Preliminary Guide to the Caxton Printers, Ltd. Records circa 1930-1984

Summary Information

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries
Caxton Press (Caldwell, Idaho) Caxton Press (Caldwell, Idaho)
Preliminary Guide to the Caxton Printers, Ltd. Records
Date [inclusive]
circa 1930-1984
245 linear feet, 245 boxes.
(MASC staff use) MS.1984.43: 2-12-8-2; MS.1985.28: 2-11-16-4.
Collection materials are in English.
This collection consists of records of the Caxton Printers, Ltd. of Caldwell, ID and papers of its president, J.H. Gipson.

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Scope and Content

This collection consists of records of the Caxton Printers, Ltd. of Caldwell, ID and papers of its president, J.H. Gipson. Caxton's administration organized its records in various categories identfied by alphabetical and numerical file codes. Many, but not all, of these codes are explained in the collection documentation:

File 7: Published authors

File 9: Special

File 11: Review correspondence

File 6: Unpublished authors

File 17E: Royalty reports

File 12: Author publicity

File 23: OP (out of print) books

File K: J. H. Gipson

File U: J. H. Gipson (political)

File 30: Publishing department

File 26: School, library sales

[Unexplained file codes: File P, File X, File S, File G, File D, File 24, File 25.]


Boxes 1-53: File 6, Unpublished authors. [Note: a rough inventory is available for this file.]

Boxes 54-117: Vacant sequence. [Note: these materials were processed in 2017 as Cage 873.]

Boxes 118-137: File 11, Review correspondence.

Boxes 138-142: File 12, Authors' publicity materials.

Boxes 144-153, 156-158: File 23, OP books. Box 152 also contains some File 25 material.

Boxes 154-155: Mixed. Includes some File U (J.H. Gipson, political).

Boxes 159-160: File 26, School and library sales.

Boxes 161-163: File G and mixed.

Box 164: Unlabeled.

Boxes 165-166: File 24D.

Boxes 167-170: File 30, Publishing Department.

Boxes 171-172: File G, File H, File X-55, File K, File P.

Boxes 173-174: File P and circulars.

Boxes 175-187: Circulars and miscellaneous.

Box 188: Miscellaneous and BR ledger transfers. Also some book files.

Box 189: Inventories (bound volumes) and miscellaneous.

Box 190: Catalogs and lists.

Box 191: Book sheets and memos.

Box 192: Audio recordings (mainly J.H. Gipson speeches).

Box 193: Miscellaneous.

Boxes 194-195: File 30, Publishing Department.

Boxes 196-199: Review files.

Box 200: Miscellaneous.

Boxes 201-230: File U, J.H. Gipson (political). [Note: a complete folder list is available for this file, located in box 201.]

Boxes 231-232: Reviews.

Box 233: Unsorted.


Box 1: Includes File X (Canyon Forum).

Boxes 2-5: File S (Republican politics?).

Boxes 6-7: 3-ring notebook pages (production record?), and book review record.

Box 8: Publicity Dept.

Boxes 9-10: Republican Party.

Box 11: Miscellaneous corporate records.

Box 12: Black Canyon Ranch stock book.

Boxes 13-14: File K, J.H. Gipson.

Box 15: Mixed.

Box 16: Correspondence.

Boxes 17-18: Political.

Box 19: File S (political?).

Box 20: Mixed, some political.

Boxes 21-22: Correspondence.

Boxes 23-24: File K (J. H. Gipson).

Boxes 25-26: File S.

Boxes 27-28: Receipts.

Boxes 29-30: Publicity Dept.

Box 31: Receipts.

Box 32: Caxton invoices, 1937-1953.

Boxes 33-34: File S.

Box 35: File K, J.H. Gipson.

Boxes 36-37: Gipson writings.

Box 38: Mixed.

Box 39: Authors.

Box 40: Dealers and libraries.

Box 41: Mixed, including File K.

Box 42: File K, J.H. Gipson.

Boxes 43-44: File U, J.H. Gipson (political).

Boxes 45-46: Gipson.

Box 47: Mixed.

Box 48: Correspondence.

Boxes 49-50: Income tax.

Box 51: Clippings, monthly reports.

Box 52: Session laws Idaho.

Boxes 53-58: Correspondence, File 30 (Publishing Dept.), mixed?

Box 59: Canyon Forum speakers.

Boxes 60-63: Invoices.

Box 64: 3-ring binder sheets (note: similar to boxes 6-7).

Boxes 65-66: Political.

Box 67: Inventory.

Box 68. File U?, J.H. Gipson (political).

Box 69: Correspondence.

Boxes 70-71: File X.

Box 72: File K, J.H. Gipson.

Box 73: File U, J.H. Gipson (political).

Box 74: Correspondence.

Boxes 75-76: File S.

Box 77: Scrapbooks.

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This is an unprocessed collection. Any arrangement reflects either a pre-existing order from the records' creators or previous custodians, or preliminary sorting performed by staff. The repository has produced a preliminary inventory for the materials labeled as "File 6" (Unpublished Authors) in MS.1984.43, reflecting a roughly alphabetical arrangement. Please contact the repository for more information.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries

Terrell Library

P.O. Box 645610

Pullman, WA, 99164-5610 USA


Restrictions on Access

This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply, and the Caxton Printers, Ltd. have retained their intellectual rights in these materials.

Acquisition Information

The Caxton Printers, Limited donated this collection to the Washington State University Libraries in two installments, in 1984 and 1985 (MS.1984.43 and MS.1985.28).

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Related Materials

Related Material

Caxton Printers, Ltd. Records (Cage 873). This collection consists of two series of the company's records received as part of MS.1984.43: "Published Authors" ("File 7") and "Special files" ("File 9").

Separated Material

Part of MS.1984.43 (boxes 54-117) was separated and processed in 2017 as Cage 873. These were the materials labeled as File 7 (Published Authors) and File 9 (Special).

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Names and Subjects

Corporate Name(s)

Fmo(s) :
  • Caxton Press (Caldwell, Idaho)


  • Publishers and publishing--Archives
  • Publishers and publishing

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