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PC 2
Historic Photograph Subject File

Stacee Sager and Trevor Bond, Special Collections Librarian, created this guide in 2001.

Number of containers: 37 Boxes

This collection started with a core of photographs taken during the 1930s as part of the Federal Writers Project for the production on the American Guide. Subsequently, the Historic Photograph Subject File was expanded through gifts and some purchases.


The photographs are organized into the following subject areas:

SERIES                                                                    CONTAINERS
Series 1: Agriculture including images of farming, harvesting,
    irrigation, machinery, animal husbandry (sheep, poultry, and cattle):     1-5
Series 2: Alaska:                                                             5
Series 3: Bridges and Dams:                                                   6
Series 4: Columbia River:                                                     7
Series 5: Cities and Towns photographs from around the Northwest:             7-13
Series 6: University of Washington:                                           14
Series 7: Expositions:                                                        14
Series 8: Forts & Blockhouses:                                                14
Series 9: Hunting and Fishing:                                                14
Series 10: Industry:                                                          15
Series 11: Indians (Native Americans):                                        16-18
Series 12: Lakes & Rivers:                                                    19-20
Series 13: Logging:                                                           21-22
Series 14: Mining:                                                            23
Series 15: Mercantile Stores:                                                 23
Series 16: Monuments:                                                         23
Series 17: Mountains:                                                         24
Series 18: Pacific Northwest Description:                                     25
Series 19: People: Pacific Northwest Children:                                26
Series 20: People: Pacific Northwest:                                         27
Series 21: People: Groups and Performing Arts:                                28
Series 22: Photographic Artifacts and Portraits:                              29-32
Series 23: Transportation:                                                    33-36
Series 24: Wildlife:                                                          36
Series 25: Works Progress Administration (WPA):                               37


BoxFolder  Description# of
Series 1: Agriculture
Subseries 1.1: Agriculture: Farming
11Sod House2
2Sod Houses3
3Soil Conservation - erosion control in Whitman and Garfield Counties, 1937-19385
4Barnyard Scene, c. 19101
5Yakima Valley Irrigation, c. 19193
6Gully Stabilization Dams, Klickitat Co., 19371
7Farming-plowing, Caterpillar Tractor1
8Farming-plowing, 4 bottom plow, c. 19301
12Farming-plowing, Caterpillar pulling John Deere plow, June 11, 1938, Walla Walla Co.1
14Caterpillar tractor plowing1
15International Harvester1
16Sweet Clover being plowed under as a green manure crop, May 1938, Columbia Co.2
17Trucks dumping pea silage, c. 19351
18Burning for pea pest, Boll Weevil, c. 1935 Chehalis, WA2
19Preparing ground for pea seed, c. 1935 Chehalis, WA2
20Pea field ready to harvest, c. 1935 Chehalis, WA1
21Prize contest corn, 1909 Waitsburg, WA1
22Farmhouse - Shimd family, Stevens Co.12
23Agriculture - greenhouse, blacksmith, and eggs c. 19003
24Filling a pit silo, Easter, Warden WA Grant Co.1
25Farm houses near Pullman, WA, c. 19121
26Grain Wagons, harvest horses, and farm scene4
27Daffodil Field - postcard, western WA1
28Cultivated Evergreen Blackberry field Puyallup Valley, WA 19351
29Bill Achorzman farm near Quincy, WA 19131
30Davis home Cashup, WA 19131
31Farming - Caterpillar tractor discing1
32Farming - Experimental plot1
33Champion cow - Carnation milk farm near Seattle 1936; fair scene; group3
34Berry farming - Puyallup Valley, WA blackberry field1
35Pea farming - Puyallup Valley, WA1
36Harrowing ground for seed bed, Skagit Co, WA1
37Bush farm, January 1947 - Pullman WA1
38Otto Reise with Caterpillar Diesel D2 model tractor, Puyallup WA3
39Professor O.J. Trenary farming with Army Jeep, October 2, 19432
40Windmill irrigation on wheat farm Quincy, WA1
41Farmhouses and fields, c. 1930, Palouse WA1
42Farm pictures - farm hand, July 1936 Goldendale, WA1
43Daffodil Bulb farm - Puyallup Valley, WA2
44Hop field being prepared1
45Pullman farmer's produce exhibit, Thompson Fairview Ranch1
46Common economic weeds, Walter Bramel Photo, 18982
47Common economic weeds 18982
48Common economic weeds 18982
49Common economic weeds 18982
50Common economic weeds 18982
51Common economic weeds 18982
52Common economic weeds 18982
53Common economic weeds 18982
54Common economic weeds 18982
55Grape production, Yakima WA, c. 19503
56Jesse Gray farm Pullman, WA c. 19351
57Farming family1
58Miscellaneous early Washington scenes - Farming16
59Farm in Washington1
Subseries 1.1: Agriculture: Harvesting
21Four horse wagon with grain sacks2
2Horse drawn combine - Whitman Co1
3Wheat harvest - Caterpillar Diesel RD4, Endicott, Aug. 13 19381
4Michael Shultheis farm Colton, WA28
5Steam stationary harvesting, Hatley's Ranch c. 19001
6Threshing crew - Big Bend region2
7Harvesting near Walla Walla with horse drawn combine2
8Harvesting near Moscow ID with horse drawn combine1
9Wheat harvest - SE Washington c. 19191
10Harvest scene - steam tractor crew, 19041
11Wheat harvest - Marshall WA 19041
12Horse drawn combine and crew2
13Threshing outfit, c. 19172
14E.L. Arraman threshing crew, Ed Young's place c. 19172
15Wheat harvest, Garfield WA2
16M.D. Jensen outfit Oakesdale, WA2
17Wheat harvest Ritzville1
18Threshing outfit, c. 19101
19Harvest stacking sacks2
20Warehouse of sacked wheat1
2a21Wheat fields Walla Walla Co July, 19361
22Oat harvest, Skagit Valley2
23Horse-drawn combine, Holt, 19091
24Wheat harvest 19001
25Homer Toalger in Alaska wheat, Union Flat Pullman, 19092
26Oats harvest and steam threshing, Oct. 21, 19365
27Wheat harvest1
28Wheat harvest, Franklin Co. WA1
29Wheat harvest - Russel Ranch1
30Wheat harvest shocks1
31Thornton-St. John, John McCave Ranch, 19091
32Threshing steam1
33Wheat harvesting - Oakesdale 19151
34Field crew at harvest2
35Harvest - Spokane WA, fall 18972
36Horse drawn combine - Palouse 18981
37Winter barley and wheat2
38Wheat field on Palouse2
39Shocked wheat2
40Harvesting near Union Town, c. 191012
41Threshing crew on Colville Reservation, c. 19101
42Snyder farm near Pullman packing bedding, 19122
43Water wagon near Pullman, 19122
44Self-propelled combine near W.S.C. campus1
45Threshing outfit c. 19102
46Harvest scene4
47Harvest near Colton - steam unit1
48Various stages of wheat harvest, Colfax and Pullman WA5
49Various harvest scenes, 1920's14
50Horse-drawn combines10
52Harvest crew2
53Harvesting with tractors vs. harvesting with mules1
54Fires from smut explosion - Pullman, 19143
55Threshing and sacking grain2
56Threshing and sacking grain2
57Harvest and thresher outfit in Missouri c. 1900, P.H. Matson 19153
58John Deere harvester2
59Steam thresher1
60Wheat harvest near Goldendale2
61Wheat harvest - Case combine2
62Wheat harvest - Case-combine1
63Wheat harvest - horse-drawn1
64Wheat harvest postcard1
65Heading wheat near Big Bend region of WA2
66Caterpillar Diesel RD6 model Aug. 8, 19361
67Caterpillar Diesel RD6 model Aug. 12, 19381
68Wheat harvest 11
69Palouse harvest scene2
70Machine threshing - Big Bend district1
71Horse drawn combine1
72Grain loading onto truck Sept. 4, 19351
73Wagons hauling sacked wheat1
74Stacking grain sacks3
75Push binder on Palouse, 19201
76Wheat harvest1
77Ed Davis thresher outfit, 18933
78Wheat harvest1
79Horse drawn combine harvester scene postcard1
