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PC 139
Paul Brians
Photographs, 1991-2007

These images were received at Washington State University from Paul Brians in a series of small accessions between 2001 and 2008. They were processed in September of 2010 by University Archivist Mark O'English.

Number of Containers: 1
Linear feet of Shelf Space: .25
Approximate Number of Images: 3000


Paul Brians was a professor of English at Washington State University from 1968 to 2008; he notes his focus as being "in literature outside the traditional Anglo-American canon (postcolonial, European, Asian, and other literatures, plus science fiction) and in interdisciplinary humanities studies and the history of ideas."


This collection consists of twenty CDs and DVDs, plus three self-published books. Most CDs and DVDs are labeled with three-digit numbers printed on them; these identifiers are relics of an early MASC digital images storage system and have no relation either to Dr. Brians' original filing or MASC's current ordering. The three digit number is included here only for ease of identifying discs. The CDs and DVDs are broken into one series of international travel and one of Palouse-regional photographs, and the three books are placed at the end of the collection.

Most of the CDs and DVDs in this collection contain photographs taken by Brians; also included in several cases are websites which Dr. Brians created from them for classes or for public use. In addition, three of the CDs/DVDs contain videos; two of these are photo slideshows with music, and the third is a presentation done by Dr. Brians primarily about Pullman and Washington State University in the 1960s.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply. Some of the websites and materials included here can be found online, and in those cases links will be provided in the item lists below.


The suggested citation for the collection is:

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Paul Brians Photographs, 1991-2007 (PC 139)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

BoxIdentifier   Description
CDs and DVDs: World Civilizations
Selected photographs from this collection have been digitized and can be found online in the  World Civilizations Digital Collection.
1161 & 171China, 98 images, 1991, and Greece, 85 images, 1993.
unnum.Europe, 2004: Budapest, 71 images; New York, 14 images; Prague, 33 images; Szentendre, 14 images; Wien, 24 images.
123India, 100 images, 1992-1993 & 1998, and Thailand, 31 images, 1992. With website, 2003.
124Ireland, 120 images, 2003.
121Japan. 188 digital images, 1998, and website, 2002-2003.
170Spain, 2006. Slideshow with overlayed music.
unnum.Spain. 3 CDs, 476 images, 2006.
122Turkey. 524 digital images, 2002, with PowerPoint presentation, 2002. 2 copies of disc.
CDs and DVDs: Pullman and the Palouse
168Art of the Counterculture presentation on video, 2006
165Images for Art of the Counterculture presentation, 197 images.
166Text for Art of the Counterculture presentation.
169Four Seasons in the Palouse video, 2006
164Images for a 2008 photography exhibit. 106 images, misc. dates.
163Johnson, WA Parade, July 04, 2007. 84 images.
158Mozart 250th Birthday Concert, WSU Library Atrium, January 27, 2006, 29 images and website. May snowfall, Pullman, 2002, 21 images and website.
160Palouse region, 2 copies with very slight difference, 706 images, 2001-2006. One copy includes website.
162Tour WSU and the Palouse website, 2002-2005
Self-Published Photobooks
British Columbia
Northwest Views
Spain, 2006