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Archives 294
Athletic Department
Reports, 1975-1992


These records were donated to the Washington State University libraries by the Washington State University Athletics department on April 5, 1994 (UA1994-06). Processing of this collection was completed by Katrina Burch in August and September of 2010. A large quantity of materials in this collection were moved to the WSU Publications collection or to the general book stacks during process; many other items relating to student athletes were destroyed for privacy reasons.


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Washington State University's athletics programs dates to the beginning of the school in 1890-1892, when it was known as Physical Education, and has continued since. WSU's athletics teams participate in the Pac-10 athletic conference; excepting a period from 1959-1962 after the conference disbanded and reformed, Washington State University has been a member of the Pac-10 and it predecessor conferences since 1916. The Pac-10 changed to that name from the Pac-8 in 1978.


The collection is organized in two series. The first series consists of items relating directly to Washington State Athletics, and is arranged alphabetically by subject. The second series consist of papers relating to WSU athletics’ external affiliations, specifically the Pac-10 conference, the Northern Pacific Athletic Conference (NORPAC, a women's athletic conference) and the NCAA. This series is organized by date.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions may apply.


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Athletic Department Records, 1975-1992 (UA 294)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Box Folder Subjects
Series 1: Washington State University Athletics
11Academic Reporting Forms and memos, 1989-1990
2Academic Reports and compliance notes, 1989-1992
3Admissions: procedures and changes, 1990-1991
4Admissions: procedures, 1987
5Athletic Council: meet agenda and plans, 1993
6Athletic Council: memos and meeting minutes, 1982
7Athletic Council, 1983-1985
8Athletic Council: meeting agenda and athletic schedules 1985-1986
9Baseball: stats, memos, and schedules, 1982-1984
10Baseball: stats, 1987
11Baseball: stats, 1991-1992
12Basketball: Russia tour, 1991-1992
13Budget, 1983-1984
14Budget and Program Review, 1989
15Compliance questions and answers, 1988-1991
16Compliance rules on financial aid, recruiting, eligibility, progress forms, NCAA user guide and parent/student guide, 1987
17Eligibility letters and athlete database diskettes
18Eligibility, 1988-1989
19Football: off-season conditioning, 1987
20Koffee Katch: meeting notes, recruiting, 1992-1993
21Letters of Intent, misc., 1981-1983
22Letters: athletic concerns and studies, 1983
23Men’s Crew, 1988-1991
24Misc. Memos: Ed Bennett files, 1982-1986
25Misc. Marketing, ticket marketing, 1985
26Misc. Papers: council meetings, budget and memos
27Recruiting, 1991-1992
28Schedules: games and facilities, 1986
29Schedules of play, 1988-1991
30Schedules, players, stats, misc. for swimming, tennis, golf, crew, and basketball, 1979-1985
31Sport codes
32Track & Field and Cross Country, 1982-1985
33Women’s Crew, 1987-1988
34Women’s suit against WSU, Deposition for defense, 1980
35WSU memos relating to Pac 10 issues, 1985
Series 2: Pac-10 and NCAA papers (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
36Pac-10 Conferences, December 1982
37Pac-10 Council: meeting agendas and telephone conference calls, 1982-1983
38Northern Pacific Athletic Conference: Board of directors, 1983
39Pac-10: Admissions and testing, 1982-1983
40Pac-10: Conferences, May 1983
41Pac-10: Conferences, August 1983
42Pac-10: Conferences, December 1983
43Pac-10 / NCAA: Football and Television – memos and proposals, 1983
44Pac-10: Conferences, May 1984
45Pac-10: Conferences, August 1984
46Pac-10: Conferences, December 1984
247Pac-10 Council: Presidents and Chancellors meeting minutes and agendas, 1984
48Pac-10 Council: Presidents and Chancellors Council, 1984
49Pac-10 Conferences: meeting and telephone conference agendas, 1984
50Pac-10 Council: call agendas, memos, and minutes, 1983-1984
51Pac-10 / NCAA: Football and Television – meetings, memos, and agendas, Supreme Court rulings, and other court documents, 1984
52Pac-10 / NCAA: Football and Television – memos and proposals, 1984
53Pac-10: Conferences, 1985
54Pac-10: Conferences, May 1985
55-56Pac-10: Conferences, December 1985
57Pac-10 and NORPAC: meeting minutes, 1985
58Pac-10: constitution and by-laws, 1984-1985
59-60Pac-10: misc. papers, council meetings and proposals, 1981-1985
61Pac-10: Conferences, 1985-1986
62Pac-10: Meeting minutes and memos, 1985-1986
63Pac-10: Misc. minutes, memos, and agendas, 1985-1986
64Pac-10: Conferences, June 1986
65-66Pac-10: Conferences, December 1986
67Pac-10: meeting minutes and memos, 1984-1986
68Pac-10 Council and Committee: memos and agendas, 1986
69NCAA: memos and budgets, 1982-1986
70-72Pac-10 Council: meeting minutes and information, 1986-1987
373Pac-10 Conference: CEO / Council meeting, June 28-29 1987
74-75Pac-10 Conference Council memos and information, 1985-1987
76Pac-10 / NCAA: misc. papers – memos, 1975-1987
77Pac-10 / NCAA Council: meeting memos and agenda, 1986-1987
78Pac-10 / NCAA: Athletics info, 1987
79Misc. Athletics info, 1987
80-81Pac-10 / NCAA Council: meeting minutes, memos and rules, 1988
82Pac-10 / NCAA Council: Likins Proposal, 1988
483Pac-10 / NCAA: Eligibility and rule interpretations, 1988-1989
84Pac-10 / NCAA: Compliance Seminar, April 1989
85Pac-10 Council, 1987-1989
86NCAA: Guide to Financial Aid, August 1989
87University of Idaho: NCAA Compliance Review, 1989