Yankee song, Bobbin’ around; words & music by Mr. W. J. Florence as sung by Mrs. W. J. Florence in the principal theatres throughout the United States. New York, W. J. Florence, 1855
lith 19x20 cm image
  Duval, Peter S.
Frank Lewis polka by Jas. Bellak. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, 1850
lith 35x26½ cm
music sheet with center port and four side ports in costume
P. Kramer, artist
Melle. Fanny Elssler’s quadrilles arranged for the piano forte by Ch. Jarvis. Philadelphia, a. Fiot, 1840
lith 35x24 cm
five ports by: E. J. P[oynter].
One day while workin’ at my plough; a comic duet, as sung with unbound applause at Mr. Shaw’s concerts in the Philadelphia Museum by the Misses Shaw. The words compiled from an old English ballad, arranged for the piano forte by J. Newland. Philadelphia, George Willing, n.d.
lith 17½x20 cm
  Duval (P. S.) & Son
Wearing of the green as sung by J. W. McDonough, in Arrah Na Pogue. Philadelphia, Chas. W. A. Trumpler, n.d.
lith in color 28x20½ cm
Effie Germon galap by S. Hassler. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith tinted 17½x13½ cm
  Ehrgott & Krebs
That little church around the corner; song and chorus by Eastburn. Cleveland, S. Brainard & Sons, 1871
lith 19x20½ cm image
  Ehrgott & Forbriger
Songs of Mrs. Florence as sung by her at the principal theaters in Europe and America. Cincinnati, W. C. Peters, 1857
lith 29½x23½ cm
ports of Mrs. Florence
  Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co.
Billy Emerson’s songs and dances. Cincinnatti, J. Church, Jr. 1867
lith 34x27 cm
facsimile autograph
2 copies
Lotta Polka by Th. Remlab. St. Louis, Mo., Balmer & Weber, 1867
tinted lith 22x17½ cm
My happy home far o’er the sea inscribed to Edwin Forrest; composed by Miss Julia Daly. St. Louis, Mo., Balmer & Weber, 1863
lith 27½x22 cm
port of Daly
My Jenny Jerusha Jane as sung by Dave Reed of Hooley’s minstrels. Words by A. G. Chase, music by W. M. Phelps. Marshall, Mich., J. S. White & Co., n.d.
lith 33½x26 cm
Pretty Kitty Kline; song & dance as sung by Dave Reed of Hooley’s Minstrels, Brooklyn. Words by A. G. Chase; music by C. F. Shattuck. Marshall, Mich., J. S. White & Co., 1868
lith 17x14½ cm
Elssler quadrilles arranged by Ch. Zeuner. Philadelphia, Geo. W. Hewitt, 1840
lith 30½x21 cm
six ports
  Endicott, George, 1802-1948
As I view these scenes as sung by Mr. Brough in the opera of La Sonnambula New York, Atwills Music Saloon, ca. 1835
lith 12½x18 cm
music sheet
La Cachucha, as danced by Fanny Elssler. 2nd ed. New York, Charles T. Geslain, n.d.
lith 17½x15 cm
music sheet
Corn Cobs, a popular comic song and chorus as sung by Messrs Hill and Bower. New York, Endicott, [n.d.]
lith 18x20 cm
port of Hill and Bower
Dandy Jim from Carolina; a popular negro melody, as sung by B. Williams. New York, Firth & Hall, 1843
lith 15x13 cm
Ethiopian quadrilles, danced and sung by the Virginia minstrels. Arranged by A. Nagerj Onyqjva. New York, Firth & Hall, 1843
lith 32x24½ cm
ports of: John N. Smith singing "Jumbo Jum: John N. Smith singing "Jim along Josy", J. W. Sweeny singing "Jonny Boker:", J. W. Sweeny singing "Knock a nigger down", J. W. Sweeny singing "Ole Tare River", R. W. Pelham and Master G. W. Pelham singing "Massa is a stingy man"
Les Gymniasts, five waltzes a la Strauss, composed for the piano forte and respectfully dedicated to Mr. R. Sands and his sons Masters Maurice and Jesse, by E. K. Eaton. New York, Firth & Hall. 1847
lith 34½x26½ cm
I’m not such a fool as I look; comic song sung by Mr. W. Rogers, at the London Theaters, written by W. T. Wilcox, adapted by T. Munroe. New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 17½x16½ cm
music sheet
List thee, Dear Lady;. . .song sung by Mr. Wood, in Auber’s grand opera of "Fra Diavolo" arranged by Charles Heidelberg. New York, Endicott, n.d.
lith 20½x17 cm
The merry mountain lasses: The song of Madge of the hills sung by Miss Julia Smith in French Refugee, composed by Frederick Smith. Philadelphia, Fiot, Meignen & Co., n.d.
lith 33x23 cm
music sheet
artist: R. T.
Out!, a comic song sung by Charles Matthews, written and composed by Thomas Haynes Bayly. New York, E. Riley & Co., n.d.
Rory O’Moore or, Tis all for good luck as sung. . .by Mr. Power. Written & adapted to an Irish Melody with symphonies & accompaniments by Samuel Lover. New York, E. Riley, n.d.
lith 16x17 cm
Signora Pico’s Spanish song. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1845
lith 23x17½ cm
Songs of the Hutchinson family. New York, Firth & Hall, 1843
lith 15½x19 cm image
music sheet
When we were out a fishing! a comic song as sung. . .[by] Mr. W. F. Johnson, at the National Theatre. Music by J. C. White, words by T. Ball. New York, Endicott, n.d.
lith 32x23 cm
Zip coon; a favorite comic song. Sung by Mr. G. W. Dixon. New York, J. L. Hewitt & Co., [ca. 1834]
lith 32x22½ cm
  Endicott & Co.
Favorite dances of the Rousset family, arranged for the piano by John C. Scherpf. New York, Wm. Vanderbeek, 1852
lith 23x30½ cm port of four dancing plus oval ports (3½x3 cm) in each corner
Johnny’s equal is not here sung at Wood’s minstrels, by C. K. Fox. New York, Wm. Hall & Son, 1858
lith 30½x22 cm
Our American Cousin polka performed at Laura Keene’s Theatre, composed by Thomas Baker. New York, Endicott & Co., n.d.
lith 31½x24½ cm
ports of Jefferson and Laura Keene plus six ports in character of Mr. Burnette and Mr. Couldock, Mr. and Mrs. Sothern, Mr. Levick and Miss Keene, Miss Stephens and Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Peters and Mr. Jefferson
Piccolomini polka. N. Y., Horace Waters, 1858
lith 28½x22½ cm
The Pipes at Lucknow; a descriptive song to Miss Agnes Robertson. Composed by Edw. Wiebe. New York, S. T. Gordon, 1858
lith 35x27 cm image
The songs of Shamus O’Brien, sung by Mr. Dan Bryant in his original drama of Shamus O’Brien or the Bould Boy of Glengall. Written and composed by E. G. B. Holder. New York, Wm. Hall & Son., 1866
lith 20x18 cm
  Endicott & Swett
With thee beside me oh my love, sung by Mrs. Wood, composed by G. A. Hodson. New York, E. Riley, n.d.
lith 15x14½ cm
from original drawing by Mrs. Colonel Ansley
Ethiopian melodies of White’s Serenaders, as sung by them at their concerts. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1849
lith 34x24½ cm tinted
ports of: Charles White, Master Markes, White’s Serenaders
  Evans, Charles A.
Adelina waltz as sung. . .by Adelina Patti in the Barber of Seville composed by Signore Muzio. New York, Scharfenberg & Luis, 1860
lith 15x13 cm
Silsbee, Case & Co., Photo
  Fabronius, Dominique C.
Piccolino polka, composed expressly for and respectfully dedicated to Miss Kate Reignolds by Chas. Fradel. Boston, G. D. Russell & Co., 1864
35x26½ cm
port of Reignolds (12x12 cm) plus four small full length ports
F. N. Carter, Lith.
The fascinating nig, song & dance. Words & music written for Billy Emerson; composed and arranged by R. Frank Cardella. St. Louis, Compton & Doan, 1868
lith 33½x26 cm
  Fleetwood, Anthony, ca. 1800-
The Cracovienne danced by Madlle. Fanny Elssler in the grand ballet of the "Gypsey" composed by N. C. Bocsha. New York, Firth & Hall [n.d.]
lith in color 33x21½ cm
The Metamora grand march dedicated to Edwin Forrest, composed for the piano forte by an eminent professor. New York, Firth & Hall [1840]
lith 16x13½ cm (port of Forrest)
music sheet – 2 l. score
also detached cover
  Frizzell, S. S.
The Danicheffs, composed & . . .dedicated to A. M. Palmer by Henry Tissington. New York, William A. Pond & Co., 1877
lith 35x27½ cm
S. S. Frizzell, artist; J. H. Bufford’s Sons Lith.
port & 4 small scenes
Delehanty and Hengler original songs and dances. Boston, G. D. Russell & Co., 1872
lith 35x27 cm
J. H. Bufford’s lith
Maggie Mitchell’s songs & dances, arranged by F. Suck. Boston, G. D. Russell & Co., 1864
lith 15x15½ cm
photo by Black & Case; S. S. Frizzell, artist, F. N. Carter, Lith.
Gay & festive boy from the south and There’s no such foot as mine as sung by Frank Wood, the champion song and danceman of America, arranged by C. T. Beauman. Nashville, Tennessee, C. D. Benson, n.d.
lith in color 27x24 cm
Gently sighs the breeze, the popular duet written for Madlle. Jenny Lind and Madlle Marietta Alboni, by Stephen Glover. New York, William Hall & Son, n.d.
lith 27x22 cm
music sheet
  Germon, William
Our American cousin polka respectfully inscribed to Messrs Wheatly & Clarke. Composed by the late Charles Jarvis; port of Mr. J. S. Clarke as he appears in "Asa Trenchard". Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1858
lith 36x27 cm image
Herline & Hensel, Lith.
2 copies
  Gimber, Stephen Henry, 1806-1862
Hark! Hark! through the wild wood, celebrated Tyrolese war song as sung by Madame Vestris. Composed by Alexander Lee. Baltimore, Geo. Willing, n.d.
lith 17x16 cm
music sheet
Recitative and air from the celebrated opera of Masaniello, with the English words as sung by Mrs. Austin, selected and arranged by Signior Pons. Baltimore, G. Willig, n.d.
lith 19x16½ cm
  Goullaud, L. P.
Fifth Avenue George, a popular song sung. . .by Tony Pastor, Written & composed by J. P. Skelly. New York, E. H. Harding, 1876
lith in color 15x6 cm
  Grain, Frederick
Barney Brallaghan, as sung by Mr. Todd. . . arranged for the piano forte by P. K, Moran. New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 16x20 cm
F. Gain, artist; Pendleton’s Lith.
  Green & Walker
Fred Wilson’s clog dances. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., n.d.
eng 27½x20 cm
music sheet
from photograph by Hamilton
  Greene, H. F.
Intelligent Contraband, an original song & dance by Charlie Pettingill. Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1865
eng 18x18½ cm
Nicodemus Johnson as sung by Charley Pettingill at the Morris Bros. Opera House, Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., 1865
eng 17x19 cm
Rip Van Winkle Galop, by W. F. Wellman, Jr. New York, C. H. Ditson & Co., 1869
eng 7x15 cm image (27½x20½ cm stone)
  Grozelier, Leopold, 1830-1965
Dreaming ever dreaming, written and composed for Mrs. J. H. Long by George F. Root. Boston, Russell & Tolman, 1859
lith 19½x18½ cm
L. Grozelier, artist
photo by Silsbee, Case & Co., J. H. Bufford’s Lith
Songs and ballads of the New Orlean’s operatic troupe, sung by Mr. J. H. Collins. Philadelphia A Fiot., 1850
lith 17x16 cm
L. Grozelier, Lith; P. S. Duval’s Lith Steam Press
Souvenir de ballet. Lamoureux Galop du Gaust. Boston, Russell & Richardson, 1857
lith 25x12½ cm
on stone by L. Grozelier; J. H. Bufford’s Lith.
photo by Silsbee, Case & Co.
Souvenir de ballet. Polka Diabolique de Faust. Boston, Russell & Richardson, 1857
lith 25½x21 cm
photo by Silsbee, Case & Co.
J. H. Bufford’s Lith.
  Hamilton (C.) & Co.
Billy Emerson. St. Louis, Mo., Kunkel Brother’s 1870
lith 22x17 cm tinted
from a photo by Jno. A. Scholten
artist: [H.H.G]; C. Hamilton, Lith
  Hanhart (M. & N.) Lith
The young couple polka; composed and dedicated to Kate & Ellen Bateman (whose interesting performances created such a sensation at St. James Theatre and in the provinces). [London?, ca. 1851]
lith in color 32x24 cm
Harriet, the match girl, sung by Miss Love; the poetry by Rosamond Wadams, the music altered and arranged by W. Kirby. New York, J. L. Hewlit, n.d.
lith 14½x19 cm
music sheet
  Haskell (F. M.) & Co.
The colored grenadier, composed and sung with great success by Johnny Carroll, arranged by Ned Straight. Boston, White, Smith & Co., 1879
lith in color 27x15 cm image
  Hegoi, J
Songs and pieces of the Chapman sisters. Songs by J. W. Parson Price; pieces by Chas. L. Ward. Louisville, Ky., Louis Tripp, 1869
lith 35x27 cm
music sheet
Hart & Mapother, Lith.
  Herline & Co.
That little church around the corner, by Alice Hawthorne. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 17x19½ cm
  Herline & Hensel
Folks that put on airs as sung by E. F. Dixey. Words by H. Angelo; music by Wm. H. Coulston. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1858
lith 16½x13½ cm
music sheet
another copy pub. by Wm. H. Coulston
  Hewitt, William Keesey, 1817-1893
All the world is scheming, or Oh, times are really very hard; a comic song written by J. E. Carpenter, sung by Mr. Fitzwilliam. The music arranged by J. Harroway. New York, James L. Hewitt & Co., [n.d.]
lith 18x19 cm
W. K. Hewitt, artist. N. Currier’s Lith.
La Gitana (the new Cachoucha) danced by Madlle. Taglioni in the grand ballet, La Gitana at her Majestys Theater, the Courts of Paris & St. Petersburgh. Arranged for the piano forte by C. W. Clover. New York, Hewitt & Jaques, n.d.
lith 17x21 cm
W. K. Hewitt, artist; N. Currier’s Lith
March away! March away! Buckler and bonnet blue!; a celebrated Scotch ballad sung by Mr. Wood; the poetry and melody by George Croal. The symphonies & accompaniements by G. A. Hodson. New York, James L. Hewitt, n.d.
lith 15x12 cm
N. Currier’s Lith
  Hoen (A.) & Co.
Edwin Booth Schottische. Baltimore, Henry McCaffrey, [1875]
lith 27½x16½ cm
music sheet (3 l.); music cover; and proof of cover before lettering
Maryland, my home! respectfully inscribed to John T. Ford; sung by Kunkel’s Nightingale Opera Troupe, the music by Steward Macaulay. Baltimore, J. E. Boswell [n.d.]
lith 34½x27 cm
port of Ford
My Mary Ann: the Yankee girl’s song as sung by Mrs. Barney Williams in all the principal theaters in the U. S. and California. Words by Barney Williams, music by M. Tyte. Baltimore, Henry McCaffrey, n.d.
lith 34½x27 cm
  Hunter, Thomas
Vocal gems as sung by Annie Pixley in the popular play of Meliss, composed by T. Brigham Bishop. Philadelphia, Wm. T. Smith, 1879
lith 14x12 cm image
music sheet
from photograph by Gilbert & Bacon
  Imbert, Anthony
Awake, awake mine own love; a serenade as sung at the Park Theatre with great applause by Mr. G. Dixon. New York, Firth & Hall [n.d.]
lith 30½x24 cm
music sheet
Lithography of Imbert, New York
Sweet bird that shun’st the noise of folly from L. Allegro ed il Penseroso of G. F. Handel as sung by Miss E. Gillingham at the Oratorios of the New York Scared Music Society, for the piano forte, flute accp’t. New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 14½x21½ cm image
music sheet
  Inger, Christian
Mrs. Howard Paul’s grand entertainment waltz. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 19x16½ cm image
C. Inger, artist; T. Sinclair’s Lith.
Original Dutch songs sung by G. S. Knight. Philadelphia, J. L. Carncross & Co. 1872
lith 14x14½ cm
Sinclair’s Lith, Philadelphia
The Irish mother’s Lament; song introducing The Irish cry for the dead as sung by Mrs. Seguin, composed by John Barton. New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 22x18 cm
music sheet
Jim along Josy sung by Mr. John N. Smith, arranged by an eminent professor. New York, Firth & Hall, 1840
lith 21x14 cm
music sheet
  Johnston, David Claypool, 1799-1865
Coal Black rose, new version. Boston, D. C. Johnston, [n.d.]
lith 10½x18½ cm
music score for guitar and piano (2 p.)
The log house; a song presented to the Western Minstrel by John Mills Brown. Boston. Boston [n.p.] 1826
lith 14x21 cm
Pendleton Lith.
  Joliet, Ch
Quad Meme dediée à Sarah Bernhardt par Alexander Spencer. New York, Hitchcock’s Music Store, 1880
lith 35½x26½ cm
R. Teller Lith.
Kate Reignold’s songs. Boston, G. D. Russel & Co., 1867
lith 13½x14 cm image
Kathleen Machree, song and chorus. Sung by J. L. Carncross; composed by Frank Stanley. Philadelphia, John L. Carncross & Co. [ca. 1870]
lith 35x27 cm
The keepsake; a sequel to the celebrated song, The cavalier sung by Miss Poole. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 24½x18 cm
  Kelley, W
The Coal Black Rose; words written by White Snyder and sung. . . by Mr. W. Kelley. Philadelphia, J. L. Frederick, 1829
score (2 l. )
eng port of Kelley (10x5cm) on second leaf
  Keppler, Joseph, 1838-1894
She played on 9 pianos, written and sung by William Arlington of Arlington’s Minstrels; music composed by Geo. W. Brown. St. Louis, Mo., Balmer & Weber, 1869
lith 34x27 cm
  Klemm, J. G.
