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Archives 288
Snohomish County Extension Service
Records, 1916-2007


The records of the Snohomish County Extension Service were given to the Washington State University libraries on September 19th, 2008 (UA2008-16). Photographs of the Snohomish County Extension Service (1970-2008) were also given at that time (UA2008-17), but due to the lack of identification and organization the majority of these were returned to the donor a few months later, though a small number were retained as part of what is Series 6 in these papers. Items not kept for privacy or other reason were returned to the donors in early 2009. Processing of this collection was a unique event - preliminary organization was done by University Archivist Mark O'English and Manuscripts Librarian Cheryl Gunselman in September 2008, and then the actual processing of the collection was done by a History 427/527 class, Public History: Theory and Methodology, taught by Dr. Robert McCoy. Extensive reprocessing was subsequently completed by O'English, Gunselman, and graduate student Timothy Mace in 2009 and 2010; the processing was completed in April, 2010.


Number of containers: 19 boxes
Linear feet of shelf space: 17.75


Washington State's county extension services officially date to 1913, when outreach efforts of the Washington Experiment Station at Pullman led to state funding for county agricultural agents. Even prior to that, the Washington Experiment Station had hosted educational Farmers Institutes, and conducted other educational agricultural efforts; the Experiment Stations grew from these early efforts. Extension work in Snohomish County officially dates to the appointment of their first county agent, C.C. Farr, on July 15th, 1916. Once official, Extension was divided into three primary areas: county agents (agricultural outreach and instruction), home demonstration agents (home economics outreach and instruction), and 4-H club work (youth agricultural clubs).


The Snohomish Extension papers are organized into six series, with several subseries in each. Series One consists of Administrative Records running from 1916 to 2004, both from Extension and from the Snohomish County government. Series Two documents programs run by or related to Snohomish Extension, and is broken into sixteen different subseries, which are in turn organized alphabetically. Series Three consists of papers of and related to Snohomish's 4-H programs. Series Four are papers of and related to the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA). Series Five consists of publications both from Snohomish Extension and related to Snohomish County in general. Series Six consists of photographs, negatives, glass negatives, and scrabooks, though some other photographs have been filed in appropriate series.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.


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Snohomish County Extension Service Records (UA 288)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Box Folder Subjects
Series 1: Snohomish County Extension office administrative records, 1916-2004
Subseries 1.1: Annual reports mad related documentation, 1916-1971. Note: In this subseries, the County Agent reports generally cover activities related to agriculture, and the Home Demonstration Agent, or Assistant County Agent, reports cover activities related to home economics. Many of the earlier reports include photographs of Snohomish Extension events, project, and programs.
11County Agent, 1916
2County Agent, 1917
3Agricultural special supplementary report, 1917
4War work, special supplementary report, 1917
5County Agent, 1918
6-8County Agent, 1919
9Home Demonstration Agent, 1919
10County Agent, 1920
11Home Demonstration Agent, 1920
12County Agent, 1921
13Home Demonstration Agent, 1921
14County Agent, 1922
15Home Demonstration Agent, 1922
16County Agent, 1923
17Home Demonstration Agent, 1923
18County Agent, 1924
19Home Demonstration Agent, 1924
20County Agent, 1925
21Home Demonstration Agent, 1925
22County Agent, 1926
23Home Demonstration Agent, 1926
24County Agent, 1927
25Home Demonstration Agent, 1927
26County Agent, 1928
27Assistant County Agent, 1928
28County Agent, 1929
29Assistant County Agent, 1929
30County Agent, 1930
31Assistant County Agent, 1930
32Assistant County Agent, 1931
33County Agent, 1932
34Assistant County Agent, 1932
35County Agent, 1933
21Assistant County Agent, 1933
2Assistant County Agent, 1934
3County Agent, 1935
4Agriculture, 1942
5Agriculture and Home Economics, 1951
6Agriculture and Home Economics, 1952
7Agriculture and Home Economics, 1953
8Agriculture and Home Economics, 1954
9Agriculture and Home Economics, 1955