80Harvest - Kester D. Christian 19003
81Rhodes harvester1
82Harvest crew1
83Threshing and sacking, c. 18901
84Field hands sifting soil1
31Haying, Frank Scott Farm, St. Joe, ID, 19002
2Stacking hay - Yakima Valley1
3Hay harvest - Skagit Valley1
4Hay fields and shocked wheat, 19213
5Harvest truck and loader2
6Mowing, bunching and shocking hay, 19305
7Hop pickers tent camps, c. 19302
8Hop picking crew - Moxee1
9Stacking hay - Lincoln Co., 19051
10Hoeing Vegetables1
11Interior Tram - Snake River4
12Cherry Picker - Yakima Valley1
12.1Royal Ann Cherries1
13Cranberry picking1
14Berry harvest scene1
15Berry harvest2
16Berry harvest - R.D. Bodle camp2
17Raspberry picker2
18Raspberry harvest - Puyallup, c. 19352
19Orchard on Thompson R. - Kamloops, B.C.1
20Migrant fruit camp in Yakima Valley, c. 19353
20.1Hops Harvest1
21Selling/Picking fruit and vegetables in western Washington6
22Fruit Dryer - building foundation at Truax 19031
23Peshastin Fruit Growers Assn.2
24Kennewick Fruit Growers Assn., c. 19142
25Alfalfa Stacking near Goldendale, 19361
26Barley field near Ellensburg1
27Cabbage field near Spokane1
28Celery harvest near Spokane1
29Daffodils - Puyallup Valley1
30Lettuce field - Monroe1
31Onion harvest - Kelowna, B.C.1
32Onion harvest - Kelowna, B.C.1
33Onion seed harvest1
34Potato harvest - Kennewick1
35Potato harvest - Lewis Co.1
36Silage corn near Grandview1
37Squash field - Nisqally Valley1
38Tomatoes - Kamloops, B.C.1
39Tomato harvest - Okanagan Valley1
40Spokane Fruit Fair, 18952
41Palouse Harvest Fair, 19131
42Palouse Harvest Fair, 19131
Subseries 1.2: Agriculture Irrigation
43Irrigation - Kittitas Valley, March 3, 19381
44Columbia Basin before irrigation, 3-3-381
45Irrigation - water pump1
46Irrigation - before Snipes Mt. pumping plant1
47Irrigation syphon - Natchez Gap, North Yakima1
48Irrigating water wheel - N. Yakima1
49Yakima Valley irrigation system1
50Water wheels2
51Ditching with steam land dredge, Moxee Valley 19101
52Drainage ditch near Sunnyside, 19101
53Drainage ditch made with steam dredge - Yakima Valley, 19101
54"The Weir" - Okanagan, WA - first government irrigation project in the U.S.1
55Sunnyside canal - south branch 1912; undated2
Subseries 1.3: Agriculture Machinery
41Caterpillar tractor, 19361
2John Deere combine1
4Farmall tractor1
5Caterpillar tractor1
6Case Combine, 19381
7Horse-drawn combine, 19413
8Tractor and combine, Diamond, WA, 19381
9Caterpillar tractor with grain wagons2
10Road construction equipment4
11Horse equipment1
12Tractor and combine, 19381
13Pea floatation - Walla Walla Canning Co., 19381
14Tractor at Pullman airport1
17Tractor pulling pea vine and loader, Chehalis 19351
18Tractor and combine1
19Combine - Ritzville, 19361
20Tractor and combine1
21Steel-wheeled tractor2
22Tractor and plow - Uniontown, 19381
23Seed planter - Skagit Co.1
24Tractor and combine near Thornton, 19381
25Pea vine harvest - Dayton, WA1
26Misc. Farm Equipment14
27Steam powered farm equipment, c. 1961 including newspaper clipping from 188813
28Early tillage implement1
29Weeding implement1
30Early tillage implement1
31Early tillage implement1
32Early tillage implement1
33Early tillage implement1
34Early tillage implement1
35Early tillage implement1
36Early tillage implement1
37Early tillage implement1
38Early tillage implement1
39Truck converted to tractor, 19441
40Tractor and disc1
41Three-bottom gang plow Whitman Co.1
42Tractor and disc1
43Caterpillar tractor and plow1
44Tractor and harrower1
45Tractor and plow1
46Rod weeding with caterpillar tractor, 19381
47Tractor and plow1
48Sprayer and Coastal WA Experiment Station, 19461
49Hop-picking machine1
50Grain shocker with horses2
51Clearing trees and brush, 19174
52Horse-drawn combine near Waitsburg1
53Swather in pea fields - Walla Walla and Chehalis2
54Pea harvesting c. 193510
Subseries 1.4: Agriculture Orchards
55Apple sorting, packing and hauling, c. 1920's4
56"The Apple Story", photos from 1920's - 1950's18
57Apple orchard and packed box, Skookum label2
58Apple orchard - Wenatchee Valley, and apple picking - Yakima Valley2
59Apple picking - ladders, c. 19203
60Orchards on Snake River1
61Apple picking near Peshastin, WA3
62Peshastin fruit growers assn., c. 19202
63Loading apple boxes on wagon - Okanagan Valley, B.C.1
64Apple orchard near Wenatchee1
64.1Apple Orchard1
65Pear orchard in Yakima2
66Apples - spraying and orchard scene4
67Stationary spray plant2
68Van Doren Apple Box dumper, c. 19502
69Orchards in bloom3
70Apple trees in blossom - Yakima2
71Orchard alkali damage, 19102
72Apple packing plant - Oliver, B.C.1
73Unloading trucks and warehouse, c. 1930's2
74Hydraulic sprayer, 19262
Subseries 1.5: Agriculture Farm Animals
51Sheep farm - Kittitas Valley1
2Sheep - Walla Walla, Co1
3Sheep - Kittitas Co. - A.D. Morrison's September 3, 19362
4Sheep farming2
5Sheep and dogs - Kittitas Co. 9/4/361
6Hampshire sheep - Yakima Valley1
7Dairy farm - Spokane Co.1
8Dairy plant, 1920's1
9Dairy farm - Fred Metcalfe near Locke, WA1
10Dairy man's co-op creamery - Caldwell, ID2
11Dairy farm - western WA, experiment station Puget Sound Basin1
12Dairy farm near Sequim1
13Overgrazed range land, American Falls, ID September 29, 19341
14Commercial Dairy Farm - western Washington1
15Dairy herd - Puget Sound1
16Poultry - Alderwood manor2
17Swine farm - Tekoa, WA1
18Poultry - chicken hatchery, incubator interior Kent, WA1
19Poultry - Egg hatchery1
20Poultry - Lewis Co. turkeys, 19371
21Rodeo Events5
22Ellensburg rodeo - "Air Flow Ride"1
23Harness maker - Goldendale, WA1
24Draft horse1
25Rounding up horses - Baker, OR1
26Horses and wagon1
27Pendleton and Endicott rodeos, 1911-191228
28Branding the calf - Baker, OR1
29Hereford cattle - Pullman, WA, 19381
30Northwest cattlemen, 1835-19604
31"Dairy to Beef" - Miles City, MT, 19161
31A"Cattle on the Desert - Lake Co. Oregon" post card1
Series 2: Alaska
32Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) over Fairbanks1
32.2Alaskan Highway1
33Mastodon and other bones - Yukon Terr., 19102
34Stage Coach Sled - Yukon Terr., 19111
35Pan of gold nuggets - Quartz Creek, Yukon Terr.1
36Cushman Street - Fairbanks, AK1
37Fairbanks - Radio station/broad casting booth1
38Fairbanks - Roman Catholic Church1
39Fairbanks - snow covered cabins1
40Fairbanks - orchestra1
41Fairbanks - 2nd Ave. during carnival1
42Fairbanks - Cushman Ave. parade1
43Fairbanks - Ice Palace 19384
44Fairbanks - plane and crew1
45Fairbanks - the day the Japanese plane landed c. 19384
45.1Haines, AK1
45.2University of Alaska at Fairbanks2
46Tourists at Mt. McKinley park1
46.1Mt. McKinley in McKinley Park1
46.2McKinley Park Hotel1
47Nome, AK - passengers landing, June 9, 19061
48Nome, AK - after blizzard of 193511
49Alaskan Beauty Queens4
50Miss Yukon1
51Miss Alaska - 19382
52Miss Nome2
53Yukon Territory mining scenes - Gold Run Creek and Dominion Creek17
54Dragline at Ester Creek2
55Ester Creek mining scenes10
56Steamship at Alaskan coastal town1
57Food cache shed1
58College campus - Alaska 19391
59Food cache sheds1
60Dog sled team1
62Totem poles at Wrangell, AK1
63Sailing ships in harbor1
64Fairbanks, AK, June 13, 19051
65Sourdough Hotel Ad - Dawson, Yukon Ter., 19001
66Mary Avery - table of Alaskan items at WSC lib.1
66.1Sitka, AK3
67Skagway, AK4
67.1Alaskan Flag1
Series 3: Bridges & Dams
Subseries 3.1: Bridges
61Milwaukee railroad bridge - Spokane, 10/22/131
2Spokane Falls and bridge 18992
3Upper Falls, Spokane River, April 19251
4Various Bridges - Spokane4
5Lake Washington floating bridge - Seattle4
6Lake Washington ship canal project - 19143
7Dungeness River bridge, October 19341
8George Washington memorial bridge - Seattle 19351
9Aurora Ave. bridge - Seattle, 19323
10Steilacoom lake and bridge - Tacoma1
11Tacoma Creek bridge - 1/2 mile upstream from Pend Oreille Highway1
12First Tacoma Narrows bridge "Galloping Gertie" 19402
13Tacoma Narrows bridge, 1940's3
14Vantage bridge, Columbia River, WA1
15Old Marcus railroad bridge, Columbia R., 19151 (+ neg.)
