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Series 1: Manuscripts
1 1 Life of Jesse Hughes. Historical and Traditional, by Lucullus Virgil McWhorter*. 1902. 174 pp holograph. [One cl, The Westo(n Democrat?), West Virginia. First draft of Border Settlers.]
  1.1 The Cozads (Chapter 31 of Border Settlers). 16 pp typescript with handwritten annotations by McWhorter.
  2 The Continued Crime Against the Yakimas. 1915-1929. [14 pp: "'The Continued Crime Against the Yakimas.' By Lucullus V. McWhorter. 1916." (The story of Louis Mann*, a Yakima Indian, and the difficulties of the Indians in the dispute over the water rights* to Ahtanum Creek.) Note: "May 6, 1929. This is the only copy in my possession at this time, although an edition of 30,000 was published in The American Patriot L.V. McW." "We Yallup Wa Ya Cika, 'Chief of the Ahtanum Clan of the Yakimas, Deceased Dec. 17, 1915.'" With explanatory material. Advertising material for The Continued Crime Against the Yakimas.]
  3 [Addenda and Emendations.] c1930. In: The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia from 1768 to 1795. Hamilton, Ohio: The Republican Publishing Co., 1915. [Notes by McW*: "This copy has been corrected for 2nd edition, if ever issued. L.V. McW*. Notice to copyist. Numerous protests from scholars apart from the McWhorter clan, has [sic] decided me that the cancelled item found in the 'McWhorter' narratives be not discarded, but all returned. L.V. McWhorter." 64 pp typescripts and photocopies "to be added to Border Settlers."] Note: A full bibliographic record of McWhorter's annotated copy of Border Settlers, which includes the original editorial material, is available by doing an "author" search on "McWhorter Collection" in the WSU Libraries online catalog.
  4 Yellow Wolf, His Own Story. 1939. 162 pp, 2pp notes. Revision A, title page- chapter 10. [Includes 2 pp notes by McW*, "To be filed with the 'Yellow Wolf' Manuscript" and "Relative to the 'Yellow Wolf' Manuscript," regarding instructions to be considered and carried out in the examination of the manuscript material and its possible second printing. "These are mostly concerned with language variants and have no bearing on the facts presented in them."]
  5 Yellow Wolf, His Own Story. 1939. 144 pp: Revision A, chapters 11- 24.
  6 Yellow Wolf, His Own Story. 1939. 37 pp: Revision A, appendices, bibliography and glossary.
  7 Yellow Wolf, His Own Story. 1940. 107 pp, 2 pp notes. Revision B, title page- chapter 6.
  8 Yellow Wolf, His Own Story. 1940. 44 pp: Revision B, chapters 7- 9.
2 9 [Yellow Wolf.] 1941, nd. 15 pp, notes, cops lets. Corr: F.A. Gross. [Corrections to be included in a possible second edition of YW, and cops lets to Caxton Printers re royalties and other matters.]
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Series 1: Manuscripts cont
  10 Yellow Wolf, His Own Story. nd. 140 pp: Rough draft, chapters 1- 10, 12, 18, 20.
  11 Field History. c1941-1944. 182 pp: Original draft, chapters 1- 12, with copy.
  12 Field History. c1941-1944. 170 pp: Original draft, chapters 13- 24 (with copy).
3 13 Field History. c1941-1944. 206 pp: Original draft, chapters 25- 37 (with copy).
  14 Field History. c1941-1944. 162 pp: Original draft, chapters 38- 48 (with copy).
  15 Field History. c1941-1944. 170 pp: Rough draft A, chapter headings, chapters 1- 23.
4 16 Field History. c1941-1944. 130 pp: Rough draft A, chapters 25- 29.
  17 Field History. c1941-1944. 128 pp: Rough draft A, chapters 30- 36.
  18 Field History. c1941-1944. 132 pp: Rough draft A, chapters 37- 45.
  19 Field History. c1941-1944. 27 pp: Rough draft A, chapters 46- 48.
  20 Field History. c1941-1944. 303 pp: Revision A, chapters 1- 18.
5 21 Field History. c1941-1944. 259 pp: Revision A, chapter 19- bibliography.
  22 [Hear Me, My Chiefs!: Edited Draft.] 238 pp: Revision A, title- chapter 14. [Note: This revised typescript version based on McWhorter's manuscript variants (the "Field History") dates from c1952; however, it is not part of the original accession.]
  23 [Hear Me, My Chiefs!: Edited Draft.] 248 pp: Revision A, chapters 15- 29. [Note: This revised typescript version based on McWhorter's manuscript variants (the "Field History") dates from c1952; however, it is not part of the original accession.]
  24 [Hear Me, My Chiefs!: Edited Draft.] 100 pp: Revision A, chapter 30, appendices 1- 11, bibliography and index. [Note: This revised typescript version based on McWhorter's manuscript variants (the "Field History") dates from c1952; however, it is not part of the original accession.]
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Series 2: Historical Research Material

Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces
6 25 [Photostats.] 1849(?). 2 pp statement of David (H) Smith. Draper MS.
  26 Indian Letters. 1903-1934, nd. c130 pp lets, notes. Corrs: Silas D. Whitman, Yellow Wolf*, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Thomas Waters, Thomas Hart, David Williams*, L.W. Wilson, Albert Barnhart, J.R. Walletrie, Sam Lott (Many Wounds)*, J.W. Redington. [McW's early gathering of data for a history of the Nez Perce War. Yellow Wolf expresses willingness to "tell the story." Notes consist of questions McW* asked Yellow Wolf, Many Wounds and other Indians, and their recorded answers. The questions are typed and the Indians wrote their answers on the page. Typical questions: "Was it the map made by Joseph that Whitman saw, or was it the map that Howard made?" "Did Howard make the White Bird Country [sic] map?" "Is Andrew Whitman a reliable man?" "Was Chief White Bird known among the whites as 'Joe Hayes'?" Personal matters.]
  27 Nez Perce & Other Historical Data. 1905-1930. 65 pp lets, one MS frag. Corrs: Duncan McDonald*, J.W. Redington, J.G. Rowton, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Sam Lott (Many Wounds)*, Listening Coyote, Caesar Williams*, Louis Mann*, Nipo Strongheart, Alma B.B. Walker, Buffalo Ben Olney*, S.M. Brosius, Winfield Scott, Yellow Wolf*, Joseph Latimer, F.W. Hodge, Louis R. Glavis, F.O. Hagie, Paul R. Reynolds, Major O.C. Upchurch, Henry Tashwict, Chow-lah-pum (Mrs. Alma B.B. Walker), B.D. Weeks, W.P. Campbell, S.N.D. North. [Cowan party. Poker Joe. Stage coach captured by Nez Perces. 2 pp. let re Indian killings near Mt. Idaho, J.G. Rowton, September 10, 1930. Cannon captured by Nez Perce in bank at Bitter Root Valley in 1877. Indian citizenship rights and legislation. Personal affairs.]
  28 Two Moons, Mrs. Olocott* [WeWe-tá-tom-mi (sic)], Red Wolf, E-lah-weh-mah, Eagle Making a Roar*, Red Elk, Ho Sus-ya-ow-yein, Shot-in-the-Head, Other Indians. 1908-1916, nd. c90 pp notes, MSS, corr. Corrs: George Come-down* (Eagle Making a Roar), Thomas H. Lindsley, Tom Waters, White Hawk*, Yellow Wolf*. [Re information given by Mrs. Susie White* about her father, Shot-in-the-Head. Information given and depositions rendered concerning various battles of the war by the Indians listed above and others. Much of this material appears in Yellow Wolf.]
  29 [Nez Perce History.] 1908-1935, nd. c195 pp notes, rough draft MS pages, lets. Corrs: J.W. Redington, Charles N. Loynes*, Many Wounds*, Yellow Wolf*, H.S. Howard, Nipo Strongheart, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Thomas O'Brien, George H. Himes, Mrs. Anne McDonnell, Harvey K. Meyer, C.R. Whitlock, O.C. Upchurch, W.A. Linklater, Major Alson B. Ostrander, Albert Blumenthal, Inez Lindenberg, Dorothy Prewitt (Mrs. Arthur H.) Pohlman, Olive Burchfield, Mrs. L.V. Ferguson, Ovid McWhorter, Richard Davis, Tom Waters, Camille Williams, John P. Schorr, Mark A. Matthew, Ruth S. Reynolds, Corbett B. Lawyer. [Most of these letters give either eye witness accounts or data related directly to the Yellow Wolf story or to the Nez Perce history. Minor business affairs.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces
  30 Nez Perce Warrior Names. 1908-1938, nd. c85 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Beth Brenner, Samuel Lott*, Black Eagle*, Thomas L. Broncheau*. [Includes: (a) 7 pp list of 137 Nez Perce warriors and scouts taking part in the war of 1877. "Compiled by Many Wounds and Black Eagle, sons of Wot-to-len." (b) 4 pp "Names of Warriors Mentioned in Narratives, as Spelled and Interpreted by Silas Whitman, 1909." (cop) (c) 1 p "Additional Names of Wounded and Killed, 'Nez Perce War' 1877." (d) 4 pp let, Beth Brenner (Po-gum-bie) re spelling and pronunciation of Sakakawea [Sacajawea] as practiced by Shoshones. (e) 2 pp "Additional Data of the Nez Perce War, 1877; .... List of Warriors and non-combatants wounded during war, by Chief Peo-peo Tholekt*. Oct. 31, 1925." (f) Misc notes and lets re Nez Perce warriors and names. (g) "Height and Weight of Nez Perce Warriors, 1908".]
  31 Peo-peo Tholekt [Bird Alighting]*. 1908-1940, nd. c90 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Peo-peo Tholekt, Albert Williams, Mrs. Lucy Red-Heart, K.D. Swan. [Bulk of corr is with Peo-peo Tholekt. Material is concerned with various aspects of the war. Includes: (a) 17 pp MS "Peo-peo Tholekt's Narrative." Relates Peo's part in the war and his experiences following the war. (b) 2 pp MS "Origin of the War Bonnet," by Peo, July, 1926. (c) 1 p MS "Lineage of Peo-peo Tholekt, as Given by Himself," 1908.]
  32 Scout Blewett Correspondence. 1908-1943, nd. c200 pp notes, lets, MSS. Corrs: J.W. Redington, Joseph Bauer, H.C. Rowton, E.W. Morgan, George E. Brown, George W. Webb, Elta M. Arnold, R. Ross Arnold, P.E. Byrne, Joseph Blackeagle, Lois H. Sherman, Mrs. Frances Monteith, Yellow Wolf*, Tom Waters, Caleb Carter, H.R. Findley, Max Harrison, Ovid T. McWhorter, E.W. Morgan, Aaron F. Parker, J. Henry Scattergood, H.C. Schumacher, Camille Williams, Mrs. Lynn A. Wood. [Includes: c25 pp corr with J.W. Redington re Charles Blewett, scout for General Howard killed by the Nez Perce warrior Red Spy. Rest of the material includes: (a) 4 pp MS (incomplete) "Chief Joseph* and the Flatheads." (b) 2 pp MS "Chief Joseph and Col. Edward McConville." (c) 7 pp notes, lets, re question whether Chief Joseph, might have murdered a Mrs. Manuel in a Salmon River raid. (d) 14 pp MS "Narrative of Ha-wow-no Ilp-ilp* (First Red Feather of the Wing)," Nez Perce child during the campaign. (e) Misc notes re missionaries and the Indian religion. (f) Misc notes from Daily Oregonian (1877) re Nez Perce War. (g) 5 pp MS "Captain Radall [sic] [Captain D.B. Randall] Fight near Cottonwood*, Idaho" by Henry C. Johnson. (h) 18 pp MS "The Nez Perce Campaign, a Paper Read Before the Tacoma Research Society, by Eugene T. Wilson." (i) Misc correspondence re Yellow Wolf.]
7 33 [Chief Joseph*.] 1909-1941. Corrs: Herbert Ingram Priestly. Photostatic copy: The Status of Young Joseph and His Band of Nez Perce Indians under the Treaties between the United States and the Nez Perce Tribe of Indians and the Indian Title to Land, by H. Clay Wood. Portland, Oregon: Assistant Adjutant General's Office, Department of the Columbia, 1876. (Misc notes re Col. Wood's book accompany report).
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  34 Camille Williams. [War Singer, How-lis Won-poon.] 1911-1944, nd. c118 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Camille Williams, Thomas Lindsley. [(a) Material re various phases of the war as witnessed by Williams. Much of the material is incorporated in McW's* two books on the subject. Chiefly concerned with early history of the Nez Perce and events leading up to the war. (b) Notes and corrections on a glossary of Nez Perce words and names prepared by McW for Yellow Wolf. (c) 3 pp MS: fight of Nez Perce with Crow Indians.]
  35 Excerpts- Report of the General of the Army, 1877. 1913-1930, nd. c100 pp of material.
  36 Excerpts Reports of Indian Commissioners & Historians, Prior to the 1877 Affair. 1913-1943, nd. V.O. McW note: "And material assembled from father's papers not in file." c195 pp notes, lets, MSS, 3 memo books. Corrs: Adeline Andrews, Beth Brenner, J.W. Emmert, Andrew Garcia*, Flora Hirschy, Harry S. Howard, Dr. Walter S. Johnston, Lucy Laurence, Alonzo Victor Lewis, John L. Rooke, J.C. Ruark, Carl Schurra, C.T. Stranahan, W. Wade Wilson, A.K. Yerkes. [Typescript of telegrams of Nez Perce Campaign, 1877, from General O.O. Howard and Wood [C.E.S.]. 2 pp. Material deals with treatment of Indians by whites, Poncas in Oklahoma, misc. Also material copied from Annual Report of the General of the Army, 1878. Misc corr re various sections of the histories. 12 pp mimeograph Department of Interior Rules Relative to Indian Religious Freedom and Culture., John Collier. Small notebooks, ephemera.]
  37 [Miscellaneous Sources.] 1914-1930, nd. c100 pp notes. [Chiefly notes from following sources: Edwin J. Stanley, Rambles in Wonderland, or a Trip through the Great Yellowstone National Park, 5th ed. Nashville, Tennessee: 1898. E.S. Topping (Toppin?), Chronicles of the Yellowstone, St. Paul: 1888. Andrew J. Weikert, Journal of the Tour through the Yellowstone National Park in August and September, 1877, copied from Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana, 1900. Robert Vaughan, Then and Now, or 36 Years in the Rockies, Minneapolis: 1900.]
  38 Story of Mrs. Shot-in-Head*. Adventure with Buffalo Bull. Story of Ow-yén. Pe-nah-we-non-mi. Narrative of Owhi. 1915-1927, nd. c55 MSS, notes, let. [Corr: Tom Waters. (a) 30 pp MS "Harry Owhi's Story of his Father's part in Nez Perce War, 1877." (b) 4 pp MS "Pe-nah-we-nom-mi's Adventure with a Wounded Buffalo Bull." (c) 3 pp MS "Mrs. Shot-in Head (Its-kum-che-lí-li) Sequel to Former Narrative." Re escape to Sitting Bull in Canada, Wot-tó-len* and Chief White Bird. (d) 4 pp MS "The Story of Ow-yén." 1926. Re treatment of Indian women and children by U.S. soldiers in Big Hole fight*. (e) 4 pp MS "The Narrative of Kul-Kul Si-Yakth: 'raven spy' English name: Matthew Whitfield. Sam Lott* Interpreter, Nov 1926." (f) 8 pp MS. First 2 pp entitled "Narrative of Warrior Owhi. Nez Perce War 1877. Given through his son Owhi, May, 1915." Next 6 pp entitled "Story of the Nez Perce War," by Owhi, grandson of Chief Owhi. 12/27/19." Also re Qualchin, son of Chief Owhi.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
8 39 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1915-1944, nd. c100 pp lets, MSS, notes. Corr: McW to Helen Howard (Mrs. Ben Overland), Jessie M. Humble, H.E. Detweler, Camille Williams, A.B. Bowden, Tom Waters. [(a) McW's* writings. (b) Death of Two Moons*. (c) 9 pp rough notes Chapter 49, "Field History." (d) Misc notes. (e) 11 pp from clip on McW desk. (f) Misc notes re meanings of Indian warrior names. (g) 2 pp MS "Concerning my father" by V.O. McW. (h) 7 pp MS "Last written words of L.V. McWhorter, Sept 20, 1944 at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Yakima, Washington." (i) 11 pp Chapter 48 "Field History" draft MS. (j) 9 pp draft MS Chapter 38 "Field History." (k) Folder with notes, 1 sheet of paper pasted of two parts with note by V.O. McW on his father's character.]
  40 [Nez Perce History.] 1916-1930, nd. c200 pp lets, MSS, cls. Corrs: J.W. Redington, Charles N. Loynes*, J.H. Sherburne, W.P. Bonney, Many Wounds*, Don C. Fisher, William S. Clark, H.H. Hedges, H.M. Painter, E.E. Meredith, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, R.O. Kaufman, W.D. Vincent, A. Wetmore, George R. Callender, W.A. Linklater, Adelia Hawkins, Duncan McDonald, J.H. Horner, Red Heart, Granville Lowther; Nipo Strongheart (re primarily Nez Perce flight to Montana and subsequent battles, personal affairs and minor business matters, Duncan McDonald's visit with Chief White Bird in Canada, Chief Kamiakan*: re map of home and grave*, skull taken by men saying they were from Smithsonian). Flora Hirschy. ["General Howard Warned by Mrs. J.M. Pomroy." 2 pp MS. "Points of Interest at the Big Hole Battlefield*," by Flora Hirschy. (8 pp MS re location of killed or wounded). "Items from Colonel J.W. Redington's Scrapbook": 2 pp MS with 1 p let attached. "Catholics Ordered to Stay Away from the Nez Perce Reservation 1873. From the Jesuit Missions. May, 1927." 2 pp, notes. "Fallacies of History. No Messiah for the Nez Perces." (3 pp MS re Dreamer religion). "Concerning the Passing of the Nez Perces in the Yellow-Stone Valley. Copied from page 10, Billings Gazette, Montana, of June 30, 1927." 2 pp notes. "Did the Nez Perce Drill for War?" 16 pp MS (re General Howard, Indian testimony). "Happenings at the Cochran ranch." "The Nez Perces in the Yellowstone Valley." Copied from page 4, of Billings Gazette, Montana, June 30th. 1927." 4 pp notes. "Old Coulson Deputy Ate Indian's Liver. (Copied from page 10 of Billings Gazette, Montana, of June 30th, 1927, 'Liver Eating' Johnson.)" 2 pp notes. "Mining in the Lewiston Country." Issued by the Lewiston Commercial Club, nd, 3 pp. "Timber Resources of the Lewiston Country." Issued as above, nd, 6 pp. 2 pp cl, The Pacific Northwest, nd, "A Picturesque Burial Ceremony." (Chief Joseph's* internment at the memorial erected to him at Wallowa Lake*. Chief Se-lu-pah-lo-tin's address is recorded.) Five misc. cls, four ns., nd., re Indian fishing* rights: Peacock Spit on Columbia; one, "L.D. McWhorter Laid to Rest," Upshur Record, April 27, 1916. Big Hole Battlefield* stake tabulation. Two pp from The Whitman Alumnus, photos of Marcus Whitman and three adopted daughters of the Whitmans. Cl, The Idaho Sunday Statesman, Dec. 22, 1929, "Admirers of Chief Joseph* Still Plan to Honor His Memory. Western Historian [McW*] Insists Chief Joseph* Is Maligned." Cl frag.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  41 Concerning Yellow Wolf. 1917-1942. c35 pp lets, notes, MS fragments. Corrs: Thomas Broncheau*, Camille Williams*, Yellow Wolf*, D.V. Morthland, H.S. Howard, Many Wounds, Lutz Wahl. [Misc Yellow Wolf material.]
  42 [Charles N.] Loynes*. 1917-1944, nd. c120 pp lets, notes, cls, MSS. Corrs: Charles N. Loynes, William C. Slaper, Peo-peo Tholekt*, C.O. Howard, H.S. Howard, Lutz Wahl, Andrew Garcia*, Flora Hirschy, Camille Williams, Capt. Russell V. Steele, Granville Lowther. [Includes: (a) 14 pp lets, Charles N. Loynes re his experiences in the Nez Perce campaign. (b) 4 pp notes, material for Peo-peo Tholekt's narrative of his part in the Nez Perce War. (c) Let from C.O. Howard's son, re Gen. John P. Shanks, with bibliography of books and reports dealing with the Nez Perce campaign. (d) 10 pp lets, H.S. Howard, fifth son of Gen. O.O. Howard. (e) 14 pp lets, Andrew Garcia re his experiences with various Indian tribes. (f) Misc anecdotes considered for appendix material and then discarded. (g) Lets with sketches of Indians and soldiers, Russell V. Steele. (h) Misc cls, notes, lets, MS fragments.]
  43 Incidents Big Hole Battle* and Retreat to Burch Creek. 1918-1942, nd. c195 pp notes, MSS, cls, lets. Corrs: Charles P. Brenner, Mary Narby Cottrell*, Robert W. Condie, Earle R. Forrest, Nathan Hazen, Floyd Henderson, J.H. Horner, Charles Loynes*, W.Y. Pemberton, George Peo-peo [Tholekt]*, T.J. Peterson, Philip Rand, Barnette H. Wilkison, Philip Williams, Charles Erskine Scott Wood*, Yellow Wolf*. [(a) "The Battle of the Big Hole," by Brigadier-General John Gibbon*. 13 pp typescript copy of article in Harper's Weekly, December 28, 1895. (b) Story of the Big Hole Battle, by Camille Williams. 1 p MS. (c) Stories of the Big Hole. 13 pp MS. The Story of Pe-nah-we-non-mi (Mrs. Shot-in-the-Head*). 10 pp MS and notes. (d) White Bird's Narrative. 8 pp MS. (e) 5 cls re Big Hole Battle. (f) Stalking and photographing the Big Hole Battlefield. Photocopy of map by Henderson of the pit where the Nez Perce reputedly captured a howitzer*. Original in Folder 527.]
  44 [Nez Perce History: Religion.] 1919-1941, nd. (a) Dreamer cult, 6 pp MS 2 copies plus 1 carbon addressed to Mrs. (Grace Boles) Hedge, 1935. (b) 2 pp copy U.S. Grant setting up and revoking Wallowa Reservation. (c) "Christian Missions among American Indians" 2 pp notes from Dept. of Interior Board of Indian Commissioners, Bulletin 280, 1927. (d) 1 p MS notes Christian religion vs. Indian religion. Quotes letter from Agent Monteith*. (e) 2 pp copy "Missionary Spalding's 'title' to 640 acres." (f) Letters from Brininstool, John Frank, C.T. Stranahan, John M. Canse, re Missionaries Whitman and Spalding. (g) 3 pp MS by Camille Williams (How-lis Won-poon, War Singer) note by McW: "Of true historic value." (h) 3 pp notes and let. Mrs. Monteith. "The division of the returned prisoners, Lapwai or Colville Reservations*." (i) 2 lets Elsie Long, Spiritual psychologist. "Number of Christian Denominations." (j) Misc notes by McW* on "Dreamers." Excerpts from letters by Mrs. Frances W. Monteith. (k) 1 p notes "Missionaries." (l) 3 pp MS "Legend of the Spalding Memorial Rock." Erected on
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  44 cont site of the Spalding Mission, Clear Water, Idaho. By He-yoom-yum-mí: 'woman grizzlybear.' Sam Lott, Interpreter, Oct. 1926." Notes re author by McW. [Legend is coyote story. Notes on origin of name "Lapwai." McW says is corruption of "butterfly wings."] (m) 5 pp MS notes on Dreamer religion. (n) 4 pp MS notes for "Field History" on missionaries. (o) 1 let Jack McWhorter on "Lex Scripta Missionarium." (p) 9 pp MS notes on "Lex Scripta Missionarium."
9 45 Duncan McDonald*. 1920-1932, nd. c25 pp lets, notes. Corr: Duncan McDonald. Misc information re Indian names, pronunciations, individuals. Cl, "'Sage of the Flathead' [McDonald] Recalls Early Days in Treasure State." Record Herald, Helena, MT, Aug. 1929.]
  46 Fighting Around Cottonwood*. 1920-1942, nd. 32 pp lets and notes. Corrs: John L. Rooke (Postmaster, Cottonwood, ID), Carl Schurra, C.T. Stranahan, Ovid T. McWhorter, J.G. Rowton, Camille Williams. [Re fighting around Cottonwood during Nez Perce War. 8 pp notes and depositions. "Did the Nez Perces Mutilate the Dead?" (at Whitebird Canyon.) Notes by Yellow Wolf* and Camille Williams. Photocopy of map of Cottonwood Creek, drawn by John L. Rooke, 1934. Original in Folder 523.]
  47 Medicine Tree*. Appendix of Volume. 1921-1945, nd c40 pp lets, notes, cl. Corrs: Mrs. Edward (Laura) Mackay, Herbert Lord, A.G. Lindh, Elers Kock, John W. McClintic, Emil Kopac, James F. Reed, N.E. Wilkerson, Camille Williams. [Material re a tree near the Lolo Trail*, twelve miles south of Darby, Montana, believed by the Indians to have "medicine" powers. At one time, a horn was embedded in the tree. Notes on the mythic origin of the horn, a "Coyote" story. Some information regarding the fight at Rye Creek.]
  48 Young Chief Joseph*. 1922-1942, nd. c150 pp notes, lets, cls. Corrs: I.D. O'Donnell, Chief White Hawk, C.T. Stranahan, Usher L. Burdick, Camille Williams, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Maurice Fitzgerald, Claudia C. Ross, George W. Fuller, O.B. Sperlin, Harvey K. Meyer, Tom Waters, N.W. Durham, J.H. Sherburne, Ovid T. McWhorter, Many Wounds, Adeline Andrews. [Chief Joseph's life, death, burial, family.]
  49 [Nez Perce History.] 1924-1930. 21 pp lets. Corrs: Peo-peo Tholekt*, Caleb Carter, Laura G. Rogers, Many Wounds*, P.W. Williams, Mrs. Elijah Red Elk, L. Gertrude Rogers. [Misc corr with publishers' representatives. Corr with Indians re the Nez Perce history and personal matters.]
  50 Col[onel] Redington. 1924-1935, nd. c120 pp notes, lets. Corrs: J.W. Redington, [General] W.C. Brown, G.L. Curry. [(a) Scouts and couriers in Indian Wars. Redington's attempt to secure government pension for his service as scout with Gen. Howard. (b) Misc information re Sheepeater campaign, Bannock war, etc. (c) 4 pp MS "Honest Chief Egan," by J.W. Redington. (d) Photocopies of two maps: Nez Perce at Yellowstone and Canyon Creek fight*, both by Redington. Originals in Folder 542.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  51 Winners of the West Citations. 1926-1928. c15 pp lets, notes, cls. Corrs: Dean [Guie], George Webb. [Material copied from Report of the General of the Army, 1876, "General Crook on the Efficiency of the Indian as a Scout, and his Powers of Mobilization." Material copied from "Curtis" (Edward S. Curtis, The North American Indian. Norwood, Massachusetts: The Plimpton Press, 1907-1930. Vol. VIII).]
  52 Many Wounds, Sam Lott*. 1926-1935, nd. 75 pp notes, lets. Corr: Samuel Lott (Many Wounds). [Re Nez Perce War and Nez Perce language. Includes: (a) Biographical sketch of Many Wounds. (b) Cl, un, half-page newspaper biography of Many Wounds by E.V. Kuykendall, Pomeroy, WA. (c) 2 pp MS story "Many Wounds and the Grizzly; Adventure of a Nez Perce Hunter."]
  53 Wot-tó-len*. [Chief] Lawyer*. [Chief] White Bird. 1926-1935, nd. 40 pp notes, MSS. [Includes: (a) Misc notes re Chief White Bird, Mrs. Chief White Bird (Heyoom Teyat-kekt), and Wot-tó-len. Some mention of Chief Lawyer. (b) 5 pp MS "The Lament of Wot-tó-len. Many Wounds*, Interpreter, July, 1926." Wot-tó-len's account of the Nez Perce War. (c) 7 pp MS "Did Chief White Bird Violate Compact?"]
  54 Material to be Used in Describing Relics of the Nez Perce War. 1926-1936, nd. 27 pp lets, notes. [Description and background of relics, pics of which exist in other parts of the collection. Photocopy of drawing, "Peo-peo Tholekt's Fight with the Grizzly Bear." Original in Folder 538. See also Folder 519.]
  55 John P. Schorr, 1st U.S. Cav. 1926-1937, nd. 32 pp notes, lets. Corrs: E.G. Schorr, John P. Schorr. [White Bird Battle, Cottonwood fight*, Clearwater fight and crossing*.]
  56 The Last Battle. Peo's Duel with Cheyenne. 1926-1937, nd. c130 pp MS, notes, lets. Corrs: Col. William H.C. Bowen, E.A. Brininstool, Dr. W.A. Turner, Black Eagle* (Philip Williams, interpreter?), C.E.S. [Charles Erskine Scott] Wood [General Howard's adjutant], Merrill Jensen, Many Wounds*, George Bird Grinnell, J.W. Redington. [Continuation of Bear's Paw Mountain material. "The Last Battle. Prophetic Dream of Wot-tó-len*." 3 pp MS. "The Status of Chief Yellow Bull*." "Many Wounds* on Chiefs Joseph* and Yellow Bull." "Alien Tribesmen Aiding the Nez Perces." 1 p frag. "Lewis and Clark, Explorers," with notes. Wot-tó-len, interpreter. 1926. 3 pp MS re Capt. William Clark's descendants among the Nez Perce: Yellow Hair. "List of Killed Snake Creek Battle," re General Miles vs. Nez Perces. "Information by Mrs. Ollicot, Wife of Chief Ollicot, War 1877." From letter by Many Wounds, Jan. 12, 1929. "Women and Children Buried by Cannon shell Explosion, Last Battle." 1 p. "Story of Rainbow, Sr. Wounded at the Last Battle." Many Wounds. 1 p MS."Nez Perce Sharp-shooters who Met General Miles' Cavalry Charge Battle of Snake Creek." 2 pp MS. Material re "Point of Rocks*." Personal
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  56 cont recollections: Black Eagle, son of Wat[sic]-tó-len, Sam Lott, interpreter. Nov. 1926; General Miles. "falacies [sic] of History. The blame for the Bear['s] Paw Mountain Disaster." 3 pp MS. "General Miles' Cheyenne Scouts, Nez Perce Campaign." 1 p. "A River Tragedy." 1 p. frag. "Incidents of the Surrender." 1 p. "Chief Looking Glass and Poker Joe, Leaders. Bear's Paw Battlefield." Aug. 1935. 3 pp. "Peo-peo tholekt's Combat with the Cheyenne of the 'Spotted Horse.'" Peo-peo Tholekt. 2 pp MS. (Two cops.) See also drawing of duel by Peo-peo Tholekt*, Folder 555.]
  57 [Nez Perce and Yakima History] 1926-1938, nd. 110 pp notes, lets. Part 1. c75 pp notes, annotated: "Used items Nez Perce Many Wounds." [Most of these are in the form of typed questions for which Many Wounds furnished answers, e.g.: "Find what became of the little baby that was born to Chief Joseph's* wife at Tolo Lake ." Answer: "baby died in Indian territory while they was prisoner under U.S. government,. Joseph's wife went with him to the territory. The baby died there. A girl baby."] Part 2. c55 pp notes, lets. Corr: Jack Johnson. [Concerns Nez Perce killed by A.B. Findley, prior to the outbreak of the Nez Perce War; and Gen. Howard's part in the Bannock War of 1878. Alphabetized glossary of Indian names. 32 pp. Some information re Yakima Indian War. Kamiaken. Bannock War.]
10 58 Wallowa Valley Correspondence. 1926-1941. 24 pp lets. Corrs: J.H. Horner, George W. Fuller, J.A. Harader, W.D. Vincent. [Horner is chief corr. Subject is background of Nez Perce trouble in the Wallowa* vicinity. Horner attempts to answer specific questions raised by McW*.]
  59 Black Eagle [Phillip Andrews]*. 1926-1941, nd. c70 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Phillip Andrews, Adeline Andrews. [Bulk of material supplied by Phillip Andrews, son of Wot-tó-len. Includes: (a) Re Nez Perce warriors who returned with Wot-tó-len from Sitting Bull's camp in Canada. (b) Re wagon train taken after Big Hole Battle. (c) 3 pp MS "Black Eagle's Fight with the Grizzly." (d) Misc.]
  60 Material for the State College, Pullman, Wn. [WA.] Has Been Culled Through. 1926-1942, nd. 60 pp lets, notes, MSS. Corrs: J.H. Bower, Cash Day, Yellow Wolf*, Lynde S. Catlin, Many Wounds*, Ora B. Hawkins, Dan Freeman. [Misc Indian material; some re Nez Perce War.]
  61 [Charles N.] Loynes*. 1926-1945. c60 pp notes, lets. Corr: Charles N. Loynes. [Incidents of Nez Perce War. Bannock's scalped Nez Perce dead at Big Hole. Lolo Pass* retreat. Denies U.S. soldiers had "take no prisoner" orders at Big Hole. No reason to doubt legend that two white girls were being held prisoner in Joseph's camp at Big Hole when Col. Gibbon attacked.]
  62 Incidents of the Last Battle. Sharpshooters at the "Point of Rocks*." Black Eagle's* Story. 1926-1945, nd. 100 pp notes, lets, MS fragments. Corrs: Yellow Wolf*, Camille Williams (War Singer), Sam Lott (Many Wounds)*, C.T. Stranahan,
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  62 cont Phillip (Philip) Andrews (Black Eagle), Tom Waters, Harry Wheeler, Philip Williams, J.W. Redington, Major O.C. Upchurch. [Includes: let from Black Eagle and 2 pp typed MS re Black Eagle's escape from Bear's Paw Mountain into Canada. Bear's Paw Surrender of Nez Perce.]
  63 [Nez Perce War Background.] 1927, nd. c75 pp notes, MSS. [Misc material relating to the background and incidents of the Nez Perce War. Material chiefly drawn from official U.S. documents and reports.)
  64 [Indian Relics*.] 1927-1930. c40 pp lets. Corr: Mrs. F.J. Parker. [Mrs. Parker was the wife of Col. F.J. Parker, veteran of the Nez Perce campaign. McW* was interested in getting historical data. The bulk of the corr concerns a collection of Indian relics made by Parker.]
  65 Slaper. Doane. [W.C. Slaper.] 1927-1933. c40 pp lets, notes. Corrs: W.C. Slaper, Horace B. Mulkey, W.A. Henry, D.M. Love, Dunbar Rowland, Claude G. Bowers. [McW* is seeking positive identification of a "Lt. Doane," active in the Yellowstone attempt to cut off the Nez Perce. 1 p MS "The Strange Fantasy of Two Nez Perce Boys." Mrs. Caesar Williams. 1917. Re 2 boys who insisted on behaving as women because they were so commanded by their wyakin. Upon being forced to discontinue their masquerade, one of them died.]
  66 Chapman [Arthur I.]*. 1927-1937, nd. c40 pp notes, MSS. [(a) 11 pp MS and notes "Arthur I. Chapman, squaw-man, Renegade, Scout, Guide, and Interpreter." (b) 6 pp MS dealing with Chapman, by Yellow Wolf*. (c) Misc.]
  67 Many Wounds* Medley. 1927-1939, nd. c65 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Many Wounds, Lynn J. Frazier. [Corr chiefly re Indian claims and grievances relevant to the Nez Perce Treaty of 1863. Frazier was member of Committee on Indian Affairs, U.S. Senate.]
  68 Causes Leading to War. Lapwai Councils. 1927-1942, nd. Misc notes, cls, lets. Corrs: Charles A. Varnum, Mrs. Frances Monteith, Camille Williams, H.S. Howard. [(a) 7 misc notes on folder. (b) 1 p notes for "Field History." (c) 1 p "Unfounded War Rumours in Chief Moses' Regional Home." Copied from Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. 1873, p 313. (d) 8 pp notes from McLaughlin's My Friend the Indian. (James McLaughlin, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1910.) (e) 2 pp notes. "Mooney on the Messiah Craze-Nez Perce's Smohalla." (f) 1 p notes, "Corruptness of Indian Agents Antagonism of Agents towards the Military." Quotes Report of the General of the Army, 1877. (g) 6 pp misc notes. (h) 2 pp notes. "Consensus of Old Timers' Relative to Right and Wrong Side of the Nez Perce Imbroglio." (i) 1 p unused notes on causes leading to war. (j) 2 pp notes. "Concerning the Nez Perces in the Yellowstone Valley*." From p 10, Billings Gazette, June 30, 1927. (k) 2 pp notes. "Nez Perces with Colonel Wright*" [as scouts and guides]. Notes from Lawrence Kip, Army Life
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  68 cont on the Pacific. A Journal of the Expedition against the Northern Indians the Tribes of Coeur d'Alenes, Spokanes and Palouses. New York: np, 1859. (l) 2 pp notes from Lewiston Morning Tribune, Sunday, June 23, 1929. "Footprints of Some Famous People I Have Known," by Mrs. Frances Whitman Monteith. [Re missionaries.] (m) 7 pp lets, 1931. Col. C.A. Varnum [Refutes claim that General Howard held religious services at Pompey's Pillar on the Yellowstone. Mentions "Calamity Jane*" as a nurse for wounded soldiers.] (n) 2 pp lets, 1936. Camille Williams. [Re Cow Island crossing of the Missouri River by Nez Perce.] (o) 13 pp lets, 1936. Frances Whitman Monteith [Re Indian Agent John B. Monteith*.] (p) 1 p notes. [O.O. Howard. Hartford, CT, 1907,] My Life and Personal Experiences among Our hostile Indians. (q) 6 pp lets, 1942. H.S. Howard. [Re above.] 10 pp MS copy 2 copies. "General Howard's Sunday Campaigning." "Compiled by his son, H.S. Howard, Burlington, Vt." "Former private secretary to General Howard, 1894-1909, from War Department Official Records of the Nez Perce campaign."]
  69 Colonel Sturgis' Canyon Creek Fight, and Some Information Missouri River Crossing. 1927-1945, nd. c100 pp notes, lets, MSS. Corrs: Maj. Thomas A. Reiner, C.T. Stranahan, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Joseph G. Masters, Theodore W. Goldin*, J.W. Redington, W.C. Slaper, Emil Kopac, I.D. O'Donnell. [Lets re question of possible fight between Nez Perce and Crow during Nez Perce retreat. 6 pp handwritten MS: "The Stage Coach Episode, Canyon Creek* Fight. The Stolen Stage Coach. By Colonel J.W. Redington, Volunteer U.S. Scout and Courier in Three Indian Wars." Photocopy of sketch map showing Sturgis' camp and Joseph's* scout position, by I.D. O'Donnell, 1944. Original in Folder 530.]
11 70 [Nez Perce Historical Expedition.] 1928. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Jennie R. Nichols, Alonzo Lewis, Samuel Lott (Many Wounds)*, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Thomas J. Walsh. [Chiefly an "expedition" to the Nez Perce Reservation to obtain first hand information about the "Nez Perce imbroglio of 1877." Lewis is principal correspondent. Death of Wot-tó-len.]
  71 Nez Perce War. c1928, nd. c70 pp notes, MSS, MS fragments. [Includes: (a) 16 pp MS "Notes to Wonders of Geyserland." (b) 2 pp "Notes to 'Old' Chief Joseph." (c) 34 pp "Excerpts from The Wonders of Geyser Land,' A Trip to the Yellowstone National Park, by F.D. Carpenter*. (d) 11 pp "Handy Citations of Shield's 'Battle of the Big Hole*, Errors To Be Noted." (e) 3 pp "From Annual Report of the General of the Army, 1878. Concerning Return of Members of White Bird's Band/Nez Perces." (f) 4 pp lets from McW* to David Heaton, George Steinbacker re Nez Perce War and Lolo Pass* barricade.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  72 [Nez Perce Scouts.] 1928-1930, nd. c110 pp notes, MSS. [(a) Chiefly re General Howard's Nez Perce scouts. Much of the material concerns claims of various Nez Perce that they served as "scouts, couriers, and messengers." Fifty-three individuals made such claims to the Department of the Interior in 1900. (b) 59 pp MS "General Howard's Nez Perce Scouts, Claims of." (c) 2 pp notes on Indian Missions. (d) 2 pp "List of Indian Agencies Assigned to the Different Religious Bodies." From the Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior, 1877. (e) 2 pp notes re this matter. (f) 2 pp MS "Catholic vs Protestant Missionaries on Indian Reservations, Hon. Edwin P. Smith, Commissioner." (g) 6 pp MS "Colonel George White," by Doris Leighton.]
  73 Bear's Paw Mountain Battlefield Correspondence. 1928-1932. 16 pp lets. Corrs: James Griffin, Ed Fredlund, L.A. Bogy. [McW's project for surveying, staking, and tabulating Bear's Paw Mountain Battlefield.]
  74 Old Chief Joseph. 1928-1932, nd. c50 pp notes. [Chief Joseph's father (Wel-lá-mot-kin) died c1869-1873.]
  75 Unused Chap. 17 For Possible Use. 1928-1933, nd. 16 pp MSS, notes. [Includes: 12 pp rough draft, unused chapter re Nez Perce treaties.]
  76 Returned- Unanswered Letters. Nez Perce History. 1928-1934. 39 pp lets. [c25 lets returned unclaimed and copies of lets not answered.]
  77 Staking of Bear['s] Paw Mountain Battlefield. 1928-1936. c50 pp lets. Corrs: C.R. Noyes*, Many Wounds*, Emil Kopac, Iona Mulligan, F.W. Graham, Peo-peo Tholekt*, James Griffin, Earl J. Bronson. [Inquiries re McW's* books. A plan to survey the Bear's Paw Battlefield near Chinook, Montana. The Chinook Lion's Club agrees to pay McW's expenses.]
  78 Big Hole* Correspondence. 1928-1937. 46 pp lets. Corrs: Bob Condie, Flora Hirschy, Ollie Jordan, Mary Narby Cottrell, Camille Williams, M.G. Ramsey. [Chiefly re Big Hole tabulation project. Some misc material.]
  79 Concerning Escapes From Bear's Paw Mtn. Battle Field to Sitting Bull's Camp in Canada and Treatment of Indians Who Surrendered. 1928-1938, nd. c65 pp notes, lets. Corrs: William S. Lewis, Fred G. Bond, Many Wounds*, Thomas B. Marquis, J.H. Sherburne. [Includes: material noted in folder title. (a) Misc notes re individual Nez Perce. (b) 3 pp list: "Nez Perces who escaped to Canada and were never Captured." (c) 1 p list: "Warriors escaping from Last Battle killed by enemy tribes." (d) 4 pp list of Nez Perce killed and captured. (e) 1 p Nez Perce escaping from Last Stand and subsequently captured. Notes and MS fragments re Indian "refugees" from the battle.]
11 cont  

Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  80 Big Hole [Battlefield]*. 1928-1940, nd. 69 pp notes, cls lets. Corrs: Ralph E. Armstrong, Joseph Joffe, Emil Kopac, John Miller*, J.C. Whitman, Camille Williams. [Re Big Hole Battle. 82 pp notes Nez Perce Indian names. Location of "loud-speaking" gun. Photocopy of map drawn by Floyd A. Henderson, USFS, 1938. Original in Folder 528.]
12 81 "Field History"- Contains Manuscripts That Have Been Worked Over, or Not to be Used. 1928-1941, nd. c95 pp notes, lets, MSS fragments. Corrs: E.B. Aldrich, Louis R. Glavis, James C. McKay, O.T. McWhorter, J.G. Rowton, C.T. Stranahan. [Includes: 7 pp MS "Captain [John W.] Cullen on the Salmon and Snake Rivers. Captain Cullen's Account of his part in the Nez Perce War. Related by Captain Cullen in September, 1929." 4 pp notes re above MSS. 27 pp alphabetical list of Nez Perce proper names and misc words with definitions. Misc appendix material, considered by McW*. Whitman massacre.]
  82 Items Used and Unused Deemed Worth[y] of Preservation. 1928-1941, nd. c200 pp notes, lets, cls, MSS. Corrs: Angie Burt (Mrs. Edmund) Bowden, Richard H. Wilson, Duncan McDonald*, Flora Hirschy, Joseph Blackeagle, Phillip Andrews (Black Eagle)*, James Rooke, Mrs. Edna L. Jones, Garrett B. Hunt, Byron Defenbach, F.S. Hall, Robert W. (Bob) Condie, Joseph Joffe, Edmund B. Rogers, John Miller (Chief White Hawk)*, Philip T. Fagrie, Lee Howard, Mrs. Fred White, John Kaiser, Col. James(?) Partello, H.S. Coburn, R.E. Thomas, Eva Hunt Dockery, Elta M. Arnold, Louis F. Grill, Camille Williams, J.G. Rowton, Charles M. Gates, George White, Paul E. Ambro, Yellow Wolf*, Clifton B. Worthen, J.P. MacLean, Lew L. Callaway, C.E.S. Wood, Anne McDonnell, Mrs. Ora B. Hawkins. [Cl, "Liver Eating" Johnson. Re various phases of the Nez Perce campaign. Most of these items have been picked over and the important items have been included in the histories. Includes: 8 pp MS "The Spy of Corvallis," re a Nez Perce scout who may have observed General Howard's advance into Montana.]
  83 [Nez Perce Land Claims and the War.] 1928-1941, nd. c125 pp notes, MSS, lets. [Includes: (a) 5 pp lets, copies, from Indian Agent John Monteith* to Indian Commissioners re settlers entering the Wallowa Valley (1872), and Joseph's demand that they leave the valley (1875). Bears note: "Copied from an old Lapwai Agency 'Copy-Book.'" (b) 18 pp cop of Maj. H. Clay Wood's Supplement to his report, Status of Young Chief Joseph*, and Indian Claims to Lands. January 8, 1876. (c) 29 pp cop Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior on the Operations of the Department for the Year Ended June 30, 1877. (d) 31 pp MS "The Nez Perce War of 1877: The Inside History from Indian Sources, by Duncan McDonald*." McW* note: "Last summer, at the instance of the New Northwest, he made a six weeks' trip to British America, for the purpose of obtaining correct particulars of the campaign at White Bird. The data thus obtained is being presented in these articles, and can be relied upon as authentic from the Nez Perce standpoint."]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  84 [Camas Meadows*. Raid on Gen. Howard's Camp.] 1928-1942, nd. Notes, lets. c125 pp. Corrs: Yellow Wolf*, S.L. [Sam Lott] Many Wounds*, General D.L. Brainard, Thomas Ferrell, Llewellyn (Lew) L. Callaway, J.W. Redington, Mrs. George F. Cowan, Camille Williams. [Chiefly re Camas Meadows* skirmish and raid on Gen. Howard's camp, Aug. 18, 1877: (a) Notes and lets refuting idea that the Nez Perce "drilled" for war. (b) Photocopies of three sketch maps of the Camas Meadows terrain. Originals in Folder 529. (c) Notes by Many Wounds on Brady's Northwestern Fights and Fighters. (Cyrus Brady. Northwestern Indian Fights and Fighters. New York: The McClure Company, 1907.) (d) Notes by Camille Williams re Indian veterans* of the fight who were still living at the time. (e) Notes by Peo-peo [Tholekt]* and Yellow Wolf on fording the Yellowstone River* by Indian warriors. (f) Notes on Chief Joseph's* capture of a Yellowstone stagecoach.]
  85 Loynes*- Big Hole [Battle]*. 1928-1944, nd. c70 pp notes and lets. Corrs: Charles N. Loynes, Lutz Wahl. [Notes for "Field History." Photocopy of sketch map by C.N. Loynes, 1928. Original in Folder 521.]
  86 General Scott. Indian Scout. [Hugh Lennox Scott.] 1929-1931, nd. c40 pp notes, lets. Corrs: J.W. Redington, H.L. Scott, H.S. Howard. [(a) Only portion of material re Scott, who served with Sturgis in the attempt to intercept the Nez Perce before they reached the Yellowstone country. (b) 7 pp MS "General Howard's Nez Perce Scouts." (c) List of tribes which assisted the U.S. Army against the Nez Perce.]
  87 [H.S. Howard.] 1929-1932. 6 pp lets. Corrs: H.S. Howard, J.W. Redington. [Supposed council meeting between Chief Joseph* and Gen. O.O. Howard at the end of the Nez Perce War. Proposed memorial for the dead in the war. Role of Col. C.E.S. Wood and Col. Bowen as viewed from the Nez Perce point of view.]
  88 Loud-Speaking Gun. 1929-1932, nd .[Notes on several scraps of paper on "Loud-Speaking Gun." (An old Indian-owned Sharps rifle of heavy caliber used at the Canyon Creek skirmish.) 2 pp lets. Andrew Garcia*. Re "loud-speaking" gun. 8 pp lets. Lt. Col. H.L. Bailey*, Charles N. Loynes*, Ovid T. McWhorter, William Wells and Charles E. Wood.]
13 89 Possible Preface Items. 1929-1933, nd. 20 pp notes, MSS. [Notes re Indian and white attitudes collected as possible items to be included in a preface. 5 pp MS "Prelude" worked out as rough draft for possible preface.]
  90 Goldin. 7th. Cav. [Lieut. Theodore W. Goldin*.] 1929-1941. 50 pp notes, lets. Corrs: E.A. Brininstool, Theodore W. Goldin, Mrs. Theodore Goldin. [Nez Perce fight with Crows following Canyon Creek skirmish*. Col. Sturgis' fight. Last battle. Misc.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  91 Garcia. No. II. 1929-1941, nd. c60 pp notes, lets, cls. Corr: Andrew Garcia. [Material chiefly re Canyon Creek*. Garcia was a packer with the army supply train sent from Fort Ellis to the Clark Fork for Howard and Sturgis. He witnessed the Canyon Creek crossing. Cl, The Billings Gazette, Aug. 14, 1932, re Andrew Garcia, "Pioneer as Teamster with Howard and Sturgis Saw Stirring Incidents of Nez Perce Campaign."]
  92 Colonel Wood. [Charles Erskine Scott (C.E.S.) Wood, Howard's Adjutant.] 1929-1942, nd. 50 pp notes, lets, MSS. Corrs: C.E.S. Wood , Sara B. Wood, Elmo Scott Watson, John A. Rea. [Chiefly re Battle of White Bird, Bear's Paw, and the final surrender. (a) Photostat of article from Century Magazine, May 1884, pp 135-142, by C.E.S. Wood: "Chief Joseph*, the Nez-Perce." (b) 3 pp cl Spokesman Review, 24 October 1965, "Boyhood memories of days with great Indian" article on C.E.S. Wood and Chief Joseph. (c) cl "Admirers of Chief Joseph Still Plan to Honor His Memory." The Idaho Statesman, Dec. 22, 1929.]
  93 Painter, Horner, and Norwood Letters. 1929-1942, nd. c40 pp notes, lets, cl. Corrs: Harry M. Painter, J.H. Horner, Anne Norwood. [Painter lets (which form the bulk of the material) re disposition of the captured Nez Perce. Cl, Rocky Mountain Husbandman, November 6, 1930, re death of "Cap" J.W. Johnson, "Civil War veteran, scout, and interpreter under General Nelson A. Miles."]
  94 Unclassified. 1929-1944. c45 pp lets, notes. Corrs: John Collier, Ovid McWhorter, Maurice Fitzgerald, Susan Golden, H. Hamlin, John Stanley, B.F. Manring, [Chiefly re minor points of Nez Perce campaign, misc.]
  95 Geographical Distribution of Signers of Treaties- Domains of Non-Treaty Chiefs 1877. 1930, nd. [(a) List of Indians surrendering in Red Heart's band written in Many Wound's* handwriting according to Black Eagle's* dictation, 2 pp with notes by McW. (b) 1 p list of signers of treaty with Nez Perce at meeting in Walla Walla Valley, June 11, 1855. Many Wounds furnishes handwritten list of signers. Gives geographical location of the chiefs' tribes at the time of signing. (c) Photocopy of outline map of division of domain among Nez Perce chiefs by Peo-peo Tholekt*, Sept. 1930, and list of "Lower Nez Perces," chiefs who were signers of the Walla Walla treaty, but not of the Nez Perce Treaty of June (9?), 1863. Original in Folder 522. (d) Geographical distribution of Nez Perce chiefs at Walla Walla Treaty, 1855.]
  96 Lieutenant Jerome*. [Lovell H. Jerome.] 1930-1935, nd. c60 pp notes, lets. Corrs: W.R. Smedberg, Jr., Robert Bruce, R.H. Fletcher, J.W. Redington. [McW* desires information about why Chief Joseph* was detained in Colonel Miles' camp. Reason given p 489 HMMC. Cl "Indian Battle Retold," The Otsego Journal, Otsego County, NY. July 17, 1930, by Jerome. Article is re Bear Paw fight and is used in HMMC, p 448. Cl Otsego Journal, Jan. 24, 1935 re Jerome's death. Corr with Lt. Col. R.H. Fletcher re surrender details. 1 p photographic reproduction of letter of introduction for Cadet Lovell H. Jerome to West Point, May 7, 1866.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  97 Used Material. Field History. 1930-1939, nd. c300 pp notes, rough draft chapters of YW and HMMC. [Includes: (a) 8 pp MS "Pre-White Man. Ancestral names of the Nez Perces Tribe, Headquarters at (now) White Bird, Idaho. Compiled by Many Wounds*, and Black Eagle*, Sons of Wot-tó-len," copy included. (b) 5 pp list of Nez Perce names and their meanings. (c) Lex Scripta Missionariums: re influence of early missionaries. (d) 3 pp bibliography of Nez Perce material. (e) Misc notes and frags re Yellow Wolf.]
14 98 About Yellow Wolf* and His Narrative. 1930-1940. c30 pp, lets, notes. Corrs: Harvey K. Meyer, John E. Ludlow, Henry Wilson, Thomas L. Broncheau*, Virgil McWhorter, Many Wounds*. [The last days and death of Yellow Wolf.]
  99 [Nez Perce History.] 1930-1941, nd. 6 pp notes and corrs. Corrs: Peo-peo Tholekt*, Stephen B.L. Penrose. [Treaty of 1863.]
  100 [Treatment of Nez Perce.] 1930-1942, nd. c100 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Maj. Gen. E.S. Adams, Nipo [Strongheart], Fred Dustin, John Keith, Theodore Goldin*, Chas. W. Dietz. [Chiefly re events leading up to the Nez Perce War and re the treatment and disposition of the defeated Nez Perce. The notes are drawn largely from the official reports of various Commissioners of Indian Affairs, 1873-1890.]
  101 Col. Bailey*...Captain Rawn. [Harry L. Bailey; Charles C. Rawn.] 1930-1943, nd. c130 pp notes, lets. Corrs: Harry L. Bailey, Mrs. Harry B. Longsworth. [(a) Material on White Bird, Clearwater, Salmon River crossing, civilian scouts, misc. (b) 26 pp MS "An Infantry Second Lieutenant in the Nez Perce War of 1877, by Harry Lee Bailey." (c) 5 pp let with additional information for above). (d) 4 pp "Captain Rawn's Report 'Fort Fizzle*.'" Bears notation by McW*: "Copied from Report of the Secretary of War; Vol. I 1877." (e) Photocopy of map of Clearwater Battlefield*. Original in Folder 541.]
  102 Cowan. Yellowstone Park Incident. 1931-1934, nd. c50 pp lets, MS. Corrs: Mrs. George F. Cowan, Charles F. Cowan, Lew L. Callaway, Albert W. Johnson, Many Wounds*, W.H. Holmes, Mrs. Emma J. Cowan. [The capture of George F. Cowan's party in the Yellowstone area during the Nez Perce uprising. 17 pp MS, "Reminiscences of Early Life in Montana," marked "Dup."]
  103 Garcia. No. I. 1931-1943, nd. c65 pp notes, lets, MSS. Corr: Andrew Garcia*. [General information re Nez Perce War. Includes: (a) 17 pp MS "Incidents Big Hole Massacre, and Battle*. From Garcia's Manuscript." (b) 2 pp MS "Garcia's Narrative." MSS are chiefly concerned with Garcia's wife, a Nez Perce girl wounded during the battle.]
  104 War Singer [How-lis Won-poon, Camille Williams], White Hawk*, Wat-tes Kun-nin [Earth-blanket]. 1931-1944, nd. 25 pp notes, lets, MSS. Corr: John Miller* [Chief White Hawk]. [Material re Nez Perce War. Includes: (a) 6 pp MS "Personal Narrative of Chief White Hawk, given in camp, Big Hole Battlefield*, Morning, August 10, 1935." (b) 7 pp MS "Personal Narrative of Wat-tes Kun-nin: 'Earth-blanket' Given October 1-2, 1936, Albert Spancer Interpreter."]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  105 James Reuben*. c1934, nd. 40 pp notes, MSS, cl. [Material re James Reuben (Hosius Wap-tes, Head Feathers, or Eagle Head), Interpreter for the Nez Perce Commission in 1876, government scout, served as teacher for Joseph's band in exile. Includes: 1 p let, Sam Morris, 3 pp MS "James Reuben, Nez Perce Gov't Scout. Excerpts from Maj. Charles T. Stranahan before the Lewiston, Idaho, Kiwanis Club, February, 1934." Misc notes re Modoc War.]
  106 Unused Appendices and Other Manuscripts and Notes. 1934, nd. c80 pp MS notes. [Includes: (a) 3 pp MS "Property Owned by Nez Perce Indians on Salmon River." (b) 1 p MS "Unpublished Incidents in 'Calamity Jane's* Life'," with 2 cls re Calamity Jane. (c) 2 pp note "Cost of the Nez Perce War," from Senate Executive Document #14, 45th Congress, 2nd Session. (d) 1 p note "Chief Peo-Peo Tholekt* Elk Call." (e) 5 pp MS re the destruction of a freight wagon train on Birch Creek, Idaho, by Nez Perces. (f) 2 pp MS re killing of settlers at Montague-Winters ranch, in the Horse Prairie Valley, Mont. (g) 6 pp MS re action by volunteers near Mount Idaho, told by J.G. Rowton, "citizen volunteer." With corr: J.W. Redington, re fighting around Cottonwood*. (h) 1 p MS re wyakin powers (magical powers protecting warriors). (I) 3 pp MS re scouts with Colonel Sturgis. (j) 3 p MS re Battle of Canyon Creek*. (k) 1 p note re capture of two white girls in Bitter Root Valley. (l) 2 pp MS re action of Crow Indians against Nez Perces; also General Howard's Bannock and Shoshone scouts with Captain Brainbridge as directed by General Crook. (m) 1 p MS re General Howard's scouts. (n) 3 pp MS re Howard's claim that Crow Indians guided the Nez Perce across the divide. Theodore Goldin's statement. (n) 4 pp MS re Col. Sturgis' fight.]
  107 Horner and Other Letters. Nothing to be Used in Nez Perce History. 1934-1943. 11 pp lets. Corrs: J.H. Horner, Ovid McWhorter. [Minutiae of Nez Perce War in Wallowa County, Oregon*.]
  108 Miscellany Pertaining to the Nez Perce War, 1877. c1935, nd. c130 pp notes, MSS. [Chiefly notes and copied portions from the Report of the General of the Army to the Secretary of War, 1877. Reports by General W.T. Sherman; Colonels Gibbon, S.D. Sturgis, Nelson A. Miles; General O.O. Howard.]
  109 Mr. Smith. Bull Train. Surrender. [Charles A. Smith, Private, Company A, 7th Cavalry.] 1935-1937, nd. 15 pp lets, notes. Corr: Charles A. Smith. [Chiefly re surrender of Chief Joseph*, at which Smith was present. Some information re battle sites. Destruction of a "Bull Wagon-Train by Nez Perces at Cow Creek* in 1877."]
15 110 Stake Tabulation. Last Battle. Map of Bear's Paw Mountain. 1935-1937, nd. c70 pp notes. [Includes: field notes made of a stake tabulation of the Bear's Paw Mountain Battlefield, done by McW*, together with White Hawk and Many Wounds*, Aug. 1935. Their survey marked with stakes and recorded the positions of the various Indian and U.S. Army forces. See also map showing location of various stakes, surveyed by C.R. Noyes, Folder 559.]
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Subseries 2.1: 1877 Nez Perce War & Nez Perces cont
  111 [Chief] Looking Glass Attacked. 1935-1945, nd. c3 pp notes on Chief Looking Glass. 9 pp notes. Re Attack on Chief Looking Glass, his status among the Nez Perce, and his role in the war. 3 pp corr Mrs. F. Monteith. [Photocopy of map of Chief Looking Glass' camp, drawn by Peo-peo Tholekt* (of Lewiston, Kooskia-Whitebird area). Original in Folder 532.]
  112 Big Hole [Battlefield]* Stake Tabulation. 1937, nd. 61pp notes, cls. [(a) 31 pp notes on staking of Big Hole Battlefield. (b) 9 pp notes re Chief Looking Glass. (c) 20 pp notes re stake tabulation Big Hole Battlefield. Includes: original field notes, 3 cops of tabulation. (d) 2 cls re Big Hole Battlefield. (e) Photocopies of drawings of battlefield by Peo-peo Tholekt*, Charles N. Loynes*, Many Wounds*, and Many Wounds with McW*. Originals in Folder 520.]
  113 [Nez Perce History.] 1937, nd. 4 pp lets. Corr: Mae Nalder. [Two cops of letter (1937) by McW* regarding publication plans for his Yellow Wolf manuscript and more generally his notes for the Nez Perce "Field History" and a possible visit from President E.O. Holland. Photocopy of map of the Nez Perce Campaign- 1877, by C.A. Badeau, 1935, prepared for Adventures in Geyserland. Original in Folder 525.]
  114 Journal of Treaty with The Nez Perce, June 17, 1855. Yakimas, Walla Wallas, and Umatillas. 1939-1940, nd. [56 pp cop of the treaty negotiated at the Council Ground, Camp Stevens, Walla Walla Valley, WA Territory, June 14, 1855. Notes and lets re the treaty.]
  115 Otis Half-Moon Correspondence. 1943. 4 pp lets, notes. Corrs: Otis Half-Moon, Camille Williams. [Re cache of flour hidden by Nez Perce during the war; re Yellow Wolf*.]
  116 [Notes and Fragments.] 1944, nd. 20 pp notes, MS fragments. [Misc Nez Perce material. Includes: "The True Story of the Nez Perce War," by H.B. Norton. Copy of an article sent McW* by J.W. Redington. Article is from Recreation Magazine, pp 99-100, not further identified.]
  117 Geographical Distribution of Nez Perce Chiefs. nd. 16 pp notes. [Geographical distribution of the Nez Perce chiefs at time of the Walla Walla treaty of 1855.]
  118 [Nez Perce History.] nd. c60 pp lets, notes, maps. Corrs: E.O. Holland, E.V. Kuykendall, Damon A. Spencer, all to Virgil O. McWhorter. [List of captions for photograph illustrations to be used in Hear Me, My Chiefs! The Nez Perce Indian Reservation boundaries as of the treaties of 1855 and 1863. Certified photostatic copy of the "Treaty with the Nez Perces, 1855." (U.S. Dept. Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs. March 13, 1950). Three maps, Clearwater. Description of Nez Perce Indian Reservation boundaries. Material chiefly from 1950 not part of original accession.]
  119 To Be Examined in Proofing Glossary. nd. 35 pp notes, eighteen envelopes. [Notes re Indian words and names. Information supplied by Indian corrs, chiefly Yellow Wolf* and Camille Williams. Envelopes contain groups of Indian words and names to be checked against the glossary of Yellow Wolf.]
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Subseries 2.2: Yakima Indian War (1855-1858) & Yakamas
  120 Contains Historical Data from Many Sources but Chiefly Wash. State. V.O. McW 2/20-1945. 1880-1940, nd. c185 pp MSS, notes, lets, cls. Corrs: Tom Waters*, William Charley*, W.E. Johnson, Major C.H. Bridges, Mary M. Crawford, G. Stephenson, J.L. Sharon, Louis Mann*, Yellow Wolf* (with Thomas B. Andrews, Indian interpreter), W.P. Bonney. [(1) "Adjourned Meeting Held on November 29th, 1913, at the Agency, Fort Simcoe*, Washington, in Reference to Grazing of Indian Sheep on the Yakima Indian Reservation." Carbon of 11 pp transcript of meeting, by Nealy N. Olney*. (2) "March 25th 1880. Yakima Indian Reservation Wash a History life of bad Injun [sic]." School notebook with 14 pp autobiographical material by Louis Mann. (3) "Louis Mann's Comment on Splawn's Kamiakin*." 8 pp notes and let. (4) "The First Cabinet Organ Brought to Oregon." 1 p MS copy with 1939 let, W.P. Bonney. (5) "Death of Chief Umtoch." 7 pp MS copy with 9 pp notes. (6) Notes. Modocs and Bannocks. 6 pp. (7) Louis Mann. Indian land grievances. 32 pp. (8) Yellow Wolf. Yellow Wolf's protestation of truth telling. 12 pp. (9) "The Personal Narrative of Chief Spencer." 11 pp MS. (10) "Chief William Spencer's Foray against the Rogue River Tribe." (3 pp MS). (11) "History of Chief Spencer." 10 pp handwritten MS. (12) Notes, cls, let frags, MS frags: Prohibition, Chief Joseph*, Indian agents, William Wheeler, misc. c30 pp.]
  121 Indian Vocabulary. 1909-1938, nd. Notes, corrs. MSS, printed material. Corrs: Louis Mann*, William Charley*, Listening Coyote, Judith McWhorter. [(1) Envelope containing c145 notes on Indian names, words, phrases. Many are place names in the Yakima Valley. Some Nez Perce and Okanogan words. (2) c130 MS pp. List of Indian place names, words, and phrases. Chiefly Yakima. (3) "Yakima Indian Names of Objects and places in the Moxee Valley and Vicinity of Yakima, Wash., as Obtained from Chief Sluskin* and Ho-lite, better known as Billie Captain; September 25, 1917." 7 pp MS.]
16 122 Papers Pertaining to Yakima Indian History and Other Matters. 1910-1931. c110 pp lets, notes, MSS. Corrs: W.F. Clarke, Lt. Col. C.W. Thomas, Jr., J. Bertram, J.H. Nelson, Julia Thompson, Ovid McWhorter, Robert Hitchman, (L.V.V.F.?). [Corr: Request for into re Louis Shuster, scout in Bannack War, 1877. Name for Yakima Park on Mt. Rainier*. Cannon lost by Major Granville O. Haller, Battle of Thappanish, Yakima War; information given by Louis Andy, April 3, 1938. Copy of Report of the Secretary of War, 1855, 11 pp MS, Nov. 30, 1935. Three notes re history Senator W.L. Jones' testimony, Ahtanum Water Division, Louis Bastian. "Kansas or Bust," 4 pp poem. One Pin. Copy of let, Perrin(?), B. Whitman, July 1, 1848. Two cls re Perkins murders, Big Hole* Battle. Data re stolen horse of One Pin. (1) "Mid Stream." 6 pp MS with revisions. Re Indian welfare; sent to Mrs. Leah Segers. (2) "The Feast Given by Chi-mischa* (sinue [sic] bow) the Successor of Chief Yoom-tee-bee*. A Yakima Ceremony. July 7, 1910." 3 pp MS with cl. (3) "Yakima Indian History." Smith Luc-ie, Indian Police, Nov. 24, 1908. Re Yakima War, 1855. 3 pp MS. McW* note: "Never been used.". (4)
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Subseries 2.2: Yakima Indian War (1855-1858) & Yakamas cont
  122 cont "Captain Frank Selatzee, Indian Police, Yakima Indian Reservation." 2 pp MS with note and let. (5) "Specimen of Police-Court Justice to the Indian." 3 pp MS. (6) Let and note re story by William Charley*. (7) "Chief, We-yallup Wa-ya-saka's Views on the Ahtanum Canal Ownership." 2 pp MS. (8) "Early Irrigation* on the Ahtanum Creek, Washington." Re Tom Smartlowit*. 1 p. (9) "Saved from the Stake by Supposed Dementia." 1 p. (10) Lets with maps, compass markings. 2 pp. (11) "Chief Meninock's* Request." Aug. 1922. (12) Cl re Chief Meninock, May 25, 1921. (13) "Autobiography of Chief Meninock. Dictated by Himself." Aug. 17, 1922. 2 pp MS with notes and cl. (14) "Ghue-Ghue and Pedt-jum." Klickitat. Jan. 1919. 5 pp MS and copy. (15) "Natural History." Eli "Rimfire" Hamrick. 3 pp MS. (16) Notes on natural history. 3 pp. (17) Cl "Indians Refuse Inaugural Invitations," Feb. 17, 1929. (18) Notes re history, land allotments. 11 pp frags.]
  123 [Handwritten Ledger. Inscribed:] By Jan. 22 1912 Louis Mann*/Full Blood/ Yakima Indian/ Dictionary of the Yakima Indian/ Language and Translation into English Language. 1912. [Contains 60 leaves of MS text on: Indian genealogy Indian vocabulary and English equivalents. Short discussion of Chief Owhi, his sons Qual-chan Owhi and Lash-high-hit [Lesh-hi-hit], and father of Chief Owhi "Story of Coyote." (Coyote cheats on his trip around the "ocean bank.") "Coyote and a Great Prophet." "Coyote Went Back East." "A Story of the King." "Coon Story." "The King Story." "Story of a Warrior the Qual-chan Ouhi." "Story of Two Indian Girls." "Mr. Eagle the King and Mr. Skunk His Cousin." "Life History of the Bad Indian Mr. Mann." Misc frags.]
  124 Hembree* Tragedies. Kulalas Story of Toppenish Battle. Abe Lincoln's Falls [Falling] in Glacier Caves. 1915-1927. c60 pp MS, MS frags, notes, lets. Corrs: John T. Osborne, Mrs. George Garner, William Charley*, Caesar Williams*, L.V. Eberhardt, W.P.Bonney. [(1) [Four MSS re Capt. Hambree (Hembree?), a soldier killed by Indians near where Toppenish now stands.] a) "Captain Hambree (?) Killed by Pah-Oú-Nee." 3 pp MS. b) "Location of Place where Fell Capt. Hembree, Yakima War, 1855." L.V. McWhorter. 3 pp MS. c) "Data on the Death of Captain Hambree." Wm. D. Stillwell. 3 pp MS. d) "Death of Capt. Hambree (?)." Chief Meninockt* [sic]. 1 p MS. (2) [Six notes and MSS re Battle of Thappanish.] a) "Participants in Yakima Indian Troubles." L.V. McWhorter*. 1 p note. b) "Incident in Battle of Toppenish." George Olney. 2 pp MS. c) "Yakima Indian War, 1855-1856. Battle of Thappanish (Toppenish)." Snah-Tupsh, Ku-Lala. (1917). 4 pp MS. d) "Battle(?) of Pah-Qy-Ti-Koot." Wm. Adams and Louie Mann*, interpreters. 3 pp MS. e) "Brief Narrative of Snatups Ka-Lula in the Sound War." Wm. Adams, interpreter, May 6, 1917. 1 p MS with 1 p note. (3) "A Thrilling Adventure on the Glaciers of Mount Adams (Pót-to)." Charley Olney*, May 12, 1923. 11 pp MS with notes re Abraham Lincoln, a Shaster Indian. (4) "The Meaning of Yakima." 1 p MS. (5) "Items Concerning the Sliding Place of Coyote, Klickitat County, Wash. Sometimes called: 'The Death Slide.'" 1 p MS. (6) "Yakima Indian War. (Satas Mountain) William D. Stillwell's account of the fight, on April 10, 1856, during the
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Subseries 2.2: Yakima Indian War (1855-1858) & Yakamas cont
  124 cont Yakima Indian War, on the Yakima River*, where Captain Hembree was killed." William D. Stillwell*, May 24, 1918. 9 pp MS. (7) "Location of Battle of Thoppanish." L.V. McWhorter. 1 p MS. (8) "Corrections to Tash-wenit's story, as given by Mits-e-ya-wah Spelye: 'Listening Coyote.' January 1924." 1 p MS. (9) Story given by Tásh-wenit (After the Thunder), Dec. 1923. 4 pp MS with note: "This story is to be checked up with that of 'Owhi's Only Crime'...and also with another story pertaining to the scalping of the girl...same story."]
  125 Tribal Wars. Biographical Sketches Yakima Indians. 1916-1923, nd. c60 pp MSS, notes, let. [(1) "Pauite-Wasco Indian Warfare." Wasco Jim, July 7, 1918. 3 pp MS with notes. (2) The Piute and Wasco Indian Warfare." Mrs. Caesar Williams*. 6 pp MS. (3) Incidents in Tribal Indian Warfare. Captain Dry-Creek Billie." Caesar Williams*. 3 pp MS. (4) Biographical sketches various Yakima Indians. c45 pp notes: "Chief We-yal-lup Wa-ya-cika." 7 pp MS. "Tyee [Chief] Yum-tee-bee." 8 pp MS. The Tragedy of Po-ki-wan-ee (Short Fingers). 3 pp MS. "Biography of John Etwamish, or No Stink*." 1 p MS. (5) Cop of let by Louis Mann*, May 24, 1916, denouncing Walla Walla Treaty of 1855. McW* notes that this let was published in the Yakima Herald.]
  126 Maj. Bowlen [Bolon, Bolen] Manuscript. 1916-1935. c75 pp MS, notes, lets, cl. Corrs: William Charley*, T.C. Elliott, W.P. Bonney, Jay Lynch*, Inez Filloon (Mrs. J.M. Filloon). [Bolen's murder. c50 pp MS, the murder, by Indians, of Special Indian Agent Andrew J. Bolen in the Wah-soom Mountains in 1855: "The Bolen Tragedy" as narrated by Sul-el-il, John Billie and William Charley, interpreters.] McW* considers this part of the prelude to the Yakima War. Part of the story is narrated by Sul-el-il, also known as Yakima George. Notes and a cl, as well as photocopies of two handdrawn maps of Bolon Monument* and Marker accompany this material. Originals in Folder 535.]
  127 Concerning Chief Kamiakun*, and Tribal Affiliations of Chiefs Signing Treaty of 1855. 1918-1939, nd. c35 pp MSS, notes, lets, cls. Corrs: Tes-pa-loose, H.M. Painter, L.V. McWhorter* to Arthur Tomio Kamiakun* re family name, and to Chief Cleveland Kamiakun*. [(1) "Early Conditions among the Yakimas in Kamiakin's Time." 1 p MS. (2) "Data concerning Chief Kamiakun." Chief Waters. 2 pp notes. (3) "Chief Kamiakun. By his oldest living son Tomio Kamiakun." 1 p MS. (4) "Domain of the Yakima Chiefs, Signers of the 1855 Treaty." Louis Mann* (chiefly), June 9 (year?). 1 p MS. (5) 1 p notes on Kamiakin. Louis Mann, Nov. 15, 1922. (McW's note: "In Yakima parlance, Kamiakun was termed a Paloos tribesman, notwithstanding his mother was a full blood Yakima. The Yakimas blamed him for all their troubles growing out of the war."). (6) "Incidents of the Yakima War, 1855-1856." 1 p MS. (7) 1 p notes on Kamiakun: "By Tom Smartlowit, Yakima War." (8) "Tribal Affiliations of the Yakima Signers to the Treaty of June 9, 1855. (Given by Louis Mann and other old tribesmen.)" 1 p MS. (9) "Clans of the Yakimas Who Were Present at the Treaty of Walla Walla 1855, and Who Met Col. Wright* in a Treaty of Peace later in the Nachese. As Given by Chief We-yallup Wa-ya-cika*." 1 p MS. (10) "The Chiefs of Some of the Columbia River Tribes." Wasco Jim, July, 1918. 1 p MS. (11) "Tribal Warfare."
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Subseries 2.2: Yakima Indian War (1855-1858) & Yakamas cont
  127 cont Lo-páh-hin*, March 30, 1922. 1 p MS. (12) "A Tragedy in Indian Tribal Life." Simon Goudy*, Dec., 1918. 1 p MS. (13) "The Story of Chief Wy-cas One-pi-née, or Shee-ah-cotte. The Tenth Signer to the Treaty of Walla Walla, 1855. Narrated by His Son: Sat-kat, known as One Pin; corrupted from One-pin-nee, or One-pine." 3 pp MS with cl. (14) "Incidents in Indian Tribal Warfare. (Payute Indian Wars.)" Mrs. Caesar Williams. 2 pp MS. (15) 6 pp lets. (16) 2 pp notes on Kamiakun from Life, Letters, and Travels of Father Peter [Pierre] Jean De Smet, Sr. 1801-1813, Hiram Martin Chittenden and Alfred Talbot Richardson, New York: Francis P. Harper, 1905. Vol. III. (17) "Statement by Warrior Twi-was Tokia-kun." 1 p MS. (18) "Note to Story of Koo-Tiakun." 1 p MS. (19) Miscellaneous notes re Yakima Treaty, Chief White Swan*, Kamiakun*.]
  128 Concerning Chief Moses*. Folder Containing a Medley of Manuscripts. 1919-1939. c65 lets, notes, MSS, MS frags, cls. Corrs: Louis Mann*, Arthur E. Griffin, H.B. Miller, Harry Lee Bailey*, Dr. and Mrs. White Elk*, Ruth C. Beelie, George H. Himes, William D. Heaton, Edward M. Miller (re Chief Umtoch). [Corr, with notes, cls, and frags: Battle at Union Gap*, The Yakima Daily Republic, nd. Chief Moses. Sales of Indian allotments. Minor business matters and personal affairs. (1) "An Extensive Village Site on the Columbia. Ruins on Cold Creek, Benton County, Wash. L.V. McWhorter* and Earl O. Roberts. August 25-26, 1923." 3 pp MS. (2) "The Sokulks of Priest Rapids, Washington." 4 pp MS. (3) "Character of Chief Moses." 1 p MS. See also Folder 560 for sketch map: "Trail supposedly travelled by Chief Moses going to the Sound Country."]

