Peck Collection of Northwest Coast Indian Life 1958-2000
Cage 671

Summary Information

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries
Charles and Elizabeth Peck
Peck Collection of Northwest Coast Indian Life
Cage 671
Date [inclusive]
15.0 Linear feet
English, Quileute, and Quinault
The Peck collection documents cultural traditions and customs of Native American people of the Washington coast. It consists of sound recordings (cassettes, reels and records) of oral interviews, including songs; slides and photographs; field notes; transcriptions; manuscripts; and correspondence. The bulk of the collection documents the Quileute people from 1969 to 1979, with some material related to the Makah, Quinault, and other coastal peoples.

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Biographical/Historical note

Charles Peck was born May 22, 1914, in Hazard, Kentucky. He graduated from West Virginia University School of Forestry in 1939 and received a master's degree in public administration and economics from the University of Colorado in 1963. In 1967 he joined the Agricultural Extension Service at Washington State University as an Information Specialist. He served as a county extension agent for WSU in Cowlitz, Mason and Spokane counties. In 1970 he produced a series of photographs expressing the meaning of responsible land use management, with the Queets River basin serving as the site for his study.

Elizabeth (Tuckwiller) Peck was born in 1918. She graduated from West Virginia University with an A.B. in Music Education in 1939. In April of 1970 Charles and Elizabeth moved to Queets, Washington, for a planned six-month sabbatical leave. Their six-month sojourn lasted 17 years. As Charles said:

Little did we know that the central issue of the sabbatical would swiftly gravitate to trying to develop a comfortable and lasting rapport with the Quinault Indians of Queets, and to learn something of their culture. We were to find such work often sobering and difficult, but always exciting. We were to find trust developing slowly. But finally were able to make friends with the generous and gifted people.

While in Queets they lived among the Pacific coast Native American tribes of Washington state, documenting and recording their history and music. Elizabeth's musical interests helped ease fears among tribal elders that their musical heritage would, in short order, become irretrievably lost: she preserved and documented some of this heritage in hundreds of hours of recorded material and in the work she did for her master's thesis, "Songs of the Bogachiel." There she attempted to understand the power of a family song from a Quileute point of view, focusing on the role of song ownership.

She received her master's degree in 1973 from Washington State University Department of Music. Elizabeth also taught at the Queets-Clearwater school and was an avid seamstress.

Charles photographed a variety of subjects, but he especially enjoyed photographing Indian children. He published some of those photos in an ABC book for children. His photos have been displayed throughout the Northwest, including Portland and Seattle. In addition to his photography he became known on the reservation for his drum-making skills and as an avid fisherman.

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Scope and Contents note

The Peck collection consists of sound recordings (cassettes, reels and records), slides and photographs, field notes, transcriptions, manuscripts, and correspondence. The photographs include photos of Indian people, their activities, and the environmental features of their tribal regions. The bulk of the collection documents the Quileute people from 1969 to 1979, when, according to Peck, "the last vestiges of their culture were disappearing."

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Arrangement note

The collection is arranged into seven series: I: Tapes and Cassettes; II: Phonograph Disc Recordings; III: Reference Essays and Articles; IV: General; V: Teaching Materials; VI: Environmental Materials; VII: Diaries; and VIII: Photography.

The tapes in Series I are arranged alphabetically by person or topic and subsequently according to the code used by Elizabeth Peck to identify the tapes. Explanatory notes and transcriptions of the tapes are often included. Here is an example of the code used by Ms. Peck: M.W. -T1-S1ÀS2 - Aug. 4, 1971 - M3 3/4 - Qts@Qts - ETP. The first letters are the initials or symbol given to the person taped. The "T1" stands for tape (reel) number one. The letter "C" in this position would indicate a cassette. "S1" and "S2" indicates that there is recorded material on both side one and side two. Following is the date when the recording took place. The speed at which the tape plays is indicated first by an "M" followed by the speed. The letters prior to the "@" symbol indicate where the person being taped is from and the letters following the "@" symbol indicate where the recording was made. In the example given, Mary Williams is from Queets and the recording was taped at Queets. The last set of letters represents who made the recording (in nearly every case this is Elizabeth T. Peck).

The Phonograph Disc Recording series contains four LP recordings and relevant notes.

The Reference Essays and Articles series is arranged alphabetically by author or subject and includes photocopied excerpts of articles on Indian culture as well as relevant correspondence and notes.

The General series contains a bound copy of Elizabeth's thesis and research materials (notes, rough drafts, interviews, articles, and song information). Also included are newspaper clippings, correspondence files, and information about Indian culture and activities.

The Teaching Materials series contains materials used by Elizabeth while teaching at the Queets-Clearwater school, including stories written by Charles. Additionally, it contains the scripts to the slide series put together by Charles.

The Environmental Material series includes a few articles on local vegetation as well as the land layout of the Peck acreage on the Hoh reservation.

The Diaries series consists of the diaries of Charles Peck from 1972-1985.

The Photography series is arranged into several sub-series: Slides taken by Charles Peck, Enlarged Color Photos, Photos by Date, Storyboard Photos and Texts, and General Photos. The storyboard photos and texts were originally on large cardboard posters made by school children; however, for preservation purposes they were removed. In some instances both the proofs and negatives and/or contact sheets exist, although occasionally only one of these is extant.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries © 2012
Terrell Library
P.O. Box 645610
Pullman, WA, 99164-5610

Conditions Governing Access note

The Collection is open for research use.

Conditions Governing Use note

The Leila Fisher audio recordings may not be reproduced without the permission of her family (please contact the repository for details). The Helma Ward recordings may not be reproduced.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Charles and Elizabeth Peck gave their papers to Washington State University Libraries in three installments in February and September of 1989 and in April of 1990. Anna S. Vogt processed the collection in the summer of 1999. Fifty-four books and one box of gardening materials were separated from this collection. In 2001, Elizabeth Peck donated additional photographs, papers, and artifacts to the collection.

Processing Information note

The photographs and papers were added at the end of the collection by Francesca Pena under the supervision of Trevor Bond, Special Collections Librarian, and the artifacts (primarily drums and woven baskets) were processed separately as Cage 671a.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Indians of North America -- Northwest Coast of North America -- Music.
  • Native Americans, Oral Histories, Photographs
  • Quileute Indians -- Music.
  • Quileute Indians -- Religion.
  • Quileute Indians -- Social life and customs.
  • Quinault Indians -- Music.
  • Quinault Indians.

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General note

Symbols - People:

BB- Beatrice Black, Taholah, WA

HBo - Harry Bowchop

HBr- Hazel Bright

JC - Jonah Cole

EG - Elmer George

LF - Leila Fisher

MH-AH - Mattie Howeattle and Ansy Hyasman

PH - Pansy Howeattle

MK - Maggie Kelly

HL - Helen Lee

WEL - Warren E. Lee

FL - Flora Logan

ETP - Elizabeth T. Peck

CP - Cecil Pullen

LP - Lillian Pullen

BS - Bud Sailto

HS - Harry Sam, Queets Indian

WS - Wallace Sampson

Sh. - Shaker

MW - Mary Williams

Symbols - Places:

Qute - Quileute

QTs - Queets

HR - Hoh River

T - Taholah

Q'nlt- Quinault Tribe

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Collection Inventory

 I Tapes and Cassettes 

Box Folder

"Authentic Music of American Indian," taped copy of albums 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: album 1

Side 2: album 2

1 1

"Authentic Music of the American Indian" (ETP notes incl.) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: misc., C.K. Peck , children singing, Harry Sam

Side 2: album 3

1 2

Beatrice Black, notes, transcripts, newspaper clippings 

1 3

Beatrice Black, BB-T1 - S1:S2 - Apr 28, 1972 - M3 3/4 - Q+H@Taholah - ETP (Master) 

Scope and Contents note

Tape of Beatrice Black and Mary Fisher Williams at Black's home. Black was from La Push, WA and at the time of the taping lived in Taholah WA. Williams was from Hoh, WA., but at the time lived in Queets, WA. Both women speak Quileute language

1 4

Beatrice Black: BB-T2-S1-Apr. 28, 1972 - QH@Taholah - M3 3/4 - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Tape of Black and Mary Fisher Williams at Black's Taholah home

1 5

Beatrice Black, BB-T3-S1:S2-May 15, 1972-Qute@Taholah-M3 3/4-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Tape of Black and Mary Fisher Williams at Black's Taholah home. Conversation is about early everyday uses of Quileute Indian songs

1 6

Beatrice Black, BB-T4-S1-July 12, 1972 - Qute@Taholah - M3 3/4 - ETP (Master) Black and Mary F. Williams identify Quileute Indian Shakers in photograph "A" plate 2 in "Quileutes of La Push" by George A. Pettittt 

