Photo Collection (PC) 152

World Civilizations Instruction Lantern Slides

ca. 1890-1930s

Acquisition And Processing Information

The slides in this collection were received at the Washington State University Librariesí Mansucripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) at an unknown date prior to 1998, and retained without an accession number. Most likely they were held in the Librariesí Audio-Visual Services department, and transferred to MASC ca. 1992 when that department was split into what is now Academic Media Services (AMS) and the Librariesí Media, Materials, and Reserves (MMR). They were processed by Hannah Robinson in June 2012 and re-housed by Katrina Burch in August 2012.

Extent/Quantity Information

Number of containers: 27 boxes

Linear feet of shelf space: 9

Approximate number of images: 2200


At Washington State University (then College) lantern slides were commonly used for classroom instruction from the earliest days of the school up into the 1940s and 1950s, using either commercially produced slides or slides created either by the instructor or the schoolís media department. Lantern slides were originally introduced in 1849; they were photographs printed onto glass plates for projection onto a wall or screen for viewing. They became ubiquitous in classroom use following the development of the electric light. .

Collection Description

This photo collection consists of approximately 2200 glass lantern slides depicting images from different countries, circa 1890-1930.


The collection is organized alphabetically by country. With each country, where a numerical order existed the items were arranged in that order. The numbers were likely either an order of display created by the instructor who compiled them, or an inventory number/sequence applied by the company which created them.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright may apply.

Preferred Citation

The suggested citation for the collection is:

[Item Description]
World Civilizations Instruction Lantern Slides, ca. 1890-1930s (PC 152)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Container List

Box Countries
1†††† Algeria through Australia
2†††† Australia through Argentina
3†††† Argentina through Bolivia
4†††† Bolivia through Brazil
5†††† Brazil through Chile
6†††† Chile
7†††† Chile through China
8†††† China
9†††† China through Columbia
10††† Columbia
11††† Columbia
12††† Columbia through Ecuador
13††† Ecuador
14††† Ecuador through Guiana
15††† Guiana through Haiti
16††† Haiti through India
17††† India
18††† India through Japan
19††† Japan through Korea
20††† Korea
21††† Mexico
22††† Mexico
23††† Mexico through New Zealand
24††† Nicaragua through Peru
25††† Peru through Portugal
26††† Uruguay through Venezuela
27††† Venezuela