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Haynes, Emma S.
Emma Schwabenland Haynes Papers
Cage 573
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The papers of Emma Haynes consist of an information file on the subject of Germans from Russia, and correspondence with various authors, researchers and bibliographers concerned with the same subject.

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Emma Schwabenland Haynes Papers, 1927-1982 (Cage 573)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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The descendant of a Volga German family, Emma Schwabenland Haynes worked on the history Germans from Russia. during much of her adult life, beginning in the early 1930s. She contributed to the literature, compiled bibliographies, collaborated with various researchers and writers, and was active in the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. She was also instrumental in locating and acquiring publications and other materials for a library and archives maintained by the Society.

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The Volga Germans are ethnic Germans who settled along the Volga River in southeastern Russia in the 18th century. In the 19th and 20th centuries many immigrated to the United States, settling in a number of states, including Washington, Kansas, and Nebraska.

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Scope and Content

The papers of Emma Haynes consist of copies of papers, both published and unpublished, photographs and extracts of articles regarding the history of Germans from Russia. Also includes coorespondence with researchers including Gerda Walker, Fred Koch, Timothy Kloberdanz, Adam Giesinger, Roger Bartlett, and Ruth Amen.

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The papers are arranged in two series. Series 1 consists of copies of research papers and theses; offprints of articles, and miscellaneous small publications. Much of the material is in the form of photocopy. Series 2 is comprised of Mrs. Haynes' correspondence with various authors and researchers; this material is arranged in folders for respective correspondents, in chronological order therein.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Washington State University Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections  © 2021

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P.O. Box 645610

Pullman, WA, 99164-5610 USA


Restrictions on Access

This collection is open and available for research use.

Restrictions on Use

Copyright restrictions may apply.

Acquisition Information

The papers were donated to the Washington State University Libraries by Emma Schwabenland Haynes of Arlington, Virginia in 1983 and 1984 (accessions MS83-30 and MS84-31).

Processing Information

The initial processing of the papers was by Edgar Huber, a volunteer working at the Libraries during 1989. The descriptive material was composed in August 1990 by Lawrence R. Stark.

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Names and Subjects

Personal Name(s)

Subject(s) :
  • Haynes, Emma S. -- Archives
  • Amen, Ruth.
  • Koch, Fred C.
  • Kloberdanz, Timothy J.
  • Giesinger, Adam, 1909-2004.
  • Bartlett, Roger P., 1939-
  • Walker, Gerda Stroh.


  • Russian Germans -- United States -- History
  • German Americans
  • Russian Americans
  • Washington (State)

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Detailed Description of Collection

Series 1: Collected essays, articles, theses, etc.  

box folder

Arndt, Karl J. The Harmonists and the Hutterians, The American German Review Aug, 1944   pp. 24-27.

1 1

Bartlett, Roger P. Human Capital: The Settlement of Foreigners in Russia, 1762-1864. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 1979   Notes and photocopies of selected pages.

1 2

Bauer, Gottleib. History of the German Settlers on the Volga. Saratov 1908   Photocopy of typescript translation to English.

1 3

Bauer, Gottleib. Geschichte der deutschen Ansiedler and der Wolga...Saratov 1908   Typed transcription of selected pages, some translated to English.

1 4

Bauer, Rueben A. One of Many: A History of the Glory Hills Evang. and Reformed Church. Stoney Plain, Albt. 1965 

1 5

Becker, C. H. A Historical Study of the Social Background of the German-Russians from the Volga District in Russia Living in Northern Colorado. Master's thesis, Colorado State College 1938 

1 6

Belk, Fred Richard. The Great Trek of the Russian Mennonites to Central Asia, 1880-1884. Doctoral dissertation, Oklahoma State University 1973 

1 7

Betz, Lawrence D. Globeville: Part of Colorado's History. L. Betz: Lakewood, Colorado 1972 

1 8

Bruntz, George G. The Volga Germans, from  Adams County: The Story. pp. 342-347. Hastings, Neb. 1972 

1 9

Buhler, Laurene E. [ From the Caucasians to the Rockies: The History of John and Molly Starck] . n.p. undated 

1 10

Carman, J. Neale. Germans in Kansas, The American German Review. April-May 1961   pp. 4-8.

1 11

Catherine II. [Manifesto of 1763]. Russian and English versions. Photographic prints. 