1 7

Beatrice Black, BB-T4-S1-July 12, 1972 - Qute@Taholah - M3 3/4 - ETP (copy) 

1 8

Bowchop, Lee, and Pullen: Quileute song sung by three different generations: Helen Sailto Lee, Harry Bowchop, and Cecil Pullen transcription and ETP notes 

1 9

Bowchop, Lee, Pullen: HBO, HL, CP-C1-Nov. 11, 1971 - NB@Q-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Three versions of "Hó-i-ya" of the Ward family, La Push

1 10

Bowchop, Harry, Nov. 11, 1971. Bowchop sings a Quileute Shlahal song. With him was his wife Frances, a Quinault who has lived in Queets, WA 

1 11

Sherrill Carlson, "Paging People with Peg" radio show (aired Feb. 20, 1973 from Pullman, WA) where Carlson is interviewed about the Northwest Coast Indians ABC book that she produced in conjunction with the photography of Charles K. Peck in 1972 

1 12

Jack LaChester, J.L.C.-T1-S1:S2 - Aug. 23, 1958 - Makah@Neah Bay, WA - M3 3/4 -W. Lee 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Jack LaChester, Neah Bay, WA, Makah Tribe

Side 2: Makah Day, Aug. 23, 1958; Excerpts of Makah Dances

1 13

Jonah Cole, notes 

1 14

Jonah Cole, JC-T1-S1, Aug. 26, 1971 : S2, Oct. 20, 1971- HR@Q - M3 3/4-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Jonah Cole sings personal Quileute song, two songs by Mary Williams, Jonah story of Indian doctor, Mrs. Williams' conversation of doctor stick and Shaker attitude toward old things, song by Marla Obi and Darla (Bug) Obi

Side 2: Jonah Cole when given drum, Queets

1 15

Jonah Cole, JC-C1 - Aug. 26, 1971 - HR@QTs - ETP (recorded with J.C.-T1-S1) 

1 16

Jonah Cole, JC-C2 - Sept. 21, 1971 - HR@QTs - ETP 

1 17

Jonah Cole, Mary Fisher Williams, Mattie Howeattle, Ansy Hyasman (master) 

Scope and Contents note

(Edited cassette recording from J.C. -T1-S1 - Aug. 20th and 26th, 1971, and Howeattle and Hyasman in 1958. Master cassette made in Feb. 1984)

1 18

Frances Densmore, "Songs of the Nootka and Quileute," Folk Music of the United States, AFS-L34 and AAFS L32 from The Library of Congress Division of Music 

1 19

Leila Penn Fisher, notes by ETP on LPF, programs from LPF's funeral service 

1 20

Leila Fisher: L.F.-T1-S1-Aug. 4, 1971-HR@QTs - M3 3/4 - ETP (edited copy and work copy) 

1 21

Leila Fisher: L.F.-T1-S1-Aug. 4, 1971-HR@Q-M3 3/4-ETP (Master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: L.F., first recording session at Queets

Side 2: empty

1 22

Leila Fisher, L.F. T2-S1-Oct. 10, 1971 - HR@HR - M3 3/4-ETP (Master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Dance practice in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fisher, Hoh. Preparing for a performance at Forks school, singer Leila Fisher, Hoh

1 23

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T3-S1:S2:S3 - Oct. 11, 1971-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (work copies) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Elk Songs, Black Face songs, Mask Dance, Snipe, Paddle, Pushing the Clouds...

Side 2: He-ya-ya, Medicine, Canoe, Love, Song for Round dance or Rabbit dance...

Side 3: Frank Fisher's Black Face Song, Dr. Lester's Little White Whale...

1 24

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T3-S1:S2:S3 - Oct. 11, 1971-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

2 1

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T3-S1 -; Oct. 11, 1971-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (edited from master) 

2 2

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T4-S1 - Jan 28, 1972-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP (master) Discussion regarding drowning 

2 3

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T5-S1 - Feb. 1, 1972-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP (master) Discussion with Fisher about the problems of the Hoh Reservation. She is on the Education Committee, Hoh Indian Reservation, Forks, WA 

2 4

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T6-S1:S2 - Feb. 8, 1972-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Includes permission and intent of using Fisher's songs. Excellent discussions of culture, use of songs and family heritage.

Side 2: Elizabeth Peck interviews Ms. Pansy Howeattle Hudson: Indian names and lineage.

2 5

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T7-S1:S2- Feb. 19, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Esau Penn and Mary William's songs and discussion

Side 2: Esau Penn and William E. Penn's songs and discussion

2 6

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T8-S1:S2- Feb. 22, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Discussion with L.F., song from David Charley, a Canadian using Quileute words...

Side 2: (Side 1 continued)

2 7

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T9-S1- Feb. 23, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: L.F. talks about her life

2 8

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T10-S1- May 23, 1972 : S2 - Apr. 7, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Fisher family songs sung by Mrs. Herbert Fisher (L.F.) in her home at Hoh River, WA

Side 2: Songs from Esau Penn

2 9

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T11-S1- Apr.7, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: L. Fisher sings Big Bill Penn's song, Mark Williams' song and discusses her father Esau Penn's life

2 10

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T12-S1- Apr. 7, 1972 : S2-Apr. 19, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Leila and Mary Fisher Williams discuss Pettitt's Shaker picture- identifying names of members

Side 2: Leila discusses Little Lizard song, sings Penn's Medicine Paddle song...

2 11

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T13-S1:S2- Apr.19, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Leila talks to E. Peck about Indian games, medicines-drugs

Side 2: (Side 1 continued)

2 12

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T14-S1- July 10, 1972-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Leila and Herbert Fisher and Mary Fisher Williams identify songs on the Seattle Public Library Tape T1-S1

2 13

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T15-S1- Aug. 29, 1972-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: E. Peck interviews Leila Fisher, wedding reception held Aug. 25, 1972. Leila sings "love" songs, "giving away" songs

2 14

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T16-S1- Nov. 14th , 15th &18th , 1972-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Leila discusses Quileute songs

2 15

Leila Fisher, L.P.F.-T17-S1:S2- Nov. 26, 1972-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1 and 2: Leila sings 2 songs, then tells about the Bogachiel and its relationship to other Quileute groups. Also her life on the river, location of homes, fish traps, Indian words for the fish. Peck and Fisher discuss the title for Peck's thesis, Herb Fisher tells a story, Leila sings three songs

2 16

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T18-S1:S2- Jan. 3, 1973-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Discussion of ethics of song use and purchasing songs. Leila sings 7 songs.

Side 2: Discussion of ages of family members, meanings of songs, and the big party Georg Charlen gave in Tokeland, WA

2 17

Leila Fisher, L.F. - T19 - S1:S2 - Jan. 24, 1973 - HR@HR - M3 3/4 - ETP (master) Side 1 and 2: Leila Fisher, Mary Williams and E. Peck discuss adding details to previously recorded materials, including Indian names of family members 

2 18

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T20-S1:S2- Feb. 1, 1973-HR@HR-M3 3/4- ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Leila explains Elk Society and sings relevant songs, discusses the connection of old medicine songs with Shaker songs and faith...

Side 2: Leila sings Alice Jackson's Love Song and tells about Hoh River Blonde history

2 19

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T21-S1:S2- May 9, 1973, 1973-HR@HR-M1 7/8- ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1 and 2: Leila and Herbert Fisher tell about huge party they gave on May 6, 1973

2 20

Leila Fisher, notes with the cassette tapes 

3 1

Leila Fisher, L.F.-T22- Dec. 1972-M3 3/4- ETP Excerpts from Leila Fisher's tapes #1-7. E. Peck made this tape for Fisher family use. It includes most of Leila's songs and comments in a useful way. One copy was sent to a daughter, Mary Kay Leitka, Hoh River and another to a son, John Sailto, Forks, WA. CD Audio version of recordings added to collection on March 8th, 2004. 