Subseries 2.3: Tribal Wars
  129 Tribal Wars: Histo* Modoc and Bannock. 1909-1916, nd. c60 pp MSS, notes, lets. [(1) Two cops "Story of the Bannock War." a) One marked: "Histo's Narrative. Duplicate." 16 pp MS with note and cl announcement of Histo's death. b) Original of the story. Wm. Charley*, interpreter. 16 pp MS. Two lets, appended McW and J.L. Davenport, 1909, re pension for Histo. With note: "Histo now draws pension of $20.00 per month and rec'd back pay. Oct. 30, 1925." 3 pp. (2) "Histo's Narrative of the Modoc War." Wm. Charley, interpreter, July 8, 1910. 12 pp MS. (3) Notes and additions for Histo's story: "An Incident of the Modoc War"; "The Headless Warrior." 2 pp. (4) "Histo's Narrative of his Father." Wm. Charley, interpreter. 4 pp MS with 1 p note. (5) "Note to Go with Histo's Narrative of the Modoc War." Caesar Williams*. 2 pp. (6) "Topplish: 'White Earth.' Warmsprings tribe. (7) "Personality of Histo." Histo, Sept. 4, 1916. 1 p MS. (8) "The Source of Histo's Power as a Warrior." Wm. Charley, interpreter, Sept. 3, 1916. 1 p MS.]
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Subseries 2.3: Tribal Wars cont
  130 [Lieutenant Mitchell. Rogue River Indian War.] 1913-1923, nd. c110 pp MSS, notes. [(1) "Pit River Indian War, 1855, as told by Capt. John Mitchell (1913)," 14 pp handwritten MS. (2) "Lieut. Mitchell." 8 pp MS with 2 pp notes. (3) "Narration of Corporal John Mitchell, Oregon Volunteer, 2nd Reg. Mounted Dragoons, Rogue River Indian War, 1856 (1913)." 31 pp handwritten MS with note and 1913 cl on Mitchell. (4) "Lieut. Mitchell." 32 pp MS. (5) Two cops let (to Mitchell from Frank D. Brown, Phillipsburg, Montana. March 7, [19]14.) (6) "Private Hanley's Story." 8 pp, MS and notes.]
  131 Historic Bannock War, 1878. 1916-1926, nd. c35 pp MSS, lets, cl, notes. [(1) "The Perkins Murder." John M. Edwards*. 9 pp MS with 1922 McW* let and cl. (McW notes that this is dup of paper written for the Washington State Historical Society.) (2) "Incidents of Piute War and the Perkins Murder." William Charley, interpreter. 6 pp MS. (3) "An Incident of Piute War and the Perkins' [sic] Murder." Mrs. Caesar Williams, Sept. 1916. 2 pp MS. (4) "Concerning the 'Gunboat' on the Columbia, and the Perkins Murder." Jim Sch-yowit; Louis Mann*, interpreter, June 26, 1917. 1 p MS with 1925-1926 lets, W.C. Burgen, cl, and notes. (5) "Mr. W.Z. York's statement of his fight with the Indians in Yakima City jail. Given personally to L.V.McWhorter, Dec. 14, 1917." 2 pp MS with cl. (6) Notes from General Howard's report in the Annual Report of the Secretary of War, 1878, Vol. 1, pp 209-210. 4 pp.]
  132 Pertaining to Bannack [sic] War. Lieut. Farror's [William T. Farrar?] Tukurika Campaign. Colonel W.C. Brown. 1921-1942, nd. 96 pp lets, MSS, notes, cls. Corrs: Wilbur Fisk Brock, J.W. Redington, Gen. W.C. Brown, Harry Lee Bailey, Ollie Jordan, Mrs. C. Brenner (Po-gum-bie, Chokecherry). [Re Chief Egan, Bannock War, Pauite War, Chief Winnemucca, Sarah Winnemucca, Father Wilbur, Lieut. Farrow [Farror]. (1) "The Story of Julia Bannock; Nez Perce Allottee, 982." (2) "Incident of the Piute War 1878." (3) "Death of Chief Egan, Bannack, 1878." (4) "Personal Observations and Opinions of W.F. Brock ... ." (5) " copy of letter written by Mr. Wilbur F. Brock, Summerville P.O., Oregon, June 7, 1932; to Mr. J. Harley Horner, President of the Wallowa County (Oregon)* Historical Society, Beaverton, Oregon. Carbon copies furnished T.C. Elliott, and Col. J.W. Redinkton [Redington]." (6) Let, J.W. Redington, 1932, re Lieut. Farrow [Farror] and Gen. W.C. Brown. (7 pp). (7) Lets, Gen. W.C. Brown, 1932, re "Sheepeater Indian Campaign, 1879." (13 pp). (8) Notes. Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1878; and Annual Report of the General of the Army, 1878. (11 pp). (9) Cop of item appearing in Folder1540, #1. (10) Lets. Harry L. Bailey*, 1932. (Bailey's experiences with Indians and related matters). (11) Cl The Idaho Statesman, August 27, 1933. (Col. Redington tells of the severing and boiling of Chief Egan's head). (12) Cl. Blue Mountain Eagle, Canyon City, Oregon, August 26, 1932. (Gen. W.C. Brown on the Bannock War). (13) "Tribal Warfare." Tokiaken Twiwash. Aug. 5, 1921. (1 p MS).]
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Subseries 2.3: Tribal Wars cont
17 133 Fitzgerald and Modoc War. 1929-1934, nd. c50 pp MSS, notes, lets. Corrs: Maurice Fitzgerald, Mrs. Jeanette Parker, W.D. Vincent, Clark A. Brown. [Corr: (1) "The Bannacks [sic] A Warlike tribe of Savages in Eastern Idaho/ Their History and Traditions ... by J.W. Redington." 10 pp MS. (2) "Major W.V. Rinehart An Indian Agent in Troublous [sic] Times: A personal reminiscence." Maurice Fitzgerald. 5 pp MS. (3) c30 pp misc notes, lets, frags, re Modocs, Bannocks, Chief Egan, "random notes Yakima Indians."]
  134 Col[onel] Redington on Bannock War. 1930-1934. 52 pp lets, notes, MSS. Corr: J.W. Redington. [Includes: 17 pp MS "Scouting in Montana. By Col. J.W. Redington Montana Volunteer U.S. Scout and Courier in Nez Perce and Bannack Indian Wars, and Assistant Adjutant General in Oregon, 1879-1883." Corr re Bannocks and their fight with Miles in 1878. Some misc material.]
  135 [Tribal Wars: Miscellaneous.] nd. c118 pp MS. [29 pp MS: "Some Corrections of 'Life on the Plains.'" W. Babcock Hazen. Concerns an article by General Custer published in Galaxy of February 1874, which Hazen says "treats him in a manner which cannot be overlooked." 89 pp MS:The Dismissal of Major Granville O. Haller of the Regular Army, of the United States by order of the Secretary of War, in Special Orders, No. 332 331, of July 25th, 1863. Also a "Brief Memoir of his Military Services and a Few Observations," printed 1863.]

Subseries 2.4: West Virginia History & Miscellaneous
  136 Interesting Copy of Old Letters Pertaining to Western Va. Border History. Kindness of Mr. G.W. Beattie, Highland, California Possibly send to West Va. Archives and History. 1848-1932. c150 lets, cops of lets, notes, MSS, MS frags. Corrs: William S. O'Brien, J. W. Hancock, H.H. Meyer, Edmund J. James, J.K.P. Maxson, G.W. Beattie, Virgil A. Lewis, L.D. Wilmoth, Captain John Sommerville, M.M. Quaife. [Ohio Indian song. Data for Border Settlers. 16 pp MS frag "Old Manuscript Border Settlers*." 12 pp handwritten "Notes given by Wesley Molyhan, Charleston, W. Va." WV local history Four cls, 1900, "Jessie Hughes." McW* notes: "Ravenswood, WV newspaper," c100 pp cops lets apparently all from Draper MS.]
  137 [West Virginia History.] 1889-1942, nd. c20 pp lets, MS, cl. Corrs: C.S. Wilcox, W.G. Hacker, W.H. Holmes, W.F. Ray, Roy A. West, H.C. McWhorter, W. Robert Murray. [The "Haynes Cave" and other WV data. Jesse Hughes. Follow-up data on WV pioneers. Full p cl, "Judge McWhorter Outlines the Great Epic of the Monongahella Valley," Wheeling Intelligencer, January, 27, 1925.]
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Subseries 2.4: West Virginia History & Miscellaneous cont
  138 Old Letters and Manuscripts Gathered When Writing Border Settlers*. All Noted and Obsolete. L.V.M*. 1891-1914, nd. c300 pp lets, MSS, MS frags. Corrs: Mary S. Hall, Gideon M. Heavner, J.T. Hacker, Annie A. Nunns, J.G. Jackson, W.W. Hughes, J.S. Gandee, W.C. Brake, Mrs. Jacob W. Heavner, J.S. Hall, M.M. Quaife, W.B. Cutright, W[illiam] E. Connelley, W.G. Hacker. [Genealogical material. "In the Days of Our Ancestors / A Name / by John Strange Hall." 13 pp handwritten MS. 13 pp MS frag. in same hand. "In the Days of Our Ancestors by John Strange Hall." 11 pp MS. The Times of Our Ancestors, The School House, by John Strange Hall." 7 pp MS. MS and MS frag, cops of "Draper MS, Wisconsin State Historical Society," and other Wisconsin archives material. Photostat pages of Draper MS. "Licking County Pioneer Pamphlets, 1869-1874 ... Our Pioneers. Capt. Elias Hughes and John Ratliff. 1789." 24 pp handwritten copy.]
  139 [West Virginia History.] 1892-1910, nd. c100 pp lets, cls, MS. Corrs: J.H. Mitchell, J.S. Gandee, T.B. Straley, J.S. Hall, G.F. Queen, Edmund J. James, W.B. Morrison, C.S. Wilcox, J.M. McWhorter, Theodore Boyd, Reuben G. Thwaites, M.De Hurst, G.H. Bennett, W.C. Carper, Mamie Hall, Ernest Phillips, E.H. Blair, Sam Atkins. [Re data used by McW in his Border Settlers. Two cls, 1892, Busy Bee, not otherwise ident: "Rock Shelters," by L.V. McWhorter*. Hu Maxwell, "The Native Tribes of West Virginia." Clipped from the West Virginia School Journal. 18.7 (Oct. 1898) Cl, un. "Jesse Hughes." "In the Times of Our Ancestors, by John Strange Hall." 2 pp handwritten MS.]
  140 [West Virginia History.] 1900-1917, nd. c200 pp lets, cops documents, war department records, notes. Corrs: Anna McWhorter Thomas, B.R. McWhorter, B.O. McWhorter, John McWhorter, E.H. McWhorter, L. McWhorter, Hu Maxwell, V. Warner, Beverly, L. Rogers, Ira L. Peters, L.G. Rogers, Virgil A. Lewis, J.L. Davenport, F.C. Anisworth, J.P. Pfelt. [McWhorter family genealogy. "Descendants of John McWhorter. Son of Hugh and Jean McWhorter." 6 pp MS WV local history. Hughes family of Virginia and other families of concern for Border Settlers*.]
  141 [West Virginia History.] 1900-1938, nd. c60 pp notes, corr. Corrs: J.S. Gandee, W.A. Proctor. [Corr re West Virginia pioneers.] Part 1. Envelope entitled: "Pertains to the pioneer Hughes families of Northwestern Virginia, now central West Virginia." c20 cls. Part 2. Envelope entitled: "Some of the original notes used in Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia. Also a few newspaper clippings and letters." [Two notebooks with interleaved newsprint. One notebook bears stamped sticker: "L.V. McWhorter* / Dealer in / Scientific / & Indian Historical Books / Berlin, Lewis Co., W.Va" Folder: "McWhorter's Clearance Sale List of Curios and Books L.V. McWhorter, Mason, Ohio."]
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Subseries 2.4: West Virginia History & Miscellaneous cont
18 142 [West Virginia History.] 1901-1932, nd. cl20 pp lets, notes, cops of docs, war department records, MS rough drafts. Corrs: H.F. Wallace, Jeanette C. Alter, Victor H. Paltsits, V. Warner, William E. Connelley, Roy B. Cook, J.M. McWhorter, H.R. McIlwaine, Henry Haymond, W.H. Peterson, A.M. Beck, A.D. Hiller, F.C. Anisworth, Joseph L. Miller, H. Clay Evans. [McWhorter family genealogy. Family data for Border Settlers: Jesse Hughes, West family, etc. Heads of Families at the First Census. "Introduction." Reprint by Director of Census. 4 pp, nd. Personal and family matters.]
  143 "Connelley's* Letters." 1902-1915, nd. c60 pp lets. Corr: William E. Connelley, A.L. Keith, R.G. Thwaites. [Indian artifacts. Writing projects of mutual interest. WV and KY local history.]
  144 [West Virginia History.] 1902-1922, nd. c200 pp lets, cops documents, war department records, pension records, notes. Corrs: S.M. Price, Henry Haymond, H.R. McIlwaine, H.H.B. Meyer, J.L. Farnum, V. Warner, X.P. Bent, Katherine C. Ricks, F.C. Anisworth. [Data on individuals and families for Border Settlers*.]
  145 [West Virginia History.] 1904-1944, nd. c50 pp lets, cls, MS. Corrs: Minnie Kendall Lowther, Elizabeth F.G. Hiestand, O.A. West, P.W. Washington, Paul Hardman, Victoria Hefner, William E. Connelley, Linnie Brake Cunningham, W.H. Holmes, Ovid McWhorter, Connie E. Cutright, E.E. Meredith, Col. H.L. Bailey*, Ira D. Cardiff, and others. [McWhorter family genealogy. Hughes, family. Books desired, bought and sold. "History of Ritchie County. 4 pp MS. Cls, "Do You Remember," by E.E. Meredith. Un, thirteen columns, some discuss McW* and his work in WV local history. Dates of 1935, 1941, 1943. Cl, Clarksburgh, WV, Sunday Exponent-Telegram, February 9, 1941. "McWhorter Native, Aged 80, Is Author of Indian Book." (YW). Minor business matters.]
  146 [West Virginia History.] 1906-1932, nd. c250 pp lets, notes, cops documents, cops Draper MSS from Wisconsin State Historical Society, depositions. Corrs: Harry Slawter, J.H. Wallam, Leta Snodgrass, H.E. Buck, Minnie K. Lowther, Ida M. Munson, Clara D[u Mont] (Mrs. Clark W.)Heavner, Beverly L. Rogers, Lallah Merriam, M.D. McGuffey, A.P.C. Griffin, Alice Palmer, Henry Haymond, J.S. Hall, Welch Bibbee, Joseph S. Reger, Carl Reger, O.A. West, Mrs. Lillie McStalnaker, H.H.B. Meyer, A.L. Keith, R.S. Person. [Data for Border Settlers, similar to above. Requests for further information on material in Border Settlers. Comments by readers.]
  147 Old Letters Pertaining to Border Settlers*. All Noted. (Obsolete). 1907-1914, nd. c265 pp lets, cls. Corrs: William T. Price, J.Strange Hall, J.W. Heaton (?), Julia Maxwell, L.C. Hacker, A.R. Hacker, Ira L. Peters, Minnie Kendall Lowther, Granville S. Lowther, W.M. Morris, J.M. McWhorter, Clark W. Hilmick, W.M. Bird, Chas. H. Washburn, Lloyd Washburn, Walter (Morris?), J.S. McWhorter, A.M.V. Arbogast, Lee Reger Heavner, E. Reger Heavner, W.C. Carper, Mrs. Jacob W.
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18 cont  

Subseries 2.4: West Virginia History & Miscellaneous cont
  147 cont Heavner, G[ideon] M. Heavner, Pairsy Hall Thatcher, Mrs. R.T. (May?), W.G. Hacker. [Re West Virginia. Hughes family. Includes 10 pp MS notes "Origin of names of streams," in McW's* handwriting. Seven cls, "The Pioneers," from ns., nd. newspaper.]
19 148 [West Virginia History.] 1907-1926, nd. c300 pp lets, cops of lets, notes, depositions, war record copies. Corrs: Harry Slawter, T. Jackson Seay, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, B.F. Rogers, A.A. McCarthy, A.L. Keith, J.M. McWhorter, C.S. Wilcox, D.B. Hinzman, H.J. Eckenrode, Daniel Hurst, Elenor Hurst, George A. Hurst, H.C. McWhorter, V. Warner, E.S. McWhorter, William L. Post, Sam Alkine, H.R. McIlwaine, Nicholas Alkine, E. Reger Heavner, W.C. Cooper. [WV genealogies. Books bought, sold and desired. Jesse Hughes material. Personal and family matters.]
  149 [William (E.) Connelley*.] 1907-1929, nd. c35 pp lets, cls, MS. Corr: William E. Connelley. [Old books of the West. Connelley's writing projects. Misc cls, chiefly from West Virginia papers, re McW* and MS Border Settlers*. One let from Nipo Strongheart, E.E. Meredith.]
  150 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1940. 5 pp mimeo material, printed matter. ["Indians Have Given Much to Civilization," by Aren Arweks. Astoria Centennial* Souvenir Programme, Aug. 22, 1911.]
  151 [West Virginia History.] 1914-1932, nd. Corrs: D.B. Reger, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, E.E. Keister, G.F.Queen, G.W.Beattie. [c75 pp lists of subscribers and orders for Border Settlers*.]
  152 [West Virginia History.] 1916, nd. 15 pp lets, MSS. Corr: Roy B. Cook. [WV local history. "The Buried Treasure." 4 pp MS. "Washington's Plan for Inland Navigation." 9 pp MS. "Excavations at Logan, West Virginia."]
  153 [West Virginia History.] 1917, nd. c20 pp notes, lets, memos. Corrs: Everett Hughes, William H. Cobb, Sallie W.P. Hoover, Ed Swisher, W C. Dodrill, J. Slidell Brown, Mrs. Porter Arnold; J.M. Callahan. [Jesse Hughes memorial. Cl re McW*, Upshur Record, Buckhannon, WV, Dec. 21, 1917.]
  154 [West Virginia History.] 1919-1943, nd. c35 pp lets, cls, book advertising material. Corrs: C. Donne Cook, Roy A. West, Jane Lew, William Charley*, W.F. Ray, Leni Jenkins McWhorter, Mrs. H.B. Longsworth. [6 cls, "Fort Jefferson." 1 ident: Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dec. 11, 1932. Cl "Do You Remember?" by E.E. Meredith, un, discusses Border Settlers. Comments by readers. Personal affairs.]
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19 cont  

Subseries 2.4: West Virginia History & Miscellaneous cont
  155 [Indian History.] 1930, nd. 20 pp MSS. ["Col. Benjamin Logan's Expedition against the Mac-a-cheek or Logan County Indian Villages," by O.K. Reams, 1930. 6 pp typed MS. "The Early Missionary Movement at Zanesfield, Ohio," by O.K. Reams, nd. 6 pp MS. "Excerpts from Manuscript written by Don C. Fisher, Moscow, Idaho. The Murders on Salmon River." nd, 8 pp.]
  156 [American Military History Foundation.] 1934-1935. 10 pp mimeo material.
  157 [West Virginia History.] nd. 27 pp handwritten MS concerning Tecumseh and his "raid on the Waggoner family." [No title, ns].

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence
  158 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1886-1944. c200 pp lets, arranged in groups. [(a) c30 pp lets. Corr: J.E. Vandersloot, J.P. MacLean. (b) c75 pp lets. 1936-1943. Corrs: C.W. Fitch, Don Russell, Thomas W. Alford, Mae Nalder, John Collier, William C. Brown, E.A. Brininstool, Chief Luther Standing Bear, J.W. Todd, Jr., Mrs. S.M. Orton, Louis F. Grill, M. De Hurst, M.J. Walsh, Harvey K. Meyer, Sun-Rise, M.D. Beal, Ovid McWhorter, Fay M. Orton, Harlow Lindey. Books bought and sold. Misc Indian affairs. Personal. (c) c35 pp lets. 1926-1940. Corrs: Buffalo Ben Olney*, Mrs. Martha Spencer, Simon Goudy*, Amos Wilkinson, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Tony Umtuch, Thomas Lindsley, Yellow Wolf*, Andrew Garcia*, Mrs. Yellow Wolfe, Charley Charles, Oscar H. Lipps, C.C. Todd. Chiefly personal matters. (d) c30 pp lets. 1902-1925. Corrs: Mrs. White Elk, C.E. Rusk, Jennie M. Lewis*, Mrs. H. Warner Roseburg, W.A. Morgan, Adrian McCroskey, B. M. McCroskey, John Whiting, R.G. Thwaites, Mabel A. Ferris, J.M. Cornelison, Birdie McCroskey, J.C. Morris, C.E. Rusk, H.P. Napton, Margaret ("Toots") (Lewis), John D. Lynch, Cecil A. Wiley. Minor business matters. Personal. (e) c30 pp lets. 1943-1944. Corrs: Ernest J. Wessen, Thomas E. Dewey Wessen, Don Russell, Marjorie G. Park. Buying and selling books. (f) c35 pp lets. 1925-1926. Corr: Alonzo Victor Lewis. Indian affairs. Personal.]
20 159 [Correspondence: Books & Miscellaneous.] 1889-1931, nd. 145 pp corr, notes, cls, printed matter, misc. This folder contains material found in copies of books owned by McWhorter*. The correspondence and notes, arranged chronologically, primarily concern book exchanges or purchases. Corrs: W.H. Holmes, James C. Pilling, J.R. Nissley, Hu Maxwell, C.S. McWhorter, J. Strange Hall, J.L. Farnum, L.V. McWhorter, A.B. Ostrander, J.H. Alexander, Warren K. Moorehead, J.P. MacLean, S.M. Brosius, Mrs. Oda E. Roberts, Houghton Mifflin Company, T.C. Elliot, Heister Dean Guie, W.D. Vincent. [H.R. 6131 "An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to erect a marker or tablet on the site of the battle between Nez Perce Indians under Chief Joseph* and the command of Nelson A. Miles," 71st.
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20 cont  

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  159 cont Congress, 1930. (Two copies). S. 6693 "A Bill to provide water for irrigating* lands of the Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington, and for other purposes." 62d. Congress, 2d. Session, 1912. Misc notes and marginalia.] Note: Full bibliographic records for copies of the books associated with the items in this folder may be found by doing an "author" search on "McWhorter Collection" in the WSU Libraries online catalog.
  160 Notebook. c1893-1898. [Contains names and addresses of dealers and collectors of Indian relics.] 1617.
  161 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1894-1910. 14 pp lets. Corrs: J.P. MacLean, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, Warrren K. Moorehead. [McW's* earliest writing ventures.]
  162 [Correspondence: Personal.] 1894-1916. c30 pp lets. Corrs: Simon Goudy*, E.W. Gibson, Caesar Williams*, C.M. Furry, J.W. Langdon, G.B. Kuykendall, Thomas Lindsley, W.S. Laidley, Edith R. Hill, Mrs. Lee Keedick, R.C. Meyers, J.B.D. McWhorter. [Personal and business affairs. Release of James Johnson, Indian convicted of murder, from the state penitentiary. McW's* publications.]
  163 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1895-1906, nd. c75 pp McW letterheads, printed material. [Price lists and advertising material for Indian relics, relating to McW's* WV and Ohio periods. Announcement of public sale of McW's property in Savona, Ohio, February 26, 1903, "when intending to go west."]
  164 [Miscellaneous Material.] 1895-1945, nd. [Personal mementos of McW's* life and death. Lets of recommendation re McW's move from W.V. to Ohio. Testimonials. Invitation (WSC/E.O. Holland). Cl, Yakima Daily Republic, Jan.(?) 30, 1940. Re L.V. McWhorter's eightieth birthday. Misc. newspapers: The Yakima Daily Republic, Oct. 10, 1944, Nov. 19, 1945, re relics* "gathered by Late L.V. McWhorter" and WW II.; Spokane Daily Chronicle, Oct. 31, 1925, re Indian Congress.]
  165 [Correspondence: Personal.] 1898-1909. c300 pp lets, arranged in groups. Corr: J.M. McWhorter. [Personal and family matters.] [(a) 5 pp typed manuscript: summary of life of J.M. McWhorter, L.V. McW's father, written by J.C. (Jack) McWhorter with 6 pp notes by J.M. McW and L.V. McW*. 61 pp MS of lectures, sermons, poems of J.M. McWhorter. (b) c80 pp corrs J.M. McW to L.V. McW. (c) c65 pp corrs J.M. McW to L.V. McW.]
  166 [Miscellaneous Material.] 1900-1945, nd. [Personal mementos, chiefly certificates and cards of membership in various historical societies, lodges, fraternal organizations.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
21 167 Concerning [The] Discards, etc. 1903-1922. 23 pp lets. Corrs: O.L. Babcock, William Charley*, Arthur L. Keith, William V. Niess, Mrs. R.H. Garland, William E. Connelley, Linnie Brake Cunningham, H.C. Slutrone, H.E. Buck, H. Stanley Coffin, Arthur Coffin, John Cullen, George G. Heye, Leni McWhorter, Frank Starcher, Henry M. Withers. [Chiefly concerns sales of two McW* pamphlets: The Crime Against the Yakimas, and The Discards.]
  168 [Memorabilia.] 1904-1943, nd. Cls, let, ephemera. Corr: Judy McWhorter (G ?). [Note: This file includes a letter dated 1984 that relates to "Big Foot's" Devon Cattle Ranch, c1903-1906; however, it is not part of the original accession. Re Dick McWhorter, family papers.]
  169 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1905-1934. c150 pp lets. Corrs: William S. Lewis, James Bever, A.B. Brooks, Jennie H. Lattin, Martha McKelvie, Martin A. Russert, M.M. Quaife, William G. Perrow, Pamelia Pearl Jones, Lawrence E. Lindley, Mildred H. Pope, William E. Connelley, R.G. Bailey, Rev. Frederic H.K. Soll, L.O. Honig, Elta M. Arnold, John Van Male, Oscar M. Waddell, F.M. Simpson, Leslie E. Bliss, Ora Conaway (Mrs. W. St. (?), Charles [H.] Carpenter, Mrs. Tom Seely, James M. Ashton, [Alonzo] Laow tic Tic il pilp Lewis, Mrs. Anne McDonnell, Carl G. Doney, A.B. Brooks, John G. Brown, Mrs. Fred White, C.A. Smith, J.V. Tallman, Ruth Harris, Walter W. Liggett, Eugene Meacham, Jessica Parry-Lehman, Chester A. Fee, John C. Goodfellow, F[rank] J. Engles, Augusta Eastland, Merrill Jensen, A.C. Bright, Robert A. McClure, M.W. Stirling, E.V.Kuykendall. [Jones Bill. Book orders and lists of books for sale. Personal and minor business matters.]
  170 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1906-1913. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Peter Mox-Mox, Caesar Williams*, William Charley*, Alva Cleparty, Chief George Menihnok*, Thomas Umtuch, Job Cato (Casto), Samantha (Marple) Cato (Casto),Charley Charles, Sam Wilson, Jim Winershut, Paul Williams, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Ira Tashwict, Frank Meachem, John Billy, Willie Sam. [Personal and domestic affairs. Plans to attend various Indian gatherings.]
  171 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1906-1916, nd. c80 pp lets. Corrs: Peter Mox-mox, John Billy, Mrs. Peter Mox-mox, White Bird, Willer Wa tash nashute, We-yo-ka-sha-not (Weyow-ka-sha-not We-uk-san-at), Lancaster Spencer, Tom Waters, Caesar Williams*, Mrs. L. Ward, Mrs. J.D. Springston, Willie Sam, H.C. Temple, Willie Stone, Henry Haymond, E. Roger Heavner, Jacob W. Heavner, Birdie McCroskey, A.W. McWhorter, Warren K. Moorehead, J.P. MacLean, J.K. Ruebush, William E. Connelley, J.S. McWhorter, James Wm. Martin, Emma L. Muilkey, George Carver Howard. [Indian costume articles being made for McW*. Indian artifacts* for exhibit.]
  172 Correspondence Relating to Chief Joseph's Tally Sticks. Letters from Miss Heberd, University of Wyoming. Letters from Ovid T. McW, of Historic Interest [sic]. 1906-1939, nd. 14 pp lets. Corrs: Grace Raymond Heberd, W.D.
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  172 cont Vincent, Garrett B. Hunt, Ovid McWhorter. [Shoshone scouts with 5th Cavalry in the Nez Perce campaign of 1877 under Colonel Merritt. Chief Joseph's* tally-sticks, and Smoholla. Two "humorous" stories about a Chinese restaurant in Lake County, Oregon.]
  173 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1907-1915, nd. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Yellow Wolf (White Thunder)*, Amos McDonald, Thomas Umtuch, Jr., Harvey Schuster, William Charley*, David Williams*, Caesar Williams*, L.W. Wilson, Peter S. Wannamsie, Birdie McCroskey, Lancaster Spencer, Simon Goudy*, Silas D. Whitman. [Personal and minor business matters. Local Indian affairs and Indian domestic problems.]
  174 [Correspondence: Personal.] 1907-1936. c250 pp lets, MSS, cls. Corr: J.C. (Jack) McWhorter. [Mostly personal and family matters. Some reference to The Scout of the Buckonhehanon, by J.C. McW. Poems by J.C. McW. Speech on a religious subject marked J.C. McW, 1910. 29 pp MS. Misc cls, editorials and columns written by J.C. McW.]
  175 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1907-1938. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Everett S. Dam, Calista M. Dowling, G.P. Hurst, Philena Dyer, Birdie McCroskey, Isabel Crawford, D.E. Clark, William E. Connelley, E.M. Cherry, William Charley*, W.A. Alderman, Thomas Andrews, Richard Allen, William E. Johnson, George H. Himes, Mrs. A.M. Haven, L.F. Jackson, J.M. Jayne, C.M. Jackson, John W. Hays, C.C. Hutchins. [McW's The Crime Against the Yakimas. Indian rodeos. Personal affairs. Wanapum Indians. Priest Rapids.]
22 176 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1907-1944, nd. c130 pp lets. Corrs: Samuel Tilden, Camille Williams, E.A. Brininstool, J.K. Rollinson, Martha (Mrs. Sam R.) McKelvie, Andrew Garcia*, Ollie Jordan, Susie White*, Chief Luther Standing Bear, Jesse Red Heart, James Red Heart, Homer L. Morrison, W.P. Bonney, C.L. Andrews, Francis M. Rookstool, Fred B. Rogers, Jerome Peltier, Mrs. L.C. Bennett, Lucile K. Bundy, J.W. Todd, Jr., Charles Miles, Mrs. M.S. Hineman, Frank Lowther, Mrs. Harry B. Longsworth, Martin A. Russert, Robert Johnson, Alex Saluskin, Kate Williams, George T. Brigg, Henry J. Rust, F.L. Pickett, Jack Lamb, Silas Cross, Thomas Hughes, Fannie C. Dillon, Grace C. Gardner, Sadie Telakish. [Personal matters and already published work.. Includes 7 pp typescript material relating to Life of Jesse Hughes, chiefly genealogical notes.]
  177 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1908-1916. c70 pp lets. Corrs: Carlos Montezuma, Jackson Buffloo (Jackson Sundown), Roy B. Cook, Lancaster Spencer, T. Jackson, A.A. Tremp, H.L. Henderson, George Peo-peo Tolikt [Tholekt]*, M.M. Quaife, Caesar Williams*, Don M. Carr, Mrs. One Pin, L.H. Heilman, Charli[e] Wesley, Stwire G. Waters, Peter McGuff, John Billy, H.B. Rigg. [Historic marker* sites. Local Indian affairs. Indian fishing rights*. Astoria Centennial Celebration*. Suit involving the Northern Pacific Railroad and Albert One Pin, or One Penne, in 1916 accident. Personal and misc.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  178 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1909-1916. c25 pp lets. Corrs: J.P. MacLean, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, J.S. (Scott?) McWhorter, Ralph McWhorter, Hu Maxwell, Birdie McCroskey, L.D. McWhorter, Ralph McWhorter, Eleanore E. Lothrop, Joel Munsell, W.H. Holmes, F.W. Hodge, W.G. McWhorter, Joe McWhorter. [Chiefly re McW's* Border Settlers. Suggestions from Smithsonian about best way to collect and preserve Indian legends.]
  179 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1909-1916. 67 pp lets. Corrs: Caesar Williams* (chiefly), C.A. Watts, Thomas Waters, Stwire G. Waters, Harvey Schuster, Ira Tashwict, Henry Tashwict, Chief Um-tee-bee, Smith Luce-i, Peter McGuff, J.R. Sack, W.W. Stewart, Cato Sells, Bo Sweeney, John Billy, George A. Vincent, N.J. (Smith?), William E. Johnson, Simon Goudy*. [Personal affairs of Caesar Williams. Indian shows and exhibitions. Indian legends. Personal and misc.]
  180 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1909-1920. c75 pp lets. Corrs: Jason Lee, Yellow Wolf*, Miles Poindexter, Jasper Yellow Wolf, Chief Yum-Tee-Bee, Chas. Wesley, David Williams*, Louis Mann*, Frank Meachem, William Charley*, Arthur C. Parker, S.M. Brosius. [A desired picture of Yellow Wolf. Local Indian organizations. Indian fishing* rights. Personal and misc.]
  181 [Correspondence: Border Settlers*.] 1909-1932. c200 pp notes, MS frags, cls, lets. Corrs. Clifford E. Jones, E.E. Meredith, G.B. Waggoner, B.H. Oxley, W.H. Hughes, M. McWhorter, W.H. Holmes, R.G. Thwaites, Clifford R. Meyers, W.E. Connelley*, Kirk Mechem, Charles H. Carpenter, G.F. Queen, (E.L.M. ?). [Border Settlers and misc.]
  182 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1909-1940, nd. c65 pp lets, c40 misc cls. Corrs: George R. Lawson, N.W. Feighner, E.O. Sisson, W.Y. Pemberton, W.D. Vincent, W.P. Bonney, Charles H. Ross, William S. Lewis, Francis A. Garrecht, G.L. Knight, Many Wounds*, R. Hathaway. [Big Hole Battle* and proposed trip to the battlefield. Publishing ventures. Washington State Historical Society business.]
  183 [Correspondence. Manuscripts.] 1909-1942, nd. Let, MSS. Corr: Minnie Kendall Lowther. 4 pp MS: "Edinburgh," ns., Jan. 19, 1909. 8 pp MS: "Art in Shell Among the Ancient Americans. (Indians)," (?) McWhorter, nd.
  184 Historic. Various Letters. 1909-1945, nd. c70 pp lets. Corrs: K.H. Hansen, Albert W. Johnson, Kate Nye, Mrs. Joseph W. Fuld, J.W. McClintic, Agnes A. Lombard, C.F. Schuster, Roy B. Cook, Jas. H. Laubach, George H. Himes, B.R. Perkins, Wilbur C. Morrison, Alexander Leggat, Dunham Wright, Wilbur F. Brock, Robert S. Eakin, Mrs. Anne McDonnell, Charles V. Vickrey, Nipo Strongheart, H.M. Lydenberg, Lois M. Jordan, John K. Gill, H.W. Dorsey, Charles W. Smith, J.D. Smyth, Emil Kopac, W.D. Vincent, Yellow Wolf*. [Sale of McW's* books. Requests for information. War monuments*. Indian language. West Virginia. History. Indian in motion pictures. Book collecting. Misc.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  185 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1910-1915, nd. c60 pp lets. Corrs: William E. Connelley (chiefly), Judge J.C. McWhorter, Elizabeth G. Cary, W.(C.?) Hana, S.M. Brosius, W.M. Bird, Ovid T. McWhorter, H.C. McWhorter, Augustine P. Bond, S.E. Ferris, A.L. Flint, Leon D. Green, H.T. Manning. [McW's* attempts to publish Indian material. Indian water rights*. Ahtanum Creek. Jones Bill. Indian liquor bill. Senator Frank J. Allen. "Feast of the Yakima."]
  186 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1910-1917, nd. c65 pp lets. Corrs: William S. O'Brien, M.L.(?) Shriner, Reuben G. Thwaites, J.M. O'Sullivan, G.B. Kuykendall, J.W. Langdon, R.H. Johnson, Mrs. A.M. Haven, Henry A. Larson, Carroll B. Graves, O.C. Moore, Clara Du Mont (Mrs. Clark W.) Heavner, H.S. Rolston, Paul H. Weyrauch, Addie Wesley Clopton, W.E. Johnson. [Misc personal matters. Indian attendance at fairs/pageants. McW's* publications.]
  187 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1910-1926, nd. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Ira Tashwict, Ha-a-ko-wa-a [Martha Frances McKelvie], Yellow Wolf*, William Wells, S.M. Brosius, Mrs. Brisbois, Harvey Schuster, Saluskin*, White Thunder (Yellow Wolf), Peo-peo Tholekt*, Caesar Williams*, Louis Mann*, Alex McCoy Owl-Child, Harry Jones. [Personal matters.]
  188 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1910-1931. c50 pp lets, Corrs: Weyou-ka-sha-nat (We-you-ka-sha-nat, We-yo-ka-sha-nat, We-uk-sau-at), Yellow Wolf*, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Amos McDonald, Louis Mann*, Joe Moses, Caesar Williams*, Tom Waters, Silas D. Whitman, David Williams*, Jasper Yellow Wolf (or Jasper White Thunder). [Gun buried at the Big Hole. Nez Perce claims to Wallowa Valley. Brotherhood of North American Indians. Yakima Indian land sales. Personal affairs.]
23 189 Misc[ellaneous] Correspondence. 1910-1942. 170 pp lets, MS frag. Corrs: Elmo Scott Watson, C.E.S. Wood*, O.B. Sperlin, Nipo Strongheart, O.A. Fechter, S.M. Brosius, Warren K. Moorehead, Buffalo [Ben Olney]*, C.S. Kingston, Jim James, Emil Kopac, Ovid McWhorter, Caesar Williams*, J.W. Ponsford, Edith Connelly Ross, Simon Goudy*, Don M. Carr, Listening Coyote, W.P. Bonney, F.S. Hall, Thomas Broncheau*, J.M. O'Sullivan, O.J. McGillis, Virgil O. McWhorter, Mrs. Varney, W.H. Holmes, Louis Mann*. [Misc publishing matters and proposed publications. Bear's Paw Mountain Battlefield. Yellow Wolf. Washington State Museum. Washington State Historical Society. Indian Rights Association. Wounded Knee Campaign. Local Indian affairs. Fort Simcoe*. Personal and misc. "Statement of John J. Lewis, Government Freighter, Wounded Knee Campaign." 11 pp MS frag. "The Revelation of Nah-Shut." William Charley*, interpreter, July 1910. 14 pp MS.]
  190 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1927. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Yellow Wolf*, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Piatt Wigner, Louis Mann*, William Charley*, Thomas Umtuch, Caesar Williams*, Birdie McCroskey, S.G. Waters, Jennie R. Nichols, J.M. Lewis*, Barbara Fossett, Listening Coyote, Simon Goudy*, May-wee-Peo-peo-Hi-hi [Elizabeth G. Cary]. [Personal matters. Local Indian affairs and Indian domestic problems.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  191 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1927, nd. c100 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: Alonzo Victor Lewis, C.B. Francis, C.E. Rusk, Harry (?) Tashwict, Red Fox Skiuhushu, Mrs. White Elk, Louis C. Mann*, Stwire G. Waters, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Clara Sealander, Yellow Wolfe*, J.E. Standley, S.M. Brosius, May-wee-peo-peo-Hi-hi [Elizabeth G. Carey], M.A. Silver. ["San Carlos Irrigation Project in Arizona." Sixty-Eighth Congress, First Session. Senate Report No. 129. Cl, un, Oct. 28, 1923, "Warriors of Old," Col. F.A. Boutelle, of Seattle, and Histo*, Nez Perce who fought the outlaws of Captain Jack (Peach-te-lá-la)*. Louis Mann's domestic problems. Securing Indian wampum and other artifacts. Personal and misc.]
  192 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1932, nd. 21 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: Yellow Wolf (White Thunder)*, White Bird, L.G. Rogers, Lancaster Spencer, J.M. Lewis*, Caesar Williams*, Louis Mann*, Jas.Y[ellow] Wolfe, Birdie McCroskey, Jennie R. Nichols [Maggie Jiggs], Inez Tracy, James McWhorter, James Wm. Martin, "Toots" [Margaret Lewis], Charles McWhorter, Alva Cleparty, Ha-a-ko-wa-a [Martha McKelvie], Joe McWhorter (?), Dent Jenkins (?). [Personal and minor business matters. Minor troubles of local Indians. Cop American Advance: A National Progressive Prohibition Weekly, August 10, 1912, with article, "American Advance Unearths More Frauds on Indian."]
  193 [Correspondence.] 1911-1943, nd. c65 pp lets. Corrs: E.A. Brininstool, W.P. Bonney, Duncan McDonald*, Sunflower (Secretary National League for American Indians), Camille Williams, William Charley*, Helen A. Howard, Louis Mann*, W.E. Johnson, William E. Kearns, Charles B. Gibson, Mrs. Joseph W. Fuld, James Griffin, Edward G. Swindell, Jr., Nancy Wilson Ross, F[rank] J. Engles, Caesar Williams*. [Let to Chief Thunder Bird. Petitions of Alex Teio, Chief Tecumseh Ya-ka-towit and others, asking the "white man" to honor the treaty of June 9, 1855, which would have stopped sales of whiskey to Indians. Material for Nez Perce history. Markers for battle sites in Washington. Local and national Indian affairs. Fishing rights* for Wana Pum (Sokulk) Indians. Smoholla and the Dreamer religion. (McW* holds that Smoholla did not originate this sect.) Notes on Indian land tenure under the Allotment Act of 1887. 5 pp radio script interview with McW explaining his interest in the Yakima Indians and telling of his adoption into the Yakima tribe in 1908. "The Reporter," July 1943. Pamphlet published by the Allen County Historical Society.]
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23 cont  

