Dent. 616 pp.

An ordinary but immensely popular work.


Lawson: 1825 (902)

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Promotes use of author's product.





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A classic work,from antiquity to 20thC, with details on veterinary schools worldwide; J.V. Lacroix copy; 2nd copy L.A. Merillat signature.

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Lavishly illustrated; text based on classic work.

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Includes worms of dogs, cats and cattle.

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Horses and equitation throughout the ages.

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An early work on the subject, for farmers.

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Physiological chemistry, including tissue studies.

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A Pennsylvania-German work on equine diseases.

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Includes biographies and roster of veterinarians; copiously illustrated; author's signature.

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The early years, with accounts of first faculty.

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The later years, with emphasis on the faculty.

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An account of organized vet med in New York.

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Castration and spaying of domestic species.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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With 8-p Jenkins veterinary book catalog.

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Includes extracts from European writers.

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General and special surgery; many illustrations.

930.__(same) 1892. 786 pp. §

Inscribed by author to Professor McFadyean.

931.__(same) 1906. 803 pp. §

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Author was dean of American Veterinary College.


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A brief work for farmers.

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A classic work on agricultural chemistry.

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Includes warranty, contracts, rights, obligations.

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Mainly 20thC; many photos, list of members.

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An early work on animal psychology, educability.

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On feedstuffs and rations; J.V. Lacroix signature.

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Extracts from Lister's writings.

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Includes The American cattle book, pp 347-390; The American swine book, pp 437-471; The American sheep book, pp 514-558.





941.__(same) 1880. [?]

Like 1878 ed, but with homeopathic dept added.

942.__Illustrated American Stock Book...the horse, cattle, swine, sheep & poultry... 1889. Chicago: American Live Stock Publ Co. 615 pp. §

A mediocre work with numerous harsh remedies.

943.__(same) 1890. 615 pp. §

944.__(same) 1893. 615 pp.

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A promotion of stock feeds and remedies.

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Many early illustrations; some disease references.

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Book hastened introduction of Merinoes into US.

948.__(same) 1813. 143 pp. §

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Describes works of 16th-19thC Spanish authors.

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Life on the Canadian frontier in the late 1800s.

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Signs, cause and prevention of "distemper."

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On swine breeding and management.

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References to animal fodder and cures.

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Poor ventilation said to cause lameness.

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A classic work on foot and shoeing.

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Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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On warranty and trafficking in diseased animals.

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Origin, domestication and types of cattle.

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With 200-p veterinary dept by noted FRCVS.

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With large sections on shoeing and diseases.

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963.__Magner's A B C guide to sensible horseshoeing...including...methods of making a horse stand to be shod... 1899. New York: Werner. 130 pp. §

Mostly extracted from author's other works.

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On management and diseases, including dogs & cats.

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966.__(same) 1908. 1181 pp.

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With emphasis on contributions by individuals.

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A long-time classic translated from German.

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974.__(same) 1912. 4th ed, 259 pp.

975. MANNING, J. Russell. The illustrated stock doctor and live-stock encyclopedia: including horses, cattle, sheep, swine and poultry... 1880? Phila: Hubbard Bros. 1002 pp. §

Offers treatment "without the aid of a professed veterinary surgeon," including use of anesthesia.

976.__(same) 1882. Phila: Hubbard Bros; San Francisco: A.L Bancroft. 1082 pp. §





977.__Manning's horse book: comprising...breeds and their characteristics...general care, and all diseases to which they are subject... 1882. Phila: Hubbard Bros. 516 pp. §

A generally sensible book for owners.

Gervase Markham (1568?-1637)

978.__ Cavalarice, or, the English horseman: contayning all the art of horse-manship... 1617. [s.l. s.n.] 741 pp. §

A compilation by one with little knowledge of horses, including disease treatment.

979.__Cheap and good husbandry, for the well-ordering of all beasts and fowls, and for the general care of their diseases. 1664. London: W. Wilson. 11th ed, 146 pp. §

A largely worthless but immensely popular work.

980.__Country contentments, or. the husbandmans recreations...hunting, hawking...bowling, tennis... 1654. London: W. Wilson. 7th ed, 92 pp. §

For English gentlemen, taken from earlier works.

981.__Markham's farewell to husbandry, or, the enriching of all sorts of barren and sterile grounds... 1660. London: G. Sawbridge. 126 pp.

Includes a short section on draft animals.

982.__Markhams maister-peece, or, what doth a horse-man lacke: containing all possible knowledge whatsoeuer which doth belong to any smith, farrier or horse-leech, touching the curing of all maner of sorrances in horses... 1610. London: N. Okes. 502 pp. §

A retrograde compilation with many filthy and brutal remedies; the scarce first edition.


Markhams maister:peece, 1656 (983)

Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

983.__Markhams maister:peece: containing all knowledge belonging to the smith, farrier, or horse-leech... 1656. London: W. Wilson. 8th ed, 591 pp. §

Went through 21 editions; "...no work...has done more damage to veterinary progress." (Smith)

984.__The perfect horse-man, or, the experienced secrets of Mr. Markham's fifty years practice... 1671. London: R. Chiswell. The last edition, 175 pp. §

"A horrible book...evidence of the low taste of public knowledge." (Smith) Posthumous work.


Markham and Jefferies: 1764 (985)

985. MARKHAM, J. (Gervase); JEFFERIES, G(reg) and Discreet Indians. The citizen and countryman's experienced farrier...to all which is added...the surest and best receipts...for the cure of all maladies and distempers that are incident to horses... 1764. London, Printed; Wilmington, DE, Reprinted: James Adams. 364 pp. §

American imprint based on Markhams maister-peece.

986.__(same) 1797. Baltimore: S. Sower. 349 pp. §

987. MARKHAM; JEFFERIES and Experienced Indians. (same) 1803. 349 pp. §

988.__(same) 1839. Chambersburg, PA: T.J. Wright.332 pp. §


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A study of locoism in horses, cattle and sheep.

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A classic comparative text; includes lactation.





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A thoroughly retrograde plagiarized work.


Mason: The gentleman's new pocket farrier, 1825 (992)

992. MASON, Richard. The gentleman's new pocket farrier...also, a concise account of the diseases to which the horse is subject... 1825. Richmond, VA: P. Cottom. 3rd ed, 228 pp.

A practical handbook for farmers and horsemen.

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With appendix on mules by J.S. Skinner.

998.__(same) 1857. §

999.(__) Mason's farrier and cattle book: comprising a general description of the horse...with treatment in disease...to which is added a prize essay on mules. 1885. New York: Hurst & Co. 314 pp. §

Without Annals of the turf, as in early editions.

1000.__The practical farrier, for farmers: comprising a general description of...the horse...with treatment in disease... 1860. Phila: J.B. Lippincott. 288 pp.

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An early work on improvement of agriculture.

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1003. MAYHEW, Edward (1813?-1868). Dogs: their management. Being a new plan of treating the animal, based upon a consideration of his natural temperament. 1854. London: G. Routledge. 264 pp. §

Urges paying more attention to canine disease.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1004.__The illustrated horse doctor: being an...account of the various diseases to which the equine race are subjected, together with the latest mode of treatment... 1861. New York: D. Appleton. 536 pp.

An excellent work by an experienced veterinarian.


Mayhew: The illustrated horse doctor, 1864 (1005)

1005.__(same) 1864. London: W.H. Allen. 4th ed, 592 pp. §

1006.__(same) 1887. New York: D. Appleton. 610 pp.

With additions on influenza and shoeing.

1007.__(same) 1888. Phila: J.B. Lippincott. 522 pp.

Similar to 1861 edition.

1008.__The illustrated horse management: containing descriptive remarks upon anatomy, medicine, shoeing, teeth, food, vices, stables... 1865. Phila: J.B. Lippincott. 548 pp. §

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A better-than-average farmer's handbook.

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On infectious diseases of horses.

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A worthless collection of remedies.

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Includes diseases communicable to man.

1014. McCLURE, Robert. American horse, cattle and sheep doctor. 1870. Phila: Porter & Cable. 413 pp.

A mediocre work in dictionary form.





1015.__Diseases in the American stable, field & farmyard: containing...the most approved methods of treatment, and the properties and use of remedies... 1866. Phila: The author. 414 pp. §

Said to be based on lectures at Phila Vet Coll.

1016.__Diseases of the American horse, and cattle and sheep. Their treatment, with...the medicines employed. 1870. Phila: J.E. Potter. 413 pp. §

Essentially the same as item 1014.

1017.__The gentleman's stable guide: containing a familiar description of the American stable...and general management of horses... 1870. Phila: Porter & Coates. 184 pp. §

A sensible work on stable management.

1018.(__) McClure's American horse, cattle and sheep doctor... 1917. Chicago: F.J. Drake. 413 pp. §

Identical to item 1016.

1019.__; WALSH. J.H., et al. Every horse owner's cyclopedia: the anatomy and physiology of the horse...diseases and how to cure them... 1871. Phila: Porter & Coates. 582 pp. §

About 95% of book is from Walsh: The horse (qv).

1020. McCULLOUGH, Laurence B.; MORRIS, James P. (eds). Implications of history and ethics to medicine—veterinary and human. 1978. College Station: Texas A&M Univ. 158 pp. §

The proceedings of a symposium at Texas A&M.

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By two noted Canadian veterinary educators.

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A detailed work with numerous illustrations.

1023.__(same) 1908. 388 pp. §

1024.__(same) 1909. 2nd ed, 388 pp.

1025. McFARLAND, Joseph (1868-1945). A text-book upon the pathogenic bacteria, for students of medicine and physicians. 1906. Phila; London: W.B. Saunders. 5th ed, 647 pp.

Includes several common zoonoses.

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An early work on avian tumors.

1027. McINTOSH, Donald. Diseases of horses and cattle ...for the farmer, stockman and veterinary student. 1895. Chicago: M.A. Donohue. 390 pp.

Generally acceptable; detailed plates of calving.

1028.__Diseases of swine...for the veterinary surgeon, student and swine grower. 1897. Chicago: M.A. Donohue. 230 pp.

Ill-suited for primary audience.

1029. (MEDICINE). Nature the best physician, or every man his own doctor... 1735. London: J. Cooke. 71 pp.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Diagnosis and treatment; E.A. Ehmer signature.

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Includes physiology, psychology and behavior.

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Cause and treatment of a common problem.

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Details of tooth structure and diseases.

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A general text including restraint and anesthesia.

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Indications and technic for numerous procedures.

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A discursive history from late 1700s, with civilian matters interspersed.

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With a section of dubious value on diseases.

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A basic work for students and farmers.

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Articles on sheep breeding and cattle disease.

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A practical work based largely on work of others.

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Appendix on shoeing added; detailed plates.

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Reprint of a nontechnical journal article.

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With sections by other writers; numerous plates.

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First ed; some sections unchanged for 30 years.

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With chapter on biologics by A. Eichhorn.

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Includes history of Army Veterinary Service.

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Identical to Tellor (1881) with diseases of dogs and poultry added.

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Reprint of British work by a near-ignoramus.

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Largely worthless; G.E. Fussell signature.

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Written for owners and veterinary students.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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On an obscure bone disease of racehorses.

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Biography of A. Liautard, noted American vet educator. Inscribed by author to J.F. Smithcors.

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A Penna-German work; remedies in English & German.

