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PC 124
J.O. Lewis Collection of
Photographs of Native American Schools, ca. 1895-1900

The Photographs of Native American Schools were donated to the Washington State University Library by Mrs. J.O. Lewis in 1971; nothing more is known about their provenance. They were arranged, and processed by University Archivist Mark O'English in April, 2009.

Number of containers: 1
Number of images: 23
Linear feet of shelf space: .25

Item 3.
Text on chalkboard in center reads:
"Klamath School, May 31, 1897"


The Klamath Reservation was created in southern Oregon 1864; the Agency's first boarding school followed in 1873.


The collection consists of 23 photographs, primarily of Native American students and schools ca. 1895-1900. A few photographs are of unidentified buildings; based on the others in this collections we assume they're likely boarding schools, but this is not certain. At least 10 of the photographs can be identified as Klamath Agency schools (two buildings, one apparently for girls, and one for boys); as a result the collection is broken into two series - those recognized as Klamath, and those which are unidentified. A number of the unidentified photographs include a listing on the back of those pictured; those names are noted here, although the faded and ornate handwriting makes it likely that many of these names, as transcribed here, are partially in error.


This collection is open and available for research use.


The suggested citation for the collection is:
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J.O. Lewis Photographs, PC 124
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
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Item  Description
Series 1: Klamath Agency
1Class of 1897, of Klamath Boarding School
2Klamath Boarding School. Eight native girls in "native" costume.
3Klamath School, May 31, 1897. Male students with adults in front of signed school, Klamath Agency.
4School building at Klamath Agency.
5Female students with adults in front of girl's dormitory, Klamath Agency.
6"School at Klamath where Frank & Allie taught." Girl's dormitory, Klamath Agency.
7Six students on steps in front of girl's dormitory, Klamath Agency.
8Man of horse in front of girl's dormitory, Klamath Agency.
9"School at Klamath?" Nine native boys; two with baseball bats.
10Klamath Agency - view of lake
Series 2: Unidentified Locations
118 people on two horse-drawn wagons, lakeside.
12Native woman and child.
13Unidentified two-story building.
14Unidentified two-story building.
15Unidentified two-story building (likely to be Klamath).
16Unidentified two-story building with ornate cupola; same building as in item 17.
1716 native girls in witch costumes; same building as in item 16.
18Four brick buildings behind fence with arched gate. Likely native boarding school, but not Klamath.
19Teller Institute Band. Conductor and 27 native american band members in front of brick wall. Not Klamath Agency.
20"King's Daughters pictured," April 6, 1895. 13 females. Mary Nystia, Lousie Rose, Ruth Cavathiua, Nellie Hanly, Dora Worchester, Carrie Vierrion, Gertrude Chuba, Alice May, Polly Verilta, Ita Kaslessi, Emma Natae, Maggie Mitchell, Eliza Gochna.
2115 male students. George Washington, John Q Adams, Charles Dickens, Allan Thurman, George Hunt, James Lapaz, Albert Jones, Paul Dovezlie, Frank Pierce, Henry Notikoke, Charles Parnell, Dan Sekoogie, Edwin Letchen, Emanuel Victor, Lon Spircher.
2211 female students, with dog. Rachel Murray, Flora Gilena, May Brown, Luartha Telvis, Ethel Katorah, Ita Vianni, Lissa Brown, Laura Gubaliyah, Amy Pitchilini, Edith Richardson, Emma Burrows.
2310 children in costume. Roy Smith, Eddie Smith, Bonnie Smith, Fannie Montes, Joe Montes, Lottie Lofrez, Willie Upshaw, Lacy Brown, Lila Snyder, Vera Snyder.