10Agriculture and Home Economics, 1956
11Agriculture and Home Economics, 1957
12Agriculture and Home Economics, 1958
13Agriculture and Home Economics, 1959
14Agriculture and Home Economics, 1961
15Annual Report, 1962
16Annual Report, 1963
17Annual Report, 1964
18Annual Report, 1965
19Annual Report, 1966
20Annual Report, 1967
21Annual Report, 1968
22Annual Report, 1969
23Snohomish County Extension Progress Report, 1971 January-June
Subseries 1.2: Other periodic reports, planning, and office records, 1916-1992
24-26Agricultural Agent work, weekly record, 1916-1919
27Agents' work, weekly and monthly record, 1920
28Expenditure reports, 1921
29Expenditure reports, 1922
30Expenditure reports, 1923
31Expenditure reports, 1924 (also miscellaneous items, 1920-1924)
31Monthly statistical reports, 1924-1929
2Monthly reports, 1921
3-5Monthly reports, 1922-1924
6Monthly reports, 1924-1927
7Monthly reports, 1927-1929
8-9Monthly reports, 1928-1929
10-11Monthly reports, 1930
12-13Monthly reports, 1931
14-15Monthly reports, 1932-1933
16-18Monthly reports, 1956
19-20Monthly reports, 1957
21-22Monthly reports, 1958
23-24Monthly reports, 1959
25Plans of work, 1958-1959
26Plans of work, 1960
27Plans of work, 1961
28Plans of work, 1962
29Plans of work, 1963
30Plans of work, 1965
31Plans of work, 1966-1968
32Plans of work, Annual supplements, 1967-1968
33Plans of work, 1968
34Plans of work, 1969
41Plans of work, 1970
2Plans of work, 1971
3Plans of work, 1974
4Plans of work, Northwest Washington area, horticulture, 1962-1963
5Plans of work, Northwest Washington area, 1964
6-29Project and program plans and reports, annual review statements, 1962-1992
30-45Staff meeting agendas and minutes, 1985-2004
Subseries 1.3: Snohomish County government support agreements, budgets, and miscellaneous, 1955-2004
46County final budget, 1953, 1955
47County final budget, 1958-1961
48County final budget, 1962
49County final budget, 1964
50Memorandum of agreement and yearly amendments, 1987
51County budget, 1987-88
52County budget, 1989
51Budget request and Cooperative Extension organizational chart, 1989
2County budget request, 1990
3County budget request, 1991
4County budget and expenditure report, 1992
5County budget, 1992-1995
6Memorandum of agreement and yearly amendments, 1995
7Miscellaneous, 1995-1999
8Budget narratives, 1996
9County budget, 1996
10County budget, 1998
11Performance indicators, 1999
12County budget, 1999
13County departmental measures, 2001
14County budget, 2002
15County budget request, 2002
16County base budget, 2002
17County recommended budget, 2002
18County budget, 2002-2005
19County budget, 2003
20County budget request, 2003
21Budget changes and recommendations, 2004-2005
22County contributions to extensions programs, 2004
Subseries 1.4: Miscellaneous, 1929-2004
23-25Newspaper clipping files, 1960-1967
26Farm housing survey, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1934
27Community survey of Snohomish County, State of Washington, 1937
28Seattle Heights Civic Club record of home demonstration work, 1929-1930
29Snohomish County Cow Testing Association annual reports, 1920-1923
30Agreements with U.S. department of Agriculture; 1990, 2002
31Miscellaneous office records, 1993-2004
32American Farm Bureau Federation annual convention items, 1936
33Snohomish County Berry Growers Association reports, 1951-1952
34Miscellaneous publications, 1942-1949
Series 2: Programs
Subseries 2.1: Adult Education
61Adult Education Training Guide
2Mill Creek Senior Center
3Money Management Advisor Program
4Senior Citizens "Primetime Spotlight" Newsletters, 1998 - 2002
Subseries 2.2: Affirmative Action
5Action Plans, 1975
6Audit Report Forms
7County Statistics
8Definitions and Standards
9Homemakers Club Notifications
10Native American Relations
11Report Forms
12Verification Statements
13Youth Play
Subseries 2.3: Agriculture
15Jr. Livestock Program
16Livestock Advisors
17Livestock Masters - Curriculum Guide Part 1
18Livestock Masters - Curriculum Guide Part 2
19Livestock Masters Program Flyers
20Plot Test, 1930
21Redmond's Watershed Preserve
22Small Farms Program
23Snohomish County Extension Plan Soil Conservation, 1949
24Snohomish County Youth & Agricultural Fair
25Soil Conservation Committee, 1941
26Soil Conservation Committee District Supervisors, 1957
27Soil Conservation Records: Laws, Reports, Surveys, Correspondence
28Superphosphate Survey, 1940
29Sweet Corn Test Plot Program, 1953
30Water Quality
31Winter School Program
32Woolgrowers Program
Subseries 2.4: Childcare
33Blueprint Children's Museum & Cooperative Extension Office
34"Building on Basics" Childcare Provider Newsletter, July & Dec. 1999
35Childcare Articles
36Childcare Program Training Info.
