Archives 331

Washington State University Commencement

Audio-Video, 1977-2006


The materials in this collection were received at Washington State University's Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) as part of three different accessions: UA2003-02, UA2007-02, and UA2010-07. They were processed in January, 2013 by University Archivist Mark O'English.


Number of containers: 1 boxes

Linear feet of shelf space: 1


Washington State University was authorized in 1890 and began classes in 1892. The first college class graduated in 1897, and commencement ceremonies have been held since. Commencement ceremonies are traditionally held in Spring, but additional Fall commencement ceremonies have also been held from 2001 forward.


The collection consists of audio and/or video from Washington State University Commencement ceremonies. The media in this collection consists of a wide variety of formats, and description of these usually comes from the labels, not from an actual viewing of the materials.


The media in this collection is described in chronological order. However, due to the disparate size and shape of the items in the collection, their physical placement in the box is not strictly aligned with the order given here.


Some audiovisual materials of other commencement addresses exist in other places, notably CT 6-7 (1937, 1941 audios), Archives 191 (1962, 1966, 1978 audios), Archives 234 (1990 videos), Archives 286 (1987 audio), Archives 287 (1978, 1991 audios), and Archives 320 (1993, 1995-2002 videos). That is likely not a comprehensive list. The University Archives also holds Commencement programs in its WSU Publications collections, specifically WSU 86. Commencement photographs exist in numerous collections as well.


The entirety of this collection is open and available for research use. Items are copyright Washington State University.




The suggested citation for the collection is:

[Item Description]
Washington State University Commencement Media, 1977-2006 (Archives 331)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Container List

Item # Description
1 1977. Speakers: Dixy Lee Ray & Orville Vogel. Edited, 41 min. Video: 3/4" U-matic
2 1990-05. Speaker: Gary Larson. Audio: 1/8" tape standard audio cassette
3 1990-05. Speaker: Gary Larson. Digital Audio: CD-R (created from audio cassette)
4 1994-05-07. Video: VHS
5 1994-05-07. Tape #1 Video: 3/4" U-matic
6 1994-05-07. Tape #2 ("From KWSU-TV Bob Curry 11-19-2001") Video: 3/4" U-matic
7 1995-05-13. Video: VHS
8 1995-05-13. Tape 1. Video: 1" open reel video tape Type C AKA 1"
9 1995-05-13. Tape 2. Video: 1" open reel video tape Type C AKA 1"
10 1997-05-10 Video: 1" open reel video tape Type C AKA 1"
11 2000-05-06. 8:00 AM Ceremony Video: VHS
12 2001-05. Tape #1-A. 8:00:00 AM Digital video: DVCPro L-size (5x3)
13 2001-05. Tape #2-A. 11:30:00 AM Digital video: DVCPro L-size (5x3)
14 2001-05. Tape #3-A. 3:00:00 PM Digital video: DVCPro L-size (5x3)
15 2001-12-19. Slide show. No audio. Video: VHS
16 2006-05. Digital Video: DVD
17 2006-05. Digital Video: DVD