SC 3.2

Lynn R. Hansen Underground Comics Collection

1899-1994 (bulk 1963-1978)

Acquisition And Processing Information

The Lynn R. Hansen Comics Collection was donated to the Washington State University Libraries by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hansen in 1995, following Lynn Hansen's death.

Extent/Quantity Information

Number of Containers: 161

Linear Feet of Shelf Space: 80.5

Collection Description

These underground comics, or comix (the "x" indicates "X-rated"), were collected by Lynn R. Hansen (1958-1995), who was active in the underground comix "scene" as a critic and reviewer.

These items were published circa 1963 to 1994 (with the exception of The Chapparral, published 1899 to 1978). They frequently depict graphic violence, and many are sexually explicit. Some are signed by the artist.

Collection Arrangement

The collection is arranged in three series based on format:

With each series, items are arranged in alphabetical order by title.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.

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Materials are in English.

Location Note (Masc Staff Use)


Title List:

Series 1: Standard size comics

A Plus, numbers 2-3, 5

A-Z Comics

A 2 Z An Alphabetical Disorder

Aardvark, number 2



Ablative Press Catalog

Abortion Eve

Ace of Spades, number 1

Acid Reigns

Acquitted By Mirrors, numbers 3-15

Acme, number 9

Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, numbers 1-2, 3-D, number 1

Adults Only, numbers 1-3

Advanced Mutant Comix, number 1

Adventure Strip Digest, numbers 1-4, Special, number 1

Adventure Strip Digest, Series 2, Vol. 1, number 1, Vol. 2, number 2

Adventures in Pathology

The Adventures of a Modern Day Unicorn

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, number 1

The Adventures of Big John

The Adventures of Captain Jack, numbers 1-3, 8

The Adventures of Captain Nemo, number 1

The Adventures of ... Dragonblade The Bold'n

The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat, numbers 1-6 (first printings), 2, 4, 6-7 (second printings)

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, number 1

The Adventures of Joe Hero

The Adventures of Koo -Aid Man, numbers 4, 6

The Adventures of Lazarus Lamb

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, numbers 1-5, 8

The Adventures of Mr. Pyridine

The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper

The Adventures of Oat Willie, number 1

The Adventures of Olivia, numbers 1-3

The Adventures of Omaha the Cat Dancer

The Adventures of Primero Dinero

The Adventures of the Screamer Bros., number 1

Aegrisomnia, numbers 1-2

Aero into the Aether


Afterbirth, number 1

Aftermath, number 1

Afternoon in the Sun

Again, number 2

Agent Gedon, number 1


Air Pirates Funnies, numbers 1-2, All Comix, number 1

Ajaneh, The Wizard was a Woman

Al Stahl

Albany Journal, number 9

Albedo, numbers 0-1, 3-14, Vol. 2, number 1

Albion, Vol. 0, number 0

Albuquerque Comic Con 1988

Alfred and the Omega

Alien Carnival Comix

Alien Encounters, numbers 1, 5, 7

Alien Fire, numbers 1-3

Alien Nation, number 1

Alien Worlds, numbers 1, 5, 7-8, 3-D, number 1

All Atomic Comics

All Canadian Beaver Comix, number 1

All Duck, number 1

All False Gods

All Night Comics, numbers 1-2

All Shook Up

Al -Phabet Funnies, number 1

Allies, number 1

The Almost Complete Collected Morty Comix

Almost Normal Comix, number 2

After Limits, numbers 6-7

Alternate Entertainment, number 3

The Alternative, number 1

Alternative Choice Comics, number 1

Alternatives, numbers 1, 3

The Alternative Headmaster's Bulletin, number 4

Amazing Animal Comics, numbers 1-3

The Amazing Cynicalman, number 1, Commemorative Edition

The Amazing Exploits of Herman J. Winkle, number 4

Amazon Comics

Amazons, number 1

Amen, number 2

American Flyer Funnies, numbers 1-2

American Leather

American Living, numbers 15-20, 22-23

American Splendor, numbers 1-15

Amerikan Primative

Aminals, number 1

Amoebaman, numbers 0-1

Amputee Love, number 1

Amra, Vol. 2, numbers 41-42, 47-48

Amused to No End

Amy Papuda, number 1

An Army of Principles

Anarchy Comics, numbers 1-4

Ancient Dreams Comix

And--Or Comics, number 1

Andromeda, Vol. 2, numbers 1-6

Animal 8 Pager

Animal Bite Comix

Animal Pikchurs

Animal Weirdness, number 1

Anne Sprinkle in the Adventures of Miss Timed, numbers 1-4

Anomaly, numbers 2-4

Ant Boy!, number 2

The Anti-Chair!

Anti Isolation 2

Anti-Social Comics, numbers 1-4

Anti-Social Jr.

Anything Goes, numbers 1-6

Apex, numbers 1, 3

Apocrypha from a Pagan World

April Horrors, number 1

Aqua, number 2

Arcade, numbers 1-7

Arc, number 1

Archie McPhee, numbers 37, 39

Are Your Highs Getting You Down?

Areba Koala, number 1

Arena, number 1

Arik Khan, numbers 1-3

Arizona Schwartz

Armageddon, numbers 1-3

Armageddon 3 is Forever

Armageddonquest, numbers 1-7, Book 1, Vol. 2

Armstrong Bravo, number 1

Army Surplus Komikz Featuring. Cutie Bunny, numbers 1-5

Art 2000

The Art of David Miller

The Art of H. C. Greening

The Art of Par Holman

Art Theory Comics

Art Therapy, number 1


Artistic Comics

Artistic Licentiousness, number 1

Artists' Press

Artsy Fartsy Funnies


As A Joke, number 1


Ass Backwards Comix

ATD5CH0Z6KK, number 2

Atomic Comix, number 8

Atomic Man Comics, number 1

Atomic Powered Wallpaper, numbers 8-9

Austin Comix, number 1

Austin Stone, number 2

Authentic Visionary Comix, number 1

Auto-be Recycled

AV in 3-D

The Avengers King-Size Annual, number 7

The Avengers, number 93

Avenging World

Avenue D Comics and Stories

Away From the Pulse Beat Winter 1987

The Awful Truth Comics, numbers 1-4

Axe Murder Comics

B Movie Presents …, numbers 1-2

Baby Sue, Vol. 2, numbers 1, 3, Vol. 3, numbers 1-4, Vol. 4, number 1

Backwater Babies

Backyard Scientists

Bad Boy Comix, numbers 1-3

Bad Girl Art, numbers 1-7

Bad Habits

Bad News, numbers 1, 3

Badly-Drawn Comics

The Baegles Looney Hearts Club, number 1

Bakersfield Kountry Komics

The Balloon Vendor

Bane, number 1-2

The Banking System of our United States

Banzai!, number 1

Banzai, number 58

Baptism Symphony

Barbarian Comics, numbers 1-3

Barbarian Killer Funnies, number 1

Barbarian Women Comics, numbers 1-2

Barbaric Tales, number 1

Barefootz Funnies, numbers 1-3

Barefootz the Comic Book Stories

The Barn of Fear, number 1

Baron Hawk, number 1

Baron Von Mabel's Backpacking

Basically Strange, number 1

Bat Comix, numbers 1-2

The Bathing Machine, number 1

The Bathroom Wall (Return of)

Batman 3-D

Battle Flag

Battle for a Three Dimensional World

The Bawdy Bible

Baycon, number 3-4

Beat, number 1, 3, 5

The Beatles Experience, numbers 1-4, 6

Bedtime for Ronzo

Beef Jerky, numbers 1-2

Beer Comix, number 1

Beer Nutz

Behind the Scenes at Adventure Strip Digest

Benb and Gerald


Bent, numbers 1, 3-4

Berkeley Con Program Book

Best Buy Comics

Best of Bros., number 1

Best of Duckberg

The Best of Little Diana

Betty Boop Funnies, number 1

Betty Page Fetish Comix, number 1

Beyond, number 1

Beyond the Cloud of Reason, number 1


Bezango Obscuro

Bicentennial Gross-outs, number 1

Biff, the Early Years

Big Apple Comix

Big Ass Comix, number 2

The Big Beat

Big City Blooz-I

Big City Comix, number 2

Big Dog Funnies, number 1

Big League Laffs

The Big Picture Picture Book

The Big Trucker

Big Wimp Funnies, number 1

Bijoy Funnies, numbers 5-8

Bikini Battle 3-D

Bill Griffith-Advertising Flyers

Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary

The Bird

The Bird Dog

Birdland, numbers 1-3

Birth of a Nation

Bizarre 3-D Zone

Bizarre Escapes, numbers 1-4

Bizarre Heroes, number 1

Bizarre Sex, numbers 1-10

Bizarre, Stupid Tales of Idiocy, Giant-Sized Spectacular

Black and White Comics

The Black Book

Blakemail Material, number 2

A Blast from the Past!, numbers 1-2


Blood and Roses

Blood from a Stone

Blood of the Innocent, Vol. 1, numbers 1-4

Blood on the Moon

Blood Skeleton

Blorblesnortch, number 1

Blow Away

Bludwart the Brash

The Blue and Cold Corpse, number 7

Blue and Green

Blue Plate Specials

Blueprint for Social Justice, Vol. XLV,, number 7

Boat People Boogie

Bob Goblin, numbers 1-2

Bob Vojtko's Comix Convention, number 1

Bobby Jeans, numbers 1, 3

Bob's Cheap Comix, number 1

Bob's Favorite Comics, number 1

Boffo Laffs, number 2

Boffo Yacks, number 1

Bogeyman Comics, numbers 1-3

The Boho Bro's Alphabet Soup Kitchen

Boise Comic News, Vol. 6-8, 12

Bold Print, 3 Issues

Bonafide Child Innocence, number 1

Bond-Aid, number 1

Bone Zone, numbers 1-2

Bonesauce 9

Bongo Dick

The Boogieman, number 1

The Boogins, numbers 2-6

Boom Boom, numbers 2-3

Boondoggle Days, number 2

Bop, number 1

Border Worlds. Marooned, Vol. 2, number 1

Borderline News, Vol. 1, numbers 3-4

Boris the Bear, numbers 1-6, 8-20, 22-24

The Born Again Gunfighter, number 5

Bottomfish, Vol. 2

Bovine Gazette, Vol. 1, number 7

Boys and Girls Grow Up, numbers 1-5

Bovine Gazette, Vol. 1, number 8, Vol. 2, number 12, Vol. 3, numbers 1, 3

Brain Cancer, number 2

Brain Cancer, numbers 5-6

Brain Comix

Brain Dead, Vol. 1, numbers 11A-11B

Brain Fantasy, numbers 1-2

Brain Shake

Brain Storm Comix, numbers 2-6

Brain Sugar, number 1

Brand X Comics and Drawings, number 1

Breaking the Barrier, number 1

Breakthrough, Vol. 15, number 1

The Bride of Upchuck

Bridge City Revue, number 2

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Brigade Comics, number 1

Brisbare the Barbarian!, numbers 1-4

Broadway Comics Featuring Radar, number 1

Broken Glass

Brou HaHa, numbers 1-2, 4-6

Bucky Montgomery, number 2, The Art and Writing of

Buddha on the Road, number 1

Buf-O, Vol. 1, numbers 7-10, Vol. 2, numbers 1-11, Vol. 3, numbers 1-6, Vol. 4, numbers 1-7, Vol. 5, numbers 1-5

Bug, number 1

Bug Blood Brothers, number 1

Bug Eyed, number 1

Bugle American, number 216

Buk Mok

Bulldaggers Have Fun--The Bulldaggers

Bulldozer, number 10

Bull Dog

Bum Wad


Bumber Comix

Burroughs Bulletin, number 34

Buy This Book of Odd Bodkins

The Buyer's Guide (newspaper), numbers 69-70

Buzz, numbers 1-2

Buzzard, numbers 1-3, 5

Cabaret, numbers 15-16

CAD Comics, number 1

California Comics, numbers 1-3

Can You Imagine Being Sent to Jail for Possession of an Ounce of Gin?

Canadian Adventure Comix, number 1

Canadian Comics Cavalcade

Cancer, number 666

Cancer is Your Friend

Cannibal Romance, number 1

The Captain

Captain Censor

Captain Comic Book, number 1

Captain Cult, number 1

Captain Fortune, number 1

Captain Guts, numbers 1-3

Captain Head, number 1

Captain Howdy, number 1

Captain Kentucky, Vol. 1, number 1

Captain Marvel, numbers 25-26, 28-32, 55

Captain Optimist, number 2

Captain Phil, number 1

Captain Saucer, numbers 1-4, 6-10

Captive Chains

Cardboard Comix, numbers 1

Carefully Sedated, numbers 1-4.5

Carpathian Cutups, numbers 1

The Carrot Seed

Cartonaggio, Vol. 3, numbers 8-11

Cartoon Art Museum Newsletter, Vol. 2, numbers 1-2 (Summer Issue)

The Cartoon History of the Universe, Book One, numbers 1-9

Cartoonists Against Crime

Cartune Land, numbers 1-2

Cascade Comix Monthly, numbers 1-4, 6-23 and Index

Casual Casual Comics, numbers 1-8, 10-18

Cathedrals of the Damned, numbers 2-3

Catseye, numbers 1-2

Cazco, number 1

Cazco in China

Cecil Kunkle, number 1

Celtic Fringe, Vol. 2, number 2

Central Body. The Art of Guy Colwell

Cerebus, numbers 1-3, 5-155, 157-158, 162,

Cerebus Bi-Weekly, numbers 4-5, 7

Cerebus Church and State

Cerebus Jam, number 1

Cerebus Magazine Presents Leftovers

Cerebus The Newsletter, numbers 3-5

Cervine Follies, numbers 1-2

Chacal, number 1

Chandler, Vol. 3

Change, The Journal of the Synergetic Society, number 226

Chaos Comix, numbers 16, 19

The Chaparral, Vol. 1, number 3 through Vol. 79, number 6 (incomplete)


The Checkered Demon, numbers 1-3

Cherry Poptart, numbers 1-12

The Chicanos

Chicken Slacks, numbers 1-3

Children of Fire, numbers 1-3

Chips and Vanilla, number 1

Chocolate Alphabet

Choice Meats Comics, numbers 1-2


The Chopping Block, numbers 9, 14

Chuck Chicken and Bruin Bear

Christ on a Crutch


Circular, numbers 17-18

Circus, numbers 166

City Limits Comix, number 3

City Limits Gazette, numbers 1-84

City of Bone Comix

Class War Comix, number 1

Classic Creepy Tales, numbers 1-3

Classical Punks, number 1

Classics Illustrated, numbers 1-2

Claw Hammers, number 2

Clean Dick

Clean Dirt Comix, number 1

Clearlake Comix

Clem and Wojo, number 2

Cloud Comics, number 2



The CoEvolution Quarterly, numbers 21, 24-25

Cobalt Blue, number 1

Cocain Comix, numbers 1-4

Cody Starbuck

Coffee Drinkin' Man

The Coffee Table Edition

Col. Pub's Single Shot

Cold Blooded Chameleon Commandos, number 1

Cole Black, numbers 1-4

Collage, numbers 9, 16

The Collected Adventures of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (English and German versions)

The Collected Bil Keane Watch, Vol. 1-5

The Collected Cheech Wizard

The Collected Iggy and Snurt, number 1

The Collected Fat Freddy's Cat, Vol. 1

The Collected Slacker, number 1

The Collected Tales of the Gigags, Vol. 1

A Collection of Comics

Collectors' Club Newsletter, numbers 46-53

Collectors Guide to New Wave Comix


Combo, The Force of Moscow

Come Along With Friends of American Living

Come Out Comix

The Comet, number 5

Comet Tales, numbers 1-3, 6

Comic Art Collection, numbers 31-33

Comic Art Studies, number 47

The Comic Block, numbers 1-6

The Comic Book Newsletter, numbers 2-8, 15-23

Comic-Con Television Guide and Schedule

Comic Crusader, number 10

Comic Update (soft copies), number 2- ?