3 2

For Linguistics (cassette) 

3 3

Leila Fisher says Quileute family names and other Quileute words (cassette) 

3 4

Leila Fisher- Black Face and Mary Williams (cassette) 

3 5

Leila Fisher- Elk (cassette) 

3 6

Thesis - C1- S1:S2 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Invitational Paddle Songs

Side 2: Esau Penn's Elk Song

3 7

Leila Fisher - C1 S1- Feb. 19, 1972 - HR@HR - about W.S.U. tape 

Scope and Contents note

C1 S2 - Questions to ask Leila Fisher

3 8

Leila Fisher #1 (cassette) 

3 9

Leila Fisher (cassette) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: L.F. comments at Hoh River regarding W.S.U. tape

Side 2: regarding Cecil Pullen Tape

3 10

Leila Fisher (cassette) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Questions for L.F. with T8-S1 - Feb. 22, 1972

Side 2: Questions for L.F. - M.W. C2 - S2 - May 2, 1972 - Q@Q

3 11

Leila Fisher (cassette) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Questions for L.F. regarding L.F. -T10-S2

3 12

Leila Fisher, L.F. C2 - S1:S2 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Paddle Songs

Side 2: In search for paddle Temanoes

3 13

Leila Fisher, C3 - S1:S2 - Oct. 18, 1971 - HR@HR - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1 and 2: Leila's Quileute Songs

3 14

Songs: Black Face, Love Song T15@130 

3 15

Thesis stories (cassette) 

3 16

Thesis songs (cassette) 

3 17

Elmer George and Mary Williams - notes 

3 18

Elmer George and Mary Williams, EG + MW - T1 - S1 - Aug. 11, 1971 - @QTs - M3 3/4 - ETP. Elmer and Mary sing Indian songs. Elmer is of Esquimault, B.C. and was once married to Williams' granddaughter Donna Lee. He is Songese Tribe 

3 19

Elmer George and Mary Williams, EG + MW - T2- S1:S2 - Aug. 11, 1971 - @QTs - M3 3/4 ETP 

3 20

Stanley Grey and Mary Ward, Sea PubLib - T1 - S1 - Jul. 2, 1972 - @QTs -ETP (master)/ Sea PubLib - C1 - S1:S2 - Jul. 2, 1972 - @QTs - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: A duplication of Titania records located in Seattle Public Library - Downtown. Copyrighted 1950

3 21

Hoh - T1 - S1 - June 12, 1971 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Hoh River Dedication of Community Center, copied from Warren Lee

3 22

Pansy (Howeattle) Hudson, PH - T1 - S1:S2 - May 12, 1972 - HR@HR - M3 3/4 -ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Pansy and Mary Fisher Williams listen to WSU tape searching for song they can rightfully use for a party

3 23

Interim: Song List, Lecture Note, Correspondence, etc. 

3 24

Interim: C1: recordings from the Leila Fisher tapes 

3 25

Interim: C2, Shaker songs 

4 1

Interim, T#1 - S1 - 1972 

4 2

Interim, T#2 - S1 - 1972 

4 3

Interim, T#3 - S1 - 1972 

Scope and Contents note

Harry Bowchop and Helen Lee

4 4

Mabel Jackson, Smoke House Songs - notes 

4 5

Mabel Jackson, Smoke House Songs - C1 and C2 Dec. 6, 1974 

Scope and Contents note

Esquimault, B.C.

4 6

Melville Jacobs Collection 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: from Melville Jacobs Collection

Side 2: WSU - Quileute Songs

4 7

Maggie Kelly, MK - C1- S1- Mar. 29, 1973 - Quinault@QTs - ETP. Mostly village gossips about real concerns. Maggie is in her 80's - a fine basketmaker 

4 8

Flora Logan, FL - T1 - S1 - Jan. 21, 1971 - @QTs - M7 1/2, 3 3/4 - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Pansy Hudson's Home - Hoh River, Logan, Wallace Sampson and Mary Williams sing

Side 2: Queets Luncheon - part 2 (FL - T2 - S2 - Jan. 29, 1971)

4 9

Flora Logan, FL-T2-S1 - July 6, 1972 - Jackson Creek@Q - M3 3/4 -ETP 

4 10

Part Singing examples (cassette) 

4 11

Cecil Pullen and Hazel Bright - notes 

4 12

Cecil Pullen and Hazel Bright, CP +HBr - T1-S1- Apr. 1966 - M3 3/4 - (master) Copied from original owned by Warren Lee, Queets, WA, grandson of the singers made April 1966@La Push, WA. Pullen and Bright were both of Quileute language group 

4 13

Cecil Pullen and Hazel Bright, CP +HBr - T1-S1- Apr. 1966 - M3 3/4 - (copy #2) 

4 14

Lillian Pullen, LP - T1 - S1- Aug. 5, 1981 - Quileute@LaPush - M3 3/4 - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Pullen interviewed by E. Peck in Pullen's LaPush classroom

4 15

Queets Luncheon - T1 - S1- Jan. 29, 1991 (continued on Side 2 of Flora Logan tape) 

4 16

18 Quileute songs, transcription, photos, notes 

4 17

18 Quileute Songs: Mattie Howeattle, Ansy Hyasman - T1 - S1 - M3 3/4 - ETP 

4 18

Quinault Alphabet (cassette) 

4 19

Red Earth Christmas Songs, March 1976 (cassette) 

4 20

Harry Sam, notes 

4 21

Harry Sam, HS - C1- SA:SB - June 25, 1971 -QTs@QTs - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side a: Harry Sam's stories he told

Side b: Bud Sailto

4 22

Harry Sam, HS - C2 - July 1071 - QTs@QTs - ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Harry Sam's whaling story...

4 23

Harry Sam, HS - C3 - S1- July 1971 - QTs@QTs - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Harry Sam's second story

4 24

Harry Sam, HS - C4 -Jan. 27, 1973 - QTs@QTs - ETP 

4 25

Harry Sam, HS - T1- July 1971 - QTs@QTs - M3 3/4 - ETP (copy of HS C2) 

5 1

Harry Sam, HS - T2- S1 1971 - QTs@QTs - M3 3/4 - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Stories copied from HS C2; longhouses, fishing, his home, canoe making

5 2

Harry Sam, HS - T4- S1:S2 - Oct. 30, 1973- QTs@QTs - M3 3/4 - ETP 

Scope and Contents note

E. Peck interviews Harry Sam at age 73 in his Queets home. He sings two of his father's songs; Elk Hunting Song and Whaling Song

5 3

Harry Sam, HS - T5-S1-Jan. 27, 1973 - QTs@QTs - M3 3/4 - ETP (copy of C4) 

5 4

Shaker Services - Notes 

5 5

Shaker Services, SH-T1-S1:S2 - Oct. 11, 1971 - M3 3/4 - ETP 1967 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Sally Pope, minister of Taholah Indian Shaker Church. This was recorded at a "Shake" held in Queets, 1969. Warren Lee, then minister of the Queets Shaker Church, made the original. He gave E. Peck permission to make this copy

Side 2: Housewarming at Warren and Helen Lee's home in Queets

5 6

Shaker Services, SH-T2-S1:S2-Oct. 11, 1971-W.S.@QTs-M3 3/4-ETP (master & work copy), Sampson Shake 1971 

Scope and Contents note

An Indian Shaker Service held by Wallace and "Wimpy" Sampson to help Tita and Harry Penn stop drinking. Leta Shale was ministering

5 7

Shaker Services, SH-C1-S1:S2-Oct. 11, 1971-W.S.@QTs-M3 3/4-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Sampson Shake, same occasion as SH -T2

5 8

Shaker Services, SH-T3-S1:S2-Jan. 19, 1973-@QTs-M1 7/8-ETP (continued to SH - T4) 

Scope and Contents note

Shaker service held in the Queets Indian Shaker Church to open the church after being closed for some time. Charlotte Kalama offered the first prayer

5 9

Shaker Services, SH-T4-S1:-Jan. 19, 1973 @QTs-M1 7/8-ETP (continued from SH T3) 

5 10

Shaker Services, MW-T2-S1:S2-Aug. 6, 1971- Q@Q-M3 3/4-ETP (cassette copy of MW T2) 

5 11

Songs of Bogachiel - original thesis tape, M3 3/4 

5 12

Songs of Bogachiel - Side 1 and Side 2 (copy) 

5 13

Don Umtuck, Songs of the Yakima (Tape - S1:S2 - - M7 1/2) recorded by Don Umtuck, Chief of the Yakima Tribe, WA, Jan. 1966. This is a copy of the original belonging to Warren Lee of Queets, WA 

5 14

Helma Ward, notes and precautions 

5 15

Helma Ward, HW - T1-S1- July 26, 1972 - N.B@Queets-M3 3/4-ETP (master unedited) 

Scope and Contents note

Helma Ward sings song in Makah Indian way and presents a mask carved by her son

Michael Hunter, age 14. (NOT TO BE DUPLICATED)

5 16

Helma Ward, HW - T2-S1- July 26, 1972 - Makah@Queets-M3 3/4-ETP HW - C1-S1- July 26, 1972 - Makah@Queets-M3 3/4-ETP Edited version of HW - T1 where E. Peck has added her own report of the occasion. Also copied on to cassette. (NOT TO BE DUPLICATED) 