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  194 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1911-1944, nd. c40 pp lets, cls, printed material. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, Chapin D. Foster, Alonzo Victor Lewis, M.D. Beal, Jean C. Davidson, William O. Douglas, Ovid McWhorter, P.H. Kemerer, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Cullen. [Constitution and By-laws of Washington State Historical Society, 1911. Cl, un, nd, "Yellow Wolf*, Indian Patriot," by Elmo Scott Watson. Cl, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Nov. 21, 1942, re Alonzo Victor Lewis. Cl, Yakima Republic, Aug. 13, 1939, "L.V. McWhorter Becomes Indian Lore Specialist." Cl, Wenatchee Daily World, Jan. 10, 1936, "'Wonders of Geyserland' Lifts the Curtain on Stirring Times-Life and Death in 1877 Told. Story of Chief Yellow Wolf* And Famous Last Stand of Joseph's* Tribesmen Vividly Related by L.V. McWhorter* and H.D. Guie." Historical society and minor business matters.]
  195 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1944, nd. c60 pp lets, notes, printed material. Corrs: Fay M. Orton, Mike Kirk, Mrs. L.C. Bennett, Don Russell, E.A. Brininstool, Emil Kopac, Billie Mason, Lucile K. Bundy, Lancaster Pollard, Lily Norling Hardwick, Franklin L. Burdette, J.H. Horner, Francis M. Rookstool, Chief Luther Standing Bear, C.L. Andrews, Barney Bertinetti; Esther Jerabek, Phil H. Gallagher, Elizabeth Stonestreet, Doris Laney, Velma Brown, Homer L. Morrison. [Personal and minor business matters. Canoe race at Astoria, Oregon, Centennial in 1911. Let from C.L. Andrews, Dec 6, 1930, re corporate reindeer business in Nome, Alaska*. Misc notes, one re Red Fox. Sioux uprising in Minnesota in 1862. 17 pp pamphlet Constitution and By-Laws of Washington State Historical Society, Olympia, 1911. 1911 notice of copyright registration issued to McW*. Cops folder commemorating dedication of Lewis and Clark Monument, Columbia, Snake River Park, Pasco, Washington, 1927.]
  196 For State Hist So[cie]ty. Louis Mann* Letters. 1912-1920. c160 pp lets. Corrs: Louis Mann, Simon Goudy*. [Domestic affairs and land troubles of Louis Mann.]
  197 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1912-1926. c50 pp lets, cls, printed notices. Corrs: Ernest Bruncken, W.H. Cole, Thorvald Solberg. [Full p cl, Sunday Telegram / Elmira Star-Gazette, Elmira, NY, March 8, 1925. Well[-] Known Friend of the American Indian Pays the City a Visit / Attorney Joseph Latimer, Who is Caring on Fight for Indian, Pays Hornell a Visit. Copyright notices to the Library of Congress Copyright Office filed by McW* for various phs and for the magazine, The American Indian Tepee.]
  198 [Ahtanum Water Rights*.] 1912-1941, nd. c50 pp lets, cls. Corrs: Lyle Keith, William C. Brown, Anne McDonnell, Elta M. Arnold, Fannie C. Dillon, R.S. Ellison, Mary Narby Cottrell, Louis Mann*, Jewel L. Gibson, W.H. Miner, W.P. Bonney, Rita Sun-Rise. [Four cls Yakima Daily Republic, July 14, 1927, re Ahtanum water rights. 3 pp bulletin Seventieth Congress Bulletin No. 8, The American Indian Defense Association. Need for Immediate Action on the California Court of Claims House Resolution 491 (The New Johnson-Lee Bill.)" Indian publications. Louis Mann and Ahtanum water rights. Personal and minor business matters.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
24 199 [Miscellaneous Articles.] 1912-1944, nd. c140 pp MS, MS frags, lets. Corrs: Orval D. Peterson, Genevieve Brown. [(1) "The Dreamer Religion of the Yakima Indians, by L.V. McWhorter*." Four versions, five cops. (2) "Indian Rock Carvings and Paintings*." MS of speech given by McW in Prosser, "about 1938." Two cops. (3) "The Berry Feasts of the Yakimas, at the Pom-Pom House of Billie Stahies, Sunday, August 11, 1912." 17 pp handwritten MS. (4) "The Hunt of 1912." 42 pp handwritten MS. (5) "Data about Fort Simcoe*, Yakima County, Washington...." 2 pp carbon. (6) "A Hunting Trip by L.V. McWhorter in 1878." 11 pp MS, with photocopy of picture of rifle and knife carried by author.]
  200 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1913-1915, nd. c60 pp lets. Corrs: Isabel Crawford, Henry Wick, E.S. Ricker, M. De Hurst, John Clark, H.S. Crocker, E.H. Anderson, Mrs. H.H. Greene, A.R. Hacker, W.T. Price, Rose Foreman, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, Horace Edwin Hayden, E.H. McWhorter, L.D. Arnett, J.T. Davis, Ralph McWhorter, D.G. McWhorter, Edmund J. James, Birdie McCroskey, W.H. Cobb, N.(?)A. McWhorter, W.D. Nutter, W.M. Morris, Ruby L. Vanhorn, William S. O'Brien, Omar V. Marple, Thomas Hughes, Ray Reger, John N. James, C.S. McWhorter, W.W. Hughes, Warren B. Kittle, S.L. Allender, L.E. McWhorter, W.L. Hughes, J.P. Dunn, D.J. Gordon, Mrs. J.D. Springston, Boyd B. Stutler, G.B. Waggoner, A.F. Berlin, A.B. McWhorter, William E. Connelley, H.R. McIlwaine, A.W. McWhorter, E.H. McWhorter, M.L. Hickman, C.L. Lowther, Nelson A. Swartz, Lloyd B. Ferrel. [Orders for McW's The Crime Against the Yakimas*. Letters from readers about the work. West Virginia history.]
  201 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1913-1916. 11 pp lets. Corrs: J.P. MacLean, D.W. Monfort, W.L. Tobey. [Indian hunting*. McW's* publishing efforts.]
  202 Copyright Certificates. 1913-1920. [Certificates for The American Indian Tepee, 1920. The Crime Against the Yakimas,1913.]
  203 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1913-1926, nd. c90 pp lets, few cls. Corrs: Kate H. Calvert, Harold G. Arbogast, Martha McKelvie, S.M. Brosius, E. Bloch, Katharine T. (Mrs. John) Balch, C.A. Cooper, Joseph Blackeagle, Evan W. Estep, Miss Glasgow, William S. Lewis, George H. Himes, Man Elk [W.F. Hamilton], W.E. Johnson, [Alonzo] Lewis, Oscar H. Lipps, P.M. Fogg. [Indian artifacts owned or desired by McW*. Local Indian affairs. Wapatoo or Indian potato, a nearly extinct plant used as food by Multnomah Nation. Pamphlet and lets re Hearing before Committee on Indian Affairs, House of Representatives, 68th Congress on House Resolution 9160 (re claims of Okanogan and Colville Indians to Court of Claims).]
  204 [Correspondence: Personal.] 1913-1929. c100 pp lets. Corrs: J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, J.S. McWhorter, O.T. McWhorter, C.L. Shaver(?), J.P. MacLean, Hugo F. Luhman, Henry Haymond, William E. Connelley, Warren B. Kittle, H.R. McIlwaine*. [Personal and regarding technical and legal aspects of McW's* publications.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  205 Lieut. U.S. Grant and Phil Sheridan, Indian Wives of. Letter to Andrew Carnegie Published in The Crime Against the Yakimas*. 1913-1938, nd. c55 pp MSS, notes, lets. [(1) "Lieutenant's Grant and Sheridan's Indian Wives." 2 pp MS. (2) "Relating to General Phil Sheridan's Indian Family." (Information from Ben Olney.) 1 p MS. (3) Lets. 1930-1938. Lewis L. Brown, C.R. Grim, O.B. Sperlin, with petition signed by seven Indians to officials of Bonneville Dam, asking that bodies in Indian cemetery on Bradford Island be moved before they were covered with water. (4) Photocopy of map: "Indian Trail from Lake Chelan, WA, to the Tumwater, above the Dalles, Oregon. Drawn under supervision of Captain Simon Goudy*, Yakima Indian Police," nd. Hand-drawn map with 1930 corr, O.B. Sperlin. Original in Folder 565. (5) "The Rebellion of the Yakimas, by Lucullus Virgil McWhorter* Adopted Member of the Yakima Tribe," 7 pp MS. With 1914 corr, A.C. Parker, Secretary of the Society of American Indians; and William E. Johnson*, editor, The New Republic. (6) "Cases of abuse in leasing of Yakima Indian lands." 2 pp MS with 1915 lets, John Lockwood and G. H. Himes). (7) Cls. 1913, re Wanamaker expedition memorial to Yakima Indians and the Indians' refusal to take part in flag-raising ceremonies. 4 cls. (8) "Mininic's* Speech before Secretary Ballinger. North Yakima, WA." 8 pp notes on speech.]
  206 [Miscellaneous Material.] 1914, nd. One postcard corr. Corr: Horace Edwin Hayden. [Re availability of some issues of the (American?) Archeologist.]
  207 [Miscellaneous: Memorabilia.] 1914-1916, nd. Cls, 9 pp frag notes, ephemera.
  208 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1914-1922, nd. c50 pp lets, cls. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, George W. Olney, Sydney Livesey, Francis H. Rowley, Mrs. White Elk, J.P. MacLean, August A. Breuninger (Un-a-Quah), John B. Kendrick, Charles H. Burke, W.D. Vincent, Mary E. Laing, Martin Russert, William E. Connelley. [1 p McW typescript on death of John Honstead, a sheepherder. Humane Society affairs. Indian pensions. McW's* publications. Cls are from Yakima area papers, 1921-1922, same subject matter.]
  209 Old Letters to Be Gone Through and Examined for Worth. 1914-1926, nd. c100 pp. Corrs: Red Fox Skiuhushu, W.D. Lyman, Louis Mann*, George H. Himes, Frank Conley, G.W. Borden, W.P. Bonney, Mrs. George Garner, E.B. Meritt, Grace D. Latus, J.P. MacLean. [Bolon Monument*: photocopies of plat of Township 5N, Range 15E of Yakima County and pencil sketch of Townships 5 and 6 of Yakima County, both locating Bolon Marker, nd. Originals in folder 543. Publishing ventures, Louis Mann re water problems* (Ahtanum Creek), Nez Perce War, Capt. Hembree*, old fortified Indian village site, General Hazard Stevens, P.B. Van Trump, re expedition.]
  210 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1914-1934, nd. c150 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: W.E. Johnson, J.W. Redington, Albert W. Johnson, Peo-peo [Tholekt]*, Bill [W.F. Hamilton], Yellow Wolf*, C.C. Dill, S.L. [Sam Lott] Many Wounds*, Francis H. Rowley, Nipo [Strongheart], A.H. Yoder, Ruth Shaw, Elizabeth Stonestreet, Hein-mot-Hi-Hi*, Alonzo [V. Lewis], Anne McDonnell, J.C. McWhorter, S.M. Brosius,
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  210 cont W.F. Bigelow, J.P. MacLean, W.D. Vincent, Diana Belais, Billy Mason, H.E. Buck, A.T. Rabeck, Joseph Schafer, Sam Morris, Dean [Guie], C.L. Andrews, Emil Kopac, Caleb Carter, D.P. Kennedy, W.L. Morgan, Carroll B. Graves, Louis Mann*, Ovid [McWhorter], Fannie Charles Dillon. [McW's* Nez Perce research. Local Indian affairs. Cop American Indian Advocate: Journal Devoted to the Red Race of North and South America. Published by the American Indian Association. Winter Issue. Vol. 4, No. 4, 1922. Personal and misc.]
25 211 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1915-1941, nd. c217 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: C.L. Andrews, E.A. Brininstool, Thomas L. Broncheau*, Amos Wilkinson, Robert E. Strahorn, Susie White*, Ruth Cleveland, Chief Luther Standing Bear, C.W. Fitch, Lee Howard, Flora Hirschy, Albert W. Johnson, B.F. Manring, James Red Heart, Col. R.H. Wilson, J.P. MacLean, Yellow Wolf*, Sam Morris, Louis Mann*, Mrs. One Pine, W.K. Moorehead, William Charley*, Alonzo Victor Lewis, Mrs. Grace Gardner, V.N. Campbell, Lily Norling Hardwick, Frank G. Speck, E.E. Meredith, Peo-peo Tholekt*, William E. Connelley, Peter Mox-Mox, Caesar Williams*, Wondering Wolf (Jennie Lewis*), A.C. Coburn. [Chiefly personal. Matters of publication. The place of Chief Joseph's* surrender.]
  212 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1916. c 60 pp lets, notes, cls. Corrs: V.O. McWhorter, J.P. MacLean (frags of lets). [Misc fragmentary notes and cls.]
  213 Mrs. Mitchell. 1916-1935, nd. cTwenty cls; c85 pp lets (most are cops). Corrs: Mrs. M.G. Mitchell (chief corr), Herbert S. Griggs, F.O. Hagie, Elvira Griggs, N.D. Showalter, A.H.B. Jordan, Asahel Curtis, Edmond Meany, Edward M. Barrows, John H. Williams, Victor J. Farrar, David Whitcomb, Richard Lloyd Jones, Louis Adams, Mrs. George F. Cram, A.L. Sommers, Paul Johns, J.M. Canse, F.L. Kersie. [Controversy re restoring the name "Mt. Tacoma" to Mt. Rainier 2 pp typescript by McW titled "A Broadcast from Mars," nd.]
  214 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1917-1923. c60 pp lets. Corrs: Nipo Strongheart, Stuart L. Elliott, O.T. McWhorter, Carlos Montezuma, Simon Goudy*, Mabel Woods (Mrs. Frederick B.) Hinrichs, W.F. Hamilton (Man Elk), E.W. Rockey, C.F. Larrabee, R.B. Milroy, Frank Bryant. [Matrimonial tangles of "Wasco Jim" Peters. Red Fox. Indian Bureau* Policy. McWhorter* genealogy and misc.]
  215 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1917-1941, nd. c60 pp cls, lets, printed material. Corrs: Lora McWhorter, Joseph W. Latimer, Grace Boles Hedge, Marion [Campbell], Harold J. Cundy, C.C. Dill, Arthur E. Bailey, The Select Press (E.F.M.?), Susie White*, O.C. Upchurch, W.N. Sickel, Wood Wren [pseud.], W.P. Bonney, George W. Blodgett, Lt. Col. Charles E.T. Lull, Roger Chute. [12 pp folder "The National Gallery of the American Indian, issued by the Board of Trustees," with accompanying let, 1939. Membership card for American Military History Foundation with accompanying let. 3 pp American History Foundation Bulletin No. 1, February 15, 1934, Project No. 1, "Directory of Original Sources." Misc cls, mostly nd., re Yakima Humane Society and local Indian affairs. Cl, c1938, ns., "Chief American Horse Whets Tomahawk's Edge for 'Father' Collier," by Martha
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  215 cont Strayer. Cl, "Wounded Knee Survivor Recalls Fray," Adelaide V. Lake, The Sunday Oregonian, Aug. 13, 1933. Personal affairs. Minor business matters and misc.]
  216 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1917-1944, nd. Lets, notes, printed matter. [Lets addressed to various individuals that were either returned or that McW* did not mail. 3 pp publicity article by Mary Avery re Dreamer religion and the McWhorter collection of papers at Washington State College. Photocopy of map: "Chief Joseph's* teepee location where he died (1904)," with affidavits; photocopies of two printed maps, "White Swan" and "Yakima Indian Reservation," from a Federal bill booklet negotiating adjustment claim concerning Yakima Reservation lands. Originals in Folder 531. Contributors list to a memorial fund for Tow-tow-nah-hee*, who was killed by an Indian scout; to erect a monument on the site of the Battle of Pah-qy-ti-koot*, known as Union Gap*.] (Note: This folder contains material on miscellaneous matters dated through 1956; however, it is not part of the original accession.)
  217 Captain Hembree. 1918-1922, nd. c30 pp lets. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, L.V. Eberhardt, R.B. Peterson, J[ames] M. O'Sullivan, S.J., Jennie C. (Mrs. F.C.) Koppen. [Plans to erect a monument marker to A.J. Hembree*, Capt. of Volunteers, killed in battle on Satus Mountain, April 10, 1856.]
  218 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1918-1930, nd. c50 pp lets, cls. Corrs: William E. Connelley, Vechten Waring, Louis Mann*, Listening Coyote, Yellow Wolf*, Many Wounds*, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Calista Dowling, Tom Waters, Alex Shawaway, Lawrence Cokely, Buffalo Ben Olney*. [3 cls Fairmont (WV) Times, June, 1930, commemorating memorial to Capt. James Booth, Revolutionary War hero. Note on Ahtanum canal. Personal and misc.]
  219 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1918-1938, nd. c75 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: Louis Mann*, W.D. Lyman, William Charley*, Rev. Red Fox Skiuhushu, Simon Goudy*, Charley Charles, E.H. Ferguson, W.P. Bonney, Charles S. Lusk, Ollie Jordan, N.B. Coffman, Mrs. Joe Evans, Frazer E. Wilson, A.L. Van Dyne, Ha-a-ko-wa-a [Martha McKelvie], E. Ruth Rockwood, Mrs. Arthur Tomeo, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Evans, Chief White Hawk [John Miller]*, Annie Cleveland, C.L. Andrews, Mrs. George Garner, Carlos Montezuma, Helen Remsberg. [Mimeo sheet "From article 3. Treaty with the Yakimas, 1855, Guaranteeing to the Yakima Indians: 'The exclusive right of taking fish in all of the streams .'" Bears note by McW*: "Issued when the great legal fight was on re 'the Yakimas' right to take salmon at Top-tut, now Prosser, Yakima River*, an ancient fishery of the tribe. We won out in the finals." Cl, un, "Indians Have Contributed Much to Civilization." Red Fox's missionary endeavors. Horn shell wampum.] [Misc and personal.]
  220 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1918-1941, nd. c50 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: Joel E. Ferris, Homer Morrison, W.P. Bonney, P[erry] H. Kennerly, Mrs. White Elk, Hattie Starcher, M.A. Johnson, [Chief] John Buck*, W.B. Newcomb, Edward G. Swindell, Jr. [11 pp protests (cop) "in re application of Thomas L. Sloan for appointment as Commissioner of Indian Affairs," addressed to the Secretary of
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  220 cont the Interior and signed by thirteen Indian representatives of various tribes, nd. Cop program of Tepee Order of America banquet at Toppenish, WA, Mar. 29, 1919. Washington State Historical Society affairs. McW's* previously published works. Minor business affairs.]
  221 [Correspondence: Personal.] 1919-1921. 27 pp lets. Corrs: Virgil McWhorter, Ovid McWhorter, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, Mrs. Leni McWhorter Jenkins. [Personal and family matters.]
26 222 Viola Norwest re: May Orrell, Nurse. 1919-1925. 15 pp lets. Corrs: May Orrell Bacheler, F.B. Chalcraft, Edwin L. Chalcraft, David Smith, William Charley*, May Orrell. [May Orrell's attempt to collect debt for nursing at Silitz Reservation.]
  223 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1919-1927. c110 pp lets. Corrs: V.O. McWhorter, Louis Mann*, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Francis McFarland, Charles H. Ross, Thomas H. Morrison, W.P. Bonney, Mrs. J.L. Jeffryes, Marion Parsons, John E. Rees, Francis M. Rookstool, J.T. Smith, Nipo [Strongheart], W.F. Turner, Elijah Williams, Yellow Wolf*, Tom Waters, Williams S(?) Waters, O.G. Brown, Evan W. Estep. [Monuments* for Chief Joseph* and Chief Lawyer*. Washington State Historical Society business. Nez Perce War. Indian artifacts. Definition of "Kittitas" from various corrs. Personal affairs.]
  224 Endorsements of, and Correspondence Relating to Scarcity of Sale Copies of Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia*, Etc. 1919-1932. Cokely, A.H. Yoder, Charles H. Carpenter, O.A. West, W.A. Galloway, Ollie Jordan, Glen R. Holden, J.M. Kaiser. [Lets from readers. Personal.]
  225 Mrs. McKelvie. 140 S. 26th St., Lincoln, Nebraska. 1920-1921, nd. 19 pp. lets. Corrs: chiefly Martha Groves McKelvie and Samuel McKelvie (ex-Governor of Nebraska) re Red Fox.
  226 Mrs. White Elk. 1920-1923. c20 pp lets. Corr: Valley White Elk*. [Indian culture and personal matters. Her husband, White Elk, was a singer who was connected with a film company.]
  227 [Correspondence & Notes: Humane Society.] 1920-1924, nd. c275 pp misc. Corrs: A.C. Davis, Orpheus C. Soots, R.L. Quick, Rose P. (Kinne ?), W.O. Stillman, Charles M. Farrer, Don M. Carr, H.E. Hagerman, O.V. Battles, Jennie R. Nichols, Leopold L. Wilder, George Moody, J.H. Stuckrath, Theresa McGill, J.R. Schwartze & A.D. Dunn, Mae Mark [Nalder], Mrs. Harry John Miller, R.D. Nicholls, Mrs. A.M. Kelly, D.G. Smith, Besse A. Sloan, D.V. Morthland, Mark E. Reed, B.B.[Buffalo Ben] Olney*, Maggie [Maggie Jiggs, Jennie R. Nichols], Mrs. M.C. Moss, Mrs. J.O. Jeffery, Mrs. W.S. Doran, Charles H. Burke, Samuel Kantrowich, Harry L. Parr, Fred J. Cunningham, Josephine Corliss Preston, Mrs. E.M. Medaris, William H. Rice, Harl J. Cook, Olive C. McCabe, Robert O. Jones, Mrs. Ruth I. Workum, Mrs. Ethel T. Rugg, L.L. Thompson, Francis H. Rowley, E.B. Meritt, Emily K. Smith, John W.
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  227 cont Summers, E.W. Estep, Ernest K. Coulter, Richard C. Craven, Rudolph Forster, W.L. Jones. [Concerning wild horses on Yakima Reservation; Anti-carnival bill; Petition for watering troughs* in Yakima; Letter on Black Beauty as moral and humane movie; the diving horse; eight misc humane broadsides; plus much miscellaneous humane work.]
  228 Himrod. 1920-1925. c35 pp lets. Corrs: James Lattimore Himrod, Ovid McWhorter, Mabel Ferris Keedick, A.L. Van Dyne, R.B. Crown, J.F. McGuire, J.G. Horne, Joseph Schafer, Fred High. [The International Fine Arts Exposition, 1924, Benton Harbor, Michigan. Himrod was director, McW* furnished artifacts. "The Proposed American Indian Centenary." Proposed Convention to be held in 1921 at Prairie du Chien, WI.]
  229 Historic Miscellany. 1920-1926, nd. c60 pp lets, notes, mimeographed material. Corrs: W. Hamilton (Man Elk), Evan W. Estep, Ovid McWhorter, Mrs. J.B. Davidson. [Elks fraternity jubilee. "The Substitution of Propaganda for Action in Indian Affairs," by John Collier, January 12, 1925. 11 pp pamphlet. Attack on Bureau of Indian Affairs. 5 pp open let to President Calvin Coolidge over signature of John Collier, Executive Secretary, American Indian Defense Association, February, 1927. 2 pp open let to Edgar B. Merritt, Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs, November 26, 1926, over group of typed names. 12 pp mimeographed, "Questions on the Indians and the Indian Bureau*: Addressed to the Hon. Edgar B. Meritt, Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs." 3 pp MS "The Long White Scar," by Ha-a-ko-a-wa. Story of the Indians' spiritual attachment to their homeland. Personal matters.]
  230 Buffalo B[en] Olney*. 1920-1927. c250 pp lets. Corrs: Buffalo Ben Olney [chief corr], F.W.(M.?) Burnham, Thomas G. Bishop, John W. Summers, Red Fox Skiuhushu, Carlos Montezuma, J.E. Vandersloot. [Much misc material re misdeed of Rev. Red Fox. Material re an associate of Red Fox's, Black Hawk. Of this person McW* says: " ... he is a white man.... You can rest assured of that."]
  231 Buffalo B[en] Olney*. 1920-1928. c220 pp lets. Corrs: Buffalo Ben Olney, John Billy, Red Fox Skiuhushu, W.F. Turner, Louie Wynaco. [Personal matters; Olney's disillusionment with the Christian church; Olney's financial difficulties.]
  232 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1920-1936, nd. c100 pp lets; few cls, notes. Corrs: Francis M. Rookstool, Ollie Jordan, Louis Charles Mann*, Mrs. J.M. Filloon, Valley White Elk*, Grace Boles Hedge, Kate Stevens Bates, George Peo-peo Tholekt*, Yellow Wolf*, E.A. Brininstool, E.E. Nelson, J.P. MacLean, Philip A. Moss, Albert Williams, Kate Williams, S.M. Brosius, Tom Crow, R.H. Anthony, Dorothy Prewitt (Mrs. Arthur H.) Pohlman; Jennie M. Lewis*, Charles F. Bolin. [Red Fox Skiuhushu. Indian Rights Assn.; removal of Supt. Don M. Carr. Personal and minor business matters.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
27 233 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1920-1941. c55 pp mimeo material, lets. Corr: W.L. McCormick. [Washington State Historical Society and its merger with the Ferry Museum of Tacoma. Copies of Minutes of 1941 and 1943 meetings.]
  234 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1921-1927, nd. c90 pp. Corr, cls. Corrs: Ruth M. Bryant, Richard G. Badger, William E. Johnson, Many Wounds*, R.H. Anthony, "Jayne," E.A. Brininstool, Lenora B. Simpkins, W.D. Vincent, William S. Lewis, Fannie Marie McWhorter, C.E. Revelle, William C. Brown, Alex McCoy [Owl-Child], Evan W. Estep, Frank Seelatsee, William E. Connelley, Kate Williams, Philip Howell, F.J. Clifford, G.F. Queen, George G. Heye, W.F. Hamilton, Willie Red Star, Chief Quiltininack, A. Albert, W.P. Bonney, Tom Waters. [McW* points out that the " ... traditional lore of the aborigines is disappearing into the gloaming of oblivion." Preliminary corr re research on Chief Joseph*. Corr re Washington State Historical Society and state appropriation for Eastern Washington State Historical Society. Number of places of worship in Yakima.]
  235 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1921-1932, nd. c80 pp lets, cl. Corrs: A.W. Swisher, Nipo Strongheart, Everett E. Wilder, Inno McGill, J.E. Johnson, W. Ketcham, Charles [H.] Carpenter, Father J.M. O'Sullivan, Winifred C. Rankin, A.A. Eggleston, Buffalo (Ben Olney*), Harry L. Englebright, Gus Perigot. [Cl Blue Lake (Calif.) Advocate, nd, "B.B. Olney Tells About Collett and the Indians." Frederick C. Collett and the Indian Board of Cooperation.]
  236 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1921-1934, nd. c95 pp lets, cls, printed material. Corrs: Nipo Strongheart, Buffalo Ben Olney*, Louis Charles Mann*, Caesar Williams*, Kate Williams, J.P. MacLean, Evan W. Estep, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Francis M. Rookstool, Granville Lowther, Mrs. H.D. Blish, A.C. Coburn, Nealy N. Olney. [Pueblo land bill. Personal and misc.]
  237 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1922-1941. c100 pp lets, pamphlets, printed material. Corrs: Joseph (Fuld?), Selden Smyser, Rowena L. Alcorn, Mildred Schmidtman, Ollie Jordan, F.G. Speck, Lawrence E. Lindley, Samuel Tilden, T.C. Elliott, Herman J. Deutsch, Roger Chute, H.M. Painter, Anne Shannon Monroe, Beverly Nixon, Ovid McWhorter, C.W. Fitch, Grace Hedge, W.F. Hamilton, Agnes C. Laut, E.A. Brininstool, Amos Wilkinson, Flora Hirschy, A.B. Bowden, Chief White Hawk*, C.M. Drury, Carlos Montezuma, [4 pp pamphlet, "Custer Battlefield National Cemetery." Cop report, Seventy-Sixth Congress, First Session, Stay Proceedings-Apportionment of Waters/Ahtanum Creek Valley, Washington [irrigation* and water rights*]. Personal matters and minor points of research.]
  238 [W.P.] Bonney. 1923-1925. 20 pp lets, cls. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, Everett S. Dam, Earle O. Roberts, Marshall G. Ramsey, Archie Brown. [Chiefly re projected trip to photograph Indian inscriptions on stones at Priest Rapids. Cl, dated (1925) and identified "Fort Simcoe* is Going to Decay."]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  239 [Correspondence: Alonzo Victor Lewis.] 1923-1927, nd. c150 pp lets. Corrs: Alonzo Victor Lewis, Mrs. John H. Dunbar, J.P. MacLean, Ha-a-ko-wa-a [Martha Frances McKelvie]. [Proposed monument to Chief Joseph* and personal matters. 1 p holograph "Song to Chief Joseph," nd, by Alonzo Victor Lewis]
  240 [Washington State Monuments*.] 1923-1928, nd. c20 pp lets (2), printed material. Corr: Buffalo Ben Olney*. [Misc mementos. Folder, "Geological, Tribal, Historical Monuments in the State of Washington / a Recreational Resource," by Ernest N. Hutchinson, Secretary Of State.]
  241 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1923-1932, nd. c100 pp corr. Corrs: Mike Kirk, Mrs. G.W. Sanders, Mrs. J. Cahalan, Marion Parsons, Mrs. J[oseph] W. Fuld, Dr. Hermann Grad, W.M. Deisher, H.C. Turner, E.E. Cucuel, Bertha Haigh, Frank H. Kucera, L. Delaeter, Mrs. Clarence Parker, Mrs. Lily Norling Hardwick, Anna H. Jones, Mrs. Edmund Bowden, Rhoda M. White, B.F. Manring, E.G. Sissem, Gilman Hall, Raymond Fadden, W.D. Vincent, Douglas Hilts, A.B. Ostrander, Charles Blatchley, J.P. MacLean, Fred Lockley, E.S. McWhorter, Buffalo Ben Olney*, Mrs. P.M. Eva Sturdevant Troy, Mabel G. Cleland, Mrs. C.A. Brittain, J.W.S. Logie, Mrs. Charles C. Arnold, E.A. Walsh, Waldo S. Chase, Eugene G. Bryant, E.J. Wesson, Charles C. Field, Cash Asher. [Lists and book orders, Mourning Dove's Cogewea.]
  242 [Correspondence: Photographs.] 1923-1945, nd. 84 pp lets. Corrs: George E. Hudson, Emil Kopac, James A. Wehn(?), Homer L. Morrison, W.P. Bonney, Harold Carey, John M. Edwards*, John L. Rooke, Earle R. Forrest, Ed Fredlund, Andrew Garcia*, Angie Burt Bowden, Mrs. Fred White, Camille Williams, Harrison Lott, A.B. Meacham*, M.G. Ramsey, C.R Noyes, Carl Schurra, Herbert W. Lord, Ralph H. Hansen, G.M. Brandborg, Julius E. Nordby, E.A. Brininstool. [Corr re photographs of Camas Meadows*, Johnny Buck (Púckyatoot)*, Foster Battlefield*, Big Hole Battlefield*, Bears [sic] Paw Battleground* stake tabulation, Chief Joseph's monument*, Yellow Wolf's grave*, Captain [Willaim] Clark's descendants among the Flatheads (Yellow Hair, or, Tizs-klcr[sic]-not, Captain Clark's son; Mary*, Yellow Hair's daughter; Choo-num-eth-chi*, Mary's husband. Note by McW: "Sacajawea confirmed the claim that Yellow Hair was the son of the explorer Clark."), Col. Parnell*, Stanton Gilbert Fisher* (scout for General O.O. Howard), Duncan McDonald* with first house built in Idaho [1809]*, Col. A.I. "Add" Chapman*, Indian warriors*: Joseph*, Yellow Bull*, Rascal Grizzly Youth*, Yellow Bear*, Chief Lawyer*, Chief Jason*, Chief Ugen-mal-ligkin*, Petk-telkl*, Kue-kul-lis-li-lihkin*, Ips-tsu-la-nen*, Charley Moses*, Black Eagle*, Jim Billy*, Victor Vanderberg*, Chief Martin Charlo[w]*; Thomas Waters* (interpreter), Tom Sherrill*, Bunch Sherrill*, "Medicine" tree*, Bugler Brooks' grave*. Nez Perce picture writing. Poem: "To the Blasted Pine Tree of Bear Gulch," by Andrew Garcia. Poem: "The Way of the World," by E.A. Brininstool (printed).]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  243 Sherburne. Letters From. 1924-1927. c30 pp lets. Corrs: Joseph Herbert Sherburne, Sam Morris, Many Wounds*, C.A. Jakways. [Sherburne's experiences as Indian trader at the Ponca Agency in Oklahoma. Indian fighting in Montana. Cop of let McW* to J.W. Langdon re leadership of Chief Lawyer* and Looking Glass.]
  244 [Historical Markers.] 1924-1942. c37 pp lets. Corrs: Edmund B. Rogers, Frederic J. Haskin, J.P. MacLean, Tom Waters, Fay M. Orton, A.B. Ostrander, M. Bruce Burns, Viola (?), Dessie Fahringer, T.C. Elliott, Ovid McWhorter, J.W. Redington, Rush Jordan. [Chiefly re various monuments* to historic events in which McW* was interested. Yellow Wolf*. Chief Kamiakun*. Tecumseh.]
  245 [Correspondence: Personal.] 1925, nd. 6 pp lets, MS. Corr: Charley Charles. [Lets concern arrest of Indian boy. "Shame of Toppenish." 1 p MS.]
28 246 [Correspondence: Alonzo Victor Lewis.] 1925-1928. c85 pp lets. Corr: Alonzo Victor Lewis. [Monument to Chief Joseph*. Personal matters.]
  247 [Alonzo Victor Lewis.] 1925-1929, nd. c50 pp lets, cls. Corr: Alonzo Victor Lewis (one let from Ovid McWhorter). [Cls, Spokane Daily Chronicle, Apr. 17, 1926, with pics statue of Lincoln made by Lewis for that city. Personal affairs.]
  248 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1926-1929, nd. c90 pp lets. Corrs: Caleb Carter, Harl J. Cook, A.R. Chapin, Amos Wilkinson, Vera L. Connolly, C.C. Dill, J.P. MacLean, Lloyd A. Finn, George W. Fuller, Evan W. Estep, P.M. Fogg, Maurice Fitzgerald, D.W. Greenberg, Dean H. Guie, Jay Lynch (copies), Flora Hirschy, Anna Hurst, Adelia Hawkins, Mike Kirk, B.F. Manring, Burton Lanphear, William C. Brown, W.P. Bonney, Lola Lowther. [Plans for a trip to Nez Perce battlefields. McW's The Crime Against the Yakimas*. Local Indian affairs. Indian grievances against water policy* on Yakima Reservation. Attempts to locate survivors of Indian wars. Roads into Yakima Reservation. Indian artifacts*. Personal and misc.]
  249 [Correspondence: Francis M. Rookstool.] 1926-1932. c75 pp lets. [Personal matters.]
  250 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1926-1932, nd. c150 pp lets. Corrs: E.E. Keister, Corinna Lindon Smith, C.A. Smith, John B. Somers, Nipo Strongheart, Joseph Schafer, A.A. Eggleston, Joseph Bauer, Amos Wilkinson, Anne Norwood, Caleb Carter. [Indian grievances against water policy* on Yakima reservation*. Proposed trip to Big Hole Battlefield*. Historical markers*. Nez Perce history: preliminary corr. Personal and misc.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  251 Nothing to be Noted. [Nez Perce Place and Tribal Names.] 1926-1939, nd. 32 pp lets. Corrs: Lily Norling Hardwick, C.M. Drury, O.T. McWhorter, Ed Lyman, E.K. Brown, J.H. Horner, David Hilger, Frederick P. Todd, F. Stansbury Haydon, John M. Canse, George Peo-peo-tlike [Tholekt]*, [The right of James Wallahee* to succeed to the Yakima chiefship of Leshi Owhi. Place names in Wallowa County, Oregon*. The "debunking fallacy" as applied to early missionaries. Origin of name "Nez Perce," based on theory of Maj. C.T. Stranahan, former U.S. Indian agent, Nez Perce Indian Reservation. Notes these Indians called Chopunish by Lewis and Clark and that "Nez Perce" must have originated between 1805 and 1835.]
  252 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1926-1941. c40 pp lets. Corrs: Clare S. Eddards, W.F. Hamilton, Louis Mann*, Nipo Strongheart, Mrs. W.F. Chute, Lenora Jack Saccacukoo, James H. Malone, Ollie Jordan, Homer L. Morrison, Fay M. Orton, Jay L. Sharon, E.A. Brinistool, Henry T. Meyer, W.D. Vincent, Thomas R. Horner, John Collier, Joseph W. Latimer. [Cl, Sept. 24, 1927, "Thomas R. Horner, Former Resident (of West Virginia) Dies at Seattle." One cop folder, commemorating dedication of Lewis and Clark Monument, Oct. 16, 1927, in the Columbia-Snake River Park at Pasco, WA. Personal affairs. Minor business matters.]
  253 [Correspondence and Miscellaneous Material.] 1926-1942, nd. c60 pp lets, cls. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, R.C. Schackman, Harold J. Cundy, Bruce McWhorter, Mildred Schmidtman, Grace Boles Hedge, Brin [E.A. Brininstool], Elmo Scott Watson, Joseph Joffe, William E. Kearns, Hiram W. Johnson, Rachel B. Barker, John Collier, Frances W. Monteith, Marion Campbell[-Brave Heart]. [Affairs of the Washington State Historical Society. McW's* publications. Misc cls McW and Yellow Wolf*. Appointment of Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Personal and business matters. Local Indian problems.]
  254 [Henry Horner.] 1926-1943. 35 pp lets. Corr: Henry Horner. [Photocopies of lets addressed to Henry Horner of Enterprise, Oregon, re various Nez Perce War accounts; the Battle of the Big Hole* and the Parker Indian Village.]
  255 [Andrew Garcia*.] 1927-1929. 35 pp lets, MS. Corrs: Andrew Garcia, J.H. Sherburne, J.W. Redington, G.L. Beard. 23 pp MS "A Message From Garcia," re Chief Joseph* and the Nez Perce.
  256 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1927-1930, nd. c100 pp lets. Corrs: E.A. Brininstool, W[illiam] C. Brown, Fred G. Bond, Mrs. W.F. Chute, Emma S. Ball, Scotland G. Highland, Fred E. Buck, M.C. Barnard, F.L. Ballard, Caleb Carter, Ovid McWhorter. [Pioneer Associations. McW's* publications. Personal and misc. Indian trapping. Nez Perce War. Yakima War.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  257 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1927-1931. c150 pp lets. Corrs: Josiah Hughes, J.L. Humble*, H.H. Hedges, W.A. Hedges, Ruth Harris, Marie Lindley, Elizabeth Lawrence, Alexander Leggat, Joseph W. Latimer, Agnes C. Laut, William S. Lewis, J.P. MacLean, L.R. McWhorter, Duncan McDonald*, Many Wounds*, Anne McDonnell, Martha Edgerton Plassmann, William E. Borah, Leo N. Sanford, Florence G. O'Connor, Mrs. J. Parker, H.M. Painter, W.A. Petzoldt, Horace N. Parker, Francis M. Rookstool, Laura G. Rogers, E.W.L. Rouleau, Anne Norwood [Indian affairs in Montana. Indian Bureau* affairs and policies. Writing on frontier subjects. Nez Perce who escaped to Canada. Personal and misc.]
  258 [Correspondence: Research.] 1927-1932. c25 pp lets. Corrs: Ollie Jordan, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Yellow Wolf*, [Chief] Cleveland Kamikan* [sic] [Kamiakun]. [General matters re Indian research. Personal affairs.]
  259 [J.W. Redington.] 1927-1932. 30 pp lets. Corrs: J.W. Redington, E.A. Brininstool. [Re Chief Joseph*, Col. Bailey*.]
  260 [Correspondence: Books & Miscellaneous.] 1927-1934, nd. 207 pp corr, notes, cls, printed matter, misc. This folder contains material found in copies of books owned by McWhorter*. The correspondence and notes, arranged chronologically, primarily concern book exchanges or purchases. Corrs: Ella C. Hathaway, Laura P. Johnson Postmaster(?), James H. Malone, Mrs. James H. Malone, C.M. Drury, Mrs. Harriet L. Carstensen, C.L. Cannon, B.F. Manring, John E. Rees, Duncan McDonald*, Will Cave, L.V. McWhorter, George W. Hansen, M.H. Douglas, Oscar F. Keydel, W.C. Slaper, Uri Mulford, O.G. Libby, E.A. Brininstool, Edna Kenton. [The Frontier, a Magazine of the Northwest, index to Volume IX, nos. 1, 2, 3, 4; Nov. 1928 to May 1929. Misc notes and marginalia.] Note: Full bibliographic records for copies of the books associated with the items in this folder may be found by doing an "author" search on "McWhorter Collection" in the WSU Libraries online catalog.
  261 [Correspondence.] 1927-1939, nd. c25 pp lets, cls. Corrs: Grace Boles Hedge, A.L. Kirkpatrick, A.C. Laut, J.P. MacLean, Amos Wilkinson, Burr H. Simpson, Dave Dryden, Mildred [Schmidtman], Victoria Gillet, Sun-Rise, Mrs. Hugh Nicholson, Leah Segers. [Personal and misc.]
29 262 Prof. Libby. 1928-1930. 20 pp lets. Corrs: O.G. Libby (Secretary, State Historical Society of North Dakota), Florence H. Davis, Martha Edgerton Plassmann, Albert W. Johnson. [Chiefly concerns a story told by "Owl-Child*" to McW* that he had seen Custer shoot himself twice. Owl-Child was a Wishram Indian "from the old Wishram village on the Columbia noted by Washington Irvin "who spent several years with the Piegans, during which time he claimed to have been an eyewitness to Custer's battle, with a group of Piegans hiding on the battlefield." Misc.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  263 Colonel J.W. Redington. 1928-1932, nd. c50 pp lets. Corrs: J.W. Redington, W.C. Slaper, J.G. Rowton, Charles N. Loynes*, Many Wounds*, Duncan McDonald*, Harry Elofson. [Nez Perce history. Battle of Bear's Paw. 2 pp mimeo paper: "Service of Scouts and Couriers in Indian Wars," nd, anonymous. Some information about Lieut. L.H. Jerome, the "loud-speaking gun," and other matters noted elsewhere in the collection and appearing in HMMC.]
  264 Howard. 1928-1935. 17 pp lets. Corrs: H.S. Howard, C.O. Howard, Mrs. Grace (James T.) Gray. [Corrs are sons and daughter of Gen. O.O. Howard. Discussion of an article by Lieut. (C.E.S.) Wood in Century Magazine, May, 1884. Gen. Howard's relief of Col. Gibbon.]
  265 Letters of Importance and Historic Facts. 1928-1935. c100 pp notes, lets, printed material. Corrs: Paul G. Wapato, Alonzo Victor Lewis, Caleb Carter, W.P. Bonney, Carrie McWhorter(?), William S. Lewis, S.M. Brosius, A.E. Sheldon, Lynn J. Frazier, Martha McKelvie, Nealy N. Olney, W.K. Moorehead, Lenora B. Simpkins, F.O. Hagie, J.S. Whiting, W.A. Linklater, H.G. Avery, J.D. Knight, Frances Whitman Monteith, Emil Kopac, Eva Hunt Dockery. [Minor local Indian affairs. Arrangements of photos. Indian relief bills. Humane Society affairs. Notes on Marcus Whitman by Frances Whitman Monteith. Cl, Oregonian, Nov. 18, 1928. "Big Brother (McWhorter) Helps Indians Preserve their Rights." Discussion and description of original Fort Simcoe* buildings. Reprint article: William S. Lewis, "David Thompson Land Geographer of the Northwest." Northwest Science, IV (Dec. 1930), 4 pp. Personal and misc.]
  266 Robert Ballou. 1928-1936. c25 pp lets, cls. Corr: Robert Ballou. [McW* takes exception to a book by Ballou Early Klickitat Valley Days in which Ballou presents a story of Indians murdering Major Andrew J. Bolon*.]
  267 [Correspondence: Alonzo Victor Lewis.] 1928-1941. c35 pp lets. Corrs: Alonzo Victor Lewis, Yellow Wolf*. [Chief Joseph* monument. Indian artifacts.]
  268 [Correspondence.] 1929-1936. c40 pp lets. Corrs: A.L. Rookstool, Beatrice Arnold Giffin, Jack [McWhorter], George Roger Chute, S.C. Lapham, M.M. Quaife, Frederic F. Van de Water, Victor Spaulding, George N. Tuesley, J. (?) Frank Miller, Helen P. Woodward, Tom Waters, Adeline Andrews, Grace Gardener, J.P. MacLean, John Herrick, W.P. Bonney, C.L. Andrews. [Chiefly misc matters relating to various McW* writing projects. Copy of McW memorandum listing all his publications and editorial projects to date.]
  269 [Correspondence.] 1929-1937. c50 pp lets, misc cls re West Virginia. Corrs: Mrs. John (Jane) Russell Agee, Stanton C. Lapham, Virgil [McWhorter], Fred W. Clemens, Evelyn Wahlers. [Misc. Includes let from S.C. Lapham re Columbia River Indian legends; cls of column titled "Jason's* Letter" from the The Buckhannon Record, Buckhannon, West Virginia]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  270 Miscellaneous Letters. 1929-1940, nd. c65 pp lets, notes. Corrs: W.L. McCormick, N.B. Coffman, C.T. Stranahan, Ovid McWhorter, Byron Defenbach, Homer L. Morrison, G.H. Gilbertson, John Herrick, O.B. Sperlin, W.P. Bonney, Beulah Scott (Mrs. Christopher Pierce Scott), Mrs. Pearl Lincoln Walker, Frank George, Olaf Strandwold, F.S. Hall, Charles Miles. [3 pp bibliography of Nez Perce material. 1 p list of Nez Perce interpreters. One let C.T. Stranahan re James Conley, survivor of Howard's army. 5 pp lets re Sokulk (Wana Pum) Indians and their request for land on the Columbia River. One cl re these Indians (Yakima Republic, Apr. 8, 1940). 2 pp notes, Indian Allotment Act of 1887 and "Indian Land Policy of the U.S." Misc matters, State Historical Society, local Indian affairs.]
  271 [Chief Kamiakun* Monument.] 1930. 7 pp lets. Corrs: W.C. Brown, Edmond S. Meany. [Efforts to raise funds for a marker honoring Chief Kamiakun.]
  272 [Correspondence: Ollie Jordan.] 1930-1932. c75 pp lets. [Personal matters. Jordan family.]
  273 Yakima Park. 1930-1933, nd. c65 pp lets, cls. Corrs: F.O. Hagie, Mrs. M.G. Mitchell, F.L. Kersie, W.F. Clarke, W.P. Bonney, Mrs. Herbert [Elvira] Griggs. [2 cls (un) controversy over name of Mt. Rainier (or Mt. Tacoma). 4 cls, Yakima Republic, (Sept. 6, 1930; Jan. 26, 1931), name of Yakima Park area of Rainier National Park. Misc corr, name of Mt. Rainier (or Mt. Tacoma) and name for Yakima Park area. Misc cls, same matter as above. Lets, destruction of trees in Tacoma city park.]
  274 Correspondence re Tragedy of the Wahk-Shum. 1930-1937. c70 pp lets. Corrs: Clarence P. Slagle, E.A. Brininstool, Walter S. Brown, Adam H. East, Grace B. Hedge, H.M. Lydenberg, Velma Handley Brown, Esther Jerabek, D.H. White, Robert A. McClure, Helen McRaith, C.W. Smith, Thomas M. Iiams, V.F. Starcher, J.G. Masters, Altha E. Fouch, Mrs. Chas Plowman, W.E. McWhorter, Mrs. George Garner, Sophia C. Kroll, Thomas Teakle, L.E. McWhorter, Sun-Rise, James M. Ashton, W.P. Bonney, Leslie E. Bliss, Ira D. Cardiff, E.F. Chase, Milda P. Cull, Herman J. Deutsch, George W. Dodds, Raymond Fadden, Morley Fox, Hilman F. Jones, Milda P. Cull, Gertrude Krausnick, Florence E. McLaughlin, Rufus W. Parker, William G. Perrow, Ruth S. Reynolds, M.D.L. Rhodes, Anne R. Robinson, O.B. Sperlin, C.C. Todd. [Sales, orders, comments, and testimonials re McW's* pamphlet. This pamphlet was published in 1917 under the title Tragedy of the Wahk-Shum: Prelude to the Yakima Indian War, 1855-1856. Incidents of the Big Hole Battle*, as told by Mrs. Shot-in-Head* (1 p. frag.) Pertaining to lineage of Yellow Wolf*. (1 p. MS frag.) Cls, "Starting an Indian War," and re [Fannie] Charles Dillon.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  275 Pawpaw Correspondence. 1930-1940. c200 pp lets. Corrs: B.R. Amend, Mrs. George Applegate, Lula Archer, E.M. Bailey, Eleanor J. Bangs, Mrs. Eddy Beller, Angie Burt Bowden, Herbert Bramley, Mrs. L.A. Champlin, Seth Clarkson, Mrs. W.P. Courtney, Frank A. DePue, John H. Ferryman, Urban Fisher, Mrs. H.L. French, W.J. Gould, Elvira Griggs, Eleanor J. Bangs, B.L. McGilchrist, Emma Hansen, C. Hansen, Mrs. H.B. Hayre, W.H. Hays, Fred Hickman, Mrs. M.S. Hineman, S.B. Householder, Mrs. Emma Howard, C.E. Huling, John T. Kraus, E.A.P. La Follette, Mrs. Sydney Lawrence, E.L. McClaine, Jr., B.L. McGilchrist, Mrs. C.R. Merrill, A.J. Miller, Mrs. J.M. Moran, W. Robert Murray, Frank Noc, Mrs. Charles Plowman, Goldie Avery Polachek, A.T. Rabeck, Bessie E. Rapp, Mrs. L.P. Rapp, Charles D. Raymer, H.E. Reed, Mrs. A.G. Reedholm, T.C. Richter, I.M. Schannep, W.M. Schwab, W.J. Shelton, Robert Shosteck, J.L. Smith (?), Sadie Taylor, Mrs. G.A. Voerge, Nora B. Whalen, Mrs. L. Williams, Mrs. F.M. Wood. [Lets re McW's business of raising and selling pawpaw trees.]
30 276 Permits for Making Quotations...from Various Authors. 1930-1943, nd. c50 pp lets. [Permissions from publishing companies and authors to cite passages in various McW works.]
  277 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1931-1941, nd. 9 pp misc material. [1 p MS. Chief Plenty Coups' speech at dedication of Tomb for the Unknown Soldier. 1 p reprint: "Showing What Early Settlers Had to Contend With: The Beaver Centennial Exposition, Inc., to Celebrate Some of the 1836 Happenings" re Henry and Elizabeth Spalding. Reprinted from Pacific Northwest Hotel News, May 2, 1931. Washington State travel expense vouchers.]
  278 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1931-1944, nd. c50 pp lets, printed matter. Corrs: Charles Miles, Ovid McWhorter, Fred Dustin, F. Running Bear, W.B. Brown, Johnny Buck*, E.A. Brininstool, J.M. Canse, Sam Lott [Many Wounds]*, Martha McKelvie, Margoria M. Haines. [Misc Indian affairs. Priest Rapids Fishery. Personal matters. 4 pp pamphlet: The American Indian: Captive or Citizen, Joseph W. Latimer, Peoria, Illinois, Dec. 1932.]
  279 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1931-1944. c60 pp lets. Corrs: Alonzo Victor Lewis, Mrs. Jennie Kaiser, F.A. Gross, Velma Brown, Rita Breeze, E.A. Brininstool, Ovid McWhorter, Albert W. Johnson, C.L. Andrews, Andrew Garcia*. [Chiefly personal. Lists of Indian display objects furnished by McW* for Washington's Birthday Celebration at the Yakima Fair Grounds in 1935.]
  280 Brininstool. 1932-1941, nd. 21 pp lets. Corr: E.A. Brininstool. [McW's* investigation of Custer, whom Brininstool calls an "idiot."]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  281 [Correspondence: Books & Miscellaneous.] 1932-1943, nd. 250 pp corr, notes, cls, printed matter, misc. This folder contains material found in copies of books owned by McWhorter*. The correspondence and notes, arranged chronologically, primarily concern book exchanges or purchases. Corrs: Daniel H. Newhall, H.G. Merriam, W.D. Vincent, R. Ross Arnold, E.A. Brininstool, O.J. McGillis, H. Miller (Charles Scribner's Sons), Charles Amos Buck, Mrs. Anne McDonnell, E.H. Thomas, Mary Lee Keister Talbot, Francis G. Bonham, Eugene B. Chaffee, Mrs. Ora B. Hawkins, Mrs. Altha Fouch, Helen Reensberg(?), J.E. Raymond, Eugene D. Hart, Helen Addison Howard, George Francis Brimlow. [Pamphlet "Souvenir of the Eighty-fourth Anniversary of the Organization of the First American Civil Government West of the Rocky Mountains Saturday, May Seventh, Nineteen Hundred Twenty-seven," with marginal note "Contains the vote of May 2, 1843, to determine the status of Oregon citizens re' Great Britain or the United States." Misc notes and marginalia.] Note: Full bibliographic records for copies of the books associated with the items in this folder may be found by doing an "author" search on "McWhorter Collection" in the WSU Libraries online catalog.
  282 [Correspondence.] 1933-1936. 18 pp lets. Corrs: Brin [E.A. Brininstool], Louis Baeder, Charles D. Raymer, Mae Mark Nalder. [Mostly personal references to Shaker churches on Yakima Reservation.]
  283 [Correspondence] 1933-1941 nd. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Lily Norling Hardwick, Robert C. Gooch, Francis Haines, Katherine Anderson, William A. De Witt, Hattie Starcher, Homer L. Morrison, W.C. Sommers, E.B. Riley, Dr. Marion Campbell Brave Heart, Hazel Gay, Pal Clark, J.K. Rollinson, Joel E. Ferris, Anne Shannon Monroe, Samuel H. Thompson, Emil Kopac, Harvey K. Meyer, Miles (?), A. Bowden, J.E (?). Bryan, Beth Brenner, Scotland G. Highland. [Chiefly re sales and reviews or mentions of McW's* books.]
  284 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1933-1943. c60 misc cls, magazine covers, mementos, MS.. Various corrs. [Religious matters. "Keepsakes." "The Rodeo, Fleet-Week, Seattle, WA" 8 pp MS.]
  285 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1933-1944, nd. c50 pp lets, MS, printed material. Corrs: William C. Brown, Lt. Col. Charles E.T. Lull, Ollie Jordan, E.A. Brininstool, Martha McKelvie, Homer L. Morrison, Velma Brown, C.E. Whiteside, Princess Sun Flower, F[rank] J. Engles, W.L. McCormick. [Advertising folders for world premiere of American Indian grand opera "Osceola" and lectures by Warcaziwin (Sun Flower). Printed material re Oregon Trail Memorial Association. Mimeo sheets re the American Military Institute. Criticism of writing of Agnes Laut and other recent works on the Nez Perce. 1 p MS, "The Mount Diablo Legend," sent by C. E. Whiteside.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  286 [Correspondence.] 1934-1935. Corrs: "Jane" (Mrs. John Russell Agee), Mildred D. Schmidtman, Grace Hedge, Pat Fieldhouse, Emil Kopac, Graham Sharman, Ovid McWhorter, Leni [McWhorter Jenkins]. [Chiefly personal matters.]
  287 [Correspondence.] 1934-1937, nd. In three parts: (1) "May-June, 1937." c25 pp lets. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, B. Hill, Grace Gardner, Nipo [Strongheart], J.L.S. [J.L. Sharon], J.L. Chapman, Alonzo V. Lewis (Laow tick-tick ilp-ilp; Mud Sparrow), Frank George, Rowena L. Alcorn, Harrison Lott, Brin [E.A. Brininstool], Ovid [McWhorter], William Charley*, James T. Rahily, Ethel Smith Keim, Chief Clinton Richard, Helen Wilson. [McW* says in let to Tim Baldwin, Lakeview, OR: "The Indian lore in its primitive purity is about a thing of the past, for the younger generation do not learn it. " Data on the return of the Nez Perce to Lapwai.] (2) c30 pp lets. "1935-1937." Corrs: Brin [E.A. Brininstool], Frank O. Schmitz, Rufus Parker, Nipo [Stongheart], B.F. Manring, Mrs. G. Gardner, Floss H. Loutzenhiser, J.R. Loutzenhiser, Marion Campbell Cole, Thomas Broncheau*, Stan C. Lapham, Charles D. Raymer. [Includes: 2 pp poem "Klahowyam Tillikums: Klaska Klatawa Kopa Klaska Tillikums," by S.C. Lapham. Misc and personal.] (3) "February, 1937." Also marked "Stranahan." c30 pp lets, 10 pp misc cls. Corrs: C.T. Stranahan, Fannie Charles Dillon, Ovid [McWhorter], Rosetta (?), Mary Lee Talbot, Helen P. Woodward, Arthur J. Christopher, Nipo Strongheart, Frank A. DePue, Stanley and Glessner Draper, Mrs. Joseph W. Fuld, Kate Williams. [Stranahan gives information re killing of Mrs. Jack Manuel in the Salmon River uprising. Includes Stranahan letter on the origin of the name 'Nez Perce'; noted by McW as being "chimerical" Copy of petition sent to John Collier, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, re Yakima Indian trapping rights.]
  288 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1934-1944. c100 pp lets. Corrs: Pal Clark, Jeannette W. Rutledge, Susie White*, John C. Tainewasher, Charles N. Loynes*, Fay M. Orton, Mrs. S.M. Orton, Charles Miles, Don Russell, Muriel Rea Shutt, Harvey W. Harmer, Samuel Tilden, Ora D. Curry, May Case, Alton P. Tisdel, Grace Boles Hedge, Barney Bertinetti, Harry Stimson Howard, Jerome Peltier, Oscar M. Waddell, Mrs. Edmund Bowden, E.A. Brininstool, Beth Brenner (Po-gum-bie), George F. Brimlow, Louie Dick, Arthur B. Langlie, Martha McKelvie, Camille Williams, Sam Lott (Many Wounds)*. [Orders for McW's* books. Discussions of projects with other writers. Copyright information. Indian artifacts desired, bought and sold. Monument to Yellow Wolf*. Personal and minor business matters.]
  289 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1934-1944. c100 pp lets, ditto and mimeo material. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, Fay M. Orton, C.A. Matthews, Chapin D. Foster, Lancaster Pollard. [Minutes (ditto cop) "Washington State Historical Society, Regular Meeting of the Board of Curators," Dec. 5, 1942; Oct. 2, 1943; Dec. 4, 1943; June 3, 1944. Minutes (ditto cop) "Special Meeting of the Board of Curators," May 22, 1943; June 26, 1943. Minutes (ditto cop) "Regular Annual Meeting of Members," Feb. 5, 1944. Covering letters for above.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
31 290 [Correspondence and Miscellaneous Material.] 1934-1944, nd. c100 pp lets, cls, misc printed mementos. Corrs: Capt. Russell V. Steele, Vivian McMurtrey, M.D. Beal, K.D. Swan, Herbert Ingram Priestley, J.A. Faulkner, W.P. Bonney, John Miller*, Albert W. Johnson, W.C. Sommers, C.W. Fitch, C.L. Matheny, F.S. Hall, Herman J. Deutsch, Homer L. Morrison, E.A. Brininstool, E.S. Luce, Lancaster Pollard, Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Lawrence E. Lindley, John T. Ledger, Wm.C. Brown, Velma Handley Brown, Grace Boles Hedge, Frank G. Speck, Frank P. Donnelly, Mary E. (Mrs. W.H.) Keal, C.M. Drury, Robert Johnson, Grace E. Brown, S.P. Jocelyn; Lindley Eberstadt, Chapin D. Foster, May Case Clovis, Wm. Baines, Malvina T. Scheider [secretary to Mrs. Roosevelt], Lloyd L. Jones, L.B. Tennant, Albert W. Johnson. "H.L." [with the Arthur H. Clark Company], G.D. McQuesten, Major F.A. Gross. [Big Hole Battlefield*. Sketches by Captain Russell V. Steele. Book orders. Washington State Historical Society and Eastern Washington State Historical Society affairs. Financial assistance for McW*. Discussions of and comments on books by other writers on western Indian fights. Indian affairs: "Birth Place of Chief Tecumseh," by Colonel William Hatch, "from a chapter on the history of the War of 1812 in the Northwest," memorials*, Indian schools, artifacts, Ahtanum water allocations*. 6 pp typescript: Captain Russell V. Steele, "Backwoods Warfare. The Rangers and Light Infantry in North America - Their Leaders, Uniform and Equipment. 1755-1758." Personal and misc.]
  291 [Correspondence.] 1935. 17 pp lets. Corrs: John Miller*, Simon Goudy*, Grace E. Brown, Robert Bruce, Verna Eastman, O.G. Libby, Anne McDonnell, Harold J. Cundy, Herman J. Deutsch, W.P. Bonney. [McW's* Adventures in Geyserland and misc letters.]
  292 [Correspondence.] 1935. 14 pp lets. Corrs: William McWhorter Patty, Dean [Guie], Verna Eastman, Evelyn Cornelius, Herman J. Deutsch, George H. Himes. [Misc. Project to mark the Bear's Paw Mountain Battlefield, mentioned several times.]
  293 [Correspondence.] 1935. c 25 pp. Corrs: Nipo [Strongheart], C.R. Noyes, Edna H. Tucker, Mrs. [Grace] Gardner, H.L.Yarek, Francis H. Rowley, Mae Mark Nalder. [Personal matters. Some preliminary discussions of his "Field History."]
  294 [Correspondence.] 1935-1936. c15 pp lets. Corrs: Freling Foster, Frank O. Schmitz, Marion E. Gudley, Grace Boles Hedge, Mildred D. Schmidtman. [Chiefly personal. Some incidental references to the Nez Perce "Field History." Yakima War of 1855-56.]
  295 [Correspondence.] 1935-1936. c20 pp lets. Corrs: Emil Kopac, John G. Brown, "Jane" (Mrs. John Russell Agee), Nipo [Strongheart]. [Same as above.]
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31 cont  