16Longview bridge over Columbia R., 2/21/301
17Railroad and highway bridge over Columbia R. Kettle Falls1
18Construction of concrete bridge - Colfax, 191556
19O.R. and N. railroad bridge - Colfax, April 19081
20Kelso bridge, WA2
21Three bridges over Cowlitz R., Kelso, WA3
22Manning bridge, Whitman Co.1
23Buena bridge - built 19101
24Deception Pass bridge - Whidbey Island, WA1
25Omak bridge, 19291
26Pasco, WA "The open draw", c. 18901
27Yakima River bridge - Union Gap2
28Courtwright bridge, Lewis Co.2
29Rough-hewn timber bridge1
30Various Washington bridges16
30.5Lawyer Canyon Bridge, 19091
31Lewiston-Clarkston bridges6
32Clearwater River bridge at Spaulding, ID1
33Northern Pacific Railroad wreck of the "S" bridge, Feb. 11, 19031
34Coos Bay bridge - Oregon Coast Highway2
34.1Astoria Bridge, Astoria, Oregon1
34.2Crooked River Bridge, Oregon2
34.3Yaquina Bay Bridge, Oregon2
34.4Umatilla Bridge, Oregon1
35San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge2
36Douglass Memorial bridge - Redwood Highway1
37Reconstruction of Bridge 116 unit #21
38Railroad bridges8
Subseries 3.2: Dams
39Nine Mile Dam, Spokane River2
40Little Falls on Spokane River2
41Rock Island Dam and irrigation project; part of the Columbia River Basin project74
42Grand Coulee Dam, c. 19575
43Grand Coulee Dam and vicinity13
44Grand Coulee Dam site, pre-construction10
45Grand Coulee Dam - construction7
46Grand Coulee Dam construction site and vicinity27
46.1Grand Coulee Dam - aerial Photographs4
47Bonneville Dam on Columbia River, summer 193542
48Bonneville Dam, September 19361
48.1 (o.s.)Bonneville Dam construction, Dec. 20, 19341
49Little Goose lock and dam - Lower Snake R., 19701
50Gorge Powerhouse - Ross Dam1
51Diablo Dam - Skagit River9
52Cedar Falls Dam, 1903-19054
53Chelan power house waterway1
54Lake Cle Elum dam1
55Cushman Dam and power project, 1925-19268
56Water conservation dam, Yakima Co. Aug. 12, 19361
57Long Lake Dam construction, 1911-191418
58Long Lake Dam and power house5
59McNary Dam12
60Boulder Dam1
61Fore Bay Dam, June 13, 19351
62Norris Dam, 19361
63Ballard Locks5
64American Falls hydro-electric plant1
65Arrow Rock Dam2
66Gold Springs Dam - Hermiston, OR1
66.1Brownlee Dam, Idaho2
66.2Shoshone Dam 1
67Unidentified dam1
Series 4: Columbia River
71Columbia River Highway5
2Mouth of Columbia R., wreck of SS Iowa2
3Columbia River bar with sailing vessel1
4Columbia R. near Bonneville Dam2
5Columbia R. at Beacon Rock2
6Celilo Falls, 19521
7Bridge of the Gods, Stevenson, WA1
8Columbia R. clearance project, 19391
9Rosa Irrigation system canal3
10Grand Coulee dam site, Mason City1
11Columbia River east of Wenatchee1
12Columbia River1
13The Dalles, Columbia River2
13.1Celilo Falls, Columbia River, Oregon1
14Columbia River gorge scenes8
15Columbia River, Kettle Falls2
16Columbia River, Kettle Falls1
17Columbia River, Kettle Falls7
18Mouth of Columbia River1
19Cascades of the Columbia River2
20Rock formation south of Wenatchee1
21Columbia River, Vantage Ferry1
21.1Vista House, Columbia River, Oregon1
21.2Multnomah Falls, Columbia River, Oregon1
21.3Evergreen Highway, Columbia River1
Series 5: Cities and Towns
22Aberdeen Daily, world building2
22.1Agate Beach, Oregon1
23Ainsworth, WA1
24Almira, WA - school house, 19151
25American Lake - veterans hospital7
25.Anaconda, MT1
25.2Ashland, Oregon /td>1
26Astoria, OR and Anacortes, WA2
27Bellingham, WA6
28Blain, WA - peace arch2
29Bremerton & Port Orchard, WA13
30Brewster, WA - saloon, 19001
31Burke, WA - cemetery1
32Butte, Montana2
33Cashmere, WA1
34Cathlamet, WA - Hudson's Bay trading post1
35Cedonia, WA3
36Centralia, WA4
37Chehalis, WA11
38Chehalis, WA - Jackson Prairie courthouse5
39Chelan, WA2
40Cheney, WA - various scenes9
40.1Chesaw, Washington1
41Chewelah, WA2
42Clarkston - postcard, 19101
42.1Clinton, British Columbia, Canada1
43Coeur d'Alene4
44Colfax - postcards13
45Colfax - postcards16
46Colfax flood3
47Colfax - various buildings8
48Colfax - monuments2
48.5Colfax - 1922 photos by Lawrence Shea5
49Colton, WA3
50Colton - St. Galls's Church, 19051
51Copalis Beach, WA2
52Corvallis, OR - Oregon State College2
53Cottonwood, ID - hotel1
53.1Cottonwood, Idaho - St. Gertrude's Convent1
54Coupeville, WA2
55Coveland, WA - Whidbey Island, 19371
55.1Crescent City/Pebble Beach, CA1
55.2Crescent City, Canada2
56Creston, WA1
57The Dalles, OR, 1858, 1865, 1908 & Dallesport, WA, ca. 19647
58Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada, 19003
58.1Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada1
58.2Dawson City, Canada1
59Dayton, WA6
60Davenport, WA1
61Dunsmuir, CA21
81Edmonds, WA15
1.5Edwall, WA4
2Elk City, ID2
3Elk River, ID1
4Ellensburg, WA3
5Endicott, WA3
6Everett, WA9
7Ewan, WA1
8Farmington - monument2
9Flora, OR5
10Fort Lewis, WA, June 1, 19371
11Freeport, WA, 18732
12Friday Harbor1
13Garfield, WA, including a 2002 State National Bank Calendar with historical photographs3
14Gilmore, ID3
15Goldendale, WA7
17Grays Harbor4
17.1Haines Junction, Canada 1
18Hanford, c. 1925 and Seattle First National Bank Payroll 1940s19
18.1Helena, Montana - Buildings2
19Hoquiam, WA - library1
20Hunters, WA3
21Indian, WA1
22Interior, WA, 19401
23Ione, WA - parade, 19155
23.1John Day, Oregon1
24Johnson, WA6
24.1Joseph, Oregon1
24.2Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada1
25Kelso, WA3
26Kendrick, ID3
27Kennewick, WA4
27.1Ketchum, Idaho2
28Kettle Falls St. Paul's Mission3
29Kuna, ID - September 1908, first school1
30Lacey, WA - St. Martin's College1
31La Crosse, WA1
32La Grande, OR - Moose Lodge1
33Lakewood, WA - community center1
34La Push, WA7
35Lapwai, ID1
36Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA29
36Lewiston, ID, ca. 192228
37Lewis, Co., WA2
38Lind, WA - 19021
39Long Beach, CA - earthquake, March 10, 19338
40Longview, WA17
41Maryhill Museum of Fine Arts, Maryhill, WA22
42Mason Co., June 7, 19371
43Mediveal Lake, hospital, c. 19001
43.5Missoula, MT3
44Monroe, WA1
45Montesano, WA2
45.1Swiss Motel, Montpelier, Idaho1
46Moscow, ID4
46.1Moscow, ID 1922 by Lawrence Shea2
46.5Moscow, ID University of Idaho 1922 by Lawrence Shea5
47Moses Lake, WA, 19683
48Mossy Rock, WA - school1
49Mullan, ID4
8.51Netarts, Oregon1
2Newhalem, WA4
3Newport, OR1
4Newport, WA5
5North Yakima, WA4
6Oakesdale, WA, c.19151
7Ocean Park, WA, c.19373
8Okanagan, WA - hotel1
9Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada1
10Olympia, WA - Capital Grounds5
11Olympia, WA8
12Olympia, WA - Olympia High School, 1907-19099
13Olympia, WA - 1905 state legislative session1
14Olympia, WA - legislative and capitol building11
15Olympia, WA - state legislature19
16Omak, WA13
17Oregon City, Oregon - McLoughlin House8
18Orofino, ID1
19Packwood, WA1
20Palouse, WA2
21Palouse, WA7
22Palouse High School15
23Pasco, WA4
1Pe Ell, WA1
2Pendleton, Oregon1
3Penticton, British Columbia, 19211
4Peshastin, WA15
5Port Angeles, WA15
6Port Angeles - original town layout1
7Port Blakely - water front1
8Port Townshend, WA2
9Portland, OR - Trinity Episcopal church1
10Portland - Lewis and Clark College3
11Portland, OR - Miscellaneous34
12Prince Rupert, Canada1
13Promontory Summit, UT - May 10, 18691
14Pullman - Main Street, c. 19121
15Pullman - Zender Bros. Blacksmith Shop1
16Pullman - City Hall, built 18921
17Pullman - Flood of March, 191018
18Pullman - Flood of March, 191022
19Pullman - Pioneer Parade, c.19201
20Pullman - postcards9
21Pullman - Main Street, c.19051
22Pullman - parades7
23Pullman - photos taken from Slagle papers11
24Pullman - misc. town photos20
25Downtown Pullman, c.19201
26Pullman, 1891 - McConnell Chambers Dry Goods Store, First National Bank, town panorama3
27Pullman - 1972 flood14
28Pullman - Jan. 13, 1928 flood2
29Pullman - Northern Pacific depot1
30Pullman - Armistice Day parade, 19191
31Pullman - W.H. Latta and E.W. Downen behind post office1
32Pullman - White Drug interior, c. 18901
33Pullman churches - United Presbyterian, Congregational, and others7
34Pullman - Christian churches4
35Pullman - Methodist Episcopal church2
36Pullman - North Pacific Depot "Cougar Special" September 16, 19401
37Pullman - North Pacific Depot, c. 19203
38Pullman - crowded train station, Feb. 19121
39Pullman - Main St. and the Washington Hotel13
40Pullman - snow on Main St. January, 19133
41Pullman - Ried Residence, Main St.1
42Pullman - Lewiston Stage, 18902
43Pullman - Culuh, Drucker, and Steel Residences, 19311
44Pullman - Old National Bank, interior1
45Pullman - train depot, 19345
46Pullman - 1950's downtown4
47Pullman - Klemgard residence, January, 19092
49Pullman - baseball teams, 18911
50Pullman - John Matthews, attorney, 19101
101Pullman - Post Office (negative)1