Comic Update (Miscellany)

Comical Funnies, number 1

Comico Promo

Comics and Their Creators

Comics for Aliens on Earth

Comics Digest, numbers 1-3

Comics F-X, numbers 1, 3, 4-12, 14-15, 19

The Comics Journal, numbers 96-102, 111-114, 116-119, 124-125

Comics Week!, number 1

Comix Book, numbers 1-5

The Comix Collector, numbers 1-3

Comix and Drawings Burning to You Strait from Hell

Comix International, numbers 1-5

Comix of Honor

Comix Relay, numbers 1-6

Comix Trip, number 1

The Comix of Two Cities

Comix Unlimited

Comix Views, Vol. 1, number 5

Comix Wave, numbers 1-28

Comix Wave, numbers 1-16, 18-35, 38-77, numbers 80-86 (1983-1990)

Comix World, numbers 1-9, 11-15, 17-19, 21-25, 27-31, 34, 38-44, 46-47, 49-112, 115-181, 184-204, 209-238

Comixtalk, numbers 3-4

Commies from Mars the Red Planet, numbers 1-6

Commited Comix

Common Types of Barflyze

The Compleat Fart and Other Body Emissions

The Complete Cheech Wizard, Vol. 1-Vol. 4

The Complete Fluffhead

The Complete Foo!, numbers 1-3

Complete Karno's Klassics Katalog 1989

Completely Bad Boys

Compost Comics, number 1

The Compulsive World of Howski Studios Catalog 4

C. O. N. Artists, Summer-Fall 1991

Con City Comix

Conan the Barbarian, numbers 7, 24, Giant-Size, number 1, King-Size, number 1

Concrete, numbers 1-10, Celebrates Earth Day 1990, number 1, Color Special, number 1, Land and Sea

Consciousness, numbers 1-3

Conserving Resources Comix, numbers 1, 5

Consumer Comix

The Contaminated Zone, numbers 1-3

The Continental Courier, number 9


Control 'Zine, number 5

Coochy Cooty Men's Comics, number 1

Cooper Point Journal, Vol. 9, numbers 1-8, 12, 14, 17-18, 22-24, 26, June 1987

Corn Fed Comics, numbers 1-2

Cornelia Cartoonz, numbers 1-2

Corban the Barbearian, number 1

Corperate Crime Comics, numbers 1-2

Cosmic Capers

Cosmic Circus, unnumbered issue, Best of …, number 1, number 5

Cosmic Comix, Vol. 6

Cosmic Kaludo, numbers 1-2

Counter Media, number 6

Counter-Culture Comix

Coverage Comics, number 2

Cover Comic, number 1

Cover-Up Lowdown


Cranium Frenzy, numbers 1-7

The Crash Update

Crazy Men Comix, numbers 1-2

Crazy Men Deluxe

Crazy Men Go Wild!

Crazy Men on Vacation

Crazy Train, Vol. 1, number 1

Creem, Vol. 9, number 3

Creepy, numbers 36, 41, 43-44, 46, 48, 54, 56-70, 73-75, 77, 83-84, 92, 101, 103, 112-113, 132, 140

Creepy Annual 1971-1972

Creepy Book 1


The Crime of Being Alive

Crimson Dreams, numbers 1, 8, 10

Critters, numbers 1-14, 18, 21-26, 29-38

Crome Plated

Crosscurrents, Vol. 2, numbers 1, 3, 5-7, 11

Cruel and Unusual Punishment, number 2

Crump Comics, number 5

Crystal Night

Cud, number 4

Cutey Bunn's Pearl Harbor Beach Party

Cult Comix, numbers 1-3, 5-6, 10

Cultural Jetlag, number 1

Curse of the Molemen, number 1

Cynicalman Promo

Czar Chasm, numbers 1-2

D'Arc Tangent, number 1

D.O.A. Comics, number 1

Da-Da Dupe

Dada Ditto

Dada Gumbo Morty

Daily Diary, number 1

Dada Gumbo, number 6

Daily Snews, numbers 10-12

The Daily Twerp, number 2, The Daily Tweet, numbers 6-7, 14, 16

Dallas November '63

Dan O'Neill's Comics, Vol. 1, numbers 1-2, Vol. 2, numbers 1-2

Dan Taylor Press Release, Vol. 1, numbers 1, 3

Dangle, numbers 2-3

Dark Age, number 1

Dark Horse Presents, numbers 1-4, 14, 19

Das Kamph, number 2

Delta Core-Bulldagger Records and Film

A Date with Death

The David Thomas Roberts Broadside, number 8

Davo, numbers 2-4

Dawn is Ugly 666, number 3

De Anza Student Essays from English Courses

Dead Angel, numbers 7-8

Dead Ringer, number 1

Dead Time Stories, Vol. 1, number 1

Deadspawn, numbers 2-4

Dean Nova, numbers 1-3

Death Rattle, Vol. 1, numbers 1-3, Vol. 2, numbers 1-18

Decontrol "Decay Issue" ( Number Zone 6), number .5

Deep Comix, number 1

Deep Girl, number 3

Deep Sleep Funnies

Deja-Vu, number 1

Delayed Stress Syndrome Funnies (first edition, fourth and fifth printing)

Delta Tenn, Vol. 1, number Tenn

Demented Pervert, numbers 1-2

Demi the Demoness, number 1

Demi the Demoness, number 3, Kit-Ra, number 0

Demo, number 1

Demolition Dentist

Demon Star Comics, numbers 1-2

Den, numbers 1-10

Den Saga, number 4

Denizens of Deep City, numbers 1-4, 6-8

Dentist, December 30, 9.30 AM, Vol. 1, number 1

Depraved Comix, number 1

The Desert Peach, numbers 2-6, 9-11

Desktop Comics


Despair Bears, number 1

1 Detonation!

Deviant Slice, numbers 1-2

Dial H for Hembeck, number 7

Dialogue, number 88

Dick Dog Face, number 1

Dick Tracy in 3-D

Die Fat Piggy Die!!, numbers 3, 8-10

Dig It or Go Home!

Dik Skycap and Dr. Ian DeFrost, numbers 1-2

The Diner

Dink MaGee, number 1

Dinosaur Evangelist, numbers 1-2

Dip Stories, number 1

Dirt Ball Funnies, number 1

Dirty Duck, number 1

Dirty Hands, numbers 1-5

Dirty Laundry, numbers 1-2

Dirty Plotte, number 8

Disco Mouse, number 1

Diseased Pariah News (D.P.N.), number 1

Dishman, numbers 1-10

A Disturbing Evening and Other Stories

Diva Grafix and Stories, numbers 1-2

Doctor Atomic, numbers 1-6

Doctor Bang and His Big Guns, number 1

Doctor Wirtham's Comix and Stories, numbers 1-9-?

Dog Bits-Morty the Dog, number 2

Dog Boy, number 1-7, Vol. 2, numbers 1-9

Dog of Dawn Dog of Dusk

Dog Slobber, numbers 1-2

Dog Town

Dogfish Head, number 4

Dogma Fight

Dogtown Zoo, number 1

Doll, numbers 4-8

Dolphin Moon



Domino Chance, numbers 2-3, 7

Don Rosa's Comics and Stories, number 1

Don-O's Odds and Ends, numbers 1-2

Dope Comix, numbers 1-5

Dope Fiend Funnies, number 1

Dopin' Dan, numbers 1-4

Dorman's Doggie

Down Memory Lane

Downtown Mini Comics, numbers 1, 3

Drag Cartoons, number 33

Dragonblade, numbers 1-2

Dragon Lady Press Quarterly Edition, number 1

Drawn and Quarterly, number 1

Dream Sequence

Dream Weaver, number 2

Dreams of a Dog, numbers 1-2

The Dreams of Everyman

Drip Toadstarfer Presents, numbers 1-2

Droll Funnies

Drool Magazine, number 1

Drought Chic

Drunk Comix


Duck and Cover, numbers 1-2

The Duplex Planet, number 107

Dutch Treat

The Dying Dolphin

Dyke Shorts

Dynamite, number 10

Dynamite Damsels

E. P. Comics

E. Z. Wolf, number 1

E. Z. Wolf's Astral Outhouse

Ear of Corn, number 17

East Texas

Eating Raoul

Eb'nn, number 4


The Eclectic

Ed Thud "Special Edition"

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink Comix

Edgar Allen Poe

Edward's Heave

Eerie, numbers 31-33, 43, 54-58, 60, 62, 64, 77, 79, 81, 86-87, 90

Eerie 1972 Annual

E G Newsletter, number 4

Egoboost, number 3

Eibos, Vol. 3, number 2 special edition

Eight (8)-Hour Comics

Eightball, numbers 1-2

¡El Mago Szazbo

El Perfecto Comics

El Salvador A House Divided

Elastic Worm, number 2

Electric Pete Comix, numbers 1-4

The Electric Weenie, number 2

Elfquest, numbers 1-21

Elfquest-Siege at Blue Mountain, numbers 1-8

Jim Elgin's Poetry Television

Elvis' Ghost

Empire Rose, number 1

End of the Earth and Turn Left

Energy Comics, number 1

Enigma!, number 1

Epic Illustrated, numbers 1-3, 9, 15-16, 26, 30

The Equalizer, number 1

Equinox, number 6


Escape, numbers 1-5, 7-8

Essar Comics, numbers 1-7

Essence of Tool, number 4

Etcetera, Vol. 2, number 30, Vol. 6, number 7

Etchings and Lithographs by Frank Stack

Eternal Comics

Eulipian, number 1 and small zine

Even Casco Gets the Blues

Every Family Has One

Every Galaxy Has a Monster

The Everyman Flyer

Everyman Studios 1979 Catalog

The Everthing Man, number 1, Annual, number 1

Excalibur "Special Edition" and Promo

Exciting Clip-Art

Excursions into the Law, number 2

Experiencing Technical Difficulties, number 1

The Exploded Whale, number 2

The Exploits of the Junior Carrot Patrol, number 1

Explosion Comix, number 4

The Exquisite Corpse Bakes a Pie

Exquisite Corpse Comix, number 1

Extreme Magazine, number 1

Eye of Mogombo, numbers 3, 5

Eyebeam, number 1


The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, numbers 3-12; Further Adventures of Those Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, number 2

Face No Face and the Dog

Facts O' Life Funnies

Factsheet Five, numbers 25, 27, 29-34, 36-43, 53-54, Vol. 2, numbers 1-6

The Fading Universe, numbers 1-3

Faerie Star, number 1

Famous Art Mystery, number 1

Famous Monsters of Filmland, numbers 33-35

Fan Scene, numbers 1-5

Fandom Confidential, number 1

Fandom Forum, number 1

Fandom House 1993 Comics Catalog

The Fandom Journal, numbers 1-2

Fandom Team-Up, number 1

Fandom Times

The Fandom Writer, number 3

Fanfare, number 1

Fantagor, numbers 1-5

Fanascape, numbers 1-5

Fantastic Fanzine, Vol. 1, number 12

The Fantastically Bizarre Adventures of King Glommo with Buddy in Space, number 1

Fantasy Crossroads, numbers 8-9

Fantasy Qurterly, number 1

Fanzine Xing, Vol. 1 number 4 "Summer '87," number 5

Far Out West

The Far Side Observer

Farewell. to Madrid

Farm Horn, number 1

Fast Fiction, numbers 2-4

Fat Freddy's Comics and Stories, numbers 1-2

The Fat Cat

The Fat Ninja, number 3

Father's Mustache Funnies!, number 1

The Fathos

The Fauna Rebellion, numbers 1-2

Faust, Vol. 1, number 3

Fear and Laughter

Fear is Hell, number 1

Feds 'n Heads Comics

Feelgood Funnies, numbers 1-2

Felch Cumics, number 1

The Felix Letter, Vol. 1, number 3

Female. A Monster Among Men

Femme Noir, numbers 1-2

Ferret, number 8

Fever Dreams, number 1

Fever Pitch, numbers 1-8

Fibres of the Mind, numbers 1-2

Fiction Illustrated, Vol. 2

Fifties Funnies, number 1

Fighting Guys Annual, number 1

Figment, numbers 1-3

Figments Unlimited

Thirteenth Annual Independent Film Makers Festival

Final Spark

Finders Keepers, numbers 1-4

Fine Art Comics, numbers 1-4, 6-18

A Finkster A Rose

Fire Sale

Firkin, numbers 1-3

The First Kingdom, numbers 1-24

First Klass Komiks, number 1

The Fish Police, numbers 1-11, Vol. 2, numbers 5, 8-16, Special, number 1

Fit to be Tied


Fixing Cars

Flam, number 1

Flamed-Out Funnies, numbers 1-2

The Flames of Gyro

Flaming Carrot Comics, numbers 1-27


A Flawless Man

Flesh, number 1

Flesh and Bones, number 7

Fleshapoids from Earth Comix and Stories, number 1

Flimsy Excuses

Fluffles, number 1


Fog City Comics, numbers 1-3

Fold-Out Funnies, number 1

Folk Funnies, number 2

Food Comix, number 1

Food First Comix

Foothill College Sentinel Volume 18, numbers 15-16

For Your Skull, numbers 17-19

Forbidden Knowledge Comics, number 1

Forbidden 3-D

The Forever People, numbers 1-11

Forty Below Funnies

The Forty Year Old Hippie, number 2

Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail

Four Color Magazine, Vol. 1, number 5

Four Sketchbooks and Table of Useful Information

Four-Fisted Tales, numbers 1-2

Fox Comics, numbers 1-4, 6, 8-9, 12-13, 24-26, Special, number 1

Fran an' Mable, numbers 1-3

Fran Mod

Frank-In England, on the Farm

Frank the Unicorn, numbers 1-2, 5-6

Frankie Laine's Comics and Stories, number 1

Fred and Ned Comics

Fred Comix


Free Funnies, number 2

Free Laughs

Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee Comix

The Freedom Writer, Vol. VIII, number 6

French Ice, number 7

French Ticklers, numbers 1-2


Fresh Blood Funny Book

Fresh Comix, number 1

Friends of Syd Barret, Vol. 1, number 6

From Soul to Poison

Fugitive Factsheet, numbers 3-4

Fugitoid, number 1

Fuktup Funnies

Full Moon, number 1

Fumettie, number 1

Fun Boys Spring Special

Fun Funnies

Fun in Acapulco


The Funnies Paper, numbers 7-38

The Funny Book, numbers 1-3

The Funny Files, number 1

Funny Paper, numbers 1-2

Funny Times

Funnybook, number 1

Funnyworld, number 14


Fusillade, number 2

Future Beat, number 1

Future Fanzine, number 2

Future Gold, June 1980

Future Shocks

Future World Comix, number 1

Fuzzy Nip's Naughty Anthropomorphics, number 2

Gag, number 1, Page, number 1, Page Jr, Keen Jokes, numbers 1-2, Tan the Gagman, numbers 1-4

Gags the Editors Wouldn't Buy..., number 1

Galaxias--The Limited Edition Portfolio--One

Gammon, Gammon, number 1

Gasm, numbers 1-5

Gates of Eden, number 1

Gateway to Horror, number 1

Gay Comix, numbers 1-14

Gay Hearthrobs, numbers 1-3

The Geek Book

Gen of Hiroshima, numbers 1-2


George and Barbara's Christmas Crisis, Vol. 1, number 2

Geriatric Gangrene Jujitsu Gerbils, number 1

Geriatricman, number 1

Gestalt, number 3

Getting the Fear, number 1

Ghetto Bitch, number 1

Ghou -Land

Giant-Sized Mini Comics, numbers 1-4

The Giant Cracked Second Annual

Gimme, number 1

Gimmie Comics, number 1

The Girl, numbers 1-4

Girl Fight Comics, numbers 1-2

Girls and Boys

Give Me Liberty!

Gizmo, numbers 1-2

Gizmo and the Fugitoid, number 1



Gnatrat the Movie, number 1

Gobbledygook, number 1

God Crazy

God Nose


The Gods of Mount Olympus Chapters 1-3

Gods' Man

Godzilla King of the Monsters

The Golden Age, number 1

Golden Slug, number 3

Goldyn in 3-D, number 1

Gonzo Comix and Stories

Good Clean Fun, numbers 1-3

Good for Nothing

Good Girls, number 6

Good Jive Comix, numbers 1-2

Goodbye Radio, Hello Happiness

Goodies, numbers 89-90

Gordeldier, number 3

Gore Shriek, number 6, Vol. 2, numbers 1-2.5

Gorilla Girl, number 1

Gory Comix, number 10

Gory Stories Quarterly, number 2.5

Gospel of John


Grafiske Dromme, number 3

Graphic Flak, Vol. 1, numbers 2-6

Graphic Gallery, numbers 4-11

Graphic Images, numbers 2-3

Graphic Story Magazine, numbers 13, 16

Graphic Story Monthly, numbers 1-2, 3

Graphic Story World, numbers 8-9

Graphixus, numbers 1-2, 4

The Grass Green Thesis on Sex! Parts 1 and 2

Grass' Girls, number 1

Grate Country--A Murdered Eternity

Greatfuldead Comix, numbers 1, 3-6

Greaser Comics, numbers 1-2

The Greasing of Billy Charter

Great Diggs, number 2

Great Diggs of 77

The Great Society Comic Book

The Greatest Diggs of all Time!