Oh! cruel, a comic song, as sung by Mr. Jefferson, in the character of a female ballad singer accompanied by Mr. Blissett, on the evenings of their respective benefits at the Philadelphia Theatre. Philadelphia, J. G. Klemm, n.d.
eng 6x10½ cm
music score (3 p.) cover port of Jefferson and Blissett
  Kneppler, Charles M.
Beautiful songs sung by Carroll Johnson in The Fairies Wall. New York, Willis Woodward & Co. n.d.
lith 19x20 cm image
  Knirsch, Otto
The wife’s dream ballad, as sung by J. L. Carncross, arranged for the piano by M. H. Cross. Philadelphia, Wm. H. Coulston, 1860
lith 21x16 cm
music sheet
artist: Otto Knirsch from a photograph by Jones & Bro.; Herline & Hensel, Lith
3 copies, one published by Lee & Walker, 1860
  Kohn, Julius
Annie Ray, written expressly for and sung by Kunkel’s Nightingale Opera Troupe. Words by Andy W. Francisco. . .music by Stewart Macaulay. Baltimore, Henry McCaffrey, [ca. 1854]
lith 17x14½ cm
port of Kunkel
Lith by A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore
  Kramer, Peter, 1823-1907
Compositions of Ole Bull Jr. Philadelphia, E. Ferrett & Co., [ca. 1840]
lith 33x23 cm image
Lith of P. S. Duval
Frou-frou waltz, composed and dedicated to Mrs. Augustin Daly by Robert Stoepel as performed at the Fifth Avenue Theater. New York, O. H. Dodworth, 1870
lith 35x26½ cm
P. Kramer, artist; from photography by Howell; Fred, Mayer & Sons, Gen. Lith.
Music of the Continental vocalists. Philadelphia, J. E. Gould, 1854
lith 36x26 cm
music sheet with cover port of J. W. Smith, C. W. Huntington, W. R. Frisbie, J. A. Sterry, W. D. Franklin
Lith of P. S. Duval & Co.
2 copies
  Lehman & Duval
The hackney coachman; a comic song. Philadelphia, Fiot, Meignen & Co. [n.d.]
lith 32x23 cm image (W. E. Burton)
music sheet
My daughter Fan; my son Tom’s sister; a comic song sung by Mr. J. Burton, written by Thos. Hayes Bayly. The music composed by J. Blewitt. Philadelphia, Fiot, Meignen & Co., n.d.
lith 20x18 cm
music sheet
  Lewis, George W.
Oh! this love! sung. . . by Mrs. Sutton and Mr. Dempster. Words by George P. Morris, music by Henry Russell. New York, Atwill, 1841
lith bronzed 22x17½ cm
  Lewis & Brown
Jenny Lind. New York, Atwill, 1847
lith 28x21 cm
The literary dustman; a comic song, written and song [sic] by Mr. Glindon. The accompaniments arranged by J. T. Craven. Philadelphia, Osbourn’s Music Saloon, n.d.
lith 14½x15½ cm image
Lize and Jakey polka, dedicated to Mose, Sykesy & Dutchy. Music by one of the B’Hoys. Philadelphia, Edward L. Walker, 1848
lith 8½x8½ cm image
Piano score (2 p.) – port of Mrs. C. Howard as "Lize" and John E. Owens as "Jakey"
Love’s review, sung by Mrs. Austin; the poetry by W. B. Bernard, the music composed by John Barnett. New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 16x17 cm
music sheet
  Macbrair & Co.
Billy Emerson’s Oh How is that for High? Cincinnati, John Church & Co., n.d.
lith in color 35½x27 cm
Songs of America’s humorist and character vocalist, Sol Smith Russell, as sung at the Berger family bell ringers concerts. Cincinnati, John Church & Co., n.d.
lith 30½x22 cm (four portraits in character at sides of lager port)
music sheet
  McLean, Alexander
Fred Wilson’s songs. St. Louis, Compton & Doan, 1868
lith 20x16 cm
photograph by Jno. A. Scholten
She’s lovely as a rose as sung. . . by Billy Allen at Wilson’s opera House. Music by Eddy Fox; words by Bobby Newcomb, arranged by Frank Cardella. St. Louis, R. J. Compton n.d.
lith 19x16 cm image
  Madeley, G. E.
Lucy Long, the celebrated nigger song as sung by Mr. Sweeny, arranged with new symphonies and an accompaniment for the piano forte. London, T. E. Purday, n.d.
lith 32x22 cm
Madeley, del. et lith
  Mesier, Edward S.
The invinvibles, written expressly for Made. Vestris by J. M. Rycott; sung by Miss Clara Fisher. New York E. S. Mesier, n.d.
lith 16x23 cm
music sheet (4 p.)
cover port – Clara Fisher, John Barnes as Gen. Verdun, Jacob Woodhull as O’Slash
  Major & Knapp Engraving Co.
The bridal morn, sung by Miss Fannie Stockton in the White Fawn, at Niblo’s Garden, composed by Howard Glover. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1868
lith bronzed 29x21 cm
The Colleen Bawn, originally sung. . . by Mr. Dan Bryant in his great character Myles Na Coppaleen. Words by Dion Bourcicault, arranged by Frank Drew. N. Y., Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1865
lith 20x18 cm
The favorite dances of the celebrated Clodoche Troupe, as danced in Sindbad the Sailor at Niblo’s Garden. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co, 1969
lith in color 17x23 cm
I’ll never forget thee, dear Mary, sung with rapturous applause at Wallacks Theatre by Dan Bryant. Words by Geo. Cooper. Music by T. Brigham Bishop. New York, Thaddeus Firth, 1866
lith 30x21½ cm
I’m happy as the day is long. Written by John Brougham, composed by Clemet White. N. Y. Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1865
lith toned 25x20½ cm
The Irving polka, composed expressly for and inscribed to Miss Henrietta Irving by Thomas Baker. New York, Wm. A. Pond, 1864
lith 21x19 cm
Jean Hosmer Mazurka as performed at Winter Garden, New York City, composed by Rovert Stoepel. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1865
lith tinted 19x17½ cm
2 copies
The Lester Wallack polka, as performed at Wallacks new theater composed by Robert Stoepel. Boston, O. Ditson & Co., 1862
lith 21½x20 cm
Love Waltzes [composed by] Thomas Baker. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1874
lith bronzed 29x21½ cm
port of Fannie Stockton
Minstrel melodies by James W. Long, as sung by Billy Emerson of Emerson, Allen, & Mannings minstrels. Louisville, Ky., D. P. Faulds, 1869
lith 31x21½ cm
Nancy Fat and My Polly Ann, two songs written and sung . . . by Dave Reed. Music by T. McNally. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1864
lith 21½x16½ cm
Oh! let him rest, words by James T. Dudley, music by Henry Tucker. A tribute to the memory of the late Stephen C. Foster. New York, Wm. A. Pond, 1864
lith 24x19½ cm
Pat Malloy, originally sung. . .by Mr. Dan Bryant, in his inimitable character of the Irish Emigrant at Wallack’s Theater. Words by Dion Bourcicault, arranged by John P. Cook. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1865
lith 29½x21½ cm
Presentation polka, respectfully dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Genl. Tom Thumb, composed by Francis H. Brown. Rochester, N. Y., Geo. H. Ellis, ca. 1863
lith 18x25 cm
Solon Shingle How do you doo? A characteristic ditty dedicated to the popular comedian, John E. Owens. Words by Old Si Ellsley; music by The Peoples Lawyer. New York, Firth, Son & Co., 1864
lith in color 34x21½ cm
Songs and ballads, sung by D. S. Wambold of the San Francisco Minstrels. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1869
lith 16x15 cm
Transformation polka from The Black Crook by Thomas Baker. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1867
lith in color 30x21 cm
The Zampillaerostation waltz, composed by Alfred Hanlon, arranged by Charles Koppitz, and dedicated to William Hanlon. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1862
lith in color 27½x21 cm
Mary Anderson concert polka composed by Louis Wallis. n.p. 1885
lith 22x20 cm
music sheet
artist initials: DR entwined
Massa is a stingy man, composed and sung by Mr. R. W. Pelham, and pupil, Master G. W. Pelham. New York, Firth & Hall, 1841
lith 13x17 cm
music sheet
  Mayer (Ferdinand) and Sons
Fifth Avenue galop, as played at the Firth Avenue Theatre, respectfully dedicated to Augustin Daly and composed by Myron A. Cooney. New York, J. N. Pattison, 1870
artist’s initials: O. K.
lith 35x25 cm
small oval ports of: Mr. Davidge, Miss Agnes Ethel, Geo. Holland, Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. Lewis as Major DeBoots, Miss F. Davenport, D. H. Harking, Geo. Parks
Popular songs as sung by Mr. Jos. K. Emmet. New York, John L. Peters, 1870
lith 34x26 cm
  Mayer & Merkel
Enterprise march composed and . . . dedicated to James Fisk, Jr. by Harvey B. Dodworth. New York, O. H. Dodworth, 1869
lith 25½x22
  Mayer, Merkel & Ottman, Lithographers
New music of the Lydia Thompson Troupe. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1877
lith in color 23x22 cm
Piper Heidsieck; words by Geo. Cooper, music by Chas. E. Pratt, as sung by Tony Pastor. New York, Chas. H. Ditson & Co., 1878
lith in color 33½x24½ cm
  Metzerott, W. G.
Cricket Polka, composed for the piano by Wm. Withers, Jr. To Miss Maggie Mitchell. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., 1863
eng 10½x8 cm
  Monro & May
Jim along Josey; a new American nigger extravaganza written and originally sung by Mr. Edmund R. Harper (the celebrated American comedian) at the Principal Metropolitan & Provincial Theatres in . . . The Free Nigger of New York, arranged by J. Monro. London, [n.d.]
lith 14x11 cm
  Monsch & Co.
Col. Sellers polka, by J. S. Drake. Cincinnati, Ohio, F. W. Helmick, 1876
lith 36x26 cm
port of Raymond (12x9½ cm) with additional illus.
  Mooney, Lawrence
The ratcatcher’s daughter, composed and sung by Sam Cowell. Buffalo, J. Sage & Sons, n.d.
lith 26x19 cm
music sheet
  Morgan (W. J.) & Co.
One of our girls polka, composed by Helen Dauvray, dedicated to Mr. Bronson Howard. New York, Published for Miss Helen Dauvray, Lyceum Theater, 1886
lith in color 24½x26 cm
music sheet (port of Helen Dauvray)
Up in a mulberry tree, song written for & Sung by Miss Annie Pixley in the popular drama, M’Liss by E. H. Winchell. Cleveland, S. Brainard’s Sons, 1879
lith 22x21 cm
Mr. T. Rice as the original Jim Crow. New York, E. Riley, n.d.
music sheet (2 p.)
lith 26x18 cm image-port of rice
another copy without imprint or music
The Mulligan guard, composed, arranged & performed . . .by Harrigan & Hart. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1873
lith 22x18 cm
Mulligan guard galop, composed, arranged & performed . . .by Harrigan & Hart; music by David Braham, arranged by Charles E. Pratt. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1874
lith 18x19½ cm
music score (3 p.)
T. Teller, lith
Music of the Ethiopian Serenaders. New York, William Hall & Son, 1847
lith 12½x22 cm
port on cover of Pell, Harrington, White, Stanwood, Germon
music sheet (4 p.)
also another copy of cover
Negro song, Long time ago; as sung by Mr. T. Rice in the Ethiopian opera. Baltimore, G. Willig, 1833
lith 17x9 cm
music sheet
port of T. Rice
  Nelke, Louis
Fred Wilson’s popular comic songs. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., n.d.
lith in color 22½x18 cm
New and popular songs written for and sung in the arena by Mr. Herbert B. Williams, Shakesperian clown and jester. New York, E. H. Harding, n.d.
eng 18x14 cm
music sheet
  New England Lith. Steam Ptg. Co.
Lingard’s new songs. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., 1869
lith 26x20 cm
Lydia Thompson Quadrilles. . .by Charles E. Pratt. Boston O. Ditson & Co., 1869
lith 20x15 cm
Why not love thee, Darling? song and chorus. Poetry and music by John P. Ordway. Boston, G. D. Russell & Co., 1868
lith 20x16½ cm
  Newsam, Albert, 1809-1869
The admired Cavatina. Cherish still fond heart those moments, composed expressly for and sung by Mme Anna Bishop at Naples in the opera, Francesca Donato. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, 1849
lith 34x24 cm image
P. S. Duval’s Steam Lith Press
The bold Brigand from Our Rocky Tow’r on High, sung in the opera Fra Diavolo. . . by Mr. Seguin, composed by Jules Benedict. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, n.d.
lith 31x20 cm
on stone by A. Newsam
P.S. Duval Lith. Print
La Cracovienne, pas danse dans la Gipsy, par Fanny Elssler; arrangee pour le piano L. Gomion. Philadelphia, A. Fiot [n.d.]
lith 32x25 cm
on stone by A. Newsam; P. S. Duval, Lith.
Danse Consaque, composee pour le piano et dediee a Madmoiselle Fanny Elssler, par Gustave Blessner. Philadelphia, George Willit, [n.d.]
lith in color 32x25 cm
on stone by A. Newsam; P. S. Duval, Lith.
Dreams of Home, as sung by Madame Anna Thillon. Words by Thomas J. Diehl; music by A. B. Durand. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 22x17½ cm in tint
on stone by A. Newsam from a dag by M. Clees & Geromon; P. S. Duval & Co.’s Steam Lith Press.
Jenny Lind’s songs. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, n.d.
lith 27x22 cm
on stone by Albert Newsam, P. S. Duval, Lith.
The Redowa waltz; a new Bohemian waltz as danced in the Parisian Saloons and taught by Monsieur Jules Martin, composed by F. Burgmuller. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, n.d.
lith in color 18x14 cm
on stone by A. Newsam, P. S. Duval, Lith.
Souvenir d’Ole Bull; Fantaisie sur Il Carnavale di Venezia, arrangee pour le piano. . .par J. C. Viereck. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, 1844
lith 30½x24 cm
Drawn on stone by A. Newsam; P. S. Duval’s Lith.
also another version without music title
Our Brutus, words from the La Grosse Democrat; music by E. B. Armand [pseud.] New Orleans, A. E. Blackmar [1865]
lith 18½x13 cm
music score, 3 l. ; also music cover
port of J. W. Booth
Owen Fawcett’s songs! as sung by the popular comedian, Owen Fawcett. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1870
lith in color 25½x20½ cm
  Palmer, F & S
Music of the great southern original Sable Harmonists, the best band of singers in the United States, arranged & sung by them at all their concerts. New York, Millets Music Saloon, 1848
lith 35x27 cm
ports of: Plumer, Roark, Archer, Benson, Bond, Farrell
  Pendleton’s Lith.
The Invincibles, written for Made. Vestris, by J. M. Rycott; sung by Miss Clara Fisher. New York, Bourne’s Depository of Arts [n.d.]
lith 31x24 cm
sketch of Fisher, Barnes, and Woodhull
Love from the heart; or, Yes, I will leave my father’s halls as sung by Madame Vestris. Composed and arranged by Sidney Waller. Boston, C. Bradlee, n.d.
lith 17x18½ cm
music sheet
  Penniman, John, ca. 1817-1850
Gombo Chaff, as sung by Mr. T. Rice. Baltimore, John Cole & Son, 1834
lith 14x18½ cm
  Pepper, J. W.
Dockstader’s own collection of popular songs, by Chas. R. Dockstader. Philadelphia, J. W. Pepper, 1881
lith 36x23 cm tinted
The plate waltz, composed and played nightly at the entertainments of Sigr. Blitz by J. A. Janke, Jr. Philadelphia, Edward L. Walker, 1849
eng 9x14½ cm image
taken from a dag by M. A. Root
Popular songs as sung in Sweatnam, Rice & Fagan’s minstrels. New York, Willia Woodward & Co., n.d.
lith 34x26½ cm
  Prang & Co.
Sally come up [as performed by Dave Reed with Buckley’s Serenaders] composed and arranged by Frederick Buckley. Boston, Russell & Patee, 1862
lith 34x25½ cm
  Queen, James, 1824-ca. 1877
Hermann polka & quadrille. N. Y., S. T. Gordon, 1862
lith 26x17 cm
lith of P. S. Duval & Son
Pas Styrian, as danced by Mr. and Miss Wells, arranged for the piano forte by Francis Wieland. Philadelphia, George Willig, n.d.
lith 15x19½ cm
P. S. Duval, Lith.
  Ratellier, F.
Upon my sacred honor, as sung by the Great Lingard. Words by A. L. Cook; music by T. B. Bishop. New York, J. L. Peters 1866
lith 27x22 cm
  Riley, E.
The Invincibles as sung by Miss Clara Fisher. New York, E. Riley, 1828
eng 18½x13½ cm
music sheet
  Robyn, Edward, 1820-1862
Camille polka arranged by Henry Robyn. . .dedicated to Miss Matilda Heron as played by the St. Louis Theatre orchestra during her engagement. St. Louis, J. Ballhouse, 1856
lith 16x15 cm
The Roman fall, written by Hugh Willoughby Sweny and composed by Alfred Lee as sung by the great Milburn. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith in color 26½x20½ cm
  Rosenthal, S.
