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Washington State University Ephemera & Realia Collection



Ephemera are "materials, usually printed documents, created for a specific, limited purpose, and generally designed to be discarded after use." (from A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology by Richard Pearce-Moses). Pamphlets, admission tickets, performance programs, and trade cards are a few examples of ephemera.

Collection Description

This collection includes ephemeral materials ranging throughout the history of Washington State University (which was authorized in 1890 and began classes in January 1892). They were initially assembled into this collection in 2012, and additions are expected.


The collection is primarily arranged alphabetically by item type. However, due to the sizes of some of the realia, boxes 2 on contain larger items, and are organized solely as the items were able to fit. As this collection is expected to grow over time, individual folders are not numbered.

Related Materials

This collection includes only a small fraction of the ephemeral materials available in MASC. Many more items are included in manuscript collections, special collections, university archives, and the WSU Publications collection. Some ephemeral items held in MASC are individually cataloged, and can be found by searching the WSU Libraries' online catalog.


This collection is open and available for research.


Most materials are in English.


This is an open-ended collection; additions are expected.

Location Note (MASC Staff Use)



BoxFolder / Items
1Admissions Tickets & Event Programs
     WSC Annual Alumni Luncheon, 1924-06-11
     Alumni Luncheon, Alumni Ticket, Ferry Hall. Undated
     Alumni Luncheon, Senior Ticket, Ferry Hall. Undated
     Summer School Picnic, 1926-08-07
     Senior Women’s Banquet. 1930-05-29
     ASSCW Event Admissions Stub, 1938
     Senior-Alumni Banquet, 1956
Artificial Turf Patch
     Students Book Store, W.S.C. Cougars. Undated.
Athletic Tickets
     The Babe Buck of the Month Club
     Football, Homecoming vs. Oregon. (2) 1961-11-11
     Be Crimson, Go Green. 2008
Bookmarks & tags
     Chinook. (2) 1925
     "Go Cougs!" lenticular printed luggage tag. 2015
     “I Have Shared with Fellow Students in the Far East.” undated
Bookplates & other art
     “Washington State” cougar head logo. Ca. 1950s.
     Founders Day, bookplate / program. 1935-03-28
     “Launched… To anchor where? Washington Agricultural College and School of Science. Pullman, Washington, 1890”
     Embossed Washington State logo. Tobacco-maker’s promotion. Ca. 1910s
     Founders Day, bookplate / program. 1935-03-28
     “Cougars State College of Washington" circular cougar logo. Ca. 1930s?
     “State College of Washington. Pullman, Wash.” George Washington head seal. Ca. 1950s.
     “Washington State” cougar head logo. Ca. 1950s.
     Embossed “Washington State” booklet. Undated.
Bumper Sticker
     "Cougar Pride!" Undated.
Buttons, Medals, & Pins
     Athletic Medals (mostly) won by James Thayer, 1905-1907
          Discus. WSC/WC/UI Triangular Meet. May 4 '07.
          American Society of Civil Engineers Founded 1852.
          Students D.H.L 'W'N Assembly
          First Prize. Whitman vs. WSC. 16 lb. Hammer. Apr 28 '05.
          PNA Championship. 2nf Throwing Discus. SAAC 1906.
          W 50
          UofI vs WSC. 1st prize. 16 lb. Hammer Throw.
          UI vs WSC 1906. Discus Throw.
          Whitman vs. WSC. Hammer Throw.
     Cougars -Fight Like Hell- ca. 1950s
     High School Summer Camp, ca. 1960s
     I Like Ike Deeter, 1967
     Life Time Cougar Jim Sweeney, 1975