The Greenhell Gazette, number 3

Gremlin, number 1

Grey Legacy, number 0

Griffith Observatory, number 1

Grim Wit, numbers 1-2

Grin Reaper Comics, numbers 1-2

Grindhouse, number 4, number 6

The Grindhouse Journal, number 7

Grinding Wheels Enterprises Catalog 1990


Groin, Vol. 67, number 3

Groovy Pie, number 7

Grunt, numbers 1-2

Gryphon Publications Catalog 1990

Guano Comix, number 4

Guest Check Comix, number 1

Guide Magazine, Vol. II, number 6

Guts, numbers 1-3

Gyro Comicx, numbers 1-2


Haircuts of the Future

Half Assed Funnies, number 1

Half-Assed Comics

Halloween, number 4

Halloween Horror, number 4


Hamlet, number 1

Hand Jive Battles

Hank and Hannah Comics, number 1

Hank Stories, numbers 2-3

Happy Comix

Happy Holidaze Funnies, number 1

Hard Times

Hardboiled Animal Comics

Harley Smoot's Big Time Funnies, number 1

Harold Hedd, number 2

Harold Hedd in Hitler's Cocaine, numbers 1-2

The Haunt of Fear, number 2

He'p, number 5 and Mo' He'p

Head IV


The Heart Single Field Theory

Heartbreak Comics

Heavy Metal, numbers 1-111, 113-120, 122-134; Vol. 6, number 1; Vol. 16, number 2; Vol. 17, number 3; Vol. 18; numbers 2-5; Vol. 19, number 2

The Best of Heavy Metal, 1-2

Bride of Heavy Metal

A Heavy Metal Graphic Novel. The Venus Interface

Heavy Metal Greatest Hits

Heavy Tragi-Comics, number 1

The Hedonist, numbers 1-2

Hell for Leather

Hello from San Diego

Help, number 1


Hembeck, numbers 1-5

Hepcats, numbers 1-7, number 1(special edition)

Heroes for Hope, number 1


Hey!, numbers 1-7

Hidden Planet Nebula, numbers 1-2, part 2

Hiddeous Ha-Ha's 1-2

High Adventure, number 1

High School Funnies

High Times Comix, Vol. 4

High Energy, number 1

High-Flyin' Funnies Comix and Stories

Hippi-Witches Promo Material

Hit the Road, number 1

Hob-Nob, Issue 48, Vol. 19, number 1; Issue 49, Vol. 20, number 1

Hobo Stories, number 1

Hoboken Babylon

Holistics, number 1

Hollowpoint, numbers 1-2

Holy Shit!, number 1

Holy Titclamps, numbers 1-8

Holy Titclamps, numbers 9-11, 13

Home Grown Funnies, number 1

Home Made Comics

Homo Patrol

Honk!, numbers 1-5

Honky Tonk Sue, numbers 1-4

The Honkytonk Times, number 1

Hoo Ha Comics, numbers 1-3

Hoo-Be-Boo, number 1

The Hoobi Yaps Artifact


Horde, numbers 15, 22-25

Horizons Unlimited, numbers 8-9, 11, 13, 15-16, 18, 23-24, 37, 39-44

Horny Biker Slut Comics, numbers 1-4

Horny Toad Comix, number 1

Horrible Misunderstandings, numbers 1-2

Horrific Romance Comix, number 1

The Horror Fan Club Magazine, numbers 1-3

Horror in the Dark, numbers 1, 3


Hot Crackers, number 1

Hot Nads

Hot Stuf', numbers 1-8

House of Cartoons Newsletter

A House United Against Itself

How T'Make it as a Rockstar

How Two Ex-Presidents Went Up My Nose!

Howie's Wimmen

Howski Nuclear Catalog

Howski Portfolio


Hugo, number 1, Second Series, numbers 1-3

The Human Beings

The Human Drama

Human Soup Comics, numbers 1-3

Hungry Chuck Biscuits Comics and Stories, number 1

Hungry Hermit, Vol. 1, numbers 1-3

Hup, numbers 1-3

Hype Comics, numbers 1-2

Hyper Comics

Hypoglycemic Cats

Hysterical History, number 1

I Cover the War, Vol. 2, numbers 7-8, 11-12

I, Komix, numbers 1-3

I Saw It

I Woulda Ran (if Ida Known)

Icon Devil, Vol. 2, number 1

Iconoclast Comix, number 3

ID, number 1

Idaho Comic News, 1993 (June, Aug., Sept., Oct.), 1994 (Nov.)

Idiot Davoid

Idiotland, number 6

If You Can't See a Need for my Work Maybe You Need Glasses


Illuminatus!, numbers 1-3

Illustrated Checklist to Underground Comix

The Illustrated Emmerson

The Illustrated Naughty Naked Dreamgirls, numbers 1, 12-14

The Image of the Beast, first and second printings

Imagine, numbers 1-6

Imago, numbers 1-2

Imp Magazine, number 1

The Imperfect Pitch, number 2

The Imprint, number 1

In A Rut, numbers 1-6

In Cold Blood

In Dire Straits, numbers 1-4

In the Shatterlight, number 5

Inahaba Funnies

Incidental Scrawling, numbers 1-5

The Incredible Rocky

The Incredible Saga of the Urban Saint

Incredible Tales of Adventure, numbers 4-8

Industrial Toliet Paper, numbers 1-3

Inertron, number 4

Infamous Funnies, number 1

Infinity, numbers 4-6

Influx, number 1

Ingram Odyssey

Ink Spot, number 1

Inkspots, numbers 1-2

The Inner City Romance, numbers 1-5

Insect Fear, number 3

Inside Joke, number 29

The Insider, number 14

The Insipid 6, number 2

Instant Comix 'n Drawings, numbers 1-5

Intellectually Stimulating Comics

Intensely Bland Comix, number 1

International Bambi, numbers 1-2

Iron Moose, number 3

Ismet, numbers 1-5

Isolation, numbers 1-2

It Ain't Me Babe

It's a Fanzine, numbers 34-36, and related promotional material

It's Only a Matter of Life and Death

It's Only Rock and Roll Comix

Itchy Planet, numbers 1-3

Itchy Scaly, numbers 1-3

It's a Dog's Life

It's Science with Dr. Radium

Jabberwocky, number 1, 1981 Portfolio

Jabberwocky Graphix Catalogue, number 4

Jack of Nines


Jam, number 1

The Jam, numbers 2, 4

Japanese Monster

Jaw, number 1

Jaxon's Illustrated Tales, number 1

J.D.S.., number 3


Jes' Fine, numbers 2-3

Jesus Comics, number 3

Jim, numbers 2.1-4, Vol. 2, numbers 1, 3

Jim Nastics, number 1

Jiz Comics

Joe Whale's Kooky Tales

Joel Beck's Comics and Stories

John Law Detective

John the Dead, number 1

Johnny, number 1

Joint Effort

Jonny Quest, numbers 1-6, 19-23, 25-28, 30-31

Jonny Quest Classics, numbers 1-3

Jonny Quest Special, number 1

The Journal of Popular Culture

The Journal of Pure Art, numbers 1-2

The Journalistic Adventures of Ronaldo Gilvera, numbers 1-4

Journey, numbers 1-27

Judy Tunafish, number 1

Juice City, number 1

Juicy Tales, number 1

Jump Start!, number 1

Junior Jackalope

Junk and Other Culture

Junk Comix

Junkwaffle, numbers 1-5

Just Imagine Comics and Stories, numbers 0, 3, 5, 9-10

Just Out. Comix

Kage Comics Presents

Kamandi, number 4

Kar-Tunz, number 3

Karate Man, number 1

Karno's Klassics, numbers 1-20, 22-30

Katrina K. Kelly, numbers 12-15

Kelpie, numbers 1, 5-7

Keltik Komix

Kelvin Mace, numbers 1-2

Kids Club Newsletter, number 9

Kids' Liberation Coloring Book

King-Cat Comics and Stories, numbers 7-8, 15, 20

Kings in Disguise, numbers 1-6

Kinky Klitt Komics, number 1

Kitz 'n Katz, numbers 1-6

Kitz 'n Katz Komiks, numbers 1-4

Knockabout Comics, numbers 1-6

Komix for a New Society

Komma-Kazi Komix, number 1

Koochi Koodle Gallery of Art and Comic Sketching, number 1

Kounter Klockwise Magazine, number 24

Kozmik Star Comics

Krazy Kat, number 1

Kukawy Comics, number 1

Kurd Comics, numbers 1-5

Kurtzman Komix

Kwik Comics

Kyra, number 1

K-Z Comics, number 1

L'il Newavers

L. A. Ain't Your Kind of Town

L. A. Comics, number 2

Laf Comix

Laffin' Gas, numbers 2-3

The Lair of Madness, number 1

Lake County Comix

Land of Heroes

Larry Nadolsky Portfolio

Larry of McCleary and other Characters

The Last Cigarette

Last Gasp Catalog, 1979

The Last Generation, Vol. 1, number 4

Laugh George!, number 1

Laugh in the Dark, number 1

Layboy, Vol. 62, number 6, and 1965 (unmarked issue)

Lead Balloons, numbers 15-19, 21-26

Leaders are Drainpipes

Lean Years

Leaping Weasel Comics, numbers 1-2

Left-Field Funnies, number 1

Legal Action Comics

The Legend of Black Chrystal

The Legion of Charlies

Lemme Outa Here!

Leonardo, number 1

Libertarian Familist, Vol. II, number 5

Library Comix

The Life and Loves of Cleopatra

Life in Hell, number 3

Life is a Joke, number 3

Life on Planet Earth, Vol. 2, number 12

Life with Elmo

Light Comitragies

Light Wood, Vol. 1, numbers 1-2

Like Nobody's Bizness

Li'l Elder Williams, number 1

The Lil' Rhino Gazette, number 15


Lime, number 1

The Limit, number 1

Line Drawings

Lines and Circles and Letters and Spaces

Lipstck, numbers 1-2

Litmus, number 1

The Little Book of Inner Space, number 1

The Adventures of the Little Green Dinosaur

Little Greta Garbage, numbers 1-2

Little Known Olympic Sports!

Live Nude Facts, number 1

The Log of the Irish Navy

The Lone Groover's ... Little Read Book

Lonely Nights Comics, number 1

Long Way Home

Lost Cause Comix, numbers 1-3

Lost Souls, Vol. 1, number 4

Lousy Parents Comix, number 3

Love and Rockets, numbers 1-2, 4, 6-35, 38-39, 41,43-44, iBonanza!, Ten Years of

Love Fantasy, number 1

The Love Rangers, numbers 1-6

The Love Zine, number 1

Lovely Ladies

Low Budget Funnies, numbers 1-2

Lowlife, numbers 1, 11-12

Lt. Dish, numbers 1-2

Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.

Lugubrious Laughs, number 8

Lumpy the Amazon

Mack the Knife. Monochrome Memories, number 1

MAD, numbers 104, 159, 166

Mad Dog Madness

MAD Follies Fourth Annual Edition

MAD Special, numbers 3, 9, 15, 21, 24

MAD Super Special, numbers 12, 18

Made-Up Stuff is Stranger than Fiction, number 1

Madstar, number 1

Mage, numbers 5-15

Magebook, Vol. 1

Maggotzine, number 1

Magic Bullet, Vol. 1, number 38

Magic Carpet, number 2

The Magical Nymphini, numbers 1-3, 5

Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D., numbers 32, 40

Major Mishap Meets Private Enterprise

Major Mishapovich Meets Misha

Make Way for Ducklings

Making it with the Kids

Malcontent 22. New Jersey

Mama. Dramas

Man and his Cymbals

Man with Many Faces

The Man

Man from Utopia

The Man of Steel, numbers 1-6

Mandy and Tracy, numbers 1-5

Manhunt!, numbers 1-2

The Many Faces of J. H. Smith

Mara of the Celts Special, number 1

Marbel Comics

Mark Marek's New Wave Comics



Mars Promotional

Martin Owl

Marvel Swimsuit Special, number 3

Marvel Two-in-One King-Size Annual, number 2 (The Thing and Spider Man)

Marvelous Fruits and Veggies Portfolio

Marvelous Martha's Good Old-Fashioned Comics, number 3


Mass Hysteria!

Matilor the Iconoclast, number 1

Matt Comics, number 1

Max'.ine.'s Two Pages, number 10

Maxwell Mouse Follise, numbers 1-3, 5

Mayhem, numbers 1-2

Me Name is ... Rellik X

Mean Bitch Thrills

Mean Cat

Mean Streets, numbers 2.5-3

Meanwhile, numbers 1-3

Mechanics, numbers 1-3

Mechthings, numbers 2-4

Media Watch, Vol. 6, number 7

Media Surprise, numbers 1-2

Medium Condensed, number 1

Meet Comix, numbers 1-2

Meet Miss Streetlady

Megaton Man, numbers 1-9

Melody, numbers 1-5

Mendocino County Comix

Mendocino Funnies, number 1

The Menomee Falls Guardian Special, numbers 1-3

Merton of the Movement, number 1

Metal Blade News, Vol. 2, number 8

Metal Head, number 1

Metal Hurlant, numbers 1-10, 12, 14-15, 21, 24-25, 28, 30, 32, 39

The Metal Men of Mars, number 1

Metaloids, number 0

The M.I.A. Tapes

Miami Mice

Michael Mouse Private Eye, number 1

Michaelangelo, number 1

Mickey Rat, numbers 1-4

Middle Class Fantasies, numbers 1-2

Mid-America Con, number 9

Midnight Fiction, number 2

The Mighty Comics Journal

Mighty Guy, numbers 1, 3

Mike Turnville's Chuck Chicken and Bruin Bear

Milk of Magneto

Millard Fillmore and Chester Alan Arthur

Millions of Marbles II

Milt the Mutation

Milt Gross Tribute

Mind Probe, number 1

Mindwarp Anthology

Miniature Messenger

Miracleman 3-D, number 1

The Mirk-Wood Times, numbers 1-6

Miscellaneous Stuff, number 2

Miscellania Unlimited, number 3

Mississippi Mud Comics, number 1

Mr. A

Mr. Miracle, numbers 1-25

Mr. Monster, numbers 1-23

Mr. Natural, numbers 1-3

Mister X, numbers 1-5


MJ Link

Mobile Destruct, numbers 2-3

MOD, number 1

The Mod Squad, number 1

Model by Day, numbers 1-2

Modern Collector's Review, number 4

Modern Historicality

Modern Depression Magazine

Moe Works at Wa -Mart, Vol. 2, number 3

Mom's Homemade Comics, number 3

Monarch Comics Presents, number 1

Monday Funnies, numbers 1-9

The Monday Funnies

Mondo Montana

Mondo Snarfo

The Monkey's Pain


Monster Comix

Monster Make-up Handbook

The Monthly Independent Tribune Times Journal Post Gazette News Chronicle Bulletin, numbers 52-53

Moon Comix, number 2

Moon Dog, numbers 1-4

Moorish Shere Monitor, Vol. 2, number 7

Moose, number 1

Moscoso Comix

Mother's Oats Comix

Motor City Comics

Mouth Magazine

Move Over Imelda. The Collected Shoes Stories of W. Geronimo Bohrer

Ms. Tree

MsQuoted Tales

Mu -The Land that Never Was

Mumbles, numbers 2-6

Mumbles in Love

Munden's Bar

Mustard Gas, number 1

Mutants of the Metropolis

My Life Depends on You!