5 17

Helma Ward, Hunter Party, HW - T1- Apr. 12, 1976 

Scope and Contents note

N.B@N.B-M1 7/8-ETP

General note


5 18

Helma Ward, Hunter Party, HW - T2- Apr. 12, 1976 

Scope and Contents note

- N.B@N.B-M1 7/8-ETP

General note


5 19

Helma Ward, Hunter Party, HW - T3- Apr. 12, 1976 

Scope and Contents note

- N.B@N.B-M1 7/8-ETP

General note


5 20

Mary Williams, Notes 

5 21

Mary Williams, MW - T1 - S1- July 13, 1971-Q@Q - M1 7/8-ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Recorded in the Peck's Queets home, George Jackson, C. Peck and M.Williams were listening to Harry Sam's story with comments

5 22

Mary Williams, MW - T2 - S1- Aug. 6, 1971-QTs@QTs - M3 3/4-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Williams sings three family Indian songs and two of her personal Shaker songs

5 23

Mary Williams, MW - T3 - S1- Aug. 6, 1971-Q@Q - M3 3/4-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: (continuation of MW-T2)

5 24

Mary Williams, MW - T4 - S1- Sept. 22, 1971-Q@Q - M3 3/4-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: discussion of whalebone splitter, clam digging, songs

6 1

Mary Williams, MW - T5 - S1- Dec. 3, 1971-Hoh@Q - M3 3/4-ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: E. Peck interviews Williams in order to record her stories of life in Hoh Village

6 2

Mary Williams, MW - T6 - S1- Mar. 16, 1972-Hoh@QTs - M1 7/8-ETP (master) 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Williams discusses the power of her family members

6 3

Elizabeth Peck, ETP C1-S1 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Questions to ask Mary Williams about power

6 4

Mary Williams, MW - C1-S1-ETP 

Scope and Contents note

Side 1: Legendary Kwaiti Stories told by Williams

6 5

Digital copies of selected recordings, 2005 

6 6

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 II Phonograph Disc Recordings 

Relevant Printed Items: 

Box Folder

Willard Rhodes, "Music of the American Indian - Northwest (Puget Sound) Folk Recordings," Library of Congress Music Division 

7 1

Ida Halpern: "Indian Music of the Pacific Northwest Coast," Folkways Ethnic Library FE4523. Includes two records and descriptive notes 

7 2

Willard Rhodes, "Northwest (Puget Sound)," from Folk Music of the United States, Library of Congress Music Division AFS L34 

7 3

Willard Rhodes, "Indian Songs of Today," from Folk Music of the United States, Library of Congress Music Division AFS L36 

7 4

Frances Densmore ed., "Songs of the Nootka and Quileute," from Folk Music of the United States, Library of Congress Music Division AAFS L32 

7 5

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 III Reference Essays and Articles 

Box Folder

Green File box with bibliography notecards 

8 1

10 Note cards on books on Native Americans and their music 

8 2

Andrade, Manuel J. excerpt from "Quileute Texts," New York, 1930, Columbia University Press, pp. 82-85 

8 3

[Quileute ethnology notes], 1928. One notebook 22p copied from American Philosophical Society Library 

8 3

Archival Correspondence 

8 4

Barnett, H.G., "The Nature of the Potlatch," American Anthropologist, July-Sept. 1938, vol. 40, no.3, pp. 349-358 

8 5

Bibliography- various documents and reference guides relating to doing research on Native Americans. Also some correspondence and information on Shorey Publications 

8 6

Colson, Elizabeth - notes taken by ETP relating to rivalry, kinship, power, religious concepts 

8 7

Cook, Capt. James - photocopy from "The Journals of Captain James Cook," vol. 2 - part I and Part II 

8 8

Davis, John (NEH) and Grosshans, Henry (WSU Press Editor) - correspondence, "Subject Authority File; Washington State University; Indians of North America" 

8 9

Densmore, Frances 

8 10

"Songs of the Nootka and Quileute," The Library of Congress Music Division (text accompanies Record L32) 

"Peculiarities of the Singing of the American Indians," American Anthropologist, vol. 32, No.4, 1930, pp. 651-660 

"The Study of Indian Music in the Nineteenth Century," American Anthropologist, vol. 29, 1927, pp. 77-86 

"Nootka and Quileute Music," Smithsonian Institute, U.S. Ethnology Bureau, Bulletin 124 1939 

Driver, Harold - ETP notes on "Indians of North America" 

8 11

Farrand, Livingston, "Traditions of the Quinault Indians" Jan. 1902 

8 12

Fletcher, Alice C. - essay reviewing Fletcher's publication, "Indian story and Song," Boston 1900 

8 13

Frachtenberg, Leo J. 

8 14

"Ceremonial Societies of the Quileute Indians," American Anthropologist, vol. 23, 1962, pp. 320 - 352. 

"Abnormal Types of Speech in Quileute," International Journal of American Linguistics, vol. I, no. 4, pp 295-299. 

"Explorations and Field-work of the Smithsonian Institution in 1916," Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. 66, no.17, 1917, pp. 111-117. an excerpt from Manuel Andrade's "Quileute Texts." 

Halpert, Herbert, "Folklore: Breadth Versus Depth," Journal of American Folklore (1958), pp. 97-103 

8 15

Herzog, George 

8 16

"Salish Music" in Marian W. Smith, ed. Indians of the Urban Northwest (new York, 1949) - pp. 93-110 

"Musical Styles in North America", 23rd International Congress of Americanists, (1928), pp. 455-458 

"Primitive Music: The Study and Its Problems," Research in Primitive and Folk Music in the U.S. (1936), pp. 563 - 579 

Indiana University - Correspondence 1974-1986 

8 17

Inverarity, Bruce - ETP notes on Art of Northwest Coast Indians, U of Cal. Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles 1950 

8 18

Jacobs - Melville Jacobs Collection permissions and correspondence 1972 

8 19

Kolstee, Anton Frederik - notes on his Ph.D. Dissertation entitled "To Impersonate the Supernatural: Music and Ceremony of the Bella Bella/Heiltsuk" 

8 20

Lomax, Alan also Halpert (quoted in article in "Conference Character and State of Studies in Folklore," pp. 507-510 

8 21

Merriman, Alan P., "The Selection of Recording Equipment for Field Use," pp. 5-9 

8 22

Mohling, Virginia, "Twana Spirit Songs," thesis 1957 

8 23

Nettl, Bruno, "North American Indian Musical Styles," American Folklore Society, Philadelphia, 1954., correspondence from Nettl, ETP notes, observations and outline by ETP on the Place of Quileute music in a style area 

8 24

Olsen, Loran - correspondence materials by and about Olsen 

8 25

Olsen, Ronald - ETP notes 

8 26

Pettittt, George A., photocopied excerpts from "Primitive Education in North America," University of California 

Scope and Contents note

Publications in American Arch. and Ethn., 1946., ETP notes on "Quileutes of LaPush," correspondence with Pettittt

8 27

Powell, Jay and Fred Woodruff, "Appendix I: Additions to the Quileute Entries" 

8 28

Reagan, Albert B., "Ethnological Studies of the Hoh and Quileyte Indians, the Sole Survivors of the Chimakuan Linguistic Family," 1908-1913 

8 29

Rhodes, Willard - ETP notes taken on Rhodes' "Music of the American Indian" 

8 30

Shoalwater - correspondence with the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe regarding C. Peck photographing their tribe 

8 31

Swan, James G., "The Surf-Smelt of the Northwest Coast, and the Method of Taking Them by the Quileute Indians, West Coast of Washington Territory, " Proceedings of United States National Museum, pp. 43-46 

8 32

Suttles, Wayne, "Affinal Ties, Subsistence, and Prestige among the Coast Salish," Coast Salish Subsistence and Social Organization, vol. 62, 1960, pp 296-304 

8 33

Williams, Melda Ann - ETP notes on Williams' thesis, "Historical Background and Musical Analysis of Thirty Selected Nez Perce Songs," University of Idaho May 1967 

8 34

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 IV General 

Box Folder

Elizabeth T. Peck's Thesis, "Songs of the Bogachiel: An Examination of the Music Owned by a Prestigious Quileute Family," Washington State University 1973 

9 1

Order Information for The Northwest Coast Indians ABC Book 

9 2

Adams, Hank - newspaper articles on Adams, Indian activist 

9 3

Authors: Washington State 

9 4

Books About American Indians and Eskimos, University of Washington Press 1971-72 

Washington State Authors in the Washington State Library 1972 Publications 

The Northwest Coast Indians ABC Book, by Sherrill Carlson and Charles Peck 

Blueprint for first printing of The Northwest Coast Indians ABC Book p.449 photocopy from "Current Bibliography and Discography" 