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Diagnosis and treatment of equine foot diseases.

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A comprehensive surgery of domestic animals.

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From the 1894 German edition.

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An expanded version of item 1072.

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A detailed anatomy, with histology & embryology.

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Inscribed to L.A. Merillat by Bourdelle.

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Inscribed to L.A. Merillat by Bourdelle.

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On physical diagnosis and laboratory methods.

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Abridged from author's "Outlines..." (item 1088).

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An early canine homeopathy for owners.

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With a materia medica indexed to diseases.

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Gives 3-6 treatments for each disease.

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Questions keyed to Moller's operative surgery.

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An early report on a rabies-like disease.

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Outlines the needs of the veterinary college.

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A standard text for students and practitioners.

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The faculty, research work and publications.

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Includes lists of NC veterinarians.

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Section on diseases is brief but sensible.

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From before 1850, with emphasis on education; many plates from MSU vet history collection.

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Includes medications for large and small animals.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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From French, German and British sources.

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A student text, translated from French.

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Diseases of poultry and rabbits.

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A general text, including several zoonoses.

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An early classic on diseases of the dog.

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A long-standard translation used in the US.

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With J.V. Lacroix signature.

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Includes brief mention of veterinary science.

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Badly written by an uneducated practitioner.

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A generally sensible compilation for farmers.

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A discursive work by a clergyman, with a section on shoeing largely from Fleming and Lafosse.

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Education, practice and association matters.

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With details of reconstructed early vet hospital.

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Details veterinary achievements in control of TB.

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Includes references to TB testing in cattle.

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With letter from author to J.F. Smithcors.

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Largely from other sources, eg, Rarey (qv).

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Mediocre; promotes bloodletting as a cure-all.

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A classic work translated from French.

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On coaching, with maladies of coach horses.

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Includes milk hygiene and bovine tuberculosis.

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A classic work by founder of modern nursing.

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On 19thC hunting and racing in England.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Sensible writing by a first-class horseman and friend of the veterinary profession.

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NOLAN, L.E.—see Garrard, K.

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A handbook for horse owners.

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Horse taming, equine diseases and moral doctrine.

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Of interest for observations on Irish practice.

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Reports on hog cholera, cattle diseases, etc.

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Primarily on arsenic poisoning.

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A classic work, including diseases caused by animal parasites, and other zoonoses.

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A curious work, dealt with at length by Smith.

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Translation of a classic German work.

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Remarkable photos of faculty, students, ISU.

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Of little utility, by an amateur.

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A copiously illustrated taxonomic work.





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A dictionary of hunting.

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For owners; worthless section on diseases.

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A enlightened work by an expert with sheep.

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A comprehensive human text.

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Previously unpublished details of research.

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Short history of early animal imports; C.T. Jackson's claim of rediscovery of anesthesia.

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Articles on vet education; animal disease.

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Includes section on bovine pleuropneumonia.

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Remedies based on superstition and magic.

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A copiously illustrated text.

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The "father" of veterinary research in Britain.

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Mediocre, with "directions for new liniments."

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An enlightened and informative work.

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A biography and memorial tributes.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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With fine color plates of predators.

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Good pharmacopoeia, poor on diseases.

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By a pioneer of the technic; trans from French.

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Includes sections on shoeing and management.

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With reports on rabies and other diseases.

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The first (1832) equine anatomy text in English.

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Percivall: Lameness in the horse. Part 1, vol. iv of the Hippopathology, 1849 (1168)




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"The best exposition of medical and surgical practice ever published...a contribution to English literature." (Smith)

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A highly original work, based on experience.

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An exhaustive study of a complex subject.

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With observations on soundness and heredity.

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A generally useful omnibus volume for owners.

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Essentially identical to 1884 edition.

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Like 1902 ed, but without section on dogs.

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Little on management but good on disease.

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An improved version of the author's earlier work.

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A comprehensive work for kennel owners.

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Alchemy, astrology, charms, quackery, etc.

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Mainly equine surgery; L.A. Merillat signature.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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A Danish pharmacopoeia and materia medica.

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Includes "veterinary essay" by Benjamin Rush (vol 1) and many items of veterinary interest.

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Frontier medicine; some items on animal disease.

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On equine foot diseases, with extensive topical references; inscribed to J.G. Hardenbergh (AVMA).

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On horse management and diseases, with remedies.

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An omnibus work; many items of vet interest.

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A long-popular textbook on the subject.

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Experiences with the Mexican foot-and-mouth disease outbreak 1947-52.

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Origins of British stock; many illustrations.

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A bibliography of early veterinary works, with extracts of some translated into French.

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With analysis of works on horses and vet med.

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By self-styled professor of equine medicine.





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A narrative of 40 years' pioneer vet practice.

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Includes details of blacksmithing and shoeing.

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Veterinary activities of governmental agencies.

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With numerous finely detailed plates.

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Founding and early days of the London school.


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1200. PYE, Henry James (1745-1813). The sportsman's dictionary: containing...methods to be observed in riding...farriery, hawking, breeding and feeding horses... 1807. London: J. Stockdale. 547 pp.

A mediocre work including equine diseases.

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A synopsis of the author's lectures.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1202.__Synopsis of Prof. Quitman's lectures on veterinary materia medica... 1903. Chicago: A. Eger. 200 pp.

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1204.__(same) 1907. 278 pp.

1205.__(same) 1909. 3rd ed, 278 pp.

1206.__(same) 1915. 278 pp.


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A mediocre compilation; poor on diseases.

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A common-sense work on breeding and management.

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A useful work by an experienced sheepman.

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Bound with Wm Youatt: Sheep (1848, qv).

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A brief version of J.S. Rarey's method.

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Reprinted from the American edition (qv).

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Widely reprinted work of famous American horse tamer; with mediocre farriery from Knowlson.

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A long-standard work, with many references.

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An excellent work advocating rational treatment.


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1222. REEVES, John. The art of farriery both in theory and practice: containing the causes, symptoms, and cure of all diseases incident to horses... 1758. London: J. Newbery. 478 pp. §

A better-than-average work by a farrier.

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Generally sensible work by a noted veterinarian.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

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Includes correction of faulty gaits.

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Includes buying of horses; nicely illustrated.

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Sections on husbandry based largely on Youatt.

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How to set up and operate a blacksmith's shop.

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Mule husbandry, with plates of army mules in use.

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One of few such accounts; many photographs.

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A rambling discourse promoting the author's idea.

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A mediocre work promoting the author's remedies.

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Indicates good practice level at London school.

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A "cheap reliable work," generally sensible.

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A catch-all on training, shoeing, diseases, etc.

1240.__(same) 1871. 224 pp. §

1241.__(same) 1872. New York: F.B. Fisher.

224 pp. §

Includes training of cattle and dogs.





1242.__A new system of training horses: by which the wildest colts and most vicious horses can be thoroughly and safely shod... 1863. Pierce & Budlong. 63 pp. §

Includes the usual section on remedies.

1243. ROE, A.H. Horse owner's guide, being a synopsis of the diseases of horses and cattle, and how to treat them... 1878. Elkhart, IN: Mennonite Publ Co. 128 pp. §

Of doubtful utility; includes anatomy by Dadd.

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Some references to diseases and treatment.

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An introduction to study of natural history.

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A pocket manual on equine diseases.

1248.__Volstandiges Gauls-Doctor-Buch...wie der bauer und jeder Pferde-besitzer alle Krankheiten einer Pferde erkennen... 1817. Reading, PA: H.B. Sage. 108 pp. §

A Penna-German work on diseases of horses, etc.

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On general and special veterinary pathology.

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Contains little useful information.

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Includes several common animal diseases.

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A series of 12 folio color plates.

1253. ROWLIN, Joshua. The complete cow-doctor, or, farmer's companion: treating of the most common disorders of black-cattle—their causes, symptoms and cures. 1794. Glasgow: D. Niven. 275 pp.

Mediocre, but with description of stomach tube.

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Facsimile of an early work on human obstetrics.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Ruini: Anatomia del cavallo, 1707 (1255)

1255. RUINI, Carlo (-1598). Anatomia del cavallo, infermita, et suoi rimedii... 1707. Venetia: Lorenzo Basegio. 2 vol in 1, 250; 266 pp. §

A later edition of the classic first scientific equine anatomy (1598), with wood-block plates.

1256. RUNNELLS, Russell A. A guide to the study of special veterinary pathology. 1935. Ames, IA: Collegiate Press. 218 pp. §

Superficial, but only such work then available.

1257. RUPP, Israel Daniel (1803-1878). The farmer's complete farrier...varieties of...the horse...with a description of all the diseases to which he is liable... 1844. Lancaster, PA: I.L. Eshleman. 416 pp. §

A mediocre work compiled from numerous sources.

1258. RUSH, Benjamin (1746-1813). Medical inquiries and observations. 1809. Phila: B. & T. Kite. 3rd ed, vol 3 (of 4). 433 pp.

Generalities on fever; details of bilious fever.

1259.__Sixteen introductory lectures. 1977. Oceanside, NY: Dabor Science Publ. 395 pp. §

Includes lecture on diseases of animals and need for a veterinary school in America (1807).

1260. RUSH, John. The hand-book to veterinary homoeopathy, or, the homoeopathic treatment of the horse, the ox, the sheep, the dog and swine. 1854. Phila: Rademacher & Sheek; New York: W. Radde. 144 pp. §

From London ed, with additions from Gunther.





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1262.__(same). 1885. Phila: Boericke & Tafel. 144 pp. §

1263. RUSHWORTH, William Arthur. Sheep and their diseases. 1902. Chicago: A. Eger. 2nd ed, 409 pp.

For veterinary students and sheep owners.


Rusius: 1543 (1264)

1264. RUSIUS, Laurentius (1288-1347). Opera de l'arte del malscalcio...delle razze, governo, &...le qualita de cavalli di molte malattie, con suoi remedii... 1543. Venetia: [s.n.] 120 pp.

Largely from other writers, but had important role in regeneration of the veterinary art.

1265. RUSSELL, William (1825-). Russell on scientific horseshoeing for the different diseases of the foot. 1879. Cincinnati: R. Clarke. 142 pp. §

A rational system, by an experienced farrier.

1266.__Russell on scientific horseshoeing for leveling and balancing the action and gait of horses and...diseases of the foot. 1901. Cincinnati: R. Clarke. 4th ed, 295 pp.

Rev ed, with many illustrations, some in color.

1267.__(same). 1901. 5th ed, 315 pp.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Sainbel: ca. 1800 (1269)

1268. SAINBEL, Charles Vial de (1753-1793). Elements of the veterinary art: containing an essay on the proportions of Eclipse...the elements of farriery...the grease, and...glanders... 1797. London: J. Wright. 3rd ed, 127 pp. §

By the first head of the London school, whose advanced views were disregarded after he died.

1269.__The sportsman, farrier and shoeing-smiths new guide. 1800? London: B. Crosby. 232 pp. §

A low-priced condensation of his "Elements" as compiled by John Lawrence.

1270. SALMON, Daniel Elmer (1850-1914). The diseases of poultry. 1899. Washington, DC: G.E. Howard. 248 pp. §

For owners, by first chief of USDA BAI.

1271.__(same). 1899. Washington, DC: Feather Publ Co. 248 pp.

