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Cylinder audio recordings collection

Circa 1903-1913

Acquisition And Processing Information

The recordings in box 1 below, and one of the players (player 2) are from unknown sources. These parts of the collection were processed in 2009 by Cheryl Gunselman, Manuscripts Librarian. In 2011, the WSU School of Music transferred 141 additional recordings and a player, which were added to the collection in the same year.

Extent/Quantity Information

Number of containers: 10

Linear feet of shelf space: 8

Number of items: 148 recordings; 2 phonographs

Collection Description

This collection consists of 148 commercially produced cylinder recordings of musical performances (vocal and instrumental). The collection includes wax and celluloid cylinders. Some of these are housed in their original cylindrical boxes. Two Edison Home Phonographs (not in working condition) are also included in the collection.

Collection Arrangement

The seven recordings originally processed in 2009 are in a single alphabetical sequence by recording title. The 141 recordings added in 2011 are arranged as they were received, with no apparent filing order.


Cylinders (sound recordings) -- Specimens

Cylinder recordings -- Specimens

Musical performances

Popular music -- 1901 to 1910

Popular music -- 1911 to 1920


This collection is open and available for examination by researchers, but playback equipment for listening is not currently available at the repository.

Many American cylinder recordings, including nearly all of the examples in this collection, are available in digital format for online listening through another repository: the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project, Donald C. Davidson Library, University of California at Santa Barbara: (

Preferred Citation

The suggested citation for the collection is:

[Item Description]

Cylinder audio recordings collection, circa 1903-1913

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections

Washington State University Libraries

Pullman, WA

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Sources Consulted

Koenigsberg, Allen. Edison Cylinder Records, 1889-1912. New York: Stellar Productions, 1969.

University of California Santa Barbara Library, "Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project,"



Items are in English.

Container List:

Box Folder Description
Box 1 1 Title: 'Deed I Do
    Performer(s): Corinne Morgan and Frank Stanley
    Issue number: 703
    Label: Indestructible Record
    Date: circa 1903
  2 Title: Hottentot Love Song
    Performer(s): Ada Jones
    Issue number: 9418
    Label: Edison Gold Moulded Records
    Date: 1906
  3 Title: I Love You So
    Performer(s): Frank Stanley and Elise Stevenson
    Issue number: 709
    Label: Indestructible Record
    Date: circa 1908
    Notes: Case does not match recording. It is an Edison Records case for issue number 9639, "Tell Mother I'll Be There."
  4 Title: Just Before the Battle, Mother
    Performer(s): Harry MacDonough and John Bieling
    Issue number: 8872
    Label: Edison Gold Moulded Records
    Date: 1905
  5 Title: Manana
    Performer(s): Indestructible Military Band
    Issue number: 717
    Label: Indestructible Record
    Date: circa 1908
  6 Title: Patriotic Songs of America
    Performer(s): New York Military Band
    Issue number: 1626
    Label: Edison Blue Amberol
    Date: circa 1913
    Notes: Case does not match recording. It has a handwritten label for "I Surrender All."
  7 Title: Pride of the Prairie
    Performer(s): Quartette
    Issue number: 748
    Label: Indestructible Record
    Date: circa 1908
    Accessories for player 1
Box 2   Cylinder recordings transferred from WSU School of Music
    Accessories for player 1
Cases 1-4   Cylinder recordings transferred from WSU School of Music
Player 1   Edison Home Phonograph and horn
Player 2   Edison Home Phonograph and horn