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Hide, Tom, 1927-2012
Tom Hide collection
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The Tom Hide Collection consists of materials related to the incarceration of the Hide family at Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming as well as efforts to memorialize the incarceration experience. The collection also includes materials on Tom Hide’s time at Washington State College from 1944-1948, and published materials about Japanese American experience before and during the incarceration camps. This collection includes correspondence, photographs, artifacts, newspapers, published materials, audio-visual materials, and directories.

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Tom Hide Collection, 1925-2012 (SC 014.1)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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Terumi (Tom) Hide was born to Japanese immigrants Mantaro and Kiyo in Washington State’s Yakima Valley in 1927. As a result of Executive Order 9066, the Hide family was forcibly removed from the Yakima Valley to the Portland Assembly Center in 1942. The family was eventually incarcerated at at Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming. During their years in the camp, the family spent a portion of 1943 in Lyman, Nebraska on work leave. In 1944, Tom entered his freshman year at Washington State College, where he competed as runner on the track and field team and was a member of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC). By 1945, Tom’s older brother, Makio (Mike) entered the army. As interest in the history and remembrance of the camps increased, Tom Hide played an active role in preserving the memory of Heart Mountain Relocation Center. Hide assisted in the transport of a Heart Mountain barrack to the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles and served on the Heart Mountain Reunion Committee. Tom Hide passed away on November 3, 2012 while residing in Anaheim, California.

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Executive Order 9066:

In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which resulted in the incarceration from 1942 to 1946 of approximately 120,000 adults and children of Japanese ancestry, many of whom were United States citizens. They were expelled from their homes and placed in incarceration camps without due process and in violation of their civil rights. These camps were euphemistically referred to as “relocation centers” or “internment camps”. After decades of advocacy by the Japanese American community, in 1988 the United States issued a formal apology and began redress to survivors of Japanese incarceration during World War II.

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Scope and Content

The bulk of this collection relates to Tom Hide’s experience of incarceration at Heart Mountain and efforts to memorialize the incarceration experience. Materials from camp include a series of photographs, photocopies of the Heart Mountain high school newspaper, and pamphlets and artifacts from the camps. Materials of remembrance include papers and souvenirs from Heart Mountain reunions, materials related to the planning of Heart Mountain restoration projects, and materials documenting educational efforts related to incarceration. A much smaller portion of the collection consists of memorabilia from Washington State College. The collection also contains several published items about Japanese American experiences prior to and during World War II. Many of the published items are in Japanese.

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The documents in this collection are arranged in four series: Biographical Materials, Incarceration, Washington State College, and Published Materials.

Series 1: Biographical Materials, 1925-2012. This series contains materials on Tom Hide. It includes an obituary, his funeral program, and photographs of the Hide family prior to and after the camps.

Series 2: Incarceration, 1942-2012. This series consists of materials about the Hides' incarceration at Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming and efforts to memorialize their experiences in the incarceration camps. This series is divided into 4 subseries. Materials in each subseries are arranged in chronological order.

Subseries 1: Documents from the Detention Camps and Assembly Centers, 1942-1965. This subseries consists mainly of ephemera from the camps, including pamphlets on resettlement, directories, ration books, programs from Heart Mountain High School, and photocopies of the school newspaper. This subseries also includes a scrapbook containing articles from the Rocky Shimpo during World War II and articles from Japanese language newspapers from Los Angeles after the war.

Subseries 2: Documents on the Preservation and Memory of the Camps, 1942-2012. This subseries consists primarily of materials related to the preservation and memory of Heart Mountain Relocation Center. This includes public programming about the camp, efforts to restore or transport barracks from the site, planning for the interpretive center built on the site in 2011, and reunions for those incarcerated at Heart Mountain. This subseries also includes articles reflecting on the significance of the camps and articles about redress.

Subseries 3: Photographs and Audio-Visual Materials, 1944-2001. This subseries consists of a series of photographs from the Hide family's time at Heart Mountain and on their work assignment in Nebraska during the incarceration. It also contains photographs of Makio (Mike) Hide in military uniform, video cassette recordings of Heart Mountain events and television shows, a DVD recording featuring an interview with Gail Nomura and Steve Sumida, audio cassette recordings of events about incarceration and music played by Japanese American musicians during World War II.