Basketry - newspaper article on Celia Ann Campbell entitled "From Roots to Baskets" by Ray Schrick 

9 5

Canoes - newspaper articles: "Souped up Canoes Vie at Tahola" by Steve Lowell; "Dugouts Roar up Quinault" by Steve Lowell in The Wenatchee World, Thurs. June 17, 1971; "Canoes" by David Parry in the Imperial Oil Review, 1973 no.1 

9 6

Chilcat - "Alaska's Colorful Chilkat Dancers," Seattle Times Sunday Pictorial July 4, 1971 

9 7

Clippings - newspaper articles: "Archaeologists Unearth an 'American Pompeii, '" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Sunday Aug. 30, 1970; Four page broadsheet "The Renegade" ([Jan. 1971?]), [a publication of the Survival of the American Indian, Inc.] (Hank Adams, director) 

9 8

Correspondence: Elizabeth Peck 

9 9

Correspondence: Charles Peck 

9 10

Correspondence from E. and C. Peck mostly to Elizabeth's parents in Virginia (1970-1981) 

9 11

Diagrams of the techniques of drum making 

9 12

Hobucket, Harry, "Quillayute Indian Tradition," Washington Historical Quarterly, v. 25, no. 1, 1934, pp. 49-59 

9 13

Howeattle - notes on the Howeattle family 

9 14

Howeattle, Mattie; Ansy Hyasman; Chief Howeattle: notes taken by ETP, spiral notebook regarding W.S.U. tape "18 Quileute Songs," 8x10 photos of Chief Howeattle and Ansy Hyasman and Mattie Howeattle with trade baskets, negatives for previous two pictures as well as two Indian Shaker Church pictures, L. Olsen's song transcriptions on staff paper 

9 15

Interviews with Indians - Stevens County: Lousie Pillisier, Nancy Winecoop, Carrie Mears, Katherine S. Ide, George S. Moody, Alex McLeod 

9 16

Linguistic Symbols 

9 17

Makah - newspaper clipping: "Indians get Look at Their History, " by Hill Williams, The Seattle Times Sunday, July 18, 1971 

9 18

Mormon - brochure from the Mormon church entitled, "Who Are You?" intended for a Native audience that advances that the Book of Mormon is "the best source of information which is true and which tells us who you are, where you come from, and what is to become of you" 

9 19

"My People the Red Man" - Transcript article of 21 pages 

9 20

Navajo newspaper article, "The Navajo: Despair, Poverty, Bitterness Etched in Portrait of the First Americans," Seattle Post Intelligencer Sun. Aug. 30, 1970 

9 21

Notebooks (3) - notes on language; instruction in food preparation, etc.; questions to ask; talk with Mr. Mel McBride at State Museum Olympia WA, Mary Obi comments and others 

9 22

Notebook -small (1) 

9 23

Olympic Loop/Queets Rover Bridge Clippings- "Memories of Queets and an important bridge", letter to the editor by Harriet (Vaile) Baller, The Daily World, Aberdeen, WA, Sat. Sept. 5, 1981; Photo from "The History Page,"  The Daily World, Fri. Oct. 30, 1981; "Olympic Loop Turns 50 Today,"  The Daily World, Wed. Aug. 26, 1981 

9 24

Peck, Elizabeth - special project presented to advisor Dr. Brandt in 1970: "Experiences- Observations, Queets, WA, Summer 1970" 

9 25

Penn, Esau (owner of all the songs in the thesis that are sung by Leila Fisher - includes notes, photos, and negatives) 

9 26

Personal Letters - Correspondence between Pecks and others, includes some newspaper articles 

9 27

Queets: Canvas Canoe - Dedication of Highway - notes on canoe building and paddling songs and ceremonies 

9 28

Quileute Songs, 1922 collected by Leo J. Frachtenberg 

9 29

Quileute Language - notebook pad 

9 30

Quinault Code of Laws - Bad Treatment 

9 31

"Patient Quinault Indians Allege Received Bad Treatment", reprinted from Aberdeen Herald, Dec. 26, 1913, distributed by the Northwest Coast Museum as Paper #2 

Quinault Reservation Code of Laws 

"Quinault Resources: Indian Enterprises in Action" (brochure) 

Charles K. Peck Sabbatical paper- Summary Report for sabbatical leave April 1, 1970 to Sept. 30, 1970 sent to Dr. Glenn Terrell 

9 32

Schooling - newspaper articles - "Salvaging Indian Languages" and "Forks School District Faces Bias Probe," by Jack Ryan of the Post-Intelligencer Tacoma Bureau June 15, 1971 

9 33

Shaker Church - notes 

9 34

Tribal Newsletters - Human Affairs Council News, Olympia, WA, March 1, 1972; Nugguam, Taholah, WA, v. 5 no. 83 Jan. 1972 

9 35

Warm Springs Tribe - Nutritive Values of Native Foods of Warm Springs Indians, Oregon State University Extension Circular 809 July 1972 

9 36

Part of Thesis - pages and photos 

9 37

Original Manuscripts (staff paper music transcriptions) - Songs of the Bogachiel 

9 38

Notes rough drafts 

9 39

Correspondence relative to thesis 

9 40

Thesis Abstract "Songs of the Bogachiel" 

9 41

Details and starting points on tapes 

9 42

Medicine songs not used for thesis 

9 43

Songs of the Bogachiel Photos 

9 44

Songs of the Bogachiel #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

9 45

Songs of the Bogachiel #6, 7, 8, 9 

9 46

Songs of the Bogachiel #10, 11 

9 47

Elk Songs #12, 13, 14, 15 

9 48

Medicine Paddle Songs #16, 17, 18 (thesis) 

9 49

Song Information - 4" by 6" cards 

9 50

Notecards and small notebook - notes by ETP on tape symbols, Quileute language, questions to ask people, Makah dance, etc. 

9 51

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 V Teaching Materials 

Box Folder

Swan Prairie Revisions 

9 52

Swan Prairie by C. Peck 

9 53

Hunting the Friendly Elk by C. Peck 

9 54

The Sneezing Sasquatch and Other Things by C. Peck 

9 55

Sneezing Sasquatch lesson plans 

9 56

Miscellaneous Art Work (by children) 

9 57

Miscellaneous Poetry (typescript) 

9 58

Bill of Rights 

9 59

List of 35 mm slide categories by C. Peck 

9 60

Slide series sequence/ "Queets People and Their Country" 

9 61

Slide series script/ Weaving - Gathering Materials - "Cedar Bark" 

9 62

Slide series script/ Weaving - Gathering Materials - "Sweetgrass" 

9 63

Slide series script/ Weaving - Gathering Materials - "Beargrass," with partial slide show (12 slides) 

9 64

Slide series accompanying notes/ "Quileute Language Group" 

9 65

Slide series script/ "The People of Queets Country - 1970-1976" 

9 66

Slide series script and correspondence/ "Quinault Indians of Queets" 

9 67

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 VI Environmental Materials 

Box Folder

"Vegetation as a Soil Forming Factor on the Quillayute Physiographic Unit in Western Clallam County, Washington," by Frederick B. Lotspeich, J. Secor, R. Okazaki and H. Smith. Reprinted from Ecology, vol. 42, no. 1, Jan. 1961 

9 68

"Olympic Forest: Wildlands at Risk," published by the Sierra Club 

9 69

R.L. Winston Rod Co. - fly fishing rod company catalogs, price lists, and correspondence 

9 70

Proposed home-site location plan, Hoh Indian Reservation, C. and E. Peck 

9 71

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 VII Diaries Of Charles K. Peck 

Box Folder


10 1


10 2

Inserted Items 1973 

10 3


10 4

Inserted Items 1974 

10 5


10 6

Inserted Items 1975 

10 7


10 8


10 9

Inserted Items 1977 

10 10


10 11

Inserted Items 1978 

10 12


10 13

Inserted Items 1979 

10 14


10 15

Inserted Items 1980 

10 16


10 17

Inserted Items 1981 

10 18


10 19

Inserted Items 1982 

10 20


10 21

Inserted Items 1983 

10 22


10 23

Inserted Items 1984 

10 24


10 25

Inserted Items 1985 

10 26

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 VIII Photography 

Slides taken by C. Peck 


Quinault National Fish Hatchery, Cook Creek, Grays Harbor County, WA Oct. 17, 1979   123.0 slides

Scope and Contents note

All slides annotated.


Quinault Fisheries Research 1978-1980   64.0 slides

Scope and Contents note

All slides annotated.


Color Slide sequence: "Sweetgrass"- script enclosed Nov. 1977   80.0 slides

Scope and Contents note

All slides annotated.


Quinault Fisheries Research 1979   129.0 slides

Scope and Contents note

All slides annotated.