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  296 [Correspondence.] 1935-1936. c35 pp lets. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, C.E. Dietz, W.A. Linklater, J.S. Whiting, James C. Howgate, E.A. Brininstool, Harold J. Cundy, Harvey K. Meyer, Thomas Broncheau*, John Collier. [Includes references to Frederick C. Collett, executive representative of Indians of California, Incorporated, and his suit against John Collier, U.S. Indian Commissioner. References to Buffalo Ben Olney* and Nipo Strongheart. McW's* opinion of Collett decidedly unfavorable.]
  297 [Correspondence.] 1935-1936. c50 pp lets. Corrs: S.C. Lapham, J.G. Masters, Gertrude A. Griffin, Ovid [McWhorter], N.B. Coffman, John Miller*, George Peo-peo Tholekt*, Winifred M. Pomeroy, Delia (Morris) Stephenson, Nipo [Stongheart], Alicia Griffin, Sun-Rise, L.R.A. Condit, Velma H. Brown. [Includes: (a) cops of lets to Camille Williams, Kamiah, ID, re "Field History." (b) Let from S.C. Lapham, Marshfield, OR, says Coyote was never Indian god. "He was their laughable hero, trixter [sic] and teaching character, wonder worker and all the rest, but in the flesh he was a sneaking coyote just the same, and never a god or object of sacred esteem." (c) Lets re Ahtanum water situation, one from Winifred M. Pomeroy, Secretary to the Commissioner, Dept. of Indian Affairs. (d) Discussion by Nipo Strongheart of some Indian songs McW had collected. (e) Copy of poem, "Incident of the Big Hole Battle*." (f) Corr with S.C. Lapham re editing Indian legends. McW* says: "I fully appreciate the diction of the native narrators, that there must be some modifications because of the widely different concepts of ethics of the two races, but there is a midway trail which can be followed to advantage." Lapham says: "After much study, and some contact of many years, I am coming to wonder if any one of us have come to know them intimately enough to present their ideas and ideals truly." "One of the most difficult things I encounter is keeping out white man's ideas, additions and morals." Gives example of collection he has come to regard as "phoney."]
  298 [Correspondence.] 1935-1936, nd. c15 pp lets. Corrs: W.G. Perrow, C.E. Sweeney, W.H. McMurray, J.G. Masters, W.P. Bonney. [Corr with Bonney on matters relating to Washington State Historical Society.]
  299 [Correspondence.] 1935-1937. 11 pp lets. Corrs: William G. Perrow, Herman J. Deutsch, Chester A. Fee, Charles H. Carpenter, Nipo [Strongheart]. [Perkins massacre. Toppenish Battlefield. Personal and misc.]
  300 Nipo Strongheart. 1935-1943. c75 pp lets Corrs: Nipo Strongheart, M.A. Johnson. [Strongheart was at this time an Indian actor and research director in Hollywood, and was attempting to interest film studios in authentic representations of Indians and Indian music. Inheritance of Indian property.]
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31 cont  

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  301 [Correspondence.] 1936. 24 pp lets. Corrs: Clifford M. Drury, L.V. Eberhardt, Grace Boles Hedge, S.C. Lapham, Anna McKee Halsey, Mary Lee K. Talbot, Sam Lott, C.T. Stranahan, Fannie Charles Dillon, Joseph Joffe, B.F. Manring. [Bear's Paw Battlefield. Personal and misc.]
  302 Caxton Correspondence. Yellow Wolf. 1936-1940. c50 pp lets. Corrs: J.H. Gipson, Ovid McWhorter, Frederick F. Van de Water, E.A. Brininstool. [Publishing issues, general editorial considerations, the use of a glossary, method for dealing with variants of Indian names, the use of interpreters.]
  303 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1937-1938. c30 pp lets, ditto and mimeo material. Corr: W.L. McCormick. [Minutes (ditto cop) Washington State Historical Society bi-monthly meeting, Oct. 2, 1937; Dec. 4, 1937. Minutes (ditto cop) "Annual Meeting," Feb. 6, 1937. Covering letters for above.]
  304 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1937-1938. 30 pp duplicated material. [Cops of minutes of meetings, Washington State Historical Society Board of Curators, Feb. 5, Apr. 2, June 4, Oct. 1, Dec. 3, 1938.]
  305 [C.M. Drury.] 1937-1939. 30 p lets. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, C.M. Drury. [Publication matters.]
  306 [McWhorter Archive.] 1937-1945. Lets, notes. Corrs: Virgil McWhorter, E.O. Holland, O.T. McWhorter, Mary Armstrong, Herman J. Deutsch, W.W. Foote, Ruth B. Bordin, C.R. Armstrong, Mae Nalder, Mary Avery, R. L. Webster, I.I. Lewellen, Leona Ford, C.M. Brewster. Re donation of McWhorter Collection to the State College of Washington. Inventory of materials essential for the completion of McWhorter's* Nez Perce history, including editorial notes re the "Field History." Bibliographies. Inventory of McWhorter artifacts*. Inventories of books and manuscripts from McW's library.
32 307 Corres[pondence]: Yellow Wolf. 1938-1939. c200 pp lets. Corrs: Milton R. Mills, J.H. Gipson, Mabel S. Clore, Ovid McWhorter, John Ludlow. [Publishing issues, general editorial considerations, the use of a glossary, method for dealing with variants of Indian names, the use of interpreters. 3 pp letter re these issues by Milton R. Mills, June 27, 1939.]
  308 Correspondence, Caxton- Yellow Wolf. 1938-1942. c200 lets, bills, invoices, orders. Corrs: Gordon Gipson, J.H. Gipson, Ovid McWhorter, Mabel S. Clore, Milton R. Mills, John Ludlow. [Publishing issues, general editorial considerations, the use of a glossary, method for dealing with variants of Indian names, the use of interpreters.]
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32 cont  

