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University Archives 196
Accession Record Books, 1892-1982

The accession record books of the Washington State University Libraries were transferred from active use to inactive, compact storage in the late 1940s, and subsequently transferred to active use by the Rare Books Librarian about 1980. In January of 1988, the records were transferred to the University Archives. The records were processed by Lawrence Stark, January, 1988.

Number of containers: 15
Linear feet of shelf space: 13.5


A library was begun by the Washington Agricultural College concurrent with the opening of the college in 1892. About 1910 or 1912, the Library acquired it own building, or rather wing of a building, and with it an identity as a major division within the college.

The central record of the library's holdings was the central accession register, a ruled book in which were entered information about books, periodicals, goverment documents and other materials that were acquired by the library. The registry system also assigned a serial number to each entry. The accession book system was implemented very early in the history of the library and remained active until the later 1940s.


Accession books are arranged in the simple numeric order inherent in the system. The books are uniform, save for the very first and the last few. The last few, in fact, are irregular lists made in the 1970 and 1980s and contain very little useful information.

Data element recorded in the main sequence are; number, author, title, place and publisher, year, pages, size, binding, source, cost, class and book (Dewey and Cutter numbers), volume number, and remarks.


BoxFolder  Description
Volume 11892 sequence, unnumbered
111 - 45,000
245,001 - 90,000
390,001 - 140,000
4140,001 - 185,000
5185 001 - 235,000
6235,001 - 280,000
7280,001 - 325,000
8325,001 - 370,000
9370,001 - 415,000
10415,001 - 460,000
11460,001 - 505,000
12505,001 - 550,000
13550,001 - 600,000
14Roughlists, 668,818 forward, irregular, 4 vols.