Myron Moose

The Mystery Man, number 2

Mythic Residue

The Nacro Daba-Daba, number 6

Naïve Inter-Dimensional Commando Koalas, number 1

Namuhbus Amongus

Napalm Comix

Nard 'n Pat, numbers 1-2

National Extravaganza Enquirer "Premiere Issue"

National Lampoon, number 26

Natural Functions

The Natural Inquirer

Naughty Bits, number 11

Naughty Lingerie, numbers 1-6

Naughty Naked Dreamgirls, numbers 1-14

Near Myths, numbers 1-5

Trina Robbins' Near Myths

Neat Stuff, numbers 1-7

Neil to the Horse, numbers 1-4, 8-15

Nemesis, numbers 5-6

Neo-Canton Legacy

Nerve, number 2

Nervous Rex, numbers 1-2

Net Profit


New Age Comics, number 1

New Gods, numbers 1-19, later edition, numbers 4-6

New Legends, number 1

New Paltz Comix, numbers 1-3

New Reality, numbers 1-7, 6?

The New Settler Interview

New Tales of the Arabian Nights

A New Wave of Violence

The New York City Outlaws, numbers 1-2

Newave Artoonz, number 1

Newave Reader

News and Notes From All Over, Spring-Summer 1989

Nice Day Mini-Comix

Nickel Bag, number 2

Nickelodeon, numbers 1-2

Night Music Number 1, Vol. 2, numbers 1-3

Night Tyrant, number 6

Night Voyages

Nightmare District

The Nihilist Glee Club, numbers 9-11, Summer Special, X-mas Special

Nine Views

1984, numbers 1-9, 26

No Ducks!, numbers 1-2

No Fixed Abode, number 1

No Future, number 1

No Hope, numbers 2-3

No Name Comix, number 2

No Such Thing as Monsters, numbers 1-6


Noise Candy

Noise in the Void, number 1

Noisy Jewelry, number 2


Noo-Toons, numbers 1-2

Normal Bean, numbers 0-6

Normalman, 3-D Annual, number 1, numbers 1-12

Nostalgia News, numbers 20-22

Not Available King-Size Annual, numbers 1-2

Not Quite Dead, numbers 1-2

The Notorious Hatte Brothers Gang

Novus, numbers 31-32

Nucleus, number 1.5

Nu, numbers 3, 5-8 (Eccehomo 3 Tisac)

Nut Runners, numbers 1-2


O.K. Comics, numbers 1-2

Obscure, numbers 1-1.5

Catalog of Obscuro Comix and Other Stuff

Obscure Publications and Video, number 5

Occult Laff Parade

Odd Dog

Oddities, numbers 1-5

Officer Byrd, Vol. 1, number 1

Ogoth and Ugly Boot

Old Tales

Omaha the Cat Dancer, numbers 1-15, 17, 0

The Omar Lennyx Files, number 1 Blood Seekers

Omni Features, Vol. 1, number 1

Omowave, number 2

On the Road with George and Barbara in Vacationland!, number 1

On the Spot, number 0

"On Your Knees," Says Police, or Else!

One, number 1

One and One, numbers 1-2

One Hundred Cartoons

One Hundred Words for Penis

One Normal Guy Talking with a Nut

!One Sex Comix!, number 1

One-Fisted, numbers 1-5

Open Stacks, Vol. 30, numbers 1-2

Optimism of Youth

Oracle, number 2

Oracle Comix, numbers 1-2

Orb, number 3

Original Art Showcase

Other Christs

The Other Spur

Other Worlds, numbers 1, 11


Our Story Thus Far, numbers 1-3

Our Vast Catalog of Other Good Stuff (2 items)

Outlook, number 16

Outside In, numbers 11, 13-14

Overheard at America's Lunch Counters, number 2

Overload, numbers 1-5

Overload Magazine, number 1

Ozone, number 1

P. J. Warlock, number 1

Pace Maker Defect

Pacific Presents, numbers 1-2 (Rocketeer)

The Pagfeek Papers, number 1

Pain, number 1

Pakistan and a Pipe

Pandemonium Express

Pandoras Box Comix

Panmod, number 7

Paper Comix, number 1

Paper Cuts, number 1

Paper Prince, number 1

Paper Tales, numbers 1-2

Paper Toadstool, numbers 1-2

Par Holman's Secret Files

Paradise an Interplanetary Fantasy

Paradox!, number 1


Paranoid, number 1

Parking Lot Warriors


Particle Dreams, numbers 1-4

Party Comics

Patrick Rabbit, number 1

Pedestrian Vulgarity, number 1

Peep Show, numbers 5-6

Peeping Tom Comix

Peer Pressure, number 1


Pelleas and Melisande, numbers 1-2

Penguin and Pencilguin, numbers 1, 3-4

Penguin Retrospective

People are Phoney

The People's Comics


A Personal Mythology

Pervert Comix, number 4

Phantacea, numbers 1-4

Phantastique, numbers 3-4

Philbert Desanex's Dreams

Phoebe and the Pigeon People, numbers 1-3

Phoenix Restaurant

Pick-Pocket Comics

Picklehead. Pro Hero, number 1

Picture Story Magazine, numbers 1-2

Pictures of Exhibition

The Pillard Dickle Report

The Pink Floyd Experience, number 1



Plague of Humor, numbers 1-3

The Plague Doctor, number 3

Plain Brown Wrapper, numbers 248, 253

Plain Loon Comix, number 1

Plains of Paranoia

Planet Elzon

Planet of Geeks

The Plant Sitter

Platinum Toad, numbers 8-9

Player's Forum, Vol. 1, number 1

Playground, number 1

Plethora of Fun Sampler

The Plight of Mr. Wang

Polar Funnies, number 2

Poleing Together

Pontiac Tempura

Poot, numbers 0-11, 13, Outtakes

Popery, number 1

Popular Reality, number 15


Pork Roasts


Portfolio, number 6

Portland Underground Comix, numbers 1-3


Postage Stamp Funny?(s), number 1

Power Comics, numbers 1-5

Power Pak Comics, numbers 1-2

Powerhouse Pepper

Practical Comix, number 1

Pre-Holocaust, Vol. 5, number 5

Premium Crackers, numbers 1-2

The Previous Future, number 1

Prime Cuts, numbers 1-3, 6-8

The Printer's Devil, numbers 8-9

The Prisoner Book a-d (numbers 1-4)

Private Strokes, number 1

ProWrestling Illustrated

Projunion, number 1

Promethian Enterprises, numbers 3-5

Prophylactic 13

Protoplasm '97, numbers 1-2

Pryor Knowledge

Psychic Warfare for the Modern Man, Vol. 1, number 1

Psycho Comics, number 1

Psychomix, number 6


Psychotic Adventures, numbers 1-3

Public Address System, number 4

Pudge Girl Blimp, numbers 1-3

The Puma Blues, number 15

Punk, number 15

Pure Entertainment, numbers 2, 4-6

Pure Insanity, numbers 3, 5-6

Pure Joy, number 1

Pure Sex, numbers 1, 2-4

Purgatory USA, number 1

Purge. The First

Purple Cat, number 1

Pussyfoot in 2

Pussy Foolin', number 1

Quack!, numbers 1-6


Quark, number 1

Queen City Comics, number 1

Queen of Hairy Flies

Queer Zine Explosion, numbers 5-6

The Quiet Guy

Racial Loyalty, number 80

Radium Skull Comix, numbers 1-2

Rag, number 1, number 3

The Rag, Vol. 1, numbers 1-2

Railroad Squid

The Rain's Falling on Hard Nosed Harry

Raised by Wolves, Vol. 2-3

Rambi, number 1

Raphael, number 1

Ratz, number 1

Ratzlaffe Funnies, number 2

Raunch-O-Rama, numbers 13, 15

The Ravensnest Small Press Catalog, Vol. 1, number 1 Winter-Spring 1987

Raw Purple

Re-Action, number 1

The Real Art Letter, number 1

Real Deal Premier Issue!, number 1

Real Hapnin Comix

Real Hep. Comics, numbers 1-3

Real Jam!

Real Life, number 1

The Real McGees

Real Pulp Comics, numbers 1-2

Real Scream Comics, numbers 18, 20-21

Realm, numbers 5-7

Realm of Fantasy, number 8

The Realm of Satan, number 1

Recollections of Gran Apacheria

Recuerden El Alamo

Red Blades of Black Cathay

Red Neck Newsletter, number 1

Red Raider

Refinishing a Complete Guide

Regco's Variety Showcase, number 1

Reid Fleming World's Toughest Milkman, Vol. 1, numbers 1-2, Vol. 2, numbers 3-5

Relentless Pursuit, numbers 1-2

Reluctant Sadist, numbers 3-5

REMnants, number 1

Renaissance Fan, number 10

Renegade, numbers 3-4

Renegade Romance, number 2

The Renegade!, number 1

Reno. Private Eye for Hire

The Repeal of Decorum, Vol. 4, number 2

Resistance Komix, number 2

Retchathon and Spewathon

Retreads, numbers 1-7

Retrograde, number 9


Return of the Lumpy


Reverend Blood

Reviews Reviews Reviews

Reviews Unlimited, number 1

Rhaj, number 1-6

Richie Rich Millions, number 56

Rick Gerry's Wonders and Oddities

Riding the Big Horse

Rigor Mortis, number 1

Rim of Reality

Rim Shot, numbers 1-3

Rip In Time (Graphic Novel in Plastic), numbers 1-2, 3-5

Rip Off Comix, numbers, 1-12, 14-31

Rip Off Press Inc. (promotional material)

Rip Off Press Presents the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Library, Vol. 1-4

The Rip Off Review of Western Culture, number 3, Promo Material

The Rise and Fall of Morty the Dog

Riverside Quarterly, Vol. 7, number 4, Vol. 8, number 1

Rita Rockahousekey, number 1

Rob Hanes, number 1

Robber Bear Ron, numbers 1-2

Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian, number 1

Robot Comics, number 0

Robot Fields, number 1

Rock 'n Roll Comics, number 13

Rock 'n Roll Madness Funnies, numbers 1-2

Rock Horror, numbers 1, 3

Rock Magazine Lowlife 10

Rockabilly Rebellion

Rockcomix, numbers 1, 5

Rockers, number 1-8

Rocket's Blast Comicollector, numbers 74, 76, 80-83, 100, 148

Rocketheads in Dimension X

Rockin' Bones, number 1

Roger Fnord, number 1, fanclub newsletter

Roldo the Barbarian, number 1

The Role Model

Ron Post the Ikon Suite

Ronald Muck

The Ronnie Rat Show

Rook, number 1

The Roosevelt After Dinner Mint, Vol. 37, numbers 8-11

Roscoe!, number 1, 4

Rose Notes, Vol. 3, number 2

Rotten Peaches, number 8

Rough and Tumble, number 1

Rowlf, number 1

Roxy Funnies, number 1

R-Rock Music--Noise, number 1

Rubber Duck Tales, numbers 1-2

The Rubes Revue

Rude Toons

Russe Michele Passmann

The Ruz, number 1

SST Records Newsletter


Sacratomato Comics, numbers 1-3

Sally the Sleuth



Salvage, numbers 1-2

Sam and Max, number 1

Samurai Penguin, numbers 1-6

San Diego Comic Con Salutes the Sixties

San Francisco Comic Book, numbers 2-7

Sand Scripts

Sandwich, number 3

Sanity Impaired Kat

Santana, number 1

Sasquatch Comix

Saucy Sci-Fi Stories

Savage Henery, numbers 1-2, 7, 10-14, 16-24, 26-27

Savage Humor, number 1

Savage Love

The Savage Sword of Conan, numbers 1, 16, Annual

The Savage Sword of Mike

Savage Tales Featuring Conan the Barbarian, numbers 2-4

Sawtooth Pulse

The Scam, Vol. 2, number 1

Scarlett Pilgrim

Scavenger's Newsletter, 1987, 1988


School Bulletin, Vol. 42, number 2

Schwer Metal, number 40

Sci-Fi Comics, number 2

The Science and Religion as Art, Vol. 1 (two copies), Vol. 2

Scrabbis Treno Comics, number 1

Scrabbits Reno Comics, number 1

Scramblers, number 1

Scratchez, numbers 6-8

Scratchface Doodlehead, number 1

The Scream Spacequest, number 12

Screen Dumps, numbers 2-4

Scribble Unlimited Presents, number 6

Scut, numbers 1-2

Seattle Star, numbers 1-18, 20-22

Second Advent, number 1

The Secret Dreams of Cornelia

Seduction of the Innocent. In 3-D, numbers 1-3, 6

Self Publisher!, numbers 1-5

Sensawunda!, number 9

Senseless Random Violence, numbers 3, 6-7, 9

Serious Comics, number 1

Seven Thousand Mysteries, number 1

Sex Affection

Sex and Death

Sex Comix!, number 1

Sex Kinks of the Rich and Famous

Sexy Stories from the World Religions

Shadowland, numbers 1-2

Shadow Town, number 1

Shall We Do It Again?

Shary Flenniken's Sketch Book

Shatter, number 1

Shazam. The Wonderful World of Comix, number 7

Shayol, number 3

Sheena Queen of the Jungle 3-D Special

Shinkage, numbers 1-2

The Shitkickin' Kid, numbers 3, 6-9

Shock Therapy, number 1

Shocking Fear, numbers 1-2

Shok Therapy, number 1

A Short History of America

Short Order Comics, numbers 1-2

Show and Tell Comics

Showcase, number 2

Shredded Slime, number 7

Shriek, number 1

Sick Roof, number 1

Sidney Suppey's Quarterly and Confused Pet Monthly, Vol. 5, numbers 4-5

The Silent Invasion, numbers 1-3

The Silver Metal Lover

Sin City

Since November

Skate Rat First Issue

Sketchbook, number 1

Sketchbooks 1980-1989 by Edgar "Bolt" Upright


Skull, numbers 1-6

The Skull Killer, number 1

Slam Bang, numbers 1-12, 28

Sleazy Scandals of the Silver Screen, number 1


Slice o' Life Catalog, This Could be the, 1989

Slick Comix, number 1

Slothropian Report, numbers 1-2, 4

Slow Death Funnies, numbers 1-10

Slug, numbers 7-8

Slur, number 1

Slutburger Stories

Small Press Report, numbers 13-14

Small Press Viewer, numbers 1-3

The Smartest Kid on Earth Jimmy Corrigan, number 1

Smile, numbers 1-3

Smilin' Ed Comics, numbers 1-4

Snafu, numbers 1-5

Snapper, numbers 1-2

Snappy Sammy Smoot

Snarf, numbers 1-15

Snatch Comics, numbers 1-3

The Snatch Sampler

Snoid Comics

Snooky, numbers 1-7

The Snopeses Go Camping, number 1

S.O.B. S.O.B.

