Archives 338

Intercollegiate Athletics

Football Films, 1968-1978

Acquisition And Processing Information

This is a collection of 16 mm films transferred to Washington State University Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) on October 25, 2012, by Linda Chalich of the WSU Office of Intercollegiate Athletics. The Intercollegiate Athletics recordings were retained as UA2013-14 and were processed in 2013-2014 by University Archivist Mark O'English.

Extent/Quantity Information

Number of containers: 2 boxes

Linear feet of shelf space: 2

Organizational History

Since four years after its 1890 founding, Washington State University participated in intercollegiate football. Filming of those competitions began in the 1920s and continues today.

Collection Description

The collection consists of 16mm films from WSU football games; unlike earlier collections, much of this film was unlabeled and thus identifications here are frequently partially incomplete. All but three of the films date from 1977-1978. Unlike most of the other collections of football films held in MASC, much of the film in this set is not coaching film, but rather promotional films or b-roll.


The collection is broken loosely into two sets. Box one contains primarily game films, though the second, smaller, reels in that box may be promotional. Virtually all materials in box two are promotional. Materials in both boxes are ordered chronologically by year, and then alphabetically within that. Individual items have not been numbered.


The entirety of this collection is open and available for in-person research use.

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Intercollegiate Athletics Football Films, 1968-1978 (Archives 338)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

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College sports--Washington (State)--Archives
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Related Materials

Washington State University football films can be found in Archives 29, Archives 188, Archives 204, Archives 212, Archives 227, and Archives 329. Additionally, a combined chronological listing of all seven collections has been created. A selection of the films can be viewed online through the MASCís WSU Digital Football Films Collection.


While most of the material is silent, when audio is available, it is in English.

Container List

Box Description
1 Game Films, 1977-1978
Michigan State- 2nd half offense. 1 reel. 1977
Arizona - 1st h defense, 2nd h offense, kicking, highlights. 3 reels. 1978
Arizona State. 2 reels. 1978
Army. 2 reels. 1978
Idaho. 2 reels. 1978
Stanford. 1 reel. 1978
UNLV. 2 reels. 1978
2 Promotional materials & b-roll, 1968-1978
Intro - Idaho. 1968
UCLA - 120' highlights. 1968
Oregon State - slo mo cuts. 1974
Cougar football - season highlights. 1977
Cougar Highlights - magnetic audio track. 1977
Cougar Highlights - optical audio track. 1977
Highlights. 1977
Nebraska - slo mo. 1977
Pre-season 2:00. 1977
Cougar Close-ups . 1978
Football spot. 1978
Highlights. 1978
Highlights extras. 1978
Open. 1978
Open shots. 1978
Arizona - band, coach, cheer. 1977-1978 ca.
Army - band, coach, cheer. 1977-1978 ca.
Cougars & coaches - 100'. 1977-1978 ca.
Drill team & aerial. 1977-1978 ca.
General highlights - "Light Years Ahead". 1977-1978 ca.
Idaho, UCLA, UW spots. 1977-1978 ca.
Martin Stadium field lowering. 1977-1978 ca.
Oregon - crowd, cheer, coach, band, warm-ups. 1977-1978 ca.
Oregon State - band, cheer, b-roll. 1977-1978 ca.
Sportalk open. 1977-1978 ca.
Stadium shots. 1977-1978 ca.