1272. SAMPLE, H. The horse and dog: not as they are, but as they should be...together with an essay on horseshoeing. 1882. San Francisco: [s.n.]. 280 pp. §

Mainly on the horse, including diseases.

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A guide to breeding stud management.

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A basic work for students and practitioners.

1275. SAUNDERS, C. Rabbit and cat diseases. 1920. Chicago: Amer Vet Publ. 121 pp.

A practical work for owners.





1276. SAUNDERS, L(eon) Z. (1919-). Veterinary pathology in Russia, 1860-1930. 1980. Ithaca, NY: Cornell Univ Press. 327 pp. §

Details of formerly obscure scientists, etc.

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Written for neophytes and fanciers.

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Prevalence of TB and methods of control.

1279. SCHAEFER, J.C. New manual of homoeopathic veterinary medicine...adapted to the use of every owner of domestic animals... 1871. New York; San Francisco: Boericke & Tafel. 312 pp. §

Includes directions for drug preparation.

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1281.__(same). 1880. New York: Boericke & Tafel. 321 pp. §

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With lists of faculty and graduates.

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Bicentennary volume of the Vienna school.

1284. SCHAUDER, W. Zur Geschicte der Veterinar-Medizin an der Universitat und Justus Liebig-Hochschule. 1957? [s.l. s.n.] 178 pp. §

A history of the Giessen school, 1607-1957.

1285. SCHMIDT, Hubert (1886-1958). Eighty years of veterinary medicine at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas... 1878-1958. 1958. College Station, TX: College Archives. 40 pp. §

With numerous early photographs.

1286. SCHNELLE, Gerry B. Radiology in canine practice A text on applied radiography and diagnosis. 1945. Evanston, IL: No Amer Vet. 336 pp. §

The first text of its kind in English.

1287. SCHUH, Herman Loy. The practice of veterinary surgery...lectures delivered to the seniors of the Grand Rapids Veterinary College. 1912. Grand Rapids, MI: The College. 260 pp. §

1288. SCHULTZ, James A. (1836-). The horse and its diseases: embracing a list of medicines used generally used in horse practice, and their properties... 1879. Middletown, NY: Stivers & Slauson. 95 pp. §

Much miscellaneous material; author signature.

1289. SCHWABE, Calvin W. Cattle, priests, and progress in medicine. 1978. Minneapolis: Univ Minn Press. 277 pp.

Vet medicine and advances in human medicine.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1290.__Veterinary medicine and human health. 1984. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. 3rd ed, 680 pp.

A historical approach to the interface between human and veterinary medicine.

1291.__; RIEMANN, Hans; FRANTI, Charles E. Epidemiology in veterinary practice. 1977. Phila: Lea & Febiger. 303 pp.

Extensive bibliographies with historical items.

1292. SCOFIELD, Samuel. A practical treatise on vaccinia, or cow pock. 1810. New York: Collins & Perkins. 139 pp.

Prevention and treatment of pox in man.

1293. SCUDDER, Charles Locke (1860-). The treatment of fractures, with notes upon a few common dislocations. 1907. Phila; London: W.B. Saunders. 6th ed, 628 pp.

A basic human text.

1294. SCULTETUS, Johannes (1595-1645). Cheiroplotheke ...armamentarium chirurgicum XLIII...medicinae pariter ac chirugiae studiosis perutile... 1971? New York: Editions Medicina Rara. Facsimile 1655 ed, 67 pp. §

Facsimile of Ulm ed, with many plates.

1295. SETON, Ernest Thompson (1860-1946). Studies in the art anatomy of animals... 1896. London; New York: Macmillan. 96 pp.

With 49 large plates of wild animals and birds.

1296. SEUTER, Mang. Ein vast schones und nutzliches Beuch von der Rossartzney...zu dem auch von vilen guetten und erfarnen Hueffschmiden zu wegen... 1588. Augspurg: M. Manger. 440 pp.

A major 16thC work on equine diseases.

1297. SEWELL, Louis. Canine distemper, a practical handbook. 1925. London: G. Routledge. 218 pp.

An early work on a major disease problem.

1298. SHARE-JONES, John T. The surgical anatomy of the horse. 1907. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 4 vol, 159; 190; 220; 259 pp.

A regional text with many plates, some in color.

1299. SHARP, Walter N. Ophthalmology for veterinarians. 1913. Phila: W.B. Saunders. 210 pp. §

A concise textbook, primarily for students.

1300. SHOSHAN, A. Animals in Jewish literature. 1971. Rehovot, Israel: The author. 124 + 372 pp. §

A series of articles in English and Hebrew.

1301. SHUMWAY, Henry L. A hand-book on tuberculosis among cattle, with considerations of the relation of the disease to the health and life of the human family, and...use of tuberculin as a diagnostic test. 1895. Boston: Roberts Bros. 178 pp. §

Written by a journalist to inform the public.





1302. SIEDAMGROTZKH, D. (compiler). Die Veterinarpolizei-Gesetze und Verordnungen fur...Thierarzte und Landwirthe. 1881. Dresden: Schonfeld. 198 pp.

State veterinary hygiene in Germany.

1303. SIME, D. Rabies. 1903. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ Press. 290 pp. §

The rabies virus and methods of transmission.

1304. SIMMONDS, Peter Lund (1814-1897). Animal products: their preparation, commercial uses and value. 1889. London: Chapman & Hall. 416 pp.

Uses of products from domestic and wild animals.

1305. SIMMONS, John (compiler). The American farrier...diseases incident to horses, and prescriptions for their cure... 1825. Phila: The compiler. 144 pp. §

Somewhat better than most works of this genre.

1306. SIMONDS, James Beart (1810-1904). A practical treatise on variola ovina, or small-pox in sheep...with the progress, symptoms, and treatment of the disease... 1848. London: J. Ridgway. 157 pp. §

A detailed work with color plates.

1307. SIMPSON, George G. Horses: the story of the horse family...through sixty million years of history. 1951. New York: Oxford Univ Press. 247 pp. §

The fossil record and evolution of the horse.

1308. SINCLAIR, Upton. The jungle. 1980. New York: New American Library. 350 pp. §

An expose (c 1905) of the meat-packing industry that resulted in USDA meat inspection system.

1309. SIND, J.B. von (1709?-1776). L'art du manege pris dans ses vrais principes...pour l'embouchure des chevaux et...des principales maladies... 1773. Berlin: C.F. Himbourg. 317 pp.

On equitation and diseases of the horse.

1310.__Vollstandiger unterricht in den Wissenschaften eines Stallmeisters. 1770. Gottingen: J.C. Dieterich. 324 pp. §

A classic on equine management and diseases.

1311.__(same) 1775. 1314 pp. §

1312. SISSON, Septimus (1865-1924). The anatomy of the domestic animals. 1914. Phila; London: W.B. Saunders. 930 pp. §

A standard text for 50+ years.

1313.__(same) 1917. 2nd ed, 930 pp. §

1314.__(same) 1930. 930 pp. §

1315.__Ligaments and muscles of the horse. 1895. Toronto: J.A. Carveth. 56 pp. §

The principal structures in outline form.

1316.__A text-book of veterinary anatomy. 1910. Phila; London: W.B. Saunders. 826 pp. §

Forerunner of item 1312.

1317. SKEAVINGTON, George. The horse and veterinary practice described and illustrated, in the management of horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, etc... 1850. London: London Printing. 1016 pp.

Compiled from various sources, including Youatt.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Skeavington: ca. 1850 (1318)

1318.__The modern system of farriery: comprehending the...mode of practice...at the Royal Veterinary College... 1850? London; New York: London Printing. 523 pp.

A work for horse owners, with large plates.


Skellett: A practical treatise on the breeding cow, 1807 (1319)

1319. SKELLETT, Edward. A practical treatise on the breeding cow and extraction of the calf...in which the question of difficult parturition is considered... 1807. London: Sherwood, Gilbert. 364 pp.

A superb work, with large plates in color.

1320.__A practical treatise on the parturition of the cow...and on the diseases of neat cattle in general... 1822. London: Sherwood, Neely. 364 pp.

Essentially like the 1807 edition.





1321. SLOAN, Walter B. The complete farrier or horse doctor: also, the complete cattle doctor... 1849. Chicago: The author. 3rd ed, 160 pp.

A mediocre work promoting Sloan's remedies.

1322.__(same) 1851. 4th ed, 160 pp.

1323.__Sloan's complete farrier and cattle doctor...with a full account of all the diseases... 1869. Chicago: Walker & Taylor. 5th ed, 319 pp. §

A greatly enlarged but little improved edition.

1324. SMITH, Andrew (-1914). Veterinary notes...on the causes, symptoms and treatment of the diseases of domestic animals... 1885. Toronto: J.A. Carveth. 252 pp.

By founder (1862) of Ontario Veterinary College.

1325.__(same) 1889. Rev ed, 225 pp.

1326.__(same) 1891. 225 pp. §

1327. SMITH, Arthur Croxton (1865-). British dogs. 1945. London: Collins. 47 pp. §

A brief history, nicely illustrated.

Sir Frederick Smith (1857-1929)

1328.__The early history of veterinary literature and its British development. 1976. London: J.A. Allen. 4 vol, 373; 244; 184; 161 pp. (Reprint)

Vol 1. Earliest times to1700; vol 2. 18thC; vol 3. 1800-1823; vol 4. 1824-1866.

1329.__(same) Vol 2. 1924; vol 3. 1930; vol 4. 1933. London: Bailliere, Tindall. §

Vol 1 ran in J Comp Path Therap 26-30: 1913-17.

1330.__A history of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, 1796-1929. 1927. London: Bailliere, Tindall. 268 pp.

Includes chapter on the army farrier 1600-1796.

1331.__A manual of veterinary hygiene. 1905. London: Bailliere, Tindall. 5th ed, 1035 pp. §

Includes government regs and military hygiene.

1332.__(same) 1906. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 5th ed, 1035 pp.

1333.__A manual of veterinary physiology. 1892. London: Bailliere, Tindall. 401 pp. §

An early text on the subject, widely used.

1334.__(same) 1900. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 2nd ed, 573 pp.

1335.__(same) 1903. 573 pp.

1336.__(same) 1904. 573 pp.

1337.__(same) 1906. 503 pp.

1338.__(same) 1912. Chicago: A. Eger. 4th ed, 808 pp. §

With addition of clinical aspects and a large section on generation and development.

1339.__(same) 1912. London: Bailliere, Tindall. 808 pp. §


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1340. SMITH, Howard Remus (1872-). The conquest of bovine tuberculosis in the United States. 1959. Somerset, MI: The author. 2nd ed. 63 pp. §

Vignettes of early days of TB eradication.

1341. SMITH, H.R. Bradley. Blacksmith and farriers tools at Shelburne Museum. 1966. Shelburne, VT: The museum. 271 pp. §

A detailed history, including that of nails.

1342. SMITH, Robert Meade (1854-). The physiology of the domestic animals: a text-book for veterinary and medical students and practitioners. 1890. Phila; London: F.A. Davis. 938 pp. §

By a physician; probably considered academic at the time; J.V. Lacroix signature.

1343.__(same) 1907. Chicago: A. Eger. 938 pp.

1344. SMITHCORS, J(ames) F(rederick) (1920-). The American veterinary profession, its background and development. 1963. Ames, IA: ISU Press. 704 pp. §

From colonial times to AVMA centennial (1963); signed by author.