Reuben Wright and Phoebe Brown; a tale of a dismal swamp, composed and sung by Sam Cowell. London, Davidson’s Musical Treasury, n.d.
lith 23x18 cm
from a photograph by La Roche
  Russell, Thomas
I really shall expire as. . .performed. . .by Hogan and Hughes, composed by G. W. H. Griffin. New York, C. M. Tremaine, 1868
lith in color 23x18½ cm
My Adelaide, written & composed by G. W. H. Griffin. New York, C. M. Tremaine, 1868
lith 19x15½ cm
port of Griffin
  Sage (J.) & Sons
Honest old Abe; song and chorus. Words by D. Wentworth, music by A Wide Awake. Buffalo, Blodgett & Bradford, 1860
lith 15x12½ cm
port of Lincoln
  Sanford, George T.
Time! thou cheat of human bliss as sung by Mr. Wilson in Rookes grand opera of Amilie, or The live test (as performed at the National Theater). New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 23½x23 cm
on stone by Sanford, Lith. of Endicott
Yes, methings I see her smiling sung by Mr. Wilson in Rooke’s grand opera of Amilie, or the love test (as performed at the National Theater). New York, Firth & Hall, n.d.
lith 23x22½ cm
on stone by Sanford, Lith of Endicott
  Sarony, Napolean, 1821-1896
Jenny Lind. New York, Firth Pond & Co., 1850
lith 26x20½ cm
includes small ports of Giovanni Bellelly and Jules Benedict
music cover without title
[Jenny Lind] New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1850
lith 21x17 cm
music cover without title
  Sarony & Co.
Barnum’s national poultry show polka. New York, Berry & Gordon, [ca. 1855]
lith in color 26½x21½ cm
Buckley’s melodies. New York, Horace Waters, 1854
lith 34x26½ cm four ports
two copies
Christy’s The other side of Jordan, as sung by Earl H. Peirce, at Christy’s American Opera House. New York, William Hall & Son, 1853
lith 22x18 cm image
The favorite Gypsy songs in Il Trovatore sung by Signa. Vestvali with English words, composed by G. Verdi. New York, Wm. Hall & Son, n.d.
lith 20½x17 cm
The good for nothing polka dedicated to Miss Annie Lonsdale, composed by Thomas Baker. New York, Horace Waters, n.d.
lith in color 19½x14 cm
Grisi Schottisch composed by Franklin L. Harris. New York, Berry & Gordon, 1854
lith 19x15 cm
I will not dream thee faithless; romance sung by Madlle. Nau in Auber’s opera The Syren arranged by Thomas Baker. New York, Horace Waters, 1854
lith in color 18½x20 cm
Oh! I’se so wicked as sung by Mrs. G. C. Howard in her original character of Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Words and music written expressly for her by Geo. C. Howard. New York, Horace Waters, 1854
lith 20x17 cm
port of Mrs. Howard
Rachel polka, composed by George R. Cromwell. New York, Cook & Brother,1855
lith in color 30x20½ cm
St. Clare to Little Eva in heaven, composed, written and sung by Mr. G. C. Howard in his original character of St. Clare in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. New York, Horace Waters, 1854
lith 16½x13½ cm
dag by Brady
Sanfords songs, as sung at his drawing room entertainments, arranged for the piano forte by Stephen Glover. New York, Horace Waters, n.d.
lith 19x16 cm
two copies
Songs & ballads sung by T. B. Prendergast at the concerts of the Campbell’s Minstrells. St. Louis, Balmer & Weber, n.d.
lith 21x17 cm
dag by Fitzgibbon, St. Louis
The Strawberry girl, song by Geo. C. Howard, sung by little Cordelia Howard in the dramatised version of Mrs. Ann S. Stephens popular work, Fashion and famine. New York, Horace Waters, 1854
lith in color 25½x15 cm
dag by Brady
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!, written by Morris Barnett, composed by John Barnett. Monsieur Jacques [as played by Morris Barnett] New York, Horace Waters, 1854
lith in color 36x27 cm
The Vestvali polka-Redowa, composed by William Dressler. New York, William Dressler, n.d.
lith 24x22 cm
  Sarony & Major
The Alleghanians; songs, duets, glees, etc. arranged for the piano forte. New York Firth, Pond, & Co., 1847
lith (4 ports: 8x6½ ea.) 34x26 cm
Campbell’s melodies, arranged for the piano-forte. New York, Wm. Hall & Son, 1848
lith bronzed 28½x22½ cm
Christy’s melodies as composed and sung by them at their concerts with distinguished success. New York, Jaques & Brother, 1847
lith 30½x22½ cm
five ports of G. N. Christy, T. Vaughn, Edwin P. Christy
two copies
The dark sett; the celebrated negro quadrilles, as played by all the quadrille bands, arranged for the piano forte by S. O. Dyer. 3rd edition. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1848
lith 17x20 cm
music score 5 p. with cover
Elise Biscaccianti, bridal scene of Lucia de Lammermoor. New York, Atwill, ca. 1848
lith 23½x18 cm tinted
Giovanna di Napoli, grand opera, by Maurice Strakosch. New York, Wm. Hall & Son, 1851
lith 20x17 cm bronzed
music sheet
The harvest dance of the Viennoise children. New York, n.d.
lith in color 30x24 cm
Hippodrome polka, composed for the piano forte, by P. H. Van Der Weyde. New York, T. S. Berry, 1853
lith in tints 16x21½ cm
Melodies of Buckley’s New Orleans Serenaders. New York, Firth Pond & Co., 1853
lith 20½x16½ cm
Melodies of the New Orleans Serenaders Operatic troupe. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1849
lith 34x26 cm
ports of S. Sandford N. Kneass, Max Zorer, J. Burk, J. H. Collins, Mast. Ole Bull, G. Swaine, and J. C. Rainer
Melodies of the New Orleans Serenaders operatic troupe. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1849
lith 34x26 cm
ports of S. Sandford, C. D. Brown, N. Kneass, Max Zorer, J. Burk, J. H. Collins, Mast Ole Bull, J. C. Rainer, and manager Charles D. Brown
Music of the original Christy Minstrels, the oldest established band in the United States, as arranged and sung by them at all their concerts. New York, William Hall & Son, 1847
lith 27x23 cm bronzed
another copy with imprint: New York, C. Holt, 1848
The opera schottisch. (The Italian opera at Castle Garden) composed by H. Kleber. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1853
lith 16x22½ cm
The Ravenswood waltzes in Lucia di Lammermoor. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1851
lith in color 25½x21 cm
from dags by Gurney and Whitehurst
Willie, or I’m dreaming pleasant dreams, Willie. Words by Mrs. Harriet Marion Ward, sung by Miss Jane A. Andrews. Composed by John C. Andrews. New York, Firth & Hall, 1847
lith 18½x16½ cm
  Sarony, Major & Knapp
American comic melodies, as sung by Pete Morris. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1857
lith 34x25½ cm
dag by Gurney
Dearest sister, think of me, ballad as sung by Master Wood of Wood’s Minstrels. Words by Ella Gordon; music composed and arranged by Fredk. Widdows. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1863
lith 19½x16 cm tinted
music sheet
The drama march, composed & respectfully dedicated to Edwin Forrest by Sep: Winner. Philadelphia, Winner & Kerk, 1857
lith 22x17 cm (port of Forrest)
Hinkley Galop by Helmsuller. New York, Firth, Son & Co., 1861
lith 22x20 cm
Humorous songs, as sung by Master Alonzo of the Fremaine family. New York, Horace Waters, 1860
lith 20½x16½ cm
I am not the wild creature I seem, composed by Miss Julia Daly. Philadelphia, William H. Shuster [ca. 1858]
lith 20x15½ cm
from a photo by Germon
I have a heart, sung by Madlle. Frezzolini. Composed by Dr. Gustav Schilling. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1858
lith tinted 17x12½ cm
Leon Schottisch, composed by F. Cardella and danced by Master Leon of George Christy’s Minstrels. New York, Firth, Pond & Co., 1861
lith 20x16½ cm
Mary of Tipperary; the Irish milkmaid’s song, as sung by Miss E. L. Williams (the Welch nightingale) written & composed by Samuel Lover. New York, William Hall & Son, n.d.
lith in color 21½x15 cm
Reminiscences of Leah, composed and arranged for the piano forte by Robert Stoepel. . . to Miss Bateman. New York, Wm. A. Pond, 1863
lith 27½x21½ cm
two copies
Row, fisherman, row; the song of the fisherman’s wife as sung by Miss E. L. Williams (the Welch nightingale) written & composed by Samuel Lover. New York, William Hall & Son, ca. 1857
lith in color 2½x15 cm
Thalia waltz, composed for Mrs. John Wood by Thomas Baker. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1863
lith 23x19 cm
Tom, the blind negro boy pianist (only 10 years old). New York, Horace Waters, 1860
lith bronzed 25x18 cm
Tom Tit, as sung by little Cordelia Howard. Words and music written . . .by her father. New York, Horace Waters, 1856
tint lith 20½x11½ cm
from ambrotype by Brady
  Schaerff & Bro.
Songs and ballads as sung by Mrs. Charles Howard. St. Louis, Balmer & Weber [ca. 1850]
lith 18½x14½ cm
dag by E. Long
  Schmitz, M
Dandy Jim, from Caroline, as celebrated Ethiopian song sung by the Virginia Minstrels, arranged by J. T. Norton. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, 1844
lith 20x17 cm
M. Schmitz, artist; P. S. Duval, Lith.
Madame Anna Bishop as Madame Carillon in La Sfogato. New York, A. Fiot 1849
from a dag by McClees and Germon
lith 33x25½ cm image
My good old darkey home. Words by T. Eckstein; music composed for and sung by Harry Lehr of Kunkel’s Opera Troupe by John A. Janke. Philadelphia, Wm. F. Duffy, [n.d.]
lith 13x10½ cm
T. Sinclair’s Lith, Philadelphia
Pick-pocket; quadrille des exercices de Mme. LeJars. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, [n.d.]
lith 5x14 cm image
M. Schmitz, artist
port of Mme LeJars as equestrian performer
P. S. Duval’s Lith. Press
Songs of the Moravian singers. Philadelphia, A. Fiot, 1849
lith 15x16 cm
music sheet
Topsy polka, composed by Wm. J. Kennedy and . . . dedicated to Rose Merrifield by W. B. Harvey. Philadelphia, W. B. Harvey & Co., 1853
lith 32½x23 cm
port of Rose Merrifield as Topsy
Chillas Lith., Philadelphia
  Schnable & Finkeldey
Wheatley polka, composed and dedicated to William Wheatley, lessee & manager of the Arch Street Theater by Charles R. Dodworth. Philadelphia, Beck & Lawton, 1858
lith 16x12½ cm
two copies
The Sea, a sea song as sung by Miss C. Cushman [n.p., ca. 1835]
lith 27x19 cm
  Sharp, Peirce & Co.
Songs and glees of the Bakers of New Hampshire; music composed and arranged by John C. Baker. Boston, C. H. Keith’s Music Pub. House, 1847
lith 11x19 cm
  Sharp, William
Harmoneons, Carolina melodies, arranged for the piano forte. Boston, A. & J. P. Ordway, 1846
lith 12x20 cm
music sheet – ports of James Power, M. S. Pike, L. V. N. Crosby, F. Lynch, Jno. Power in costume
  Shober, Charles
The Robert Briarly Schottisch, composed & respectfully dedicated to Frank E. Aiken in admiration of his masterly personation of that character in the Ticket of leave man at Col. Woods Museum by Geo. Stevens, leader of orchestra. Chicago, Root & Cady. 1864
lith 14½x12 cm
Young Eph’s Jubilee (answer to young Eph’s lament); song and dance as performed by Thomas Gettings of Kelly & Leon’s Minstrels. Words by J. B. Murphy, music composed by W. H. Brockway. Chicago, Root & Cady, 1866
lith in color 34x25½ cm
Sich a gitting up stairs, sung by Mr. Bob Farrel. The original Zip Coon. Baltimore, G. willing Jr., n.d.
music sheet (2 p.)
cover port of Bob Farrel (lith 14x19 cm)
  Sinclair (Thos.) & Son
Come here to waltz as played at the Walnut Street Theater. To Madame Janauscheck. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1873
lith 27½x22½ cm
Ristori Gallop. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith bronzed 29½x23½ cm
Written for and sung by Little Nell., The California diamond, Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1873
lith 24x20 cm image
  Sinclair’s (T) Lith
The Annie Waltz by E. Mack. Philadelphia. Lee & Walker, ca. 1855
lith 18½x14 cm
Bright be thy dreams, composed for and sung by Miss Ada Webb by H. P. Danks. Cleveland, O. B. Boise & Co., n.d.
lith 26x20 cm
from photograph by W. C. North
The Charlotte Thompson polka, composed. . . by W. P. Cunnington. Philadelphia, Marsh, n.d.
lith 20x15½ cm
from a photograph by W. L. Germon
Dog and cat, dialogue song for two voices, by Mrs. Howard Paul in the entertainment Patchwork written and arranged by Henry Walker. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith in color 25x20½ cm
Gazzaniga polka Redowa, composed by Luciano Albites [for A. B. Durand] Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, 1860
lith 27x20 cm
music sheet
Hoppity Kickity – High and Low; or, A regular cure, as sung by Frank Drew at the Philadelphia Academy of Music, and Arch Street Theatre. Philadelphia [n.p., n.d.]
lith in color 19x15½ cm
The Kate Bateman Schottisch. Philadelphia, Lee and Walker, [ca. 1870]
lith 18x13½ cm
another copy in color
Leon Polka, composed and . . . dedicated to Mr. John Dolman of Wheatley’s Arch St. Theatre by Melville Malcom. Philadelphia, Duffy & Lawton, [n.d.]
lith 19½x13½ cm tinted
from a ambrotype by Charles M. Ising
Lotta Gallop, by E. Mack. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 21½x16½ cm
Only waiting, dedicated to Miss Caroline Richings by Geo. Kunkel of Richmond, Va. and sung that accomplished vocalist at her popular entertainments. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 33x24½ cm
artist: H. W.
Owen Fawcett’s songs. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, [n.d.]
lith 16x13 cm
Patrick Cazey; a comic duetto as sung. . .at the Philadelphia Museum by the Misses Shaw. Written by Mr. Shaw; arranged for the piano forte by T. Carr. Philadelphia, Osburn’s Music Saloon, [1846]
lith 13x18 cm
Peach Blossom Waltz, to Miss Effie E. Ellsler, by Edward Skillett, Jr. Cleveland, O., J. T. Wamelink, n.d.
lith 21½x16½ cm
Pierre de Medicis, composed by Musard. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith 22½x18½ cm
music sheet – port of Mdlle Julie Haage-Bey
Pin money, sung by Mrs. Howard Paul in the character of Mrs. Consols, written and composed by Henry Walker. Philadelphia, Lee & Walker, n.d.
lith in color 26½x21 cm
When you win a maiden’s heart, sung by Miss Lizzie Willmore in the spectacle of The White Fawn at Niblos Garden, N. Y. Words by George Cooper; music by E. G. B. Holder. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1868
lith 19x17 cm
Snyder & Black
  God bless the little church around the corner; words by Geo. Cooper, music by D. S. Wambold. New York, J. L. Peters, 1871
lith 15x21 cm image
The songs and ballads sung by Miss Catharine Hayes. Boston, Oliver Ditson, n.d.
lith 15x14½ cm
music sheet
The Sontag polka, arranged by Chas. D’Albert. New York, Firth, Son & Co., n.d.
lith bronzed 27x25½ cm
Spoodayks, Whar did you cum from?, Knock a nigger down, the celebrated banjo song as sung with great applause at the Broadway Circus by Mr. J. W. Sweeny. New York, Firth & Hall, 1840
lith 18x20 cm
music sheet
  Stangel, W
Beautiful songs as sung by Miss Caroline Richings. Lousiville, Ky., D. P. Faulds & Co., n.d.
lith 34x27 cm
  Stannard & Dixon
Shakespeare’s festival quadrille, by W. H. Montgomery. London, Joseph Williams, 1861
lith 35x26 cm
port of Fechter as Hamlet drawn from life by R. J. Lane
  Stark, Otto, 1859-1926
Carline by Walter Owen. Louisville, D. P. Faulds, n.d.
lith 23x17 cm
Germon & Bro., Lith
O! What shall I say, written by "Yuba Dam" for Miss Fannie Davenport; sung by her at the Louisville Theater. Music by Anthony Zoeller. Louisville, D. P. Faulds, [ca. 1875]
lith 23x17 cm
drawn on stone by O. Stark; Germon Bro’s., Lith
  Strauss, F. A.
Edwin Forrest funeral march, by E. Mack. Boston, White, Smith & Perry, 1873
piano score (5 p.) Wood eng portrait 12½x10 cm
"Richardson, Printer, Boston"
  Strobridge & Co.
The aesthetic young man, sung by F. Vokes in Too, too truly rural. Music by G. Operti. Cincinnati, Geo, D. Newhall, n.d.
lith 18x22 cm
Billy Emerson’s songs and dances. Cincinnati, John Church, 1868
lith 33x27 cm
Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines, as sung by Billy Emerson of Emerson, Allen & Manning’s minstrels. Cincinnati, J. J. Dobmeyer & Co., 1868
lith 45x24 cm
Johnny Allen’s songs and dances. Emerson, Allen & Manning’s Minstrels. Cincinnati, John Church, n.d.
lith 20½x15½ cm
  Studley (R. P.) & Co.
