Guide to the Smithcors Collection of Veterinary History Documents 1851-1996
Cage 693

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Washington State University Libraries, Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections
Smithcors, J. F.
Smithcors Collection of Veterinary History Documents
Cage 693
Date [inclusive]
4.5 Linear feet of shelf space, 9 Boxes
Collection materials are in English.
The collection consists of printed and manuscript material. Some of the manuscripts were created by Smithcors; others were collected by him or by the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association.

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Smithcors Collection of Veterinary History Documents, 1851-1996 (Cage 693)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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The materials in this collection are described in the Appendix to Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine : A Short-Title Catalog of the Washington State University Veterinary History Collection" compiled with annotations and indexed by J. Fred Smithcors and Ann Smithcors (Washington State University Press, 1997). This title is available online in full-text.

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Scope and Content

The collection consists of printed and manuscript material. Some of the manuscripts were created by Smithcors; others were collected by him or by the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association. The printed material includes ephemeral items such as pamphlets, as well as journal articles and other items; these were collected by Smithcors and the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association. All of the materials are related to the history of veterinary medicine.

Oversize, audio and microfilm items are listed separately at the end of the container list. The descriptive information has generally been derived from descriptions included in "Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine". A few miscellaneous documents not included in "Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine" are filed with the James Frederick Smithcors Papers in Box 8.

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The collection is arranged in a single series, reflecting Smithcors' alphabetical listing and identification numbers in "Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine". These identification numbers are included in each entry in the container list.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Washington State University Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections  © 2021

Terrell Library

P.O. Box 645610

Pullman, WA, 99164-5610 USA


Restrictions on Access

This collection is open and available for research use.

Restrictions on Use

Copyright restrictions may apply.

Acquisition Information

The Smithcors collection of veterinary history manuscripts was donated to the Washington State University Libraries in multiple accessions, by J. F. Smithcors in 1986 and 1991 and by the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association in 1984 (accessions MS 1986-45, MS 1986-53, MS 1984-47, MS 1991-67).

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Cheryl Gunselman in 2005.

Alternative Form Available

Oral history interviews from Box 9, item A057e were digitized in 2018 and the audio files are retained both as unedited wav files and as speed-corrected mp3 files in MASC’s archival digital storage.

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Related Materials

Related Material

Preliminary Guide to the J. F. Smithcors Personal Papers, 1902-1991 (MS 2021-13)

Association for Women Veterinarians Records, 1954-2013 (Cage 826)

Other collections related to veterinary history are held by Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections of the Washington State University Libraries.

Separated Material

This collection does not include all of the items listed in the Appendix to Five Centuries of Veterinary Medicine. Some of the materials are distinct collections. These include the following:

A007. Association of Women Veterinarians, 1945-2003 (Cage 648)

A008. Association of Veterinary Faculties of North America, 1894 September 17-1910 September 5 (Cage 1615)

A023. Darley, Robert, 1833 April 15 (Cage 1545)

A041. Miller, Everett B., 1959-1979 (Cage 4029)

A044. Muse, Raymond and George Frykman, 1973-1979 (Cage 492)

A053. Receipt book and horses, 1810-1819 (Cage 4710)

A060. Washburn, E. A., 1850-1858 (Cage 4561)

Two items by Everett B. Miller not mentioned in the Appendix have been incorporated into the arrangement at the end of the alphabetical sequence.

Two items listed in the Appendix were not located at the time of processing: A020 and A021.