1345.__Evolution of the veterinary art: a narrative account to 1850. 1957. Kansas City, MO: Vet Med Publ Co. 408 pp. §

From earliest times to 18thC Britain (excludes United States); signed by author.

1346.__The first 100 years: history of the AVMA 1863-1963. 1959-63. Chicago: Amer Vet Med Assn. (photocopy) 105 pp. §

A series of 100 articles appearing in JAVMA in connection with the AVMA centennial (1963).

1347.__The veterinarian in America, 1625-1975. 1975. Santa Barbara, CA: Amer Vet Publ. 160 pp. §

A copiously illustrated, large-format work.

1348. SMYTHE, Reginald Harrison. Healers on horseback: the reminiscences of an English veterinary surgeon. 1963. Springfield, IL: C. C Thomas. 135 pp. §

Anecdotes of early 20thC British practice.





Snape: The anatomy of an horse, 1683 (1349)

1349. SNAPE, Andrew (1644-). The anatomy of an horse: containing an exact and full description of the frame, situation and connexion of all his parts. 1683. London: The author. 237 pp + 45-p appendix.

The first equine anatomy in English, with plates based on Ruini but reversed, and appendix on circulation and generation based on Harvey.

1350. SNYDER, William. Hand-book to veterinary medicine, or, a treatise on the sick horse... 1870. Adrian, MI: Times & Expositor. 16 pp. §

Mediocre; "for those lacking larger works."

1351. SOLLEYSEL, Jacques de (1617-1680). The compleat horseman, or, perfect farrier...Part I discovering the surest marks of the beauty...and perfections of horses...Part II contains the signs and causes of their diseases... 1702. London: H. Bonwicke. 376 pp. §

An abridgment of the Hope trans (of item 1353) which brought Solleysel's views to Britain.

1352.__(same) 1711. London: R. Bonwicke, W. Freeman. 2nd ed, 376 pp.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Solleysel: 1682 (1353)

1353.__Le parfait mareschal, qui enseigne a connoistre la beaute, la bonte, et la deffauts des chevaux ; les signes...des maladies... 1682. Paris: G. Clouzier. 5th ed, 2 vol in 1, 556; 410 pp. §

A classic work by an enlightened practitioner responsible for reformation of French practice.

1354.__(same) 1691. A la Haye: H. Van Bulderen. 8th ed, 2 vol, 250; 398 pp. §

1355. SOMMERFELD, Paul. Methods for the examination of milk: for chemists, physicians and hygienists. 1901. Chicago: A. Eger. 96 pp. §

Chemical and physical properties of milk.

1356. SOMERVILLE, William (1675-1742). The chace. A poem. 1735. London: G. Hawkins. 106 pp. §

A classic; includes dog diseases, esp rabies. Bound with: Hobbinol, or the rural games. 1740.

1357. (SPAIN). Secunda asamblea nacional veterinaria, celebrada en Madrid... 1907. Madrid: R. Alvarez. 377 pp.

Papers presented at Natl Vet Assn meeting.

1358. SPAULDING, Roy H(enry) (1893-). Your dog and your cat...a treatise on the care... 1921. New York; London: D. Appleton. 166 pp.

A largely sensible book for owners.

1359. SPOONER, William Charles (1809?-1885). Appendix to the horse, as published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge... 1850. London: Robert Baldwin. 192 pp. §

Various topics keyed to Youatt: The horse (qv).

1360.__A treatise on the structure, functions, and diseases of the foot and leg of the horse...the subject of shoeing and the proper treatment of the foot... 1840. London: Longman, Orme. 337 pp. §

A well-written sensible work.





1361.__Veterinary art: a practical treatise on the diseases of the horse. 1851. London: J.J. Griffen. 2nd ed, 107 pp.

Appeared in Encyclopaedia Metropolitana (1848).

ST BEL, Charles Vial de—see Sainbel, Vial de.

1362. STALHEIM, Ole H.V. (ed). Veterinary medicine in the west. 1988. Manhattan, KS: Sunflower Univ Press. 266 pp.

A series of articles by 12 veterinarians.

1363. STANGE, C(harles H(enry) (1880-1936). History of veterinary medicine at Iowa State College... 1879-1929. 1929. Ames, IA: [s.n.] 96 pp. §

With numerous biographies and early photos.

1364. STEEL, John Henry. A treatise on the diseases of the dog: being a manual of canine pathology... 1888. London: Longmans, Green. 287 pp.

A well-organized and useful work.

1365.__(same) 1894. New York: Wiley. 287 pp.

1366.__A treatise on diseases of the ox: being a manual of bovine pathology... 1887. London: Longmans, Green. 2nd ed, 520 pp. §

Written for students and practitioners.

1367.__(same) 1887. New York: Wiley. 520 pp.

1368.__A treatise on the diseases of the sheep: being a manual of ovine pathology... 1890. London: Longmans, Green. 362 pp.

A first-rate work; includes section on poisons.

1369. STEFFEN, Mart(in) R(obert) (1882) The clinical diagnosis of cattle diseases. 1917. Detroit: Detroit Vet Supply. 127 pp. §

A superficial discussion of common diseases.

1370.__Special cattle therapy. 1915. Chicago: Amer Jnl Vet Med. 157 pp. §

A practical work based on experience.

1371.__Special equine therapy. 1917. Chicago: Amer Jnl Vet Med. 212 pp. §

Briefly covers treatment of common diseases.

1372.__Special veterinary therapy. 1914. Chicago: Amer Jnl Vet Med. 97 pp. §

Superficial coverage of various topics.

1373.__A treatise on regional iodine therapy for the veterinary clinician. 1919. New York: Pharmacal Advance Publ Co. 63 pp. §

Antisepsis and treatment of skin diseases.

1374.__Veterinary clinical notes. 1917. Brillon, WI: Chemic-Specialty Co. 180 pp. §

Practical observations on diagnosis and therapy. Second copy with E.A. Ehmer signature.

1375. (STEPHEN, George, Sir) (1794-1879) (pseud Caveat Emptor). The adventures of a gentleman in search of a horse. 1836. London: Saunders & Otley. 2nd ed, 376 pp.

Advice to purchasers, with legal citations.

1376.__(same) 1836. Phila: Carey, Lea. 288 pp. §

1377. STEPHENS, Henry (1795-1874). The book of the farm: detailing the labors of the farmer, steward...cattle-man, shepherd...and dairymaid. 1860. New York: C.M. Saxton. Vol 2, 462 pp. §

Includes parturition of cows, ewes and mares.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1378. STEWART, Henry. The shepherd's manual. A practical treatise on the sheep... 1876. New York: O. Judd. 752 pp. §

Includes a mediocre short section on diseases.

1379. STEWART, John. Stable economy: a treatise on the management of horses... 1838. Edinburgh: W. Blackwood; London: T. Cadell. 432 pp.

Advises calling veterinarian for diseases.

1380.__(same) 1840. 3rd ed, 436 pp. §

1381.__(same) 1845. New York: D. Appleton; Phila: G.S. Appleton. 378 pp. §

1382. STEWART, R.W. Veterinary notes. 1887? [s.l. s.n.] 237 pp.

Identical to Smith: Veterinary notes (1885).

1383. STEWART, Robert. The American farmer's horse book: embracing...the several diseases peculiar to the American horse...together with...modes of treatment... 1867. Richmond; Atlanta; New Orleans: Natl Publ Co. 600 pp.

A useful work by an experienced practitioner.

1384.__(same) 1868. Cincinnati: C.F. Vent; Chicago: J.S. Goodman. 600 pp. §

1385.__(same) 1871. Cincinnati; New York: C.F. Vent; Chicago: J.S. Goodman. 600 pp.

1386.__Das Pferdebuch des Amerikanischen farmers: enthaltend eine ausfuhrliche beschreibung der...Pferdekrankheiten... 1866? Milwaukee, WI G. Brunder. 592 pp. §

German edition of Stewart's horse book.

1387. STILES, Charles Wardell (1867-1941). The inspection of meats for animal parasites: I. The flukes and tapeworms of cattle, sheep, and swine...II. Compendium of the parasites... 1898. Washington: GPO. 161 pp. §

A handbook for meat inspectors, by a zoologist.

1388.__Trichinosis in Germany. 1901. Washington: GPO. 24 pp. § Prevalence, with alleged case of US origin.

1389. STILLMAN, J(acob) D(avis) B(abcock) (1819-1888). The horse in motion as shown by instantaneous photography, with a study on animal mechanics...in which is demonstrated the theory of quadrupedal locomotion... 1882. Boston: Osgood. 127 pp.

The famous Muybridge plates depicting gaits.

1390. STOCKHAM, Steven L.; BERRIER, Harry H. History of the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology: 1965-1985. 1986. [s.l.] The Society. 78 pp.

1391. STOCKTON, Jack J. (ed). A century of service: veterinary medicine in Indiana, 1884-1984. 1984. Indianapolis: Indiana VMA. 199 pp.

With emphasis on Association matters.

STONEHENGE—see John Henry Walsh

1392. STORKE, Elliot G. (1811-1879). The domestic animals: embracing I. the horse...II. cattle...III. sheep...IV. the pig...V. poultry... 1859. Auburn, NY: Auburn Publ Co. 311 pp.

Breeds and management, from various sources.

1393. (STRANGEWAYS, Thomas) (1824-1869). Strangeways' veterinary anatomy, ed by I. Vaughn. 1879. Edinburgh: Bell & Bradfute. 2nd ed, 572 pp.

A long-standard text in Britain and America.





1394.__(same) 1886. Edinburgh: Bell & Bradfute; London: Simpkin, Marshall. 3rd ed, 601 pp. §

1395.__(same) 1900. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 4th ed, 597 pp.

1396.__(same) 1901. 597 pp. §

1397. STROTHER, Edward (1675-1737). The practical physician for travellers: whether by sea or land. 1729. London: F. Fayram. 132 pp.

A do-it-yourself work for travellers.

1398. STUART, George. The stock breeders' manual. Breeding, rearing, and treatment of diseases of farm stock... 1888. Cleveland: Whitworth Bros. 267 pp.

A mediocre work promoting the author's remedies.

1399. STUBBS, E(van) L. (1890-). A history of veterinary medicine in Pennsylvania. 1962? [s.l. s.n.] 27 pp. §

A superficial coverage of various topics.

George Stubbs (1724-1806)

Stubbs: The anatomy of the horse, 1766 (1400)

1400.__The anatomy of the horse: including a particular description of the bones, cartilages, muscles, fascias, ligaments, nerves, arteries, veins, and glands...all done from nature. 1766. London: The author. 47 pp, 24 leaves of plates. §

A large-folio classic by the noted animal painter; one of only 150 copies printed.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1401.(__) McCUNN, James (1894-). The anatomy of the horse: the original 1766 edition and illustrations, with a modern veterinary paraphrase... 1965. London: J.A. Allen. 147 pp.

With 24 previously unpublished plates.

1402.(__) DOHERTY, Terence. The anatomical works of George Stubbs. 1974. London: Secker & Warburg. 345 pp, mainly illustrations. §

All of Stubbs' anatomical works, animal & human.

1403.(__) EGERTON, Judy. George Stubbs, anatomist and animal painter. 1976. London: Tate Gallery. 64 pp, numerous plates. §

A biography, with several anatomical plates.