Songs of Joe K. Emmet, as sung in the popular drama of Fritz written by Chas. Gaylor. St. Louis, Balmer & Weber, 1870
lith 34x27½ cm
from a photograph by J. A. Scholten
  Swett, Moses
The boys of Killkenny, sung by Mr. Power at the Park Theater. New York, J. L. Hewitt [1835]
lith 28.x20½ cm
T. G. Booth’s celebrated comic songs arranged for the piano forte by the man about town. Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1845
lith 19x20 cm
  Taylor & Meeker
San Francisco minstrels album of songs as sung at their Opera House. I left my love composed and sung by Wm. H. Hamilton. New York, Birch, Hamilton & Backus, 1882
eng 27x21½ cm
U.S. Photo-Eng. Co., N. Y.
  Teller, Robert
The Dundreary polka, composed and inscribed to Mr. Sothern by Thomas Baker. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1872
lith 16x17 cm
Harrigan & Hart’s new song and chorus, The gallant sixty-ninth sung by Tony Hart and Cadet Corps. Words by Ed. Harrigan; music by Dave Braham. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1875
lith 17x21 cm
music score 3 p., also detached cover
Patrick’s day parade; an original sketch and song by Ed Harrigan, Music by David Braham. Sung. . . by Harrigan & Hart. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1874
lith 20½x17 cm
Songs and ballads as sung by Miss Eliza Weathrsby. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1870
lith 16x12½ cm
music sheet
Songs of Le Grand, the popular character delineator and vocalist. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1875
lith 35x27 cm
The songs of Little Jeannie Yeamans; words by Gordian K. Hyde, music by David Braham. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1874
lith 10x9 cm image
The two orphans waltz by Henry Tissington. New York, C. H. Ditson & co., 1875
lith 22½x22 cm
illus. of Kate Blanchard and Kate Claxton
The Wood Bird; song and chorus as sung by Miss Minnie Conway in Saratoga. Brooklyn, C. Bunce, 1872
lith 16x15 cm
  Thayer & Co.’s Lithogy.
Carter’s melodies, as sung by him and the Virginia Serenaders at their concerts throughout the United States. Boston, Keith’s Music Publishing House, 1844
lith 32x23 cm
The celebrated Buckley family, or Congo Melodists’ songs. Boston, Keith’s Music Publishing House, 1844
lith 30x23 cm
music sheet
The celebrated melodies of the Rainer Family adapted for the piano forte. Boston, Parker & Ditson, 1841
lith 13½x18½ cm
music sheet
The celebrated negro melodies as sung by the Virginia minstrels, adapted for the pianoforte by Thos. Comer. Boston, Geo. P. Reed, 1834
lith 25x23 cm
illus. of: Dan Emmett, Frank Brower, Billy Whitlock, Dick Pelham
Grand Mazurkas, composed for and dedicated to Madlle. Fanny Elssler, by Ch. Zeuner. First series. Philadelphia, John F. Nunns [ca. 1845]
lith 34x23 cm
Jenny Lind troupe; a collection of the most admired songs of Jenny Lind. Boston, Oliver Ditson n.d.
lith 20x15 cm
port of Jenny Lind, Sig. Belletti, Sig. Benedict
from a dag by Whipple
Melodies of the Harmoneons. Boston, G. P. Reed, 1851
lith 31x24 cm
music sheet – port of John Power, James Power, F. Lynch, F. A. Reynolds, W. H. Mower, T. B. Predergast
The New Mazurka, danced at the Park Theatre, New York, by Madlle. Fanny Elssler and Madlle Des Jardaines. . .arranged by A. Fleche. New York, J. L. Hewitt, [n.d.]
lith 19x16 cm
La Smolenska, as danced by Miss Mary Ann Lee. Boston, Wm. H. Oakes, 1842
lith 32½x25½ cm
  Thayer’s (B. W.) Lith.
Ole Tare River, as sung with tremendous applause at Harrington’s new museum and at the principal theaters in the United States by J. W. Sweeny. Boston, Henry Prentiss, 1840
lith 15x19 cm image
music sheet
Ole Virginy break down, sung by Mr. J. W. Sweeny. Boston, Henry Prentiss, 1841
lith 13½x17½ cm
music score (2 p.)
  Thomas, Henry Atwell, 1834-1904
G. L. Fox’s Humpty Dumpty, Marten’s cat duet. New York, H. A. Thomas, 1872
lith 17½x28 cm
after Sarony by H. A. Thomas
The dandy colored waiters as sung by Birch and Backus San Francisco minstrels; words by Frank Dumont, music by W. S. Mullaly. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co., 1880
lith 35x27 cm
music sheet
ports of Birch, Johnson, Powers, French Thatcher, Backus, Dumont, Mullaly
Flew-y flew-y; comic song and dance composed and sung by Wm. Courtright. New York, Wm. A. Pond, [ca. 1875]
lith 17x18 cm image
Thomas, artist
Hogan and Hughes songs and dances, composed & arranged by E. N. Catlin, Boston, G. D. Russell & Co., 1870
lith 26½x22 cm
New England Lith. Co.
I awsk you isn’t it queer? as sung by S. W. Ashley as Green Jones in Ticket of leave man. Arranged by S. B. Villa. Albany, New York, J. H. Hidley, 1865
lith 33½x24½ cm
Lith by Lewis & Coodwin
Johnny, you’re in luck, sung by Dan Bryant in Bryant’s minstrels. New York J. H. Ross & Co., 1874
lith 16x12½ cm
music sheet
photo by Mora; H. A. Thomas, artist; Williams Lith
Langtry Galop, as performed at Abbey’s Park Theater. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1882
lith 25x19 cm
Laura Keene. New York, [n.d.]
lith in color 10½x6½ cm
Our favorite, to Miss Annie Clarke. . .by J. S. Knight. Boston, G. D. Russell & Co., 1870
lith 23x17½ cm
H. Thomas, artist
Chas. H. Crosby & Co. Lith.
Rose Michel waltzes, by Henry Tissington. New York, Edward Hopkins, 1876
lith 16x12 cm
The Shaughraun waltz by Thomas Baker. New York, Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1875
lith 14x10½ cm
To Miss Neilson. Boston, W. H. Gundy, 1873
lith 24½x20 cm
artist: L. A. B.
  Traubel, M. H., 1820-1897
You should see my Sarah, sung by the great Milburn. Philadelphia, J. L. Carncross & Co., 1870
lith 11x12 cm
Trois airs de ballet arranges pour le piano par Ad. Le Carpentier. Mayence, B. Schott, n.d.
lith 30½x21 cm
Three ports of Fanny Elssler
  Walker (Geo. H.) & Co. Lith
Songs of the old homestead. Boston, Chas. D. Blake & Co., n.d.
lith 36x27½ cm
That little knot of blue, composed by Frank Webb for and sung by Annie Pixley. Boston, S. W. Blair, 1887
lith 23x17 cm
  Waters, Horace
The Captain Charlotte polka; Miss Annie Lonsdale in her. . .character of Captain Charlotte dedicated to W. B. Barclay by Thomas Baker. New York, Horace Waters, 1853
lith in color 21x16 cm
We shall never see the like again, as sung by Mr. W. Chippindale with great applause at the Park Theatre in the character of Sir Mark Chase. Arranged for the piano-forte by Henry Timm. New York, Endicott [ca. 1828]
lith 33½x24½ cm
We’ll go no more a roving; a ballad a sung. . .by Miss Emily Coad in the principal theatres of the United States and in San Francisco, California. Words by Lord Byron; the music composed by the late Alexander Lee. Boston, E. H. Wade, 1852
lith 10x9 cm tinted
  Welcke, Robert A.
Parthenia, dedicated to the great tragedienne, Mary Anderson. Fantaisie for the piano forte by G. B. Polleri. New York, Edward Schuberth & Co., n.d.
lith 28x21 cm
  Welcker, F.
Katie Putnam-waltz, mazurka, polka, galop. St. Louis, Balmer & Weber, 1871
lith 35x27 cm
drawn by F. Welcker; A. Mclean, Lith.
Songs of the Newcombs as sung by Newcombs Minstrels, composed by Bobby Newcomb. Sait Louis, Rich. J. Compton, n.d.
lith 18½x14 cm
A. Mclean, Lith.
Wery ridiculous!; or, Fickle Miss Nicholas, a new comic song sung by Mr. Keeley at the Theater Royal, Covent Garden. Works by Mr. Beuler, Music by J. Blewitt Baltimore, n.p., n.d.
lith 15x18 cm
  Whatley, H.
Uncle Sam, an American song, written and sung by Mr. Howard Paul in his comic & musical entertainment, Patch Work. n.p., n.d.
lith 29x22½ cm
When I’m walking down the street, serio-comic song ded. to the only Leon of Kelly & Leon’s Minstrels. Written by Samuel N. Mitchell; music by Charles D. Blake. n.p., Cory Brothers, 1873
lith 16x16½ cm
Whistling Yankee Doodle, composed by Harry Birch [and] sung by Hughey Dougherty. Boston, White, Smith & Perry [1869]
eng 25x27 cm
inscription: Character played by me at Boston 1869 Morris Brothers Minstrels. Hughey Dougherty. Oct. 20th, 1902
Lovely Nancy or the Bold Privateer as sung by Mrs. Barney Williams. Philadelphia, Winner & Shuster, n.d.
lith 20½x16 cm in color
Wagner & McGuigan Lith
Series 3: Playbills
American Academy of Music, Philadelphia
Playbills, December 2, 1861 and August 26, 1863
2 items
Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Playbills, 1846-1863
16 items
Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Playbills, 1837-1895
13 items
National Theatre, Philadelphia
Playbills, 1857
3 items
Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Playbills, 1846-1862
18 items
Philadelphia Theatres
Playbills of the Garrick, the New Walnut Street, Wheatley’s Continental, the Olympic, Philadelphia and Conner’s Theatres, the Philadelphia Museum and Gilmore’s Auditorium, 1830-1907
10 items
London Theatres
Playbills of the Covent Garden and Drury Lane Theatres, ca. 1886
3 items
New York Theatres
Playbills of the City Museum, the Gaieties Concert Room, the Fourteenth Street Theatre, Dowling Hall and Wall’s Opera House, 1855-1871
8 items
Theatre Playbills
From Dixon's Opera House, Hamilton, Ohio; Mobile Theatre, Mobile, Alabama; Boston theatre; and an early unidentified theatre, 1822-1867
6 items
Series 4: Clippings
The evening programme. September 18, 1867-March 7, 1877
18 items
Also 17 theatrical programs clipped from The Evening Programme, 1864-1873
  Hall, William D.
Does it pay to be famous? (D. D. Emmett) n.p., The Lamp, 1905
pp. 613-618 illus.
Harper’s Weekly. April 29, May 6, 1865
New York
2 items
port of J. W. Booth and account of assassination of Lincoln
The Philadelphia Inquirer. April 17, 1865
4 l. illus.
port of J. W. Booth and account of assassination of Lincoln
Series 5: Manuscripts
  Adams, Edwin, 1834-1877
Letter, April 16, 1865, to W. C. Baker Esq., a thank you note
1 l. holograph signed
  Anderson, Mary Antoinette, 1859-1940
Letter, South Kensington, to Mr. Watterson, [Louisville, Ky.], regarding notices of her first performance November 27, 1875 to be used in her forthcoming biography
1 l. holograph signed
Letter, to Mr. Godwin re: theatre tickets, "Mary Stuart" and Mr. Booth
2 l. holograph signed
  Arthur, Julia, 1869-1950
Letter, June 19, 1870, Philadelphia, to Messrs. Simonds & Brown, re: future bookings
2 l. holograph signed
  Bangs, Francis C., 1837-1908
Letter, June 19, 1870, Philadelphia, to Messrs. Simonds & Brown, re: future bookings
2 l. holograph signed
  Barrett, Lawrence, 1838-1891
Letters, November 11, 1872-June 5, 1873, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Memphis, to T. B. Pugh, re: schedules and performances
3 items. holograph signed
[Enclosed in his Edwin Forrest, Butler 1827]
Letters, February 13-July 20, 1880, to Daniel Dougherty, re: book on Edwin Forrest, royalties, and Man o’Airline
2 items. holograph signed
Letter, June 1, 1885, Cohasset, Mass. to Mr. Lancaster, re: play critique
1 holograph signed
  Barrett, Wilson
Letter, December 11, 1899, New York, to Mr. Lancaster, concerning rejection of a play
1 l. holograph
  Bass, Charles, 1803-1863
Letter, August 28, 1855, Baltimore, to Thomas McKeon re: theatre business
l 1. holograph signed
  Bird, Robert Montgomery, 1806-1854
The broker of Bogota. ca. 1834
3 v. ms.
Title page of v. 1 inscribed: Poetry of E. Forest Esqr.
Tipped in: letter from Charles R. Martin, October 24, 1913, donating volumes to Robert C. Butler with some history of the volumes
  Blake, William Rufus, 1805-1863
Letter, March 11, 1850, New York to T. McKeon re: bookings
2 l. holograph signed
  Booth, Agnes, 1846-1910
Letter, n.d. to Mr. Lancaster, expressing antagonism to the one act play
1 l. holograph signed
  Booth, Edwin Thomas, 1833-1893
Letter, June 5, 1870, New York, to Henry Cleavland, a play critique
2 l. holograph signed
  Booth, Junius Brutus, 1796-1852
Letter, May 20, 1828, to Alexander Drake, Cincinnati, Ohio, re: bookings
1 l. holograph signed
  Brown, Thomas Allston, 1836-1918
Letter, April 15, 1897, New York, re: collecting theatrical memorabilia
1 l. holograph, signed
[Enclosed in his history of the American Stage, Butler 1842]
  Brown, William Evans, 1802-1860
Letter, October 13, 1847, Philadelphia, to W. H. Chippendale, Boston, re: theatre business
2 l. holograph signed
  Campbell, William J
Letter, December 31, 1927, Germantown, to R. C. Butler
1 l. holograph signed
[Enclosed in his catalog of Franklin imprints, Butler 1948]
  Carhart, James L
Letter, May 23, 1921, Pontiac, Mich. To Robert C. Butler, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, re: collecting theatrical memorabilia
1 l. holograph signed, with envelope
  Castle, Egerton, 1858-1920
Letter, April 21, 1900, London, to A. E. Lancaster re: dramatic rights to "Light of Scartley."
1 l. holograph signed
  Carter, Leslie, 1862-1937
Letter, October 11, 1899, to Mr. Lancaster, a thank you note
1 l. holograph signed
  Clarke, Creston
Letters, n.d., Philadelphia, to Robert C. Butler, re: portrait of J. S. Clarke
2 items. holograph signed
Check, August 4, 1892, to Winfred Clarke
1 item
  Couldock, Charles Walter, 1815-1899
Letter, August 12, 1855, Buffalo, to T. McKeon re: bookings
2 l. holograph signed
Letter, December 30, 1895, to S. Hollyer, a note of congratulations
1 l. holograph
  Cushman, Charlotte, 1816-1876
Letter, March 10, 1871, Villa Boscobel, to Madame Rotta, re: doctors
2 l. holograph signed
Letter, May 4, 1872, Philadelphia, to James A. Roberts, Boston, re: bookings
1 l. holograph signed
  Daly, Augustin, 1838-1899
Letter, December 14, 1892, New York, ordering books
1 l. holograph signed
  Debar, Ben, 1814-1877
Letter, July 21, 1953, New York, to Mac [T. McKeon] re: theatrical business
1 l. holograph signed
  Dickinson, Anna E
Letter, November 16, 1880, New York to Mr. Forney, a thank you note
1 l. holograph signed
  Drew, Frank N., 1831-
Letter, November 13, 1897, Toronto, to A. S. Graham, re: McLees and Germon
1 l. holograph signed
  Drew, Louisa Lane, 1820-1897
Letter, January 8, 1891, St. Louis, declines reading a play [of A. E. Lancaster?]
2 l. holograph signed
  Eldridge, Louisa Harwood
Letter, November 7, 1900, New York, offers 1796 Bible for sale
1 l. holograph
  Erickson, C. I.
Letters, April 23-25, 1901, to Robert C. Butler, re: H. L. Stephen’s The Comic Natural History of the Human Race (1851)
2 items. holograph signed
[Enclosed in Stephen’s Comic National History, Butler 1987]
  Fiske, Minnie Maddern, 1865-1894
Letter, April 21, 1897, to Mr. Lancaster, re: thank you note for sonnet
1 l. holograph
  Ford, John Thomson, 1829-1894
Letter, December 8, 1856, Baltimore, to McKeon, re: theatrical business
1 l. holograph signed
  Forrest, Edwin, 1806-1872
Letter, October 2, 1857, Philadelphia, to George Wood, re: conditions for an engagement in St. Louis
2 l. holograph signed
Inscription, n.d., to Mrs. Margareta Garretson
1 holograph signed
The Sartain portrait of Forrest (Butler 845) was attached to this inscription
  Fridenberg, Robert
Post Card, April 30, 1908, New York, to R. C. Butler, Philadelphia, re: portrait of Washington by J. Yeager which was purchased at Mitchell sale for $8
1 l. holograph, signed
  Francis, William, d. 1826
Promptbook for his characters Bundle, in Waterman; Woodcock, in Love in a Village; Sir Thos. Roundhead in How to Grow Rich; and Sir Simon Rouchdale in John Bull, 1817-1818
1 v. ms.