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Names and Subjects

Personal Name(s)

Subject(s) :
  • Smithcors, J. F. -- Archives


  • Veterinary medicine -- United States -- History
  • Veterinarians -- Correspondence -- United States
  • Veterinarians -- United States -- History
  • Science

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Detailed Description of Collection

box folder

 A001 Advertising and Promotion. Pamphlets, cards, etc.  undated 

1 1

 A002 Ambulances, animal. Illustrations, reprints  1967, 1968, undated 

1 2

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)  

box folder

 A003a Executive Board minutes. Photocopies (bound)  1933-1955 

1 3

 A003b Annual meeting programs. Photocopies (bound)  1934-1959 

1 4

 A003c History, as related by Mark Morris, first president of AAHA. Typescript (photocopy)  1974 

1 5

 A003d Interview with Mark Morris by David Drennan. Typescript  1982 

1 6

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American Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals (ASPCA)  

box folder

 A004a Scrapbook. Contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, treasurer's reports, receipts, news clippings, bylaws and other printed documents from related organizations  1876-1882 

1 7

 A004b Letters  

1 8

Bergh, Henry. Two autograph letters to Peter Eager, ASPCA Newburgh branch president  1876-1880 

Hartfield, Thomas. Autograph letter to Eager  1879 

Wood, L. B., veterinary surgeon of Newburgh. Two autograph letters  1876, 1877 

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box folder

 A005 American veterinary profession. Pamphlets, reprints, clippings, photocopies  1926-1985 

1 9

 A006 Animal welfare. Reprints  1955, undated 

1 10

 A009 Bierer, Bert W., "The Veterinary Sciences in South Carolina, 1887 to 1921." Typescript  undated 

2 11

 A010 Biographies. Reprints, journal clippings  1957-1987, undated 

2 12-13

 A011 Books and book collecting. Reprints, clippings  1957-1978 

2 14

 A012 Brandenburg, T. O. and Robinson, J. W., "History of the North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association." Typescript (mimeograph)  circa 1962 

2 15

 A013 British veterinary profession. Journal clippings, pamphlet  1961-1985 

2 16

 A014 Bullis, K. L., "The Massachusetts Veterinary Association, 1884-1959." Typescript (carbon)  1959 

2 17

 A015 Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), United States Department of Agriculture. Pamphlets, journal clippings, reprints  1909-1984 

2 18

 A016 Caduceus symbol and veterinary medicine. Correspondence, journal clippings, typescripts  1961-1996 

2 19

 A017 Canadian veterinary profession. Journal clippings and reprints  1961-1983 

2 20

 A018 Carty, James M. Account book for veterinary practice  1917-1918 

2 21

 A019 Cattle plague/Foot and mouth disease. Journal clippings  1963-1976, undated 

2 22

 A022 Cures, early. Various printed material and typescripts  1957-1983, undated 

2 23

 A026 Education and research. Journal clippings and reprints  1926-1983 

2 24

 A027 Egyptian veterinary medicine. Reprints, photographs  1982, undated 

2 25

 A028 Farriery and horseshoeing. Correspondence, reprints, clippings  1946-1982 

2 26

 A029 Food hygiene. Includes histories about food control and meat inspection in the United States. Typescripts (mimeograph)  circa 1945 

2 27

A030 Graham, L. P., Papers  

box folder

Laboratory workbooks  1941-1942, undated 

3 28-30

Laboratory guide for operative veterinary surgery by W. F. Guard  1936 

3 31

Surgery course outline  circa 1940s 

3 32-33

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box folder

 A031 Hall, A. V., "Therapeutics." Typescript; circa 1890  

3 34

 A032 History, general veterinary. Pamphlets, clippings, correspondence, typescripts  1936-1986 

3 35

 A034 History, veterinary specialties. Journal clippings and reprints  1967-1978 

3 36

 A035 Hospitals, animal. Pamphlets, photograph  1926, 1932, undated 

3 37

 A036 Illustrations. Journal clippings, reproductions of old prints; undated (Note: additional items in Oversize)  

3 38

 A037 Memorabilia. Envelope addressed to H. Preson Hoskins, possibly in the hand of J. V. Lacroix; postmarked 3 August 1929  

3 39

 A039 Military, general veterinary. Pamphlets, journal clippings  1912-1940, undated 

