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PC 3
WSU Buildings
Photographs, 1892-


This collection is a subject file of photographs culled over the history of the school from numerous sources. The colletiton continues to grow as individual images and small collections of images are donated and added to it.



Number of containers: 15 boxes
Linear feet of shelf space: 7.5


Washington State University was originally chartered as the State Agricultural College and School of Science; the school's name was further altered to The Agricultural College Experiment Station and School of Science of the State of Washington even before it opened its doors in January of 1892. In 1905 it became The State College of Washington; by 1959 it was Washington State University. The campus' first building was the "Crib."


WSU's Facilities Operations / Capital Planning applied a loose alphabetical numbering system to the surviving campus buildings in the later 1930s or early 1940s; later buildings were numbered chronologically until recent years wherein the numbering system has expanded to mimic a cataloging system. Photographs of buildings no longer in existence by 1940 can generally be found in one of two places: with the building that inherited their name (e.g. Old Ferry Hall pictures can be found with "new" Ferry Hall (8)), or with the building built in that location (e.g. pictures of the Crib can be found with the TUB (13)). This collection is broken into two series: the first series comprises the majority of this collection and consists of photographic prints, postcards, and other positive images, and are ordered by building number; where too many exist for just one folder they're generally ordered by size. On occasion, other materials such as dedication pamphlets or architural brochures are included. Following the series of all the positive images are negatives, in the same order.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.


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WSU Buildings Photographs, 1892- (PC 3)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
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Numerous other WSU MASC photograph collections hold images of WSU Buildings. For a listing of come of these collections, see the WSU section of MASC list of photograph collections. Similarly, WSU MASC has digitized a number of building images from this collection and others; to view these search on building names in MASC's digital collections. A historical overview of campus buildings can be found at MASC's History of WSU Buildings site.