Given by Mrs. Francis to Charles Durang, who autographed cover
  Gilbert, John Gibbs, 1810-1889
Letter, March 13, 1889, New York, to Samuel Hollyer, thanking him for portrait
2 l. holograph signed
  Glaser, Lulu
Letter, August 8, 1893, Congress Hall, to Miss Ernestine Merrill, a thank-you note
1 l. holograph signed
  Gottschalk, E
Letter, Oct. 10, 1908, New York to Mr. Butler, a description of the Hippodrome Theatre
1 l. holograph signed
  Hall, Abraham Oakey, 1826-1898
Letter, August 9, 1897, New York City, to A. E. Lancaster arranging a meeting
2 l. holograph signed
  Hall, George L
Letter, December 24, 1910, Philadelphia, to Robert C. Butler, Philadelphia, re: George Christy’s minstrel finger bones
1 l. typescript signed
Also envelope with 1 carved ivory finger bone
  Harrison, Gabriel, 1818-1902
Letter, May 8, 1875, Brooklyn, to Mr. Poirria, concerning publication of his Memorial of John Howard Payne
1 l. holograph signed
[Enclosed in his Memorial of John Howard Payne, Butler 1902]
Letters, February 26-March 10, 1897, Brooklyn, to Alexander S. Graham, re: Forrest and other theatrical memorabilia
5 items., holograph signed
[Two letters enclosed in his Edwin Forrest, Butler 1901]
  Hawthorne, Grace
Letter, December 16, 1887, London, to Mr. Lancaster declining production of his play
l 1. holograph signed
  James, Louis
Letter, October 12, 1897, Leadville, Colorado, to Alexander Graham re: a photograph
1 l. holograph signed
  Janauscheck, Franziska Magdalena Romance, 1830-1904
Letter, October 17, 1896, Philadelphia, to Mr. Robbins, re: portraits
1 l. holograph signed
  Jefferson, Joseph, 1829-1905
Letter, to Isaac Fairman declining his invitation
2 l. holograph signed
Letter, March 25, 1895, Boston, to Charles Fulton, letter of regret
2 l. holograph signed
Letter, January 8, 1901, West Palm Beach, Florida, to L. Clark Davies, Philadelphia, re: his painting
2 l. holograph signed, with envelope
  Kemble, Frances Anne, 1809-1893
Letters, ca. 1868, Germantown, PA and Lenox, MA re: theatrical business
6 items. holograph signed
  Lennox, Walter S
Letter, June 10, 1867, Philadelphia, to [W. C.?] Baker enclosing benefit tickets
1 l. holograph signed
  Mahan, H. J.
Letter, October 5, 1928, New York, to Robert C. Butler, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, re: his sale catalog number five
1 l. typescript signed
[Enclosed in Mahan’s catalog #5, Butler, 1810]
  Marlowe, Julia, 1866-1950
Letter, n.d., to Harry and Sue, re: her scheduled appearances
1 l. holograph signed
  Matthews, James Brander, 1852-1929
Letter, April 30, 1902, New York, to Robert C. Butler, Philadelphia, re: his essay "Banjo and bones."
2 l. holograph signed
[Enclosed in the Negro Minstrelsy compilation, Butler 1812]
  Mathews, Charles James, 1803-1878
Letter, November 7, 1857, to W. C. Baker: "Dear Sir, I am, your obedient servant."
1 l. holograph signed
  Mitchell, Margaret Julia, 1837-1918
Letter, January 11, 1886, St. Louis, to Henry W. Cleveland, re: declining request for a lengthy letter, perhaps a reminiscence
l 1. holograph signed
  Morris, Felix
Letter, January 10, 1895, Cleveland, Ohio, declines to read a one-act play [of A. E. Lancaster?]
1 l. holograph singed
  Murdoch, James Edward, 1811-1893
Letters, 1892-1893, Cincinnati to "Ferdinand" [Abbey?]
2 items. holograph signed
Letter, December 24, 1883, to Fairman Rogers accepting an invitation "to meet with the gentlemen of the Union Club."
1 l. holograph signed
  Morris, Clara, 1848-1925
Letter, July 25, 1899, Riverdale-on-Hudson, to A. E. Lancaster re: use or purchase of "Conscience."
2 l. holograph signed
  Nethersole, Olga, 1870-1951
Letter, May 15, 1900, New York City, to A. E. Lancaster, returning his scenario of Anna Karenina
1 l. typescript signed
  Nieword, M. E. W.
Letter, June 8, 1898, to Mr. Lancaster, a thank-you note
2 l. holograph signed
  Nobles, Milton
Letter, October 29, 1897, Brooklyn, to Alex S. Graham re: photos
1 l. holograph signed
  Owens, John Edmond, 1823-1886
Letter, February 19, 1852, Baltimore, to [McKeon?] re: bookings
1 l. holograph signed
  Pinero, Arthur Wing, 1855-1934
Letter, May 18, 1891, Rottingdean, Sussex, to Mr. A. E. Lancaster
1 l. ms. signed
  Placide, Thomas, d. 1877
Letter, January 20, 1850, to [McKeon?] re: contract negotiations
1 l. holograph signed
  Plympton, Eben
Letter, October 14, 1898, New York, to A. S. Graham, re: request for photo of Romeo
1 l. holograph signed
Read, Harriet Denison Butler
  Letter, 1930, Bridgeton, N. J., to Robert C. Butler, extending birthday greetings
1 l. holograph signed
Also clipping of T. B. Read’s Men of the Tennessee
Enclosed in v. 1 of T. B. Read’s Poetical Works, Butler 1962
  Reed, Roland
Letter, September 8, 1892, to Mr. Lancaster, re: reading a play manuscript
1 l. holograph, signed
  Rhea, Hortense, 1844-1899
Letter, February 13, 1895, Atlanta, Georgia, to A. E. Lancaster declining an unnamed play
1 l. holograph signed
  Rice, Edward Leroy, 1871-
Letter, May 16, 1909, New York, to R. C. Butler, Philadelphia, re: authorship of "Jim Along Josey" and request for information on other persons
1 l. holograph signed
  Roberts, James B., 1818-
Letter, April 19, 1867, Philadelphia, to Cornelius & Baker, requesting the book Bosom Friends
1 l. holograph signed
  Robins, Edward, 1862-1943
The golden days of Nance Oldfield, ca. 1897
ca. 680 l. ms
"The original ms. of the Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield presented to Robert C. Butler, Esqr. by Edward Robins January 20, 1901."
Letters, November – December, 1915, Philadelphia, to Robert C. Butler, enclosing a draft of an article about Hughey Dougherty
3 items., ms. and typescript and six clippings
  Robson, Stuart, 1836-1903
Letter, April 8, 1865, Philadelphia, to Mr. Baker, a thank-you note for gift
1 l. holograph signed
Letter, September 1, 1900, Highlands, New Jersey, to A. E. Lancaster, a thank-you note
1 l. holograph signed
  Russell, Sol Smith, 1848-1902
Letter, October 30, 1893, New York, to A. E. Lancaster, agreeing to read his play manuscript
1 l. holograph signed
  Salvini, Alexander, 1861-1896
Letter, April 18, 1891, Milford, Mass., to A. E. Lancaster, returning scenario manuscript
1 l. holograph signed
  Scott, John R., 1808-1856
Letter, July 11, 1855, New York, to "Friend McKeown" introducing Mr. Shirley
1 l. holograph signed
  Sefton, John, 1805-1868
Letter, March 18, 1854, to Mr. McKeon, National Theatre, Washington, seeking to engage Mr. Morton
1 l. holograph signed
  Seymour, May Davenport, 1884-1967
Letter, May 19, 1902, New York to Aunt Tillie, [Philadelphia?] re: her first theatrical engagement
1 l. holograph signed
  Sothern, Edward Askew, 1826-1881
Letter, to Miss Forney, a thank-you note
2 l. holograph signed
  Sothern, Edward Hugh, 1859-1933
Letter, October 7, 1895, to Mr. Lancaster, re: plays
1 l. holograph signed
  Sothern, Samuel
Letter, ca. January, 1892, London, to Mr. Lancaster, New York, re: play manuscript
1 l. holograph signed
  Sousa, John Philip, 1854-1932
Letter, August 30, 1895, New York to A. E. Lancaster, New York, re: musical arrangement for opera
1 l. typescript signed
  Stoddart, Charles Warren
Letter, November 26, 1896, Washington, D. C. to Mr. Lancaster re: his retirement
1 l. holograph signed
  Stoddart, James Henry, 1827-1907
Letter, October 30, New York, to S. Hollyer
1 l. holograph signed
  Taber, Robert
Letter, September 8, 1898, to "My dear Henry," re: theatrical news
2 l. holograph signed
  Tempest, Marie, 1866-1942
Letter, January 25, 1915, Boston, to Mrs. Stillwell, Philadelphia, a thank-you note
2 l. holograph signed
  Thatcher, George, 1846-
Letter, July 28, 1899, to Mr. Graham, re: theatrical performances
2 l. holograph signed
  Thorne, Charles Robert, 1814
Letter, May 3, 1878, Philadelphia, to Mr. Lancaster re: Lancaster’s play "Fortune Love."
2 l. holograph signed
  Vokes, Rosina, 1858-1894
Letter, April 17, [to A. E. Lancaster?] re: a reading of his play manuscripts
2 l. holograph signed
  W., C. P.
Sheridan’s Ride [a poem referring to T. B. Read’s poem and painting of the same name] March 16, 1878
1 l. holograph
Enclosed in Read’s "A summer story", Butler 1963
  Wallack, John Lester, 1820-1888
Letter, August 5, 1887, Stamford, Connecticut, to A. E. Lancaster re: his play "Lal."
2 l. holograph signed
  Walsh, Blanche, d. 1915
Letter, April 19, 1896, Brooklyn, to Mr. Lancaster, re: reception of "Romeo’s First Love."
2 l. holograph signed
  Ward, Frederick, 1851-1935
Letter, February 24, 1901, Duluth, to Alex. S. Graham re: photos as Hamlet
2 l. holograph signed
  Ward, Genevieve
Letter, March 1, 1881, to Mr. Leland, re: sending two theater tickets
1 l. holograph signed
  Wemple, Sam W.
Letter, June 21, 1912, Philadelphia, to Mr. E. W. Chase, re: stage drops for a new theatre in Reading
1 l. holograph signed
  Wheeler, A.
Letter, to Mr. Lancaster re: buying of a play
l l. holograph signed
  Willard, Edward Smith, 1853-1915
Letter, November 30, 1900, Boston, to Alexander S. Graham, New Brunswick, re: requests for photographs
2 l. holograph signed
  Williams, Barney, 1823-1876
Letter, to Mr. Forney re: theatre seats
l l. holograph signed
  Wilson, Francis, 1854-1935
Letter, September 18, 1889, New York, to E. L. Merritt, responding to request for an autograph
l l. holograph signed
  Wyndham, Charles, 1837-1919
Letter, November 19, 1889, New York, to A. E. Lancaster acknowledging receipt of a commedia manuscript
l l. typescript signed
  Young, John Russell, 1840-1899
Letter, August 25, 1886, Philadelphia to Mr. Lancaster, re: pronunciation
l l. holograph signed
Autographs and miscellaneous manuscripts of Edwin Booth, Creston Clarke, Augustin Daly, John Drew, Della Fox, Mrs.G H. Gilbert, Edna Wallace-Hopper, Fanny Janauscheck, Maria Janssen, Lillie Langtry, Julia Marlowe, Modjeska, A. Salvini, Francis Wilson and others
16 items
Series 6: Programmes
  American Academy of Music, Philadelphia
Programmes, 1867-1896
6 items
  Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Programmes, 1862-1877
6 items
  Broad Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Programmes, 1877-1894
25 items
  Chesnut Street Opera House, Philadelphia
Programmes, 1871-1895
14 items
  Chesnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Programmes, 1887-1895
13 items
The Play-Bill, v. 2, n. 1 – v. 4, n. 32; 1876-1879
43 items
  Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Programmes, 1868-1908
39 items
The Play, January 20, 1874
1 item
The Player, February 2, 1866 – June 25, 1868
37 items
  Philadelphia Theatres
Programmes of the 14th Street Theatre, the New Theatre (1810), Garrick Theatre, Park Theatre, McCaull’s Opera House, Girard Avenue Theatre, the New Chestnut Street Theatre, the Eleventh Street Opera House (featuring Carncross & Dixey’s Minstrels), and Morris’ Brothers, Pell and Trowbridge’s Minstrels, 1810-1904
22 items
  Chicago Theatres
Programmes of the Chicago Opera House and Crosby’s Opera House, 1871-1887
2 items
  London Theatres
Programmes of the Covent Garden, Drury Lane, Haymarket, Royal Lyceum, and Astley’s Theatres, 1810-1891
6 items
  New York Theatres
Programmes of the Knickerbocker, Madison Square, and Fifth Avenue Theatres, and the Grand Opera House, the Metropolitan Opera House, The Players, and the Lambs Club, 1876-1922
14 items
Theatre Programmes from Albaugh’s Holliday Street Theatre, Club Theatre, Wilmington Opera House, Burlew Opera House, Charleston, West Virginia, Olympic Theatre, St. Louis, and an unidentified theatre, 1880-1898
6 items
Series 7: Miscellaneous Papers
Albert Newsam; the deaf and dumb artist. Philadelphia, November, 1862
2 l.
Biography prepared by a relief committee
  Campbell, Jane
Old Philadelphia music, written for the City History Society of Philadelphia and read by her at the meeting of May 8, 1907. Philadelphia, City History Society, 1926
pp. 181-206 illus. (Philadelphia History, v. 2 n. 8)
  Chesnut Street Theatre
Complimentary benefit ticket, Norma, February 4, 1841
1 item
Programme of Mademoselle Jenny Lind’s concert. Philadelphia, 1850
16 l. cover ports
also biographies of Lind, Benedict, Belletti and Branum
  Davis, L. Clarke
Jefferson and Rip Van Winkle. [Lippincott’s Magazine] v. 24; July, 1879
pp. 57-75 illus.
Also extra-illustrated with ports, pictures and programs
DeWolf Hopper and his company in a magnificent musical production entitled Mr. Pickwick based on Dicken’s masterpiece. New York, The Metropolitan Printing Company
6 l. illus.
  Daly’s Theatre
Season prospectus. New York, Chasmar-Winchell Press, 1898
9 l. illus.
  Duse Art Review
v. 1, n. 5; October, 1927
Philadelphia. The Duse Art Theatre
1 issue, illus.
  The Figaro
v. 1, n. 16; January 15, 1878
1 item
Contains programme for John S. Clarke in The Rivals at the Broad Street Theatre
  Gutekunst, F.
Shakespeare’s gloves
1 photoprint (mounted) 17x11 cm
  Lowell (John A.) & Co.
Testimonial to Mr. William Warren in observance of the fiftieth anniversary of his adoption of the stage. n.p., 1882
2 l. port
portrait by Fred P. Vinton, eng 10x9 cm
  Mahan, H. J.
Important and rare books, drama and the stage, offered for sale. New York, 1928
22 p.
Letter (Butler 1592) enclosed
  Murdoch, James Edward, 1811-1893
Memorabilia, 1862-1893. 6 items
Tickets, programs, a clipping and other papers re: J. E. Murdoch
Negro minstrelsy, a collection of magazine and newspaper clippings. ca. 1905
45 l. illus.
Contains: Olive Logan, "The ancestry of Brodder Bones"; Robert P. Nevin "Stephen C. Foster and negro minstrelsy"; Lawrence Hutton, "The Negro on the Stage;" Ralph Keeler, "Three years as a Negro minstrel;" Brander Mathews, "Banjo and bones;" Charles Reginald Sherlock, "from breakdown to rag-time."
Letter, Butler 1812, enclosed
Obituary. Mary Taylor Ewen. 1866
2 l.
  Putman’s (G. P.) Sons
The works of Washington Irving, Joseph Jefferson Edition, prospectus. New York, 1901
4 l. illus.
  St, John, Molyneux
New York theatres
pp. 473-479, 517-521, 801-807. illus.
  The Stage
V. 1, nos. 3 and 28; January 31, March 1, 1866. Philadelphia
2 items
  Theatrical observer
November 24, 29, December 4, 1833. [Baltimore]
3 items. illus.
"Printed by J. W. J. Niles, at No. 110 Baltimore Street."
Ticket and program, Edwin Booth memorial performance, Madison Square Garden concert Hall, 1893
2 items
Series 8: Books

Entries for the items. numbered 1819 to 2018 are listed by the main entry, which can take the form of the primary (publication) author, or by publication title. Main entries for authors are in bold italics; main entries for titles are in italics.

Some entries feature a numbering notation that includes both an item number and a parenthetical number. The first number is the item number for the main entry. The parenthetical number is keyed to page numbers in the item number, and includes a separate bibliographic description of specific contents found in the main entry. These entries are in plain text (i.e., not in italics or bold italics), are indented, and refer to illustrations following the page numbers in the main entry.

An account of the life of that celebrated actress, Mrs. Susannah Maria Cibber with interesting and amusing anecdotes. Also the two remarkable and romantic trials between Theophilus Cibber and William Sloper. London, Reader, 1887
56 p., frontis. (port)
"The trails of two causes between Theophilus Cibber and William Sloper"
has special t.p., dated 1740
Bookplate of Adrian Hoffman Joline
PN 2598 C4 A4
The actor; or; a peep behind the curtain. Being passages in the lives of Booth and some of his contemporaries. New York, Wm. H. Graham, 1846
180 p.
PN 2287 B6 A3
  Agler, William Rounseville, 1822-1905
Life of Edwin Forrest, the American tragedian. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1877
2 v., frontis., plates, ports
Paged continuously
"Only 100 copies printed. No. 47."
PN 2287 F6 A5
  Anderson, Mary Antoinnette, 1859-1940
A few memories, by Mary Anderson (Mme. de Navarro) with portraits. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1896
262 p., frontis., plates, ports
Uncut and unbound
PN 2287 A6 A3 1896
An answer to the memoirs of Mrs. Billington. With the life adventures of Richard Daly, Esq. and an account of the present state of the Irish theatre written by a gentleman, well aquatinted with several curious anecdotes of all parties. London, Printed for the author, 1792
71 p.