     President Glenn Terrell. “He Never Forgets a Face,” 1985.
     An A-mayes-ing Saint. Reuben Mayes, NFL Rookie of the Year, 1986
     Our Palouse Reunion. WSU Land-Grant Days, 1987
     WSU Crimson & Gray Day, 1988-03-28
     WSU 1890-1990, 1990
     The New Holland Library Addition, 1994-05
     Official Cougar Program, Ca. 1990s
     Rainbow-colored cougar head, Ca. 1990s
     Sam’s Our Man, 1999
     WSU 10 Years of Service, ca. 2000s
     A Century of Graduate Education, 2002
     Cougar Pride, 2004
     Cougar Pride, 2007
     Graduation Attendance Pin, 2011
     Alumni Assocation, ca. 2010s
     The Bookie - 100 Years, 2014
     [Green cougar head logo], undated
Campus Elections
     Campus Day Strawboss, 1926-05-07
     Independent Party, 1940
     Campus Party, 1941
     Sophomore Class, 1941
Cards, Credit & Identification
     Comptroller Chevron Credit Card, 1957
     Golden Grad Class of 1913, 1963
     Alumni Association Scholarship & Development Fund, 1960s
     Alumni Association Scholarship & Development Fund, 1972
Cards, Introduction
     Anderson, William
     Cleveland, Dr. A.A.
     Fleming, Helen Joyce
     Papineau, Beryl J.
     Van Doren, Mrs. Nancy L.
Cougar Gold Can / Bank, 1990
Dance Cards
     The Freshmen – Sophomore Glee. 1909-04-24
     Military Ball, First Regiment, WSC Cadet Corps. (2) 1910-02-22
     Sophomore. 1910-03-11
     Athletic Ball. 1910-10-21.
     Military Ball, First Regiment, WSC Cadet Corps, [1911]
     Varsity Ball. 1914-11-07
     Sigma Tau Informal. 1920-12-11
     Engineers Dance. (2). 1922-03-17
     Omega Phi Pledge Dance. 1925-11-06
     Omega Phi Spring Informal. 1925-05-01
     Stevens Hall Spring Informal. 1927-04-02
     Beta Beta of Chi Omega. Formal. 1929-04-05
     Delta Beta of Alpha Gamma Delta. House Dance. 1930-01-18
     Military Ball, Scabbard and Blade. 1930-02-08
     Delta Beta of Alpha Gamma Delta. House Dance. 1930-03-29
     Epsilon of Theta Upsilon. Formal Dance. 1930-04-04
     All AG Club Informal. 1930-11-08
     Beta Pi of Kappa Pi. Christmas Informal. 1930-12-12
     Varsity Ball, sponsored by Intercollegiate Knights. 1930-12-13
     Chi Deuteron of Phi Sigma Kappa. Informal Dance. (2) 1931-01-16
     Alpha Kappa of Phi Kappa Tau. Formal Dance. 1931-01-17
     Chi Deuteron of Phi Sigma Kappa. Formal Dance. 1931-03-14
     Senior Hall Conglomerate Dance, 19[31]-03-27
     Junior Prom. 1931-05-02
     Gallowses Gallop. 1931-05-08
     All AG Club Harvest Ball. 1931-11-20
     Darwin Drag. 1931-10-24
     Sphinx Club. Semi-Formal. 1931-12-05
     King Montezuma’s Informal. 1932-03-12
     Stimson Hall Spring Informal. 1932-04-16
     “Scottie” Greets You at Stevens. 1932-11-18
     Sphinx Club. Winter Semi-Formal. 1933-01-07
     Montezuma Club. Winter Semi-Formal. 1933-01-14
     Harvest Ball Semi-Formal. All AG Club. 1933-11-29
     Alpha Kappa of Phi Kappa Tau. Spring Informal. 1934-03-23
     Stevens Hall Sport Dance. 1934-05-19
     Koeds Kidnap. Mortar Board Dance. 1934-11-17
     Mardi Gras. Stevens Hall Semi-Formal. 1936-12-04
     Stevens Hall Xmas Semi-Formal. 1937-12-10
     Stevens Hall Spring Semi-Formal (with Japanese-style fan). 1938-05-13
     Stevens Hall Semi-Formal. 1940-01-13
     Stevens Hall Spring Semi-Formal. 1940-05-17
     Varsity Ball. Intercollegiate Knights. 1940-12-14
     Winter Formal. Stevens Chalet. 1944-12-02
     Harvest Ball Semi-Formal. 1945-11-17
     Atomic Fantasy. Junior Class. 1946-04-13
     Pine Manor Spring Silhouettes. 1946-04-20
     Publications Ball. 1946-04-27
     Stevens Hall Heavenly Hideaway. 1946-05-04
     Harvest Ball Semi-Formal. All AG Club. 1946-11-23