1404.(__) GAUNT, William. Stubbs. 1977. Oxford: Phaidon. 16 pp text, 48 folio color plates. §

A magnificent selection, mainly of horses, etc.

1405.(__) HALL, William Henry. System of farriery ... 1791. [s.l.]: Extract from The New Royal Encyclopaedia Vol 1, 20 pp + 6 folio plates, disbound. §

An abridgement of Stubbs' Anatomy, with a section on diseases added.

1406.(__) SPARROW, Walter Shaw (1862-1940). George Stubbs and Ben Marshall. 1929. London: Cassell; New York: Scribner. 80 pp + plates. §

A good account of the life and work of these famous animal painters.

1407.(__) TATTERSALL, Bruce. Stubbs and Wedgewood. 1974. London: Tate Gallery. 119 pp. §

An account of Stubbs' excursion into painting on enamel, reproduced on Wedgewood plaques.


1408. SURTEES, Robert Smith (1805-1864). Ask mama... 18—. London: Bradbury, Agnew. 423 pp. §

One of a series of 18thC sporting novels, with color plates by John Leech, et al.

1409.__Handley Cross... 578 pp. §

1410.__Hawbuck Grange... 265 pp. §

1411.__Mr. Romford's hounds. 423 pp. §

1412.__Mr. Sponge's sporting tour. 450 pp. §

1413.__Plain or ringlets? 406 pp. §

1414.__Young Tom Hall... 1926. Edinburgh: W. Blackwood; New York: Scribners. 359 pp. §

Includes chapter on dealing in crippled horses.

1415. SUZOR, Renaud. Hydrophobia, an account of M. Pasteur's system, containing a translation of all his communications on the subject... 1887. London: Chatto & Windus. 231 pp.

1416. SVINHUFVUD, Anne Charlotte (ed). A late Middle English treatise on horses...from British Library MS. Sloane 2584, ff. 102-117b. 1978. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell. 281 pp. §

On horsemanship, with facsimile of original.

1417. SWANZY, Henry Rosborough, Sir (1843-1913). A handbook of the diseases of the eye and their treatment. 1900. Phila: P. Blakiston's Sons. 7th ed, 607 pp.

A comprehensive human text.





1418. TABOURIN, Francois (1818-). Nouveau traite de matiere medicale de therapeutique et de pharmacie veterinaires... 1853. Paris: V. Masson. 831 pp. §

An exhaustive work based on mode of drug action.

1419.__(same) 1875. Paris: P. Asselin. 3rd ed, 2 vol, 820; 740 pp. §

With 16 pp catalog of veterinary books, etc.

1420. TAGGART, John. The horse: his diseases and treatment. 1869. Lancaster, PA: J.M. Westhaeffer. 75 pp.

A mediocre work with many harsh remedies.

William Taplin (1740?-1807)

Taplin: A compendium of practical and experimental farriery, 1796 (1421)

1421.__A compendium of practical and experimental farriery...suggested by reason and confirmed by practice... 1796. London: P. Norbury. 274 pp. §

A condensation of the Stable directory (qv).

1422.__(same) 1797. Wilmington, DE: Bonsal & Niles. 290 pp.

Abridged from the English edition.

1423.__The gentleman's stable directory, or, modern system of farriery. 1788. London: G. Kearsley. 356 pp. §

By a surgeon ignorant of veterinary practice; full of hideous errors, repeated many times.

1424.__(same) 1791. 419 pp. §

1425.__(same) 1796. London: G.G. & J. Robinson. Vol 1, 13th ed, 502 pp. §

1426.__(same) 1796. Vol 2, 4th ed, 416 pp. §

A companion volume to preceding item.

1427.__(same) 1812. Phila: J. Webster. Vol 1 & 2, New ed, 540 pp. §

Essentially the same as London 1796 editions.

1428.__The sporting dictionary and rural repository of general information upon...the sports of the field. 1803. London: Vernor & Hood. 2 vol, 526; 506 pp. §

Includes veterinary topics of doubtful value.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1429.(__) The American farrier, or, New-York horse doctor... 1826. Troy, NY: F. Adancourt. 188 pp. §

A rehash of Taplin by "an experienced farrier."

1430.(__) The sportsman's cabinet, or a correct delineation of the canine race. 1803-04. London: The "proprietors" [Taplin]. 2 vol, 276; 310 pp. §

A sumptuous work with elegant plates but little worthwhile information on dog disease.

1431.(__) Taplin improved, or, a compendium of farriery: wherein is fully explained the...diseases and accidents...and the methods of cure... 1811. London: B. Crosby. 144 pp. §

A wretched posthumous work of no redeeming value.


1432. TELLOR, LLOYD V. The diseases of livestock and their most efficient remedies...giving in brief and plain language a description of all the usual diseases... 1879. Phila: H.C. Watts. 469 pp. §

A mediocre work by a neophyte; includes hornail.

1433.__(same) 1881. Phila: H.C. Watts; Cincinnati: Forshee & McMartin. 499 pp. §

1434. TENNECKER, Christian E.S. Ritter von (1770-1839). Lehrbuch der Pferdearztlichen Geburtshulfe und Heiling der gewohnlichsten Krankheiten der Mutterstuten und Fohlen... 1820. Prag: F. Tempsky. 523 pp.

An early work on equine obstetrics.

1435. TESSIER, Alexandre Henri (1741-1837). A complete treatise on Merinos and other sheep. 1811. New York: Economical School Office. 175 pp. §

Translated from French; includes diseases.

1436. THATCHER, James (1754-1844). The American new dispensatory...

medical prescriptions...medical uses of the gases...medical electricity. 1813. Boston: Thomas B. Wait. 732 pp. §

A materia medica and pharmacopoeia.

1437.__Observations on hydrophobia, produced by the bite of a mad dog, or other rabid animal...the various theories and methods of cure... 1812. Plymouth, MA: J. Avery. 301 pp. §

The first extensive report of rabies in America.
1438. THOMPSON, Charles (1710?-). Rules for bad horsemen... 1765. London: J. Robson. 84 pp. §

Elementary axioms for neophyte riders.

1439. THOMPSON, J. Modern practice of farriery, or, complete horse doctor...the most approved cures for the several diseases to which horses are subject... 1807. Phila: J. Crukshank. 152 pp. §

British reprint; remedies from earlier time.

1440. THOMPSON, Ray (1926-). After 1883: one hundred years of organized veterinary medicine in Pennsylvania... 1982. Harrisburg, PA: Penna VMA/W.B. Saunders. 235 pp. §

A nicely written and elegantly illustrated work.





1441.__The feisty veterinarians of New Jersey: their first one hundred years. 1984. Rockaway, NJ: New Jersey VMA. 254 pp. §

A highly readable person-oriented history.

1442.__The good doctors. 1986. Fallston, MD: Maryland VMA. 246 pp. §

A 100-year history of veterinary medicine in Maryland, with many photos; signed by author.

1443. THOMPSON, Ruth D'Arcy (1902-). The remarkable Gamgees: a story of achievement. 1974. Edinburgh: Ramsay Head Press. 216 pp.

A biography of the Gamgee family, by a great-granddaughter of the founding father.

1444. THRESHER, Leonard. The family physician, nurse's guide, and farmer's horse and cattle doctor. 1871. Montpelier, VT: Argus & Patriot. 406 pp.

With mediocre sections on domestic animals.

1445. TITUS, Nelson N. The American eclectic practice of medicine, as applied to the diseases of domestic animals... 1865. Union, NY: The author. 280 pp.

Enlightened ideas on bloodletting, hornail, etc.

1446. TODD, Charles. Description of the serum institute (abbassia) and of the preparation of cattle plague serum. 1912. Cairo: Government Press. 34 pp.

1447. TOPHAM, Thomas. A new compendious system on several diseases incident to cattle...calves...horses. 1788. London: J. Scatherd & J. Whitaker. 421 pp. Bound with Clater: Cattle doctor 1817 (qv).

By a physician hoping to rescue cattle from quackery; an original but uninspired work.

1448. TOWAR, Alexander. Der Amerikanische Pferdearzt ...so wie auch eine Beschriebung aller Krankheiten...alle Krankheiten des Rindviehs...der Schaafe... 1832. Phila: The author. 240 pp.

A Penna-German work, from earlier German source.

1449. TREW, Cecil G. The horse through the ages. 1953. London: Methuen. 75 pp. §

From prehistory through 18thC; illustrated.

1450. TRUE, Alfred Charles (1853-1929). A history of agricultural experimentation and research in the United States, 1607-1925: including a history of the United States Department of Agriculture. 1937. Washington: GPO. 321 pp. §

Includes numerous references to animal disease.

1451. TUFFNELL, F. The gentleman's pocket-farrier: shewing how to use your horse on a journey...remedies for common accidents that may befal him on the road. 1832. Boston: Carter & Hendee. 34 pp.

With sensible precautions against harsh methods.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

Turberville: Turbervile's booke of hunting, 1576, reprinted 1908 (1452)

1452. (TURBERVILLE, George) (1540-1610?). Turbervile's booke of hunting. 1908. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Facsimile of 1576 ed, 250 pp. §

Reprint of a classic; includes dog diseases.

1453. TUSON, Richard Vine (1832-1888). A pharmacopoeia: including the outlines of materia medica and therapeutics for the use of practitioners and students of veterinary medicine. 1883. Phila: P. Blakiston. 3rd ed, 358 pp.

From English work used at Royal Vet College.

1454. TUSSER, Thomas (1524?-1580). Five hundred points of good husbandry...together with a book of huswifery. 1810. London: Lackington, Allen. 338 pp. §

A 16thC book (1st ed 1557) of poems including management of horses and diseases of cattle.

1455. TUTTLE, S.A. Veterinary experience: an invaluable treatise on the horse...diseases...remedies... 1897. Boston: The author. 92 pp.

A promotion of the author's remedies.

1456. UDALL, D(enny) H(ammond) (1874-). The practice of veterinary medicine. 1933. Ithaca, NY: The author. 267 pp. §

First edition of a standard work.

1457.__(same) 1943. 743 pp. §

Sections on sulfonamides and allergy added.

1458.__(same) 1947. 751 pp.

Includes use of penicillin and newer sulfa drugs.





1459.__Veterinarian's handbook of materia medica and therapeutics. 1912. Ithaca, NY: Carpenter & Co. 177 pp. §

Based on the author's practice experience.

1460. UNDERHILL, Benjamin Mott. Parasites and parasitosis of the domestic animals: the zoology and control of the animal parasites...and treatment of parasitic diseases. 1929. New York: Macmillan. 379 pp. §

A basic textbook with many illustrations.

United States Army Veterinary Service

1461.__Animal transport. War Department basic field manual. 1939. Washington: GPO. 223 pp.

The military system of horsemanship.

1462.__The army horse in accident and disease. A manual...for farriers and horseshoers...cavalry school, Fort Riley, KS. 1909. Washington: GPO. 112 pp.

On stable management and disease treatment.

1463.__Manual for stable sergeants...cavalry school, Fort Riley, KS. 1917. Washington: GPO. 219 pp. §

Emphasizes care of the foot; many illustrations.

1464.__Notes on equitation and horse training...School of Application for Cavalry at Saumur, France. 1910. Washington: GPO. 98 pp. §

On equitation for army officers.