So Beautiful and So Dangerous

So You Wanna Get a Tattoo

Social O' Darkness, numbers 1-3


Some Where, numbers 2-3

Somekinda Publications, number 3

Sometime Stories, number 1

Son of Mutant World, numbers 1-5

Song of an Aeropteryx

Song of the South Yuba

Song of the Snail

The Song of a Zombi City R15--It's You I Hear Calling A

Songs to Stare

Sonoma County Comix

Sooper Dooper

Sorta Psychedelic

Spa Man, numbers 1-2

Space Beaver, number 7

Space Dog, number 1

Space Fantasies, number 1

Space Ghost, number 1

Spaced, numbers 1-2

Spaced, numbers 1-6, 8-12, special edition

Spaced Kosmix for the Mind

Spaced Out

Spaced Outlaws, Vol. 1, number 1


Sparrky and Duncan Go for a Run

Spasm!, number 1

Special Edition, number 1 (Rocketeer)

Special Hugging and Other Childhood Stories, number 1

Spew and Review, number 36

Sphinx, numbers 2-3

The Sphinx, Vol. 1, number 1

The Amazing Spider-Man, number 98

Spiral Bound Notebook

The Spirit, numbers 1-2, 1-18

The Spirit, reprint, 1986, numbers 19-67

The Spirit, reprint, 1989, numbers 66-86

The Spirit Dolies, volumes 1-4

The Spirit Magazine, numbers 1-12

The Spirit Magazine, numbers 13-39

The Spirit Magazine, numbers 40-41

The Outer Space Spirit, reprint, 1983

Spit Summer Fun 1993 Comics Annual

Splat, numbers 1-3

Spooked, number 1

Sports Savage, 1989


Sprocket Man, 1975

Squa Tront, numbers 4-5

Squolt, 1990

Stabbed to Death with Artificial Respiration

The Stamp, 1982-1985, numbers 1-5

Stanford Review, January-February 1967

The Stanford Student Directory, 1978-1979

Stanley Kubrick: A Film Odyssey

Star Fighters, 1980, numbers 2-5

Star Forces, 1978, number 1

Star Quest Comix, 1978

Star Reach, 1974-1979, numbers 1-18

Star Reach Greatest Hits, 1979, number 1

Star Truck, 1975-1976

Star Weevils, 1978, and Star Weevils Promo

Starhead Presents, numbers 1-2, selections 2, catalog

Starjongleur, 1986, number 1

Starlog, 1978, number 11

Steel Dragon Stories, 1983, number 1

Steel Pulse, 1989, number 4

Stepping Razor

Stereo Review, 1976, volume 36, number 6

Steven, 1989, numbers 1-3

Stick Determination, 1986

Stickboy, 1988-1990, numbers 1, 3-4

Sticky Thigh Comics, 1

Stigmata Martyr, 1987-1988, numbers 1, 4, 7

Stig’s Inferno, 1986-1987, numbers 5-7

Stinz, 1988-1990, numbers 1-5

Stomper Funnies, 1981, number 3

Storm Warnings, 1986

The Story About Ping, 1968

Story and Art Monthly, 1989, number 1

The Story of Ra and Isis, 1987, number 1

Storybook Comics


The Straight of Vermouth

Strange Brew

Strange Tales, numbers 178-181

Strange Times Tales

Strange Ways, number 2

Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger Zine, number 5, First Year Anniversary!

Streetcomix, numbers 3-4, 6

The Streetfighting Aesthete, number 2

Street Music, numbers 1, 3-6

Strip AIDS

Strippers Lament

Strips, numbers 1-9

Stuffed Animal Stories, number 1

Subliminal Tattoos, numbers 1-3

Sub-Mariner, number 56

Subvert Comics 3, numbers 1-3

Sucker Punch, number 1

Suicide Notes, number 1

Sundae Funnies, number 1

Super Soul Comix, number 1

Super Toons

Superbird, Vol. 1, number 0


Superfly, number 1

Superhero Terror

Superman, number 400

Super Nova Unlimited Catalog, number 7

Supertit, number 1-2

Supplement de la Publication Nu

Supreme Ultimate Comics

Surf 'n Turf

The Survivors, numbers 1-4

Suuri Kurpitsa, number Neljä

Suzie and Jonnie

Swamp Fever

Swan Songs of a Forgotten Republic

Sword and Fantasy, number 1

Swords in Charahand

Swords of Cerebus, Vol. 1-6

Symbol Man, number 1

Synapse Showcase, Vol. 1, number 2

Taboo, numbers 1, 4

Tail Draggers Comix, number 1

Take It Off Funnies, number 1

Tales from Roslyn, numbers 1-6

Tales from the Berkeley-Con, Vol. 2, number 2

Tales from the Crypt, numbers 11, 6

Tales from the Fridge, number 1

Tales from the Heart, number 1-5

Tales from the Leather Nun

Tales from the Plague, number 1, 1 (second edition)

Tales from the Reaper, numbers 3-5

Tales from the Steam Tunnels, number 1

Tales from the Tube, number 1

Tales of Bozi-Sattva

Tales of Jerry and the Stoned Vampire, numbers 1-5

Tales of Jerry, numbers 6, 8-10

Tales of Lost Times, number 1

Tales of Mike, number 1

Tales of Sex and Death

Tales of Terror, numbers 6-7, 9

Tales of the Armorkins

Tales of the Beanworld, numbers 1-4, 6, 11-19

Tales of the Designerreal Universe, numbers 2-3

Tales of the Jackalope, numbers 1-4, 6

Tales of the Macabre, number 1

Tales of the Nevada City Film Festival

Tales of the Pathetic Club

Tales of the Sinister Harvey, number 3

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, numbers 1-4, 6

Tales of the Time Walker

Tales of Toad, number 2

Tales Too Tough for T.V., numbers 1-3

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

Tall Tales, number 1

The Tandra Collection, numbers C-15, C-19, C-23

Tanna and Sheru

Teaser and the Blacksmith


Tawny's Tales, number 1

Teen-Age Horizons of ... Shangrila, numbers 1-2

Teen Punks in Heat!!!, number 3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, numbers 1-13, 15, 2 (third edition), 33, 35, 38-39

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, numbers 2-3

Teenage Trash, number 1

Tejano Exile


The Tell Tale Heart and Other Stories by Edgar Allen Poe

Temple of Schlock, number 21

Temple Snare

Terminal Comics

Terra Firma, number 2

Terreria the Beautiful

Terrible Comics, number 1

Tessarae, number 7


Testicle Head, numbers 1-2

Tetragrammaton Fragmentor, numbers 97-98

T -File, number 1

They Shall Not Perish, number 1

The 39 Screams, numbers 1-5

This, number 2

This is Nancy's Magazine, number 7

This is Tattooed Paper Comix, number 1

This One

Thoroughly Ripped (first and second printing)

Those Annoying Post Bros., numbers 1-6, 8-27, 29-30, 32-33

Those Crazy Peckers

Thrash, number 1

Threat!, number 10

Three Green Soup

Three R Cosmix, numbers 1-4

3-D Cosmic Poster

Three-Dimensional DNAgents 3 1

3-D Heroes

The Three-D Zone, number 2

Threshold of Reality, number 1

Thriller Promo Poster

Thrilling Murder Comics, number 1

Throkk, number 12

Thunda Tales, number 1


The Tijuana Bible Revival, Vol. 1-2

The Tijuana Bible Book, 1-3, 7, 9

Time Lapse Growth

The Time of the Clockmen, number 1

Time Twisted Tales

Times R Tuff

Tipper Gore's Comics and Stories, number 2

Titan Trauma

Tits and Clits Comix, numbers 1-7

TMI The Mishap Incident

To be Announced!, numbers 4-5

To be Continued..., number 1

Toads are in Ditches

Toaster-Man Comics, number 1

Toe-Jamb, number 1

Tomato, number 1

Tomorrow Things

Too Much Fun Comics!, number 1

Too Twisted Tales, number 1

Tooney Loons and Marijuana Melodies, number 1

Top Comedy and Bottom Burlesque

Topaz Cube

Tor 3-D, number 1

The Tortoise and the Hare, number 1

Totally Intense Tales

Totally Faced Comix, number 1

Toxic Comics, number 1

Toxic Flange


Trading Post, number 6

The Tragedy of Morty, Prince of Denmarke, Vol. 1-5


Transit Pictorial, number 1

The Treehouse Monthly Times, numbers 1-8

The Tree Thing, number 1

Trekkie Toons

The Trials of Nasty Tales

Trick Funnel, number 1

Trick or Treat?

Trina's Women

Tri-ous, number 1

A Trip to the Bizarre Bazaar

Tripping Corpse, number 2

The Triumvirate, number 3

Trivial Annoyances

Trollords, numbers 1-6

Trout in the Milk, Vol. 4--Soft Construction 3b

Truckin', numbers 1-2

True Confession Comix, number 1

True Crimes of Passion

True Glitz

The True North

True War Stories

Trufan Adventures, numbers 1-2

Truly Amazing Love Stories

Truly Needy

Truth, number 1

The Tubes Playbill, April, 1977

Tuff Shit Comics

Tune from the Moon

Turned on Cuties

Turtle-Face Bob and his Dancing Testicles, numbers 1-2

Turtle Soup, number 1

Twice-Told Tales of Unsupervised Existence

Twist, numbers 1-3

Twisted 3-D Tales, number 1

Twisted Image, numbers 8-9, 11

Twisted Sisters Comics

Twisted Tales, numbers 1-10

Twitch, numbers 1-2

Two, numbers 1-2

Two B.C.

Two-Fisted Fuck Beast, number 10

Two-Fisted Drunks, number 2

Two-Fisted Painters

Two-Fisted Tales, number 34

Two-Fisted Zombies, number 1

Two Fools

Ultra Klutz, numbers 1, 2, 5, 12, 14-15, 27-31

Ultra Klutz and Other Tales

Ultra Morty

Ultrazine Special, number 7

Regco Unfold Funnies, numbers 1-20

Ug the Barbarian, number 4, "Roots of Ug"

Uncle Sham, number 2

Underground Beat, number 2

Underground Comix

Underground Classics, numbers 1-15

Underground Surrealist Magazine, Vol. 2-5

Underload, Vol. 1, number 1

Underwear Dick, number 1

Undeeda Comix

The Unicorn, Vol. 10, number 6

Unicorn Isle, numbers 1, 3

The Unintelligencer, numbers 1-2

The United Planet Alliance Peacemakers, numbers 1-2

Unscene Comix, numbers 1-4

Unsettled, Vol. 2, numbers 1-6, 8-14, Vol. 3, numbers 1-2, 4-9

Unsupervised Existence, Vol. 1, number 1-2, Vol. 2, number 1-5

An Untitled Portfolio

Up from the Deep, number 1

Up Your Image

Upperground, numbers 1, 3

Usagi Yojimbo, numbers 1-8, 10-11, 13-18, Summer Special, number 1, Color Special, number 1

Utne Reader, numbers 16-22, 24-27, 30, 36-37

V.D. Cage, numbers 2-5

Valentino, numbers 1-3

Valerie, number 1

Vampire Beavers

Vampirella, numbers 1, 9, 14-16, 27, 30-33, 36, 54

The Vault of Doomnation, number 1

The Vault of Horror, numbers 1, 6, 26 (first edition)

The Vault of Humour, numbers 1-7

VD Panic

Venture, number 5

The Vermins, number 1

Very Vicky, Vol. 4

The Vibratory Provintial News, numbers 1-3

Vic and Blood, numbers 1-2

Vic and Blood the Chronicles of a Boy and his Dog

Vice Versa, Vol. 2, number 3

Video Blues

View from the Void

Viewer Direct

Vikon, number 1

The Vineyard Post-Gazette, numbers 1-37

Viper, number 1

Virgin Meat, numbers 6-7

Visions, number 2-4

Voice of Comicdom, numbers 9-17

Voice of the Tree

Volcanic Ashfall

Voltar, number 1

Vomit Comics

Vortex, numbers 1, 6, 8, 10-15

Voyage, numbers 1-2

Vulgar Vince, numbers 1-2

WDC Period, Vol. II, number 2

Wacky Squirrel, number 1

Wacky Squirrel Halloween Adventures Special

The Wacky World of Peter Bagge

Waldo and Emerson

Waldo World!, number 3

Walking Man Comics, Page-Book One, number 1

Wallpaper, Vol. 5, number 1

The Wanderer

Wanderers, numbers 1-2

Wandering Star, number 1

Wao West Comics, numbers 1-2

Wardrums, number 1

Warlock, numbers 1, 3-6, 8-15

Warp Graphics Annual, number 1

Warped, numbers 1-2


Watch Out Comics, number 1

The Water Colored Word, Vol. 4, number 2

Watson Graphics--Exposure Craftings promotional poster, 1990

Wavelength, number 1

Waxwork, number 1

Way Cool! Fanzine

WCG Catalog, Vol. 4, number 6

WCG Notes, Vol. 1, number 2

WDBB Kids Club News

We are the Weird, Vol. VII, numbers 7-8, 20, 26, Vol. VIII, number 7

Weird City, number 2

Weird Fantasies, number 1

Weird Jam

Weird Organic Tales, number 1

Weird Smut Comics, numbers 1-4

Weird Trips, number 1-2

Weird Wicked Willie's Tales to Twist the Mind, number 1

Weirdo, numbers 1-27

The Weirdo, numbers 2-3

Weirdom Comix, numbers 14-15

Wendel, number 1

Wet Paint

Wet Satin, numbers 1-2


What in the World's Going on in Your School?

Whatever Happened to Herb?, number 1

Where Were You When They Moved the Space Needle?

Whispers and Shadows, numbers 1-6

White Comanche

White Lunch Comix, number 1

White Whore Funnies, 1975, numbers 1-3

Who are the Pre-Fab Three?

Whole Earth, 1993

The Whole Forty Year Old Hippie Catalog

Whole Wheat, 1981, number 3

Whomp!, 1986, numbers 1-2

Why Are We Here, 1979

Why Publish?, 1989

Wild Animals, 1982, number 1

Will Eisner’s 3-D Classics, number 1

Works by Steve Willis a Bibliography, 1987

Wilson, Clay S. Untitled Comic, 1967

Wimmen’s Comix, 1972-1991, numbers 1-17

Windy City Comix, 1978, numbers 1-3

Winging It, 1987

Wipe Out, 1973, number 1

Wired Tales, 1982, number 1

Witch Webb, 1992, numbers 1-2

Woldman Comix, 1973, numbers 1-3

Wonder Stories

Wonder Warthog 1961-1988, numbers 1, 3, and the Nurds of November

Wonderful World of Disney 1970, number 4

Wonton Soup, 1992, number 6

Woofer the Psychic Dog! (Play Pamphlet), 1986

The Worker Poet, 1982-1987, numbers 1-14

The Works, 1979, number 1

World of Elzon

The World of Fandom Magagazine, 1990, volume 02, numbers 09-10

The World of Scratchface Doodlehead, 1988

Worms on the Brain, 1989

Wotta Planet!, 1991, number 01

WRAB: Pirate Television, 1981

Writing Wrongs, 1981

Wu Wei, 1994-1995, number 01, 9-11

Xa -Kor, 1980, number 01

Xenozoic Tales, 1987-1990, numbers 1-7, 9-10

XEX Graphix Newsletter, 1986-1987, numbers 6-8

XEX Mail Art, 1985

XXXenophile, 1989-1992, numbers 1-2, 6

XYY, 1991, number 2

XYZ, 1972, number 6

Yahoo, 1988-1990, numbers 1-4

Yama Yama, 1980

Yarns of Yellowstone, 1972

Yellow Dog, 1968-1973, numbers 1-15

Yellow Silk: Journal of Erotic Arts, 1989, number 31

Yendie Wildcritter Little Monster with an Attitude, 1990-1991

Yer Basic Comix, 1980

Yikes, 1975-1980, numbers 1-4

You Always Kill the One You Love, 1989

You Can’t Tell People What to do, 1993

You Come Too, 1995

You Smell Like Blood, 1984

The Young and the Frustrated, 1986

Young Lust, 1971-1980, numbers 1-6

Your Dead Comix, 1983

Your Hytone Comix

YOW, 1978, numbers 1-2

YoYo the Dieting Clown, 1991-1993, numbers 1-2

Yummy Fur (Before Vortex Comix), 1983-1985, numbers 1-7

Yummy Fur, 1983-1993, numbers 1-28

Zabawny, 1988, number 10

Zam, 1974

Zap, 1967-1994, numbers 0-13

Zeke the Geek and Other Oddities, 1982

Zeke the Geek’s Psycho Storybook, 1985

Zeke the Geek’s Theater of Weirdness, 1984

Zero, 1975-1979, numbers 2-4

Zerox, 1980, number 7

Zilch Comix, 1987

Zip Comics, 1973

Zippy Pointed Behavior, 1984

Zippy Stories, 1977-1980, numbers 1-3

Zippy Quarterly, 1994, number 7

Zolks, number 8

Zomoid Illustories, 1982-1985, numbers 1-4, 6-17, 19

Zeno Comics, numbers 6, 11-12, 14

Zoomorphia, 1983

Zooy in the Islands of the Scarves, 1981, number 1

Zot, 1984-90, numbers 7-15

Zow Comix, numbers 1-3

Zowie! Encyclopedia, number 2

Untitled Comic

Series 2: Mini comics

A D Universe

Aaaaa Comix

Abcess Grenk, numbers 1-2

Abcess Grenk, number 4

About Amateur Journalism...

