Photograph Collections

William Delbert Barkhuff Collection: The database includes 281 images, mostly photographs, taken by William Delbert Barkhuff during the 1890s.
City of Pullman Image Collection: Some 250 photographs of Pullman, Washington, selected from the Cities and Towns Collection, PC 2, will eventually be included in this database. Pullman was first settled in 1874 by Bowlin Farr, who, in 1881, initially platted the town using a severe grid pattern calling it Pullman.
George Ritchey Image Collection: George Ritchey lived in Pullman at least as early as 1897. He apparently worked in a Pullman grain elevator in the 1890s. In 1910, he was a house painter living on Military Hill with his wife and children. His father, William, a carpenter, boarded with him, according to the city directory. The 63 images in this database include early scenes of the Washington State University campus, the Ritchey family, and Pullman Washington.
WSU Buildings Image Database: The historical photographs which comprise the WSU Buildings Image Database were selected from various collections including (but not limited to): William Delbert Barkhuff Photographs, 1892-1921; Myron Samuel Huckle Photographs of Washington State University, 1924-1930; and two large WSU subject collections, PC-3 and PC-4. However, the images currently available online represent only a fraction of the buildings on the WSU campus and an even smaller portion of the WSU related images in MASC. Additional photographs will be added to the database over time.