Bound with Billington, Elizabeth. Memoirs of Mrs. Billington. London, 1792
ML 420 B5 M4
Authentic memoirs of the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Coutts. Communicated by a person of the first respectability. 4th ed. London, J. Fairburn, 1819
16 p.
PN 2598 M5 A8
An authentic narrative of Mr. Kemble’s retirement from the stage; including farewell address, criticisms, poems, & c. selected from various publications; with an account of the dinner given at the Freemason’s Tavern, June 27, 1817; an alphabetical list of the company present; speeches of Lord Holland, biographical and critical. London, John Miller, 1817
xxvii, 78 p., fold-in plates, fold-in facs.
PN 2598 K5 A3
Barclay, George Lippard
  The life and remarkable career of Adah Menken, the celebrated actress. An account of her career as a danseuse, an actress, an authoress, a poetess, a sculptor, an editress, as Captain of the "Dayton Light Guard," as the wife of the pugilist John C Heenan, and of "Orpheus Kerr." Edited by G. Lippard Barclay, comedian. Philadelphia, Barclay & Co., ca. 1868
pp. 19-63, illus., frontis., port
pp. 25-26 omitted in pagination
"Celebrated actors and actresses, biographical sketches": pp. 55-63
PN 2287 M6 B3
  Barrett, Lawrence, 1838-1891
Edwin Forrest. Boston, James R. Osgood & Company, 1882
171 p., frontis., plates, ports, facs. (American actor series, ed. by L. Hutton. [v. 1])
"One hundred copies printed. No. 13."
Letters, Butler 1528-1530, enclosed
PN 2287 F6 B3
Braddon, M.E., 1837-1915
  "Vis Comica;" an essay from "Belgravia," a London magazine conducted by M.E. Braddon. [London, Last. 189-?]
PN 1922 B4 V5
Bernard, John, 1756-1828
  Retrospections of the stage
2 v., frontis. port
Edited by W. Baile (afterward Bayle) Bernard
PN 2593 B4 1830
Betterton, Thomas, 1635?-1710
  The history of the English stage, from the restauration to the present time, including the lives, characters and amours, of the most eminent actors and actresses. With instructions for public speaking; wherein the action and utterance of the bar, stage, and pulpit are distinctly considered by Mr. Thomas Betterton. Adorned with cuts. London, Printed for E. Curll, 1741
167 p., ports, frontis.
Authorship usually ascribed to William Oldys; also ascribed to the publisher, Edmund Curll. cf. Dict. Nat. Biog.
With this is bound: [Oldys, William] Memoirs of Mrs. Anne Oldfield. London, 1741
Interleaved bookplate: John Bouve Clapp, Boston, (November 1909)
PN 2581 O4 1741
Billington, Elizabeth Weichsel, 1768-1818
  An answer to the memoirs of Mrs. Billington with the life and adventures of Richard Daly and an account of the present state of the Irish theatre written by a gentleman, well acquainted with several curious anecdotes of all parties. London, printed for the author, 1792
71 p., frontis.
Bound with An answer to the memoirs of Mrs. Billington
London, 1792
Autograph of W. E. Burton pasted on end paper; flyleaf note: "From the library of Wm. E. Burton."
ML 420 B5 M4
The Biographical magazine, containing portraits & characters of eminent and ingenious persons, of every age & nation. London, Printed for Harrison & Co., 1794
[141] l., ports
CT 100 B46
The Biographical magazine: containing portraits of eminent and ingenious persons of every age and nation, with their lives and characters. London, Printed for Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange; and Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, Paternoster Row, 1819-1820
2 v., ports
Flyleaf inscription: "Emma Chamberlayne’s Book given her by Mrs. Richard Maynsford in Remembrance of Mrs. Croasdaile. 1848."
CT 100 B5
The biographical mirrour, or connoiseur’s repertory; of ancient and modern English portraits, of eminent and distinguished persons; of every discription; to be faithfully and elegantly engraved, from original pictures which have hitherto not been engraved, or so imperfectly copied, as not to exhibit a true and correct resemblance of the originals. London, E. and S. Harding, [1795-1798]
3 v., illus., ports
v. 1 has added engraved t.p.
v. 2 and 3 have variant sub-titles and imprints
"Dorthea Lawlor" written on t.p. of v. 1 and 2
CT 102 B56
Blake, Charles
  An historical account of the Providence stage; being a paper read before the Rhode Island Historical Society, October 25th, 1860. (with additions.) Providence, R. I., George H. Whitney, 1868
297 p.
"Two hundred copies."
Bookplates: Frederick W. French, Clarence S. Bement
PN 2277 P6 B5
Bliss, Theodore, 1822-1910
  Theodore Bliss, publisher and bookseller; a study of character and life in the middle period of the XIX century; edited and arranged for publication, from dictation, notes, and remembered conversations, by Arthur Ames Bliss. Printed for private circulation. [Norwalk, O., American Publishers Co.] 1911 [ca.1912]
92 p.
F8 B65
Boaden, James, 1762-1839
  The life of Mrs. Jordan; including original private correspondence, and numerous anecdotes of her contemporaries. London, Edward Bull, 1831
2 v., frontis., port, fold facs.
PN 2598 J6 B6
Boaden, James, 1762-1839
  Memoirs of the life of John Philip Kemble, Esq., including a history of the stage from the time of Garrick to the present period. Philadelphia, Robert H. Small, 1825
607 p. (2 v. in 1), port frontis.
PN 2598 K5 B6 1825a
Booth, Edwin, 1833-1893
  Edwin Booth; recollections by his daughter Edwina Booth Grossman and letters to her and to his friends. New York, The Century Co., 1894
292 p., frontis., illus., ports
Booth’s letters: pp. [29]-284
"The Century Co. certifies that this is one of an edition of fifty copies, printed on Whatman paper at the De Vinne Press in the year 1894. This is no. 29."
PN 2287 B5 G7
Brewer, James Norris, fl. 1799-1829
  Histrionic topography: or, the birth-places, residences, and funeral monuments of the most distinguished actors. Illustrated by engravings, executed by Messrs. J. & H. Storer, and by historical and descriptive notices, written by Mr. J. Norris Brewer. London, J. Cole, 1818
37 p., illus., plates
Added t.p. engraved
Cover inscription: Copy read by Macready
Letter tipped-in: W. C. Macready, letter, September 27, n.y., to John Cole, indicating his decline in interest in the subject of "the accompanying volume."
Bookplate: John Bouve Clapp
PN 2205 B5
Brougham, John, 1810-1880
  Life stories, and poems of John Brougham. Comprising : I. His autobiography—a fragment, II. A supplementary memoir, III. Sketch of his club life, IV. Selections from his miscellaneous writings. Edited by William Winter. Boston, James R. Osgood and Company, 1881
461 p., 6 plates, 2 ports (including frontis.) double facs.
Contents: Autobiography of John Brougham; a fragment.-Supplementary memoir; by the editor. –Brougham in his club life; by Noah Brooks. –Brougham’s selected writings. –Poems
PS 1124 B6 Z5 1881
Brown, Thomas Allston, 1836-1918
  History of the American stage. Containing biographical sketches of nearly every member of the profession that has appeared on the American stage, from 1733-1870. By T. Allston Brown. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1870
421 p., ports, frontis.
Letter, Butler 1542, enclosed
PN 2285 B75
Buck, Lillie West Brown, b. 1860
  Some players; personal sketches. By Amy Leslie. Chicago, Herbert S. Stone & Company, 1899.
624 p., ports (incl. frontis.), facs.
"This edition consists of seventy-five copies on imperial Japanese vellum numbered from 1 to 75, and one hundred copies on plate paper numbered from 76 to 175. This copy is no. 140."
PN 2205 B78
Burton, William Evans, 1802-1860
  Bibliotheca dramatica. Catalogue of the theatrical and miscellaneous library of the late William E. Burton, the distinguished comedian, comprising an immense assemblage of books relating to the stage. . .To be sold at auction by J. Sabin & Co. . . October 8, 1860, and following days. [New York, J. Sabin & Co., 1860]
463 p., frontis. port
Issued in two parts; second part (p. [335-463]) has special t.p.: Shakspeariana Burtonensis; being a catalogue of the extensive collection of Shakspeariana of the late W. E. Burton, Esq. New York, Joseph Sabin & Co., 1860
6,154 entries, classed
Z 2014 D7 B9
Burton, William Evans, 1802-1860
  The yankee among the mermaids, and other waggeries and vagaries. By William E. Burton. With eight original illustrations by Darley. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson & Brothers, ca. 1843
192 p., illus.
Added t.p., illus.
Original papers cover bound in
PR 4349 B528 Y3 1843
Campbell, Thomas, 1777-1844
  Life of Mrs. Siddons. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1834
260 p., frontis., port
At end: "Valuable works published by J. & J. Harper," 6 p.
PN 2598 S5 C3 1834
Campbell, William James, b. 1850
  The collection of Franklin Imprints in the Museum of the Curtis Publishing Company; with a short-title check list of all the books, pamphlets, broadsides, & c., known to have been printed by Benjamin Franklin, compiled by William J. Campbell. Philadelphia, The Curtis Publishing Company, 1918
333 p. incl. facs.
"of this catalogue four hundred and seventy-five copies have been printed. This copy is no. 81."
Presentation inscription, Campbell to R. C. Butler, on flyleaf
In 1920, the collection of Franklin imprints was presented to the University of Pennsylvania by the Curtis Publishing Company
Tipped in: Portrait of Franklin by J. D. Gross. eng 12x10 cm with facs. signature
Letter, Butler 1544, enclosed
Z 232 F8 C9
Carncross & Dixey’s minstrel melodies, a collection of popular songs, comic and sentimental, as sung by them at their opera house in Philadelphia, and in their travels through the United States and British Provinces. Philadelphia, Simpson & Co., 1865 [ca. 1864]
72 p. frontis. ports
Paper cover, illus.; cover title: Carncross & Dixey’s melodies
M 1365 C32
Carncross & Sharpley’s minstrel, containing a selection of songs, duets, trios and quartettes, as sung by this popular band of minstrels, with great success. Philadelphia, Robert F. Simpson, 1860
68 p. illus., frontis. ports
"The illustrations of this book are engraved on wood, by Noble & Nagle, from photographs taken by Dinmore & Co." p. 68
Paper covers, illus.; cover title and imprint: Carncross and Sharpley’s minstrel melodies. Philadelphia, E. Price
M 1365 C31
Charke, Charlotte Cibber, 1713-1759?
  A narrative of the life of Mrs. Charlotte Charke, youngest daughter of Colley Cibber, esq. Written by herself. London, Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot, 1829
167 p.
PN 2598 C28 A3 1829
Christy, Edwin Pearce, 1815-1862
  Christy’s plantation melodies. Published under the authority of E. P. Christy. Philadelphia, Fisher & Brother, ca. 1831
5 v. in 1 (various pagination) frontis. port
PS 593 L9 C567 1855
Cibber, Colley, 1671-1757
  An apology for the life of Mr. Colley Cibber, comedian and patentee of the Theatre Royal, written by himself; and interspersed with characters and anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries; the whole forming a complete history of the stage for the space of forty years. A new edition, with many critical and explanatory notices, by Edmund Bellchambers. London, W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1822
514 p., frontis. port
Autograph of W. E. Burton on front end leaf
Flyleaf note: E. S. Whelan, jr., purchased at the sale of Wm. E. Burton’s library at New York, Nov. 1, 1860. 2999
No. 2999 in the catalog of the Burton sale
PR 3347 A8 1822
Cibber, Colley, 1671-1757
  An apology for the life of Mr. Colley Cibber, comedian. Written by himself. London, Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot, 1830
340 p., frontis. port
PR 3347 A8 1830
Clapp, William Warland, 1826-1891
  A record of the Boston stage. By William W. Clapp. Boston and Cambridge, James Munroe and Company, 1853
479 p.
Bookplate of J. Hill Martin
PN 227 B6 C5
Clarke, Asia Booth, 1838-1888
  Booth memorials. Passages, incidents, and anecdotes in the life of Junius Brutus Booth, (the elder.) By his daughter. New York, Carleton, 1866
184 p. frontis. port
At end: A catalogue of books issued by Carleton, Publisher, New York. 1866., 8 p.
PN 2287 B6 C6
Clarke, Asia Booth, 1838-1888
  The elder and the younger Booth. Boston, James R. Osgood and Company, 1882
194 p. frontis., ports, facs., (American Actor Series, ed. by L. Hutton)
"One hundred copies printed. No. 38."
PN 2287 B6 C7
Clarke, Mary Cowden, 1809-1898
  A concise history of the life and amours of Thomas S. Hamblin, late manager of the Bowery Theatre. As communicated by his legal wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamblin, to Mrs. M. Clarke. Philadelphia [1838?]
40 p.
PN 2287 C44
Clarke, Mary Anne Thompson, 1776-1852
  The rival princes; or, a faithful narrative of facts, relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke’s political acquaintances with Colonel Wardle, Major Dodd, & c. & c. & c. who were concerned in the charges against the Duke of York; together with a variety of authentic and important letters, and curious and interesting anecdotes of several persons of political notoriety. By Mary Ann Clarke. Two volumes in one. New York, Published by David Longworth, at the Shakespeare Gallery, September 1810
180 p., frontis. (port)
DA 506 A72 A4
Conklin, Peter, b. 1842
  Peter Conklin’s song and joke book together with a sketch of his life and travels. [Philadelphia, Dr. J. H. Schenck & Son, 1876]
32 p.
Caption title; illustrated paper cover
M 1628 C65x
Copeland, Charles Townsend, b. 1860
  Edwin Booth. Boston, Small, Maynard & Company, 1901
159 p. frontis. port (The Beacon biographies of eminent Americans, ed. by M. A. De W. Howe)
Added series t.p., engraved
Bibliography: p. [157]-159
PN 2287 B5 C6
Cowell, Joseph Leathley, 1792-1863
  Thirty years passed among the players in England and America: interspersed with anecdotes and reminiscences of variety of persons, directly or indirectly connected with the drama during the theatrical life of Joe Cowell, comedian
Written by himself. In two parts.
New York, Harper & Brothers, 1844
2 pts. 103 p.
Contents: Pt. I. England – Pt. II. America
PN 2598 C8 A3
Creahan, John
  The life of Laura Keene. Actress, artist, manager and scholar. Together with some interesting reminiscences of her daughters. Philadelphia, The Rodgers Publishing Company, 1897
254 p. frontis., plates, ports
Attached to front flyleaf: John Creahan, April 1901, Continental Hotel, to [R. C.] Butler, enclosing "with my compliments" a copy of his life of Keene. 1 l. holograph signed
PN 2287 K5 C7
Cunningham, Allan, 1784-1842
  The cabinet gallery of pictures by the first masters of the English and foreign schools, in seventy-three line engravings; with biographical and critical dissertations by Allan Cunningham. In two volumes. London, George and William Nicol and Hodgson and Graves, 1836
2 v. frontis.
ND 1170 C8
Cunningham, Peter, 1816-1869
  The story of Nell Gwyn: and the sayings of Charles the Second. Related and collected by Peter Cunningham. London, Bradbury & Evans, 1852
212 p. illus., frontis., title vignette
"The following story was originally published in "The Gentleman’s Magazine," for the year 1851, and now appears as a separate publication for the first time: corrected throughout and enlarged. . ." "Advertisement," p. [vii]
Bound by Burn, Kirby St.
Clippings attached to end leaf and half-title
DA 447 G9 C9 1852
Cunningham, Peter, 1816-1869
  The story of Nell Gwyn and the sayings of Charles the Second related and collected by Peter Cunningham. To which is added Mrs. Jameson’s memoir of Nell Gwyn from the "Beauties of the court of Charles II." New York, J. F. Sabin, Publishing Agent, 1887
174 p.
Disbound and extra-illustrated
Edition, 500 copies 8 vo, and 56 copies on Larger Paper, 6 of which are on Whatman’s Drawing Paper. [This issue on large paper]
DA 447 G9 C9 1887
Scriven, Edward, 1775-1841
Nell Gwynn. London, Published for the Rev. T. F. Dibdin, 1822
eng 17x13 cm
from a painting by Sir P. Lely, drawn by T. Uwins
Butler 864
Reverendissiums in Christo Pater D. D. Thomas Tension Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis
eng 22x15 cm
Wright, Thomas 1792-1849
Nell Gwynn. [London] D. R. Murphy, 1827
eng 16x12½ cm
painted by Sir Peter Lely
Butler 997
Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst. [London] J. Scott, 1806
eng 12½x10½ cm
Sharp, William, 1749-1824
Charles I. London, T. Cadell, 1789
eng 17½x11 cm
The Dukes Theatre in Lincoln Inn Fields. as it appeared in the reign of King Charles II. London, Wm. Herbert & Robt. Wilkinson, 1809
eng 20½x15½ cm
Sawyer, Richard
Inside of the Dukes Theatre in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. As it appeared in the reign of King Charles II. London, Wm. Herbert & Robert. Wilkinson, 1809
eng 20x15 cm
Harding, Edward, 1776-1796
Micheal Mohun. [London] E. & S. Harding, 1793
eng 12½x10 cm
S. Harding, artist
Mrs. Hughes, from a picture by Sir Peter Lely
eng 11½x9 cm
Parkes, R. B.
Cave Underhill
mezzotint 11½x8 cm
Knight, Charles
Prince Rupert. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 12½x10 cm
from a miniature by Cooper
Joseph Harris. As Cardinal Wolsey. From a picture at Strawberry Hill
eng 7x8½ cm
Engraved for the Dramatic Magazine
Van Den Bergh, H
Thomas Killigrew
eng 13x10½ cm
Fittler, James, 1758-1835
Aphra Behn, from a picture by Mary Beale. London, W. Walker, 1822
eng 20½x14 cm
T. Uwins, artist
Nell Gwyn. [London, E. & S. Harding, 1793]
eng 12½x10½ cm
S. Harding, artist, from an original painting by Lely Butler 874
Dunkarton, Robert, 1744-ca. 1795
Barbara Dutchess of Cleveland. Obit 1709. London, S. Woodburn, 1814
mezzotint 11x9 cm
Earl of Feversham
eng 12½x10 cm
Harding, artist; from a print by Beckett
W., R.