1 12

Detwiler, Margaret M. Hays, Kansas, at the Nation's Heart, National Geographic April, 1952 

2 13

Dudek, Pauline Brungardt. The Legacy of Georg Andreas Brungardt and Elizabeth Barbara Pister. Typescript 1978 

2 14

Duin, Edgar C. Lutheranism under the Tsars and the Soviets. Vol. 1. Xerox University Microfilm 1977 

2 15

Eisenach, George. The Volga Germans, The American German Review. April-May 1944   p. 4-7; 24-26.

2 16

Essig, Walter. History of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church of Lincoln Valley, North Dakota. Mimeograph 1969 

2 17

Frank, John W. A Brief History of the Russian Germans in the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Bachelor thesis, Eden Theological Seminary, Webster Groves, Mo. 1945 

2 18

Frondsham, Noel. A Study of the Russian-Germans in Fresno County California. Masters thesis, University of Redlands, Redlands, Cal. 1949 

2 19

Gold, Sarah M. German-Russians in North Dakota; Their History and Politics. Honors thesis, Univ. of North Dakota 1976 

2 20

Graber, Paul A., trans., [ Johannes Stenzel ] . n.p. undated 

2 21

Greiss, James R. The German-Russians, Adams County, The Story. Hastings, Neb. undated   p. 348-.354.

2 22

Gross, Fred William, Type and Nature of German Publications in North Dakota. Master's thesis, University of North Dakota 1934 

2 23

Harsh, Lester. [ Grandfather Stories] . n.p. undated 

2 24

Heidt, Joseph. S. History of the Mannheim-Heidt Kinship. n.p. undated   typescript.

2 25

Heitman, Sidney. The Soviet Germans in the USSR Today. (A report prepared for the Office of External Research of the U.S. Dept. of State) 1980   typescript.

2 26

Henkelmann, Flora D. Folklore of the German-Russians, Research paper, University of Nebraska 1927 

2 27

Hile, Helen and Paul. Over the Volga: A genealogical report to the family of Peter and Catherine Neu. Denver 1976 

2 28

Hill, Alton David Jr., Volga German Occupance in the Windsor Area, Colorado. Masters thesis, University of Colorado 1959 

2 29

Janssen, Hans. The Wenzlaff Family, Cultivated Pioneers in the Dakota Territory, The German-American Review Aug-Sept 1961   pp. 29-31.

2 30

Joachin, S. Toward an Understanding of the Russian Germans. Address to Dakota District of the American Lutheran Church 1939   Typescript.

2 31

Johannes, Sister Mary Eloise. A Study of the Russian German Settlements in Ellis County, Kansas. Ph.D. Dissertation, Catholic University of America 1946 

3 32

Kaemfchen, Erich (rev.) In the Century of Progress. Freeman, S. Dak., Pine Hill Press 1975 

3 33

Kirgiz Michael and the Beautiful Amy; A drama. Translated to English, typescript. Includes notes. 

3 34

Kloberdanz, Timothy. Archaic Symbols of Medieval German Catholicism as found among the Volgadeutsch. Research paper, typescript 1972 

3 35

Kloberdanz, Timothy. Field Report: A Preliminary Investigation of Sources and Informants in Southeastern Colorado. Typescript 1975 

3 36

Kloberdanz, Timothy. The Volga German Catholic Life Cycle: An Ethnographic Reconstruction. Masters thesis, Colorado State University 1974 

3 37

Krahn, Cornelius. Gnadenau in Kansas, The American German Review February, 1944   pp. 18-21.

3 38

Lebsack, Magdalene M. Frank--A Village Community in Russia, Research paper, University of Nebraska 1932 

3 39

Leibbrandt, Georg. The Immigration of German Mennonites from Russia to the United States and Canada, 1873-1880, parts I and II.  The Mennonite Quarterly Review 1932 

3 40

Miller, Esther. Nicholas Pfennig and wife Anna Margaretha Starkel; Family History and Genealogy. Typescript 1974 

3 41

[Names of German families in Russian villages.] Typescript. 

3 42

Obenhaus, Cecelia D. Shares in the dust. Typescript undated 

3 43

Pekari, Matthew. History of St. Catherine's Parish, Catherine, Kansas, 1876-1942. Catherine, Kan. 1942 

3 44

Peterson, Albert Jepmond. German Russian Catholic Colonization in Western Kansas: A Settlement Geography. Ph.D. dissertation, Louisiana State University 1970 

3 45

Raish, Marjorie Gamet. Victoria: The Story of a Western Kansas Town, Fort Hay Kansas State College Studies, No. 12 1974   pp. 4-82.

3 46

Rock, Kenneth W. 'Usere Leute:' The Germans from Russia in Colorado, The Colorado Magazine Spring, 1977   pp. 154-163.