BoxFolder  Description
11Bldg #1: Administration Building/ Thompson Hall - Postcards, small prints, dedication.
2Bldg #1: Administration Building/ Thompson Hall - Medium Prints.
3Bldg #1: Administration Building/ Thompson Hall - Large Prints.
4Bldg #1: Administration Building/ Thompson Hall - Cabinet Cards.
o.s.Bldg #1: Administration Building/ Thompson Hall - Oversized painting on fabric.
5Bldg #2: Bryan Hall - Slides.
6Bldg #2: Bryan Hall - Postcards, Small Prints.
7Bldg #2: Bryan Hall - Medium Prints.
8Bldg #2: Bryan Hall - Large Prints and Clippings.
21Bldg #3: Fulmer Hall (Chemistry Building) - Small Prints and Cabinet Cards.
2Bldg #3: Fulmer Hall (Chemistry Building) - Larger Prints and Dedication Program.
3Bldg #4: College Hall - Small Prints, Postcards, Cabinet Cards.
4Bldg #4: College Hall remodel - Mounted Clippings and Letter.
5Bldg #4: College Hall remodel - Small Prints.
6Bldg #4: College Hall remodel - Larger Prints and Cabinet Cards.
7Bldg #5: Commons (Brick Commons) - Small and Medium Prints, Slide, Letter, Postcard.
8Bldg #5: Commons (Brick Commons) - Large and Mounted Prints.
9Bldg #6: Community Hall.
10Bldg #7: Duncan-Dunn Hall - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
31Bldg #8: Ferry Hall - Clippings and Larger Photos.
2Bldg #8: Ferry Hall - Small Prints, Postcard, Slide.
3Bldg #8: Ferry Hall - Large Cabinet Cards, Small Cabinet Cards and Mounted Prints.
4Bldg #9: Field House (1929) - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
5Bldg #10: Greenhouse (1938) - Postcards, Prints, Cabinet Cards.
6Bldg #11: Bohler Gym construction (1926-1928) - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
7Bldg #11: Bohler Gym construction (1926-1928) - Medium Prints.
8Bldg #11: Bohler Gym construction (1926-1928) - Large Prints.
9Bldg #11: Bohler Gym construction (1926-1928) - Small Prints, Mounted Prints, Postcards.
10Bldg #12: Smith Gymnasium - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
41Bldg #13: TUB (old gym) (1901-6/30/1954) - Small, Medium Prints, Small Mounted Prints, Small Cabinet Cards.
2Bldg #13: TUB (old gym) (1901-6/30/1954) - Large Cabinet Cards and Prints.
3Bldg #14: White House (Home Economics) - Small, Medium Prints.
4Bldg #14: White House (Home Economics) - Large Prints, Paper Etching.
5Bldg #15: Finch Memorial Hospital - Small, Medium Prints (proposed hospital/ floor plan).
6Bldg #15: Finch Memorial Hospital - Medium, Large Prints, Typed Brief.
7Bldg #16: Chemical Engineering - Small Prints.
8Bldg #19: McCroskey Hall - Small, Medium Prints, Postcard, Slide.
9Bldg #19: McCroskey Hall - Large Prints.
10Bldg #20: Carpenter Hall (Mechanical Arts Building) (1949) - Small Prints, Postcards, Dedication Programs.
11Bldg #20: Carpenter Hall (Mechanical Arts Building) (1949) - Medium, Large Prints.
12Bldg #21: Maintenance Building fire (summer 1955) - Large Prints.
13Bldg #22: Foundry (Mechanical Engineering) - Small, Medium Prints, Postcards, Slide.
14Bldg #22: Foundry (Mechanical Engineering) - Cabinet Cards, Large Prints.
51Bldg #24: Morrill Hall - Large Prints, Cabinet Card.
2Bldg #24: Morrill Hall - Small, Medium Prints, Postcards, Dedication Program (6/16/03).
3Bldg #25: Music Conservatory - Small, Medium Prints, Postcards.
4Bldg #25: Kimborough Hall (and Music Conservatory) - Large Prints.
5Bldg #26: Old Post Office - Medium Prints.
6Bldg #27: Power Plant - Large Prints, Cabinet Cards.
7Bldg #27: Power Plant - Small, Medium Prints, Postcards.
8Bldg #27a: Smokestack (razed 1935/36) - Small Prints, Postcards, Explanatory note.
9Bldg #28: Home Management House - Small, Medium Prints.
10Bldg #30a,b: Wilmer-Davis Hall - Small, Medium Prints.
11Bldg #30a,b: Wilmer-Davis Hall - Large Prints.
12Bldg #31: President’s Home and Office - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Postcards.
13Bldg #32: Science Hall - Small, Medium , Large Prints, Postcard.
14Bldg #33: Arts Hall/ Murrow Communications Building (Old Science) - Postcards, Small Prints.
15Bldg #33: Arts Hall/ Murrow Communications Building (Old Science) - Cabinet Cards.
16Bldg #33: Arts Hall/ Murrow Communications Building (Old Science) - Medium, Large Prints.
61Bldg #34: Stevens Hall - Small Prints, Postcards.
2Bldg #34: Stevens Hall - Medium, Large Prints.
3Bldg #34: Stevens Hall - Cabinet Cards.
4Bldg #35: Stimson Hall - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Medium Prints w/ Cardboard.
5Bldg #36: Troy Hall - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Memo to Faculty (12/7/26) (rededication), Kodachrome.
6Bldg #36: Interior (Food and Dairy Science) - Medium and Large Prints, Postcard.
7Bldg #36: Interior (Food and Dairy Science) - Cabinet Cards.
8Bldg #37: Van Doren Hall (Home Economics) - Slides, Small Calling Card, Postcards, Small Prints.
9Bldg #37: Van Doren Hall (Home Economics) - Medium, Large Prints.
10Bldg #38: Administration Building Complex (Old Veterinary Science) - Postcards, Small Prints.
11Bldg #39: Waller Hall - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Caption Note from Hall.
12Bldg #40: Wilson-Short Hall - Large Prints.
13Bldg #40: Wilson-short Hall - Postcards, Small, Medium Prints.
14Bldg #42: Stadium - Medium, Large, Long Prints.
15Bldg #42: Stadium - Postcards, Slides, Small Prints.
16Bldg #43,365: Golf Clubhouse, Course - Small Card, Small Print.
71Bldg #44,45: McCoy Hall, Wegner Hall - Small Prints, Postcards.
2Bldg #44,45: McCoy Hall, Wegner Hall - Large Prints.
3Bldg #44,45: McCoy Hall, Wegner Hall - Slides.
4Bldg #46: Engineering Lab Building - Large Print, Description.