1465.__Remount technical manual...War Department. 1941. Washington: GPO. 99 pp.

Regulations affecting army remount depots.

1466.__Veterinary bulletin. United States Army Veterinary Corps. Vol ll-35. 1923-41. Carlisle Barracks, PA: Medical Field Service School.

1467.__The veterinary service. Army medical bulletin, No. 19. 1926. Carlisle Barracks, PA: Medical Field Service School. 219 pp. §

Organization and function of Army Vet Service.

1468.__Veterinary service regulations. 1921-34. Carlisle Barracks, PA: Medical Field Service School. §

Animal care, meat inspection, and other topics.


United States Department of Agriculture

1469.__Contagious diseases of domesticated animals...USDA special report No. 22. 1880. Washington: GPO. 268 pp.

Reports on swine plague, pleuropneumonia, rinderpest (cattle plague), Texas fever.

1470.__(same) Special report No. 36. 1881. 391 pp. §

Swine plague, fowl cholera, Texas fever, etc.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1471.__History of hog cholera research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1884-1960. 1962. Washington: GPO. 124 pp. §

Chronology with emphasis on serum-vaccine use.

1472.__(same) 1962. Supplement. 127 pp. §

1473.__Index-catalog of medical and veterinary zoology, compiled by A. Hassall, et al. 1932-52. Washington: GPO. Parts 1-18 in 5 vol, 5711 pp.

A monumental bibliography.

1474.__Investigations of diseases of swine, and infectious and contagious diseases incident to other classes of domesticated animals. 1879. Washington: GPO. 292 pp. §

Primarily swine plague; bovine pleuropneumonia.

1475.__Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture [extracts from]. Washington: GPO. 1865 (publ 1866). pp 396-570. §

Articles on cattle plague, dairying, feeding. Bound with:

1476.__(same) 1872 (publ 1874). pp 203-348. §

Equine influenza, milk sanitation, fish culture. Bound with:

1477.__(same) 1877 (publ 1878). pp 333-528. §

Articles on cattle breeding, hog cholera. Bound with:

1478.__(same) 1878 (publ 1879). pp 321-476. §

Articles on swine plague, glanders. Bound with:

1479.__(same) 1879 (publ 1880). pp 365-484. §

Swine plague, cattle plague, pleuropneumonia.

1480.__Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture [extracts from]. Washington: GPO. 1880 (publ 1881). pp 387-608. §

Swine plague, foot-and-mouth disease, Texas fever, pleuropneumonia, fowl cholera. Bound with:

1481.__(same) 1881-82 (publ 1882). pp 257-377. §

Swine plague, fowl cholera, Texas fever. Bound with:

1482.__(same) 1883 (publ 1883). pp 17-81. §

Articles on Texas fever, fowl cholera. Bound with:

1483.__(same) 1884 (publ 1884). pp 181-284. §

Ergotism, pleuropneumonia, Texas fever, gapeworm.

1484.__Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture. 1885. Washington: GPO. 640 pp. §

BAI reports on pleuropneumonia, swine plague, Texas fever and verminous bronchitis.

1485.__Report on the diseases of cattle in the United States, made to the Commissioner of Agriculture... 1869. Washington: GPO. 190 pp. §

Reports on pleuropneumonia, Texas fever.

1486.__Report...on the diseases of cattle in the United States. 1871. Washington: GPO. 205 pp. §

Pleuropneumonia, Texas fever, fungus diseases.

1487.__Special report of diseases of swine and other domestic animals. 1879. Washington: GPO. 278 pp. §

Swine plague, rinderpest, glanders, etc.





1488.__Yearbooks for 1899 & 1908 [extracts bound together]. 1900; 1908. Washington: GPO. §

Articles on bovine tuberculosis.


USDA Bureau of Animal Industry

1489.__Hog cholera: its history, nature, and treatment, as determined by the inquiries and investigations of the Bureau of Animal Industry. 1889. Washington: GPO. 197 pp.

Includes early attempts at vaccination.

1490.__[Extract from report of the Commissioner of Agriculture] Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry. 1885 (publ 1886). Washington: GPO. pp 431-568. §

Swine plague, Texas fever, pleuropneumonia. Bound with:

1491.__(same) 1886 (publ 1887). pp 593-686. §

Hog cholera, swine plague, pleuropneumonia. Bound with:

1492.__(same) 1887 (publ 1888). pp 457-522. §

Hog cholera, swine plague, pleuropneumonia. Bound with:

1493.__(same) 1888 (publ 1889). pp 145-219. §

Glanders, hog cholera, swine plague. Bound with:

1494.__(same) 1889 (publ 1890). pp 49-110. §

Tuberculosis, pleuropneumonia, hog cholera. Bound with:

1495.__(same) 1890 (publ 1891). pp 75-132. §

Cattle trade, infectious diseases, Texas fever. Bound with:

1496.__(same) 1891 (publ 1892). pp 83-142. §

Cattle trade, swine plague, pleuropneumonia. Bound with:

1497.__(same) 1892 (publ 1893). pp 85-122. §

Texas fever, pleuropneumonia.

1498.__Annual report of the Bureau of Animal Industry for the year... 1889-90 (publ 1891). Washington: GPO. 503 pp. §

1499.__(same) 1891-92 (publ 1893). 428 pp.§

1500.__(same) 1895-96 (publ 1897). 362 pp.§

1501.__(same) 1897 (publ 1898). 727 pp.

Anthrax, sheep scab, cerebrospinal meningitis.

1502.__(same) 1898 (publ 1899). 647 pp.

Glanders, Texas fever, tuberculosis, hog cholera.

1503.__(same) 1899 (publ 1900). 790 pp.

Texas fever, dairying, maladie du coit.

1504.__(same) 1900 (publ 1901). 642 pp.§

1505.__(same) 1901 (publ 1902). 706 pp.

Parasites, surra, goats, tuberculosis.

1506.__(same) 1902 (publ 1903). 651 pp.

Tuberculosis, foot-and-mouth disease, scab.

1507.__(same) 1903 (publ 1904). 618 pp.

Tuberculosis, hog cholera. J. McFadyean copy.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1508.__(same) 1904 (publ 1905). 632 pp.

Cornstalk disease, tuberculosis, parasitism.

1509.__(same) 1905 (publ 1907). 364 pp.§

1510.__(same) 1906 (publ 1908). 478 pp. §

1511.__(same) 1908 (publ 1910). 502 pp.

Meat inspection, foot-and-mouth disease.

1512.__(same) 1909 (publ 1911). 407 pp.

Surra, rabies, anthrax, cattle ticks.

1513.__(same) 1910 (publ 1912). 573 pp.

Texas fever, glanders, parasites, tuberculosis.

1514.__(same) 1911 (publ 1913). 356 pp.

Brucellosis, abortion, meat inspection.

1515.__Special report on diseases of cattle and on cattle feeding. 1892. Washington: GPO. 496 pp.

Written for cattle owners and practitioners, with chapters by noted veterinarians.

1516.__(same) 1896. 496 pp. §

Title changed on 1904 and later editions.

1517.__Special report on diseases of cattle. 1904. Washington: GPO. 533 pp. §

Extensively revised (and later re-revised).

1518.__(same) 1906. [?]

1519.__(same) 1909. 551 pp. §

1520.__(same) 1916. 568 pp. §

1521.__(same) 1923. 563 pp. §

1522.__(same) 1942. 507 pp. §

1523.__Special report on diseases of the horse. 1890. Washington: GPO. 556 pp. §

Written and revised as for Diseases of cattle.

1524.__(same) 1896. 576 pp. §

1525.__(same) 1903. 600 pp.

1526.__(same) 1907. 608 pp. §

1527.__(same) 1911. 614 pp. §

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1529.__(same) 1923. 629 pp. §

1530.__(same) 1942. 584 pp. §

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On sheep breeds and husbandry.


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With a minor section on horses and cattle.

1533. VAN ES, L.; HARRIS, E.D.; SCHALK, A.F. Swamp fever in horses. North Dakota AES Bulletin 94. 1911. Fargo: ND AES. 96 pp.





1534. VAN MATER, George G. (1863-). A text book of veterinary ophthalmology. 1897. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 157 pp. §

A text antedating the teaching of this subject.

1535. VAN OLINDA, H. A new system of horse training, including a treatise on shoeing. 1865. Albany, NY: Van Benthuysen. 31 pp.

A pamphlet promising more than it delivers.


Vegetius: 1781 (793) (1536)

1536. VEGETIUS RENATUS, Publius (fl 450-500 AD). Of the distempers of horses, and of the art of curing them. 1748. London: A. Millar. 421 pp. §

A translation of: "Books of the veterinary art" (5thC) written by an enlightened layman.

1537. VESEY-FITZGERALD, Brian Seymour (1900-). The book of the horse. 1947. London: Nicholson & Watson. 879 pp. §

History, breeds, breeding, and the horse in art and literature; copiously illustrated.

1538.__The domestic dog: an introduction to its history. 1957. London: Routledge & K. Paul. 226 pp. §

Domestication and the dog in art, literature, etc.

Veterinary Associations

1539.__The Alabama VMA: 75 years of organized service. 1982. [s.l.]: Alabama VMA. 50 pp.

Includes history of schools (Auburn, Tuskegee).


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1540.__American Animal Hospital Association. 50 years of educational excellence and practice improvement. 1983. Mishawaka, IN: AAHA. 64 pp. §

The first 50 years; copiously illustrated.

1541.__AAHA. Proceedings of the third annual meeting. 1936. Evanston, IL: AAHA. 64 pp. §

Papers on rabies, anesthesia, hospitals, etc.

1542.__AAHA. Proceedings of the fourth annual meeting (1937). 1938. Evanston, IL: AAHA. 110 pp. §

Radiology, eye, thyroid, surgery, neurology, etc.

1543.__AAHA. Proceedings of the fifth annual meeting. 1938. Evanston, IL: AAHA. 77 pp. §

Anesthesia, parasites, kidney, gastritis, etc.

1544.__USVMA (predecessor of AVMA). Proceedings of the United States Veterinary Medical Association, 1893 (publ 1894). Phila: USVMA. 381 pp.

Papers on vet history, education, Texas fever, hog cholera, fistula, pleuropneumonia, etc.

1545.__(same) 1896. Phila: USVMA. 240 pp.

Horseshoeing, dentistry, TB, hog cholera, etc. S.B. Nelson signature.

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Osteoporosis, education, pneumonia, rabies, etc.

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Meat inspection, disinfection, indigestion, roaring, hog cholera, Texas fever, etc.

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Anesthesia, azoturia, milk hygiene, milk fever, tetanus, rabies, tuberculosis, etc.

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Scabies, rabies, azoturia, tuberculosis, etc.

1550.__(same) 1901. St Paul: Webb Publ. 408 pp. §

Anthrax, canine distemper, disinfection, TB, etc.

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Poisoning, milk fever, shipping fever, Tx fever.

1552.__(same) 1903. 346 pp. §

Tumors, encephalitis, parasites, glanders, TB.

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Glanders, education, surgery, blood, mange, TB.

1554.__(same) 1905. 506 pp. §

Glanders, lameness, blood, neurotomy, surgery.

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Roaring, rabies, glanders, mange, etc.

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Tumors, milk hygiene, roaring, education, TB.

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Public health, Texas fever, glanders, history, shipping fever, milk hygiene, etc.