37Childcare Training
38Community School Program
39New Dads Boot Camp
40Parenting Conference
41Plants Grow Healthy Children Program
42"STARS" Program
Subseries 2.5: Civil Rights
43Compliance Notices
44Compliance Reviews
45County Statistics
47Equal Opportunity part 1
48Equal Opportunity part 2
49Equal Opportunity part 3
50Equal Opportunity part 4
51Equal Opportunity part 5
52Laws, Rules and Regulations
53Minutes and articles
55Standards and Procedures
56Summary Reports, 1998 - 2006
Subseries 2.6: Co-op
2Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
3Christmas Tree Plantation Publications
4Civil Rights & Affirmative Action Plans / Materials
5Civil Rights of American Indians
6Co-op Extension Promotional Materials
7Courses and Workshops
8Dairy Notes
9Equal Employment Opportunity Information
10For You Newsletter
11Home Economics Advisory Committee
12Homemaker's Club - Equal Opportunity Agreements
13Homemaker's Club - Workshop Correspondence
14Livestock Masters
15Master Gardener
16Meeting Minutes
17Plan of Implementation to Remedy Certain Discrimination in Extension Education
18Snohomish County Community Info
19WSU "Co-op Extension at the Beginning of the 21st Century"
20WSU Sexual Harassment Policy
Subseries 2.7 : Dairy
21"Circle the Wagons" Correspondence, Pre-meeting publications, 2000
22Cow on Test
23Dairy Business Analysis Program
24Discussion Group part 1
25Discussion Group part 2
26Dairy Discussion Group Misc Papers, 1998
27Dairy Discussion Group Misc Papers, 1999
28Dairy Discussion Group Misc Papers, 2000
29Dairy Discussion Group Misc Papers, 2001
30Dairy Discussion Group Misc Papers, 2002
31Dairy Discussion Group Misc Papers, ND
32Discussion Group - Tour
33Dairy Enterprise Financial Statements
34Dairy Family Open House - Axelson Family
35Dairy Family Open House - Bajema Family
36Dairy Family Open House - Bergsma Family
37Dairy Family Open House - Bishop Family
38Dairy Family Open House - Buys Family
39Dairy Family Open House - DeHaan Family
40Dairy Family Open House - Elgersma Family
41Dairy Family Open House - Hoekema Family
42Dairy Family Open House - Krause Family
43Dairy Family Open House - Lensens Family
44Dairy Family Open House - Oien Family
45Dairy Family Open House - Oordt Family
46Dairy Family Open House - Smit Family
47Dairy Family Open House - Spyksma Family
48Dairy Family Open House - Stremler Family
49Dairy Family Open House - VanDalen Family
50Dairy Family Open House - VanderVeen Family
51Dairy Family Open House - Verbree Family
52Dairy Family Open House - Vissier Family
53Dairy Family Open House - Warner Family
54Dairy Family Open House - Weg Family
55Dairy Family Open House / Families
56Dairy Family Photos
57Dairy Family Public Relations part 1
58Dairy Family Public Relations part 2
59Dairy Federation
60Dairy Princess Contest
61Dairyman's Spanish
62Farm "A" System Program
63Misc. Correspondence and Materials
64National Dairy Database, 1992
65National Dairy Herd - Current Situation
66Newspaper Clippings
67Production Reports
68Soil and Water Conservation
69Soil Testing
70USDA Ag. Marketing Service, 1986
71Washington Dairy of Merit Program
72Washington Department of Ecology (Dairy Permits)
73WSU Dairy Team Papers - Program Notes, Dairy - L Survey
74Yearly Reports - Pounds of Milk/Butter Fat
Subseries 2.8 : Family and Community Education
81Family And Community Education
Subseries 2.9: Food Advisors
24-H “I can do it myself” workshop
3Audio Visual Catalogue
4Cedar Valley Health Fair
6Certification Exams
7Consumers & Food handouts
8Evergreen State Fair 1992, 1992
9Evergreen State Fair 1993, 1993
10Evergreen State Fair 1993 Policies and Procedures, 1993
11Evergreen State Fair 1994, 1994
12Evergreen State Fair 1995, 1995
13Evergreen State Fair 1996, 1996
14Evergreen State Fair Responsibilities of a Judge
15Fast & Healthy Cooking workshop
16Food Advisor Handbook part 1