2Pullman - Post Office construction, 193125
3Pullman - Seattle First National Bank opening day, c. 19484
4Pullman - Seattle First National Bank, 19501
5Pullman - Emerson Mercantile Co., 19121
6Pullman - Hotel Pullman, 18971
7Pullman - WSC auction1
8Pullman - Pullman Eng. Co., 19211
9Pullman - floods, 1947 and 194830
10Pullman - Professional Mall, 19723
11Pullman - Seattle First National Bank employees6
12Pullman - airport2
13Pullman - WSC, winter, 19101
14Pullman - Artesian Hotel, 19101
15Pullman - Viaduct construction, 1938; R.R. bridge, 19103
16Pullman - North Pacific Railway, June 9, 19595
17Pullman - area view, 19212
18Pullman - Armistice Day Parade, 11/11/182
19Pullman - Residential Homes8
20Pullman - after cyclone, July 13, 19207
21empty - dispersed to other folders (MOE, 10/2008)0
22Pullman - WWI trainees leaving 8/12/186
23Pullman - Kiwanis 1927 hotel design competition7
24Pullman - Artesian Well, 19132
25Pullman - Willow Brook Farm, 19183
26Pullman - Union Pacific Depot, c. 1930's2
27Pullman - pre-190024
28Pullman - pre-19209
29Pullman - pre-195010
30Pullman - post-19504
31Pullman -rural photos8
32Pullman - Flood of March, 191042
33Pullman - school dedication, Oct. 21, 18922
34Puyallup - Ezra Meeker statue1
35Quebec, Canada10
36Reardon, WA, May, 19151
37Republic, WA - mining town2
38Richland, WA13
39Rocke Harbor - San Juan Islands7
40Roslyn, WA2
41St. John, WA8
42St. Maries, ID4
43St. Mary's Mission, WA 19133
43.1Salem, Oregon - Capital Building1
44Sandon, B.C. - preparing for horse race, December 25, 18961
45Sawyer cabin, WA1
46Sequim, WA - Olympic Hwy, Oct. 29, 19341
47Seattle - greatest snowstorm - Jan. 19161
48Seattle - prisoner execution - Jan. 18, 18821
49Seattle - photos of the Great Fire of June, 18898
50Seattle - area views, c.1890's2
50.1Seattle - aerial views 5
51Seattle - various landmark buildings8
52Seattle - various11
52.1Seattle - Seattle Boat Parade1
53Robinson's Drug Store1
54Seattle - Financial district - lower 2nd Ave.3
55Seattle - hotels - Washington, Olympic, Dunbar, and Edmond Meany9
56Seattle - Old City Hall, c. 19032
56.1Seattle - Seattle Federal Building1
57Seattle - Cornish school1
58Seattle - First Railroad station2
59Seattle - public library, June 18, 19371
59.1Seattle - Seattle Public Library1
60Seattle - YWCA for black women1
111Seattle - hospitals3
2Seattle - Pike Place Market, June, 19373
2.1Seattle - Monorail1
3Seattle - street scenes - 2nd northward2
4Seattle - street scenes5
5Seattle - street scenes - 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, Pike Street, Business District9
6Seattle - ocean liner, fishing boats and aerial view of Seattle Yacht Club3
6.1Seattle - Boat Season1
7Seattle - Lake Union wintering grounds/dry dock2
8Seattle - "Mosquito Fleet" fishing fleet2
9Seattle - Skyline view from water1
10Seattle - Pioneer Square2
11Seattle - water front, Port of Seattle, Fleet Week19
12Seattle - "Shanty Town" water front dwellings4
13Seattle - harbor views - Coleman Ferry Term.8
14Seattle - unloading cement - Duwamish waterway1
15Seattle - George Washington Memorial bridge and others11
16Seattle - Smith's Cove - port terminal1
17Seattle - O'Dea Catholic H.S.1
18Seattle - St. Theresa's Shrine of the Little Flower1
19Seattle - Church of our Lady - Queen of Martyrs 19241
20Seattle - St. Mark's Cathedral, 19371
21Seattle - Trinity Parish Church, 19374
22Seattle - Plymouth Church, 19061
23Seattle - St. James Cathedral2
24Seattle - Statue of Christ1
25Seattle - St. Edwards Seminary, 19351
26Seattle - St. Patrick's church and school1
27Seattle - St. Paul's orphanage, 19321
28Seattle - First Church of Christ1
29Seattle - Arboretum, 19371
30Seattle - Magnolia Bluff2
31Seattle - Green Lake Recreation4
32Seattle - Woodland Park Zoo5
33Seattle - Kinnear and Jefferson Parks3
34Seattle - Seward Park5
35Seattle - Frye Art Museum1
36Seattle - Music and Art Foundation3
37Seattle - Sudakoff Russian Art Center1
38Seattle - Frozen Fish Museum3
39Seattle - W. Seattle Recreation Area and Laurelhurst field house, Sept. 23, 19352
40Seattle - Denny Home, June 7, 19371
41Seattle - Stacy House and Samuel Hill House2
42Seattle - Art Museum14
42.1Seattle - Seattle Opera House1
43Seattle - Alki Point1
44Seattle - Broadmoor residential district1
45Seattle - Lakes Union and Washington houseboats7
46Seattle - Ferry on Lake Washington1
47Seattle - Hwys - Lake Washington Blvd, Alaskan Hwy, and Aurora Ave5
48Seattle Air Terminal and Boeing Co. field3
49Seattle - Pac. Coast Condensed Milk Factory1
50Seattle - Cedar Lumber MFG Co.1
51Seattle - Longacres Racetrack, 1933, 1935, 19369
52Seattle - Seafair Parade, 19391
53Seattle - Potlatch Summer Festival2
54Seattle - Japanese Harvest Festival (Bon Odori)3
55Seattle - W.P.A. - theatre project - scene from "Stevedore"1
56Seattle - Tilikum Place - Chief Seattle Monument, June 7, 19371
57Seattle - Volunteer Park9
57.1Seattle - Totem Pole - Northgate Shopping Center1
58"Birth of Seattle" Monument, Alki Point1
59"Battle of Seattle" Monument, May, 19371
60Seattle - Corporate Seal1
61Seattle - Building Steel Structures2
61.1Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Lobby1
62Seaside, Oregon3
121Shumway - Junior High School1
2Shelton - panorama and post office mural2
3Silverton, OR - Silver Creek Canyon Falls Album12
4Spaulding, ID - Sacajawea Museum, 19661
5Spokane - city panoramas10
6Spokane - Ft. George Wright2
7Spokane - Northern Pacific Train Depot, 9/18831
8Spokane - buildings - Hazen&Jaeger Funeral Home, Masonic Temple, Grace Campbell Memorial Bldg., Federal Building, Old Federal Land Bank, Civic Center, Washington Water Power, etc.22
9Spokane Falls Dam and Monroe Street bridge12
10Spokane Falls - birds eye view, 18841
11Spokane - House built in 18104
11.1- Spokane - Cemeteries3
12Spokane - City Water Project, 1925-19263
13Spokane - churches6
14Spokane - Gonzaga University4
15Spokane - Whitworth and Spokane Junior Colleges2
16Spokane - Old Log Cabin2
17Spokane - early panoramas5
18Spokane - hotels10
19Spokane - residential districts4
20Spokane - Felts Field - 41st Division Hdqr.1
21Spokane - early panoramas5
22Spokane - High Schools5
23Spokane - City Hall and County Courthouse4
24Spokane River7
25Spokane - Public Library, 19391
26Spokane - Municipal Airport1
27Spokane - parks20
28Spokane - Epncerth League, 18971
29Spokane - Carstuns Packing Co.1
30Spokane - parade - pioneer impersonators1
31Spokane - exposition advertisements, 19154
32Spokane - recreation2
33Spokane - postcards8
34Steilacoom - Western State Hospital, Old Church, Deep Sea Aquarium, old jail5
35Steptoe High School, 19091
36Funeral near Steptoe Butte1
37Stevens Co. - school house, c. 18951
38Summerland, B.C. - August 18, 19201
39Sumner - public library1
40Sunnyside - catholic church1
41Tacoma - Fort Nisqually2
42Tacoma - plat maps, 18734
43Tacoma - early panoramas from 1875-18843
44Tacoma - panorama 18853
45Tacoma - early panoramas6
46Tacoma - parks9
47Tacoma - harbor views3
48Tacoma - Pierce Co. Courthouse & business dist.2
49Tacoma - First Post Office1
50Tacoma - smelter3
51Tacoma - buildings11
52Tacoma - Totem Pole and Wooden Indian, 19373
53Tacoma - Public Schools7
54Tacoma - churches6
55Tacoma - Sutters Rockery1
56Tacoma - Golf and Country Club2
57Tacoma - airports4
58Tacoma - Sodium Vapor Lamps on US991
59Tacoma - Washington State Museum - Issac Stevens Collection5
60Tacoma - "Old Town" early 1890's1
2Tokeland - oyster beds, 19141
3Toppenish - Winthrop's cabin and church2
4Troy, ID1
5Umatilla, OR - hotel, Feb. 20, 19371
6Union, OR - hotel, c.19201
7Union Flat - Feb. 19094
8Uniontown - July 4, 1887 parade1
9Uniontown - c.191036
10Uniontown - panoramas3
11Uniontown - buildings7
12Valley - farmland meadows1
13Vancouver - Army buildings4
14Vancouver - oldest apple tree in the northwest2
15Vancouver - buildings7
16Vancouver, B.C. - Burrard Inlet and Vancouver Harbor2
16.1English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada1
16.2Rock Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada1
17Victoria, B.C. - panorama1
17.1Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada1
18Waitsburg - Waitsburg band, 19081
19Walla Walla - town album, 1905-191027
20Walla Walla - parade, pre-19001
21Walla Walla - 1st immigrant train, 18421
22Walla Walla - sketch1
23Walla Walla - Board of County Commissioners 1901 - 19021
24Walla Walla - Steptoe Survivors1
25Walla Walla - postcards, 1847-19409
26Walla Walla - historical figures3
27Walla Walla - Pioneer Park, N.P. Depot, church, Veteran's Hospital, Union Bulletin, penitentiary15
28Walla Walla - Whitman College4
29Walla Walla - aerial view1
30Walla Walla - canning company1
31Walla Walla - 1930's flood6