3 47

Rupperthal, Jacob B. The German Element in Central Kansas, Kansas Historical Quarterly, Vol. Xii 1944   pp. 513-534.

3 48

Schaab, Christopher. Zur Geschichte der deutschen Kolonisten in Saratowchen and Samaraschen Gouvernment. Aberdeen, S. Dak. undated 

4 49

Schachner, Gerhard. The Soviet-German Newspaper 'Freundschaft' and the Cultural Transformation of the Soviet Germans in Kazakhstan, Nationalities Papers Spring 1981   pp. 81-97.

4 50

Schell, Herbert S. The German Heritage in South Dakota, The American German Review June-July 1961   pp. 5-9.

4 51

Scheuerman, Richard Dean. The Historical Development of Whitman County's German-Russians, Research paper, Washington State University 1971 

4 52

Scheuerman, Richard Dean. Historical Research on the Lutheran Volga Germans, Research paper, Pacific Lutheran University 1976 

4 53

Scholz, Harry G. The German Colonists of Russia, Masters thesis, Chapman College 1969 

4 54

Sherman, William C. Assimilation in a North Dakota German Russian Community, Masters thesis, University of North Dakota 1965 

4 55

Schwabauer, Wanda June. The Portland Community of Germans from Russia, Research paper, Portland State University 1974 

4 56

Stange, Douglas C. Lutherans in Russia; 1917-1928, Lutheran Quarterly 1963   pp. 315-332

4 57

Stange, Douglas C. When Lutherans came to Russia, Lutheran Standard 1968   pp. 16-17

4 57

Stange, Douglas C. The Case of Missing William, The National Lutheran Nov, 1963   pp. 28-30;35.

4 57

Stroh, Herman A. The German Russians in Weld County, Colorado, Masters thesis, Colorado State College of Education, Greeley 1941 

4 58

Swan, Robert A., jr. The Ethnic Heritage of Topeka, Kansas: Immigrant Beginnings, typescript, Institute of Comparative Ethnic Studies, Topeka, Kansas 1974 

4 59

Unruh, John D., Jr. The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad brings the Mennonites to Nebraska, 1873-1888, Nebraska History, March 1964   pp. 3-30.

4 60

Unsere Leute von Kautz, Nos. 1, 2, 3 pts 1, 2, 3 1979-1981 

4 61

Weber, Louise Schorzman. [ The Schortzman and Handel Families], typescript 1968 

4 62

Wegenast, Samuel. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Russian with special emphasis on the Volga and Black Sea Territory, Bachelors thesis, Wartburg Theological Seminary 1940 

5 63

Weigel, Lawrence A., and Nick J. Pfannensteil, A collection of German-Russian Folksongs, typescript 1964 

5 64

Wenzlaff, Theodore C. The Russian Germans come to the United States,  Nebraska History Winter 1968   pp. 379-399.

5 65

Werre, Amelia. My years spent at Felida, Washington, typescript undated 

5 66

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Series 2: Correspondence 

box folder

[From Emma Haynes' trip to Russia] 1934 

5 67

Fred Barth, Salt Lake City, Utah 1969-1974 

5 68

Roger Bartlett, Keele, U.K 1979-1981 

5 69

Pauline Brungardt, Bladen, Neb 1978-1981 

5 70

Elaine Frank Davison, Walla Walla, Wash 1980-1982 

5 71

Irma E. Eichhorn, San Jose, Cal 1978-1982 

5 72

Esther Fromm, Ruth Amen, and others, Greeley, Col 1972-1981 

5 73

Adam Giesinger, Winnipeg, Mant 1978-1981 

5 74

Adam Giesinger, Winnipeg, Mant 1972-1977 

6 75

Rueben Goertz, Freeman, S. Dak 1978-1981 

6 76

Timothy Kloberdanz, various addresses 1971-1981 

6 77

Fred Koch, Olympia, Wash 1969-1981 

6 78

David J. Miller, Greeley, Col 1941-1981 

6 79

Roy Oestreich, Ritzville, Wash 1974-1978 

6 80

LaVern Rippley, Northfield, Minn 1973-1980 

7 81

Richard Scheuerman, various addresses 1971-1982 

7 82

Ann Sheehy, London, U.K 1972-1978 

7 83

Gerda Walker, Denver, Col 1974-1981 

7 84

Gerda Walker, Denver, Col 1969-1974 

7 85

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Series 3: Miscellaneous 

box folder

Tape recording, The Volga Germans. Mrs. Emma Haynes and Stephen Balzarini October 10, 1980 

7 86

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