1558.__(same) 1909 (publ 1910). 413 pp. §

Infectious anemia, Texas fever, milk hygiene, TB.





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Dourine, anesthesia, surgery, milk hygiene, TB.

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Roaring, spaying, hog cholera, abortion, anthrax glanders, pneumonia, hematuria, etc.

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Lameness, reproduction, ophthalmia, hog cholera, glanders, education, etc; J.V. Lacroix signature.

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Mastitis, meningitis, artificial insemination, spaying, colic, roaring, lameness, firing, etc.

1563.__British Veterinary Association issue. Veterinary Record. 1982. Vol 110, No. 26. §

Several papers related to BVA centennial.

1564.__Indiana VMA. Proceedings of annual meeting. 1913. Lafayette, IN: IVMA. 32 pp. §

1565.__(same) 1935-36. Indianapolis: IVMA. 194 pp. §

Papers on anesthesia, blood transfusion, hog cholera, public health, breeding, etc.

1566.__Eastern Iowa Veterinary Association. 25th anniversary souvenir book, 1913-1938. 1939. NP: The assn. 155 pp. §

With many portraits and biographies.

1567.__New York City Veterinary Medical Association. Constitution and bylaws. 1891. 10 pp.

1568.__New York State Veterinary Medical Society. Constitution and bylaws. 1937. 11 pp.


Veterinary Colleges

1569.__(Alfort) Deuxieme centenaire de l'ecole nationale veterinaire d'Alfort. 1967. Paris: Receuil de Med Vet. Vol 143, No. 11, pp 1031-1212. §

Bicentennial of the Alfort school, with a homage to Gaston Ramon.

1570.__(Cornell) New York State Veterinary College. Addresses and papers...for the years 1896-1898. 1898. Ithaca, NY: Cornell Univ. 606 pp. §

1571.__Don't forget the horse doctor [James Law]. The first forty years of one of the first veterinary colleges in America. 1980. Ithaca, NY: Office of Univ Publ. 28 pp. §

An illustrated history of the veterinary college.

1572.__(Cornell) Society of comparative medicine of the New York State Veterinary College. Program, second annual banquet. 1905. Ithaca, NY: [s.n.] 25 pp. §

In honor of James Law.

1573.__Kansas City Veterinary College. Official history and directory. 1956. [s.l. s.n.] 29 pp. §

Listings of faculty and students 1892-1918.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1574.__(same) Pictorial review. 1915. Kansas City: KCVC. 48 pp. §

Numerous photos of facilities and equipment.

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Includes college rules and list of subscribers.

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Includes history of veterinary medicine at MSU.

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Includes entrance examinations.

1578.__(same) 1896-97. 110 pp. §

1579.__(same) 1897-98. 115 pp. §

With 39-p supplement (separate).

1580.__(University of Pennsylvania) History of the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, 1884-1934...fiftieth anniversary... 1935. Phila: Vet Alumni Soc. 226 pp. §

Includes lists of faculty and graduates.

1581.__(same) The veterinary profession: its relation to the health and wealth of the nation, and what it offers as a career... 1897. Phila: [s.n.] 83 pp. §

Short articles by faculty and alumni.

1582.__(Universita di Torino) Bicentenario della facolta di medicina veterinaria, 1769-1969. 1969. Torino: [s.n.] 364 pp.

Bicentennial volume of the school at Turin.

1583.__United States College of Veterinary Surgeons. Catalog. 1917. Washington: The college. 42 pp. §

Curriculum and description of courses.


Veterinary History

1584.__American Veterinary History Society Newsletter. 1976-82. Santa Barbara, CA; Fort Dodge, IA: The society. 7 issues. Continued as:

1585.__Veterinary Heritage ; Bulletin of the American Veterinary History Society. 1982-. Pullman, WA; Ames. IA: The society. Vol 6-.

1586.__Cornell Veterinarian, 75th anniversary issue. 1985. Ithaca, NY. Vol 75, No. 1. §

20 papers on past, present and future.

1587.__Historia Medicina Veterinariae. 1976-. Copenhagen: Amici HMV. Vol 1-.

Vol 1-10 bound; vol 11 unbound.

1588.__Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Diamond jubilee number. 1938. Chicago: AVMA. Vol 92, No. 6. §

Several articles on early vet med in America.





1589.__(same) US bicentennial issue. 1976. Schaumburg, IL: AVMA. Vol 169, No. 1. §

15 papers on history of vet med in America.

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Feature article and others on veterinary history.

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Several articles on veterinary history.

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18 articles on veterinary history.

1593.__Veterinary History: Bulletin of the Veterinary History Society. 1973-. London: The society.

Old series No. 1-12 (1979-83); n.s. Vol 1-.

1594.__Veterinary Medicine. 50th anniversary issue. 1955. Kansas City: Vet Med Publ Co. Vol 50. No. 11. §

Several papers on veterinary history.


Veterinary Periodicals

1595.__American Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 1912-17. Chicago: Vet Med Publ Co. Vol 7, 9-12. §

Supersedes Missouri Valley Vet Bulletin; superseded by Veterinary Medicine.

1596.__American Veterinary Journal. 1851/52 (old series) Vol 1; 1855/56; 1858/59. (n.s.) Vol 1-4. Boston: G.H. Dadd.

First true veterinary periodical in America.

1597.__(same) 1855. n.s. Vol 1, No. 1. (facsimile) §

First article on anesthesia in US vet jnl.

1598.__American Veterinary Review. 1877-1915. New York: A. Liautard (to 1898). Vol 1-47.

Acquired by AVMA in 1915 and became JAVMA.

1599.__Edinburgh Veterinary Review and Annals of Comparative Pathology. 1858-64. Edinburgh: Sutherland & Knox. Vol 1-6.

1600.__The Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Archives. 1880-93. New York: W.L. Hyde. Vol 1-24.

1601.__Missouri Valley Veterinary Bulletin. 1909-10. Vol 4, No 1-12. §

1602.__The Veterinarian: a monthly journal of veterinary science. 1828-1902. London: Longman, Rees. Vol 1-75.

William Percivall and William Youatt, first eds.

1603.__Veterinary Journal and Annals of Comparative Pathology. 1875-1899. London: Bailliere, Tindall. Vol 1-49. (lacks several volumes).


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1604.__The Veterinary Record, and Transactions of the Veterinary Medical Association. 1845-50. London: Longman, Brown. Vol 1-6.

Superseded by Veterinary Record.

1605.__Veterinary Standard. 1913-16. Grand Rapids, MI: Grand Rapids Veterinary College. Vol 3-6. §

Lacks some numbers in each volume.


Vial de St Bel—see Sainbel, Vial de

1606. VINES, Richard. A practical treatise on glanders and farcy in the horse. 1830. London: Longman, Rees. 208 pp.

Erroneous views on cause and treatment.

1607. (VIRGIL). The complete works of Virgil. Trans by C. Day Lewis. 1947. New York: Oxford Univ Press. 83 pp. §

Perceptive writings (1stC BC) on animal disease, including mange and anthrax; horse breeding.

1608. VOGEL, Eduard. Spezielle Arzneimittellehre fur Tierarzte. 1886. Stuttgart: Paul Neff. 3rd ed, 688 pp.

Mainly a materia medica and pharmacopoeia.

1609. VOGEL, Virgil J. American Indian medicine. 1970. Norman: Univ Oklahoma Press. 584 pp. §

Includes references to veterinary medicine.

1610. WADDELL, William H. The black man in veterinary medicine. 1969. Fargo. ND: [s.n.] 56 pp.

Tribulations and achievements of blacks.

1611.__(same) 1982. [s.l. s.n.] 176 pp.

1612.__People are the funniest animals. 1978. Phila: Dorrance. 329 pp.

Anecdotal biography of early black AVMA member.

1613.__Universal veterinarianism. 1973. [s.l. s.n.] 114 pp.

Bits about the colleges and blacks in vet med.

1614. WALKER, Robin E. Ars veterinaria: l'art veterinaire de l'antiquite a la fin du XIXeme siecle: essai historique. 1972. Levallois-Perret, Galena. 85 pp. §

A brief history, beautifully illustrated.

1615. WALSH, John Henry (1810-1888). The dog in health and disease: comprising the various modes of breaking and using him for hunting, coursing...by Stonehenge [pseud.]. 1887. London: Longmans, Green. 4th ed, 412 pp. §

On breeds, management and disease treatment.

1616.__The dogs of Great Britain, America, and other countries. Their breeding, training, and management in health and disease... 1919. New York: O. Judd. 369 pp. §

A standard work, with good section on diseases.

1617.__The horse in the stable and the field: his management and disease...with additions by Robert McClure... 1871. Phila: Porter & Coates. 540 pp. §

From London ed; extensive section on disease.





1618.__(same) 1882. 505 pp. §

1619.__The horse: its varieties and management in health and disease. 1880? London: F. Warne. 259 pp. §

Disease section mainly on inflammation.

1620. WALTHER, Johan. Kurze Beschreibung der Pferde-und Vieh-zucht... 1658. [s.l.]: C. von Saher. 127 pp.

Diseases of horses, cattle and sheep, with 23 pp manuscript receipt book at front of book.

1621. WARD, Archibald Robinson (1875-). Diseases of domesticated birds. 1922. New York: Macmillan. 459 pp. §

Includes canaries and the ostrich.

1622. WARD, William. A new treatise on the method of breeding, breaking, and training horses. 1776. Edinburgh: Dickson, Elliot. 200 pp. §

Ingenious training method; worthless on disease.

1623. WARE, Jean. The several lives of a Victorian vet. 1980. New York: St Martins's Press. 213 pp.

Biography of Griffith Evans, dubbed "father" of veterinary science in Great Britain.

1624.WARLOMONT, Evariste (1820-1899). A manual of animal vaccination preceded by consideration of vaccination in general. Trans by A.J. Harries. 1886. Phila: J. Wyeth. 152 pp.

Propagation of vaccines in animals, for humans.

1625. WATERMAN, George Arthur. The practical stock doctor: compiled from the most successful veterinarians in the world... 1908. Detroit: F.B. Dickerson. 808 pp. §

Text for farmers; remedies of dubious value.

1626.__The practical stock doctor: a reliable, common-sense ready-reference book. 1912. Detroit: F.B. Dickerson. 840 pp. §

Like 1908 ed, with 32 pp of illustrations.

1627.__The practical stock doctor: the farmer's short courses in live stock... 1920. Detroit; Windsor, Ontario: F.B. Dickerson. 960 pp. §

Like 1912 ed, with index of symptoms added; correspondence course certificate included.

1628.__The practical stock doctor: course II. Cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry. 1920. Detroit: F.B. Dickerson. 286 pp. §

1629.__(same) 1921. Lincoln, NE: F.B. Dickerson. 286 pp. §

1630. WATSON, Thomas, Sir (1792-1882). Lectures on the principles and practice of physic. Delivered at King's College, London. 1845. Phila: Lea & Blanchard. 2nd American ed. 1060 pp. §

Includes use of curare for tetanus at London Vet College; section on rabies in man and dog.

1631. WEBSTER, Leslie Tillotson (1894-). Rabies. 1942. New York: Macmillan. 168 pp. §

A definitive work on the subject.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1632. WEDL, Carl (1815-1891). Rudiments of pathological histology. Trans by George Busk. 1855. London: Sydenham Society. 637 pp. §

Includes diseases of veterinary interest.