32Walla Walla - Washington State Prison1
33Wallace, ID -2
34Wallula Junction - c. 19001
35Washington D.C. - memorials12
36Waterville - railroad yards1
37Waverly - Dashiel cabin7
38Wawawai - early 1900's10
39Wenatchee - buildings6
40Wenatchee Valley1
41Westport - U.S. Naval Radio Station and salmon trolling fleet2
42Whitebird, ID - c.19081
43White Salmon - Main Street1
44Wilkson - schoolroom1
45Winchester, ID - September, 19101
47Winthrop, WA5
48Yakima - street scenes various dates, inc. 5 sewage treatment photos8
49Yakima - churches2
50Yakima - buildings10
Series 6: University of Washington
141Administration Building5
1.1Medical Center1
2Suzzallo library6
3Education Hall, Forestry Bldg., Commerce and Philosophy Hall, Home Ec. bldg.3
4Old Stone Observatory1
5Washington State Museum and Japanese room2
6Floating Theatre "The Showboat"3
7The Columns Memorial1
8The Chimes Tower1
9Oceanographic bldgs, San Juan Island1
10Rowing Crew and Coach Al Lilbrickson3
11Stadium and Athletic Pavilion4
12Campus map1
12.1Aerial Photographs2
Series 7: Expositions
13Whitman's Bible & Elizabeth M. Sager's book 18472
14Yukon Pacific Expo., Seattle, 190934
15World's Fair, Chicago - Washington exhibit, 19333
16San Francisco's Golden Gate Expo., 1939-19408
17World's Fair - New York, 1939-194014
18American Expo. - New Orleans, 1885-18861
18.1Fort Clatsop, Oregon1
Series 8: Forts and Blockhouses
19Fort Colville - sketches from mid-1800's6
20Fort Lewis22
21Fort Logan, MT1
21.1Fort Missoula MT3
22Fort Nisqually8
23Fort Okanogan1
24Fort Rains Blockhouse1
25Fort Sherman1
26Fort Simcoe2
27Old Fort Spokane, c.19251
28Fort Steilacoom - General's residence1
29Fort Vancouver - 1936-19375
30Fort Walla Walla -10
31Fort Wright2
32Felt's Field17
33Alexander Blockhouse, Coupeville, Whidbey Island2
34Borst Blockhouse, Centralia, WA2
35Crockett Blockhouse, Whidbey Is., c.193812
36Davis Blockhouse, Coupeville, Whidbey Is.7
37Jacob Ebey Blockhouse, Whidbey Is.1
38English Blockhouse, Garrison Bay - San Juan Is.2
39British Camp Monument, Garrison Bay2
40Marcus Blockhouse1
41Blockhouse and railroad1
42Unidentified blockhouses2
Series 9: Hunting and Fishing
43Misc. catches: salmon2
43.1Fish Catch, Grays Harbor, Washington1
44Snake River sturgeon1
45North Dakota hunting1
46Purse seining on Puget Sound1
47Fisherman at camp - Grays Harbor, c.19002
48Loomis Lake bass fishing, Sept., 19312
49Mountain Lake fishing1
50Razor Clams1
51Fur pelts3
52Gov. Frank Hunt (ID) and escort party, c.19031
53Hunting scenes - goat, deer, elk3
54Hunting deer in Okanagan region1
Series 10: Industry
151Small portable mill, 19051
2Old waffle iron, 19594
3Fisher Flour Mills, Seattle, 1930's3
4Crescent Manufacturing Co.3
5Grist Mill - Fort Colville1
6Puyallup Fruit Cannery1
7Weyerhayser, Rayonier, and wood pulp plants3
8Everett Pulp and Paper Co.2
9Lake Washington canal lumber mill1
10Unloading fishing barge - Aberdeen1
11San Juan Fish Company - Seattle8
12Royal Chinook salmon1
13Fish in cold storage, Port of Seattle1
14Canned salmon3
15Salmon cannery - Bellingham, WA2
16Wheel traps - Columbia River2
17Brailing a salmon trap2
18First salmon hatchery - Chinook, WA1
19Oyster Industry5
20Northport smelting and refining Co., 19041
21Superior Portland Cement Inc. - Concrete, WA1
22Lake Union drydock and machine works plant1
23Pacific Car and Foundry plant - Renton, WA1
24Building 8-oared racing shells1
Series 11: Indians
161Portraits by Eve Rockwell Little- Chief Joseph, Chief Looking Glass3
2Portraits of Chief Joseph c. 1877-c. 190412
3Chief Joseph at Nespelem, 19031
4Chief Joseph's sister and niece1
5Chief Looking Glass3
6Peo Peo Tholekt, 1916 (Yellow Bull)3
7Long Haired Alec2
8Whitebird, Nez Perce chief, July 12, 18791
9Misc. Native American Portraits6
10Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Lott, Lapwai ID1
11Jackson Sundown 1863-19232
12Mattie Howeattle-Quillayute Indian, 19591
13Chief Isaac-Kootenai1
14Jones Frank-Spalding ID, 19367
15Chief Kamiaken, 18642
16Chief Joe Kentuck- Nez Perce1
17Kills Two-an Indian Warrior1
18Native American in traditional dress Nez Perce1
19Albert Moore-Nez Perce1
20Eustace Markistum-Makah, 19361
20.1Makah woman1
21Ellen Moses, c. 19361
22"Grandma" Moses-Nez Perce Matriarch1
23Mourning Dove, 19161
24Princess Pretty Cloud, 19361
25Chief Red Cloud1
26Josiah Red Wolf, Nez Perce1
27Sacajawea Statue1
28Lizzie Scott1
29Chief Seattle (drawing)1
30Spokane Garry9
31Spotted Tail, Brule Sioux chief1
32Chief Te-te-ho-not3
33Timothy- Nez Perce chief (reprint)1
34Chief Sam Tilden- Nez Perce5
35Chief Tommy Thompson1
36Three Feathers1
37Two Moon- Nez Perce1
38Rev. Harry Wheeler- Nez Perce1
39Jonas Whitebear2
40Yellow Wolf (drawing)1
41Reprints of photos taken by William Jefferson Carpenter: portrait, Native Americans7
42Mary- Chief Moses' wife, and residence4
43Sitting Bull1
44Ben Wolf- great-great-grandson of Lone Wolf1
45Ellen Moses- 19362
46Amy Tilden- great-grandniece of Chief Joseph1
47Unidentified Native Americans12
47.1Smelt Fishing, Washington1
48Unidentified Native American women8
49Children by tepees3
50Native American children8
171Washington State Fair, 19091
2Photo of Charles Russell water color: travois1
3Burial sites: Old Ft. Colville & Walla Walla road, 1914; along Snake River near Bishop c. 19032
4Princess Angelina, 1895 (Chief Seattle's daughter)2
5Gathering of 14 chiefs, some unknown, from Spokane, Kalispell, & Flathead tribes2
6Eight leaders, US Captain & nephew of US Senator1
7Various Indian camps: Blue Mts., Potlatch, Wawawai, Lewiston5
8Indian Valley, ID; Big Hole Battlefield, MT; Camas Prairie4
9Chief Black Eagle and Ida Black Eagle2
10Bust of Chief Joseph2
11Salmon bake1
12Peo Peo Tah Likt's burial site1
13Chief Joseph sites: birthplace, burial site4
14Induction of Dean Monroe into Nez Perce tribe, 19362
15Celebration at Omak c. 19251
16Old Native American scenes8
17Nootka Village, 17781
18Tlingit family at Funter Bay, Alaska1
19Quillayute Indians: canoes3
20Makah: basketweavers, fishermen, hunters, etc.7
21Makah: woodcarvers4
22Lummi tribesmen1
23Muckleshoot, 19091
24Supplies headed for Crow Creek Res. & Warm Springs Agency, OR9
25Rev. Reuben speech / Rev. Reuben pupils6
26Nez Perce at Spaulding Museum c. 19341
27Nez Perce at Lapwai3
28Nez Perce at Spaulding5
29Nez Perce: family, dance, pictograph (1905)3
30Nez Perce3
31Nez Perce: Peo Peo Talek, Halla Ne Tsa, Charlie Willpakim, et al8
32Kootenai Conference, 5/31/11- Bonners Ferry ID1
33Nez Perce- photo album and portraits: Elijah Williams, Young Felix, Mose George, et al; Jackson Sundown, etc.9
34Umatilla Reservation & Boarding School (1891)5
35Camps near Spokane2
36Non-treaty Indians c. 1877-80 (Nez Perce) [93-141]2
37Ceremonial Induction into Blackfoot tribe, Glacier National Park, 19281
38Chemawa Indian School near Salem, OR1
39Yakima Indians8
40Wanapum Indians1
41Sweat bath; spruce frame1
42School at Lapwai, 19221
43Churches: Lapwai, White Swan, & Stevens Co.4
181DeSmet, ID, mission and homes c. 19357
2Shoshone/Bannock snapshots10
3Grass mat long houses2
6Baskets & Cornhusk bags5
7Chief Garry's pipe & hymnal & Chief Joseph's record sticks2
8Blackfoot child in papoose1
9Color postcards of Blackfoot Indians5
10"Petroglyph" on Buck Mountain1
11Petroglyphs at Buffalo Eddy, Snake River9
12Petroglyphs at Rock Island, Columbia River7
13Various petroglyph and pictograph sites9
14Archaeological excavation by Dr. Richard Daugherty1
15Stick game- Nespelem women1
16Makah at Neah Bay- community potlatch1
17Fort Hall, ID- dancing in ceremony c. 18972
18Nespelem dances5
19Wardances at Coupeville, Toppenish, Bannock3
20Cabins at St. Mary's Mission, Nespelem, & Lowden4
21Nez Perce Agency2
22Statue dedication2
23Euro-American misc. photos from Fort Hall & Teton Pass5
23.1Old Chief Joseph Burial, Oregon1
Series 12: Lakes and Rivers
191Lake Okanogan & Lake Omak, B.C.2
2Gold Creek- Longview, WA1
2.1Coeur D'Alene Lake, ID1
2.2Priest Lake, ID1
3Post Falls, ID2
4Salmon River, ID2
5Snake River, ID24
6St. Joe River, ID5
7Lake Cocolalla, ID1
8Hayden Lake, ID3
9Priest Lake & Lake Coeur D'Alene, ID4
9.1Crater Lake, OR20
9.2Deschutes River, OR1
9.3Glacier Lake, OR1
10Hood River, OR1
10.1Hood Canal1
11Powder & Wallowa Rivers, OR2
12Wahkeena Falls, OR1
13Lake Chelan, WA18
14Lake Cle Elum & Fish Lake, WA5
15Conconully Reservoir, WA, 19331
16Lake Crescent, WA, inc. falls 18941
17Lake Crescent, WA6
18Diablo Lake, WA1
19Dry Falls & Grand Coulee, WA14
20Echo Lake, WA1
21Findley Lake, WA1
22Fortune Lake, WA1
23Lake Keechelus, WA1
23.1Park Lake, WA1
24Picture Lake, WA1
25Steilacoom Lake, WA1
26Surprise Lake, WA1
27Twin Lakes, WA1
27.1Jackson Lake, WY1
28Lake Quinault1
29Lake Wenatchee3