Abstract Jack

Abstract Tails, number 1

Absurd Comix, number 1


Acid Man

Acid Man Society, number 1

Acme Sub Heroes Incorporated, number 1

Acorn Comics, number 1

Action Architect, number 1

Active Comics, number 1

Admit One

Adventures in the Mire, number 3

Adventures of Airhead, number 2

Adventures of Billy Blastoff Space Scout

Adventures of Jake Danger, number 1

Adventures of Skinboy, number 1

Adventures of the Adventurer & Skippero, numbers 1-2

Adventures of the Evil Boy Scout, number 1


Ahhrch Comix

Ain't Love Grand?, numbers 1-2

Air Head, number 1

Alen the Pig

Alien Cumshots, numbers 1-2

Alien Nation


All Cover Comics, number 5

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go...

All Girl Romance

All in Your Mind

All Small, numbers 1-4

All Steve Comics, numbers 1-2

All-All-Cover Comics, number 1

All-Cover Comics, numbers 1-3

All-Phabet Funnies, number 2

All-Phabet Funnies, number 3

Alliance, number 1



Alphaville, number 7

Alternate Takes

Amazing Off-beat Glowing Stick-figure Samurai..., number 1

Amazing Sperm-Men

American Apathist

American Mayhem, number 1

American Motels

American Spleen

Amputee Necrophiliac Strikes!

Amusing Cynicman, number 1

Anal Retentive Horror Comics

Anarchie 001


Anarchy Funnies, number 6


Angry Comics, number 6-8

Animal Bites, number 1

Animal of the Times

Animal Revolt, numbers 1-2

Anno Domino, number 1

Another Corny Mom! Mom! Story, number 1

Another Night at Scottie's

Answering Machine

Ant Boy, number 1

Ant Hell Comics

Anthrax Press Catalog

Anti Artist, number 1

Anti Artist, number 3-4

Anti Social Man, numbers 1-6

Anti Social Man, number 3

Anti Social Man Annual, number 1

Anus 'n' Andy

Apc Graphic Novel, number 1

Apc Tales, number 1

Apc Tales, number 5

Apc Tales, number 7-14



Are, number 1

Arnie Comix Catalog, number 1

Art Can Be Fun!!!

Art Devil

Art Et Decoration

Art in the City

Arthur Gets Out of Bed

Arthur's World, number 5-9

Artist in a Hole

Artist Monthly, number 2


As I Recall the 'sixties

As I Recall the 'sixties

Astounding Sci-bondage

Astral, numbers 1-5

Atomic Comix Presents

Autobiography of a Tree

Average Man, number 1

B Team

B'ad Comics

B.f.d. Funnies

Baby Godzilla

Babyfat, numbers 1-58

Bachelor Life

Back From the Dead?

Bad Attitudes

Bad Baby, number 1

Bad Cat, number 1

Bad Kat Komix

Bad Panels, number 1

Bad Relationships, numbers 1-3

Bafflegab, number 2

Bagpackers Blues

Baking Soda

Bamboo Shoots, number 1

Ban Guitar Solos

Banal Sex

Bar Fly Theater

Bar Wars, numbers 1-5

Bar's Mangled Hammer

Bargain Basement

Barn-yard Sodomy, number 00-0

Barnabus the Otter, number 2-3

Barnyard Dada


Bat Man

Beanmaster!, number 3-7

Beastie and the Boo

Before Ron Gets Back...

Beginning of the End

Bent Duck Comics, numbers 1-4

Betsy Comics, numbers 1-2

Betsy Comics, number 4

Bewildering Intimacies, number 1

Bewildering Intimacies, number 2

Bewildering Intimacies, number 3

Bewildering Intimacies, number 4

Big Deal!

Big Dick Comics

Big Sister, numbers 1-2

Bigger Than Godzilla


Bimbos, number 1

Bird Comics, numbers 1-5

Birds, Pigs, and Mice, number 1

Bite Size

Bitter Grain of Salt, A


Black Fire, number 1

Black Fire Chronicles, number 1

Blah Invasion, number 1

Blasphemy Funnies

Bleach Boys

Bless the Priests and the Children

Blind Bus Driver, number 1

Blind Trails

Blinktown Bob, number 1

Blinktown Bob, number 3


Blood Clot, number 1

Blood Crazed Pit Bull Riding Baboons

Bloody Ramon's Miscellaneous Cavalcade Of..., numbers 1-2

Bloody Ramon's Miscellaneous Cavalcade Of...#4-5

Bloody Vagina Pee Riot!, number .5

Blotto Comics, numbers 1-2

Blow Your Nose with Subliminal Lobotomy

Blue Whale, numbers 1-2

Board Player

Bob Bons, number 1

Bobo Yoyo Seeks the Truth!

Bodeen, number 0000000ii

Bodeen, numbers 1-2

Bodeen by Sulbach, number 1

Bodeen In

Bolt, number 3

Book of Art, number 2-6

Book of Art, number 7

Book of Art, number 8

Book of Art, number 9

Book of Art, number 11

Book of Art, number 12

Book of Condos

Book of Falling

Book of Man

Border Blues

Born to Clap


Box-head Battles the Less Than Small Fig

Boy and His Dinosaur, A

Boys Night Out

Braille Funnies, number 1

Brain a Tender Tale of Two Sisters

Brain Bat, number 1

Brainstorm Comics

Brave and Beautiful Future...could Start Now!, A

Brave New Nazis of the Inland Empire!

Brave New Sound of the Skwyrls

Bride's Memories, A

Brief Encounters of 1981

Broke & Hart, numbers 1-3

Brown Sleep

Brown Study

Buddha Moodist Punk Zen Detective

Bug Infested Comics, numbers 1-3

Bug Out


Bunny Tales, number 1

Bunny Tales, number 3

Buono Fanzina

Burlesque Show

Burning Question

Burntoutbut I Like to Draw

Butt Seriously

Buy Eleven

Buy More Not Available Comics! 1983 & 1985

C&t Graphics Mini-comic Catalog 1985

C&t Graphics Presents, number 2

C&t Graphics Special Editions, number 2

Cadaver Capers, numbers 1-3

Cal Moots, number 1

Cal Moots, number 2

Cal Moots, number 3

Cal Moots, number 4

Calculas Cat

Callipygian Creations Presents, numbers 1-3


Capt. Space, number 1

Captain, number 1

Captain Communism, number 2-3

Captain Grav

Captain Ignoramous, number 1

Captain Insensible, number 1

Captain Nimrod

Captain Rug-doctor, number 2

Captain Saturn, number 1

Captain Saturn, number 2

Cargo Cult

Cartoon Brut, numbers 1-4

Cartoon Characters From the New Age

Catfish, numbers 1-2

Cats Without Hats

Cauliflower Catnip

Changing Channels

Chase Scene

Cheap Publishing Empire, numbers 1-2

Cheapocomix, number 1

Cheapskate Comix, number 1

Chester, numbers 1-3

Chester Vol. 3, number 1

Chinese Slippers

Cho Shar, number 1

Choices, numbers 1-2

Choices, number 3

Cholera Monkey

Christi Lives

Chrome Dome a Narrative

Chuckles Productions Catalog, numbers 1-2

City Scenes, number 1

Clothing Optional


Cochiloco the Crazy Pig

Cold Turkey, number 1

Colin Upton Catalog Oct. 1986

Collections of Rejections Vol. 1

Collections of Rejections Vol. 2-3

College Humor, number 1

Color My Totem

Com-ix, numbers 1-2

Comic Strip by Harv

Comic Upchuck, number 99

Comics-fu, numbers 1-2

Comix Relay, number 6-7

Comix That Asks Y?, numbers 1-2

Complete Book of Bj

Completeat Machoman!, number 1


Conjam Chicago 85

Conversational Comics, number 1

Convulsion Corps

Corby Visual Productions Comic Cataloge, numbers 1-2

Cosmic Armadillo, number 1

Cosmic Bill, number 1

Cosmic I

Couch Potatoes, number 1


Cracker Man

Cranium Station Dmz

Crash Brain

Crawl or Die

Crawl Space, numbers 1-2

Crazy Comics, number 1

Crazy Crap

Crazy Men, number 3-5

Creative Discourse

Creature of the Night, number 1

Creature of the Night, number 1

Cretin Cadaver, number 1

Cri De Loon, number 10

Cri De Loon, number 8-8.5

Critical Mass, number 1

Critical Mass, number 14

Critical Mass, number 6

Crooked Comics, number 1

Crosscurents, numbers 1-3.5

Crow Guy

Crypt of Romance, numbers 1-2

Cube Comix, number 1

Cubistik Comiks

Curley Tails From Shakespeare

Current Worker

Cute Creatures

Cute Toy


Cynicalman, number 2-11

Cynicalman, number 9

Cynicalman, number 10

Cynicalman Postcards

Cynicalmanson, number 1

Dada Ditto

Dada Gumbo, numbers 1-5

Dada Gumbo, number 7-9

Dada Terror

Dada Tv

Dallas Fantasy Comics, numbers 1-6

Dance of Death, numbers 1-10

Daring Exploits of Lester Strange, number 1

Dark Horse Comix Catalog, number 1

Davey Thunder Jack Lightning Show, number 4

Day the Music Died

Dead Artist's Diary

Dead Bug Funnies, number 1

Dead Cat Comics Catalog, number 1

Dead Ringer Mini, number 1

Dead Soldiers

Deadly Duck, number 1

Dear Abby

Death Gallery, number 1

Death of Antisocialman, numbers 1-3


Delta Nova Comics Catalog, numbers 1-2

Demcomics' Catalog, number 2-3

Demon House Theatre, number 2

Depression Comix, number 1

Deranged Tales, number 1



Detective Blubber, number 1

Deviant Gesture, number 2

Deviant Gesture, number 4

Deviant Gesture, number 6

Devil's Music

Dialog..., A


Diaries of Nola Vol. 1

Diary of a Madman

Diary of a Stickman!, number 1

Dickhead, number 1

Did You Invite Me?


Dilation Comix


Dimestore Catalog, numbers 1-7

Dimestore Stories Presents, number 1

Dimestore Stories Presents, number 2

Dimestore Update, number 1

Dinosaur Comics

Dip, number 1


Dirty Cafe, numbers 1-5

Dirty Old Lady Digest, numbers 1-2

Disconcerting Images

Distorted, number 1

Doc Hoodoo, number 1

Doctor Jimmy's Tales From the Linen Closet

Doctor Proctor

Dog Brewton

Dog Comix, number 1

Dogman, number 5

Dolfin the Bastard

Done to a Turn!

Doodle Parade, number 1

Doodle Toons, number 1


Dough-boy Special, number 1

Doughnut Kid, numbers 1-4

Dr Pain, number 1

Dr Xx's Gagazine, numbers 1-2

Dr. Disgusting, number 1

Dr. Flush, numbers 1-2

Dr. Flush, number 4

Dr. Roberts, number 1

Dragonbugs, number 1

Dream Weaver

Dreaming under the Gun, number 1

Dreams Carved in Rock by Bob X 'n' M. Resch


Drug-crazed Parents, number 1

Dry Rot

Dub Golem, number 1

Dub Golem, numbers 1-4

Dubious Individuals Comix, number 1

Duck and Mattress Comics, numbers 1-2

Duck and Mattress Comics, number 4

Dudes, number 2

Duke the Pig, number 1

Dungar the Barbarian, number 1

Dungar the Barbarian, number 2

Dungar the Barbarian, number 3

Dungar the Barbarian, number 4

Dungar the Barbarian, number 5

Dungar the Barbarian, number 11

Dungar the Barbarian, number 13

Dungar the Barbarian, number 14

Dungar the Barbarian, number 15

Dungar the Barbarian, number 16

Dungar the Barbarian, number 17

Dungar the Barbarian, number 21-28

Dungar the Barbarian, number 35-37


Dungheap the Barbarian Ham, numbers 1-2

Djppy Grey, number 4

Earth Find

Eat White Boy

Ebolg, numbers 1-2

Elasticworm, number 1

Elasticworm, number 3-4

Elasticworm, number 6-8

Elasticworm Annual, number 1

Eldritch Comics, number 1

Electric Weenie, number 1

Electric Weenie, number 3

Electroid One, number 2

Electrolysis, number 1

Elf the Barbarian, numbers 1-2

Elmo and Elwood

Elsie's Possessed

Emotional Vomit

Emotional Vomit, number 6

Emotional Vomit, number 19

Empty Words

Ends 'n' Odds, number 1

Energons, number 15

Energons, number 23

Erwin Mouse, numbers 1-7


Eternal Conflict

Eternal Tv, number 1

Eternities of Darkness

Ether Telegrams

Everman Comics Mini-series, number 1-10

Everyman Comics Mini-series, number 12-21

Everything Man, number 2-4

Everything Man, number 5

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know...

Exquisite Corpe Comix, number 17-18

Exquisite Corpse Comix, number 2-6

Exquisite Corpse Comix, number 10

Exquisite Corpse Comix, number 8

Extra Comix, number 1

Face, number 1

Fade to Black, number 17/18-19

Fade to Black, number 4-7

Fading Universe, numbers 1-3

Fag Shark From Uranus

Fairy Tails

Fall Guide Facist/fashion

Famous Bus Rides, number 2-3

Fan'toons, numbers 1-11

Fan'toons, number 13

Fan'toons, number 17

Fan'toons, number 19-28

Fan'toons, number 31-32

Fan'toons, number 4

Fantasy Land

Farewell to Charlie Chaplin


Fast Cars...with Minds of Their Own!, number 1

Fast-friction, number 1

Fat Man, number 1

Fat Man, number 3-4

Fat Man Mini Poster 1-4

Fat Man Portfoilo Set 1-2

Fathos, number 1

Fatuous 4, number 1

Fear of Women

Feller the Little Guy


Femail, number 12

Festival Comix, numbers 1-2

Fightin' Guys, numbers 1-2

Fihl Comix, number 55

Final Warning!

Fine Food

Fire and Smoke

Fire-crackers, numbers 1-8

First Empire Funnies

First Strike?

Fish, Puh-leeze, number 1

Fishtales for Supper, number 2

Five 5 O'clock Shadow Comics, number 1

Five 5 O'clock Shadow Comics, numbers 1-3

Five Minute Romance, number 1



Flaming Hot-dog, number 1

Flaming Hot-dog, number 2

Flaming Hot-dog, number 3

Flaming Hot-dog, number 4

Flash of Frustration

Flatland 1989

Flexia Bast

Flipped Comix, numbers 1-2

Flipped Out Fairy Tales, number 1

Flop! Comix

Florida Life, number 1

Flotsam and Jetson, number 1

Floyd Flamdoozle, numbers 1-2

Fluffhead, number 1

Fluffhead, number 2

Fly by Night Comics and Art, number 1

Fly with Us

Flying Eye

Flying Man Comics, number 1

Folkomix, number 1

Food for Thought

Fool's Paradise Funnies, number 2

Fool's Planet, number ?

For No Apparent Reason, number 1

Foster History of the Unknown Comics Pt. 1

Found Loose in the Mail

Four (45615181354)

Frazzle, numbers 1-2

Freak City Blue Snoozers, number 1

Free Comic!

Free Hand's Fabulous Funnies, number 1

Free Hand's Future Follies, numbers 1-3


Fresh Meat, number 1

Fried Brains, numbers 1-6

Fried Brains, number 8-25

Friendly Garbage, number 1

From Beyond

From Tokeland to Topeka

Frontpage Comics

Frozen Cement Explosion, number 4-6

Frozen Cement Explosion, number 8

Fuck No!