1633. WEISS, C.F.H. Specielle Physiologie der Haussaugethiere fur Thierarzte... 1869. Stuttgart: J.D. Metzler. 547 pp.

Introductory physiology of domestic animals.

1634. WELLS, Ellen B. Horsemanship: a bibliography of printed materials from the sixteenth century through 1974. 1985. New York: Garland Publ. 282 pp.

With 8500 items, many of veterinary interest.

1635. WHARTON, Charles. Hand-book on the treatment of the horse in the stable and on the road... 1873. Phila: J.B. Lippincott. 137 pp. §

With details of diagnosis of foot lameness.

1636. WHITE, David Stuart (1869-1944). A textbook of the principles and practice of veterinary medicine. 1917. Phila; New York: Lea & Febiger. 484 pp.

By the dean of vet med at Ohio State Univ.

1637. WHITE, George Ransom. Animal castration. 1947. Nashville, TN: The author. 3rd ed, 287 pp. §

A long-standard work (1st ed 1917); illustrated.

1638.__Restraint of domestic animals: a book for the use of students and practitioners. 1909. Nashville, TN: The author. 302 pp. §

A comprehensive work; copiously illustrated.

1639.__(same) 1912. 2nd ed, 302 pp. §

James White (-1825)

1640.__A compendious dictionary of the veterinary art: containing a concise explanation of the various terms used in veterinary medicine and surgery... 1817. London: Longman, Hurst. 344 pp. §

Differs from other works with similar titles, which make White the bane of bibliographers.

1641.__A compendium of cattle medicine...the disorders of cattle and other domestic animals, except the horse... 1823. Phila: Carey & Lea. 233 pp.

A reissue of his "Treatise," vol 4 (qv).

1642.__(same) 1842. London: Longman, Brown. 6th ed, with additions by W.C. Spooner. 322 pp.

1643.__A compendium of the veterinary art...the diseases to which the horse is liable, their symptoms and treatment... 1802. Canterbury: J. Badcock. 232 pp.

1644.__(same)...the disorders and accidents to which the horse is liable... 1822. London: Longman, Hurst. 13th ed, 348 pp.

Uneven; good in some areas, weak in others.

1645.__(same) 1829. London: Longman, Rees. 15th ed, 340 pp. §

1646.__(same)...construction and management of the stable...structure and economy of the horse. 1842. London: Longman, Brown. 17th ed, 558 pp. §

With extensive pharmacopoeia by W.C Spooner.

1647.__(same) 1851. 18th ed, 560 pp. §





1648.__A complete system of farriery and veterinary medicine: containing a compendium of the veterinary art... 1818. Pittsburgh: Patterson & Lambdin. 1st American ed, from 10th London ed, 311 pp. §

An early work published in the "western" US.

1649.__(same) 1832. Pittsburgh: H. Holdship. 2nd American ed, 216 pp. §

1650.__The improved art of farriery...structure and economy of the horse...management of the stable...symptoms, and treatment of all diseases... 1857. London: H.G. Bohn. 619 pp.

A disorganized compilation, with no improvement.

1651.__A treatise on veterinary medicine. 1808-09. London: Longman, Hurst. 9th ed, 2 vol in 1; 409; 266 pp.

Based on London Veterinary College teaching.

1652.__(same) London: Longman, Hurst. 4 vol. Vol 1 (essentially 9th ed Compendium) 1812. 370 pp; Vol 2 (pharmacopoeia, as for item 1651, vol 2) 1811. 266 pp; Vol 3 (mainly on diseases of horses) 1812. 262 pp; Vol 4 (diseases of cattle, sheep, swine) 1815. 204 pp.

"A worthless jumble." (Smith)

1653.__(same) 1823. London: Longman, Hurst. Vol 2. 4th ed, 329 pp. §

As for 1811 ed, with materia dietetica added.

1654.__(same) 1823. London: Longman, Hurst. Vol 3. 6th ed, 384 pp. §

1655.__(same) 1825. Vol 3. 7th ed, 384 pp.

Same as 6th ed.

1656.__(same) 1830. London: Longman, Rees. Vol 3. 8th ed, 384 pp. §

1657.__(same) 1831. London: Longman, Rees. Vol 2. 6th ed, 360 pp. §

1658.(__) The farrier's guide. 1756. London: J.B. [?]

Erroneously attributed to White, who qualified at London in 1797. (Smith)


1659. WHITEHEAD, G. Kenneth. The ancient white cattle of Britain and their descendants. 1953. London: Faber & Faber. 174 pp. §

Description of herds, ancient and modern.

1660. WIGMORE, William, H. Practical caponizing and how to make poultry pay... 1886. Phila: Franklin News.

A pamphlet including poultry management.

1661. WILKINSON, Lise. Animals and diseases: an introduction to the history of comparative medicine. 1992. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ Press. 272 pp. §

Impact of cattle plague and veterinary schools on development of 18th-19thC medicine/vet med.

1662. WILLEMS, Le Docteur. Etat de la question de l'inoculation de la pleuropneumonie exsudative de l'espece bovine en 1861. 1861. Hasselt: H.J. Ceysens. 23 pp.

1663. WILLIAMS, C.H.C. Williams' new system of handling and educating the horse: together with diseases and their treatment... 1880. Claremont, NH: Claremont Mfg Co. 331 pp. §

A little information on a lot of subjects.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1664. WILLIAMS, Mrs Leslie. The cat: its care and management. 1908. Phila: H. Altemus. 219 pp. §

Owner's handbook; includes diseases.

1665. WILLIAMS, Walter Long (1856-1945). The diseases of the genital organs of domestic animals. 1921. Ithaca, NY: The author. 856 pp. §

A classic work by a noted theriogenologist.

1666.__(same) 1943. 3rd ed, 641 pp. §

1667.__Surgical and obstetrical operations, for veterinary students and practitioners... 1903. Ithaca, NY: The author. 210 pp. §

Handbook of technics for surgical exercises.

1668.__(same) 1912. 3rd ed, 240 pp. §

1669.__Veterinary obstetrics, including the diseases of breeding animals and of the new-born. 1909. Ithaca, NY: The author. 1127 pp. §

Later separated into 2 works (items 1665; 1670).

1670.__Veterinary obstetrics. 1943. Ithaca, NY: The author. 478 pp. §

Presentation copy to J.V. Lacroix.

William Williams

1671.__The principles and practice of veterinary medicine. 1874. Edinburgh: MacLachlan & Stewart. 704 pp.

An early work based on scientific principles.

1672.__(same) 1879. New York: William Wood. 2nd ed, 768 pp.

1673.__(same) 1892. New York: W.R. Jenkins. Rev ed, 590 pp. §

Numerous plates added, some in color.

1674.__(same) 1893. Rev by author and his son, W. Owen Williams. 7th ed, 838 pp. §

1675.__(same) 1893. New ed, 590 pp. §

1676.__(same) 1897. Edinburgh: John Menzies. Rev by author and his son. 3rd ed, 863 pp.

1677.__The principles and practice of veterinary surgery. 1882. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 4th ed, 740 pp. §

A standard text with emphasis on the horse.

1678.__(same) 1891. New York: Sabiston & Murray. Special American ed, 756 pp.


1679. WILSON, Yorick. The gentleman's veterinary monitor and stable guide: a concise treatise on the various diseases of horses... 1809. London: Bone & Hone. 123 pp.

"A worthless and ignorant product." (Smith)

1680. WINDISCH-GRAETZ, Mathilde. The Spanish riding school: its traditions and development... 1955? New York: A.S. Barnes. 35 pp text, 80 plates. §

The history and training of the Lippizaner stud.

1681. WINSLOW, Kenelm (1863-). The prevention and treatment of diseases of the domestic animals... 1910. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 303 pp.

Emphasizes etiology as basis of prevention.





1682.__Veterinary materia medica and therapeutics. 1902. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 2nd ed, 755 pp.

A standard text for many years.

1683.__(same) 1906. 4th ed, 804 pp.

J.E. McCoy signature.

1684.__(same) 1913. 7th ed, 779 pp. §

1685.__(same) 1916. 7th ed, 781 pp.

E.A. Ehmer signature.

1686.__(same) 1919. Chicago: Amer Vet Publ Co. 8th ed, 640 pp. §

With chapter on biologics by A. Eichhorn.

1687. WINTER, Georg Simon (1634?-). Pferde-Arzt: welcher grundlich lehret, wie man...alle innerlichen und ausserlichen Krankheiten curiren... 1757. Nurnberg: J.A. Endter. 838 pp. §

Treatment of equine diseases, with many Rx.


Winter: Pferde-Arzt, 1840 (1688)

1688.__(same) 1840. Phila: E.Y. Schelly. 838 pp. §

Reprint in smaller format, with folding plates.


Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine

1689. WINTER, James W. The horse, in health and disease...varieties, conformation...training, and shoeing...with a digest of veterinary practice. 1846. London: Longman, Brown. 376 pp. §

Good on management and shoeing; well-written.

1690. WOOD, H.C.; REMINGTON, J.P.; SADTLER, S.P. The dispensatory of the United States of America. 1899. Phila: J.B. Lippincott. 2091 pp. §

Index contains some 20,000 entries.

1691. WOOD, John. A new compendious treatise of farriery...the disorders incident to horses and their respective cures... 1757. London: The author. 334 pp. §

By a groom who knew nothing of the subject.

1692. (WOOD, Mary S.) (1805-1894). Canary birds. A manual of useful and practical information for bird keepers. 1866. New York: W. Wood. 110 pp. §

Includes a short section on diseases.

1693. WOODVILLE, William (1752-1805). Reports of a series of inoculations for the variola vaccina, or cow-pox... 1799. London: J. Phillips. 156 pp.

Early history of vaccination, with case reports.

1694. WRANGEL, Carl Gustav. Das Buch vom Pferde: ein Handbuch... 1890. Stuttgart: Schickhardt & Ebner. 2 vol, 639; 596 pp.

Horse management, with brief section on disease.

1695. WYMAN, W(illy) E(dward) A(lexander). The clinical diagnosis of lameness in the horse. 1898. New York: W.R. Jenkins. 171 pp. §

Based on the teachings of Heinrich Moller.

1696. (XENOPHON). The whole works of Xenophon. Trans by Ashley Cooper et al. 1851. New York: R. Carter. 758 pp. §

Includes work (4thC BC) on horsemanship.





William Youatt (1776-1847)

Youatt: 1834 (1697)

1697.__Cattle: their breeds, management, and diseases... 1834. London: R. Baldwin. 600 pp. §

A scholarly work by a noted veterinarian.

1698.__The dog. 1886. London: Longmans, Green. 270 pp.

A classic work on dog breeds and disease.

1699.__(same) 1890. London; New York: Longmans, Green. 270 pp.

1700.__(same) 1848. Edited with additions by E.J. Lewis. Phila: Lea & Blanchard. 403 pp. §

1701.__(same) 1879. Phila: J.B. Lippincott. 403 pp. §

1702.__The horse: with a treatise on draught. 1848. London: Charles Knight. New ed (1st ed 1831), 581 pp. §

A classic work on breeds, anatomy and disease.

1703.__(same) 1872. Boston; New York: Lee, Shephard. 4th ed, 589 pp. §

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