17Food Advisor Handbook part 2
18Food Advisor Handbook part 3
19Food Advisor Quick Answer handouts
20Food Bank programs
21Food Preservation handbook
22Food Pyramid Materials
23Food Safety Advisor Volunteer Handbook part 1, 1992
24Food Safety Advisor Volunteer Handbook part 2, 1992
25Harvest Arts Festival
26History of Canning articles
27Holiday in a Jar part 1
28Holiday in a Jar part 2
29Lake Stevens Community Health Fair
30Letters to Food Advisors, 1992-1994
31Newspaper Clippings, 1992
32Notebook of Food and Food Safety, 1992
33Nutrition Coalition
34Nutrition Resource Directory
35Paranoia 101 workshop
36Photos, 1992
37Program Operation Documents
38Pullman Trip 1993, 1993
39Safe Food: It’s Up to You workshop
40Seattle King County Dept. Public Health Articles
41Silvana Farmers Market
42Soup to Nuts (coloring book)
43Stanwood Wellness Fair
44Stanwood/Camano Fair, 1995-1996
45Whole Grain Cooking Cookbook rough draft
46World Food Day Teleconference, 1993
Subseries 2.10 : Extension Homemakers
47Extension Homemakers
48Homemakers Programs
Subseries 2.11: Horticulture
91Fridays in the Park
2Garden Shows
4Hydroponics/Hobby Greenhouse
5Master Gardener Program (Early History)
6Youth Gardening Projects Report
Subseries 2.12: Natural Resources
7Calendar Events
9Eagles Float Trip Program
10Forest Stewardship
114-H Photography Program
12Habitat/Wildlife Judging
13Land is Sacred Program
14Little River Pond Mill
15Master Bird Certification
16Natural Science Merit Program
17Nest Boxes Program
18Rocky Mountain Foundation
19Stevens Pass Greenway
20Tour Guides
21Wildlife Contest and Environmental Stewardship
22Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program
Subseries 2.13: Nutrient Management
23Algae Control
25"Big Sky" Case Study
26Dairy Management Plan Workshop
27Dairy Management Workshop - Problem Solving
28Dairy Nutrient Management - Legislation
29Dairy Waste
31Fertilizer Value of Manure
33Manure Management Guidelines
34Nutrient Management
36Phosphorus Management
38Wastewater Management/Guidelines
39Water Measurement
40Whole Farm View Presentation
Subseries 2.14: Pet Expo
41Pet Expo
42Pet Expo 2001, 2001
43Pet Expo 2002. Includes CD of photos, 2002
Subseries 2.15: Program and Executive Documents
44Customer Service Guide
45Decision Makers Luncheons, 1993 - 1994
46Executive Summary 1995, Quarterly Report, 1995
47Executive Summary 1996, Quarterly Report, 1996
48Fair Appreciation Luncheon, 1995
49Fair Appreciation Luncheon, 1996
50Farm and Home Building Program - Preliminary Report, 1939
51Festival of the River, Photo and Art Contest & Show, 1994 - 2000
52Interview Between "Moshier" and Mr. and Mrs. Klein - Narrative Transcript
53Program Focuses and County Work Plans, 1997
54Program Focuses and County Work Plans part 1, 1998
55Program Focuses and County Work Plans part 2, 1998
56Program Overview, 1987
57Snohomish County Extension Open House Materials
58Washington Tribal Nations and WSU Extension, 2007
59Work Plans Snohomish County, 1996
Subseries 2.16: Snohomish History
60Dairy Pioneer Families
61Pioneering Snohomish County, 1849 - 2000, Working Notes, 1849 - 2000
62Snohomish County Agriculture
63Snohomish Dairy Shrine
64Stanwood Story: History of Snohomish County
65Successful Farming 1990, 1990
Series 3: 4-H Program, 1950-2006
Subseries 3.1: Quiz Bowls
101Quiz Bowl, 1980-1985
2Quiz Bowl, 1986-1987
3Quiz Bowl, 1988-1989
4Quiz Bowl, 1990
5Quiz Bowl, 1991
6Quiz Bowl, 1992
7Quiz Bowl, 1993
8Quiz Bowl, 1994
9Quiz Bowl, 1995
10Quiz Bowl, 1996
11Quiz Bowl, 1997
12Quiz Bowl, 1998
13Quiz Bowl, 1999
14Quiz Bowl, 2000
15Quiz Bowl, 2001
16Quiz Bowl, 2002
17Quiz Bowl, 2003
18Quiz Bowl, 2004
19Quiz Bowl, 2005
20Quiz Bowl, 2006
21Dairy Bowl Questions folder 1 of 2
22Dairy Bowl Questions folder 2 of 2
23Possible Quiz Bowl Questions Handwritten
24Skagit County Quiz Bowl Test
25Quiz Bowl Misc.