Subseries 4: Realia, 1942-1995. This subseries consists of artifacts from Heart Mountain and memorabilia from Heart Mountain reunions. This includes autograph books created at Heart Mountain, a bag used by Tom Hide during the incarceration, and several souvenirs from Heart Mountain reunions such as a rice paddle and baseball cap.

Series 3: Washington State College, 1944-1947. This series consists of memorabilia from Washington State College, including Tom Hide’s sweater, a pennant, photographic materials, an Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) patch and pin, and a suitcase with a WSC decal on the lid.

Series 4: Printed Materials, 1926-circa 1988. This series consists of several volumes related either to Japanese Americans prior to World War II or life in the detention camps in the United States and Canada. Of particular note are two volumes, one specific to the Japanese American community in the Yakima Valley and the other about Japanese Americans in Washington State. This series also contains materials about the Japanese American community of which Hide was a part following World War II in the South Bay city of Gardena in Los Angeles County and a series of Kokugo readers, which were printed to instruct readers on the official national dialect of Japan. Some of the volumes in this series are in Japanese.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Washington State University Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections  © 2012

Terrell Library

P.O. Box 645610

Pullman, WA, 99164-5610 USA


Revision Description

 When the materials acquired in 2013 were processed into the collection, the arrangement was altered significantly. The series for biographical materials were added, due to materials sent to us after Tom Hide's death in 2012. The series on incarceration was divided into subseries due to the increased amount of materials included in the series. Furthermore, materials added were interfiled according to the new scheme, which means the box and folder numbers for files processed in 2012 may have changed. 2013

Restrictions on Access

This collection is open and available for research use.

Restrictions on Use

Copyright restrictions apply.

Acquisition Information

The Tom Hide Collection was donated to Washington State University by Patti Hirahara and Tom Hide. It was received in multiple installments from 2010 to 2013 (MS 2010-37; MS 2011-25; MS 2011-31; MS 2011-38; MS 2013-01; MS 2013-02; MS 2013-05; MS 2013-14).

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Steven Bingo in 2012. A grant from the National Park Service provided funding for processing and digitization of materials about Heart Mountain.

In 2021, in response to evolving societal understanding regarding the language used to describe the impact of Executive Order 9066, this finding aid was revised to more accurately provide context to the mass incarceration of people of Japanese ancestry during World War II.

Alternative Form Available

Some items in this collection have been digitized and are available online as part of the Japanese American Incarceration Collection.

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Names and Subjects

Corporate Name(s)

Subject(s) :
  • Heart Mountain Relocation Center (Wyo.) -- History -- Sources.
  • Washington State University -- History -- Sources.

Personal Name(s)

Subject(s) :
  • Hide, Tom, 1927-2012 -- Archives.


  • Japanese Americans -- Forced removal and internment, 1942-1945.
  • Japanese Americans -- Washington (State) -- History.
  • Black-and-white photography -- Social aspects -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
  • Japanese Americans
  • Washington (State)
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts

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Detailed Description of Collection

Series 1: Biographical materials, 1925-2012  

box folder

Obituary, program, and WRA data 2012 

1 1

Photographs of Hide family and compact disc with scanned images 1925-1969 

1 2

Articles about Tom Hide 1998-2010 

16 46

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Series 2: Incarceration, 1942-2012 