30Mountain Lake on Orcas Island1
31Lakes in Spokane Region3
32Cedar R., WA1
33Chelan R., WA1
34Upper Cispus R., WA1
35Colville R., WA2
36Deep Creek Canyon, WA5
37Elwha R., WA1
37.1Great Falls, MT3
38Horsetail Falls1
39Metaline Falls, Box Canyon7
40Palouse Falls5
41Palouse River4
42Pend Oreille R.2
43Rex River1
44Sauk River1
45Skagit River1
46Snoqualmie Falls2
47Soleduck [Sol Duc] River1
48Spokane River23
201Spokane River11
2Rainbow Falls (Stehekin River)2
3Little White Salmon Falls1
4Wind River Falls1
4Wind River Falls11
5Yakima River2
6Douglass Lake1
7Logjam on a river c. 19361
8Old water mill1
9Mountain lake1
10Various lakes & rivers16
Series 13: Logging
211Near Stanwood, WA1
2Logging roads2
3Spruce & Cedar Trees3
4Undercutting Douglass Fir2
5Preparing to burn a stump1
6Clearing stumps2
7Big Creek area, ID, after fire of 1910.8
8Big Creek salvage logging view2
9Big Creek salvage logging- donkey engine & crew 2
10General logging photos7
11Logging scene2
12Logging scene c. 19502
13Tree topping1
14Stacking timber near Priest R., ID c. 19201
15Lumberyard with horses1
16Four principle timber varieties in the NW1
17Cedars in Ohanapecosh Valley1
18Potlatch Co. lands- "White Pine & Elk River Dist."5
19Forest scenes12
20Forest after fires3
21Cedar River Trail1
22Forest along Pacific Hwy.1
23Potlatch & Palouse R. Dams1
24A fallen monarch, OR1
25Potlatch Co.- White Pine logs1
26Douglass Fir1
27Big logs & stumps4
28Cedar Stump- Sedro-Wooley, WA c. 19072
29Fir Trees & reforested land4
30Wind River Forest nursery1
31Bellingham Nursery, Whatcom Co., WA1
32Reforestation project at Walsh Lake1
33Potlatch Lumber Co. barns & houses2
34Potlatch Co.- general managers & houses3
35Potlatch Co.- president Charles A. Weyerhaeuser1
36Potlatch Co.- officials' homes2
37The town of Potlatch, ID- business district4
38Potlatch- homes1
39Potlatch- barns1
40The town of Potlatch, ID- school, church, etc.5
41Potlatch- passenger train1
42St. Maries, ID1
43A day in the life of a forester5
44Houses along St. Joe River c. 1900 & 19087
45Potlatch Co.- forester1
46Blackie Joe's cabin, St. Joe R. country, 19002
47Forest Camp cookhouse, c. 19002
48Pioneer Forest Ranger1
49Potlatch logging camp4
50Timber Cruiser's camp1
51Logging camp scenes c. 19363
52Bob White's logging camp- St. Joe City, ID 19082
53Early camp (1900) in St. Joe R. country2
221Potlatch Co.- sawmill & power plant4
2Longview, WA- lumber mill3
3Ostrander mill, Cowlitz Co.1
4Oppenheimer mill1
5Longview mill3
6Colony lumber mill, 18871
7Almota, WA mill (note: flour mill, not lumber)1
8Two-man power sawmill1
9Warehouse & sawmill- Elberton, WA 18882
10Sawmill scenes4
11Portable "gyppo" sawmill1
12Portland sawmill1
13Ione, WA sawmill1
14Milwaukee Lumber Co, St Joe, ID 19082
15Sawmill scenes2
16Potlatch Co., planing mill4
17Potlatch Co., sawmill4
18Potlatch Co., "preparing the way"1
19Everett, WA- Weyerhaeuser mill1
20Hoquiam- Spruce veneer plant1
21NW Lumber Co. - Hoquiam, WA1
22Lumber yards5
23Potlatch- lumber yards & shed6
24Export lumber- Port of Seattle1
25Pulpwood Loading- Quillayute1
26Loading logs- Grays Harbor2
27Spruce from Neah Bay1
28Logs on river w. sailing ships1
29Logging with horses1
30Potlatch Co.- hauling logs w. horses1
31Steam powered "CAT"1
32Clearing land with Caterpillars10
34Steam donkeys4
35Logs awaiting steam donkey1
36Diesel powered equipment4
37Rand stump burner c. 19101
38Potlatch Co.- log storage ponds3
39Potlatch Co.- trains hauling logs4
40Tracks into logging area1
41Logging trains- post cards2
42Potlatch Co.- associated railways10
43Potlatch Co.- Railways at Potlatch, ID4
44Logging truck1
45Potlatch Co.- water works pumping station1
46Potlatch Co.- roundhouse, machine & car repair1
47Potlatch Co.- locomotive equipment1
48Ocean freighter carrying lumber for export1
49Hepfinger’s Western Washington Exhibit, large spruce felled in Aberdeen6
Series 14: Mining
231Inspiration Copper Co., AZ1
2Coeur d'Alene mining districts15
3Bunker Hill Mine, ID1
4Mining scenes, ID3
5Zinc plant, Kellogg, ID, 19281
6Tiger Mine, Burks, ID2
7Hoosier Quarry, Indiana3
8Sand Dredge, Virginia City, MT, 19353
9Mine Butte, MT: Anaconda, Pennsylvania, Minnie Healy, Washoe smelter6
10Mining scenes, MT4
11Roslyn, WA- mine explosion, 19093
12Treasure State mining, Blewett Mts, MT2
13Mine near Republic,WA7
14Coal Mine, Bellingham, WA1
15Miners, WA3
16Placer mine prospect tunnels2
17Mine scenes, Cascade Mts2
18B & H Mill after explosion, 18991
19Continental Coal Co.1
20Mining scenes- miners4
21Mining scenes- structures4
22.1Nugget found in Murray, ID1
Series 15: Mercantile Stores
24M.A. Rose Jewelry Store, Colfax, WA, c. 19001
26Hillyard Pharmacy1
27Mercantile Buildings8
28General Stores2
29General Stores1
Series 16: Monuments
30Gravestone of Princess Angelina1
31Arlington, WA- historical tree1
32Astoria Monument1
33Canip, WA1
34Replica of first Capitol Building, WA Territory1
35Old Cataldo Mission- drawing1
35.1Cataldo Mission, Cataldo, ID2
36Soldier's monument, Colfax, WA1
37Col. Isaac N. Ebey memorial, Coupeville, WA1
38Monument to soldiers killed at Custer's Last Stand2
39Doughboy statue, Seattle, WA1
40Jefferson Peace & Friendship Medal- distributed by Lewis & Clark4
41General Lafayette memorial1
42Stonehenge monument, Maryhill, WA3
43Maryhill Castle & Museum1
44Stevens Indian Treaty tablet, Mukilteo, WA2
45Sharp's 50 caliber buffalo gun1
46Mullan Rd.1
47Nisqually plaque1
48Oregon Trail monument, Expedition, 19064
49Spaulding monument, Lapwai, ID1
50Treaty Gun tree, Chehalis, WA1
51Tshimikain Mission, Walker's Prairie1
52First Colony on Puget Sound, Oct. 1845, Tumwater1
53Pioneer Cemetery, Union Gap, WA1
54Beach near Capt. Vancouver's landing site2
55George Washington statue2
56Whitman grave & monument4
57Marcus Whitman statue1
58Basalt stone monument, Wishram1
59"The Wreckage"2
Series 17: Mountains
241Main divide near Lakeview, ID1
2Thompson's Bluffs, Clark Fork R. (moved to PC 22)0
3Mt. Missoula, Clark's Fork R (moved to PC 22)0
4Mt. Adams3
5Mt. Adams2
6Mt. Baker4
7Mt. Baker Hwy.4
8Mt. Baker6
9Mt. Baker5
10Mt. Baker & Chain Lake1
11Baldy Mountain near Morton, WA1
12Mt. Constance, Olympic Mts1
13Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island2
14Mt. Olympus2
15Mt. Rainier1
16Skiing on Mt. Rainier4
17Mt. Rainier Park4
18Mt. Rainier Crater1
19Climbers on Mt. Rainier4
20Mt. Rainier park scenes8
21Mt. Rainier Paradise Inn2
22Mt. Rainier, Sunrise Park3
23Mt. Rainier17
24Mt. Seattle2
25Mt. Shuksan4
26Mt. Shuksan5
27Mt. Spokane5
28Mt. St. Helens2
29Mt. St. Helens1
30Cascade Mts.1
30.1Skykomish River and Cascade Mountains, WA1
31Cascades- Skagit R., Ruby Basin1
31.1Mt. Index, WA1
32Cascade Mountains6
32.1Glacier National Park66
32.2Famous Mountains of Washington13
33Olympic Mts.2
34Olympic Mts.- Camp Marion1
35Olympic Mts.7
36Olympic Mts.- horse packing2
37Cedar R. Valley1
38Tatoosh Range1
39Huckleberry Mts.1
40Snoqualmie Pass2
41Stevens Pass2
42Rim Rock Plateau & Chelan Lake2
43Chelan Nat'l Forest1
45Cabin near Newport, WA1
46Paricutin volcano, 19431
47Unidentified & Mt. Rainier11
48Misc. Mountain Climbing & Skiing2
48.1White Pass, Canada1
49Unidentified mountain scenes3
50Pilot Butte Canal, Crook County, OR2
51Central Oregon Canal, Crook County, OR1
Series 18: Pacific Northwest
251Relief map of Washington3
2Sagebrush, eastern WA1
3Steptoe Butte4
4Kamiak Butte, views from7
5Palouse County2
6Farmland near Spokane2
7Goldendale grade1
8Gingko petrified forest3
9Dry Falls, WA6
10Deep Creek Canyon1
11Lincoln Rock, Entiat1
12Tenino Mounds1
13Surveying Washington State c. 189013
13.1Mt. St. Helens1
14Olympic Loop Hwy, near Discovery Bay1
15Lummi Island from Chuckanut Drive1
16San Juan Islands5
17Beach at Larush1
18Building a forest trail1
19Long Beach, WA- aerial view1
20Cake Rock, Callahan Co., WA1
21Columbia Basin project- recreational5
22Columbia Basin Project- agricultural15
23Columbia Basin project- coulees and canals7
24Prehistoric Rock carving- petroglyph1
25Stage Coach barns in Spokane & Stevens Cos.2
26St. Joseph's Mission- Antrim, Yakima Co.1
27Washington pioneer homes9
28Washington pioneer homes13
29U.S. Forest officer's camp- Colville Nat'l Forest, 19131
30Cabin near Puget Sound, 19071 /td>
30.1Elliot Bay, Seattle, WA1
30.5Puget Sound region - Album of panoramic photos from Carl Morrow, ca. 191112
31Lighthouses in Washington State9
31.1The Lighthouse Inn, La Conner, Washington1
32Modern light tower- Burnis Pt., Tacoma2
33Seattle City Lights Botanical Garden4
34Old school house- built in 1879, Lincoln Co.1
35Capital Building- WA territory3
36Courthouse- WA territory1
36.1Conconully, WA2
36.2Old Molson, WA1
37Okanogan Valley, 19341
38Okanogan Valley, B.C.4