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  309 Yellow Wolf. 1939-1940. c150 pp lets. Corrs: J.H. Gipson, Homer L. Morrison, Mabel S. Clore, Milton R. Mills. [Publishing issues, general editorial considerations, the use of a glossary, method for dealing with variants of Indian names, the use of interpreters.]
  310 Jubilee Correspondence. 1939. c50 pp lets. Corrs: Charles Miles (chief correspondent), W.L. McCormick, N.B. Coffman, Harry P. Cain, M. Bounds. [Washington State Golden Jubilee, sponsored by the Washington State Historical Society.]
  311 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1939. c50 pp mimeo material. [Cops minutes "Washington State Historical Society Regular Meeting of the Board of Curators," Feb. 4, Apr. 1, June 3, Aug. 12, Oct. 7, Dec. 2, 1939.]
  312 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1939-1944, nd. c200 pp lets, cls, printed matter. Corrs: Marion Campbell [Cole], Homer L. Morrison, Frank George, William C. Brown, Alonzo Victor Lewis, Chapin D. Foster, F.A. Gross, Warcaziwin (Sunflower), Byron Defenbach, M.D. Beal, Mary M. Reagan, Nipo Strongheart, E.A. Brininstool, Compton I. White, Flora Hirschy, Ed Kopac, Emil Kopac, C.E. Whiteside, Ovid McWhorter, Elmo Scott Watson, Sam Thompson, M.A. Johnson, Capt. Russel V. Steele, Percy White (?), Ray Moree, Velma Brown, Mrs. Grace Gardner, George E. Hudson, Ernest J. Wessen, Edmund B. Rogers, Bess E. Harrison. [Similar to above. Plan to move Yellow Wolf's* body to a more suitable burial place. H.R. 4331: bill in Congress for memorial to Chief Joseph*. Cl re Jim Thorpe. "Song to Chief Joseph," variant in letter by Alonzo Victor Lewis.]
  313 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1940. c100 pp ditto and carbon material. [Copies of minutes of meetings, Washington State Historical Society Board of Curators, Feb. 3, Apr. 8, June 1, Oct. 5, Dec. 7, 1940.]
  314 [Correspondence: Publishing.] 1940-1941. c100 pp lets. Corrs: J.H. Gipson, Ovid McWhorter, Joyce Sharp, Frank J. Engles, Charles N. Loynes*, C.R. Noyes, Po-gum-bie (Beth Brenner), Robert S. Ellison, E.F. Chase, Fred Dustin, Rush Jordan, Herman J. Deutsch, Francis Haines, H. Hackedorn, Mrs. C.W. Francis, Ralph McWhorter, E.A. Brininstool, Harry S. Howard, Don Russell, Alonzo Lewis, G.F. [George Francis] Brimlow, O.G. Libby, C.M. Drury, Frank G. Speck, H.M. Painter, Mrs. Anne McDonnell, A.W. Swisher, Jennie H. Lattin, T.C. Elliott, John G. Brown. [Publishing details and acknowledgments for receipt of copies of Yellow Wolf.]
  315 [Correspondence on Vandalism.] 1940-1941. 14 pp lets. Corrs: Ivy Llewellen, C.C. Todd, Paul Sieg, G. Dowe McQuesten. [Proposed state law to prevent loss of state's archeological resources from vandalism.]
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Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
33 316 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1941. c30 pp duplicated material. [Cop minutes "Washington State Historical Society Meeting of Board of Curators," Oct. 4, 1941. Cop minutes "Special Meeting," June 21, 1941; July 19, 1941. Cop minutes "Regular Meeting," Feb. 1, 1941; Apr. 5, 1941.]
  317 Caxton Printers: Yellow Wolf. 1941-1942. 8 pp lets. Corrs: Ida Sanderson, A. Bancroft Wells, J.H. Gipson, Mabel S. Clore, Gordon Gipson, Merle Hagmann. [Sales and royalties of Yellow Wolf and business matters re its publication.]
  318 Caxton Printing Concerning Yellow Wolf. 1941-1942, nd. c25 pp lets, cls. Corrs: E.E. Meredith, R[oy] A. West, J.H. Gipson, M.A. Johnson, Gordon Gipson, John Ludlow, Ida Sanderson, Alma Lorentz, Mabel S. Clore, Minnie Kendall Lowther, A. Bancroft Wells. [Some contents similar to above. Misc corr re Yellow Wolf and McW's* earlier Border Settlers. Cls are from Fairmont (WV) Times, 1942, re Border Settlers.]
  319 [Caxton Printing.] 1941-1943, nd. c75 pp lets. Corrs: J.H. Gipson, Gordon Gipson, Ida Sanderson, Florence G. Fitch, Emil Kopac, Franklin L. Burdette, Ora B. Hawkins. [Some contents similar to above. Misc corr with Selective Service Boards concerning Indians.]
  320 [Washington State Historical Society.] 1942. c40 pp mimeo and duplicated material. [Cop minutes "Washington State Historical Society Annual meeting of Board of Curators, Tacoma, Washington," Feb. 7, June 6, Aug. 1, Oct. 3, 1942. Cop minutes "Regular Annual Membership Meeting," Feb. 7, 1942. Cop minutes "..Executive Committee Meeting," Feb. 28, 1942." Mimeo "Discovery Days in the Northeast (?) Pacific[:] The Sesqui-centennial of Yankee Exploits Along Uncharted Shores," John M. Canse, Feb. 7, 1942. Address by W.L. McCormick at annual membership meeting, Feb. 7, 1942. "List of Active Members," Mar. 23, 1942. Copy charter of Utah State Historical Society.]
  321 [Poems.] c1943, nd. c100 poems. [Short poems by McW and others, the bulk of which are typed, many under the general title "Gems and Gems."]
  322 [Big Hole Battlefield*.] 1943-1944. 5 pp lets. Corr: M.D. Beal.
  323 [Correspondence: Books & Miscellaneous.] nd. 280 pp corr, notes, cls, printed matter, misc. This folder contains material found in copies of books owned by McWhorter*. The correspondence and notes primarily concern book exchanges or purchases. Corrs: E.W. Reynolds, Mabel Powers. [Misc notes and marginalia.] Note: Full bibliographic records for copies of the books associated with the items in this folder may be found by doing an "author" search on "McWhorter Collection" in the WSU online catalog.
  324 [Miscellaneous.] nd. [8 pp parody of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."]
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33 cont  

Series 3: Personal and Business Correspondence cont
  325 [McWhorter Archive.] Note: This file includes material dated 1946-1954 that relates to work on McW's "Field History" MS and to the provenance, disposition, and processing of the McWhorter collection; however, it is not part of the original accession.]
  326 [McWhorter Archive.] Note: This file includes material dated 1953-1981 that relates to work on McW's "Field History" MS and to the provenance, disposition, and processing of the McWhorter collection; however, it is not part of the original accession.]
  327 [McWhorter Archive.] Note: This file includes material dated 1950-1955 that relates to work on McW's "Field History" MS and to the provenance, disposition, and processing of the McWhorter collection; however, it is not part of the original accession.]
  328 [Obituary: Virgil O. McWhorter.] 2 pp cop of obituary note written for The Record Bulletin, of Prosser, WA, of Nov. 8, 1956, on the life of Virgil O. McWhorter, son of L.V. McWhorter*, who saw to it that the publication of Hear Me, My Chiefs! was made possible. [Not part of original accession].

Series 4: Indian Affairs

Subseries 4.1: Nez Perces
34 329 [Miscellaneous Nez Perce Material.] 1916-1931, nd. c50 misc cls, lets: Corr: Ethel L. Kirk. Misc news stories re Indians, General George Crook. Following cls are included: "The Flight of the Nez Perces," Mrs. M.E. Plassmann, Dillon Examiner, Mar. 23, 1927. "Indians Leave Joseph* Marker Near Chinook," The Great Falls Tribune, July 10, 1928. Photocopy of sketch map: "Road Map from Big Hole Battle Field to Helena, Montana, via Dillon, Montana. Drawn by Prof. Rush Jordan, April, 1930." Original in Folder 557.]
  330 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1928-1931, nd. 37 pp lets, MSS. Corrs: Chief Tomeo Kamiakun*, Harvey K. Meyer, Dean Guie, J.R. Hillain, Jas. Stuart, Mrs. James H. Evans, Louis R. Glavis, Ethel L. Kirk, Lynn Frazier. [Misc corr re McW's Nez Perce history. Robert Luke, Indian boy paroled to McW*. 3 pp MS, "Thieving of Agency Officials at Lapwai*," by J[ames] H. Evans. 2 pp MS "Regarding Spalding Land Acquirement," by James H. Evans. 2 pp MS "Incident of 'Capt.' John and 'Baby.'" Misc Indian affairs.]
  331 [Yellow Wolf* Memorial.] 1943-1944. 20 pp lets, notes. Corrs: F.A. Gross, E.O. Holland, A.L. Anderson, Jack Crawford, Jerome Peltier, D.F. McCurrah, Lancaster Pollard, Harvey K. Meyer, M.D. Schmidtman, Elizabeth Prior, G. Dowe McQuesten. [Re a projected memorial to Yellow Wolf to be erected at Nespelem, Washington. List of subscribers to the memorial.]
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34 cont  

Subseries 4.2: Yakamas
  332 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1894-1944. c30 pp lets, cls, printed matter. Corrs: Duncan McDonald*, Richard Allen, Charles N. Loynes*, Sam Thompson, Robert Hitchman, A.A. Grorud, W.P. Bonney, S.M. Brosius, Carroll B. Graves, W.H. Holmes, O.C. Moore. [Early Hudson's Bay Co. trading post. Indian relics*. Fragment of rope that hung [sic] murderer Tom Woolfolt(?)). Gen. Robert E. Lee. Indian water rights*(Yakima Indians and the Jones Bill, 1913). Cop House Resolution 1917, 63d Congress, 1st Session, May 7, 1913, amendment to Jones Bill re Yakima Indian Reservation water distribution. Misc matters.]
  333 [Yakima Reservation Boundaries.] 1904-1907, nd. c20 pp petitions and legal papers. (3 pp typed cop petition dated 1905, presented by Yakima Indian tribe to the Indian Agency at Fort Simcoe* re 1904 national legislation affecting the tribe. Eight grants of copyright issued to McW by the Library of Congress for pics, 1907. Resolution, bearing signatures of Yakima Indians, 1904, granting power of attorney to attorneys and agents representing the Indians in Washington re a disputed boundary line on the Yakima Reservation. Cop 1905 petition to Dept. of Interior re this dispute. Cop 1905 resolution asking for payment of bills for Indians' Attorneys and Agents, and an investigation by the Secretary of the Interior of 1905 legislation adversely affecting the Yakimas. 3 pp typescript, nd, "Petition to the President of the United States," re alleged violations of the Treaty of 1855.]
  334 [Irrigation* and Yakima Indian Lands.] 1905-1917. c35 pp lets. Corrs: Lancaster Spencer, Caesar Williams*, Alex McCoy [Owl-Child], John Yum-tee-bee (Um-tee-bee), H.M. Gilbert, David Williams*, Louis Mann*, E. Dick, Smith Luce-i. [Chiefly re Chief Um-tee-bee at Fort Simcoe* and Caesar Williams, their personal affairs and their reaction to a proposed disposition of Indian lands, and to an irrigation project including Indian lands.]
  335 Jay Lynch Correspondence. Yakima Indian Agency. 1905-1919. c85 pp lets. Corrs: Jay Lynch, Don M. Carr, C.F. Larrabee, Charles H. Swigert, Ernest Knaebel, H.M. Gilbert, Ralph B. Williamson. [Irrigation* of Yakima Indian lands. Irrigation* of Umatilla Indian lands.]
  336 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1906-1918, nd. c380 pp lets and papers. Corrs: Louis Mann* (chief corr), William E. Johnson, Ernest J. Bloom, Billie Captain Wholite*, William Charley*, Warren K. Moorehead, H.A. Larson, T.L. Jones (?), Samuel M. Brosius, William Verran, Sam Young, Walter L. Fisher, E.A. Hitchcock, D.C. Henny, Thomas Ryan, Wesley L. Jones, R.H. Johnson, H.B. Averill, Yellow Wolf*, E.B. Limen, E.B. Meritt, Simon Goudy*, J.P. MacLean, Mrs. Caesar Williams, Winnie Wak tash nashute (Watosh nassuth), Harvey Schuster, Lancaster Spencer, Kate Williams, Billy Whitethunder, Caesar Williams*, M.C. Mann, Tom Waters, James Wm. Martin, Charles H. Swigert, John Francis, Jr., Stwire G. Waters, Merrill E. Little (?), Shaw-aw-way coot-ahy-ah, H.M. Gilbert, Z.Y. Coleman, C.T. Atwood, Peter McGuff (?), and others. [Many letters re water rights* on the Yakima Reservation. Copy of 2 pp petition present Congress by Yakima Tribal Council (of which Louis
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34 cont  

Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  336 cont Mann was secretary) re these rights (April 2, 1913). 12 pp copies of Dept. of Interior lets re the water distribution (1905). Protests of Yakima Indians against Senate Bill 6603 which, they felt, would deprive them of their water rights (1912). Cl, un, "The Singed Spot on the Cottonwood tail." Indian legend. Cop of petition of Yakima Indians at White Swan (1915) for allotment of lands to their children. Misc.]
35 337 [Yakima Indian Affairs: Miscellaneous.] 1906-1928. c25 pp lets Corrs: Barbara Fossett, W.P. Bonney, Theodore L. Prince, Buffalo B[en] Olney*, J.P. MacLean, George H. Himes, T.H. Martin, S.M. Brosius. [Misc Yakima Indian affairs. Some information re Frederic C. Collett.]
  338 Yakima Council*, etc. 1906-1932, nd. c100 pp lets, notes, cls, MS. Corrs: Jay Lynch, C.F. Hauke, Sam Young, Charles H. Dickson, S.M. Brosius, Louis Mann*, Mrs. Hamilton J. Riggins, Mrs. Diana Belais, Elizabeth G. Cary (Maywee-peo-peo-hi-hi), N.K. Buck, Joseph C. Cheney, Don M. Carr, William Charley*, W.E. Johnson, James M. O'Sullivan, Mrs. George Garner, Simon Goudy*, Nipo Strongheart, Charley H. Charles, John W. Hays, Caesar Williams, Yellow Wolf*, Joe W. Phillips. [Misc lets; unfair Indian allotments (1910). Yakima fishing* rights and controversy over water rights*; allotments. Indian citizenship. Allotments for children. Caesar Williams. Misc personal corr.]
  339 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1907-1916, nd. c200 pp lets. Corrs: Louis Mann* (chiefly), Mrs. B.F. Rogers, Dennison Wheelock, S.M. Brosius, Ira(?) P. Englehart, C.T.[F.] Hauke, James Wm. Martin, Harold B. Gilbert, Charles C. Olney. [Louis Mann's personal problems. Re Sluskin, Qual-chan. Indian Bureau* policies. Irrigation problems* on Yakima Indian lands. McW MS: "Final of Sluskin Talk," (2 pp). Indian hunting rights. Indian Rights Association. Needs of the Indian land allottees at Ahtanum. 8 pp let re Yakima Indian General Council, Jan. 13-14, 1916. (Re injustices caused by D.M. Carr and L.M. Holt in selling allotments, water rights*, irrigation* concerns.)]
  340 Tribal Court- Caesar Williams'* Case. Part of Correspondence- Last Part- Not in this Jacket. Case Compromised on a $15 Fine. L.V. McW*. 1907-1917, nd. c85 pp lets, notes. Corrs: Sam Young, A.C. McDonald, Caesar Williams, H.B. Miller, J.B. Swisher, Ovid McWhorter, Frank H. Scott, Lillie Stalnaker, William S. O'Brien, W.C. Dodrill, J.G. Jackson, Sue Winegarden. [c20 pp lets, 1911, Yakima Indian Tribal Court case of Caesar Williams and His Wife. Each fined for "discourteous action" involving reservation policeman. c30 pp lets, 1916; history and family connections of various Indians and of Robert Pelky, a Colville trader who married Sophia Antwine, a Colville-Lake Indian. c35 pp notes and lets re Border Settlers.]
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35 cont  

Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  341 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1907-1940, nd. c100 pp lets. Corrs: William Charley*, Mrs. White Elk, J.W. Langdon, H.C. Marshall, Yellow Wolf (White Thunder)*, David Williams*, Stwire G. Waters, Louis Charles Mann*, Mrs. Kate Stevens Bates, Thomas Waters, J.M. Lewis*, Margaret (Lewis), Moses Mann, Caesar Williams, P. Williams, Peo-peo Tholekt*, W.E. Johnson, W.R. Cunningham, R.L. Stout, E.M. Cherry, Mrs. R.R. Rees, Harry Owhi. [Cop petition to Secy. of Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs, July 18, 1923, asking return of Yakima Indian Agency headquarters to Fort Simcoe*. Signed by ten Indians. Domestic problems of Indians. Indian artifacts* bought and sold. Louis Mann's irrigation troubles*.]
  342 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1908-1918, nd. c100 pp lets. Corrs: Sam Young, Peter McGuff, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, John W. Davis, Harve H. Phipps, Don M. Carr, Louis Mann*, J.B. Monroe, S.M. Brosius, Frank Conley, Paul Salzer, Joseph Craig, Arthur C. Parker, E.B. Meritt, Cato Sells, Simon Goudy*, Charles E. Barrett, J.P. MacLean. [File bears McW note: "This file show [sic] the deception tactics of Supt. Young." Lets center around the irrigation controversy dealt with above. Sam Young was superintendent. Yakima Agency, Fort Simcoe*. McW* contends that "The Indian petition for water right under the Wapato Canal, as described provides that the Indian is to hold all the land so watered, and that no part of it is to be sold." Much of the material in this file was used in McW's The Crime Against the Yakimas*. Corr with S.M. Brosius, Indian Rights Association, re trip by Louis Mann and Chief Tecumseh to Washington, D.C., to protest against legislation affecting Indian water rights. Material concerning prison record of Perry H. Kennerly, active in the "Brotherhood of American Indians." Petition by Chief Sa-lus-kin, Jan. 31, 1913, to Miles Poindexter, U.S. Senate grievances over water rights* and land allotment. Accompanying corr. Misc corr re Indian rights and grievances.]
  343 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1909-1912. c75 pp lets, petition forms, printed material. Corrs: C.F. Hauke, F.H. Abbott, Chief Yum-tee-bee (Um-ta-pee), Lancaster Spencer, Smith Luce-i, Warren K. Moorehead, Sam Young, Don M. Carr, Louis Mann*. [Grazing problems on the Yakima Reservation. Cops petition forms for sale of Indian lands. Cop power of attorney form. Handwritten petition, Jan. 23, 1912, signed by fifty-one Indians in "Protest against the power of attorney and contract and assignments which Harve H. Phipps of Spokane, WA, and Richard C. Adams of Washington, D.C. have been inducing members of our Tribes to sign since we belive [sic] the activity of these parties has been solely for the amount of money they can get out of it." Three cops "Power of Attorney," "Contract for Assignment of Attorney and Fee Agreement." Copy of "Jones Bill:" An Act Authorizing the disposition of surplus and Allotted lands on the Yakima Indian Reservation. Mar. 6, 1906. 7 pp copy Congressional committee report, House of Representatives, Report No. 1477, 59th Congress, First Session: Surplus and Allotted Lands on the Yakima Indian Reservation. 6 pp let McW to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, June 8, 1909, outlining Yakima Indian range complaints and other grievances. Cop petition signed by thirty-one Indians, April 13, 1911, addressed to the Commissioner
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  343 cont of Indian Affairs, asking for the "watering of their lands under the proposed Wapato Canal." Lets accompanying petition. Cop petition signed by fifteen Indians, addressed to Richard Ballinger, Secretary of the Interior, August 24, 1909. Asks that the government refrain from opening the Yakima Reservation without the consent of the tribe; that the Indians be allowed to retain their canal at Union Gap*; and other grievances (irrigation* and water rights*). Accompanying lets.]
  344 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1909-1912. c65 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: Sam Young, R.A. Ballinger, Louis Mann*, W.E. Johnson, S.M. Brosius, Walter L. Fisher, Merrill E. Gates, Wesley L. Jones, Lancaster Spencer, Miles Poindexter, Frank Meachem, Smith Luce-i. [Protest to Secretary of Interior Walter L. Fisher, 1912, against promotion of F.H. Abbott to position of Indian Commissioner. Liquor problem on the Yakima Reservation. Land allotments of various Indians. Water rights* controversy on Yakima Reservation. Pension claims of various Indians. Petition, 1910, of Yakima Tribes to remove Sam Young from his position as Indian Agent. Cop S. 1981, 61st Congress, Second Session, Feb. 14, 1910: "An Act to amend section one of an Act approved January thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, entitled 'An Act to prohibit the sale of intoxicating drinks to Indians, providing penalties therefor, and for other purposes.'" House Resolution 22846: "An Act to promote the efficiency of the militia ... "]
  345 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1909-1913, nd. 105 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: Lancaster Spencer, Stwire G. Waters, Nealy N. Olney, Harry W. Wheeler, Walter L. Fisher, S.M. Brosius, William E. Johnson, Warren K. Moorehead, Chief Yum-tee-bee, F.H. Abbott, Sam Young, Joseph Craig, Harve H. Phipps, Louis Mann*, R. Valentine, Florence L. Cummings. [3 pp cop "Constitution Brotherhood of North American Indians." Pima Indian water rights* on the Gila River. Assignment of S.M. Brosius, Indian Rights Association, as "agent and attorney, to protest against the enactment of any legislation by the Congress of the U.S., which will in any manner limit or deprive us (the Yakima Indians) of the unlimited use of our just share of water for irrigation of the lands of our reservation from streams within or bordering upon our reservation." Louis Mann's water rights*. Society of American Indians. Indian land allotments on the Yakima Reservation. Misc Indian and personal affairs. House Joint Resolution 250, 62d Congress, Second Session, Feb. 22, 1912. " [to] adjudicate the rights of the Yakima Indians to the use of water, for irrigation purposes, of Ahtanum Creek and the Yakima River*." 7 pp let to House of Representatives re Pima Indian water rights on the Gila River. Assignment of S.M. Brosius, Indian Rights Association as "agent and attorney, to protest against the enactment of any legislation by the Congress of the U.S., which will in any manner limit or deprive us (the Yakima Indians) of the unlimited use of our just share of water for irrigation of the lands of our reservation from streams within or bordering upon our reservation." House Resolution 28406 (Indian Appropriations Act), 61st Congress, Third Session, January 13, 1911. "For the construction and improvement of wagon roads on the Yakima Reservation...." Lets re U.S. Circular No. 391 dealing with indebtedness of Indians, both competent
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  345 cont and non competent, and the adjustment of any owed claims. Lets re prohibition of Indian dancing, drinking, gambling, horse racing and "all kinds of fun." 3 pp mimeograph of "Constitution of the Brotherhood of North American Indians (National Organization)," nd.]
  346 Mostly Indian Affairs But Not Wholly Classified [Yakima.] 1909-1914, nd. 67 pp lets, petition forms. Corrs: W.E. Johnson, James McLaughlin, R. Valentine, Warren K. Moorehead, W.L. Jones, S.M. Brosius, F.A. Williams, C.F. Hauke, Louis Mann*, Simon Goudy*, Sam Young. [Appointment of F.H. Abbott to post of Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Disbursement of Indian moneys and S.M. Brosius' opinions on. Questionnaire to Prof. Warren K. Moorehead on Indian lands, allotments, and general reservation conditions. Let sent to Chief Yum-tee-bee (Bitten by a Grizzly Bear) with lets from Washington re sale of Yakima Indian lands. Yakima Indian water problems on Wapato Irrigation* Canal. Copies petition forms for sale of Indian lands. 11 pp let from R.Valentine, Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs, May 24, 1909, re conditions on Yakima Reservation.]
36 347 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1909-1915, nd. c150 pp lets. Corrs: Stwire G. Waters, Louis Mann*, S.M. Brosius, E. Hulse, Sam Young, F.H. Abbott, C.F. Hauke, H.B. Miller, Miles Pointdexter, John D. Works, Simon Goudy*, William Charley*, Don M. Carr, Cato Sells, Joe W. Phillips, Arthur C. Parker, S.E. Neff, Carroll B. Graves, Merrill E. Gates. [Notice of election (1910) for head man among the chiefs of the different tribes of the Yakima Reservation. 5 pp lets to Secretary of Interior (1909), stating claim for tract of land in Cedar Valley. Signatures of Louis Mann, Secretary, Yakima Indian Tribal Council, and 15 other Indians. Cop, petition by the Yakima Indian Council Lodge to the U.S. Attorney General (1912) and corr regarding this petition; Yakima Indian water rights*, Ahtanum River. Background of Indians' claim presented. 17 pp lets (1911); Simon Goudy's claim to damages to his Indian allotment land by railroad right of way. (Toppenish, Fort Simcoe & Western Railway Co.) 16 pp lets; Senator Miles Poindexter; Goudy's claim against the railroad and conditions on the Yakima Reservation. c50 pp misc corr (1910-1912), chiefly Goudy's claim and the problems of Indian water rights, with deposition by Goudy and various petitions of the Yakima Indian Council.]
  348 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1910-1915, nd. c100 pp lets. Corrs: S.M. Brosius, William Connelley, E.B. Meritt, Louis Mann*, Simon Goudy*, Keith Tooley, Ovid McWhorter, Mrs. J.D. Springston, William E. Johnson, Joseph S. Reger, Birdie McCroskey , O.J. Green, Arthur C. Parker, Cato Sells, E.A. King, Stwire G. Waters, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Yellow Wolf*, Richard C. Adams, Lancaster Spencer, Cato Sells. [Louis Mann and controversy concerning water rights* on Yakima Reservation. Fight against maintenance of a saloon in Parker, on the Yakima Reservation. Society of American Indians. White Swan Indian Council. Indian Rights Association. Misc and personal. Petition from Yakima Indian Council supporting E.B. Meritt for Commissioner of Indian Affairs.]
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  349 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1913-1917. c200 pp lets, notes, cls, MSS. Corrs: Mrs. Jennie M. Lewis*, W.K. Moorehead, Fred C. Morgan, Louis C. Sanstrow, William Charley*, William S. Lewis, Caesar Williams*, G.E. Hanson, Everett S. Dam, W. P. Bonney and others. [(1) Lets. Damaged land allotment of Flathead Indian at Polson, Montana, and other Flathead grievances. (2) Cls. Yakima Historical Society founding. McW* request for Montana Indian legend is in folder. (3) Lets. McW's request for Montana Indian legend about a monster "who used to swallow everybody." (Kamiah Monster?):contains two lets from William Charley. (4) Let re Mourning Dove's illness. (5) lets, MSS. McW's let re [The] Crime Against the Yakimas* and The Continued Crime Against the Yakimas*. Research among the Spokane Indians: 10 pp typed MS, "A study of the Spokane Indians in order to be profitable should cover the following phases: Ethnology, folk lore and language"; 7 pp typed MS. "Suggestions regarding the study of the Spokane language and the study of Indian legends and folklore"; 2 pp typed MS. "Suggestions regarding the collection of folk lore." (6) Lets, telegrams. Reopening Indian lands for settlement. (7) "Louis Mann- Drunkenness." Lets. (8) "Monument for Indians." Lets re monument proposed for Spokane Garry. (9) "Caesar Williams' Trouble." Lets re horses lost in a railroad accident and Williams' permit to fish at Toptut. (10) "Concerning Priest Rapids Indians." Lets re the Sokulk Indian and an article written by McW about these people with the assistance of Louis Mann*. (11) "Wash State Hist Society Regarding Yakimas." Lets re marker for Bolen Party to commemorate the spot where Bolen* was killed. William Charley's work in helping to find the place; Mt. Rainier trip by Sluiskin.]
  350 360 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1913-1926, nd. c70 pp lets, MS. Corrs: Louis Mann*, J.D. Leechman, George G. Heye, E.B. McConnell, Jay Lynch, Ovid McWhorter, Mrs. White Elk, L.G. Bishop, W.P. Bonney, V.O. McWhorter, J.E. Vandersloot. [Hunting rights of Yakima Indians. Indian artifacts owned by McW. History and background of Yakima Indian lands irrigation* problem. 3 pp MS with note by Louis Mann, "A Legend Story about Catholic Indians Persecuted. In the Early Days of this Country Being Wild. Our Fore Parents Became Catholics at Early Days."]
  351 [Correspondence and Miscellaneous.] 1913-1928, nd. c150 pp lets, notes, printed material. Corrs: Louis Charles Mann*, Elijah Williams, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Alonzo Victor Lewis, J.M. [Jennie] Lewis*, Chief Frank Seelatsee, Tom Crow, Chief Yellow Wolf*, S.M. Brosius Charles F. Bolin, Paul W. Childers, Stwire G. Waters, Harry (?). ["To the Water Users of the Reservation," 4 pp circular by L.M. Holt, re waste of water in reservation watering. "To All Water Users of the Tieton," 3 and 2 pp circulars by the Dept. of the Interior United States Reclamation Service, 1913. 7 pp notes on meeting of Indian Council at White Swan, Jan. 24, 1913, by corresponding secretary, Louis Mann. Scratch pad with c60 pp notes re the "Grand Council of American Indians," by Louis Mann. Louis Mann's personal troubles. Northwest Indian Congress proposed. Water rights* of Yakima Indians. Personal and misc.]
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  352 [Yakima Indians: Miscellaneous Material.] 1913-1944, nd. c80 pp lets, notes, cls, mimeographed material. Corrs: W.A. Linklater, Charles F. Bolin, S.M. Brosius, John Collier, Angie Burt (Mrs. Edmund) Bowden, Nipo Strongheart, Rufus W. Parker, Samuel Perkins, Alba Shawaway, Thomas Jordan, James R. Keith, Chapin D. Foster. [One cop 4 pp souvenir pamphlet; unveiling memorial monument to F. Mortimer Thorp, first white settler, Yakima Valley. "Indian Truth," 3 pp mimeograph pamphlet by John Collier, March 24, 1932: "self injurious statements made by the Indian Rights Association." 1 p McW typescript titled "The Indian Calendar Harmonious with Elemental Nature," nd. 1932 corr; disputed Indian water rights* at Ahtanum. Corr and contracts; Indians appearing in state fairs. 9 pp "Statement of the Services of Guy Haines with United States Government." 1 cop, mimeo, "From Article 3, Treaty with the Yakimas, 1855," fishing rights* for Yakima Indians. Misc lets.]
  353 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1914-1922, nd. c185 pp lets, notes. Corrs: Elizabeth L. Arnold, Louis F. Hart, M.K. Sniffen, Metta Marsan, Caesar Williams*, Leta V. Meyers, W.D. Vincent, Jess Nunn, Warren F. Louis, Mrs. E. Chrisler, Charles Hale, Harl J. Cook, Nealy N. Olney, George H. Himes, W.D. Lyman, Louis Mann*, S.M. Brosius, Don M. Carr, Buffalo Ben Olney*, Red Fox Skiuhushu, Inez Filloon, L.B.D. Bartlett, R.B. Peterson, W.P. Bonney, Frank Kirkpatrick, D.D. Varner, Thomas G. Bishop, Warren K. Moorehead, E.B. Meritt. [Contains some corr re Rev. Red Fox Skiuhushu and the Tipi Order.of America Misc corr re OR and WA State Historical Societies. 23 pp MS composition book "The Book of Rituals for First, Second, & Third Degree." Tipi Order of America, nd, ns. Sundry matters, mostly Indian affairs.]
37 354 Professor W.K. Moorehead. Proposed Exposure of Indian Office Affairs. 1914-1924. c40 pp lets. Corrs: Warren K. Moorehead, Gladys W. Salta, Louis Charles Mann*, Evan W. Estep, Listening Coyote, F.M. Goodwin, W.O. Smith. [Half of the lets relate to a report proposed by Warren K. Moorehead (Director, Philips Academy, Dept. of American Archeology) aimed at abuses in the Indian Bureau* system. Most remaining lets concern the water rights* of Indians in the Yakima Reservation, especially those of Louis Mann. 1 cl Christian Science Monitor, August 7, 1924. Nipo Strongheart and his plea for Indian schools. Mentions the organization of the Indian Commercial Club and the Indian Bank of Wapato, WA.]
  355 [Correspondence and Miscellaneous.] 1914-1944, nd. c30 cls, notes, printed material. Corrs: J.P. MacLean, Jay Perry, Marion Campbell, Cato Sells. [Cls, "Oregon or Bust: Early Northwest Adventure Stories"; two cops "Chief Joseph*: A Truly Great Man of the Pacific Northwest. The Sunday Oregonian, March 31, 1935; "Indians Entitled to Fair Play," The San Bernardino Daily Sun, June 2, 1931; "On the Range," un, The Morning Ledger; The Vancouver Evening Columbian, August 17, 1931. Photocopy of printed map showing location of Bolon Monument* and Marker, northwest of Goldendale, Washington. Original in Folder 535. Typed copy of poem, "Myself," signed F.A.F. 4 pp typed MS "Indian Honors for West
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  355 cont Virginian," by Minnie Kendall-Lowther. McW* is subject. 6 pp open let on Indian affairs. One p is by Birdie E. McLain-Springs; other five by Herbert Welsh and William Alexander Brown. Notes on Clearwater Battle*. Indian books, artifacts. Advert. re McW's Tragedy of the Wahk-Shum, Charles Kelly's Salt Desert Trails. Printed cops three bills from the Seventieth Congress, First Session: S. 1477: "A Bill readjusting the cost of furnishing water to lands of the Yakima Indian Reservation, and for other purposes." House Resolution 6849: "Readjusting the cost of furnishing water to land of the Yakima Indian Reservation and for other purposes," [irrigation* and water rights*]. House Resolution 14132 "Authorizing the construction of a memorial, and for other purposes." (For Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea, near the confluence of the Snake and the Columbia.)]
  356 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1915-1919, nd. Note by V.O. McW: "Carefully consider 20 folders of this group. Concerns trouble & history of Yakimas." c270 pp lets, notes, cls. Corrs: Louis Mann*, George H. Himes, William P. Bonney, Dr. M.M. Quaife, Edmond S. Meany, Charles W. Smith, Don M. Carr, J.S. McWhorter, Warren K. Moorehead, Everett S. Dam, George Peo-peo Tholekt*, S.M. Brosius, Chief Yetamoset, William Charley*, Benj. W. Pettit, S.J. Clarke, W.W. Clarke, and others. [(1) "Council at Louis Mann's." 9 pp, lets, notes. A meeting of Yakima Indians in 1917 to protest paying state and county taxes. (2) "Buried Guns at Bridge of Gods." Let. Corr: George H. Himes. Two rifles reputedly buried by Chief Shee-ah-coote, a signer of the Yakima Treaty of 1855. (3) "Washington State Historical Society." Collection of folk stories. Publication of Mourning Dove's Cogewea. Indian claim to hunting rights in Rainier National Park. Cl, Tacoma Daily News, Nov. 30, 1915, "Sluiskin Tells True Story of Mountain." By McW. Sluiskin denies that he guided Stevens-Van Trump expedition of 1870, but claims that he did guide two un white men to the mountain. With Bonney let. (4) "Pertains to Soluskin [sic] Narrative given Meany of University." Lets re Sluiskin article above. (5) "Pertaining to Aid by McWhorter for Chief Soluskin [sic]" Chief Sluiskin "often befriended the poverly [sic] pioneers when they first attempted their advent into this valley." Sluiskin, who "once owned Yakima," was destitute. McW carried this appeal to Congress. (6) "Pertains to Erection of Monument at Union Gap. This is important for the future reference of Yakimas." Cls, lets. Monument at Union Gap "erected to the memory of an Indian killed at the battle of Two Buttes in the Indian troubles of 1855-1856." Indian name for Union Gap* was Tow-tow-na-hee. Indian pictures for State Historical Society. (7) Publication of photographs. (8) "Wash D.C. Trip Appealing for Yakimas." Lets. Includes lets of recommendation and introduction to various senators and members of Congress. Trip partly concerned with attempt to get redress for Chief Joseph's* people for the loss of the Wallowa Valley in Oregon*. McW* says that on his trip he will look "after the water rights of Simon Goudy*, William Adams, Louis Mann and others over near White Swan also the Ahtanum water trouble, game and especially the fishing* rights of the Yakimas both at Prosser and the Dalles." Mann cites many Indian grievances, modern and historical. (9) "Concerning Bootleggers on Yakima Reservation." Lets, cls, notes. (10) Activities of Indian Tribal Council in Yakima. Lets. In part the refusal of
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  356 cont some Yakima Indians to register for the draft during World War I, on the grounds that their treaty forbids them to fight in any war except in self-defense. Louis Mann says: "Many of the Yakimas have registered. All will register if they understand."]
  357 Louis Mann*. 1917-1923, nd. 61 pp lets. Corrs: Louis Mann (chiefly), H.F. Crawford, J.P. Crawford. [Controversy over Yakima Indian water rights*.]
  358 Correspondence: Miscellaneous. May Be of Historical Value. 1917-1940, nd. c135 pp lets. Corrs: L.M. Holt, J.W. Ealy, Allan G. Harper, John Collier, Charles E. Jackson, George Roger Chute, M.G. Ramsey, Floyd A. Henderson, Edmund B. Rogers, George Stephenson, Mrs. S.L. Minerva Cherry, Innis C. Davis, Burr H. Simpson, Robert Hitchman, Max Hiscock, Graham Sharman, Simon Goudy*, S.C. Lapham, George F. Brimlow, E.A. Brininstool, J.H. Sherburne, Fred P. Todd, Frederic F. Van de Water, R.B. Roberts, Robert Ballou, Robert E. Strahorn; J.R. Binyon, W.P. Bonney, Lucia Jane Hitchman, Mrs. Brady Layman, Jennie R. Nichols, Mildred Schmidtman, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, Harrietta Shelton Williams. [Indian water rights on Yakima Reservation. Wheeler-Howard Bill (73d Congress, 2d Session, 1934, S. 3645: "To conserve and develop Indian lands and resources, to establish a credit system for Indians; to extend toward Indians the right to form business and other organizations; and for other purposes." Big Hole Battlefield*. WV history. Indian water rights*. Bannock Indian War. Makah Indians and Treaty of Neah Bay. Problems re collecting Indian legends and Americana. "Shaker" religion of Yakimas. McW says, "The Indian Shaker sect ... is a medley of Dreamer and Catholicism."]
  359 Correspondence. [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1918-1921. c65 pp lets. Corrs: W.K. Moorehead, Miles Poindexter, Thomas C. Moffett, Charles C. Arnold, William H. Ketcham, Francis H. Rowley, Jim Wallahee*, Louis Mann*, Cato Sells, Simon Goudy, Samuel A. Eliot, Stuart H. Elliot, J.S. Lockwood, Don M. Carr, D.R. Redman, Hazard Stevens. [Current Yakima Indian affairs. Personal troubles of local Indians. National Indian legislation. The National Indian Bureau*. Death of Chief Seven Mountains. The Indian Commission. Personal and misc.] 1545.
  360 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1918-1924, nd. c150 pp lets. Corrs: Nipo Strongheart, Warren K. Moorehead, L.M. Holt, S.M. Brosius, Hope Elizabeth Haupt, Mrs. S.A. Haupt, Simon Goudy*, Joseph C. Cheney, Paul W. Childers, O.L. Babcock, Henry Goddard Leach, Dr. Francis H. Rowley, Samuel A. Eliot, Gladys M. Salta, C.C. Starr, Nealy [Olney], J.S. McWhorter, Caesar Williams, Charles Bolin, S.J. Clarke. [Japanese on Indian lands. Indian Bureau* policy. Yakima water rights*. Indian Rights Association. Personal and misc.]
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  361 Redfox. 1919-1921, nd. c85 pp lets. Corrs: Fred J. Everts, Red Fox Skiuhushu, Dr. and Mrs. White Elk, F.M. (W.?) Burnham, W.F. Turner, S.M. Brosius, W.L. Jones. [Note by McW*: "The great volume of the Rev. Red Fox intrigues, duplicity, and all round rascality has been destroyed, obliterated as defamitory [sic] to the face of the earth. It is inconceivable that a Christian ordained minister could prove so triple-faced, and utterly devoid of all semblance of the least attribute of honor or common decency." Red Fox and his leadership of the The American Indian Christian Tepee Mission. Information about Rev. Black Hawk Von Rothman.]
38 362 Prison Comfort Club. 1920-1921, nd. c20 pp lets, reports. Corrs: Kate M. Dial, Annie M. Burgess. [3 cops "Rules Relative to Letter Writing in the Various State Prisons." 3 pp "Report of humane office for December 1920," (by McW*). Workers National Prison Comfort Club. Founding of Prison Visitors in Yakima and conditions in Yakima County jail.]
  363 Wanamaker: Indian Scholarship. 1920-1922. 6 pp lets. Corrs: E.J. Middour, H.E. Colson, R.M. Goff. [McW* attempts to secure scholarships at Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA, for two Yakima Indian boys.]
  364 Wash[ington] State Hist[orical] Soc[iet]y. 1920-1924, nd. 45 pp lets. Corrs: Earle O. Roberts, Leslie Spier, Birdie McCroskey, Louis Mann*, C.J. Safford, Jim Peter, W.P. Bonney, Nathan Hazen, D.H. White, Virgil McWhorter, Caesar Williams, Charley Charles, Gilbert Star, Stwire G. Waters. [Washington State Historical Society affairs. Yakima Indian problems.]
  365 Agency Removal, Yakima. 1921-1924. 22 pp lets, cls. Corrs: Stella M. Atwood, Mrs. P.M. Eva Sturdevant Troy, Mrs. C.E. Reinig, S.M. Brosius, Nealy N. Olney. [Removal of Fort Simcoe *Indian agency to Toppenish. McW* fought the move.]
  366 Japs. Legionairs [sic.] 1922-1923, nd. c45 pp lets, cls. Corrs: S.M. Brosius, Clyde Kelly, John W. Summers, Nealy N. Olney, D.D. Varner. (Controversy over leasing Yakima Indian lands to Japanese farmers.]
  367 University of Oregon Medical Research Among Indians. 1923. 10 pp lets, cl. Corrs: Lester T. Jones, Homer J. Rush. [Prevalence of goiter among Northwest Indians. Yakimas' ideas on disease and sanitation.]
  368 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1923-1940, nd. c30 pp misc material. [Includes: Seven cls misc Indian stories, some dated and identified. 1 p specimen of an Indian boy's handwriting, Rock Creek Indian High School, Klickitat County. Handbook Eastern California Museum, County Courthouse, Independence, California, nd.]
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Subseries 4.2: Yakamas cont
  369 Yakima Tribal History and Historical Data of Yakima Reservation. 1927-1944, nd. c200 pp lets, notes. Corrs: Louis F. Paul, T.W. Wheat, O.B. Sperlin, W.P. Bonney, George G. Umstead, Arthur Swamp, C.S. Kingston, Evan W. Estep, John Collier, James A. Frear, Homer W. Charles, Jay Lynch, Robert McGraham, and others. [Corr with Dept. of Interior: landless Wana Pum Indians at Priest Rapids (1943). Material re various publishing projects. 2 pp MS legend, "The Passing of the Indian and the Coming of the White Man." "As narrated by Rignal Ashkosh; an aged full blood Menomine, of Wisconsin; to Mr. L.A. Dorrington: U.S. Indian Service (1914)." 13 pp lets re burial of Lt. Jesse K. Allen, killed by Indians in 1858, at Fort Simcoe*. Misc corr and material re affairs of Indians in Yakima region.]
  370 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1928-1932. c25 pp lets. Corrs: S.M. Brosius, John Collier. [Yakima Indian water rights* on Ahtanum Creek.]
  371 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1931-1944. c60 pp assorted cls, mimeo pamphlets. ["The Yakima Bill: Defeat S. 3998, House Resolution 10473." American Indian Defense Assoc. report re water rights*. (12 pp MS with 9 pp carbon copy), April 5, 1932. 16 pp mimeo pamphlet The Westerners Brand Book, Dec. 1944, Vol. I (9). Two cls, ns., nd., re racial persecution in Europe. One cl, The Seattle Sunday Times Rotogravure Pictorial Section, Jan. 11, 1931.]
  372 [Correspondence and Miscellaneous Material.] 1938-1939, nd. c65 pp lets, notes, cls. Corrs: E.D. Greene, Louie S. Andy, Mrs. Fred Remington Greene, M.A. Johnson, W.P. Bonney, William Zimmerman, Jr., Olaf T. Hagen. [Reconstruction of Fort Simcoe*. Material includes: "Father Wilbur an Heroic Westerner." Full-page cl, Oregonian, December 11, 1938. 5 cls re Fort Simcoe restoration, partly sponsored by the Colonial Dames. W.P. Bonney denies (let Jan. 18, 1939) story that part of lumber used for reconstruction of Fort Simcoe came around Cape Horn from England. Cl, Yakima Morning Herald, June 8, 1938, Yakima Indian tribal council action re reconstruction of Fort Simcoe. c20 pp misc corr with U.S. Dept. of Interior, 1938, re the proposed reconstruction.]
  373 Notes on Yakima Indian Conditions. nd. 12 pp school copybook. [Possibility of hiring a lawyer to deal with land issues. Notes are very sketchy and nearly illegible.]