Sam. Pepys car et lac Angl. Regio. a secretis admiraliae
eng 13x9 cm
from v. 1 p. xv (leaf b4) of a life of Pepys
Thomson, T
Elizabeth Pepys. London, Henry Colburn, 1828
eng 13x9½ cm
Hailes, artist [i.e. John Hales]
Chambars, T
Sr. John Vanbrugh
eng 15x12 cm
Kneller, artist
at head: p. 394
Clamp, R
George Farquhar
eng 8½x7 cm
Nell at her lodgings door in Drury Lane. The Maypole in the Strand restored
wood eng 10x7½ cm
Turner, Charles, 1773-1857
John Phillip Kemble. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1825
mezzotint 13x10½ cm
painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence
Butler 938
Turner, Charles, 1773-1857
Mrs. Siddons. London, Henry Colburn, 1826
mezzotint 13½x11 cm
painted by Sir Thos. Lawrence
Butler 940
Conde, P
Arthur Murphy Esqr. Aetatis 50. [1777]
eng 14x10 cm
painted by Dance
Mrs. Barry
eng 15x10 cm
Parkes, R. B.
Anne Oldfield
mezzotint 11x8 cm
Mrs. Oldfield in the character of Rosamond. [London] J. Harrison, 1778
eng 11x7½ cm
Cook, Thomas, 1744-1818
Miss Fenton. [London] Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, 1807
eng 12x11 cm
Hogarth, artist
Butler 159
Cook, R. H.
Mrs. Ellen Gwynn. [London] Mathews & Leigh, 1807
eng 14x9 cm
P. Lely, artist
Warren, Charles, 1767-1823
David Garrick. London, 1822
eng 7x5 cm
Robt. Edge Pine, artist
Covent Garden in the reign of Charles the Second
wood eng 7x9½ cm
Worthington, William Henry, b. ca. 1795
Sir William Davenport London, W. Walker, 1822
eng 10x8 cm
drawn by J. Thurston
Rogers, John, ca. 1808-ca. 1888
Mrs. Jordan, as Nell
eng 12x8½ cm
Steeden, artist
Mrs. Davis
eng 11½x9 cm
Adlard, H
Mrs. Robinson, the celebrated Perdita. London, Kelly, 1830
eng 10½x15 cm
Stroehling, artist
Butler 3
Leney, William S
Mrs. Mary Ann Clark. New York
eng 10x6 cm
Colls, Walter L
Florizel [George IV] and Perdita [Mrs. Robinson, actress]
eng 8½x13½ cm
George IV, King of Great Britain
eng 12½x8 cm
Taylor, I., Jr.
Charles II. King of England. & c. London, Engraved for Harrison’s edition of Rapin, 1788
eng 19x16 cm
Dunkarton, Robert, 1744-ca. 1795
Henry Duke of Grafton. Natural son of Chas. II by the Dutchess of Cleveland. Obit 1690
mezzotint 12½x9½ cm
Van Den Burgh, H
Duke of Buckingham
eng 12½x10 cm
S. Harding, artist
Thomas Otway. [London] Printed for J. Hinton
eng 15½x9 cm
engraved for the Universal Magazine
Nell Gwyns looking glass
eng 13x8 cm
AB, artist
Henderson, Will
Nell Gwyn. [London] C. Klackner, 1894
mezzotint 20x15 cm
Parkes, R. B.
Anthony Leigh
mezzotint 11x8 cm
Residence of Nell Gwyn, Bagnigge Well
eng 10x15½ cm
from a drawing by J. T. Smith
Charles the Second. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 12x9½ cm
John Earl of Rochester. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 11½x9 cm
from a picture by Sr. Peter Lely
Longacre, James Barton, 1794-1869
William Penn. [Philadelphia, Rees Encyclopedia, 1815]
eng 12½x11 cm
from a drawing by Mr. Edwin
Stauffer 2067
Bannerman, Alexander, b. ca. 1730
Sr. Christopher Wren [&] Hugh Howard, esqr.
eng 19x13½ cm
G. Kneller, artist
Madam Gwin
eng 23½x17½ cm
P. Lely, artist
Wooding, T
Thomas Betterton
eng 11½x10 cm
Godfrey Kneller, artist
Cook, H. R.
Mr. Colley Cibber. [London] W. Simpkin & R. Marshall
eng 12½x10 cm
J. B. Vanloo, artist, 1740
Birrell, A
Lord Russell
eng 11x8½ cm
S. Harding, artist
Nell Gwyn as Cupid
mezzotint (color) 10x8½ cm
Thomson, James, 1789-1850
Eleanor Gwyn. [London] John Bell, 1819
eng 8½x7 cm
inscription on verso: R.G. Brown
Louis XIV. from a beautiful print by Nanteuil. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 13½x10½ cm
mezzotint 11x8½ cm
G., M. R.
"A familiar discourse between the King and Mrs. Nelly"
clipping, with text, of wood engraving 10x7½ cm
Charles and James Beauclaire, sons of Nell Gwyn, by Charles II. From a very rare contemporary print by Robert White
eng 15x11½ cm
Scriven, Edward, 1775-1841
Duchess of Portsmouth. London, J. Carpenter and W. Miller, 1810
eng 8x7 cm
Cooper, artist
Clamp, R
Charles Sackville Earl of Dorset & c., from a picture by Kneller
eng 12½x10½ cm
S. Harding, artist
Gardiner, William Nelson, 1776-1814
Miss Stewart, Duchess of Richmond
eng 11x9 cm
from the original picture by Sr. Pr. Lely
Claessen, L. L.
Dutchess of Buckingham
eng 10x8½ cm
S. Harding, artist
from an original picture by Cooper
Bocquet, E
Duchess of Cleveland. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 12x9½ cm
from an original picture by Sr. P. Lely
Dunkarton, Robert, 1744-ca. 1795
George Fitzroy Duke of Northumberland, natural son of Chas. II by the Dutchess of Cleveland
mezzotint 13x9 cm
Dunkarton, Robert, 1744-ca. 1795
Charles Lenox, Duke of Richmond, natural son of Chas. II by the Dutchess of Portsmouth. Obit 1723
mezzotint 12½x9½ cm
Grignion, Charles, 1716-1810
The first Dutchess of Cleveland and her son, receiving their Patent from King Charles the Second
eng 8x11 cm
S. Whale, artist
Art Repro. Co
Nell Gwyn
mezzotint 15x11½ cm
Van Den Bergh, H.
Miss Lucy Waters, from an original drawing in the possession of the Right Honorable the Earl of Bute. [London] E & S Harding, 1793
eng 13½x11 cm
S. Harding, artist
Butler 948
Hortence Mancini, Duchesse de Mazarin, nee a Rome, a Chelsey en Angleterre le 2 Juillet 1699. [Paris]
eng 15½x11 cm
Leris, artist
Freeman, Samuel, 1773-1857
Jacob Hall, the rope dancer. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 13x10 cm
Bartolozzi, Francesco, 1725-1813
Lady Robarts
eng 12x10 cm
from an original by Sr. P. Lely
Scriven, Edward, 1775-1841
Nell Gwyn. London, W. Miller & J. Carpenter, 1810
eng 8x6½ cm
Sr. P. Lely, artist
Eleanor Gwynn. [London] George Smeeton, 1824
eng 8x7 cm
Mr. John Lacey, as Teague, Scruple & Galliard
eng 10x10½ cm
engraved for the Dramatic Magazine
Gascar, Henry
James, Lord Beauclerk
mezzotint 10½x9½ cm
Humphreys, William, 1784-1865
Thomas Ken. London, W. Pickering, 1850
eng 9x7 cm
from a contemporary print by Loggan
facsimile signature and inscription
Bocquet, E
Earl of Chesterfield. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 8x7 cm
Eleanor Gwynne, from a painting by Sir Peter Lely
eng 7½x7 cm
engraved for the Dramatic Magazine
Butler 546
Goldar, John, 1729-1795
Tillotson Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Cornish & Co., 1813
eng 19x16 cm
G. Kreller, artist
B., P. V.
Nell Gwyn
mezzotint 10x8 cm
P. Lely, artist
Harding, Edward, 1776-1796
Sir Stephen Fox, from a scarce print
eng 12½x10 cm
Harding, artist
Old Church of St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, in which Nelly was buried
wood eng7x9 cm
Tompson, Richard, d. 1693
Nell Gwyn
mezzotint 9½x8 cm
P. Lely, artist
Gascar, Henry
Madame Ellen Groinn and her troo sons, Charles Earl of Beaufort and James Lord Beauclaire
mezzotint 9x13
two copies
Nell Gwynn
eng 10x6½ cm
Nell Gwynn
eng 15½x12 cm
Philbert Comte de Grammont, from a picture in the possession of the Earl of Oxford at Strawberry Hill. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 11½x9½ cm
Miss Brook, Lady Denham, from an original painting in the possession of Sr. Brook Boothby Bart. the present representative of the Brook family
eng 11½x9½ cm
Le Goux
Sr. John Denham, from the original in the Colln. of the Earl of Chesterfield. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 12x9 cm
Miss Temple, from an unfinished miniature
eng 8½x7 cm
Aubrey de Vere, XX & Last Earl of Oxford
eng 12½x10½ cm
S. Harding, artist
Bartolozzi, Francesco, 1725-1813
Miss Price, from a picture by Sir Peter Lely
eng 11½x9½ cm
Claessen, L. L.
Dutchess of York, from the original picture by Sir Peter Lely. [London] E & S Harding, 1793
eng 11½x9½ cm
S. Harding, artist
Scriven, Edward, 1775-1841
Miss Hamilton. London, W. Miller and J. Carpenter, 1810
eng 8½x7 cm
Sr. P. Lely, artist
Tomkins, Peltro William, 1760-1840
Sir Charles Lyttelton. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 12x10 cm
Gardiner, William Nelson, 1776-1814
Le Comte Antoine Hamilton. [London] E & S Harding, 1794
eng 12½x11 cm
S. Harding, artist
From an original picture in the collection of Lord Beaulieu at Ditton Park
Butler 281
Cheeseman, Thomas, b. 1760
Miss Jennings, from an original picture by Verlet
eng 11½x9½ cm
Gardiner, William Nelson, 1776-1814
George Hamilton. [London] E & S Harding, 1793
eng 12x9½ cm
S. Harding, artist
B., A.
Nell Gwyn speaking the epilogue to "Sir Patient Fancy." From a scarce print
eng 16½x12½ cm
Greatbach, W
Ninon De L’Enclos, from the original at Strawberry Hill. London, Richard Bentley, 1838
eng 10x8 cm
G. P. Harding, artist
Freeman, Samuel, 1773-1857
Catherine of Braganza. [London] John White & John Scott, 1808
eng 13x10 cm
Chapman, J
John Dryden. London, J. Wilkes, 1803
eng 16x11 cm
Ellen Gwyn
eng 11½x9 cm
facsimile signature
Ormsby, Waterman Lilly, 1809-1883
Legend of Chelsea Hospital. [Gwynn & Charles II]
eng 16x13 cm
E. M. Ward, artist
Engraved expressly for the Columbian Magazine
Prithorpe, J. W.
James, Lord Beauclerk, son of Nell Gwyn [&] Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans, eldest son of Nell Gwyn
eng 8x12 cm
Birrell, A
Sir Peter Lely, from an original picture of himself
eng 12x9½ cm
S. Harding, artist
Nell Gwynne
eng 11x8½ cm
Gardiner, William Nelson, 1776-1814
Duke of York, from the original picture by Sr. Peter Lely. [London]
E & S Harding, 1793
eng 11½x10 cm
S. Harding, artist
Lely, Sir Peter, 1618-1680
Nell Gwyn
mezzotint 10½x8½ cm
Sherborn, Charles William, 1831-1912
Eleanor Gwynne, 1888
eng 11½x10 cm
Cutler, Fanny Thimble, pseud.
  My conscience! Fanny Thimble Cutler’s journal of a residence in America, whilst performing a profitable theatrical engagement: beating the nonsensical Fanny Kemble Journal all hollow!!! Philadelphia, published to purchase for the authoress a wedding-gown, being about to honor Fierce Cutler, with her hand in wedlock, 1835
36 p. frontis.
"Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1835, by Alexander Turnbull"
Paper covers
PN 2217 C8
Daly, Augustin, 1838-1899
  Woffington. A tribute to the actress and the woman. Printed for the author. [Philadelphia, Press of the Globe Printing House] 1888
182 p., frontis., plates, ports, facs.
"One hundred and fifty copies of this size have been printed. Of this edition this is no. 128." (signed by the author)
Inscription on title page: "Edmund Routledge, esq. with the compliments of Augustin Daly. London Oct. 9th 1891."
PN 2598 W6 D3
Daniel, George, 1789-1864
  Garrick in the green room! A bibliography and critical analysis of a picture, painted by William Hogarth, and engraved by William Ward. London, James Webb, 1829
33 p., frontis. Plate (fold-in)
ND 497 H7 D3
Davidge, William Pleater, 1814-1888
  Footlight flashes. By William Davidge, comedian. New York, The American News Company, 1866
274 p. illus.
Inscription on title page: "To: Danl. Dougherty esq from his friend Edwin Forrest."
PN 2598 D3 A3
Davies, Thomas, 1712?-1785
  Memoirs of the life of David Garrick, esq. interspersed with characters and anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries. The whole forming a history of the stage, which includes a period of thirty-six years. From the last London edition. Boston, Wells and Lilly, 1818
2 v.
PN 2598 G3 D3 1818
Dixey, Edward Freeman, 1833-1904
  Dixey songster. Philadelphia, A. Winch, ca. 1860
90 p. illus.
Paper covers
PN 4305 N6 D51 1860
Doran, John, 1807-1878
  Annals of the English stage, from Thomas Betterton to Edmund Kean. Actors, authors, audiences. By Dr. Doran. New York, W. J. Widdleton, 1865
2 v. illus., frontis., plates
At head of title: "Their majesties’ servants."
"161 copies printed. No. 105 WJW"
PN 2581 D68 1865
The Dramatic censor: or, critical and biographical illustration of the British stage. For the year 1811. Involving a correct register of every night’s performances at our metropolitan theatres, and published with a view to sustain the morality and dignity of the drama. Edited by J. M. Williams. London, G. Brimmer, [1811-1812]
493 p., col. plates (frontis.)
illus: Bartolozzi’s Anthony Pasquin; W. Sherlock’s A correct view of the theatre at Philadelphia, drawn by A.P. Published by J. M. Williams, July 1, 1811
PN 2594 D7
Dramatic table talk; or scenes, situations, & adventures, serious and comic, in theatrical history and biography. London, John Knight & Henry Lacey, 1825-1830. 3 v. frontis., plates, ports, fold-ins, facs., and charts
Title vignettes
"List of engravings" v. 3, p. [318]
Index: v. 3, pp. [299]-317
Preface signed: Richard Ryan
"Reflections on the theatrical art," by M. Talma: v. 1, pp. [vii]-li
PN 2583 R8
Dunlap, William, 1766-1839
  Memoirs of the life of George Frederick Cooke, esquire, late of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. Composed principally from journals and other authentic documents left by Mr. Cooke; and the personal knowledge of the writer. New York, D. Longworth, 1813
2 v. frontis. port
Pencil flyleaf note: "From the library of James B. Roberts, tragedian."
CT 774 C6 D9 1813
Durang, Charles, 1796-1870
  History of the Philadelphia stage from 1749 to 1821. By Charles Durang. Partly compiled from papers of his father, the late John Durang. As published some years ago in the Sunday Dispatch with notes from John S. Du Solle, John D. Stockton, Jas. Rees, and other acknowledged critics. Brought down to the present time. Compiled and revised by E. J. Hincken. [Philadelphia, 1854?]
62 l.
Scrapbook of mounted newspaper clippings. Additional theater history clippings added at end, one of which is identified: "Ledger, Nov. 6, 1917."
PN 2185 D8
Edgett, Edwin Francis, 1867-1946
  Edwin Loomis Davenport, a biography. Edited by Edwin Francis Edgett. New York, The Dunlap Society, 1901
145 p., frontis. port, plates. (Dunlap Society. Publications. New Series, no. 14)
"This is one of an edition of two hundred and sixty-five copies printed from the type for the Dunlap Society in the month of October, 1901."
PN 2287 D3 E3
Egan, Pierce, 1772-1849
  The show folks! By Pierce Egan. Embellished with nine characteristic designs on wood, by the late Mr. Theodore Lane, and engraved by Mr. John Thompson. To which is added, a biographical sketch of the life of Mr. Theodore Lane. London, M. Arnold, 1831
59 p., frontis. & 8 plates
Paper covers bound in
Bound at end: "Splendid novelty. Lately arrived from the Town-Hall, Brighton. . .Madame Tussaud & Sons. . .splendid exhibition and promenade. Westminster, J. Phair, [May, 1834] 4 p.
PR 4649 E45 S46x 1831
Egerton, William, fl. 1730
  Faithful memoirs of life, amours, and performances, of that justly celebrated, and most eminent actress of her time, Mrs. Anne Oldfield. Interspersed with several other dramatic memoirs. London, 1731
[353] p., fold-in frontis. port
Appendix page separately
Introduction by C. Cibber
Attributed to Edmund Curll by biographer Ralph Straus, p. 145
PN 2598 O5 E4
Elssler, Fanny, 1810-1884
  The letters and journal of Fanny Ellsler, written before and after her operatic campaign in the United States. Including her letters from New York, London, Paris, Havana, & c. & c. New York, H. G. Daggers, 1845
65 p.