26Competition Study Items, various competitions
Subseries 3.2: Fair Brochures
11 1 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1975-1974
2 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1977-1976
3 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1988
4 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1989
5 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1991
6 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1992
7 Evergreen State Fair Booklet, 1993
8 Snohomish County 4-H Fair, 1967
9 Western Washington Fair: Premium List 4-H, 1983; 1980
10 Western Washington Fair: Premium List 4-H, 1988-1987, 1985, 1984
11 Western Washington Fair: Premium List 4-H, 1991, 1990
12 Western Washington Fair: Premium List 4-H, 1993
Subseries 3.3: Hoofbeats (Snohomish 4-H horse program newsletter)
13 Hoofbeats Jr. Addition Newsletter, Winter 1997-1998; Fall 2001
14 Hoofbeats Newsletter, 1982
15 Hoofbeats, 1994
16 Hoofbeats, 1995
17 Hoofbeats, 1996
18 Hoofbeats, 1998
19 Hoofbeats, 1999
20 Hoofbeats, 2000
21 Hoofbeats, 2001
22 Hoofbeats, 2002
Subseries 3.4: Cloverleafs (Snohomish 4-H newsletter)
23 Cloverleafs, 1976
24 Cloverleafs, 1980
25 Cloverleafs, 1982
26 Cloverleafs, 1983
27 Cloverleafs, 1984
28 Cloverleafs, 1985
29 Cloverleafs, 1986
30 Cloverleafs, 1987
31 Cloverleafs, 1988
32 Cloverleafs, 1989
33 Cloverleafs, 1990
34 Cloverleafs, 1991
35 Cloverleafs, 1992
36 Cloverleafs, 1993
37 Cloverleafs, 1994
38 Cloverleafs, 1995
39 Cloverleafs, 1999
40 Cloverleafs, 2000
41 Cloverleafs, 2001
42 Cloverleafs, 2002
Subseries 3.5: "4-H Memos"