5Bldg #47: Pioneer Hall (West House) - Large Print.
6Bldg #48: South House - Slide, Small, Large Prints, Descriptive Note.
7Bldg #49: Sherwood Hall (North House) - Slides, Large Print, Descriptive Note.
8Bldg #50: East House - Large Print, Descriptive Note.
9Bldg #54: Smith Agricultural Engineering Building - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Slide, Description.
10Bldg #55: Todd Hall - Small, Medium Prints, Postcards, Descriptive Notes.
11Bldg #55: Todd Hall - Large Prints.
12Bldg #56: Dana Hall - Small, Large Prints, Dedication, Descriptive Note.
13Bldg #57: Mining Experiment Station - Postcards, Cabinet Card, Medium, Large Prints, Description.
14Bldg #58: Old Education Building - Small, Large Prints, Descriptive Note.
15Bldg #59: Spillman Hall - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Descriptive Note.
16Bldg #60: Poultry Disease Building - Large Print, Descriptive Note.
17Bldg #61: Stadium Commons - Large Prints, Descriptive Note.
81Bldg #62: Holland Library - Large Prints.
2Bldg #62: Holland Library - Small Notebook w/ Photo of Holland. Descriptive Notes, Dedication Press Release.
3Bldg #62: Holland Library - Large Prints on Cardboard.
4Bldg #62: Holland Library - Small, Medium Prints, Slide.
5Bldg #62: Holland Library - Large Mounted Drawings (architectural).
6Bldg #62: Holland Library - Large Mounted Photos.
7Bldg #63: Compton Union Building (CUB) - Postcards, Small Prints w/cards.
8Bldg #63: Compton Union Building (CUB) - Medium, Large Prints.
9Bldg #63: Compton Union Building (CUB) - Prints of Architectural Designs, Models.
91Bldg #64: Old Bookstore - Small, Medium, Large Prints, Photocopy of Drawing.
2Bldg #65: Regents Hall - Small, Large Prints.
3Bldg #67: Jewett Observatory - Small Prints.
4Bldg #68: Cattle Diseases Building - Small Prints.
5Bldg #69a,b: Kreugel-McAllister Halls - Small, Large Prints, Dedication.
6Bldg #69a,b: Kreugel-McAllister Halls - Large Prints.
7Bldg #70: Neill Hall - Large Print.
8Bldg #71: Albrook Hydraulics Laboratory - Medium Print.
9Bldg #72,73: Scott- Coman Hall (activities) - Small, Large Prints.
10Bldg #72,73: Scott- Coman Hall (activities) - Large Prints.
101Bldg #74: Nuclear Radiation Center - Small, Large Prints, Architectural Drawing.
2Bldg #75: Laboratory School (General Extension: Heritage House) - .
3Bldg #76: Johnson Hall - Small, Large Prints, Note, Dedication, Brochure.
4Bldg #77: Incinerator - .
5Bldg #78: Sloan Hall - Medium Prints, Dedication.
6Bldg #79a,b: Gannon- Goldsworthy Halls - Small, Large Prints.
7Bldg #79a,b: Gannon- Goldsworthy Halls - Large Prints.
8Bldg #81: Streit- Perham Halls - Large Prints.
9Bldg #82: Heald Hall - Large Prints, Dedication.
10Bldg #82: Construction, 9/22/60-7/21/61 - Slides (Charles W. McNeil Photos).
111Bldg #83: Rogers-Orton Hall - Small Prints, Dedication.
2Bldg #83: Rogers-Orton Hall - Large Prints .
3Bldg #84: Safety Building (Police Station, old FireHouse) - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
4Bldg #85: McCluskey Services Building - Medium Prints.
5Bldg #86: Cleveland Hall - Slides, Dedication.
6Bldg #88: Rogers-Orton Dining Hall - (Child Care) –Planning Guide.
7Bldg #89: Food Science Building - Large Print.
8Bldg #92: French Administration Building - Architect’s Brochure.
9Bldg #92: French Administration Building - Small Prints (1994).
10Bldg #93: Stephenson Hall - Medium Print.
11Bldg #93: Stephenson Hall - Large Prints.
12Bldg #94: Johnson Tower - Architect’s Brochure, Dedication.
13Bldg #97: Fine Arts Building - Small Prints.
14Bldg #99: Clark Hall - Small, large Prints.
121Bldg #100: College Farm - Postcards, Small Prints, Note, Postcards w/ Explanatory notes.
2Bldg #100: College Farm - Medium Prints.
3Bldg #100: College Farm - Large Prints.
4Bldg #100: College Farm - Tornado damage (1920) - Prints.
5Bldg #100: College Farm - Tornado damage - Cabinet Cards.
6Bldg #101: Farm House - Medium Prints.
7Bldg #112: Horticulture Storage Building - Large Prints, Description.
8Bldg #115: Agronomy Seed House - Large Prints, Small Print.
9Bldg #120: Carver Poultry Farm - Small Prints.
10Bldg #122: Poultry Service Building - Medium Prints.
11Bldg #141: Beef Cattle Building - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
12Bldg #142: Swine Buildings - Small Prints.
13Bldg #143: Sheep Buildings - Small Print, Medium Prints.
14Bldg #144: Cattle Feeding Laboratory - Small Prints.
15Bldg #145: Cattle Feeding Laboratory Annex - Small Print.
16Bldg #151: Hilltop Stables - Medium, Large Prints w/ captions, map.
131Bldg #162: Veterinary Research Building (Dairy Barn) - Small, Large Prints.
2Bldg #180: Old Forestry and Range Management Building - Large Print, Description.
3Bldg #192: Fur Animal Building - Large Print, Description.
4Bldg #204: Maple Cottage (First College Infirmary) - Medium Prints.
5Bldg #307: KWSU Tower (1971) - Small Prints.
6Bldg #308: Reservoir - Large Prints.
7Bldg #309: High Tank - Postcard, Small, Medium, Large Prints.
8Bldg #500-699: Student Housing - Small, Large Prints, Description.
9Bldg #801: Webster Physical Science Building - Brochure.
10Bldg #803: Daggy Hall (Speech Building) - Small Prints.
11Bldg #806: Coliseum - Small, Medium, Large Prints.
12Bldg #807: Veterinary Science - Large Prints.
13Bldg #810: Owen Science and Engineering Library - Negatives.
14Bldg #810: Owen Science and Engineering Library - Small, Medium Prints.
15"Newer" Buildings - Small, Large Prints, Photo Pocket Album.
14-15Negatives; ordered by building number.
o.s.Knott's Dairy Center (bldg. #402), 1978. From Capital Planning, acc. 2010-02, Feb. 2002