RECORD SERIES                                            CONTAINERS

1. Legislative 

         Legislation files                                            1-49
           Correspondence and reports related to legislative
           proposals before Congress, Organized by Congress,
           with exceptions, and by Committee thereunder.

         Voting records                                              50-53
           Various intermittent compilations of the voting
           record of the Congressman and of general voting
           records in the House of Representatives.

2. General correspondence and subject files

         General correspondence                                     54-101
           Correspondence of the Congressman and of
           the office staff on a wide range of matters.
           Includes invitation and request files.

         Outgoing "blue copy" correspondence                       102-130
           Carbon copies of letters sent by the
           Congressman's office.

         General subject file                                      131-140
           Chiefly reports and other informational
           documents concerning public issues and
           other matters of interest to Congress.

3. Office and personal files 

         Office Administration                                     141-145
           Chiefly administrative documents concerning
           office management.  This series  also includes
           much of the Congressman's correspondence on
           personal and non-official matters, as well as
           several folders dated from before he was first
           elected, these concerning his work for the
           Senate Interior Committee.

         Schedules                                                 146-153
           Scheduling for meetings, trips, appearances
           and so on.

         Travel/trips                                              154-156
           Chiefly administrative documents for travel
           by the Congressman.  Coverage is intermittent,
           with many trip files located elsewhere in the
           papers, especially in the Spokane Office files.

         Staff files                                               157-163
           Intermittent files kept by Werner Brandt,
           Bill First, Heather Foley and others.  Chiefly
           correspondence relative to policy issues,
           including some of the Congressman's correspondence.

4. House and Party Leadership 

         Leadership - general                                      164-174
           Assembled, in part, from scattered and loosely
           grouped files relating to House and Party leader-
           ship matters.  Some Whip Office files, including
           files for the Friends of Ireland.  Alphabetical
           arrangement imposed at Library.

         Speaker's files                                           175-184
           Assembled, in part, from scattered files.
           Correspondence and reports, related mainly
           to the functions on the Speaker's Office,
           such as oversight of use of the Capitol
           Building, House staff concerns, and some public
           issues.  Includes correspondence to members of
           Congress and to the Administration.  Alphabetical
           arrangement imposed at Library

         Caucus minutes & files                                    185-191
           Minutes of meeting of the Democratic Caucus,
           and some related files of the Caucus and it
           constituent committees.

         Steering and Policy Committee                             192-196
           Minutes, records of committee assignments, and
           related records from the Democratic Caucus's
           Steering and Policy Committee.

         Whip Files                                                197-206
           Whip count documents, Whip Advisories for
           Democratic Members of Congress, and miscellaneous
           Whip files, many being circulars for Members.

5. Departmental and Agency files

           Chiefly correspondence with federal agencies            207-290
           regarding public concerns, along with corres-
           pondence related to referrals for constituents
           and certain materials relating to case-file
           business.  Some papers in this series may be
           covered by the Privacy Law and may require the
           approval of concerned parties prior to examina-
           tion for research purposes.

6. Election campaigns 

         Spokane file                                              291-299
           Opinion poll results, voter surveys, special interest
           group questionnaires, news articles, and general
           correspondence files regarding campaigning for election.
           Also state and national Democratic Party position papers,
           platforms, and on.

         Washington DC file                                        300-307
           Materials pertaining to local, regional, and national
           issues, polling information and survey results, campaign
           financial records, information about other races and
           opposition candidates, mailing lists, endorsements, media
           information, and campaign advertising material.

7. District office at Spokane 
         Chronological subject files - 1995-75                     308-310
           Correspondence, enclosures, schedules and trip
           files concerning district issues and election

         EXPO-74 and counties                                          310
           Reports and correspondence relative to the World's
           Fair exposition at Spokane, and to county govern-
           ment in the district.

         Alphabetical subject files - 1975-80                      311-312
           Correspondence and enclosures chiefly concerned with
           public issues in the Fifth District, and second-
           arily with national issues and elections.

         Office administration and trips - 1975-80                     313
           Correspondence, schedules, trip files, referral
           letters and administrative documents of the
           Congressman's office at Spokane.

         Alphabetical subject files - ca. 1974-83                  314-315
           Continuation of Subject files for 1975-80, with
           overlap in time.

         Alphabetical subject files - ca. 1980-89                  316-317
           Continuation of Subject files.  Includes some
           general correspondence.

         Office administration and trips - 1980-89                 318-322
           Continuation of earlier administrative and district
           trip records.

         Issues and subjects : Information files                   323-324
           Reports, articles and other informational materials
           regarding national and district issues. Circa 1980-

         Election campaigns                                        325-327
           Memoranda, correspondence, printer materials, lists
           of donors, and so on.  Similar to documents located
           with record series called Election Campaigns.
           Arranged chronologically.

         Alphabetical subject files - 1990-94                      328-330
           Continuation of Subject files.  Includes some
           general correspondence.

         Office and administrative files - 1990-94                 330-340
           Continuation of earlier administrative and district
           trip records.

         Files of staff employees                                  314-342
           Correspondence, memoranda, lists, and reports kept
           by various members of the District Office staff.
           Many records are similar to those in the general

         Former Speaker's Office                                   343-347
           Correspondence, enclosures, trip and scheduling
           records, approximately one-half from after Speaker
           Foley had left Congress.  Other records similar to
           earlier district office records.

8. Press files 

         Scrapbooks                                                348-365
           Scrapbooks, chiefly press clippings of major
           news stories involving the Congressman. Also
           scattered election material, and unmounted clip-
           pings intended for scrapbooks.

         Allen's Clipping Service                                  366-397
           Clippings from newspapers, purchased from Allen's
           Clipping Service at Seattle.  Some mounted in scrapbooks.

         General clippings                                         398-401
           Foldered newspaper clippings and photocopies of
           clippings.  Chiefly relative to national and
           broader issues.

         District clippings                                        402-411
           Foldered clippings and photocopies of clippings con-
           cerning public issues in the fifth district. Includes
           clipping files from the Walla Walla office and the
           Former Speaker's Office.

         News releases                                             412-413
           Incomplete run of press releases from Congressman
           Foley's office.

         Reprints                                                  413-414
           File of articles about the Congressman, kept by the
           office for public distribution.

         Transcripts                                                   414
           Copies of press interviews, television appearances,
           and similar events.

         Profiles                                                      414
           Biographies of the Congressman and analytical news
           articles, chiefly from magazines.

         Alphabetical subject files                                415-425
           Information files, correspondence, drafts of speeches
           and statements, 1987-1994.  These files were retained
           chiefly for the use of Press Aide Jeff Biggs.

         Speaker's press conferences                               426-427
           Transcriptions of press conferences, 1989-1994, in
           court reporter format.

         Other press files                                             428
           Miscellaneous press releases and announcements received at
           the Spokane office during 1989.

9. Media materials 

           Sound and video recording, along with a few             429-480
           motion picture films, all in a variety of formats.
           Arranged by date at the Library, without regard
           for format.

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