1214-H Memos, 1978
24-H Memos, 1979
34-H Memos, 1980
44-H Memos, 1982
54-H Memos, 1983
64-H Memos, 1984
74-H Memos, 1985
84-H Memos, 1986
94-H Memos, 1988
104-H Memos, 1990
114-H Memos, 1991
124-H Memos, 1992
134-H Memos, 1993
144-H Memos, 1994
154-H Memos, 1995
164-H Memos, 1996
Subseries 3.6: Other 4-H Files
17 Activities: Cooking, Photography, Computers
18 Alumni
19 Ambassadors Program Rosters
20 Animal Welfare II, 1990-1993
21 Animal Welfare, 1990-1993
22 Annual Achievement Day, 1972-1975
23 Annual Achievement Day, 1976-1980
24 Annual Achievement Day, 1981-1984
25 Applications and Forms, misc.
26 Award Winners, 1962-1977
27 Awards - Annual Forms
28 Behavior Enhancement
29 Budget
30 Chevron Corp Community Pride 4-H Grant. Includes 1 3.25 inch computer disk, 1994
31 Club Report, Supplement
32 Community Pride Applications
33 Conference Management Handbook
34 Conferences (Photographs), 1989, 1991
35 Cow Pedigree Judging Literature
36 Dairy Fun Pentathlon, 2003
37 Dairy Oriented Careers
38 Empowerment Research Study
39 Enrollment, 1963-1977
40 Enrollment Stats, 1990-1994
41 Enrollment Stats, 1996
42 Enrollment Issues/ Strategies
43 Enumclaw Jr. Dairy Show, 2002
44 Enumclaw Jr. Dairy Show, 2004
45 Enumclaw Jr. Dairy Show, 2005
13 1 Family Relations Literature, 1976-1979
2 Farm Safety and Dairy Farm Information
3 Financial Reports
4 Grants, 2002-2003
5 International Exchange Program/ Japanese Exchange, 1996
6 Leader Pin Recipients, 1975-1977
7 Leader's Council (Rules)
8 Leaders Council, 1962, 1969 1970-1974
9 Leaders Council, 75', 77', 79', 81', 82', 84', 85', 91'
10 Leadership literature, 1966-1979
11 Meeting Minutes: Policy Committee, Dairy & Beef Leaders, 1961, 1962
12 Memos and Flyers, misc.
13 Motorcycle Program
14 National 4-H Congress Chicago, 1983
15 Newsletters and Information, misc.
16 Northwest District Teen Retreat, 1988
17 Northwest District Teen Retreat, 1989
18 Northwest District Teen Retreat/Ambassador Advisor, 1990
19 Northwest District Teen Retreat, 1991-1992
20 Personal Hygiene and Grooming Lit
21 Pets in the Park Program
22 Public Presentation Results, 1984-1990
23 Public Presentation Results, 1992-1993
24 Public Relations
25 Scholarship Application Essays
26 Scholarship Information and Winners, 1980-1993
27 Sites, Facilities, Operations Committee Handbook Part 1
28 Sites, Facilities, Operations Committee Handbook Part 2
29 Sites, Facilities, Operations Committee Handbook Part 3
30 Sites, Facilities, Operations Committee Handbook Part 4
31 Snohomish County 4-H Horse Leaders Assoc.
32 Teacher Training - Cassette tape and Slides
33 Wildlife Habitat Evolution Contest
34 Wildlife Habitat Evolution handbook
35 Various Workbooks I
36 Various Workbooks II
37 Miscellaneous
Series 4: Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA)
Subseries 4.1: DHIA Administrative Records
141Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, 1956
2DHIA Constitution and Bylaws
3Formation of the Snohomish County Dairymen's Association
4DHIA- Directors Manual 1
5DHIA- Directors Manual 2
6DHIA- Executive Board and Member listings, 1993-2004
7DHIA Members
82001 DHIA Historian's Notes
9Correspondence - State DHIA
10DHIA Awards, 1983-2005
11DHIA Award Certificates, 1993-2004
12Dairy of Merit
13Snohomish County Awards, 1993-1999
Subseries 4.2: DHIA Annual Reports
14Second Annual Meeting Minutes, 1958
15Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1960
16Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1963
17Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1965
18Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1966
19Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1967
20Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1968
21Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1969
22Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1970
23Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1971
24Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1972
25Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1973
26Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1974
27Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1975
28Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1976
29Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1977
30Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1978
31Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1979
32Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1980
33Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1981
34Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1982
35Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1983
36Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1984
37Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1985
38Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1986
39Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1987
40Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1988
41Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1989
42Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1990
43Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1991
44Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1992
45Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1996
46Washington State DHIA Annual Report, 1997
47Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1932-1933
48Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1964
49Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1966
50Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1968
51Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1972
52Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1975
53Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1976
54Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1977
55Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1978
56Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1980
57Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1984
58Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1993
59Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1994-1995
60Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 1999
61Snohomish County DHIA Annual Report, 2000-2001
62Washington's 50th Anniversary DHIA Report, 1945-1994
Subseries 4.3: DHIA Meeting Minutes
63DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1964
64DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1965
65DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1966
66DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1967
67DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1968
68DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1969
69DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1970
70DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1971
71DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1972
72DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1973
73DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1974
74DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1975
75DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1976
76DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1977
77DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1978
78DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1979
79DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1980
80DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1981
81DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1982
82DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1983
83DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1984
84DHIA Board Meetings- December, 1985 - December, 1989
85DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1991
86DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1992
87DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1994
88DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1995
89DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1996
90DHIA Meeting Minutes, 1997
91Skagit-Island DHIA Meeting Minutes
92Snohomish County DHIA Minutes, 1958-1964
Subseries 4.4: DHIA Finances
93DHIA Income and Expense Statements
94DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1982
95DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1983
96DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1984
97DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1986
98DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1987
99DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1988
100DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1989
101DHIA Cash Recipts and Dispursements, 1990
102DHIA Cash Recept and Dispursements, Clallum county, 1993
103DHIA Cash Reciepts and Dispursements, 1996
104Testing Fees
Subseries 4.5: DHIA Herd Improvement Records
151Washington's Dairy Herd Improvement Report, 1945-1994
2Clallum Herd Summaries
3King Herd Summaries
4Pierce Herd Summaries
5Skagit Herd Summaries
6Snohomish Herd Summaries
7State Herd Summaries
8DHIA Herd Summaries, 1992, 1993
9Goat Herd Improvement Records, 1987, 1991, 1992
10Goat Herd Summaries- Clallum County
11Goat Herd Summaries- King County
12Goat Herd Summaries- Snohomish County
13Goat Herd Summaries- State County
14Origin and History of Dairy Breeds and Breed Improvement Programs, 1961
Subseries 4.6: DHIA Public Relations Programs
15Event Publicity Packet
16DHIA Dairy Princess Relations Program
17Dairy Family Public Relations Program
18Dairy Family of the Year, 1977
19Dairy Family of the Year, 1988
20Dairy Family of the Year, 1989
21Dairy Family of the Year, 1990
22Dairy Family of the Year, 1992
23Dairy Family of the Year, 1993
24Dairy Family of the Year, 1994
25Dairy Family of the Year, 1995
26Dairy Family of the Year, 1996
27Dairy Family of the Year, 1997
28Dairy Family of the Year, 2000
29Dairy Family of the Year, 2003
30Dairy Family of the Year, 2005
Subseries 4.7: Dairy News and Publications
31Cow Testing Association Publications
32Dairy Notes, 1989-1992
33Dairy Pipeline, 1993-1995
34Dairy Reporter, 1990, 1993-1995
35Dairying in the State of Washington, ca. 1968
36Farming in the Third Dimensions
37Focus: Dairyline, 1993-1994
38King County Dairy News, 1992
39King County Dairy News, 1993
40Letters, Memos & Alerts DHIA
41Snohomish County Dairy Newsletter, 1993-1994
42Sound Dairy Digest, 1994
43Sound Dairy Digest, 1995
44Sound Dairy Digest, 1997
45South West Washington Dairy Update, 1993-1994
46Western Dairy News, 2001-2002
47WSU Dairy Newsletter, 1992
48WSU Dairy News, 1993
49WSU Dairy News, 1994
50WSU Dairy News, 1995
51WSU Dairy News, 1996
52WSU Dairy News, 1997
53WSU Dairy News, 1998
54WSU Dairy News, 1999
55WSU Dairy News, 2000
56WSU Dairy News, 2001
57WSU Dairy News, 2002-2004
Series 5: Publications
Subseries 5.1: WSU Naturalist Extension Guidebooks
161Arbor Day, 1972
2Outdoor Activities Guidebooks
3Salmon Guidebooks
4Wildlife Guidebooks
Subseries 5.2: Newspapers
5Ag Northwest, Feb. 1991 - June 1994
6Arlington Times: Diamond Jubilee Edition, October 1964
7California Agriculture
8Capitol Press (Dairy Articles), Oct. 4, 1991 - Jan. 2, 2004
