Guide to the Regla Supporting Material 1944-1980
Cage 535

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Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries
Washington State University Libraries. Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Regla Supporting Material
Cage 535
Date [inclusive]
10.0 containers.
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4 linear feet of shelf space.
Spanish and English
Paleographic transcriptions, copies, miscellanea, indexes and microfilmed documents that complement or present in alternate forms documents from the papers of the Spanish Imperial and Mexican family of the Counts of Regla, located at the Washington State University Libraries.

Preferred Citation note

[Item Description]. Cage 535, Regla Supporting Material. Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection consists of supporting documentation and research related to the Regla Papers (Cage 357).

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Arrangement note

The Regla Supporting Material is organized into 3 series: Paleographic transcriptions, Miscellanea, and Indexes. The Paleographic series consists of bound transcriptions that were prepared by students of J. Horace Nunemaker between 1944 and 1949. The Miscellanea were prepared by Mrs. Knox between the 1960's and 1970's and are contained mostly in the indexes that provide access to "Three Centuries of Mexican Documents" by Jacqueline Gaines.

The Indexes series --patronymic and toponymic-- are on cards to which considerable biographical and geographical data have been added to aid in the identification of members of the Romero de Terreros family and other families related to the Counts of Regla, and also to aid in the identification of place names that appear in the Regla Papers.

A fourth series, Microfilm, includes two rolls of material that was not allowed to leave Mexico when the material was acquired in the early 1940s.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries © 1987
Terrell Library
P.O. Box 645610
Pullman, WA, 99164-5610

Conditions Governing Access note

This collection is open for research use. The images on the microfilm (Series 4) are nearly all of very poor quality, and are unsuitable for producing copies.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

The Regla Supporting Material was collected between 1944 and 1980 by the faculty and staff of the Manuscripts and Archives Division of Holland Library with the assistance of students from the departments of Foreign Languages and History at Washington State University. Mrs. Adelle Knox conducted extensive research to add data to this group of papers and directed part of this work.

Processing Information note

The papers were arranged by Jose Vargas in March 1987.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

Cage 357: Regla Papers.

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Controlled Access Headings

Family Name(s)

  • Regla Family

Geographic Name(s)

  • Mexico--History--Sources


  • International Relations

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Collection Inventory

Series 1: Paleographic Transcriptions 

Box Folder

620294-Transcription of Folder 323 

1 1


1 2

663343-Transcription of microfilmed documents 

Scope and Contents note

Instrumento sobre el concierto del patrimonio de los descendientes de Necagualpiltzintle. A writ of agreement over the patrimony belonging to the descendants of Necagualpiltzintle. The transcription covers only the Spanish text of the document. The text in Nahuatl -- using Roman characters -- has not been transcribed; instead, references are available as to its place in the microfilm.

1 3

626974-Transcription of folder 273 

1 4

620292-Transcription of folder 321 

1 5

620300-Transcription of folders 356 to 424 

1 6

663345-Transcription of folders 425 to 532 

1 7

620297-Transcription of folders 648 to 653 

1 8

663347-Transcription of folders 587 to 588 

1 9

620583-Transcription of folders 600 to 613 

1 10

663349-Transcription of folders 613 to 614 (partial) 

1 11

663341-Transcription of folder 633 (partial) 

1 12

620302-Transcription of folders 574 to 586 

1 13

620298-Transcription of folders 662 to 669 

1 14

474382-Transcription of folder 324 

1 15

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Series 2: Miscellanea 

General note

The following series contain further supporting material. They are numbered Fol 1A, etc., and indicate the reference to the folders in the actual collection, corresponding to the manuscripts as closely as has been possible to identify them. They consist of partial transcriptions (which may not necessarily be found in the bound paleographic transcriptions), miscellaneous notes and genealogies, as well as some bibliographic references.

Box Folder

Fol 1A-Spans folders 1 to 71 

1 16

Fol 2A-Spans folders 98 to 179 

1 17

Fol 3A-Spans folders 231 to 249 

1 18

Fol 4A-Spans folders 254 to 293 

1 19

Fol 5A-Spans folders 294 to 338 

2 20

Fol 6A-Spans folders 342 to 355 

2 21

Fol 7A-List of Haciendas of the 1st. Conde de Regla prepared by J. Horace Nunemaker. 

2 22

Fol 8A-Notes on entailment and land consolidation 

2 23

Fol 9A-Transcriptions and lists of the Sanchez Rojo papers; notes on the will of Manuel J. Hermoso; and a list of the Regla Papers 

2 24

Fol 10A-List of books pertaining to Don Pedro Romero de Terreros 

2 25

Fol 11A-Genealogical tree of the Condes de Regla; genealogical tree of the Romero de Terreros family; and a genealogy of the Marquesado de de Salvatierra 

2 26

Fol 12A-Notes on Hacienda San Cristobal Buena Vista and Hacienda de Temamatla 

2 27

Fol 13A-List of papers removed from the archives of Don Manuel Romero de Terreros; and a draft transcription of the foundation of the Mayorazgo of the Peralta family 

2 28

Fol 14A-Miscellaneous genealogies -- from Mayorazgos de la Nueva Espana, etc. 

2 29

Fol 15A-Photocopies of documents drawn up in 1534 regarding the measurement of land plots in the City of Puebla de los Angeles 

2 30

Fol 16A-Las Haciendas Jesuitas de Mexico: Indice de documentos existentes en el Archivo Nacional de Chile -- HM 80, XX:4. (Index of documents in the Archivo Nacional de Chile pertaining to the Jesuit Haciendas in Mexico -- HM 80, XX:4) 

2 31

Fol 17A-Printed matter regarding the Nacional Monte de Piedad, and a booklet on the Legend of Montserrat 

2 32

Fol 18A-List of documents removed from the Regla Papers prior to their being sent to the USA (incomplete) 

2 33

Fol 19A-Two negatives and two glossy pictures: one of the map of the Batan de Tescuco, the other of a map of lands belonging to the Colegio de San Pedro y San Pablo 

2 34

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Series 3: Indexes 


Patronymics A-F 


Patronymics G-O 


Patronymics P-T 


Patronymics U-Z together with miscellaneous cards 


Toponymics A-Z (handwritten draft) 


Toponymics A-Z (typewritten final copy) 


Miscellaneous note cards 


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Series 4: Microfilm 


Microfilm of documents 1-27 (materials that were not allowed to leave Mexico when the collection was acquired.) (Condition note: The images on this microfilm are nearly all of very poor quality, and are unsuitable for producing copies.) 


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