Subseries 4.3: General
39 374 [Indian Affairs.] 1891-1943, nd. c75 pp lets, printed material. Corrs: J.W. Redington, W.H. Holmes, John Collier, Joseph W. Latimer, J.P. MacLean, Corinna Lindon Smith, N.J. Smith, Samuel H. Thompson. ["First Report of the Columbia Basin Commission of the State of Washington," Spokane, 1933. 18 pp, mimeo.
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  374 cont "Harnessing a Mighty River," by James O'Sullivan. 6 pp mimeo. Open let to William L. Chenery, editor, Collier's Magazine. Columbia River Basin and 'libelous Attack' on Grand Coulee project in "Power in the Wilderness," printed in the Sept. 21, 1935, Collier's. 6 pp, mimeo. "Why This Indian Bureau* Fighting against Investigation." Folder. American Indian Defense Association, 1927. "Destruction of American Indian Life ..." American Indian Defense Association, 1927. 4 pp, mimeo. "Approving Contract for Apportionment of Waters of Ahtanum Creek, Wash." [irrigation* and water rights*]. Seventy-Second Congress, First Session. House of Representatives Report No. 1096. Apr. 21, 1932. 3 pp, printed. House Resolution13051. Seventy-Second Congress, First Session. "A Bill Approving and conferring contract for (as above)." 2 pp, printed. c25 cls. Indian subject matter. Yakima papers. 1926-1933. Misc printed material re American Indian Defense Association. Personal matters.]
  375 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1894-1943. c100 pp corr. Corrs: S.M. Brosius, W.H. McWhorter, Thomas R. Horner, Thomas W. Alford, W.K. Moorehead, W.P. Bonney, John M. Canse, P.M. Fogg, and others. [Indian affairs.]
  376 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1905-1935, nd. c70 pp lets, cls, misc. Corrs: E. Ruth Rockwood, B.F. Manring, Lily N[orling] Hardwick, William Charley*, Roy C. Fox, Annie A. Nunns, Grace Christianson Gardner, S.M. Brosius, Frank J. Allen, Boyd P. Doty, John Van Male, W.A. Petzholdt, Warren K. Moorehead. [Two cops Yakima Daily Tribune, Feb. 17, 1921. Carry story that McW* is being considered as superintendent of Yakima Indian Agency. Copy Senate Bill S. 6693 "To provide water for irrigating* lands on the Yakima Indian Reservation and for other purposes, introduced to the 62d Congress, 2d Session, May 2, 1912." Misc cls about individual Indians. Detroit News, March 1, 1925, Sis-Elit Palmer, Yakima Indian chief; Ada Blackjack, 1936; Sunday New York Times, June 1, 1925, Calvin Coolidge* and Yakima chiefs*; Chief Saluskin* and Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt*; American Weekly, 1930, 1932, 1936. 9 pp mimeo open lets from various interested parties to the Department of Indian Affairs regarding Indian Bureau* Conditions, 1929. c20 pp corr on Ahtanum water situation. Corr with Prof. Warren K. Moorehead on policies of the Indian Bureau.]
  377 Correspondence for State Historical Society. 1906-1920, nd. c40 pp lets, MS. Corrs: William M. Colvig, Cato Sells, J.M. O'Sullivan, Granville Lowther, Hu Maxwell, Caesar Williams*, Louis Mann*, I.C. Sutton, J.W. Mathers. [First plowing on Umpqua Indian lands in 1852. Hewed log block house at Fort Simcoe*, which McW* wishes preserved. Gives dimensions of blockhouse. 3 pp MS: "Who is Granville Lowther?" The Lewis Wetzel rifle. Copy House Resolution 288, Jan. 15, 1920; "An act for the purpose of conferring citizenship upon Indians, segregation of Indian tribal property, and for other purposes."]
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  378 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1906-1923, nd. c280 pp lets, MS frags, notes. Corrs: John C. Robinson, Leonard Hegnauer, Frank Starcher, H.E. Buck, "S.J.W.", R.L. Stout, S.M. Brosius, George H. Himes, W.P. Bonney, Fred Parker, William H. Block, Mrs. White Elk (Valley), Jasper Yellow Wolfe*, Edmond S. Meany, Don M. Carr, R.B. Peterson, Reba Mesecher, W.F. Turner, Louis Mann*, Caesar Williams*, Sarah S. McM. (Mrs. H.W.) Patton, D.D. Varner, Jerome T. Heermans, Alex W. Saluskin, W.W. Clarke, S.J. Clarke, W.G. Brown, J.M. Lewis*, Jennie R. Nichols, W.O. Stillman, Thomas Umtuch, Miss M.S. O'Connor, J. Hooper Bowles, William S. Lewis, Peo-peo Tholekt*, Miles Poindexter, Cato Sells, Peter Wanamsie, F.A. Wiggins. [Includes: (a) Poems by Mrs. Valley White Elk* (Valley Mountain); "Injun Parody," by Rose Moon; "The Dawn," "The Wood Rose," and "In Bondage" by Annie M. Burgess. (b) Corr with W.P. Bonney, secretary of the Washington State Historical Society, regarding various historical markers and monuments*, McW's* collection of Indian legends, and sundry matters relating to the State Historical Society. (c) 2 pp copy of "Sluskin's Plea," written in Indian language bearing notation, "Made to Stevens and Van Trump the August 16, 1870 being at the camp fire near the head of Sluiskin Fall. As repeated by W.P. Bonney." Signed by Bonney. 2 pp translation. Warns climbers not to attempt to climb Mt. Tacoma (Rainier) because of the evil spirit that dwells within the mountain. (d) 14 pp (1919) corr with various Department of Interior officials attempting to secure compensation for land lost by the Nez Perces in the Wallowa district. Chief Peo-peo Tholekt* and others concerned. (e) Misc humane society corr. (f) Toppenish Battlefield. (g) Yakima Reservation boundary. (h) 9 pp MS, "The First North American Democracy and Its People, Paper read before the Tacoma Historical Research Club, December 1918, by Benjamin L. Harvey." Sent by Bonney to McW. Outlines the customs and manners of the Iroquois League Indians, who he believes migrated from the Pacific Coast. (i) 33 pp MS, in pencil, almost illegible, "The Holdup at _____ Pass." Seems to be first draft of a short story by McW.]
  379 Pueblo Indians. 1910-1923, nd. c15 pp lets, cls, printed matter. Corr: Clyde Kelly. [Two cls, un, "The American Indian Question," by George Wharton James. 10 pp printed H.R. Report No. 1730 "Pueblo Indians," Report to accompany House Resolution 13452, 67th Congress, 4th Session, February 27, 1923. 8 pp printed H.R. Report No 1748 "Titles to Lands Within Pueblo Indian Land Grants," Report to accompany S. 3855 67th Congress, 4th Session, March 1, 1923.]
  380 [Miscellaneous Indian Affairs.] 1911-1936, nd. c20 pp printed matter. [(a) Congressional Record, Seventy-First Congress, Second Session. "Klamath Indian Reservation. Speech of Hon. Lynn J. Frazier of North Dakota in the Senate of the United States, February 25, 1930." (b) Congressional Record, Seventieth Congress, Second Session. "Conditions of Indians in the United States / Remarks of Hon. W.B. Pine of Oklahoma in the Senate of the United States / Saturday, January 26, 1929, re "article in the current issue of Good Housekeeping," ("The Cry of a Broken People," by Vera L. Connolly, Jan. 1929). (c) Congressional Record, Feb. 23, 1911. Oregon Trail / Remarks of Hon. William Humphrey of Washington in the
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  380 cont House of Representatives." (d) Congressional Record. "The Old Oregon Trail / Remarks of Hon. Addison T. Smith of Idaho..., January 13, 1925." (e) Congressional Record. "Highways and History The National Old Trails Road / Speech of Hon. William P. Borland of Missouri..., January 4, 1917." (f) The Pending Flathead Indian Outrage/A Plea to the Senate. American Indian Defense Association, Inc., John Collier, Executive Secretary. Large single sheet accompanied by a Postcript, March 1, 1927. (g) A Friend of the Indian / Franklin D. Roosevelt. Published by the Democratic Central Committee of Oklahoma. (h) The Senator King Resolution for Investigating Indian Affairs / An Urgent Message to the Indians and Their Friends. American Indian Defense Association, Inc., February 5, 1927. (i) The New Republic, Feb. 28, 1913. "Charles H. Bates, High Indian Bureau* Official, Sentenced to Jail for Crime Pleaded Guilty." Newspaper. (j) "Ganado Mission to Navajo Indians." Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. New York: nd, pictorial folder. (k) "The Red Man in Church and State," by Thomas C. Moffett. Women's Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., nd. let, Congregational Publishing Society.]
  381 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1937, nd. c76 pp cls, c70 pp lets. Corrs: Prof. and Mrs. Fred Everts, Red Fox Skiuhushu, Nipo Strongheart, Buffalo [Ben Olney]*. [Cls are of miscellaneous nature, some identified and dated. Many are news re Indians and Indian affairs. Lets about two subjects: Rev. Red Fox and his Indian magazine. Considers question whether "Yakima people was [sic] trying to harm and put him out of business." Red Fox says he was "tricked" in Yakima. Corr with Buffalo Ben Olney [re Frederick C. Collett, the executive representative of Indians of California, Inc., and his work in Washington for the California Indians. Both McW* and Olney disapprove of his work.]
40 382 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1912-1937. , notes, resolutions, petitions. Corrs: Stwire Waters* Ovid McWhorter, Edwin Pugsley, Charles E. Dagenett, Camille Williams, Harry Wheeler, Fred Parker, Henry Tashwict, S.M. Brosius, Don M. Carr, W.P. Bonney, Mrs. H.L. Bailey, Louis Mann*, William Connelley, Adeline Barrackman, Mrs. W.D. Vincent, Thomas W. Alford, L.R.A. Condit, John Billy, Homer W. Charles, J.D. Leechman, Martha McKelvie. [Yellow Wolf's* gun. Big Hole Battlefield*. Indian water rights*. Red Fox Skiuhushu and Indian mission. Chief Saluskin*. Brotherhood of American Indians. Mourning Dove's book. Bolon* murder. "The Petition of Chief Stwire Waters and Other Yakima Indians Asking the White Man to Keep His Word." Signed by seventy Indians. "Yakima Anti-Saloon Petition." 1914, with notes. Whiskey on the Reservation.]
  383 Letters from Strongheart for State Historical Society. 1914-1922. c80 pp lets. Corrs: Nipo (George) Strongheart (chief correspondent), Peter S. Wannamsie, Charley H.Charles, R.L. Stout, William Charley*, William E. Connelley, M.E. Paget. [Kansas State Historical Society. Strongheart's Chautauqua lectures. Conditions of Indians in Canada. Organization of Indian councils and associations. Personal matters.]
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  384 394 Unclassified Letters. 1914-1926, nd. c170 pp lets. Corrs: S.M. Brosius, Louis Charles Mann*, J.C.(Jack) McWhorter, J.S.(Scott?) McWhorter, Clifford R. Myers, W.F. Hamilton (Man Elk), Thomas Teakle, Albert Johnson, Harold Crary, W.P. Bonney, Amelia E. White, Nipo Strongheart, David B. Reger, Peo-peo Tholekt*, William T. Price, Harvey Schuster, Charley H. Charles, C.S. Wilcox. [Contents similar to above. Corr re collecting Indian relics and artifacts*. Publishing ventures. Mount Rainier*. WV history. 18 pp cop of Constitution for Yakima Territory, nd, ns.]
  385 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1918-1927, nd. c30 pp lets, legal papers. Corrs: Louis Mann*, Jennie M. Lewis*, Tom Umtuch, Caesar Williams*. [Indian hunting rights, rights to erect buildings, pick berries, and pasture cattle. Cop superior court action of the State of Washington, Kittitas County in above matter. Note by McW* says: "This appeal was taken to Department of Justice on Feb. 14, 1925 by the Delegates Yokosh Owhi, Sis-Elit Palmer, Frank Seelatsee, Louis C. Mann." Lets re this matter and other Indian grievances. Misc corr.]
  386 Letters of Louis Mann*, for State Historical Society. 1920-1926. 61 pp lets. Corr: Louis Mann. [Troubles of Louis Mann, chiefly as they concern irrigation regulations laid down by the Reclamation Service. Mann and McW* regarded these rulings as unjust. Two cops "Neekas Ditch Laws. Reservation, Washington, May 23, 1890." With list of Indians who held land at that time. Mann notes: "This is the rules the Injuns farmer had which is taken away now by Reclamation Service." "This the Indian Piute Ditch Rulings by the above named people most are dead today and some lands are sold to whites and most are leased to whites."]
  387 Rev. Red Fox. 1921-1922. c100 pp lets. Corrs: T.G. Rowan, Red Fox Skiuhushu, Lone Buffalo Benjamin Butler Olney*, Ralph Hubbard, F.W. Burnham, W.F. Turner, Mrs. A.B. Brown. [Most of this corr grew out of a magazine venture promoted by McW* and Red Fox, sponsored by The American Indian Christian Tepee Association. McW's relations with Red Fox (who was an Indian missionary first associated with the United Christian Missionary Society, later licensed by the Methodists) were not satisfactory. Of him McW says: "No man who is really a friend to the Indian can afford to mix with him." Buffalo Ben Olney also figures in this corr; he discusses at length his reasons for bitterness toward the Christian church. Includes 12 pp denunciation of Red Fox.]
  388 White Swan Mission. 1921-1925, nd. c100 pp lets. Corrs: Buffalo Ben Olney*, R.M. Waterman, W.F. Turner, F.W. (M.?) Burnham, Nealy N. Olney, D.D. Varner, Stwire G. Waters, W.C. Ryan. [Outlines some of the difficulties experienced by the United Christian Missionary Society's mission at White Swan. Part of the difficulty centered around Red Fox Skiuhushu's term as lecturer for the mission. Buffalo Ben Olney also figures in the problems. McW* and all of the Indian members of the mission board resigned. Includes McW's 6 pp letter-of-resignation.]
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  389 1936. Religious Freedom for the Indian. 1921-1936. c25 pp let, mimeo materials, cls. Corr: George H. Himes. [8 pp mimeo pamphlet, "The Policy of the Office of Indian Affairs on Religious Liberty among Indians." From a letter by John Collier, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, to Mr. Ben Dwight, editor of The Tushkahomman, Stroud, Oklahoma, Feb. 19, 1936. 3 pp mimeo press release, Department of the Interior "for release in afternoon papers of Wednesday, January 8, 1936." Entitled "Indian Justice Reorganized." 14 pp mimeo pamphlet: "A Birds-eye View of Indian Policy Historic and Contemporary." "Submitted to the Sub-Committee of the Appropriation Committee of the House of Representatives, December 30, 1935, upon request of Representative Marion Zioncheck, of Washington." Cl, un, Feb. 1936, reporting enlarging of Yakima Indian cattle holdings.]
  390 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous Material.] 1922-1928, nd. c110 pp let, papers. Corrs: Louis Charles Mann, J.C. (Jack) McWhorter, Evan W. Estep, S.M. Brosius, Nipo Strongheart, Joseph W. Latimer, Buffalo Ben Olney*, Rev. Red Fox Skiuhushu, W.A. Linklater, Robert Ballou. [Brochures and mimeographed materials published by the Indian Rights Association and by the Democratic National Committee, regarding struggle for Indian rights on the national level. 4 pp MS, untitled, re quarrel over the proper name for Mt. Rainier. 21 pp typescript titled "Proceedings at Chamber of Commerce Yakima, Washington, 10:00 a.m., May 19, 1928, Relating to the leasing of Indian lands on the Yakima Indian reservation." D.H. Bonsted, Chairman Local Indian affairs.]
41 391 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1924-1932, nd. c30 pp lets. Corrs: Lone Buffalo [B.B. (Buffalo Ben) Olney]*, Ovid McWhorter, Many Wounds*, Caleb Carter, Mrs. Schaller, [Alonzo] Lewis, C.C. Dill, Wesley L. Jones, Richard H. Wilson. [Personal matters. Misc Indian affairs. Let from Buffalo B. Olney, White Swan, Washington, January 14, 1924, bears note by McW*: "Contains a revelation in Indian thinking."]
  392 Probation. Robert Luke. Willie Donaldson. 1927-1928. 25 pp lets. Corrs: Mrs. L.E. Donaldson, Mrs. M.L. Waters, Evan W. Estep, Robert Luke. [Two Indian boys paroled by federal authorities to McW*.]
  393 Kamiakun* Monument. 1928-1934. 5 pp lets, cls. Corrs: C.E. Ivy, William S. Lewis. [Proposal for a monument to Chief Kamiakan. Cl, Blue Lake Advocate (California), nd, "Why the Indians Should Keep up their Organization and Fight for Religious Rights in Congress." Cl, Sunday Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, Sept. 9, 1928. "Relics of Pre-historic Race Are Discovered."]
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  394 [Indian Affairs.] 1928-1943, nd. c90 pp mimeo material, cls, lets. Corrs: Martha Edgerton Plassmann, F.W. Fitzsimons, Tom Waters, Alonzo Victor Lewis. [Yellow Wolf's* work with McW*. 8 pp mimeo letter Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, July 6, 1943, to Senator Elmer Thomas, answers "false charges" administration of the Department of Indian Affairs. 7 pp mimeo, "The June 11 Report of the Senate Sub-Committee on Indian Investigation a Statement by Commissioner John Collier, of the United State Indian Service." c100 cls, some ident, similar to Folders 341 and 342. Northwest papers, 1928-1930.]
  395 Chief Wm. Mason Case. 1931-1933, nd. c100 pp lets. Corrs: John Collier, William Mason, William Zimmerman, Jr., E.F. Chase, S.M. Brosius, Hannah Mason Saux, John N. Alley, F.L. Morgan, Albert Johnson. [Chiefly about William Mason, a Quinault Indian, who served as tribal court judge at the Taholah Agency. Mason needed funds for treatment of his eyes.]
  396 Concerning Fishing* Rights for Priest Rapids Indians. 1937-1943, nd. c180 pp lets, notes. Corrs: G. Dowe McQuesten, Homer L. Morrison, M.A. Johnson, [Chief] Johnnie Buck (Buk-kah-it-toón)*, W.P. Bonney, Mrs. R.C. Sisk, Knute Hill, F.M. Rothrock, J.W. McPherson, Fred Daiken, Frank Bryant, Levi F. Austin, John Collier, B.M. Brennan, Wayne Ballard, William L. McCormick, Hattie Starcher. [Includes material "Against the Wheeler-Howard Bill": corr, cops of bill and Congressional Record reprints of speeches against the Bill: "American Indian under Autocratic Control," by the Hon. Alfred F. Beiter of New York; "Is the First American Being Communized," by the Hon. Virginia E. Jenckes of Indiana. Remainder of material chiefly re fishing rights for Priest Rapids Indians. Emphasizes that the Indians are landless, are not protected by treaties, and are not wards of the government. McW* says, in a "To Whom It May Concern" reference for Rex Buck a Sokulk Indian, that the tribe is the "Wana Pum: 'River People' a remnant of the historic Smoholla aggregation, which, never being in the treaty of 1855, are not recognized as Government Wards, but are actual citizens of the State of Washington, and are entitled to all privileges accorded to white citizens." McW let of March 20, 1939 notes that Gov. Clarence D. Martin has just signed House Bill 327 allowing the Sokulks to take fish at both Priest Rapids and at Wana-wish, Yakima River*. Copy H.B. 327.]
  397 [Priest Rapids Indian Affairs.] 1938. 2 pp let. Corr: [Chief] John Buck*. [Fishing* rights.]
  398 [Mimeographed Pamphlets re Chief Seattle and Robert Gray.] 1939. Two pamphlets. [22 pp mimeo pamphlet: "Chief Seattle's Great Oration / an Address by Col. Howard A. Hanson, before the Washington State Historical Society, held at Tacoma, Washington, February 4, 1939." 8 pp mimeo pamphlet: "Remembering Robert Gray's Discoveries." "Presented by Rev. John M. Canse at the Annual Meeting of the Washington State Historical Society, held at Tacoma, Washington, February 4, 1939."]
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Subseries 4.3: General cont
  399 Report of Trip to Mouth of Palouse River, Wn., July, 1939. Under Auspices of Wn. State Hist. Society. L.V. McWhorter*. 1939-1940. c30 pp lets, MS. Corrs: W.L. McCormick, F.S. Hall, Mrs. J.B. (Jean) C. Davidson, R.G. Bailey, B.F. Manring, Daisy Sanders, Hilman F. Jones, Gladys Thomas. [(1) "To the Board of Curators Washington State Historical Society." With note: "Report of trip to mouth of Paluse [sic] River, July, 1939." Palouse Indians, McW says, were included in the fourteen tribes that made up the Yakima Nation created by the Walla Walla treaty of 1855, but were related instead to the Nez Perce, spoke the Nez Perce language, and never took up residence on the Yakima Reservation. 8 pp MS carbon. (2) lets. Corrs noted above. Re trip. Subject of above report. ns. cl re Palouse Falls.]
  400 Landless Priest Rapids Indians. 1940. 3 pp. lets. Corrs: Dean Guie, F.M. Rothrock. Re Priest Rapids Indians. Includes copy of Priest Rapids Range Map. Original in folder 553.

Series 5: Humane Society
  401 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] 1911-1926, nd. Divided into two parts: (1) "Clippings, humane work and Indian items." c35 cls, 1917-1922. [Subject matter of cls corresponds with title.] (2) c50 pp lets, cls, notes. 1921-1926. Corrs: Mrs. S.J. Webber, Marie F. Myers, W.O. Stillman, Francis H. Rowley, Jennie Nichols, Evan W. Estep, C. Hascall, Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Jeffery. [Humane society work. Local rodeos. Killing of reservation horses. Louis Mann*.]
  402 [Correspondence: Humane Work.] 1916-1922. c100 pp Corrs: Jennie R. Nichols, C. Hascall, Mrs. B.B. Bradley, Mrs. W.R. Wyrick, Georgia F. Douglas, Mary E. Harne, Buffalo Ben Olney*, W.O. Stillman, Lenora B. Simpkins, May L. Hall, R.R. Churchill, Louis Charles Mann*, E.(?)M. Morrill, Perry Harrison, Dick Noble, Mrs. S.H. Jackson & Mrs. C.E. Russell. [Horses on the Yakima Reservation.]
  403 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] 1917-1921, nd. c250 pp notes, cls, corr. Corrs: J.H. Anderson, Pad R. Bear, Diana Belais, Byron Bernard, Arthur Boddo, Oscar L. Boose, Bert Bronkhorst, Joe Brossio, Earl Bruce, Mrs. Frank Hardy Buena, Annie M. Burgess, N.P. Campbell, Don M. Carr, William Charley*, J.M. Coey, F.J. Colo, Harl J. Cook, James Cowan, David Craig, Richard C. Craven, H.B. Crosno, H.H. Cummings, Mrs. Emil Dalton, Mattie Davis, Mrs. John F. Douglas, Frank Doyle, Duncan Dunn, J.M. Dunn, Nellie H. Dunning, George P. Eaton, Fred Elliot, George W. Evans, Mrs. (Glerke?),Simon Goudy*, Emma (Grunn?), S.J. Harrison, C. Hascall, R.H. Hoxworth, Martin Hunsicker, Ida Hupel, Samuel Hutchinson, Robert C. Immele, T.L. Irwin, J.O. Johnson, Frank Jones, Mrs. J.L. Jones, Marie Kingston, Grace C. Kinne, John Koemple, John G. Lopas, C.O. Lovell, Mabton, E.B. McConnell, Mrs. A[lex] E. McCredy, Matthew McCurrie, Mrs. E.M. Medaris,
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Series 5: Humane Society cont
  403 cont Horace Miller, Mrs. George B. Miller, A.M. Mordhorst, D.V. Morthland, Marie F. Myers, Neebour, Jennie R. Nichols, W.C. Okley, Miss Oleson, Brother B. Buffalo Ben Olney]*, C.R. Park, Alex Parke, F.S. Reinhart, Mrs. E.M. (Riebe?), Dr. Francis H. Rowley, Martin Runsicker, P.A. Ruppert, C.L. Shuff, Mrs. G.G. Snyder, Orpheus C. Soots, Mabel Spurck, William O. Stillman, Joseph A. Thorndyke, J.C. Walling, J. Lenox Ward, Mrs. S.J. Webber, William Wells, Iris White, H.S. Whiting, Vern Williams, G.C. Wise, F.D. Wist, William Zack. [Horses on the Yakima Reservation. Range conditions in Yakima.]
42 404 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] 1918-1922, nd. c270 pp notes and corr. Corrs: J.P. Briggs, F.B. Norwest, May Orrell, Edwin L. Chalcraft, David Smith, Nellie H. Dunning, W.O. Stillman, Mrs. Lenora B. Simpkins, H.P. Vermilye, Jennie R. Nichols, C.H. Burke, Francis H. Rowley, B.B. Bradley, Sam Austin, A.B. Cutler, Mrs. Etheliape S. Grier, Paul Goerner, Mrs. Hanson, Marie F. Meyers, Mattie Davis, Mrs. S.J. Webber, Hazel Thompson, C. Hascall, J.H. Gordon, Mrs. H.C. Plum, Diana Belais, J.M. Harris, Wm. F.H. Wentzel, Wm. Wells, He-mene Ká-wan*, G.P. Masterman, Simon Goudy*, Mrs. O.M. McWherter, J.P. Denham, E.J. Haasze, L.E. Windsor, Alice J. Read, Ida Hupel, G.H. Smith, George P. Eaton, J.W. Grant, L.C. Rolph, J.H. Fautron, Buffalo Ben Olney*, J.G. Lopas, W.E. Thompson, W.O. Pruitt, Roy Bacon, Charles Burden, Jas. Lommasson, Ora Rimmar, Don M. Carr, W.S. Clarke, Arthur A. Davis, H.C. Davis, J.P. Denham, C.D. Hessey, R.N. Holton, Ben Jory, J.H. Johnson, Grace C. Kinne, Clara Wardle-Ho no (?), L.C. Layman, Dick Noble, John Calvin, H.J. Snively. [Concerning: settling affairs of May Orrell; wild horses on Yakima Reservation, range conditions, Indian health, Indian Bureau* malfeasance, and misc humane work.]
  405 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] 1918-1928. 64 pp corr. Most from Mrs. Jennie Nichols. Also, Evan W. Estep, Francis H. Rowley. [Re humane work on behalf of animals by the Washington State Chapter of the American Humane Education Society. Abandoned horses on the Yakima Reservation. 4 pp leaflet "Laws of the State of Washington Relating to Cruelty." Pamphlet, Instructions for Probation Officer in the United States District Courts. Issued by the Department of Justice, Washington, DC, 1927. 5p miscellaneous notes. Two prayer cards. Three cls re McWhorter's activities and an attack on McWhorter's* person.]
  406 [Humane Society.] 1919. 13 pp re Seattle Elks Rodeo case.
  407 [Humane Society.] 1919-1920. 3 pp [Directory of Teachers, Yakima County.]
  408 [Humane Society.] 1919-1920. Twelve humane society broadsides.
  409 [Mimeo Material.] 1919-1920. 2 pp mimeo material.
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Series 5: Humane Society cont
  410 [Humane Society.] 1919-1932. (a) "Attempted recall of Mayor W.W. Stratton, July 29, 1932." Envelope, with cls and three copies pamphlet outlining attempts to recall Yakima mayor. (b) "Humane Clippings: 'Damage' suit against Davis." Envelope, with 15 pp lets, cls, 1919-1920. Corrs: George W. Thompson, E.W.(?) Nichols, Jennie R. Nichols, W.P. Bonney (not related to other material). [Suit brought against Charles D. Davis charging cruelty to animals in a Seattle rodeo incident. Davis retaliated, after the suit was dropped, charging McW* with false arrest.]
  411 Anti-Carnival Bill. 1921-1923, nd. c20 pp lets, 2 pp cl, 2 pp copy of bill. Corrs: Mrs. Lenora B. Simpkins, W.O. Stillman, Mrs. Harry John Miller, J.R. Schwartze, Orpheus C. Soots. [Bill brought before WA State Legislature at Olympia during 1923 session; would outlaw "traveling carnival companies."]
  412 [Correspondence & Notes.] 1921-1924, nd. c130 pp misc. Corrs: Jennie R. Nichols, Marie Skibness, Lenora B. Simpkins, Simon Louis Katzoff, Mary Butler Shearer, Luella D. Wood, Mrs. G.H. Covey, B.F. Irish, Elizabeth Wills Bell, H.W. Lemcke, Mrs. F.C. Lowe, B.B. Bradley, Francis H. Rowley, H.E. Hagerman, R.L. Quick, Orpheus C. Soots, Maggie [Maggie Jiggs, Jennie R. Nichols], W.O. Stillman, H.P. Vermilye, Mary E. Harne, Mrs. Clella Scott & Mrs. Lee Boatman & Mrs. L. Flores, H.H. Beste, Mrs. Agnes J. McDonald, Simon Goudy*, John G. Lopas, Mattie D. Lovelace, J.W. Timpson, Mrs. Martha Spencer, Diana Belais, Dr. H.E. Pfenning, E.W.(?) Nichols, Calvin Frisbie, Wesley L. Jones, John W. Weeks, J.H. Davis. [Re carnival acts. Starvation of horses on Yakima Reservation.]
  413 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] 1922, nd. 4 pp lets, misc. Corr: Lenora Simpkins. [Humane statutes covering rodeos and roundups, 2 pp.]
  414 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] c1922, nd. Packet from the Board of Temperance and Moral Welfare of the Presbyterian Church, USA: Moral Welfare, Vol. XIII, No. 8, April 1922. 8 pp newspaper. " Songs of Happy Life," humane songbook. Eighteen misc humane pamphlets and cards.
  415 [Humane Society.] 1922-1925. 24 pp misc expense vouchers incurred by McW* as Humane Officer.
43 416 Correspondence Humane Work- Range Situation on the [Yakima] Reservation. 1923-1924. 30 pp lets. Corrs: Tom Umtuch, Caesar Williams*, Evan W. Estep, W.O. Stillman, Francis H. Rowley, Chief George Menninock, Showaway Kootiken, Jim Saluskin. [Re processing of range horses on reservation for fertilizer.]
  417 [Humane Society.] 1925. 1 p corr. Corr: Jason S. Joy. [l p let re inquiry into the use of animals in motion picture production.]
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Series 5: Humane Society cont
  418 [Humane Society: Business Correspondence.] 1935-1944. 95 pp Pawpaw corr. Corrs: C.A. Bigelow, George Roger Chute, H. Gordon Chute, R.L. Clark, W.J. Gould, John H. Hanley, A.E. Hart, Mrs. M.S. Hineman, E.L. McLain, Jr., William L. McCormick, O.T. McWhorter, Mrs. Bruno Michaelis, H. Lloyd Miller, Charles S. Mosaly, C.E. Moyer, Charles D. Raymer, John Snyder, Cecil Solly, Mrs. Sadir Taylor, Mrs. George E. Thompson, Mrs. G.A. Voerge, Henry Walker, Nora B. Whalen, Cyrus W. Wilhite. [Re Pawpaw culture in WA state. Yakima Indian fishing* rights.]