Salmon Spawning- rearing at Quinault National Fish Hatchery, Cook Creek, Grays Harbor Co., WA Oct.-Nov. 1979   122.0 slides

Scope and Contents note

All slides annotated.


Slides taken by C. Peck   35 mm.

Scope and Contents note

Please note: approximately 20-40 slides per box.

Arrangement note

Arranged by category


Adults and Adults with Children   (1-6)


Animals   (1-4)


Artifacts   (1)


Canada   (1-2)


Canoe   (1-4)


Clamming and Smelting   (1-3)


Coastal   (1-2)


Drum   (1-2)


East Washington State   (1-2)


East Washington State   (3-6)


Environment   (1-6)


Feast   (1-2)


Fisheries   (1-3)


Forest Work   (1-3)


Garden   (1-3)


Hoko River, Washington Archaeological Dig   (1)


Hunting   (1)


Idaho   (1)


Idaho   (2)


Indian Doings   (1-5)


Mason County, Washington   (1)


Montana   (1-12)


Mt. St. Helens, Washington   (1)


Olympic Scenes   (1)


Oregon   (1-2)


Plants   (1)


Plants   (2-6)


Queets Village   (1)


Quinault-Tshletshy Hike Olympic National Park   (1-2)


Still Life   (1)


Streams   (1)


Washington State Institutions   (1)


Weaving   (1-10)


Young People   (1-5)


Young People   (6-13)


Enlarged Color Photos 

General note

Numbers are original numbers assigned by Charles Peck

Box Folder


17 unn.

Two people standing at shore with fishing nets 

17 unn.

"Patrick Kalama": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA. June 2, 1974 

17 16

"Salmonberries #1": July 23, 1974 

17 17

"Leonard Obi, Jr.": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Oct. 26, 1974 

17 18

"Red Huckleberry": Olympic National Park, WA July 1970 

17 19

"Salmonberries #2": July 23, 1974 

17 21

"Salmonberries #3": July 23, 1974 

17 22

"Gentian": Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Aug. 18, 1972 

17 23

"Harry Sam (profile)": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA April 30, 1973 

17 25

"Dorothy Kowoosh": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Aug. 29, 1977 

17 26

"Brother and Sister": Marla Obi holding brother, Rodrick Jr. (Raven), Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Aug. 14, 1974 

17 27

"Stripping Cattails": Mrs. Maggie Kelly, Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation Oct. 2, 1973 

17 28

"Destruction Island": Looking out from beach trail #6, Olympic National Park, WA Sept. 19, 1976 

17 29

"Autumn Highlights #1": Olympic National Park undated 

17 31

"Suzanna Kalama #1": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA June 16, 1972 

17 32

"Gary Obi with Spotted Deer": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Oct. 25, 1972 

17 33

"Twisted Stalk": Near Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA July 9, 1970 

17 34

"Hands of Old Basket Weaver": Mrs. Maggie Kelly, Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation Sept. 25 1973 

17 35

"Rufous Hummingbird (male)": At Queets-Clearwater School April 14, 1975 

17 36

"Cleaning Cedar Bark": Mrs. Howard Logan, Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation, Cape Elizabeth Road June 23, 1973 

17 37

"Baking Salmon": Mrs. Mary Williams, Hoh Indian Reservation, WA May 29, 1972 

17 38

"Suzanna Kalama #2": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA June 28, 1974 

17 39

"Basket Weaver": Mrs. Maggie Kelly, Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Sept. 25, 1973 

17 40

"Peeling Cedar Bark": Cape Elizabeth Road, near Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA June 23, 1972 

17 41

"Great Uncle and Niece": Bud Sailto feeding Victoria George, Hoh Indian Reservation, WA May 29, 1972 

17 42

"Indian Child": Darla (Bug) Obi, Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA March 3, 1975 

17 43

"Wilson (Buck) Wells": Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation March 6, 1974 

17 44

"Bluebacks for Baking": Sockeye salmon spit, and ready to bake. Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation May 19, 1973 

17 46

"Indian Fishermen Netting Surf Perch": Mouth of Queets River, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA June 22, 1970 

17 47

"Indian Sisters": Jessica Kowoosh holding her baby sister, Cecilia Ann, Quinault Indian Reservation, Queets, WA Nov. 28, 1973 

17 48

"Indian Baskets": Queets, Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Sept. 23, 1973 

17 49

"William (Bigga Bill) Penn": LaPush, WA, Quileute Indian Reservation Jan. 21, 1972 

Biographical/Historical note

As of Jan. 26, 1978, he was the oldest living Quileut Indian.

17 50

"Oxalis": Olympic National Park, near Queets, WA June 1974 

17 51

"Net Maker": Wimpy Sampson, Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation June 7, 1971 

17 52

Sticks of Smelts: Hoh Indian Reservation, WA Aug. 21, 1972 

17 53

"Pure Water": Libby Peck, Queets, WA, drinking from tributary of Sam's River, Olympic National Forest June 29, 1970 

17 54

"Victor Kowoosh": Queets, WA, Quinault Indian Reservation July 18, 1970 

17 55

"Waiting for Surf Smelts": Zeke Ward, Queets, WA, smelting at Hoh River, Hoh Indian Reservation Aug. 19, 1972 

17 57

"Elk in Cowan Field": Olympic National Park, WA Oct. 10, 1972 

17 58

"Dusk at the Mouth of Queets River": Quinault Indian Reservation, WA Sept. 20, 1971 

17 59

"Hoh Indian Girl": Lanette Sailto, Hoh River, WA, Hoh Indian Reservation May 19, 1972 

17 60

"Skunk Cabbage": Olympic National Park, WA, near Queets campground Apr. 21, 1976 

17 61

"Indian Fisherman": Bud Sailto, Queets, WA, taking silver salmon out of his net, Queets River, Quinault Indian Reservation Nov. 9, 1971 

17 62

"Autumn Highlights #2": Olympic National Park, WA undated 

17 63

Photos by Date 

Box Folder

Mason County- Extension Activities 1958-1962   b/w negatives

18 1-1

Foresters field meeting, high bridge over Skokomish Reservation at camp #1, grapes at Stretch Island. 1958   b/w negatives

18 1-2

Frank Wolf, Shelton, digging clams and gathering oysters on Hood Canal 1958   color negatives

18 1-3

Louisa Pulsifer, Skokomish Indian Reservation, Mason County, WA, with her baskets. 1958   color negatives

18 1-4

Duane Scott (l) and Stan Johnson (r) with field corn that Johnson grew in the Skokomish Valley, Mason Co. WA. Scott was the local Soil Conservation Service rep. 1958   b/w negatives

18 1-5

4-H forestry training, Camp Panhandle 4-H camp 1959   b/w negatives

18 2-1

Field meeting of foresters at the Dennyall Seed Orchard, U.S. Forest Service, in the Olympic National Forest, near Shelton, WA. Virgil Allen, right, Shelton, a Forest Service specialist, demonstrates method of grafting Douglas fir scion to root-stock. Man with pipe is Mike Webster, State Forester, Dept. of Natural Resources, State of Washington, Olympia. Other members of the photo, unknown. circa 1960   b/w negative

18 3-1

Queets Salmon bake circa 1960   print and negatives

18 3-2

4-H Club members, Mason Co., WA 1960   b/w negatives

18 3-3

Vineyards, Stretch Island, Mason Co., WA 1961 or 1962 

18 3-4

Field meeting of foresters, Olympic National Forest, Shelton District. 1962   b/w negatives

18 3-5

Georgia Miller, Skokomish Indian Reservation, baking salmon at Panhandle 4-H Camp July 1963   14 b/w prints and negatives

18 4-1

Falling Douglas Fir in Olympic National Forest, near Shelton, WA. Sept. 1963 

Scope and Contents note

From left, Bob Whitmarsh and Bob Cleveland, both then living in the Skokomish Valley, Mason Co., WA. The logger in background, looking up, unknown. Whitmarsh and the man looking up keep watch in case a slab of bark should shell off the tree and fall onto the faller operating the chain saw, a deadly prospect. (2 b/w prints and negative)

18 5-1

Bus station at Pullman, WA Jan. 1966   b/w negatives

18 6-1

C.K. Peck fishing for steelhead on Snake River, at Castle Rock, near Bishop, October 1967 or 1968. 1967 or 1968   4.0 b/w prints

18 7-1

Contact Sheet 1968   negatives incl.

