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Archives 285
Native American Studies Program
Papers 1969-1980, bulk 1974-1976


Collection materials were received in two separate accessions, both direct from WSU's Native American Programs Center, and combined in processing. Native American Studies papers were received on March 31st, 1980 (UA 80-09). Native American Studies-American Indian Teachers Aid Program papers were subsequently received on August 23rd, 1982 (UA 82-22). The materials were processed by Michael Cardinal in October and November of 2009 under the supervision of University Archivist Mark O'English.


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In Spring 1969, amidst a growing awareness of Native American students, Washington State University (WSU) instituted the Native American Studies Program (NASP). Initially, the program focused on hiring qualified instructors and administrators, locating and recruiting Native American students, providing those students with financial assistance, and giving guidance regarding various education and employment opportunities. In its formative years, the NASP went through various stages of uncertainty including successive semesters when no Native American Studies courses could be offered. However, in 1974, under the directorship of Richard Bellon, the department offered a minor in Native American Studies.

From Fall 1975 to Spring 1976 WSU led the Bilingual Bicultural Training Institute which aimed to provide teacher-aide training, teacher training, and administrative workshops for school districts with high Chicano and Native American enrollment. The American Indian Teacher Aide Program (AITAP) component was coordinated through B.A. Nugent, the Dean of the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities, with Florence Haggerty as the project director. It received funding from Title I and the Johnson O’Malley Consortium. In 1975, AITAP administered a Summer Institute which supplied teacher-aides with topical information ranging from Native American history to student alcoholism. Subsequently, AITAP offered monthly day-long workshops to address specific issues teachers faced in the classroom.


The collection consists of administrative records, including correspondence, memoranda, fiscal records, published reports, manuscript reports, mailing lists, handouts, and pamphlets; and AITAP files, including workshop materials and evaluations, monthly reports, quarterly reports, travel vouchers, summer institute materials, and course descriptions and outlines.


The collection is arranged by subject, filed in loose chronological order and is arranged into two series which each comprise the original accessions. Series 1, the American Indian Teacher Aide Program (AITAP), originally UA 82-22, is divided into three sub-series. Subseries 1.1 includes correspondence, grant information, the AITAP project overview, and the travel requests and vouchers of AITAP staff. Subseries 1.2 includes all materials from the 1975 Summer Institute. Subseries 1.3 includes workshop materials, and AITAP reports and evaluations. Series 2, the Native American Studies Program (NASP), originally UA 80-09, is also divided into three subseries. Subseries 2.1 includes NASP curriculum development information, temporary course information, conference agendas, NASP Newsletters, and other related materials. Subseries 2.2 includes administrative correspondence, budget information, and Travel requests/vouchers. Subseries 2.3 includes materials that indirectly relate to the WSU NASP.


Further papers of the Native American Studies Program can be found in Archives 18.


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Native American Studies Program Papers 1969-1980(UA 285)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