Paper covers bound in
ML 419 E55
Elssler, Fanny, 1810-1884
  Memoir of Fanny Elssler: with anecdotes of her public and private life! From her childhood to the present time. Philadelphia, Turner & Fisher, 1840
24 p.
ML 419 E55 M4
Farrar, J. Maurice
  Mary Anderson, the story of her life and professional career by J. M. Farrar. With a portrait on steel from an original drawing by Henry Van der Weyde. London, David Bogue, 1884
86 p., frontis. port
Autograph card of Mary Anderson attached to front end paper
PN 2287 A6 F3 1884
Fennell, James, 1766-1816
  An apology for the life of James Fennell, written by himself. Philadelphia, Published by Moses Thomas, J. Maxwell, printer, 1814
510 p., frontis. (port)
PN 2598 F4 A3
Fisher, Clara, 1811-1898
  Autobiography of Clara Fisher Maeder, edited by Douglas Taylor. New York, The Dunlap Society, 1897
138 p., frontis. port, illus., plates, ports, 2 fold-in facs. (Dunlap Society. Publications. New series, no. 3)
"This is one of an edition of two hundred and sixty copies printed from type for the Dunlap Society in the month of March, 1897."
Paper covers bound in
PN 2287 M2 T3
Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington, 1834-1925
  The life of David Garrick; from original family papers, and numerous published and unpublished sources. By Percy Fitzgerald. London, Tinsley Brothers, 1868
2 v., frontis. port, facs., fold-in geneol.
PN 2598 G3 F5 1868
Foot, Jesse, 1744-1826
  The life of Author Murphy, esq. By Jesse Foot, Esq. his executor. London, Printed for J. Faulder by John Nichols and Son, 1811
464 p., frontis. port, facs.
Said to have been compiled by William Combe, from papers and suggestions furnished by Foot. cf. Dict. Nat. Biog., v. 11, p. 434
Includes, besides much correspondence, Murphy’s parody on Garrick’s Hamlet, with alterations, pp. 256-274
PR 3605 M9 F6
Ford, Thomas [item is apparently missing]
  A peep behind the curtain, by a supernumerry. Boston, Redding & Company, 1850
91 p., plates
Flyleaf inscription: "I think this ‘Peep’ was, no doubt, written entirely by H. P. Grattan – the comedian & author. He is an Irishman, being born in Dublin. First appearance in this country in 1843 at New York – Became manager of the Greenwich Theatre in 1843 – the Memphis Theatre, Tennessee, in 1952 – He said to have been one of the original contributor’s to the London ‘Punch.’ Chas. Durang" Also other manuscript notes and annotations
Sabin 59528
PN 2251 F6
Forrest, Edwin, 1806-1872
  Oration delivered at the Democratic Republican celebration of the sixty-second anniversary of the independence of the United States in the city of New York, Fourth July, 1838, by Edwin Forrest, esq. Published by request of the Democratic Republican Committee. New York, Jared W. Bell, 1838
24 p.
Bound in: (1) Edwin Forrest, letter, October 24, 1860, [New York] to Mrs. John W. Forney re: admission to "Dead Heart" at Niblo’s Garden (2) Louis Rosenthal’s caricature of Forrest from Stephen’s Cosmic Natural History of the Human Race (see Butler 825). (3) New Chestnut St. Theatre, playbill, March 30, 1863
E286 N6 1838
Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826-1864
  The melodies of Stephen C. Forster. Pittsburgh, T. M. Walker, 1909
307 p., frontis. port, plates
"Blue grass edition. This edition is limited to three hundred copies of which this is no. __. T. M. Walker." (unnumbered copy)
M3 F72
Galbreath, Charles Burleigh, 1858-1934
  Daniel Decatur Emmett, author of "Dixie." Columbus, Ohio, Press of Fred J. Heer, 1904
66 p., illus., ports
Flyleaf inscription: "To Robert C. Butler with best wishes of C. B. Galbreath, Columbus, O., Feb. 16, 1905."
M 1630.3 D4 G3
Galt, John, 1779-1839
  The lives of the players. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1831
2 v.
PN 2597 G3
Garrick, David, 1717-1779
  Some unpublished correspondence of David Garrick. Edited by George Pierce Baker. Boston, Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1907
140 p., frontis. plates, port, facs.
"This edition consists of 430 copies of which this is no. 168."
PN 2598 G3 A4 1907
The Gift: a Christmas and New Year’s present for 1836. Edited by Miss Leslie. Philadelphia, E. L. Carey & A. Hart, [1835]
292 p., frontis., plates
First publication of E. A. Poe’s Manuscript found in a bottle, pp. 67-87. cf. Heartman & Rede’s Census, 1930, II, 82-83
Front. is J. Cheney’s engraving of Sully’s painting of Fanny Kemble, "Published for the proprietors of the Gift." (See Butler 122)
PS 531 G5
Gladding, W. J.
  A group of theatrical caricatures; being twelve plates by W. J. Gladding, with an introduction and biographical sketches by Louis Evan Shipman. New York, Dunlap Society, 1897
78 p., illus. plates. (Dunlap Society. Publications. New Series no. 4) the Dunlap Society in the month of December 1897."
PN 2016 D7
Gould, Thomas Ridgeway, 1818-1881
  The tragedian; an essay on the histrionic genius of Junius Brutus Booth. By Thomas R. Gould. New York, Hurd and Houghton, 1868
189 p., frontis. port
PN 2287 B6 G6
Grimaldi, Joseph, 1779-1836
  Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by "Boz." embellished with a portrait. New York, William H. Colyer, 1838
232 p., frontis. port
PN 2598 G68 A3 1838a
Hamilton, Anthony, Count, 1645?-1719
  Memoirs of the court of Charles the Second, by Count Grammont, with numerous additions and illustrations, as edited by Sir Walter Scott. Also: the personal history of Charles, including the King’s own account of his escape and preservation after the battle of Worcester, as dictated to Pepys. And the Boscobel tracts, or, contemporary narratives of His majesty’s adventures, from the murder of his father to the restoration. Carefully edited, with additional illustrations. London, Henry G. Bohn, 1846
546 p., illus. (Bohn’s Extra Volume)
Also 32 p. Catalogue of New Books
DA 447 G7 H3 1846
Harley, George Davies, d. 1811?
  An authentic biographical sketch of the life, education, and personal character, of William Henry West Betty, the celebrated young Roscius. Second edition. London, Printed for Richard Phillips, 1804
76 p., frontis. port
PN 2598 B63 A885 1804b
Harrison, Gabriel, 1818-1902
  Edwin Forrest: the actor and the man. Critical and reminiscent. Brooklyn, 1889
210 p., frontis., ports, facs.
"No. of copy: Press 5. Gabriel Harrison" [of 200]
Letters, Butler 1574-1575, enclosed
PN 2287 F6 H3
Harrison, Gabriel, 1818-1902
  The life and writings of John Howard Payne, the author of Home, Sweet Home; The Tragedy of Brutus; and other dramatic works. Albany, N. Y., Joel Munsell, 1875
410 p., frontis., port
Published by subscription, a limited edition of two hundred and fifty octavos, and fifteen quartos. [i.e. one of fifteen] Paperbound
Letter, Butler 1537a, enclosed
PS 2533 H3
Harte, Bret, 1836-1902
  The heathen Chinee by F. Bret Harte. Illustrated by Joseph Hull. Chicago, Western News Company, 1870
9 numbered plates in envelope carrying title, illus.
First edition
In verse
Caption title: Plain language from Truthful James
PS 1831 H37 1870
Hay, John, 1838-1905
  Jim Bludso of the Prairie Bele, and Little Breeches. By John Hay. With illustrations by S. Eytinge, jr. Boston, James R. Osgood and Company, 1871
23 p., frontis., illus., plates
PS 1902 J5 1871
Hill, George Handel, 1809-1849
  Scenes from the life of an actor. Compiled from the journals, letters, and memoranda of the late Yankee Hill. With original illustrations, engraved on wood by J. W. Orr. New York, Garrett & Co., 1853
246 p., frontis. port, plates
PN 2287 H5 A3
Hingston, Edward Peron, 1823?-1873
  The genial showman. Being reminiscences of the life of Artemus Ward and pictures of showman’s career in the western world. By Edward P. Hingston. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1870
155 p. illus.
Paper covers bound in
PS 1143 H5 1870
The history of Edwin Forrest, the celebrated American tragedian, from his childhood to his present elevated station as a performer. Written by an individual who has know him from his boyhood. New York, Printed and published for the author, 1837
24 p.
Paper covers
PN 2287 F6 H6
Hogarth, William, 1697-1764
  Hogarth moralized; a complete edition of all the most capital and admired works of William Hogarth, accompanied with concise and comprehensive explanations of their moral tendency, by the late Rev. Dr. Trusler, an introduction, and many notes. London, Printed at the Shakespeare Press, by W. Nicol, for John Major, 1831
293 p., illus., plates
Engravings, from small plates, after Hogarth
Handpainted bookplate of C. R. Taylor
ND 497 H7 H7 1831
Holland memorial. Sketch of the life of George Holland, the veteran comedian, with dramatic reminiscences. anecdotes, & c. New York, T. H. Morrell, 1871
124 p., frontis. port, illus., facs.
"Edition limited to 250 copies, 50 of which are on quarto paper." [i.e. one of fifty]
PN 2287 H6 H5
Howe, J. Burdett, 1828-1903
  A cosmopolitan actor by J. B. Howe. His adventures all over the world. London, Bedford Publishing Company, [1888]
242 p., port
Paper cover bound in
Bound by H. Blackwell
PN 2598 H84 A3
Hutton, Laurence, 1843-1904
  Curiosities of the American stage. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1891
347 p., frontis., illus., plates, ports
Title page stamped: Chas Dare Hays
PN 2221 H8
Hutton, Laurence, 1843-1904
  Plays and players. New York, Hurd and Houghton, 1875
276 p.
"Twenty-five quarto copies only, printed for H. H. V. Arnold. No.___" (unnumbered copy)
PN 2277 N5 H8
In memory of John McCullough. New York, The De Vinne Press, 1889
66 p., frontis. port, plates
"The edition is strictly limited to five hundred copies. No more will be made. W. W." [i.e. William Winter]
PN 2287 M15 I5
Ireland, Joseph Norton, 1817-1898
  Fifty years of a play-goer’s journal; or, annals of the New York stage, from A. D. 1798 to A. D. 1848. With biographical sketches of all the principal performers. By H. n.d. New York, Samuel French, ca. 1860
Parts 1 and 3, library lacks no. 2
Published in three parts; afterwards amplified into Records of the New York stage, from 1750 to 1860, by Joseph N. Ireland. New York, 1866. 2 vols. cf. Sabin, Bibl. Amer., v. 9, p. 137. Compare with v. 5, p. 169
"Contributed to the Evening Mirror [1853] several theatrical sketches over the signature ‘H.N.D.’ Ireland’s preface to his Records of the New York stage. (1866)
Paper covers
Cover of part one inscribed: "John McEllington"(?)
Cover of part three inscribed: "Chas. Durang. 1860." Another note ascribes authorship to H.N. Durie "once a prompter of the Park St. Theatre and a reader of the Board of Aldermen at New York."
PN 2277 N516
Ireland, Joseph Norton, 1817-1898
  Mrs. Duff, by Joseph N. Ireland with illustrations. Boston, James R .Osgood and Company, 1882
188 p., plates, 4 ports incl. frontis., 2 facsim, one double. (American Actor Series, [v. 5])
"One hundred copies printed. No. 13."
PN 2287 D8 I7
James, Edwin
  Biography of Adah Isaacs Menken. With selections from "Infelecia." Ed. James, author and publisher. New York, [1881?]
24 p., illus., cover port
Cover title, paper covers
PN 2287 M47 J3
Jameson, Anna Brownell Murphy, 1794-1860
  The beauties of the court of King Charles the Second; a series of portraits, illustrating the diaries of Pepys, Evelyn, Clarendon, and other contemporary writers. With memoirs biographical and critical, by Mrs. Jameson. The portraits from copies made for her late Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte, by Mr. Murphy. London, Henry Colburn, 1833
1 v. (unpaged) ports plates
Incomplete, lacking text
DA 447 A3 J3 1833
Janson, James Melville
  Stump speeches, monologues, conundrums, etc. by J. Melville Janson, comedian. Ten seasons with Carncross; Minstrels, Philadelphia, Three seasons with Primrose & West’s Minstrels, Two seasons with Emerson’s Minstrels in California. Played star engagements in the principal theatres of the United States. Philadelphia, David McKay, publisher, [ca. 1900]
96 p.
Paper covers
PN 6161 J35
Jefferson, Joseph, 1829-1905
  The autobiography of Joseph Jefferson. New York, Century Company, ca. 1889, 1890
509 p., frontis., plates, ports
Two title pages, both inscribed: (1) "Harry N. Hoxie Esq. with the regards of J. Jefferson Aug 20th/94" (2) "Faithfully yours J. Jefferson Nov 8th 1900."
Bound by Pawson & Nicholson
PN 2287 J4 A3 1890
Jefferson, Joseph, 1829-1905
  Exhibition on 55 oil paintings by Joseph Jefferson at the Fischer Galleries. Washington, D. C., Press of W. F. Roberts, 1900
49 p., frontis. (port) plates
Plates accompanied by guard sheets with descriptive letterpress
Press notices: pp. [23]-49
Cover title: Catalogue of oil paintings by Joseph Jefferson
Title-page cancelled with label for Earles’ Galleries, Philadelphia, obscuring Fischer Galleries. Date of original exhibition lined through as well
Tipped in: Invitation to exhibition at Earls’ Galleries, Philadelphia, 1901
ND 237 J4
Jim Crow’s vagaries, or, Black flights of fancy: containing a choice collection of nigger melodies. To which is added, the erratic life of Jim Crow. London, Orlando Hodgson, [185-?]
[11] 1., col. frontis. (fold-in)
M 1628 J53
Jones, Charles Inigo
  Memoirs of Miss O’Neill; containing her public character, private life, and dramatic progress, from her entrance upon the stage; with a full criticism of her different characters, appropriate selections from them and some account of the plays she has preferred for her representations. By Charles Inigo Jones, esq. Embellished with a coloured and highly-finished portrait of Miss O’Neill. Second edition. London, Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1818
100 p., frontis. col. port
PN 2598 O6 J6
Keeler, Ralph, 1840-1873
  Vagabond adventures. Boston, Fields, Osgood, & Co., 1872
274 p.
port of Keeler attached to front end paper
CT 275 K4 A3
Keese, William Linn, 1835-1904
  A group of comedians, by William L. Keese. New York, The Dunlap Society, 1901
91 p., frontis., plates, ports (Dunlap Society. Publications. New series no. 15)
"This is one of an edition of two hundred and sixty-five copies printed from type for the Dunlap Society in the month of December, 1901."
Contents: Henry Placide, William Rufus Blake, John Brougham, George Holland, Charles Fisher
PN 2285 K4
Keese, William Linn, 1835-1904
  William E. Burton; a sketch of his career other than that of actor, with glimpses of his home life, and extracts from his theatrical journal, by William L. Keese. New York, The Dunlap Society, 1891
56 p., frontis. port, illus. plates. (Dunlap Society. Publications. No. 14)
"This is one of an edition of one hundred and ninety copies printed for the Dunlap Society in the month of September, 1891."
PN 2598 B8 K4
Keese, Willliam Linn, 1835-1904
  William E. Burton, actor, author, and manager; a sketch of his career with recollections of his performances, by William L. Keese. Illustrated. New York, G. P. Putman’s Sons, 1885
Unbound, and boxed
"Fifty copies will be printed upon large paper (size 8x11 inches). These will be designed for those desiring to add special illustrations to the volume. This edition will be supplied folded. Price $5." Publisher’s brochure
PN 2598 B8 K4 1885
G.P. Putman’s Sons
William E. Burton. . . by William E. Keese. [Prepublication brochure] New York, ca. 1885
2 l.
Keese, William Linn, 1835-1904
Letter, March 18, 1886, Flatbush, L. I., to Mr. Bruce asking if he had received the plate of Mary Taylor and his father’s memoir
2 l. holograph signed
Burton, William Evans, 1802-1860
Letter, June 29, 1840, Philadelphia, to Messrs. Carey and Hart, requesting one hundred dollars on his account
1 l. holograph signed
Burton’s Theatre
Playbill, November 28, 1857. Mr. Burton in A day in New York and in Paris and London
1 l.
Jackman, William G
W. E. Burton. [New York, D. Appleton & Co., ca. 1859]
eng 11x11 cm
dag by Brady
Butler 460
Mr. Mathews, "At Home," in "Stories."
lith 12½x16½ cm
"Copied (by permission) from the Lithographic Sketch, by the author of the Entertainment."
The adventures of Paul Pry; written expressly for Mr. Liston, by Peter Pigwiggin the younger. Baltimore, John Cole
eng 15x9½
music sheet
Medairy and Bannerman, sculpt.
Thomas, J
Mrs. Glover as Lady Allworth. London, C. Chapple, 1818
eng 15x11 cm
Lethbridge, artist
"Engraved for the Theatrical Inquisiter."
Miss Elphinstone as Constance
eng 9½x8½ cm
Ridley, William, 1764-1838
Mr. Munden. [London] T. Bellamy, 1793
eng 10x8½ cm
from a picture by Shee
"Bellamy’s Picturesque Magazine"
Thomson, J
Mr. Maywood as Iago. London, C. Chapple, 1818
eng 14x9 cm
Fraser, artist
"Engraved for the Theatrical Inquisitor."

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