9The Herald: Around Everett, May 17, 1983
10Herald, Nov. 15, 2004
11Hoard's Dairyman (Articles), March 1993 & April 1995
12Marysville Globe, reprint of Feb. 4, 1892
13Marysville Globe Diamond Jubilee, August 25, 1966
14Northwest Farm and Field, July 1997
15Pacific Farmer, June 1995
16Pacific Farmers - Stockman (Magazine), May/June 1992
17Racing Wheels, March 16, 1963 - Nov. 2, 1963
18Racing Wheels, Feb. 15, 1964 - Sept. 12, 1964, August 12, 2003
20Skagit Farmer, Nov. 1993 & Dec. 1994
21Skagit Valley Herald, April 2005
22Snohomish County Review, Nov. 26, 1964 - Nov. 18, 1965
23Snohomish County Tribune: Farm Review and Forecast, Jan. 28, 1960 - Feb. 11, 1960
24Stanwood News: Postal Centennial Edition, Feb. 12, 1970
25Stillaguamish Valley Frontier Days: The Arlington Times, June 25, 1975
26Misc. Newspaper Clippings
Subseries 5.3: Pamphlets, Books, and Reports
27Advanced Forage Management
28Agronomy Report
29Animal Waste Management
30Best Management Practices for Agricultural Nonpoint Source Control, Aug. 1982
31Best Management Practices for Wisconsin Farms
32Better Wetlands, Oct. 1995
33Building Solutions for the World's Organic Waste Problems
34Business Pulse, June 1991
35California Agribusiness Dairyman, May 1993 - May 1997
36Children's Books
37Clean Water for Washington
38Conservation Reserve Program, Nov. 1993
39Cooperative Partners, May/June 1999
40County Agent Vol. L1 No. 2, Spring 1990
41County Summary and History, 2002
42Dairy Business Analysis Program, 1997
43Dairy Herd Management, Nov. 1992 and Nov. 1993
44Dairy Literature
45Dairy Short Courses, 1994 and 1995
46Dairy Technical Advisory Committee, Dec. 2, 1998
47Dairy Waste Management: System Planning - Estimating Storage
48Darigold Vol. 8 No. 7, Sept. 1959
49Demographic and Socio-Economic Series Volumes 2 and 3
50Demographic and Socio-Economic Series Volumes 4 and 5
51Development and Significance of the Great Soils Groups in the United States, June 1936
52Economic Impact Analysis, Oct. 1999
53Enterprise Budgets for Dairy Operations
54Environmental Guidelines for Dairy Producers in British Columbia
171Farmer to Farmer Learning Groups
2Farming with Wildlife
3Financial Dairy Management
4Forestland Grazing, 1983
5General Pollution
6Ground Water Quality Survey, near Edaleen Dairy, Whatcom County, Washington, Jan. 1990 - April 1993
7Groundwater and Public Policy
8Guidance Practices for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Dairy
9Hay Quarterly Magazine, Spring 1999
10History and Activities of the State College of Washington: 1937 - 1939
11Hoard's Dairyman: Cow Judging Contest, 1979 - 2005
12Home Owner's Literature
13Horse Waste and Land Management Manual, April 1989
14Implications of Buffer Zones on Agricultural Lands, Nov. 1999
15Initial Snohomish River Basin Chinook Salmon Conservation/ Recovery Technical Work Plan, Oct. 6, 1999
16Lagoon Systems for Livestock Waste Treatment
17League of Women Voters Publications
18Long-Term Operational Comparison of Two Full Scale Dairy Manure Digesters, Aug. 1981
19Making Farm Financial Analysis Fun, Challenging, and Practical, Nov. 10, 1994
20Manure Management, April 1995
21Manure Management Choices
22Market Administrator's Report, Oct. 2003 - Aug. 2005
23Methane Technology for Agriculture Conference - Papers, March 17, 1981
24MNB: Manure Nutrient Balancer Manual. includes a floppy disk, Jan. 1995
25Nexus (Snohomish Conservation District)
26Nutrient Management
27Nutrient Management, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Vol. 49, No. 2
28Pacific Northwest Sustainable Agriculture
29Plan of Implementation to Remedy Certain Discrimination in Extension Education, Sept. 1972
30Pollution Control for Dairy Farms
31Re-Thinking the Rat Race. Includes CD-ROM
32Sewage Sludge Guidelines, parts 1 - 3
33Snohomish County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Services (ASCS) publications
34Snohomish County Publications
36State and Federal Regulations Affecting Confinement Livestock Operations
37Syllabus of Charts for Use in County Agricultural Adjustment Planning, Dec. 7, 1935
38Test - Demonstration Information Book, March 1943
39Use of Freelot Manure and Municipal Sewage Sludge on Arizona Irrigated Land, June 1984
40Washington Holsteins 2006
41Water in Whatcom County
42Water Quality
43WSU Extension: Strategic Framework, 2006 - 2011
44Misc. Agriculture Pamphlets
Series 6: Images & Scrapbooks. Includes Photographs, slides, negatives, glass negatives, clippings, pamphlets, 1916 ca. - 1992
181Negatives: Agricultural scenes, including stream or stump dynamiting, ca. 1916- ca. 1920
2Negatives: Buildings & equipment, ca. 1916- ca. 1920
3Negatives: People & crowds, inc. Boys & Girls Club 2nd Annual WSC Encampment, Stanwood Berry Farm, Extension events & fairs, ca. 1916- ca. 1920
4Photographs: Extension programs, 1919-1923
5Photographs: State Camps, 1923-1924, 1934, 1938, 1961
6Slides: State Fair, 1983-1984
7Photographs & negatives: farming & awards, 1992
8Photos & clippings: Pets in the Park, 1992
9Reprints & Photocopies: agricultural & program images, ca. 1916 - ca. 1920
10Scrapbook: Snohomish County's 4-H Delegation to State Club Camps. Photographs, clippings, 1923-1959
11Scrapbook: Snohomish County Purebred Sire Campaign. Papers, posters, clippings, 1924
12Glass Negatives: Camps, trips, agriculture, cows. 34 images, unlabeled, ca. 1916
1913Scrapbook: Snohomish County Milk for Health Week. Photos, papers, pamphlets, posters, circulars, October 4-9, 1925