Artist Statement By Mary Pedersen
I find that the natural world and the forces of nature strongly influence my sense of aesthetic, therefore influencing my textile art and textile design. I am drawn to the chaotic order of nature: Those things that on the surface appear unorganized, but on closer inspection exhibit very strong organization of the elements and principles of design, known collectively as compostition.

In scientific terms the idea of chaotic order has become statue quo in the new science of chaos theory: the idea that although the natural world was scientifically and mathmatically explained in linear terms, the world is in fact, very fractal or nonlinear. Chaos theory is about finding order in something that appears completely random, or vise-versa, (Donahue, III). And while I am not a scientist and have only recently become aware of the concept of chaos theory, I find that it very nicely explains my attraction to organic textures and seemingly chaotic patterns found in nature. I am intrigued by patterns and textures found in marble, tree barks, plant and tree branching systems, dragonfly wings, lightning and cracks that form in landscape and in rocks. I am also very influenced by the patterns and compositions that nature creates when it's forces, such as age and weather, deteriorate both natural objects and objects that are created by people. Deteriorating walls and paint that has been multi-layed with plaster and paint over time, and cracks that form on sidewalks and roadways as a result of the earth moving and adjusting, invites my attention and piques my curiosity.

Within this disorder, I find order by application of the rules that guide art: the elements and principles of design. Succinctly, my inspiration is derived from the recognition that dimensionally discordant or visually complicated patterns often found in nature are a result of the forces of nature on objects as they deteriorate. These patterns can actually be organized into pleasing composition, or organization that applies sound principles and pleasing design.

Selected Images From The Exhibit