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World War II

Collection, 1941-1965

Acquisition And Processing Information

This collection was transferred from the Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections vertical file (VF 1874) in 2011. The U.S. war ration book was donated by Earle Connette; the German ration stamps were donated by C.M. Brewster; the Chit Chat newsletter and prisoner of war bibliography were donated by Ray M. O'Day.

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Number of containers: 1 folder

Collection Description

This collection of miscellaneous World War II related items was assembled in a subject file at the Washington State University Libraries, probably in the 1950s and 1960s. It includes American and German ration stamps and information, propaganda leaflets, theatrical performance tickets from Camp Haan, a leaflet issued by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and a newsletter for former prisoners of war in the Japanese Theatre.


World War, 1939-1945


This collection is open and available for research use.

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[Item Description]
World War II Collection, 1941-1965
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


Most items are in English.

Item List:

1 War ration book no. 3, U.S. Office of Price Administration, issued to Earle Connette, Columbia, MO.
2 Informational poster, "War Ration Book Two," U.S. Office of Price Administration, 1943 February. Includes instruction sheet on reverse.
3 German ration stamps for tobacco, cigarettes, bread, and potatoes, circa 1943.
4 Propaganda leaflet and bookmark, "Our Carelessness, Their Secret Weapon: Prevent Forest Fires," undated.
5 Theatrical performance tickets from Camp Haan and Pearl Harbor Bond ephemera, 1941-1942.
6 Multilingual pamphlet promoting the British Broadcasting Corporation's daily transmissions from London, undated.
7 Home protection record, Washington State Defense Council and Local Civilian Defense, undated.
8 Chit Chat, number 75; 1965 May 15. Newsletter published at Seattle, WA, edited by Ray M. O'Day. "A clearing house of information on POWs, internees and evadees of the Japanese Theatre in World War II."
9 Bibliography on the POW theme in the Pacific Theatre (Japanese), from an issue of Chit Chat, 1965.