18 7-2

Farm near Pullman Dec. 9, 1969   color negatives

18 7-3

Don Harper's farm near Johnson, WA Dec. 9, 1969   color negative

18 7-4

 circa 1970   contact sheet and negatives

18 8-1

Log scaling... 1970   contact sheet and negatives

18 8-2

Jonah Cole Sept. 1971   5 b/w prints and negatives

18 9-1

Queets Fish house, Salmon harvest, Libby Peck and Flora Logan Oct. 1971   17.0 prints and negatives

18 10-1

C. and E. Peck in nature 1971   contact sheet and negatives

18 11-1

Elizabeth Peck reading to Queets children 1971   negatives

18 11-2

Leonard "Gomer" Jackson, Queets 1971   negatives

18 11-3

Amy Fisher (left) and Junior Sherrif - cousins 1971   one print and negatives

18 11-4

Scenes in old homesteads along the Queets River 1971 

18 11-5

C. Peck and Sherrill Carlson publicity shots for NW Indian ABC Book Feb. 5, 1972   2 contact sheets and negatives

18 12-1

Queets River, Indian dugout... April 22, 1972   contact sheet

18 12-2

Maggie Kelly, Queets General Store... April 25-26, 1972   contact sheet

18 12-3

Queets people April 26-27, 1972   contact sheet and negatives

18 12-4

Archie Boone April 27, 1972   contact sheet and negatives

18 12-5

logging near Hoh River, WA Oct. 18, 1972   contact sheets and negatives

18 13-1

Pecks on the Big Hole River, MT and logging Oct. 18, 1972   contact sheet

18 13-2

All frames Oct. 18, 1972   contact sheet and negatives

18 13-3

Making Indian Drum (folder A) 1972   10.0 prints

18 14-1

Making Indian Drum (folder B) 1972   14.0 prints

18 14-2

Making Indian Drum (folder C) 1972   8.0 prints

18 14-3

Making Indian Drum (folder D) 1972   9.0 prints

18 14-4

Making Indian Drum (folder E) 1972   17.0 prints

18 14-5

Making Indian Drum 1972   negatives for folders A-E

18 14-6

Queets Children 1972   negatives

Scope and Contents note

Frame 1 and 2, Helen Shale (left and Mary Cheryl Lee

Frame 3, Sue Kalama

Frame 4, 5, and 6, Susie and Leonard "Gomer" Jackson

18 15-1

Lita Shale (left) and Mary Cheryl Lee, Queets 1972   negatives

18 15-2

Queets people and scenes 1972   10.0 prints

18 15-3

Sewing Class, Queets 1972   15.0 prints

18 15-4

Marla Obi, Queets 1972   negatives

18 15-5

William "Bigga Bill" Penn and son Earl. LaPush, WA 1972   8.0 prints

18 16-1

Kowoosh Children, Queets: Jessica, Katie and Victor 1972   negatives

18 16-2

Maggie Kelly, master weaver, Queets (folder A) 1972   17.0 prints and negatives

18 17-1

Maggie Kelly, master weaver, Queets (folder B) 1972   16.0 prints and negatives

18 17-2

Maggie Kelly, master weaver, Queets (folder C) 1972   negatives

18 17-3

Carmine Escarsega (Tacoma, WA) while visiting her uncle, Rick Obi in Queets 1972   negatives

18 18-1

Angelic Wells, Queets 1972   one print and negatives

18 18-2

Bogachiel River, Olympic Peninsula 1972   one print and negatives

18 18-3

Charles and Elizabeth Peck's Cabin in Queets, behind the General Store. 1972 

Scope and Contents note

"Verle and Lillian Olmstead owned the store and a motel behind it. They also owned the cabin and rented to us for $90.00/mo. We lived here for three years: 1970-73. Note net for dipping surf smelts leaning against the house. (2 prints and negatives)

18 18-4

Peter and Sue Kalama (cousins) Queets 1972   2.0 prints and negatives

18 19-1

Sue Kalama, Queets 1972   one print with negatives

18 19-2

Mary Williams tearing rags for tying bundles of beargrass that she picked in Fishers Prairie, Quinault Indian Reservation, Queets Summer 1972   one print

18 20-1

Susie Jackson with beargrass that was picked in Fishers Prairie, Quinault Indian Reservation 1972   two prints

18 20-2

Indians gathering sweet grass 1972   contact sheet and negatives

18 20-3

Helen and Lita Shale, a spring creek, Queets corridor... 1972   contact sheet and negatives

18 21-1

Queets Boys stalking elk in the Quinn Homestead, Olympic National Park. They are playing, trying to see how close they can come to a large herd of elk. The herd was made up of about sixty animals. 1972   negatives

18 21-2

Harry Sam, Queets, Quinault Indian, making gill net in front of his home at Queets (negatives 13-18), scenes along the Queets River Corridor, Olympic National Park (one print and negatives) circa 1973 

18 22-1

Bogachiel River scenery for Libby's thesis Feb. 1973   2 contact sheets and negatives

18 23-1

Kamiak Butte State Park June 7, 1973   contact sheet and negatives

18 23-2

Queets people at the Queets Fish House getting racing canoe ready for the Quinault river race to be run up the Quinault River from Tahola to Lake Quinault July 4, 1973   negatives

18 23-3

Susie Jackson at the typewriter, Queets 1973   negatives

18 24-1

Helen Shale, Queets, eating ice cream, Maggie Kelly weaving 1973   negatives

18 24-2

Helen and Lieta Shale (sisters), Queets 1973   one print

18 24-3

Children playing in Raft River, Quinault Indian Reservation 1973   negatives

18 24-4

Frank and Cal Woolsey, Queets, cutting shake blocks in the Clearwater River area. 1973 

Scope and Contents note

The brothers were authentic real, old time sourdoughs. Cal was an expert marksman with his revolver, drawing in a flash and breaking every beer bottle set up on stumps around his show in the woods. He turned in his tracks as he pulled the trigger, shooting with the pistol held just above his belt, pointing it, getting off shots about two seconds apart. Frank was almost as handy with the revolver but he liked to brag on Cal's, and took pride in it. (5 prints and negatives)

18 25-1

Logging near the Hoh River Reservation 1973   negatives

18 25-2

Playing on a stump, 19a: Darla, Naomi and Marla Obi. Queets, Marla with "Sugar Daddy" 1973   negatives

18 26-1

Leonard Obi, Jr., Queets, Christmas Minibike 1973   one print and negatives

18 26-2

Rick Obi working on dugout canoe, Queets 1973   17.0 prints and negatives

18 26-3

Davis Towkjhea and Rick Obi working on TV relay shack of Kalaloch Ridge overlooking Queets 1973   16.0 prints and negatives

18 26-4

Amy Fisher, Hoh River 1973   one print and negatives

18 27-1

Herb Fisher and granddaughter Amy Fisher 1973   4.0 prints and negatives

18 27-2

Charles and Elizabeth Peck with masks, Queets 1973   two prints and negatives

18 28-1

Queets 1973   negatives

18 28-2

Queets people picking beargrass "straw," Fishers Prairie, Quinault Indian Reservation 1973   5.0 prints and negatives

Scope and Contents note

Mary Williams: 16A, 17A, 5A, 6A; Mary Obi with daughter, Marla: 7, 8; Rick Obi: 9; Susie Jackson: 14A-15A; Marla Obi: 9A

18 28-3

Mary Williams and Salmon/ Warren Lee playing guitar 1973   negatives

18 28-4

Queets-Clearwater School 1974   10.0 prints and negatives

18 29-1

Rick Obi, Jr. Queets, WA, Rick Obi , Sr., Queets 1974   negatives

18 29-2

Rick Obi and daughter, Marla, Queets 1974   two prints

18 29-3

Queets children: Sean Harvey, Laura Obi and Naomi Obi 1974   3.0 prints

18 29-4

Charlotte Kalama weaving and son, David "Tweedy" 1974   7.0 prints and negatives

18 29-5

Children on the beach of the Hoh River, Mary Williams with small child 1974   negatives

18 29-6

Libby's Students at Queets-Clearwater School 1975 or 1976   13.0 prints and negatives

18 30-1

Frank Sailto, Queets 1975   one print and negatives

18 30-2

Quinault men cleaning log jam from the Quinault River to enhance fish runs and spawning about 1976   one print and negatives

18 31-1

Marla Obi takes train with Charles and Elizabeth Peck to California to visit our daughter Peggy Barkley, and family 1976   9.0 prints and negatives

18 31-2

Hemminger boys at play, Queets-Clearwater School 1976   negatives

18 31-3

Children at Queets-Clearwater School, students of E. Peck and other students 1976   negatives

18 31-4

School children at Queets-Clearwater School circa 1977   negatives

18 32-1

Queets-Clearwater School field trip east of Lake Quinault, along the Quinault River, to the beaver ponds at Bunch field. Boyd Hemminger's class (negatives) Boyd Hemminger, principal of Queets-Clearwater school, frames 2-3-16-17-9A, his wife Pat, frames 10A and 11A 1977 

18 32-2

War Canoe races in mouth of Quileute River, LaPush (one print and negatives) 1977 

18 32-3

Queets-Clearwater School girls championship basketball team, Ron Larson, Coach. Pattie Wilbur 12, Helen Shale 30, Barbara Williams 32, Dian Gillette 34, Jeannie Ray Wahwassuck 22, and Susie Jackson 24 1978   negatives

18 33-1

Charles and Elizabeth Peck on their property at Lake Quinault, North Shore Road 1979   6.0 prints

18 33-2

Manito Gardens, Spokane; Rock Creek, MT; Garnet, MT; Philipsburg, MT; Resting on the Big hole; moose 1987   negatives

18 34-1

Feeding cattle in winter in the Imnaha Valley near Imnaha, OR. undated   color negative

18 34-2

Contact Sheets: C. Peck using macro-flash technique (negatives incl.) 