39Cattle in Okanogan Forest1
40Canadian Rockies near Banff, Alberta10
41Lewis & Clark Trail, ID & MT4
42Armitage, MT- aerial view1
43Chinese oven along railroad track (on Snake R.?)1
43.1Various Oregon Images36
44Southern Oregon4
45Oregon Coast4
46North Schuyenni Canyon1
47Black Canyon3
48Cheyenne Canyon5
49Naches Pass Wagon Road1
50Fontenae Convent1
51Miner's Ridge, Cascade Mts1
52Coastline, Sept 19221
52.1Clallum Bay, WA1
52.2Sacajawea State Park, WA1
53Outdoor life1
54Cannon Beach, OR2
55Coral Gardens, OR3
56Petersen's Rock Garden, OR23
57Salt Cairn - OR1
58Cape Foulweather/The Lookout3
59Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park, WA1
60Chuckanut Gardens, WA1
61Frank Slide, Alberta, Canada1
Series 19: Pacific Northwest Children
261Children forming letter "P"1
2Children in park1
3Lance Hills school children, June 5th, 19031
4Jim Gale school house1
5Shrine Auditorium teachers banquet, 19371
6Girls- portraits4
7Girls- portraits6
8Girl- casual3
9Boy- portraits1
10Boys- portrait7
11Boys and girls- portraits3
12Baby- portrait1
13Babies- portrait2
14Babies- portraits11
15Baby- portrait1
16Mrs. Strauahaus et al, 19021
17Women in Elgin, OR3
18Women- portraits4
19Mrs. Prinstead, Elizabeth Skinner, et. al.4
20Women- cabinet cards9
21Women- cabinet cards10
22Women- portraits3
23Women- portraits & miscellaneous sheets11
24June Pomeroy (1906) and other portraits4
25Women & Men- portraits1
Series 20: Pacific Northwest People
2Men at Work3
3Man and horse1
4Four people on horse1
5Idaho Basque sheepherder1
6Northern Pacific land examiners, 18971
7Man in a rocking chair1
8Man golfing, 19261
9Men at work1
10Prosser- carpentry training1
11Mr. Gaty, et al- cabinet cards7
12Men- cabinet cards9
13Young men- cabinet cards7
14Young men- portraits3
15Men- portraits3
16Men- portraits4
17Men- cabinet cards2
18Rev. Drexel & class1
19United Brethren College- class of 18971
20Garfield High School- class of 19051
21Unidentified school group1
22Parade, c. 19162
23Parade, c. 19162
25"Steptoe Survivors", Umatilla Day 5/4/151
26Hoquiam women send postcard to Hawaiian Queen Lillokalani1
27First National Bank, Pullman Employees banquet, Jan. 19081
28State Press Association, excursion of 18932
Series 21: People in Groups & Performing Arts
281Pullman group pictures, boy scouts, et al4
2Wedding reception1
3Family portrait1
4Family in motor car2
5Family portrait cabinet cards4
6Family portraits- Portland pioneer family, 1880s, et al3
7Family portraits7
8Family portrait c. 1900- negatives included4
9Family portraits2
10Family portraits2
11Japanese in Oregon, 19243
12Family portrait- three generations1
13"The Alchemist"- Colfax, WA c. 19001
14Annie Oakley play?1
15Dance performers2
16High school play, 18981
17Music group1
18Waitsburg, WA band1
19Unidentified portraits4
19.5Spokane County Assessors, ca. 1930s-1940s1
20Calendar (1905) with Spokane landscapes1
21A game of billiards1
22Baby christening1
23Bullet holes in rear car windshield2
24Dinner at "Jimmy Kelley's"- New York, NY1
25European scenes9
25.5Human bone pile, Cuba, 1890s1
25.6Military in midwest US, early 1900s (gift of Robert Sandberg)5
25.6Germany military, 19192
Series 22: Photographic Artifacts / Portraits
26Cabinet cards4
27Cabinet cards4
28Large cabinet cards- landscapes2
29Cartes de visite- some identified20
30Cartes de visite- some identified13
31Cartes de visite- children13
32Cartes de visite- some identified9
33Colton, WA pioneers1
291Mjr. Walter Reed- lantern slide -!FRAGILE!-1
2American poets- Whittier, Lavell, Longfellow1
3Ambrotype- child1
4Stereolithograph cards various dates. See PC 151 for stereographic photos.4
5Aluminum base photo1
6Tintype photo1
7Tintype photo1
8Tintype photos3
9Tintype photos c. 19282
9.5Halftone lithographic plate & clipping, 19372
10Capt. O.C. Applegate & Joaquin Miller1
11Alfred Babb & wife3
12Eli Babb & family portrait2
13Frank S. Baker1
14Helen Fickle Baker1
15Mrs. Barbour2
16Roy Batty and Clarence Lance, May 19621
17Mrs. E. N. Beach- Palouse, WA pioneer1
18"Steptoe Survivors"- Thomas Beal, Mjr. Kinney, & John Rohn2
19Jacob Bellinger3
20Samuel Benn, 19322
21Muriel Mae Blackmore1
22Stewart Bledsoe, 19461
23Anna Roosevelt & John Boettinger2
24Marjorie Clay Boye1
25William Compton Brown, Feb, 15, 19592
25.5Robert O. Bullis1
26Caroline McGilvra Burke1
27Thomas Burke1
28Grant Caugh1
29George Rogers Clark2
30John Comstock1
31"Cougar Gus", 19261
32Cumming's family- Lottie, Gideon, John, Abner, & Amos1
33T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, & Vivienne Eliot1
34Curly Jim- Spokane Indian c. 1900-19101
35Gen. George Custer & Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, 18721
36Gen. George Custer's quarters, 18751
37E. D. Albert at villa in Werden, Germany, 19293
38Homer & Tim Davenport w. Francis Malheur, and Fred Lockley, c. 18532
39Jennie Day1
40Senator C. C. Dill1
41George Dodds1
42James Doran, 19441
43Clifford Merrill Drury, Feb 1, 19421
44R. O. Dunbar1
45W. M. Duncan- Whitman Co. Treasurer Candidate1
46E. C. Elliot - President Purdue Univ.1
47John Enos1
48Daniel Evans- WA Governor, 19671
301Senator A. J. Fariss1
2Gov. Elisha P. Ferry2
3Otelia Fetting1
4Bert Fisher1
5M. Foster1
6James A. Garfield family1
7Nellie Garrick2
8George Goode2
9Mr. & Mrs. William H. Gray and Mrs. Mary A. Dix Gray2
10Belle, Allen, & Elizabeth Green1
11Elsie & Gertrude Greenwood1
12William Greenwood2
13Porter Griswold5
14Laurel Hagerson-Lemmon, S.D., 19101
15Oliver R. Hall1
16Georgia Hams and Georgia Anderson1
17Rev. Joseph A. Hanna and wife4
18Gary Hart1
19Louis Hart (governor)1
20Pres. Raymond Hawk1
21Gov. Marion Hay1
22Mrs. W. G. M. Hays and Crayton Hays2
23Sandy Henderson, Larry Sherman, & Edna Night1
24Ella Heuneck and husband, Orpha Heuneck3
25Augustus High1
26Samuel Hill1
27Stewart Holbrook1
28Jack Holch1
29Raymond D. Holmes1
30Mjr. General O. O. Howard1
31Judge John P. Hoyt1
32Eva Irby1
33Irene Ironhoops1
34Capt. Robert L. Irwin6
35John Kammerzell1
36Roma Kerby1
37Fred L. Kilborne6
38Ollie Kurzer and Myra Fuller1
39David Laidlaw1
40Pullman nursery, Edwin F. Landerholm and Max Hinrichs1
41William Horner Latter1
42Father Leary, Gonzaga U. (negative)1
43Judge Charles H. Leary1
44Robert E. Lee- Richmond, VA April, 18651
45Ruggiero Leoncavallo, 18991
46Abraham Lincoln and funeral procession6
47Ernest Lister1
48Hattie Harris Little1
49A.G. Lloyd2
50Elcaine Longmire & wife, Leonard & James Longmire4
50.5Magnuson, Warren Senator (Youthful)1 OVERSIZE
51Gen. G.B. McClellan & wife1
52Duncan McDonald (with negatives)4
53John Jay McGilvra & E.M. McGilvra2
54Clarissa McKenny2
55Bessie & Harry McKenny & Bob & Roy McKenny3
56Dr. Edwin D. McKenny & wife, Josepha Lott McKenny and residences6
57Liza McKenny and Louise & Nellie McKenny2
58Dr. John McLaughlin5
59Richard McWhorter, 19421
311May Malone and Ollie Kurzer1
2Clarence D. Martin- Jan. 13, 19371
3Clarence D. Martin & E.O. Holland1
4Clarence D. Martin & family7
5Clarence D. Martin4
6Clarence D. Martin8
7Gov. Martin & group at Mt. Baker Aug. 19332
8Clarence D. Martin public appearances10
9Ezra Meeker2
10Ezra Meeker, historical postcards29
11James B. Metcalfe, c. 18951
12Mjr. Gen. Nelson A. Miles1
13Mrs. Blanche Funk Miller1
14Mr. & Mrs. William Minturn1
15D.K. Montreth, Margaret, Thomas, & Walter Montreth4
16Miles Conway Moore1
17Thornton McElroy1
18Senator Justin Smith Morrill1
19John Mullan1
20Edward R. Murrow2
21Thomas William Musgrove c. 1891/18921
22Rollin L. Nichols1
23U.S. Oliphant1
24Waverly Old2
25Ethel Olson2
26Josiah & Nancy Anna Osborne3
27Jimmy Oswald, 18873
321Clyde Pangborn2
2Colonel W.R. Parnell1
3Harless H. Peck1
4David Perry1
5Charles Pickard, 19501
6Simon Plomondon1
7Louie Pohl c. 18821
7.5Eva Poland, ca. 1910s1
8Frank Truman Post2
9H.J. Quillian, manager of KIRO1
10Ed Raboin, Nez Perce translator1
11C.A. Ratcliff1
12Col. J.C. Reaines1
13Rev. S. Reuben Spaulding2
14L. M. Ringer2
15Thomas Emerson Ripley1
16John Roberts, Shoshone Indian Mission, Wind River, WY, 19361
17Wallace Wade Robertson2
18John Rogers, governor2
19Eleanor & Franklin D. Roosevelt & Gov. Clarence Martin3
20C.H. Ross, Puyallup pioneer1
21George William Russell1
22Lady Margaret Sackville1
22.1Mary A. Scoggins Gilbanks1
23Sebenshaller baby1
24Frank L. Sefrit1
25Gov. Eugene Semple1
26Thomas Seymour1
27W.T. Sherman et al1
28Ezekiel Allen Shirley1
29Sir Sacheverell Sitwell2
30Dino Sivo1
31Bill Smith, Herman Logan1
32George Snipes1
33John Wilson Snook1
34Opal Sperry1
35Frank R. Spaulding1
36Isaac I. Stevens2
37Carrie Strait Fouler, et al4
38Mjr. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis1
39Gladys Sutton; Laurel, Henry, & Pear Miller1
40James G. Swan1
40Kryn Taconis2