Fuckin' a Funnies, number 3

Fudgong Funnies, numbers 1-3

Fun Funnies

Fun House

Funny Animal Lust

Funny Funnies, number 1

Funny Humans, number 1

Funny Insects, numbers 1-2

Funny Law

Funny Organs, numbers 1-3

Funny Organs, number 4

Future Comics, number 1

Gag, number 1

Galen the Saintly, number 1

Galen the Saintly, numbers 1-2

Gallery, number 1

Gallery 0' Fix, A

Garage Sale

Garden Comics, numbers 1-5


Gear Image, number 5-7

Geep, number 1

Geisha Secrets

Generation Gap Komix, numbers 1-2


Geon, numbers 1-5

Geon, number 7

Geon Vol. 2, number 1

Geriatricman, number 1

Get Simonized, numbers 1-2

Ghetto Guffaws



Girl Detectives

Git'nit On, number 1

Giving Due Credit

Glassman, number 1

Glory, numbers 1-2

Gnomes and Poems

Going Down with Mr. Fla

Goodbye to the Factory

Goodies, numbers 1-35

Goodies, number 50

Goodies, number 61

Goodies, number 70

Goodies, number 74-75

Goodies, number 77-81

Googly Zero-five

Googly Zero-five Secret Clown in Red Color

Gooney Toons, number 1

Goose the Wanderer, number 1

Gore Galore, number 5-6

Got My Eyes on You!, number 1

Graficomix Computer Dada

Granville Street Gallery, number 6

Graph Paper Comix, numbers 1-2

Greasy Th' Clown, number 1

Great Lakes Comics Co. Catalog

Great White Nothing Book, number 1

Green Ringlets

Green Ringlets

Grey Matter Melody, number 1

Grim Future!, number 1


Gross Food Funnies

Growing Up Weird, numbers 1-3

Gun Boat Comics, numbers 1-3

Guns 'n' Ammo, number 1

Habits of the Weird Nun

Hahaha!, number 1

Hal Tek, number 1

Halloween Comix, numbers 1-3

Handjob Library, numbers 1-6

Hap Hazard, numbers 1-3

Happy Ned, number 6

Hard Time's Art and Stories

Hardcore Jollies

Hari-kari Komiks

Harnessing the White Elephant Vol. 2, number 1

Harvey the Egg, number 3

Harvey the Hillbilly Bastard

Hate and Entropy

Have You Seen These Brains?

Hawaiian Space Adventures

He's Ugly and He Doesn't Have Any Friends, number 4

He's Ugly and He Doesn't Have Any Friends, number 6

Head, numbers 1-3

Headwound Comix, number 1

Heaven Is Deep Mr Fix

Hector Babbitt

Heir of the Dog

Henry Finds a Home

Herbert Goes Shopping

Hercules Vs. the Financial Empire of Metro Bank

Herman Hanks, number 4

Herman Hanks, number 5

Herman Hanks Team-up Special, number 1

Hermy the Bear Goes under Sea

Hermy the Bear, number 1

Hero Temporaries Inc., number 1

Heros for Rent

High School Comics Catalog & Comments, numbers 1-7

High School Comics Catalog & Comments, number 9-15

High School Comics Special, number 1-10

High School Comics Special, number 13

High School Comics Special, number 15-16

Highlights in Evolution Vol. 1

Highly Unlikely Adv. of Moe & Detritus, number 6


History and Techniques of Dada

History and Techniques of Surrealism

History of Drag in Comics

Hit-man, number 1

Hmm!, numbers 1-3

Hobby Horse, number 1

Holy Crow

Holy Katoot Pubs Presents

Holy Script

Homage to the Nose

Home, Home on the Bench

Homeless Fight 4 Home


Horror Hell, number 1

Hostiler Humor

Hotel Dire, number 17

Hotel Dire, number 23


Houseful of Monsters, number 1

How Rino Milk Reaches Your Local Grocery!

How to Draw a Wonder Girl

How to Draw Flies

How to Live

Howard the Duck in Inner Space

Howzit Goin'?


Humor Stuff, number 1

Humour, A

Hungery Stairs to Heaven!

I Don't Care Bears, numbers 1-4

I Don't Get It Comix, number 1

I Want My Btv!, number 1

I Was a Horny Mutant's Sex Toy, number 1

Icepick Magachine, number 1

Idaho Spud, numbers 1-2

Idiot Solvent, numbers 1-4

Idiotically Idiotic, number 1

Iggy and Snurt, number 1

Ike and Mamie

Image Image


In a Rut Comics, number 8

Inane Funnies, number 1


Increasing Viginal Firmness...

Incredible Tales of Adventure, number 1

Incredibly Stereotyped New Guys, numbers 1-2

Indian Country

Indian Spirits

Inextricably Involved

Infernal Organ

Infidelity Funnies


Insane Harlequin, number 272

Insect, number 9

Insect Terror


Inside Neville, numbers 1-2

Insipid Six, number 1, The

Installation Punk Out, number 2

Inter-stellar Yuks, number 1

Invasion of Psychotic Bananas, number 1

Invasion of the Jorks, number 1

Ion Vapor, number 10

Ion Vapor, number 12


Is This for Real?

Island of Giant Monsters, number 1

It Has No Story, and It's Only Part of a Small Cult...

It Has No Story...part of Small Cult Phenome

Its a Weird World!!

Jack Infernal Productions

Jack, the Guy with the Replacable Head, number 1

Jag, number 1

Jake the Rabbit, number 1.


James Thurber's the War Between Men and Women

Jarhead, number 1

Jazz A' Paris

Jed, number 3

Jejune Mr Fla

Jela, number 1

Jerry, number 1

Job under the Strobe

John D. Richard Designs

John Jones' Quarterly, number 1

John Lennon the Unreleased Music Part 1

John the Dead-#1

Jojo's Spiritual Con-fron Ta-tion

Jonathan Cleaned Up-then He Heard a Sound

Journal in Hell, A


Jumbo Zen

Jungle Cunning

Jungle Jive!

Jus' Stuff!, numbers 1-2

Just Another 8-page Wonder, number 1

Just Another 8-page Wonder, number 2

Just Another 8-page Wonder, number 3-9

Just Art?

Justifiers, number 1

Karkus Presents, numbers 1-3

Karpet King, numbers 1-2

Karpet King, numbers 1-3

Kate Stern, number 1


Kenny in a 1st Collection of Most Humorous...

Kenny in King of Cartoon Ludicrousness, numbers 1-3

Kentucky Komics

Keyhole Komix

Keyhole Komix Cs)

Kid Kinx

Kid-boy at Kamp!, number 1

King Cotton, number 1

King Krab Komix

King Meat Head

King of Hairy Flies

Kitty Litter Comix

Kitty's Eat'n Kibble

Know Your Snipe

Koochie Koodle, number 2

Kozmik Comix Catalog, number 1

Krazy Komix, numbers 1-6

Kvetch, number 2

La Camara Desmayada

La Historia Terminar

Lab Rat Funnies

Ladies Night

Land of Consciousness

Laser Catalog, number 2

Last Diner

Last Love

Last Monday of August

Late One Night, number 1

Latenight Lady Comix

Laughing Christ

Lead Paint Graphix Catalog 1989, 1990

League of Mikes

Lecho Des Chantiers, number 6


Legend of the Dangernauts, numbers 1-3

Les Girls!, number 1

Les Poires

Lester Jester

Let Me Out of Here

Let Me Out of Here

Let's Get Organized

Let's Talk About Bile, Anger and Venom

Li'l Book of Big Tits

Library Calendiary


Life Comics & Stories, number 1

Life with Eula, number 1

Life with Skippy

Lil Elzonian Spacenaut, number 0-1

Lil' Ratskulls

Lilliput Review, number 8

Limit, number 1

Liquid Love Comix, number 1

Little Bastards

Little Book of Big Tits, numbers 1-7

Little Book of Big Tits, number 9

Little Book of Horrors, number 1

Little Book of Horrors, number 2

Little Skull's Bay-bee, number 5

Little Skull's Bay-bee, number 7

Little Skull's Bay-bee, number 9-15

Little Snow-job!

Lizard Press, numbers 1-2

Lobster Loonies

Lone Wulf Comics, numbers 1-3

Lonesome Lud, number 1

Long Days Journey Into Nart

Looking Ahead, Dropping Dead

Loonatic Frenge, number 1

Lordy, Lordy, Where's Mr. Morty

Lost Loves, number 1

Lots of Dots

Lousy Parents Comix, numbers 1-2

Love Comics, numbers 1-3

Love Goddess

Low Budget Funnies, number 6

Low Budget Funnies, number 7

Low Budget Funnies, number 6-8

Low Grade Mini Comix Series, numbers 1-7

Lsd Comix

Lugnuts, number 1

Lula Is a Vampire

Lump Soup Sciolpluileas!

Lust Ratio

Macheadlines, number 1

Mack the Salad Fork Comix

Maddog Comix

Maintech Showcase, number 1

Making Waves

Maltese Elvis


Man (simbol)

Man Who Could Do Anything, numbers 1-2

Manfurd P. the Wurm in Deuteronomy

Many Faces of Harold, number 1

Map Visceral


Marble Universe, number 1

Marlin the Dragon, numbers 1-5

Marshmallow-man, number 1

Martion Invasion of Earth

Marvin, number 3

Masks It



Mean Thin Lines!

Meat Signals

Medicin Wheel

Melody, number 1

Melvin Comics

Memo 4/1/89

Men From Uranus

Midget Marines, numbers 1-2

Mightyguy Calander & Storybook, number 1 1985

Mike Bull, numbers 1-2

Mikey S Flash-back

Milt the Mutation

Mini Comic Team-up, number 1

Mini Fictions, numbers 1-4

Mini Ha-ha, number 1

Mini Ha-ha, number 2-6

Mini Haha Komix, number 1

Mini Pix, number 1

Mini Plotte Comic, number 4

Mini-catalogue 1980

Mini-mart, numbers 1-3

Mini-tips, numbers 1-3

Mini-xing, number 3

Minicomix Too Small to Matter

Minimalist Dada, number 1

Minor Malfuntion

Mirage Mini Comics

Misc! Comics, numbers 1-27

Misc. Funnies!, number 1

Misc. Funnies!, number 2

Mixed Nuts, number 1

Moat City, numbers 1-2

Modern Art

Modern Economics

Modern Love, numbers 1-3

Modern Man Primitive Man

Modern Meat, number 1


Moldy Skull Comix

Mole and the Cricket

Momentary Diversion Comix

Mondo M

Money Talk

Mongoloid Vision

Monks on the Road

Monks on the Run

Mono B-zarro, number 1

Monster Mash, number 1

Monsterland, number 2

Monsters Ain't So Bad

Monsters From Japan

Moon Mullins in Help!

Moon Pie

Moot Catalog, numbers 1-2

Moot Comic Books Asininehead Special, number 1

Moot Comic Books Grocery Stories

Moot Comic Books Illegal Aliens From...hell, number 1

Moot Comic Books Splat!, number 1

Moot Comic Books Ubiquitous Funnies, number 4

Moot Comic Rejects, number 1

More Fiends

More Potatoes

More-ron, number 1

More-ron!, number 1.5-4

Moribund Romance

Morons, Monsters and Mutants, number 1-9

Morons, Monsters and Mutants, number 11

Morty Comix, number 23, 34, 63

Morty Comix, number 118, 119, 139, 158, 166, 198

Morty Comix, number 222, 238, 245, 258, 273

Morty Comix, number 302, 314, 364

Morty Comix, number 405, 491

Morty Comix, number 513, 523, 539, 566, 572

Morty Comix, number 644, 670

Morty Comix, number 725, 762

Morty Comix, number 821, 850

Morty Comix, number 910

Morty Comix, number 1000, 1025, 1026, 1076, 1098

Morty Comix, number 1117, 1133, 1151, 1175

Morty Comix, number 1217, 1250, 1281

Morty Comix, number 1316, 1349, 1363

Morty Comix, number 1411, 1448, 1459

Morty Comix, number 1552, 1569, 1586

Morty Comix, number 1698

Morty Comix, number 1739, 1779, 1793

Morty Comix, number 1801, 1805, 1829, 1836, 1845

Morty Comix, number 1858, 1864, 1871, 1882, 1898

Morty Comix, number 1902

Mouse Liberation Front Communique, number 2

Mouse-size Special

Moving Mike

Mowreen, number 1

Mr. Artie Klip

Mr. Artistic

Mr. Badd

Mr. Fix Goes Logging!

Mr. Fix Goes Pranking!

Mr. Mad, number 1

Mr. Man Comix

Mr. Mouth, numbers 1-4

Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Technique Mini Series, numbers 1-2

Mr. Whipple!

Mud Puddle

Multi-comics Comic, number 1

Murderous Tomato

Muscle Man

Mutant Melodies, numbers 1-2


My Day As a Dog

My Fish Told Me of the Craving

My Hero, number 1

My Monster Has a Headache Comix

My Worst Fear

Myndphuck, number 1

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 1

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 2

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 3

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 4

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 5

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 6

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 7

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 8

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 10

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 11

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 12

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 13

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 15

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 16

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 21-23

Mysterious Visions Anthology, number 25

N Now a Senseless Waste of Paper!


N.m.l., number 1

Narf Comix, number 1

Nart 2 Brute


Nasa Boy's, number 1

Nasty Comix

Nasty Da Clowne

Nasty Monster Comix, number 1

Nate the Talking Snake, number 4

Naugacomics, number 110

Naugacomics, number 134

Naughty Naked Dreamgirls, number 3-5

Nauhty Girls

Neato Keen, number 1

Nebbish Chronicles, number 2


Neophyte Funnies

New Moon

New Music Comics, numbers 1-3

New Music Day

New Twist Comics, number 1

New Word, number 1

Newave Artoonz, number 2

Newave East, numbers 1-4


News According to Wr


Nice Day Comix Catalog 1989

Nice Day Mini Comix, number 10-12

Nice Day Mini Comix, number 22

Nicholson's Small Press Tirade!, number 1

Night Beat

Night Before Christmas

Night Sweats

Nine (9) Views

Nine Lives, numbers 1-2

Nixon Snose


No Audience

No Ceiling

No Comi-ix, number 1

No More Bottled Milk

No Rent

No Talent Showcase, number 2

No Way Comix, number 1

No Way Comix, number 3-4

No Way Comix, number 7-12

No Way Comix, number 14-16

No Way Comix Catalog, numbers 1-2

No Way Showcase, number 2

Nobel Sperm Funnies

Nocturnal Emission

Nohow No Way

Non-sequntial Experiences of 1981

Nonsense Somesense

Nora, number 1

Normal Boy, number 1

Normal Boy, number 2

Normal Everyday Occurences of 1981

Not Available King Size Annual, numbers 1-3

Not Avalible Comics, number 14-23

Not Avalible Comics Catalog

Not Eternal, number 1

Not Eternal, number 4

Not for Construction

Not Morty Comix, number 1058

Notary Sojac

Notavailamail, number 1

Notes About: Horses, number 1

Now! Comix, numbers 1-2

Nu-drawn Bomb, number 1

Nuance, number 1



Nutso Toons

Nuwave E-z

Oblique Comix

Obscure Funbook, numbers 1-6

October-fest, Bamboid Style

Odd, number 1

Oddball Kicks, number 1

Off the Top of My Head

Officer Byrd, number 2-3

Official Maze Master Book of Mazes

Official Mother Earth Handmade Street Hut

Oh Yeah! Catalog

Oh, No! It's Jimmo!

Old Girlfriends, numbers 1-2

Omnia Mutantur

On Golden Pun

On the Air, number 1

One Color, number 1

One Day Closer to Hell

One Man Studio Catalog, numbers 1-2

One Shot Comix, numbers 1-2

One Year's Worth

Oodles of Doodles, number 1

Opossum Oplayers

Orange Blues

Orator, numbers 1-3

Organic Dada

Organs on Parade, numbers 1-2

Original Comics, number 1

Original Comics, number 2

Original Comics, number 4

Original Comics#3

Other People, number 1

Our Little Friend, number 1

Our Little Friend, number 3-5

Out of My Mind, numbers 1-2

Outside In, number 1-20

Outside In, number 22-30

Outside In-formation, number 1 America's Lunch Conters, number 4-8

Overly-busty Nekkid Amazon Space Bimbos, number 1


Ozone's Bar & Grill

Pagan Comix, numbers 1-2

Pagan Comix, number 4-7

Pair of Pants

Paladin, numbers 1-3

Pale Blue Land of Canaan, numbers 1-2

Panelular Modulatiolism, numbers 1-2

Pantophobia, number 1

Paper Bag Princess

Paper Pussy, number 1

Paranoia Psychomix, number 1

Parched Bones

Pardon My Alterpiece

Parody Pictures, numbers 1-2

Party Hearty Van Man, numbers 1-3

Passed Shadows, number 2

Paste-up Phunnies, numbers 1-3

Paw Prints, numbers 1-3

Payne Vs. Ratchick in the Thrilling Joke, numbers 1-2

Peace Keepers, number 1

Peace Oil for a Rat Brain Comics, number 6-9


Pencil Comix, number 2

Penguin Summer


Penguins in Bondage

Pep Comix

Persecution & Assasination of Morty...

Personal Bible ?

Personal Possessions ?

