The core of the database is the Northwest newspaper clippings collection. The newspaper articles were collected and organized in the late 1930's by dedicated historians working for the Works Progress Administration. The work was organized and supervised by Dr. Herman Deutsch, a professor at WSU.

The selected articles have been digitized and made searchable in this online collection. The collection describes in vivid detail a period of rapid growth and development in the history of the Pacific Northwest. During the early part of the 20th century the Pacific Northwest experienced an influx of inhabitants leading to rapid development in the area. Settlers were still arriving, when farmable land and available water were getting scarce. Large and small irrigation and reclamation projects were planned, funded, and constructed during this period. The profound impact of the settlers on the indigenous Native American population is vividly documented in the newspaper clippings selected.

The database also includes primary source material such as government reports, laws, maps, etc. pertaining to the settlement and development of the northwest. In addition the site has extensive links to other related web sites, such as Native American cultural sources, relevant dam web sites and important laws and legislation. The site is a work in progress and new material appear daily. If you find any bugs or glitches or if you would just like to send a suggestion, please e-mail the webmaster at mascref@wsu.edu. Funding for the creation and construction of this project was made in large part by the generous donations from WSU Alumni Wallis and Marilyn Kimble. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

-The Development Team