3 40

 A040 Military, World War I veterinary. Photographs (copies from National Archives)  undated 

4 41

 A042 Moule, Leon T., "History of Veterinary Medicine." Translated from the French  circa 1993 

4 42-44

 A043 Murnane, Thomas G., "Military Heritage of Veterinary Medicine." Typescript (photocopy)  1977 

4 45

 A045 Museums. Brochures, newsletters, photocopies, photograph  1977-1986, undated 

4 46

 A046 Obstetrics and reproduction. Reprints, clippings  1961-1984 

4 47

 A047 Pathology. Reprints, clippings  1956-1983 

4 48

 A048 Pistor, William P., Papers. Collection of documents including correspondence, BAI bulletins, etc., mostly related to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Mexico (circa 1946)  circa 1940s-1950s 

4 49

 A049 Portraits of veterinarians. Clippings, photographs, drawings  undated 

4 50

 A050 Public health. Pamphlets, reprints, clippings, photocopies; 1893-1980  

4 51

 A050 Public health. "What the Veterinary Profession Means to Mankind" (photocopies)  1940-1944 

4 52

 A051 Rabies. Reprints, clippings, typescript  1958-1976, undated 

4 53

 A052 Receipt book of an unidentified American veterinarian; circa 1850s  

4 54

 A054 Religion and mythology. Reprints, typescript, clipping  1956-1985, undated 

4 55

 A055 Reminiscences. "Reflections" feature from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 1991-1995 

5 56

 A056 Schools and colleges. Pamphlets, reprints, photocopies, photographs; 1885-1987, undated (Note: additional items in Oversize)  

5 57-59

Smithcors, James Frederick, Papers  

box folder

 A057a The American Veterinary Profession. Typescript with annotations  1960 

5 60-65

The American Veterinary Profession  

6 66-71

 A057b Collected papers on veterinary history. Bound reprints of journal articles  1954-1988 

6 72

 A057c Functional animal morphology. School of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University (mimeograph)  1949 

6 73

Functional animal morphology  

7 74-76

 A057d Letters. Manuscripts, typescripts, photocopies  1918-1977, undated 

7 77

 A057f Sex, psyche, soma: a narrative account of medical word origins. Typescript (photocopy, bound)  1990 

7 78

 A057g Veterinariana. Photocopies of printed material (bound)  1959-1975 

7 79

 A058 Surgery. Reprints, clippings  1957-1983 

7 80

Collection of prescriptions (36 items), including items described by Smithcors as "irregular," "rare," or "unusual"  circa 1880-1930 

8 91

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box folder

 A061 Welch, Farrell F. Receipt book for diseases in horses, Southington (CT?); 1879  

7 81

 A062 Women veterinarians. Clippings, reprint  1976-1984, undated 

8 82

Miller, Everett B. "American Veterinary Military History" (manuscript) covering the Revolutionary War to 1861; undated  

8 83-86

Miller, Everett B. "The Medical Department of the United States Army in World War II." Typescript, labeled "Tentative Draft," inscribed to Smithcors  1955 

8 87-90

Audio and Microfilm  

Smithcors, James Frederick, Papers  


 A057e Oral histories. Audiocassettes (6) of interviews with 29 veterinarians  1959-1960 


 A059 United States Veterinary Medical Association. Minutes book (microfilm); 1863-1898  


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 A024a Detroit Veterinary Medical College; 3 December 1907. Also a letter to Smithcors from William F. Harlton, Jr., with historical background  29 March 1980 


 A024b Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Surgeons  13 June 1881 


 A024c Veterinary College of Philadelphia  1 March 1877 


 A024d The Veterinary Science Association  18 November 1894 


 A036 Printed illustrations. Includes "Great Moments in Veterinary Medicine" (Eaton Veterinary Laboratories) and copies of unidentified prints  undated 


 A056 Illustration (engraving) of American Veterinary College, New York. From Harper's Weekly 12 March 1881 


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