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Robert T. Jaske

Presentations, 1964-1969

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Catherine May donated these items to the Washington State University Libraries in 1971, and they were initially processed as a vertical file. They were converted to a manuscript collection in 2011.

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This collection consists of four presentations by Robert T. Jaske of the Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Columbia River
Thermal pollution of rivers, lakes, etc.


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Robert T. Jaske Presentations, 1964-1969
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


Items are in English.

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1 The Columbia River of the future, 1969 April. Paper for oral presentation to the Walla Walla Chapter of the Washington Society for Professional Engineers. Mimeographed typescript.
2 The need for advance planning of thermal discharges before site acquisition, 1969 April. Paper for oral presentation at the American Power Conference, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. Mimeographed typescript.
3 On the use of advanced methods for studies of environmental impact of industrial operations, 1969 October. Paper for oral presentation at the International Water Conference of the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA. Typescript (photocopy).
4 Heat as a pollutant, presented at Water Resources Research Institute, Oregon State University, 1964 November 11. Typescript (photocopy).