Archives 1990-37

WSU Human Resources

Faculty Personnel Files, 1890s-1986

Acquisition and Processing Information

The materials in this collection were transferred to the Washington State University (WSU) Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) in two separate batches. The majority of the materials came in July 28, 1987 from Sally Meye of WSU's Human Resources, abd retained as UA1987-26. Three boxes of additional materials followed on April 17, 1990 and was retained as UA1990-13. In August of 2017, the entire collection was rehoused, and one small box of print records from the 1990 accession was interfiled into the earlier print records. The 1990 microfilm records were not interfiled but rather incorporated at the end as one box of "additional records."

Extent/Quantity Information

Number of containers: 44 boxes

Linear feet of shelf space: 24.5

Organizational History

Washington State University, then Washington Agricultural College and School of Science, was authorized by the Washington state legislature on March 28, 1990. They formed a board of Regents and hired a College President in early 1901, with the first five faculty and other staff following shortly thereafter. The school began instruction on January 13, 1892, and has been running since.

Collection Description

The collection consists of 16 record cartons of print faculty personnel files, followed by 28 boxes of sheets of microfilmed faculty personnel files. These records are not open to the public due to the potential for privacy-oriented, but interested parties may petition the archives for selected non-private facts from individual files.

Files can be anywhere from just one page to over 100 pages. At a minimum, they generally include an individual's schooling and work history prior to their arrival at WSU, and a chronological listing of positions held here, dates of employment, and salary paid. Many also include names of parents and spouses, as well as local address. Some include lists of publications and service and information about sabbaticals, and a few include letters from supervisors, administration, or others relating to their hiring, promotion, retirement, passing, or other events of significance.

It should be noted that personnel files these are strictly those of faculty members. WSU MASC holds no staff/administrator records, save in those cases where those staff/administrators held faculty status. Extension service employees are also generally not represented here.

Collection Arrangement

The print records are organized alphabetically by last name. The microfilm records appear to be two identical series (plus some additional records in the final box), with each series organized alphabetically by last name. The final box of later records also appears to be two identical series, with each series organized alphabetically by last name.

For staff members looking for an individual in these files - we generally suggest looking first in the print boxes, and then in the first series of microfilm in someone is not present in print. It appears that the final box only contains files generated or updated between 1984 and 1986 (approximately), though there may be exceptions. Similarly, we've yet to note any difference between copy 1 of the microfilm and copy 2, but there may be some as of yet unnoticed difference, or files missing in one set of copies but present in the other.


The entirety of this collection is closed to the general public. It may not be reproduced in any way. However, individuals wishing specific information from a file may ask, and if providing that will not violate the file's subject's privacy then MASC's staff may pass on that information if they can.

Internal Use: Location Note

Though this collection is fully processed, due to its limits on public access it is still being retained in the accessions. It is held as UA 1987-26 at internal location 2-40-27-2.

Preferred Citation

The suggested citation for the collection is:

[Item Description]
WSU Human Resources Faculty Personnel Files, 1890s-1986 (Unprocessed Archives 1987-26)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Container List

Box Contents
Series 1: Print files
1 Aase, Hannah to Beasley, Wallis
2 Beattie, Rolla to Broom, Helen
3 Broquet, Julia to Clevenger, John
4 Click, Walter to Drake, John
5 Draper, Carroll to Furukawa, Hiroshi
6 Gabby, Josephine to Heggmaier, Caroline
7 Heglund, Leonard to Jones, George
8 Jones, Glenn to Legros, Theodore
9 Lehman, Benjamin to McCallister, Kenneth
10 McCammon, Ruth to Neilson, Robert
11 Nelson, C. Emil to Pelley, Robert
12 Pence, Adolphus to Rozxinsky, Augusta
13 Rudd, Helen to Smith, William
14 Snook, Edwin to Trub, Lotus
15 Truman, Belle to Whicker, Harold
16 Whiffen, U. Glenn to Zuroske, Clifford
Series 2: Microfilm
Subseries 2.1.1: Microfilm, Main Series, Copy 1
17 Aalseth, Earl to Bell, Helen
18 Bell, Herbert to Burrus, Hildrus
19 Bursack, Lois to Couey, Harold
20 Couey, Lyle to Eby, Clifford
21 Eby, Sue to Gardner, Elsie
22 Gardner, Irene to Hardie, William
23 Hardies, Roderick to Huerta, Maximino
24 Huettig, Gerald to Kienholz, Jess
25 Kientzle, Mary to Linder, Lois
26 Linderman, Michael to McGrath, Douglas
27 McGrath, Harry to Narayanan, V.L.
28 Nard, Marjorie to Perryman, Shirley
29 Pershad, Guru to Roberts, Virginia
30 Roberts. W.J. to Shomsky, Teresa
31 Shon, Dah-Chiang to Sward, Ronald
32 Swart, Catherine to Ward, Richard
33 Warnke, Ruth to Zylstra, Cornelia
Subseries 2.1.2: Microfilm, Main Series, Copy 2
34 Aalseth, Earl to Brief, Susan
35 Briehl, Susar to Dattage, Arnona
36 Dattage, Laverne to Gardner, Joan
37 Gardner, John to Holley, Randall
38 Holley, Robert to Lamberger, Robert
39 Lamberger, Ruth to Mickelson, John
40 Mickelson, Melinda to Pfarr, Vesta
41 Pfeifer, George to Shah, Khalida
42 Shah, Kishorkumar to Tussing, Dale
43 Tuttle, Ailfen to Zylstra, Cornelia
Subseries 2.2: Microfilm, Additional Files, Copies 1 & 2
44 Additional Files (added 1990, covering 1984-1986)