Subseries 1: Documents from detention camps and assembly centers, 1942-1965 

box folder

Newsletters from Portland Assembly Center 1942 

1 3

The Relocation Program May 1942 

16 47

Hide family ration books and luggage tags 1942-1944 

1 4

Tom Hide’s ration books, luggage tags, and pamphlets 1942-1945 

1 5

Adult English class exercises circa 1943 

16 48

Hospital laundry list circa 1943 

16 49

Photocopies of Heart Mountain Eagle October 19, 1943-February 22, 1944 

1 6

Programs from Heart Mountain High School 1943-1944 

1 7

Pamphlets on resettlement 1943-1945 

1 8

Scrapbook 1943-1965 

6 33

Hato Mauten Bungei (Heart Mountain Bungei) 1944 

16 50

Heart Mountain High School dance ephemera 1944 

16 51

Leave documents 1944 

16 52

Sumako Hide's leave and work documents 1944-1945 

16 53

Heart Mountain directories 1945 

1 9

Selective Service documents 1945 

16 54

Subseries 2: Documents on the preservation and memory of the camps, 1942-2012 

box folder

Articles about Heart Mountain 1942-2010 

6 34

Pacific Citizen and Rafu Shimpo 1944-1946, 1989-1990 

6 35

Heart Mountain memory and restoration 1944, 1992-2011 

1 10-11

Pacific Citizen Holiday Issues 1981 and 1997 

6 35.1

Ephemera on remembering incarceration 1981-2011 

7 36

Heart Mountain Reunion program and registration materials 1982 

1 12

Hunt High School class reunion program 1983 

1 12.1

Heart Mountain reunions, oversized materials 1983-1995 

Map Drawer
box folder

Articles about Redress 1983-1989 

7 36.1

Heart Mountain reunions 1985-2002 

1 13-13.1

Correspondence about Redress 1987-1988 

2 13.2

Pacific Citizen and Rafu Shimpo 1990-2012 

7 37

Articles about incarceration and its legacy 1991-2012 

7 38

Certificate and correspondence from the United States government 1992 and 1995 

2 14

Educational kit about incarceration June 25, 1905 

2 15

Heart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center plans April 2010 

7 39

Heart Mountain cards undated 

2 16

Posters undated 

Map Drawer

Subseries 3: Photographs and audio-visual materials, 1944-2001 

box folder

Photographs of Makio (Mike) Hide and Heart Mountain Relocation Center 1944-1945 

2 17

Negatives undated 

2 18-19

Contact sheet produced from negatives undated 

2 20

Video recording of Heart Mountain Barracks Project 1994 


Video recordings of shows about Heart Mountain 1994 


Video recording of Heart Mountain 50th year reunion 1994 


Video recording of 1997 Heart Mountain reunion 1997 


Video recording Heart Mountain Reunion VI 1997 


Video recordings of shows about Heart Mountain 1997 


Audio recording of "Health Consequences of the Internment" 1997 

box folder

Topaz Relocation Center photographs circa 1998 

16 55

Heart Mountain Relocation Center photographs 1999 

16 56

Heart Mountain reunion 2000 

16 57

Video recording of Heart Mountain interviews 2001 


Audio recording of Heart Mountain dedication undated 


Copy of Japanese Americans in Washington State undated 


Music to Remember: A Tribute to Japanese American Musicians and Singers of the 40s undated 


Subseries 4: Realia, 1942-1995 


Autograph books 1942 and 1944 


Bag used by Tom Hide at Heart Mountain circa 1943 


Souvenir plaque from Lyman, Nebraska circa 1943 


Commemorative rice paddle 1985 


Heart Mountain reunion hat and buttons 1985 


2 commemorative hand towels 1986 


Heart Mountain Reunion name badges 1986 and 1994 


Heart Mountain Barracks Reunion bag 1989 


Heart Mountain Barracks Project t-shirt 1994 


Flag flown over the Capitol Building in 1995 undated 


Suburban Optimist Club name badge undated 


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Series 3: Washington State College, 1944-1947 

box folder

Admissions documents 1944 

16 58

Financial documents 1944 

16 59

Photographs 1944-1945 

16 60

Fusser's Guide  1945 

16 61

Reminiscence of freshman year 1945 and undated 

2 21

Photographs and postcards 1945 and undated 

2 22

Decals circa 1945 

16 62

Class notebooks circa 1947 

16 63

Washington State College pennant 


Washington State College sweater 


Washington State College pendant and ROTC patch and pin 


Suitcase with Washington State College decal on lid 


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Series 4: Published Materials, 1926-circa 1988 

box folder

Amerika Seikatsu, Sasabune Sasaki 1937 

3 23

Bloomin' News, Volume 8 1956 

13 40

Chinook  1945 

13 41

Famous biographies in Northern California 1939 

3 24

Famous Poems 1926 

3 25

The First 50 Years, Gardena Buddhist Church 1977 

13 42

Japanese Canadian poetry club 1972 

4 26

>Kokoro no Kate, volumes 3-4 circa 1988 

4 27

Kokugo readers 1948 

14 43

Orations and Essays by the Japanese Second Generation in America, edited by Paul T. Hirohata 1935 

4 28

Poems by prisoner at Crystal City 1959 

4 29

Recollections of 60 Years in America, Toshichi Mitoma and Yoshie Mitoma 1970 

4 30

Sakimura book for the Yakima Valley 1938 

4 31

Shining Wheel, Gardena Buddhist Church 1953 

14 44

Southern California Flower Growers Japanese language publication undated 

14 45

United States-Japan and younger generation photos 1935 

5 32

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