     Ferry Hall Evergreen Dance. 1946-12-07
     A la Peppermint. Stevens Hall Christmas Semi-Formal. 1946-12-13
     Stevens Hall Winter Informal. 1947-01-25
     Sigma Tau Alpha Semi-Formal. 1947-03-01
     Alpha Chi Sigma Semi-Formal. 1947-03-29
     Senior Ball. 1947-05-17
     Port de la Mer. Homecoming Dance. (2) 1961-11-11
     Alpha Kappa of Phi Kappa Tau. Rose Formal. 1962-03-10
     Wish Upon a Star. Homecoming Dance. (2) 1964-10-31
     “A Secret I Will Now Impart, If You Look Within My Heart,” undated
     Junior-Senior Prom, undated
     Senior Hall Informal, 19??-03-26
Diplomas & Holders
     Rodney B. Phillippay, 1931
     Helen Joyce Fleming, 1939
     Empty case, undated (pre 1960)
Dormitories, Misc. Materials
     Stevens Scholars. “Freshman Tassels” list, 1947-03-20
Flyers & Handouts
     "Let's Finish the Job! Wesley Foundation At W.S.C.: Student Religious and Social Center." Undated
Graduation Tassels
     1 Black; 1 Crimson & Grey. ca. 2005
Guitar Picks
     WSU Battle of the Bands, 2006-04-02
     Washington State basketball, 2009
     GIESORC, 2011
Marble Block
     CUB reopening, 2008-09-02
Military, Misc.
     U.S. Army Training Detachment, Absence Permission, 1918
     Merry Christmas, Stevens Hall. (2) ca. 1940s
     Cloth cougar head, undated
     '19' over 'W' letterman's letter, 1919
     Wash. State. The State College of Washington. Pullman, Wash. Undated
     More pennants can be found in the oversized materials.
     Alumni Day, 1913
     Alumni Day, 1915 (2)
     Alumni Day, 1932
     Dad’s Day, 1938
     25 Year Class of 1935, 1960
     Phi Kappa Phi, undated
     Sweatshirt. 100k Centennial Run. 1990.
     T-shirt. Cougars United. Hurricane Relief. 2005.
     Cougar head name badges. (5) ca. 1980s
     New Horizons: Washington State University Centennial 1890-1990. (2) 1990
     Bronze cougar statues. (1 sheet) ca. 2011
     Logo window stickers: "Go Cougs!" and "¡Vamos Cougs!" ca. 2015
     WSU Parents Association. Cougar head window stickers. Undated
     Cougars United. Hurricane Relief. 2005.
Wax Seal
     State College of Washington. Undated
     Pasadena Rose Bowl. 1998.
Larger Materials
2ASWSU Gavel, Box, and documentation. 1928.
3Centennial Mug, 1990
Coach Leach Bobblehead, 2012
4Top Hat. Signed by Class of 1907.
5Leather bag. NCAA Basketball Tournament. 1984.
The Crib, crafted in hammered copper. Undated.
2 Plates. State College of Washington. North-South Hall; West Arch; Administration Building; Men’s Gymnasium, Bryan Clock Tower, Butch. 1 printed in crimson, 1 in blue. Undated.
Plate. Campus, Administration Building, Stevens Hall. Undated.
Certificate addressed to President French titled "In Honor of Higher Education." First day of issue for "Higher Education" postage stamps. 1962-11-14.
     WSC Shield
     Honor Roll. “These Men from Pine Manor died in Service of their Country – World War II”
     "Pine Manor Outstanding First Year Man,” 1949-1963
7Pillow, with signed tassels. Circa 1907.
8Silk scarf. 22.5" square; art depicts Washington State College football & fans. Undated.
     Campaign WSU
     Wash. State
     Washington State University
     WSU Cougars
Yardstick. Student Book Store. Circa 1980s.
9Band uniform. Circa 2000s.
10Beanie. Circa 1932. Owned by Heston O. Weyrich, class of 1936. Is on loan to LAO; in the display case there.
Beanie. Circa 1946. Owned by Robert Moore, class of 1950.
Beanie. Circa 1960. Likely owned by Patty Muir, class of 1965.
11Hat worn by President French's wife to football games. Made by Katherine of Spokane. Circa 1952-1966.
12Honorary Sweaters.
     Spurs. Circa 1960s-1970s.
     Crimson Company (Omicron Delta Kappa). Circa 1940s.