Pessimistic Man, number 1

Phantom Lady

Phantom Presents: a Life in the Day of Howie

Photo Album ?

Photography ?

Picture Album ?

Pictures of Matchstick Men, number 0

Pictures of Matchstick Men, number 2

Pizz Porn

Plague Humor, numbers 1-2

Plain Loon's Cosmic House

Planet Fall

Platinum Toad, number 9

Platinum Toad, number 10

Platinum Toad, number 12

Playfrog, numbers 1-2


Pleasant Pieces!

Pocket Comics, numbers 1-3

Pocket Comics, number 5

Pocket Conspiracy Comics, numbers 1-2

Pocket Guide to Death, A

Pocket Talk!, number 1

Pod Meets Morty the Dog

Poems of an Unknown Baker

Poof!, number 1-2

Pop. 1075

Pope and the Python

Popular Pix

Porno Frog, number 1

Potato Life

Poto, number 1


Pre-furd, number 1

Pretty Bizarre Stuff, number 3

Pretty Bizarre Stuff, number 5

Priceless Observations

Primary Event

Private Lives of Super Heroes, number 1

Project D.e.a.t.h., number 2

Propaganda War, numbers 1-12

Pros and Cons

Protectors Prequel. .

Protectors the Mini-comic, numbers 1-2

Proto Plasm

Psycho, number 1

Psychology Can't Help

Public Pyramid, the

Pullman Comix, number 1

Pungx Installment 1-5

Punk Memories '85

Punk Out

Punk Rock Guide to Sex

Punk Rock Guide to Sex

Punk Rock Guide to Sex, the (smini)

Punkomix, number 1

Punkomix, number 2-3


Puppy Hell

Pure Art Quarterly, number 2

Pure Art Quarterly, number 3

Pure Art Quarterly, number 4

Pure Art Quarterly, number 5

Pure Art Quarterly 4 6

Pure Art Quarterly 4 7

Pure Art Quarterly 4 9

Pure Art Quarterly, number 10

Pure Art Quarterly, number 12

Pure Art Quarterly, number 13

Pure Art Quarterly, number 14

Pure Art Qwuarterly, number 11

Purple Kingdom

Putrescent Dandies

Pyschedelic Xexperienc

Quark Ii

Quasar and Micron, number 2

Quest, number 1

R.b.i., number 1

R.i.p., number 1

Rabbit Punching the Sun with Mr. Fix

Rachel's World

Racoon, number 1

Rainbow Epitaph

Raining Acidbatman

Raining Quills, number 1

Raining Quills, number 3

Ramm, number 0

Randy Comics

Randy Moore

Rascally Reindeer

Ratman, number 4


Razz Knows


Real Dope Thrills

Real Funny Animals

Real Love, number 1

Real Pubic Thrills

Real Pubic Thrills (smini)

Real Revenge Stories, number 1

Realization, number 1

Really Small Comics, numbers 1-3

Recent Comics, number 1

Recent Comics, number 3

Rectal Prolapse!

Red Valiria, numbers 1-2

Red Zeros

Redemption Squad, number 5

Reggie the Veggie

Regular Monster

Rejects, number 1

Relics, numbers 1-3

Renagade, number 7

Republicans From Outer Space

Retros, number 1

Retros, number 4-6

Retros Vol. 2, number 1

Revenge of the Jorks

Revenge of the State

Richie's Mind-shift, numbers 1-2

Rif Raf


Rigid Conduit

Rigor Mortis

Riley Country

Rise and Fall

River Mutants Comix

Robert Crumb Postcards

Robot Romance

Rodant, numbers 1-2

Roger Fnord, number 1

Roman Holiday Comix

Romancer, number 1

Rose Without a Thorn, A

Rosebud Cartoons

Round House Comics, number 1

Rudetoons, number 2

Rumation Gamages, number 1


Rustic Enigma

Sacratomato Comics, numbers 1-4 by Lynn R.h.

Saga of Happy Ned & His Rabbit Spot!

Saga of Yukon Pete

Salvador Allende


Samurai Scum

Samyang Ramyon

San Diego Comic Con Special

San Diego Transit

Sand Boy, number 1

Sand Boy, number 2

Sand-paper Comix

Sasquatch Comix, numbers 1-5

Sayings of Zen Fandel...

Scabrous Komix


Scarecrow Unbound, number 1

Scary Comix

Scary Monsters, numbers 1-2

Scenes From the Election Year: 1980

Scent of Mystery



School House Comics, number 1

Schzoid Comix, number 1

Science Fantasy Industries, number 2

Science Fantasy Industries, number 1

Science Fiction Double Feature, number 2-4

Science Fiction Double Feature, number 6

Science Friction, numbers 1-2

Scott Spy Vol. 3, number 1

Scrap Race to Acropolis

Scratchez, numbers 1-5

Scribbling Rivalry!!

Seattle You Are Here

Second Planet

Self Publisher's League Masters Ospr, number 1

Self-indulgent Comics, number 5-7


Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Serious Comics, number 1-7

Serious Comics, number 9-19

Serious Comics Annual, number 1

Sexation, 8 Act Of

Shaman, number 37-38

Shaman, number 40-50

Shaman Vol. 2, number 1

Shark Bait?


Shirt Pocket Comics Presents:, number 3

Shit Kickin' Kid,, number 10

Shitboy Comix, number 1

Shopping Mall Book

Shortcomings of the Red Banana, number 1

Shortoonz, numbers 1-4

Shumpelhammer, number 1

Sick Dog Funnies, numbers 1-2

Sick Nightmares, number 1

Sick Puppies, number 1

Sicko, number 4-5

Sicko Strikes on Full Moon

Sideways Comics, number 1

Sideways Comics, number 1

Sing Along with Geko Mini Comic


Six (6) Remarkable Innovations

Six 6-gun Mcscum, number 1

Skateboard, number 1


Skeptical Eye

Skinboy, number 2

Skinboy Disorder

Skinboy Fights Back

Skinboy in Space!

Skinboy Wild!

Skitzl, number 1

Slap-happy Comics, number 2

Sleazy Horror, number 1-10

Sleazy Horror, number 12

Slice of the Pie

Slothful Ink, number 1

Small Press Comics Explosion Catalog

Small Press Guide, number 4

Small Press League, number 1

Small Press Sampler, numbers 1-2

Small Press United Team-up, number 1

Small Town Comics Presents, number 1

Small Town Comics Presents, number 3

Small Town Mumbles

Small Town Publicatons

Smart Ass Ol' White Women


Smith Adventures, number 2

Smoke This Comic!

Snack Comix

Snake Paranoia in the Land of Oz...

Snap Happie!, number 1

Snapshots, number 1 Collected Editorial Cartoons by Roldo

Snapshots, number 3

Snort!, numbers 1-2

Snort!, number 5-6


So What Chronicles, number 1

Social Commentary for Our Times, numbers 1-2

Socialist Turtle Vol. 6

Soft Thing

Something Morty This Way Comes Or...

Son of the Book of Man


Space Cadet, number 1

Space Invaders, number 1

Space Junk

Space Out, number 19

Spaceboy Jones, number 1

Sparrky and B.n. Duncan Visit the Lowie Museum

Spear, number 1

Spear, number 2-3

Special Patrol Group Hamster, number 1

Spectar, number 17

Speedsporocket & the Gazelle, number 1

Spicy Tales From the Bible, number 1

Spider-man, number 2

Spillo Zine, number 1

Spilt Ink, number 2

Spooks in Space, number 1

Sporadic, numbers 1-2

Spotlight, number 1

Spud & Ernie, number 2-3

Spud & Ernie, number 4

Spud & Ernie, number 5

Spud & Ernie, number 6

Spud 'n' Ernie, number 1

Spud 'n' Ernie Annual, number 1

Spud and Ernie, number 1

Spud and Ernie, number 1

Stan Carrott, numbers 1-2

Standard Edition, number 1

Star Force, numbers 1-5

Star Trek

Star Wars

Starhead Comix Catalog



Steel Guitar Babies

Steel Justice, number 1

Steroid Man

Stick City

Stick Comics, number 1

Stick It Up Your Art

Still More Sheep Shots Sheep Tricks Sheep Thrills

Stoner Man Comix, numbers 1-12

Stop Fashion Catalog

Story of It!

Strange New Comic Concepts, number 1

Strange Times, number 2

Strawberry Jam

Street Music

Student Klone, numbers 1-4

Stuff, number 1

Stuff, numbers 1-20

Stupid Boy, numbers 1-4

Stupid Boy, number 2

Stupid Funnies, number 1

Sugar Bear's Crazy Jokes and Riddles Volume 1

Super Gorgeous, number 1

Super Mcman

Super Val, number 2

Super-tit, number 4

Superguys, number 1

Surrounded and Frightened

Swamp Thing

Swamped, number 1

Sweet Cheeks, numbers 1-9

Swift Comics!, numbers 1-2

Syberite: Sybaritic Visions


Tales Calculated to Drive You...ganz in Farben!

Tales From Nebraska

Tales From the Floorboards, number 1

Tales From the Inside, numbers 1-12

Tales From the Reaper, numbers 1-2

Tales From the Rear of the Closet

Tales From...#1

Tales of Dirty, Rotten Violence, number 1

Tales of Mr. Fly

Tales of the Giant Octopus 41

Tales of the Utterly Futile

Tales Too Tough for Tv, number 4

Talkin' 'bout My Generation

Tasty Pioneer

Tcm the Cartoon Magazine, number Test Issue

Technophobia, number 1

Teen Mutant Sex Scrapbook, number 1

Teenybopper Anxieties, number 1

Telepathic Sex

Temporal Thespian, number 1

Temporary Insanity Comix

Tender Regard for Mutants by Ripp, A

Teri Baal

Terrier Files, number 1

Terror Comix, number 1

They Return

They Were in Love

Thing's in Town

Things, number 2

Things to Do While Unemployed!

Third 3rd Coming, the

This Is Heat

This Is War -

This Month Hero

This New Age

This Old Man

This Virus Could Save the World From Sin...

This Week's Media Communication Homework!!

Thought Occurs to Me

Throkk the Barbarian, number 1

Throkk the Barbarian, number 7

Through the Sleeve Comix, numbers 1-8

Thru Black Hole Comix Catalog, numbers 1-2

Tidbits, number 1

Time File, number 1

Time Out for Fun, number 1

Tin Head the Man

Tinygiant Comics and Stories, numbers 1-3

Toad's Mowin' Service

Toasting Kerouac

Toe Jam, numbers 1-7

Toilet-man, number 1

Tomato Man, number 1

Tomato-man, numbers 1-7

Tommy Pinto

Tons 0' Fun, number 1

Too Tense 'toons, numbers 1-2

Total Review, number 1

Total Void, number 1

Totally Socially Unacceptable Alphabet

Toxic Dump Comix

Transfer Arteest

Transylvanian Ticklers

Trees Have Eyes Comix

Trouble Shooter, number 1

True 2 Type

True Confessions, number 3

True Crime Tales

True Grue, number 1

True Tales, numbers 1-4

Trust Obey


Tv Dada

Tv Misguide

Twenty-five Cent Comics and Stories, number 1

Two-cysted Tale, numbers 1-2

Two-fisted Cartoonist, number 1

Two-titted Tails, numbers 1-4

Two-titted Tails, number 2-3 (smini)

Typesetting Demystified

U-boats From Ultima Thule, number 1

Ubiquitous Funnies, numbers 1-3

Ubiquitous Funnies, number 7

Ug the Barbarian, number 3-4

Ugh!, numbers 1-2

Ugly Boy

Uglyman, numbers 1-2


Uncontrolled Copy

Uncorking the Breath of Success

Unfunny Animals

Unleavened Bread

Unleavened Funnies, number 1

Unlikely Adventures, number 1

Untold Tales Of. .the Protectors, number 1

Unwelcome Awareness

Up Chuck Auto-blo of Neo-primitive


Update Mini's Coming Soon From A.d. Comics, number 1

Urb an Alphabet of Dragons


User Friendly Funnies, number 1

V.D. Cage, number 6

V.D. Cage, number 8-9

Vampire Vignettes, numbers 1-8


Variations on a Theme, numbers 1-2

Various Electrical Appliances


Veggie the Cat, number 1

Veil Parts

Vej's Pal, Fut Phutfut

Very Warped Tales, number 1

Verysmall Comics, numbers 1-6

Violence Says: Love Me, America!

Vision, numbers 1-2

Vision, number 4


Visiting Hours

Visualist, number 2

Voice of the People

Von Stroheim Directs

Vulgar Pictures

Wacky Komix, number 1

Wacky Tales, numbers 1-2

Wad of Paper, numbers 1-2

Waiting for Bruno

Waiting for Gummo

Waitresses From Outer Space

Waldo and Emerson

Walking Man Comics, number 4

Walking Man Comics, number 9

Walking Man Comics, number 15


War Funnies

Warrior in Black, numbers 1-4

Warrior in Black, number 8-10

Warriors of the Dawn

Wax Tom Cat, number 1

Wax-tom Cat, numbers 1-4

We Can Do It!

We Can't Think of a Title Comix!, number 1

Weird Ads, number 1

Weird Ambience

Weird Babysitter, number 1

Weird Collector

Weird Confessions

Weird Dentist

Weird Farmer Fantasy, number 1

Weird Fetish

Weird Food

Weird Hobbies

Weird Johns

Weird Medical Times, number 1

Weird Nurse Fantasies

Weird Nutrition, numbers 1-2

Weird Paper Dolls

Weird Pin-ups, numbers 1-2

Weird Professions

Weird Puke

Weird Ripoffs, numbers 1-2

Weird Secretary

Weird Stewardess Funnies

Weird Therapy

Weird Wabbits, numbers 1-2

Weird Waitress Fantasies

Werks Phase Two

Western Romance

Western Slut Comix

Whatever Became Of...

Whatever Happened to the Hippies?

Whatso Funnies

When in Doubt, Excrete

Where's Jimmy?

White Boy

White Cane, number 1

White Stuff on Black Stuff by Rippee

White Suit

Why Are We Here?

Why I Wanna Scream

Why the Dinosaurs Disappeared

Wild Superhero Jam, number 1

Winnipeg Jam-pac

Wish I Had a Schlitz!

Wit and Humor of Richard Nixon

Without Fire

Wlh Publications Catalog I

Women in Their Thirties, numbers 1-2

Wonders of Nuclear War, number 1

Woodpecker, number 1

Woof! Comix

Work and Turn

Work Force, numbers 1-2

Working Class Comics Catalog, number 1

World of Elzon, number 3-6

World Seen through Mr. Foster's Glasses

Wrath of Sister Vedelia

Wrong Way Comic's Presents, numbers 1-2

X-con Funnies



Xeno Graphics, number 1

Xenopfiobic Knives and Other Love Songs, Pt. 1

Xerox Comix, numbers 1-2

Xex, number 1

Xex Hex, number 1


You Bet! Comix, number 1

You'd Pay a Quarter for This? Comics...

Young & the Frustrated Post Cards

Young Eisenhower

Young Normal White Belt Sloths, number 1

Your Dirty Lil' Comic, numbers 1-2

Your Dirty Lil' Comic, number 4-8

Yuk Comics Presents Yuk, numbers 1-3

Yule Be Sorry


Zabawny, numbers 1-2

Zabawny, number 4-7

Zappy and the Beatles From Neptune

Zblntqxzblb, number 60-67

Zeitgeist, numbers 1-3

Zen, numbers 1-2

Zero Gravity, numbers 1-3

Zerox Moon

Zig-zag, number 1

Zig-zag, number 2

Zombie Vomit, number 4

Zombies on Parade, number 1

Zomoid Illustories Vol 2, number 3-8

Zomoid Illustories Vol 3, numbers 1-2

Zomoid Illustories Vol 3, number 4


Zork, number 1

Zot!, number 10.5

Zowie!, number 2-8

Zowie! Primer

Zygote Tales, number 1

Zzzzzyxyz!, number 1

Zzzzzz Elvis!

Series 3: Micro comics

A Micro-Comic, 1983, A1-A5

Cheapskate Comix, 1985, number 1

Chinese Slippers, 1989

The Hulk/Batman

Micro-Comics 36 in Series One 1-36

Micro-Comics 36 in Series Two 37-41, 43-6, 48-108

Micro-Comics 36 in Series Three

Untitled, 1987