BoxFolder Description
Series 1: American Indian Teacher Aide Program (AITAP)
Subseries 1.1: Correspondence, Reports, and Travel requests/vouchers
11Correspondence, May 25, 1972-May 13, 1975
2American Indian Teacher Aide/Counselor Aide Training, overview, June 23, 1975
3Correspondence, June 20, 1975-July 26, 1975
4Correspondence, Aug 8, 1975-Aug 29, 1975
5Preliminary Evaluation of 1975 Summer Institute, Sept 10, 1975
6Progress Report, AITAP, Sept 29, 1975
7Correspondence, Sept 3, 1975-Sept 25, 1975
8Monitoring Report, AITAP, Office of Education, Oct 20, 1975
9Correspondence, Oct 2, 1975-Oct 31, 1975
10Correspondence, Nov. 3, 1975-Nov 25, 1975
11Correspondence, Dec 1, 1975- Dec 30, 1975
12Correspondence, Jan 6, 1976-Jan 29, 1976
13Correspondence, Feb 5, 1976- June 1, 1976
14Bilingual/Bicultural Training Institute, project description and overview (c. 1975)
15School Districts’ requests for aid from the WSU Bilingual/Bicultural Institute, Mar 24, 1975-May 17, 1975
16Johnson O'Malley materials, Nov 18, 1972-June 12, 1976
17Johnson O'Malley Reports, Nov 15, 1974-1975
18Grant Information, May 9, 1975-Sept 2, 1975
19AITAP component description, Narrative Budget description, June 23, 1975
20Travel requests/vouchers of Richard Bellon, July 15, 1975-Sept 2, 1975
21Travel requests/vouchers of Dolores Bellon, June 1975-June 27, 1976
22Travel requests/vouchers of Florence Haggerty, Aug 28, 1975-June 15, 1975
23Travel requests/vouchers of Teacher Aide Participants, Sept 23, 1975-May 25, 1975
Subseries 1.2 Summer Institute
21Travel requests/vouchers for Summer Institute, Aug 1975
2Enrolment lists, Calendar of events, AmIn 104 and 105 temporary course application, Aug 6, 1975-Dec 12, 1975
3Printed course materials, Aug 1975 (1 of 2)
4Printed course materials, Aug 1975 (2 of 2)
5Early Childhood Workshop, Aug 1975
6“A Look At Myself” evaluation checklist for the Paraprofessional, Aug 1975
7List of resources made available to AITAP participants, Aug 1975
8Aide Handbook (undated)
9Paraprofessional coursework, Aug 1975
10Evaluation questionnaire, Institute participants, ca. 1975
11Formative evaluations, Institute participants, Aug 1975
Subseries 1.3: Workshops, Reports, and Evaluations
31AITAP Alcoholism Workshop (materials), November 21, 1975
2AITAP Paraprofessional Evaluations, Dec 1975
3AITAP Phonics Workshop (materials), Dec 12, 1975 (1 of 2)
4AITAP Phonics Workshop (materials), Dec 12, 1975 (2 of 2)
5AITAP Yakima Workshop: Curriculum Development (materials), Jan 15-16, 1976
6AITAP Arithmetic Activities Workshop (materials), Jan 16, 1976
7AITAP Comprehension Workshop (materials), Feb 27, 1976
8AITAP Toppenish prejudice workshop (materials), Apr 20, 1976
9AITAP Workshop (materials), May 20, 1976
10AITAP Workshop (materials), undated
11AITAP Monthly Reports, Jan 13, 1976-Apr 14, 1976
12AITAP Quarterly Reports, July 4, 1975-Oct 12, 1976
13AITAP Final Report, Oct 12, 1976
14AITAP “End of year external evaluation”, undated
15Johnson O'Malley questionnaire for AITAP participants, undated
Series 2: Native American Studies Program (NASP)
Subseries 2.1: Curriculum development, Conference agendas, Newsletters, and related materials
41Native American Indian Student Association (NAISA) of WSU, Oct 20, 1971-Feb 1, 1973
2Anthro 253 Quiz 3, Jan 22, 1970 (1 of 3)
3Anthro 253 Quiz 3, Jan 22, 1970 (2 of 3)
4Anthro 253 Quiz 3, Jan 22, 1970 (3 of 3)
5Native American Studies Program Committee; NASP proposals, May 18-19, 1970
6Experimental Education Program, Nov 25, 1970-Apr 28, 1971
7Center for the Development of Native American Programs, Aug 4, 1971-Sept 26, 1973
8Curriculum Development; Curriculum sub-committee meeting, Position Paper: Curriculum Development, memorandum, tentative course proposals, temporary course applications, March 13, 1970-May 7, 1974
9Humanities Newsletter, Fall 1973
10Pullman Indian Education Committee (PIEC), Schedule, Brief Summary of the PIEC Conference, Dec 6-7, 1973
11NASP Newsletter, Apr 10, 1974
12Course enrollment census report, Aug 27, 1974-Oct 10, 1974
13Na Am 400; July 1974, undated syllabus, Makah animal and Plant Names, textbook
14“The Manly-Hearted Woman”: An Indian Concept of Feminism, May 5, 1975
15Washington State Indian Reservation Map, undated
16Spokane Indian Conference, March 18-19, no year
Subseries 2.2: NASP budget, Correspondence, and Travel requests/vouchers
51NASP correspondence in and out, Feb 2, 1970-Nov 28, 1970
2Steering Council of Indian Affairs, correspondence, Feb 26, 1971-May 3, 1971
3NASP correspondence in and out, Feb 11, 1974-Dec 16, 1974
4NASP correspondence in and out, Jan 6, 1975-Apr 29, 1975
5NASP correspondence in and out, May 9, 1975-Dec 3, 1975
6NASP correspondence in and out, Feb 16, 1976-May 28, 1976
7Travel requests/vouchers for NASP, Jan 30, 1975-May 27, 1976 (1 of 2)
8Travel requests/vouchers for NASP, Jan 30, 1975-May 27, 1976 (2 of 2)
9NASP Budget related correspondence, May 28, 1973-1977
10NASP Budget Statements, July 1, 1971-July 20, 1972
11NASP Budget Statements, July 1, 1972-July 20, 1973
12NASP Budget Statements, July 1, 1973-July 22, 1974
13NASP Budget Statements, July 1, 1974-July 24, 1975
14NASP Budget Statements, July 1, 1975-June 30, 1976
Subseries 2.3: Supplementary materials, Correspondence, and Reports
61Lummi Indian Tribal Enterprise, newsletter, Sept 1970
2Bureau of Indian Affairs, correspondence and printed materials, 1970-Apr 22, 1971
3Demographics of Native Peoples in Washington, report, handwritten notes, Apr 10, 1971
4Indian Community Development: Priority Planning and Action Program, WSU Social Research Center, Sept 15, 1971
5Coalition of Indian Controlled School Boards, minutes, Newsletters, membership list, June 30, 1972-Jan 22, 1973
6Northwest Indian Education Conference, resolution, Oct 9, 1975
7Five River Tribes Meeting, contact information, tentative agenda, Feb 23-24, 1976
8People Helpers, April 1973, undated
9Pullman Childcare Services, Sept 1, 1975-1980
10Native American Studies at Non-WSU institutions
11A Survey of College and University Programs for American Indians, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1973
12Answers to your questions about American Indians, pamphlet, April 1970
13Miscellaneous, pamphlets, "The Advocates" (transcript)