18 34-3

Storyboard Photos and Texts 

Box Folder

Baskets (13 b/w prints of Maggie Kelly and text) 

18 35

Cecelia (7 b/w prints and text) 

18 36

Class reading (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 37

Doe Deer (12 b/w prints and text) 

18 38

Eugene and Archie (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 39-1

Eugene and Archie looking at Mrs. Peck (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 39-2

Eugene and class (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 39-3

Eugene and Jesse (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 39-4

Gathering Smelts - (8 prints, 2 negatives and typed poem) 

18 40

"Glasses Class" (text only) 

18 41

Hunting the Friendly Elk - storyboard one (8 prints) 

18 42-1

Hunting the Friendly Elk - storyboard two (6 prints) 

18 42-2

Ice cream (3 b/w prints and text) 

18 43

Jerry (b/w print and text) 

18 44-1

Jesse and class (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 44-2

Juanita (b/w print and text) 

18 44-3

Leonard reading about his girlfriend (b/w print and text) 

18 45-1

Leonard like a big man (b/w print and text) 

18 45-2

Little Snake 

18 46

Logger dad (13 b/w prints and text) 

18 47

Old Harry (6 prints and typed poem) 

18 48

Pies (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 49-1

Purry Kitties (3 b/w prints and text) 

18 49-2

Tent (b/w print and text) 

18 49-3

Victor and Anita at glasses class (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 50-1

Victor and class w/ glasses (2 b/w prints and text) 

18 50-2

Victor, Curtis... 

18 50-3

General Photos 

Box Folder

Cutting out a drum head from a fresh deer rawhide. 

Scope and Contents note

George Jackson, Queets, cuts the rawhide with kitchen scissors. The hide was "fisted" off the deer carcass to produce a skin with little or no flesh or fat attached. The skin was then put in a tub of water for several days until the hair slipped easily. When the hair slipped easily, the hide was thrown over a smooth pole and both sides scraped with a dull butcher knife. When the hair is removed, and all the excess tissue is scraped from the flesh side of the hide, the resulting rawhide is as smooth and supple as velvet. It is then easily applied to the drum frame. (one print and negatives)

18 51

George Jackson, Queets, putting head of fresh deer rawhide on drum frame. 

Scope and Contents note

He uses elk rawhide for lacing. The drum frame is steam bent hoop of western red cedar (Tsuja plicata). The drum frame stave was split from a second growth log about eight inches in diameter and six feet long. (one print and negative)

18 51

George Jackson, Queets, singing with drum that was made from materials gathered near his home on the Quinault Reservation, WA (print and negative) 

18 51

Dense Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) forest in the Queets River valley, Olympic Peninsula, WA (print and negative) 

18 51

Maggie Kelly, Queets, WA, preparing cat-tails (Typha latifolia) for air-drying. 

Scope and Contents note

Mrs. Kelly is a Quinault Indian. She weaves cat-tail baskets and sells them to tourists. Although she is 90 she is considered one of the expert weavers in the region (print and negative)

18 51

Charlotte Kalama, Queets, basket weaving in her home. She weaves with materials gathered near her Queets home, Quinault Indian Reservation. (print and negative) 

18 51

Diane Sailto and niece Darla Obi picking straw, one of the important basket-weaving materials of the northwest. 

Scope and Contents note

Pictured here are Diane Sailto, Taholah, WA (seated) and niece, Darla Obi, Queets, WA, picking straw near Queets on the Quinault Indian Reservation. Straw has several local names: beargrass, basketgrass, Indian grass. (print and negative)

18 51

Making Canoes. Logs are first split in half. 

Scope and Contents note

The design of the canoe is then marked out on the half logs by the expert builders who always have an audience of family and friends. Queets Village, WA (print and negative)

18 51

Frank Charles, Queets, tying up his canoe below the Quinault 

Scope and Contents note

Tribal fish house on the Queets River. Charles is bringing in a canoe load of salmon that he has gill netted in the Queets River. He will be paid cash for his fish. The dugout canoes are made from a log of western red cedar (Tsuja plicata). The canoes pictured are the river work canoes. Some have been in service for more than 50 years. (print and negative)

18 51

Rick Obi working with hand adz, an ancient type tool of the northwest Indians. 

Scope and Contents note

Shown here are Rick Obi, hollowing out his new canoe with the hand adz; daughter, Darla, helps by holding "centering cord" out of his way. It takes an expert about three weeks of hard and constant work to build a canoe. (print and negative)

18 51

The old and the new. 

Scope and Contents note

A canoe and a skiff of salmon tied up in the Queets River, below the Quinault Tribal fish house. Rick Obi, in skiff, loading salmon in the "fish bucket." The fish will be hoisted up to the scales where they will be weighed. The modern skiffs are rapidly replacing the classic river work canoes. But some of the Indian fishermen still make canoes. (print and negative)

18 51

Type of "tourist" and/or trade basket woven by the weavers of the Olympic Peninsula Region, WA. 

Scope and Contents note

Thunderbird and whale designs are popular with the weavers. (print and negative)

18 51

Color Prints by C. Peck # 1-40 

18 52

Color Prints by C. Peck # 41-77 

18 53

Miscellaneous Photographs: Queets girl with pollywog, deer (11 b/w prints) 

18 54

Mary Fisher Williams photos given to the Pecks 

Scope and Contents note

Mary Williams (b/w print and text), Indians seining for surf smelts in the 1950s (3 b/w prints and text, Easter Service, Indian Shaker church about 1960 (b/w print and text)

18 55

Photographs - Fieldwork and Thesis March 23, 1972; April 16-17, 1972; April 29, 1972 

Scope and Contents note

Leila Penn Fisher painting daughter's cheeks (29 b/w prints and negatives), Herb Fisher (b/w print and negative), L.P.F. singing with drum (11 b/w prints and negatives), L.P.F. basket weaving (12 duplicate b/w prints), Gail George with dance paddle (6 b/w prints and negatives), William "Bigga Bill" Penn and son, Earl (5 b/w prints, negatives and contact sheet), Contact Sheets: A & B

18 56

Shaker Gathering Picture "A" from George A. Pettitt, Quileutes of LaPush (print, negatives, and identifying legend) 

18 57

Shaker Gathering Picture "B" from George A. Pettitt from original belonging to Beatrice Black (print, negatives, and identifying legend) 

18 58

Shaker Gathering Picture "C"- original from Mary Williams, Hoh (original postcard, print, negative, and identifying legend) 

18 59

Leila Fisher et. al. (18 b/w photos) 

18 60

Miscellaneous enlargements 

Scope and Contents note

D. Kowoosh, Chief Howeattle, Sue Kalama, Quinn Homestead, elk, Helen, Leta and Steve Shale

18 61

"Mini-series" number 1 

Scope and Contents note

Queets children, baking fish, fishing at Tahola. All slides annotated. (132 slides)


"Mini-series" number 2 

Scope and Contents note

Smelts, fishing, perch, make drum, Helma & W--, Kalama wedding, medicine stick, party, making canoe, racing, tea, flowers, cattail--Maggie, post office, Queets Motel. All slides annotated. (127 slides)


"Mini-series" number 3 

Scope and Contents note

Animals, river, view of Queets, ocean, forest motel unit, cabin at Queets. All slides annotated. (61 slides)

Box Folder

Slides taken by C. Peck 

19 4

Hunting the Friendly Elk by Charles Peck; copy of "Jurisdiction" document regarding the Quinault reservation; photos (camping) 

19 5

Correspondence, narration, and other documentation for University of Washington show circa 1979 

19 6

Photographs by C. Peck: "Washington State University Cooperative Extension Service Photographs." All annotated 

19 7

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, electronic mail, photographs 1979-2000 

19 8

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