41Earl Taylor & wife1
42Laura Taylor, Otelia Fetting1
43Sayde Thompson1
44Elizabeth Catherine Allen Thorpe1
45Laura Ella Thorpe1
46John J. Tigert1
47Harry Tracy9
48Harry S. Truman1
49Judge George Turner1
50Dr. N. J. Vavilov2
51Francis Vigo1
52Henry Villard1
53S.T. Walker1
54Matilda Jackson Ware1
55Feliz Warren and sister Mary Warren Spaulding3
56Nancy Van Waters, 19451
57Samuel Weeks1
58Carey R. Wilkes1
59James Marshal Wright family2
60Yelm Jim2
61W.Z. York1
62Zoe Zimmerman1
Series 23: Transportation
331Annie Faxon wreck on the Snake R., 18931
2Steamship H.F. Alexander1
3Mike Maru- historic steamship1
4Gerome- first steamboat on the Columbia R.1
5Steamer Olympian1
6Steamer Seattle at Taku glacier, 8/5/081
7Steamer Almota1
8Steamship, 18971
9Steamship President Jefferson1
10Steamer Lewiston, 19231
11Steamers Flyer, Norma, Chelan, Spokane, & Imnaha6
12Steamer Coeur D'Alene3
13Steamer Ione1
14Steamer Spokane2
15Steamer Spokane1
16Steamer Spokane1
17S.S. Skagit Chief1
18Steamer Lewiston1
19Paddle Wheel George Oakes1
20J.M. Hannaford- Mississippi-type riverboat1
21Coast Guard patrol boat1
22Coast Guard lifeboat, 19351
23Coast Guard picket boat, 19351
24Coast Guard cutter: The Northland2
25Coast Guard Cutter: Haida1
26Coast Guard Cutter: The Tallapoosa1
27Coast Guard self bailing motor surf boat1
28U.S. battle fleet in Puget Sound1
29The Atlantic fleet passing the Columbia R.1
30U.S.S Constitution: "Old Ironsides"2
31U.S. cruiser Minneapolis1
32U.S.S. Lexington aircraft carrier1
33U.S.S. Lexington, bow1
34U.S. battleship on Puget Sound1
35U.S.S. Medusa, repairship at Bremerton1
36State room in S.S. Brazil1
37U.S.S. Rixey, San Francisco Bay1
38Victory ship1
39Liberty ship1
40'Speedway' mail boat on Lake Chelan1
41M.S. Klickitat- tanker1
43Duquesne- tanker1
44S.S. Mission Purisima1
45S.S. Edward Nickels1
47Anadarho Victory1
48Cargo ship: Kathleen S. Holmes2
49The President McKinley, passenger & freight ship1
50S.S. America2
341The Santa Barbara1
2Delbrasil- passenger & cargo ship1
3Standby fire pump of Hannibal Victory1
4Penawawa Ferry1
5Columbia River ferry1
6Lyons Ferry, 19561
7Wawawai Ferry2
8Ferry "Cheppewa"1
9Ferry "Kalakala"1
10Ferry "Commander"1
11Diablo Lake excursion boat "Alice Ross"1
12Cruiser on Lake Chelan2
13Schooner "C. S. Holmes"1
14Three-mast "La Esconcesa"1
15Windjammers off Port Townsend1
16Sailing ship "Commodore"1
17Sailing ship "Commodore"1
18Sailing vessels at Port Townsend1
19Ship "St. Paul", historic three-master1
20Pleasure boats on Puget Sound3
21Sailing vessels1
22"M. S. Catalyst"1
23Launching the "Ethel G", 19391
24Seattle fishing boats4
25Fishing fleet in Seattle1
26Fishing boats in Seattle2
26.1Government Locks, Seattle, WA1
27Willapa harbor1
28Ship in harbor, Tacoma area1
29Seattle waterfront1
30Harbor Island dock1
31Schooner "Vigilant"1
32Drill barge at Wawawai, 19622
32.1C.P.R. Princess Patricia1
34First school bus (a donkey), Omak, WA 19031
35Twenty-mule teams, Harrington, 19262
36Oregon Trail wagon- Terre Haute, Indiana, 19101
37Old Newport school wagon1
38Wagon road out of Yakima Canyon1
39The "Boston Hooihut" over Naches Pass1
40Horse and buggy rigs11
41Horse and buggy rigs3
42Freight scene- Riverside, WA, 1905; Reserv. excavation w. steam shovel & wagons, 19262
43Freight scenes w. wagon trains3
44Wagon trains: Bend, Or & Deschutes Co., OR3
45Gravity-horse railroad car1
46Baker fire team3
47Immigrant train of "Prairie Schooners" - reproduced print1
48"On a tour from Pullman", 18932
49Early transportation to Garfield public schools- horse & wagons2
50Horse pulled plow & wagons2
51Horse drawn water wagon- Sunnyside, WA 19161
51.1Jacksonville Stage Line, OR1
52Freighting scene- Crook Co., OR1
53Henry Kennedy & horse team near Bend, OR 19121
54Tramway connecting wheat fields to warehouse on Snake R.1
55Tramway at Tramway, ID1
56Site of Old Interior Tram below Wawawai1
57Early automobile1
58Omak, WA school buses, 19321
59Washington motor coach system, 19331
60Snoqualmie Pass- east side1
61Miscellaneous automobiles7
62Early automobiles4
63A scenic drive in an automobile1
63.1Oregon Coast Highway36
63.2Cody Road to Yellowstone Park7
63.3Golden Gate Railway to Yellowstone Park1
351Palouse Highway2
2Washington Roads4
3Road construction south of Spokane, 19244
4Lewiston grade, 19312
4.1Lewiston Grade, Lewiston, ID1
5Road south of Wenatchee2
6Road west of Vantage Ferry1
7Road east of Odessa, 19281
8Brick pavement near Seattle, 19211
9Wallowa Highway, eastern Oregon1
10Snoqualmie Pass1
11Pacific Hwy east of Olympia, 19191
12Paving road north of Colfax, 19214
13Roads around Pullman18
14Eastern WA road construction, c 1920s & 1930s21
15Eastern WA road construction, c 1920s & 1930s8
16Paving road south of Rosalia2
17Early map of Evergreen Highway1
18Construction of US Hwy 10 east of Spokane7
18.1Hope/Princeton Highway, Canada5
18.2Lolo Indian Trail10
19Roads from Louisiana, S. Carolina, Mississippi, & Illinois4
20Spokane & Inland Railroads5
21Passenger train interior1
22Cougar Special at N.P.R.R., Pullman1
23Train wreck, Pullman, c. 18922
24Inland Empire Railroad system, Garfield, WA1
25First passenger train to Grangeville, ID 19081
26Train scenes, eastern WA & ID7
27Train wreck scenes, eastern WA6
28Coeur D'Alene Railway & Navigation Co.2
29First Great Northern passenger train at Omak, WA 19131
30Old train engine, Stanwood, WA1
31Northern pacific passenger trains2
31.1Empire Builder railroad1
32Northern Pacific R.R. views from around the country8
33Rotary snowplow on Northern Pacific R.R.1
34Canyon Creek railroad4
35Train engine manufacturing1
36WW II train & tank1
37Idaho & WA R.R.2
38Northern Pacific R.R. engine1
39White Pass & Yukon Rt. photograph & souvenir deck of cards2
361Photos of interlocking signal switches27
2Boeing Flying Fortress (XB-15)1
3Boeing Flying Fortress (B-17B)1
4Boeing B17B1
5Boeing plant no. 21
6Boeing 307 Stratoliners2
7Boeing 307 Stratoliner1
8Boeing 314 PanAmerican Clipper2
9Boeing Field c. 19372
10Boeing assembly floor1
11Lockheed S-14 of the "Viking Fleet"1
12Wreckage of Wiley Post's airplane, Aug. 17, 19351
13Airmail plane, Fairbanks, AK2
14Early airplanes5
15First airmail out of Pasco, April 6, 19262
16U.S. Army tank, July 4, 1949, Tokyo1
Series 24: Wildlife
17King Salmon, Puget Sound1
18Blackfish, Puget Sound1
19Man fishing1
20Fish catches3
21San Juan Fish Co., Seattle1
23Catch of pheasant1
24Quail, pheasant, & grouse2
25Wild ducks1
26Feeding ducks at Griffith Hot Springs, c. 19351
27Elk herd near Olympic Hot Springs, c. 19211
29"Hunters Bag of Deer"5
30Deer hunting1
31Deer pelts, 19322
33Black bears5
34Bear shots2
35Black bears, My. Rainier Nat'l Park1
36Black bear & cubs2
38"Charlie" the Disney cougar1
39Dead coyote and lynx1
42Mountain goats1
43Female goat at Lake Chelan, 19371
44Wildlife Preserve, Dayton, WA1
Series 25: Works Progress Administration (WPA)
371Federal Writers Project2
2Fed. Writers Project2
3Fed. Writers Project- American Guide5
4Fed. Writers exhibit- New York Times Nat'l Book Fair2
5Fed. Writers Project- publications2
6Fed. Writers project- offices, 19362
7U.S. Marine Hospital, Seattle, 19371
8Griffith Hot Springs5
9C.C.C. Construction, Sauk River, WA1
10Ski hut near Leavenworth, WA1
11Frenchtown cross, c. 1935 (Walla Walla)1
12Fort Borst Blockhouse c. 19362
13Fort Simcoe Blockhouse1
14Footbridge at Tumwater park, Olympia, c. 19351
15Canal & tunnel, Klamath project1
16Arlington Memorial Bridge, Washington, D.C.1
17Story Gorge Dam, OR1
18Nelson's dairies, Jeffersonville, PA1
19Ohio Valley Dairy, New Concord, OH1
20Aquidneck Island Creamery, Newport, RI1
21Schwab Dairy, Peoria, IL1
22Rhododendrons, WA state flower1
23Stringing overhead trellises for hops, WA1
24Wilkerson Miners, Wilkerson, WA1
25Women making quilts- panorama1
26Women sewing1
27Women sewing1
28Women sewing2
29Women sewing1
30Women ironing clothes1
31Shoe factory, Seattle2
32Shoe repair shop, Seattle3
33State and Territorial Seals2
34Early map of Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park1
35North America- copy of 1835 statistical map1
36Cartoons of Sam Armstrong4
37Cartoon by "Tige" Reynolds1
38American Newspaper Guild strike leaders1
39Wooden Ramage hand press1
40Photo of "The Columbian", Sept 11, 18522
41"Spokesman review", Feb 20,19371
42"The Evergreen", Nov 15, 18991
43"College Record" (WSC), Nov. 18922
44"Auburn Globe-Republican", 19371
45Tacoma "Daily Ledger", 19121
46"The Aberdeen Daily World", Feb 19, 19371
47Spokane Falls "Evening Chronicle", Sept 21, 18861
48"Spokane Falls Review", May 19, 18831
49"The Intelligencer" Building- drawing2
50List of American Guide photos illustrating journalism1
51C.C.C. Camp Walla Walla, WA, 19362