Series 6: Indian Narratives
  419 Finished Stories. 1903-1922, nd. c275 pp MS, dups, corr. [(1) "Is Tam Ma, Chief of Beavers." Chief Meninock, Aug.1922. Notes, McW. (2) "Isti-pláh." A Yakima-Klickitat legend, as narrated by Chief Stwire G. Waters. (3) "Tribal Customs of the Yakimas: Subduing a Refractory Child." Chief Yoom-tee-bee, July 1919. (4) "Legend of Túch-Ish," July 1922. (5) "The Singing Tweé-Tas." Told by a Yakima hunter*, Dec. 1918. (6) "The Small[-]Mouthed People." Klickitat. March 1918. (7) The Two Sisters and their Star Husbands." A Chehalis-Yakima legend. William Poniah, Dec.1917. Notes, McW. (8) "The Star Rock of the Tum-Water (Dalls)." Wasco legend. I-keep-swah, July 1918, with "The Star Rock of the Dalles," ("discarded finale"). (9) "The Sun and his Daughter." Klickitat. William Charley*, March 1916. (10) "Legend of the Great Dipper; or How Coyote Fixed the Five Wolves." Wasco. I-keep-swah, Oct. 1921. Notes, McW. (11) "How Beaver Stole the Fire." Listening Coyote, November 1921. Notes, lets. Corrs: J. Hooper Bowles, and photocopy of Mourning Dove* let [re chickadee, or winter wren]. (12) "The Celestial Canoeman." (13) "Enum-Kláh: The Thunder Bird." Klickitat-Yakima legend. 1913. Notes, McW. (14) "A Legend of Enum-Klah Páh." Yakima-Klickitat. 1915. Notes, McW. (15) "Lakes on Pót-To and Tahoma." Also "Lakes on Mount Adams and Tahoma." (16) Wasco. I-keep-swah: "Sitting Rock*," 1918. Notes, McW. (17) "Serpent Lake." Klickitat. Sept. 1922. (18) "The Ste-Ye-Háh-Mah: [sic] or Stick-Shower Indians." Notes, McW. (19) "Battle with the Ste-Ye-Háh-Mah (Stick-Showers)." Klickitat. Simon Goudy*, 1918. (20) "An Indian's Experience with the Stick-Showers." Yakima. (21) "The Te-Chúm Mah." (22) "Ah-Ton-O Kah of She-Kó-Ún. A Wasco Legend of Mount Hood." Sitting Rock, July 1918. (23) "The Pah-Ho-Ho Kláh." (24) "The Ghost Voice of the Tieton Canyon." (25) Läux-Wóptus and the Cach-Chi." (26) "The Bad Spirit of the Clackamas." Et-wa-mish of the Tumwater, 1903. Notes, McW. (27) "Coyote Marries his Daughter to Mountain Goat." Also "Coyote Marries his Daughter to Wow." Simon Goudy*, Dec. 1918. Notes, McW. (28) "Spirit Costume of the Ste-Ye-Háh Mah. Yakima-Klickitat. Simon Goudy*, 1918. Notes, McW.]
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  420 Finished [Stories]. 1906-1923, nd. 230 pp MS, dups. [(1) "Stories of the Gy-u-boó-kum." Et-wa-mish. Chinook Jargon. 1906. Notes, McW. (2) "Why the Wáhk-puch Crawls." Notes, McW. (3) "Stories of the Wáhk-puch." Chief We-yallup Wa-ya-cika, Medicine Man, 1910. Notes, McW. (4) "Medicine Man and Wáhk-puch." Notes, McW. (5) "How the Dog Became Domesticated." Notes, McW. (6) "How Elk Was Created." A Klikitat [sic] legend. William Charley*, Oct. 1920. (7) "Origin of the Horse." Che-wana legend. July 4, 1921. Notes, McW. (8) "The Discontented Woman and the Wáhk-Puch." Yes-to-lay-lemi, April 1919. (9) "Coyote's Rule for Digging the Skool-kool." May 1918. (10) "The Huckleberry and the Choke-Cherry." (11) "Chief Yoom-tee-bee's Account of the First People." July 20, 1919. (12) "Tóp-tut of Old." To-kiaken Twi-wash, May 1919. Notes, McW. (13) "The Grizzly Bear Mother and her Two Children." Klickitat-Yakima legend. 1910. Notes, McW. (14) "The Pach-an-a-hó." Klickitat-Yakima legend. Simon Goudy*, interpreter. Notes, McW. (15) "Bear Woman of the Okanogan." Dec. 1911. Notes, McW. (16) "Yakima Tradition of a Flood." Mrs. Skouken John. (17) "Flathead Tradition of a Flood / Nez Perce Flood." (18) "The Lost Glory of Tóp-tut." E-hah-tween, May 1919. Notes, McW. (19) "Coyote Destroys the Evil Genii [sic] of Tóp-tut." May 1918. Notes, McW. (20) "The Schop-tash: 'Painted' Rocks of the Naches." Chief Sluiskin and Holite*, Sept. 1917. Notes, McW. (21) "The Puh-Tuh Num: 'Pictured' Rocks of the Naches." Tokiaken Twi-wash, 1912. (22) "Nash-láh. Lo-páh-hin*, 1913. Notes, McW. (23) "Tuli-Skums-Kée." Chief Waters, Feb. 1923. (24) "The Young Twee-tas Warrior." Listening Coyote, 1912. (25) "Legends of the As-sööm 'Eel' Trail." Mrs. Skouken John, July 1917. Notes, McW. (26) "Legend of the As-sööm Trail: The Five Laws." Mrs. Skouken John, July 1917. Notes, McW. (27) "Yakima-Klikitat [sic] Legend of Wáhk-shum Mountain." (Two cops; second copy a revised version.)]
  421 Miss [Fannie C.] Dillon. Blank Verses- Indian and Otherwise. 1908-1934, nd. c25 pp, MS, MS frags, misc notes. [Most of the poems are by McW*. Those without title are identified by first line: None of the poems is longer than three pages. "The shades of night fall softly ," and "Softly fall the shades of night," with note on meanings of Indian words, George Olney. ns., nd. "Shambles of an Indian Camp." McW. nd. "The Nez Perce Challenge." McW. nd. "To Keeper of Songs." He-mene (?), June 21, 1934. "O Bigotry!" [by] "Daniel O'Connell, Irish Lawyer and Orator." nd. "The Greater Than Thou." ns., nd. "The Flapper and the Masher." ns.,nd. "When the limpid streams ; "When the sun is hid ," Big Foot [McW], nd. "Rock Wren and the Rattlesnake." McW. nd. "A Dreamer Nez Perce's Thanks for Food." Sept. 1908. Bears note by McW re setting text to music. ns. "This bear was my friend ," Indian hunter's chant, nd. Note re Miss Dillon to "set" text of "Indian blank verses to music." McW. "Cogewea." McW. nd. "You have made no enemies you say?" Walter M. Pierce. nd. "Baby on the Cradle-Board." ns., nd. "Two Moons." McW(?), nd. "Incident of the Big Hole Battle*" McW. nd. "Nez Perce Dreamer's Thanks for Food." Sept. 1908. Bears note: "Delivered by Chief Ae-lah-we-moh: 'About Asleep,' a successor of
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  421 cont Chief Joseph...." "The Law of the Lonely Wood." Samuel Hunter. nd. Photocopy and 1 p MS frag: "An-a-siah," song at feast, Yakima Indian. April 13, 1913. "Papoose on your cradle-board." Bears note to Fannie [Dillon]. [Same as "Baby on the Cradle-Board" above.] ns., nd. "In Love's boat a-drifting." McW, June 21, 1934. Two cops advertisment for "Fannie Charles Dillon, Famous Composer and Concert Pianist." Note from F.C.D. [Fannie Charles Dillon]. Cl, review of concert by pianist Frederic Dixon, April 18, 1934.]
  422 Finished Stories. [Tahmahnawis* Power.] 1909-1922. c130 pp MS, dups. [(1) "An Okanogan Premonition of Death," Oct. 1917. (2) "Vision of Sitting Rock*." (3) "Vision of an Aged Warm Springs Woman." Notes, McW. (4) "Dream Presentment of Death." (5) "A Border Vision." (6) "Prophetic Dream Visions." Contributed by a Yakima tribesman, 1917. (7) "The Vision of In-wat-kee of the Wishoms." Narrated by her daughter, Sin-i-tah. (8) "Dream Vision of Lo-pah-hin*." 1920. (9) "Dream Vision of Lo-páh-hin*." Warm Springs. Yakima. Oct. 1918. Notes, McW. (10) "Vision of Quas-qui Táchens." Notes, McW. (11) "Dream Vision of a Renegade." (12) "Wan-tah's Adventure with the Wal-chi-o." Louis Mann*. (13) "A Paiute Vision of the First Wolf People." Notes, McW. (14) "Second Sight of Wal-a-musk-kee." 1918. (15) "Stone Heaps of the nChé-wana [sic]." Two versions: Joe Tuckaho, Nez Perce. July 5, 1922; Tom Hill, "Warrior, Nez Perce War, 1877," July 5, 1922. (16) "Tah-mah-na-wis* Power." I-keep-swah: "Sitting Rock," July 1918. Notes, McW. (17) "The Star-Rock of Riches." Chief Meninock*, Aug. 1922. Notes, McW. (18) "The Water-People of Skah-ket." Wasco. Sitting Rock, July 1918. (19) "Tahmahnawis* Power of Läux-Wóptus." (20) "How the nChe-wana [sic] Was Formed." Chief Waters, Nov. 1918. Two duplicate copies. (21) "The Sun Lodge." Oct. 1921. (22) "Wisdom of the Wahk-puch." Bill Sta-hai, priest of the Dreamers, 1909. (23) "Vision of Wat-til-ki." Ie-keep-swah, July 1918.]
44 423 Material to be Rewritten. [Tahmahnawis* Power.] 1909-1927, nd. c80 pp let, MSS, notes. Corrs: Peo-peo Tholekt*, Caesar Williams*. [(1) "Immortality- Wasco." Sitting Rock*, Sept. 1920. 2 pp MS with dup. (2) "Schoc-ish-ton: 'Chief Deity.'" Sitting Rock, Jan. 1924. 2 pp MS. (3) "The Vision of Lu-páh-hin*." 2 pp MS with notes. (4) "Vision of I-keeps-swah*." Sitting Rock. 2 pp MS. (5) "Vision of...[no name]." 3 pp MS. (6) "A Grande Ronde Woman's Vision Beyond the Border." 2 pp MS. (7) "Dream of Lo-pah-hin*. Known as Caesar Williams." March 1924. 1 p MS. (8) "Lu-pah-hin's Power of Forecasting of Events." June 1923. 1 p MS with notes. (9) "Tem-tei-quin and the Black Robes." Moses Lightfoot, 1909. 2 pp MS. (10) "Data on the Two Yah Ya Tosh (ancient graves*)." 2 pp MS. (11) "Sacrifice of the Peni-ten-tes of New Mexico." James Willard Schultz; Oct. 31, 1925. 2 pp MS. (12) "Properties of Tahmahawis* Powers." 1 p MS. (13) Ho-lite or Billie Captain's* Reflections on his Youthful Life." Jan. 1918. 1 p MS. (14) "Yakima Indian Signs and Omens." 1 p MS with dup. (15) "Sie-kin-lus, Indian Rattle." 6 pp MS. (16) "Tahmahnawis Power." Indian hunter camp, April 1921. 2 pp MS. (17) "Medicine Men of the Yakimas."
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  423 cont April 1927. 2 pp MS. (18) "Its-i-yi-yi's Unfinished Fish Trap of the Clear Water, ID." July 1926. 1 p frag. (19) "Cause of Small Pox. Prevented by Yah-son, 'Medicine Woman.'" 1 p frag. (20) "Name of Warrior who had Power of the Pah-An-A-Ho." 1 p frag. (21) "Words of Yakima Religious Song." Alva Cleparty, Jan. 1, 1909. 23 pp MS. (22) 17 pp misc notes and lets.]
  424 Customs of the Yakimas. Omens. Item on the Winter, or "Earth House" of the Yakima and Wishom Tribes. 1909-1929, nd. [(1) "The Medicine Man's Mode of Obtaining Healing Power." 2 pp MS. (2) "Tahmahnawis* Power. Medicine Man." Dec. 1917. 2 pp MS. (3) "Power of the Medicine Man: How Obtained." Billie Stayhai, 1909. 2 pp MS. (4) "Incidents in Smat-Louit's* Career as Medicine Man." 3 pp MS. (5) "Items on the Cascade Indians." Capt. Martineau, 1909. 2 pp MS. (6) "Feast and Donation in Memory of the Dead. A Feast of Thanksgiving for Recovery from Serious Illness." Personal observation. July celebration, July 1917. 4 pp MS. (7) "The Test of the Sweat House*." Mrs. Caesar Williams*, April 1917. 2 pp MS. (8) "Former Days of Famine among the Yakimas." 1 p MS. (9) "The War Dance*of the Yakimas." Mr. S.J. Stolebreed, July 1917. 1 p MS. (10) "The Sacrifices by the Warrior when Going Against an Enemy Tribe." Simon Goudy*, 1917. 1 p MS. (11) "Mourning Customs of the Yakimas and Kindred Tribes." Mrs. Caesar Williams, 1917. 1 p MS. (12) "Indian Aversion to Killing Bear." April 1923. 2 pp MS. (13) "Tahmahnawis* Power." Yakima-Klickitat, 1917. 3 pp MS. (14) "Yakima Tahmahnawis Power. Kamiaken's* Son." 2 pp MS. (15) "Doctoring" an Indian's Rifle which had Lost its Potency because of the Recent Death of the Hunter's Wife." Elk Hunt, 1928. 1 p MS. (16) "Prophacy [sic]of the Coming of the White Man, with his Subsequent Wrongs." Billie Stahai. Autumn 1909. 2 pp MS with cl, Nov. 22, 1924. (17) "Elements Entering into the Religion of the Yakimas." 2 pp MS. (18) "Tribal Customs of the Klikitats [sic]." Chief Stwire G. Waters. 1 p MS. (19) "Underground Houses of the Yakimas and Wishoms." 1 p MS. (20) "Care of the Hair." 1 p MS. (21) Hunter-Omens. April, 1923. 1 p MS with attached note. (22) "Impotency of the Gun[, c]ause of." April 1923. 1 p MS. (23) Hunting Omens of the Yakimas. 1 p MS. (24) "The Owl of Ill Omen." 1 p frag. (25) "Wasco Calendar." Sitting Rock, Nov. 1922. 1 p frag. (26) "Chief of Lizzards [sic]/Tahmahnawis." 1 p MS. (27) "Customs of the Yakimas." 7 pp misc frags.]
  425 [Chief Sluskin*.] 1910-1918. c60 pp lets, MSS, cls, notes. Corrs: Warren K. Moorehead, Louis Mann*. [Corr: Indian grievances over water rights*. (1) "Chief Sluskin's Tahmahnawis." Mrs. George Waters, Nov. 1918." 4 pp MS. (2) Cl, "The Lament of We-yallup Wa-ya-cika. The Venerable Yakima Chief Makes a 'Record' of His Great Love for Ya-pah-mox, the Bride of His Youth as Well of His Old Age," by McW*, The New Republic, Jan. 7, 1916. (3) Cl, "Sluskin* Tells True Story of Mountain. Gives Corrected Version of Trip with White Men," Tacoma Daily News, Nov. 30, 1915. (4) Cl, "In the Face of the Great Sun, Every One of Us Comes to Death," by McW, The New Republic, August 6, 1915. [re Yakima Indians'
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  425 cont troubles.] (5) "The Funeral of Chief Sluskin We-owíkt." 6 pp MS. (6) Speeches by Sluskin*. 2 pp. (7) "A Tragedy of the Yakima War, 1855; as Narrated by Josephine Augustus Yemowit, December 22, 1912." 9 pp MS with notes and cover let. (8) Notes on lineage of Louis Mann. 3 pp. (9) "We-yal-lup Wa-ya-ci-ka," The Indian Scout, Feb. 13, 1915. 1 p. Misc cls.]
  426 Berry Feast. 1910-1925, nd. c35 pp MS, notes. [(1) "The Berry Feast of 1910." Personal observation- Yakima. 2 pp MS with note: "Two of the Yakima Religeous [sic] Songs; Sung at the Berry Feast, August, 1910." (2) "Origin of the Salmon and Root Feasts, of the Yakimas. Feast at Billy Stahie's*, October, 1910." (3) "The Feast of the New Food*." April 18, 1915. 6 pp MS. (4) "A Notable Indian Gathering." He-mene Ka-wan [McW*]. 4 pp MS re council* of chiefs at Toppenish, Jan. 1921. (5) 15 frag pages, misc notes, and cl, Yakima Morning Herald, June 21, 1925: "Indian Trenches Are Found Here."]
  427 [Miscellaneous Stories.] 1910-1935, nd. c40 pp, MSS, notes, lets, cl. Corrs: W.P. Bonney, Dr. Sam Puyette, Mrs. Carlos Montezuma, Nealy Olney*, Mrs. Walter Peone, Caesar Williams*. [(1) "The Yakimas. 'Written for Indian Sentinel. By Lucullus Virgil McWhorter, Adopted Tribesman, He-mene Ka-wan: Old Wolf.'" With note: "Never published." 5 pp MS. (2) "Me-ye-wah-kayn. The Strong Man of the Yakimas." Mrs. Caesar Williams*, 1916. 1 p MS. (3) "Historic." Paper read before the Kiwanis Club of Yakima, August 16, 1921, by L.V. McWhorter. 6 pp MS with 3 pp version. (4) "The First White Man Among the Klickitats." William Charley*, March 3, 1910. 7 pp MS. (5) "Killing of Wan-a-wish (Water Rapids): A Medicine Man of the Wo-watch-watch Tribe." Mrs. Caesar Williams, 1918. 1 p MS. (6) "The Indians' Story of the White Man Buried in Memmaloose Island." Wasco Jim*, July 1918. 1 p MS. (7) "Capt. Charles Eaton: Confession of Lesh-hi." 3 pp notes. (8) "Historic Names of Washington State." David Longmire, June 11, [19]18. 1 p note. (9) "California Joe." Nov. 26, 1935. 1 p MS. (10) "'The Shakers- Ministers on the Various Reservations of Washington State.' This Paper May or May Not Be Correct. The List of Preachers Was Given Me in 1910 by Henry Wynico." 1 p notes. (11) lets, cl. Corrs noted above. Tragedy at Edgar Rock, Naches River. Yakima medicine dances*. Misc and personal. Cl, "'Indians Will Get You' Echo Rings in Mrs. [Ella] Woolery's Ear." Seattle Sunday Times, November 19, 1933. Note: "Interesting fiction Puget Sound Indian War, 1855."]
  428 Chief Sluskin* and Other Items. 1911-1917. c60 pp MSS, lets notes, cls. Corrs: Miles Poindexter, Herbert Hunt, Chief Sluskin, George E. Smith. [Corr, with cls, notes, MS frags. Mostly re Chief Sluskin. (1) "Chief Saluskin Tells of the Sapalwit, or the Indian Sunday." 2 pp MS. (2) Untitled MS concerning quarrel over name of Mt. Rainier. 5 pp. (3) "Chief Sluskin's Conception of the Indian's Right to Fish*." 4 pp MS. (4) "Chief Sliuskin Weowikt." 5 pp MS carbon. (5) "Two Noted Contemporary Yakima Chiefs." [We-yal-lup Wa-ya-cika* and Sluskin We-ow-ikt] 4 pp MS carbon. (6) "Jim Walsie, Warm Springs Indian on Abuses of the
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  428 cont White Man Fishing and Hunting." July, 1909. (7) "The Truth About the Finding of the 'Headless Trunk' of Tisanawa in the Tepee at We-yallup Wayacika, 1903." 1 p MS. (8) "The Mendacious Accusation Against Chief We-Yallup Wa-ya-si-ca." 3 pp MS. (9) "The Funeral Feast in Honor of Yah-pah-mox; Wife of Chief We-Yallup Wa-ya-cika; of the Ahtanum, Yakima Indian Reservation*." 2 pp MS with cls. (10) "Chief Sluskin's True Narrative." 6 pp printed article, ns. journal. (11) "Chief Yallup." 1 p MS.]
  429 Finished Stories. 1911-1924. c285 pp MS, dups. [Three notes by McW* re vocabulary. Three cops 5 pp list of legends "in order of proposed publication." The following legends are included here, with dates and numbers are as they appear on the MS. All the legends are those of the Yakimas and neighboring tribes. Many describe geographical features of the region. McW provides explanatory notes for a number of these legends, including meanings of Indian words. (1) "The Strong Boy of the Cascades." Che-pos to-cos, Oct. 1923. Notes, McW. (2) "Coyote and Crow." (3) "Bridge of the Gods." Wasco. Narrated by An-a-whoa*: "black-bear," Sept. 1914. Notes, McW. (4) "Coyote and the Two Sisters of the Che-Wana." Wasco Legend. I-keep-swah, July 1918. Notes, McW. (5) "How the Mountain Broke Down," July 1922. (6) "How Coyote Was Changed Into an Eagle." Told in an Indian Hunter Camp, April 1921. (7) "Nihs-Láh: A Wasco Legend of Multnomah Falls*." An-a-whoa. "Blackbear," Sept. 1911. Notes, McW. (8) "How Young Eagle Killed Pah-He-Nuxt-Twy." From the Wishom, as narrated by Che-pos to-cos: "Owl-Child," Oct. 1923. Notes, McW. (9) "Pah-To, the White Eagle," Dec. 1924. Notes, McW. (10) "How Coyote Destroyed the Fish Dam at the Cascades: Distributing Salmon in the Rivers." Che-pos to-cos: "Owl-Child," Oct. 1916. Notes, McW. (11) "Speel-Yí and the Five Sisters of the nChé-Wana-An-nee-shiat [sic]," May 1918. Notes, McW. (12) "Coyote and the Lal-a-Wísh." (Sequel to The Story of the Qui-Yiah.) Notes, McW. (13) "The Qui-Yiah, Five Brothers." A Klickitat legend. Simon Goudy*. Notes, McW. (14) "Sho-pów-Tan and the Tah-Tah-Klé-Ah." Tam-a-wash, 1919. Notes, McW. (15) "Tah Tah Klé-Ah." A Shasta legend, as narrated by the Yakimas. William Charley*, 1918. Notes, McW. (16) "How Speel-Yí Tricked the People Devouring Tah-Tah-Klé-Ah." (17) "How Speel-Yi Was Tricked by Schah-Shá-Yah." Notes, McW. (18) "How Coyote Moved Pót-To and Tahoma." Simon Goudy, Dec. 1918. Notes, McW. (19) "The Story of Whe-Ámish or Chí-Nach*. [See also McWhorter Photo Collection for two photos of regions near Yakima this legend describes.] (20) "How Coyote Trapped Wind." Klickitat, Sept. 1921. Notes, McW. (21) "How Coyote and Wood-Tick Took the Sweat." Told in an Indian Hunting Camp, April 1921. (22) "How Spéel-Yi Tricked Twée-Tash." Klickitat-Yakima legend, July 1920. (23) "How Speel-yi Was Tricked by Ots-Spl-Yi. Notes, McW. (24) "How Speel-Yí Was Tricked by Töö-Nöön-Yí." (25) "How Coyote Was Cheated by Cusho." Told in an Indian Hunter Camp, April 1921. (26) "How Iques Killed Tah-Tah Klé-Ah." Told in a Yakima Hunting Camp, April 1921. (27) "How Iques Stole the Favorite Wife of Enum-Klah." Told in a Yakima Hunting Camp, April 1921. (28) "Coyote, his Son and the Salmon." Mrs. Skouken John, July 1917.
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  429 cont Notes, McW. (29) "Coyote's Attempt to Circum-Navigate [sic] the Land. Origin of the Southern Tribes." Blazing Bush (Flaming Bush), Jan. 1911. Notes, McW. (30) "How Coyote Lost Immortality to the Tribes." Blazing Bush, Feb. 5, 1911. Notes, McW.]
  430 Finished Legends, The Hereafter. [Tahmanhawis* Power.] 1911-1932, nd. c125 pp MS, dups. [(1) "A Legend of Deep Lake, the Grand Coulee." Umatilla. (2) "Story of the Lake at K-nute." Mrs. Skouken John, July 1917. (3) "The Pith-nee Pic-wen: 'Hole in the Rock' of the Clearwater River, Idaho. (frag) Charley White, July 1926. (4) "Läux Wáptus." (5) "Battle of the Five Wives of Enum-klah, or 'Thunder.'" Klickitat legend. 1917. (carbon only). (6) "Te-chúm Tahmahnawis* of a Medicine Man." Simon(?) Goudy, 1918. (7) "Aquatic Tahmahnawis* (Aquatic Tah)." Medicine Owl, 1911. Notes, McW. (8) "The 'Imagination' Trout of the Wenatchee." (9) "How Coyote Destroyed the Trail to the Upper World." Wishom legend. Ye-mow-wit (Jobe Charley), Sept. 18, 1825. (10) "The Tahmahnawis* Bear." (Simon?) Goudy, Oct. 1917. (11) "Qoo-x Speelyi: 'White Coyote.'" (12) "The Ne-siwa-nu-way-pah-cin." Nez Perce legend. He-mene Mox-mox: "Yellow Wolf," 1914. (carbon only) Notes, McW. (13) "The Story of Skin-lip." Legendary. Yellow Wolf*, July 1927. (14) "Origin of the Kusho: 'Hog.'" Simon Goudy*, Nov.1922; "Indian Lulllibye [sic]." Yakima. (15) "Legend of the Okanogan Country." Annotated: "To be rewritten I neglected making note of the narrator of this legend. L.V. McWhorter*. Oct. 1923. (16) "How Coyote and Fox Flew to the Upper World." (17) "A Legend of the Cascade Tribe." Owl-Child, March 5, 1932. (18) "A Cascade Indian Legend." Owl-Child. Wishom. (19) "Why Cougar and Wildcat Now Live Separately." Klickitat legend. William Charley*, Feb.20, 1927. (20) "The Gy-u-boo-kum of the Wishoms." (21) "A[n] Umatilla Legend of the Dwarf Mountain People, Counterpart of the Te-chúm of the Yakimas." (22) "Legendary Origin of the Lolo Trail*." Nez Perce. (with "Additional Data ") (23) "Legend of Wallowa Lake*." Peo-peo Tholekt*. (24) "The Rattlesnake as Guardian of Good Water Springs." April 1923. (25) "Nez Perce Legend of the Lolo Hot Spring." Horse Blanket, 1926. (26) "Thó-wet-tet." (27) "What Became of Speel-yí." William Charley*, Jan. 1925. (28) "Legend of I-yáh-houce, or I-yah-horce." Yakima. (29) "How Eel Lost His Bones." Charley Sluskin, Sept. 1925. (30) "A California Indian Legend." (31) "Man-Devouring Monster of the Naches." Yakima legend. Louis Mann*. (32) "Battle between Eagle and Owl." Warm Springs Indian. (frag) (33) "Traditional Negro Boatman on the Columbia." (34) "Legendary Group-Bones in the Head of the Sucker-Fish." William Charley*. (35) "Legends of Priest Rapids*, WA." Notes. (36) "Phantom Buck of the Yakimas." (37) "Footprints on Skein Island, Columbia River." Chief Meninock*, Jan. 1923. (38) Notes for legends of the Yakimas: "Battle of Cold Wind and Chinnook [sic] Wind"; "How Coyote Lost Immortality to the Tribes"; "Creation of the Indian Peoples" [two stories]. (39) "Tradition of Multnoma [sic] Falls, Columbia River," by Mrs. Mary Pilkins, Wasco Tribe, or A-na-whoa 'Black bear.' Bears note: "This legend was narrated to me in September, 1911, on a river steamer returning from Astoria to Portland, Oregon, from
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  430 cont attending the Astoria Centen[n]ial* with Thirty-two Yakimas and Nez Perces, who took part in the play: 'Bridge of the Gods.'" (40) "Yakima Tahmahnawis* Power. The Boy and the Brave Hazel Nut." William Charley, Sept. 1911. (41) Photocopy of cl, "Ancient Legend of the Red Fox Related by Chief Jobe Charley," by Mrs. R.E. Gehlen, Yakima Morning Herald, January 28, 1951. (42) "Patriotism Misapplied." (1 p note). (43) "The Indian as a 'Killer.'" (3 pp notes).]
  431 441 Legends, Tribal Wars, Hunting* Stories. 1912-1927, nd. c90 pp MSS, few cls, let. Corr: George H. Himes. [Re attempts to climb Mount Hood.] MSS: [(1) "A Yakima Recall (?) Annulment of social adoption of Mrs. Alma B.[B.] Walker, and son Leon, into the Yakima tribe, October 30, 1924." 3 pp MS. Accompanied by three cops cl, Yakima Sunday Herald, May 16, 1926: "Odd Ceremony Enacted Here. Yakima Indian Disown Two Who Were Taken Into Tribe More than a Year Ago, at Unusual Recall Proceedings." (2) "Testing the Tah-Power of the Warrior." 9 pp MS. (3) "A Peaceable Bear Killed in his Own Home." G.W. Olney, Sept. 1925. 3 pp MS. (4) "Hunting Stories." 5 pp MS. (5) "Strange Actions of a Wounded Deer." Charley Sluskin, Aug. 1925. 1 p MS. (6) "Amusements [games for children] by Samalee Sack.." 1p MS. (7) "Sam-a-le-sack." Simon Goudy* and Coo-pilkin, 1912. 3 pp MS. (8) "Samalee-Sack and the Black Bear." (Simon?) Goudy, Dec. 1918. 4 pp MS. (9) "Bear-Woman of the Nespelems." Charley Sluskin, April 1923. 2 pp MS. (10) "A Noted Table-Rock Hunting Ground." Listening Coyote, March 1927. 3 pp MS. (11) "The Useless Boy." Nez Perce. Charley White, July 1926. 2 pp MS. (12) "Origin of Yakima." 1 p MS. (13) Untitled MS with note: "These pages written by Alva Cleparty, embraces two stories in the crude. To be written out, or recast with some additional data." 15 pp MS. (14) "A Story About Two Girls [a] Long Time Ago." Louis Mann*, Jan. 24, 1918. Bears note: "Been recast, and in Manuscript." 19 pp MS. (15) 7 pp misc notes. (16) "Home of the Te-Chúm Mah." Yakima. From hunter band, April 1925. 1 p frag. (17) "Legends of the Yakimas," nd.; "Luck in the Bone Game," "Luck in Racing," April 1923. ns. 1 p frag of stories. (18) Untitled [re Coyote and Five Sisters] ns., nd. 2 pp frag. (19) "Túh-tan-nah." Owl-Child*, Oct. 1923. 3 pp MS. (20) "The Ste-ye-Háh." ns., nd. 2 pp. MS.]
45 432 Hunting Stories. Samalee Sack Stories. 1912-1928, nd. c60 pp MS, notes. [(1) "Shan-Te-Wit's Fight (Adventure) with a Grizzly Bear." 4 pp MS. Two versions, one noted: "Jim Goudy, Aug. 30, 1924." (2) "Tahmahnawis* Power." Hunting-camp, April 1923. 1 p MS. (3) "Indian Hunter Stories." Simon Goudy*, Dec. 1918. 5 pp MS. (4) "A Remarkable Bear Story." 1 p MS. (5) "Adventure with a Grizzly." Mourning Dove*. 1 p let frag. (6) "Timber Wolves in the Cascade Mountains." 2 pp MS. (7) "An Indian Boy's Encounter with a Mad Bull." Simon Goudy, Jan. 1919. 2 pp MS. (8) "An Indian Boy's First Deer." Simon Goudy, Jan. 1919. 2 pp MS. (9) "Almcotty's [Almootie] Combat with a Grizzly." 2 pp MS. (10) "White Coyote's Fight with a Grizzly Bear." 2 pp MS. (11) "Combat of Two Mountain Sheep." Simon Goudy, 1912. 3 pp MS. (12) "Indian Boy Lost in Mountains." Simon Goudy, 1912. 2 pp MS. (13) "Caught in a Snow Slide."
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  432 cont Simon Goudy, 1912. 4 pp MS. Note: "About 1896- towards spring Wenatchee country." "Get prelude to this story in a deer chase by Simon Goudy." (14) "An Adventure on Goat Rocks." Simon Goudy, Dec. 1912. 4 pp MS re deer hunting. (15) "Hunting Story- A Bad Bear." Simon Goudy, 1912. 4 pp MS. (16) "Hunter Stories." Simon Goudy. 2 pp MS re goat hunting. (17) "Eagle's Mode of Killing Young Deer." "Fishing Place of Samalee-Sack." "Coyote's Trip East." "Episode of Salmon Catching." Legends. 1 p notes. (18) "The Eagle as a Slayer of Deer." I keéps Swah (Wasco Jim)*, July 1918. 2 pp MS. (19) "Fight between a Grizzly and a Wolverine." Hunter Story. 3 pp MS. (20) "Charley Qualchan's Fight with a Silvertip." Indian Hunting Stories. Jim Goudy, Oct. 1923. 2 pp MS. (21) "The Lost Boy." Hunting Stories. 2 pp MS. (22) "Hol-Ite's* Adventure with a Wah-puch." 1 p MS. (23) "An Indian's Adventure with Rattlesnakes." 1917. 1 p MS. (24) Misc notes, cl, 4 pp.]
  433 Original Copy of Casting of Mourning Dove's*Legends. 1914-1922, nd. c272 pp MS, MS frags, notes, 1 let. 1914. Corr: J.W. Langdon. c250 pp typed MS: "The Okanogan Sweat House, by Hum-Is Hu-Ma: 'Mourning Dove.' Notes by Lucullus Virgil McWhorter*...." Title page, 1 p; dedicatory, by Mourning Dove, 1 p; Table of Contents. Thirty-eight stories are listed. Prologue/Prelude to "The Okanogan Sweat House," by Mourning Dove, Dec. 26, 1922. Signed by Mourning Dove. 3 pp; "Fore Told [sic] to Big Foot." 3 pp; "A Forward," by Mourning Dove, marked "Recast and Corrected." 2 pp; with envelope, 2 pp. MS includes: "The Great Spirit Names the Animal People." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Killed the Monster Whale of the Swah-Nétk-Qha." "The Whale Monster of the Swah-Netk-Qha." "North-Wind Monster." Notes, McW. "Coyote Kills Wind." Notes, McW. "Coyote Subdues the Man-Eating Monsters." Notes, McW. "Coyote Kills Owl-Woman." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Killed Flint." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Broke the Salmon Dam." Notes, McW. "The First Sun Dance." Notes, McW. "The Moon and Sun Gods." "Boy Lynx and Owl-Woman." Notes, McW. "Rattlesnake Kills Salmon." "Origin of Mosquito." Notes, McW. "How Crawfish Whipped Grizzlybear." Notes, McW. "How Gartersnake Scared Thunderbird." Notes, McW. "The Camas Woman." Notes, McW. "Coyote's Son Muskrat and Grizzly-Bear." "The Sons of Beaver and of Coyote." Notes, McW. "Coyote and Wood-Tick." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Imitated Bear and King-fisher." Notes, McW. "Chick-Adee [sic] Kills Elk." "The Arrow Trail to the Upper World-Land." Notes, McW. "The Three Wolf Brothers and Three Bear Sisters." "Coyote and Fox." Notes, McW. "How Rabbit Lost his Tail." "How Skunk Came by his Tail." Notes, McW. "Coyote and Buffalo." Notes, McW. "Fisher and Martin." "Fisher and his Brother Skunk." Notes, McW. "Fisher and Skunk." "Coyote as a Handsome Woman." "Coyote and his Daughter." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Lost and Regained his Eyes." "How Coyote Drowned because of Thirst." "Coyote Devours his Own Children." Notes, McW. "Coyote Marries his Own Daughter." "How Spider Came by his Long Legs." "How Diseases Came to the People." "House of Little Men."]
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  434 [Yakima Indian War.] 1915-1928. 132 pp notes, lets, MSS, cls. Corrs: Thomas J. Beall, Jim Wallahee*, Louis Mann*. [Corr concerns Beall and his genealogy. Death of Qalchin and Owhi*. (1) "The Narrative of Too-skas Pot-thah-nook, 'Seven Mountains.'" 10 pp MS with cc and photocopy of photograph and cl. [See also McWhorter Photograph Collection.] (2) "The Death of Tow-tow-nah-hee." Chief Sluskin*, Mrs. Caesar Williams*, interpreter, Sept. 25, 1917. (3) "To-ki-aken Twi-wash at the Battle of Thappenish," Lucullus Virgil McWhorter*. Note: "Duplicate. Original is on file, WA State Hist. Socty. Tacoma, WA." 7 pp MS, carbon copy. (4) "Items Relative to the Battle of Toppenish, 1855, given by To-Ki-A-Ken Twi-Wash, Surviving Warrior, when on the Grounds, October 18, 1920." 2 pp MS notes. (5) "Incidents in the Yakima War, 1855-56": a) "Items Concerning Owhi, Qualchen and Les-hi-hit." 1 p MS. b) "Incidents in the Yakima War." 1 p MS. c) "Four Innocent Yakima Indians Hanged." Louis Mann, Jan. 16, 1928. 1 p MS. (6) "A Klickitat-Yakima Legend of Chief Owhi. Chief Owhi's Only Crime." 4 pp MS. (7) "Smat-Lowit's Story of the Yakima War: 1855." Louis Mann, interpreter, Jan. 1912. 8 pp MS. (8) "Chief Seven Mountains* at a Christening in Boston," The Boston Globe, Jan. 10, 1917. 2 pp MS. (9) "Funeral of Chief Seven Mountains," The Boston Globe, Jan. 14, 1917. 2 pp MS. (10) "Data Concerning the Battle of Union Gap." Billie Captain*. Caesar Williams*, interpreter, Sept. 25, 1917. 1 p MS notes. (11) "Historic." To-kiaken Twi-wash, Aug. 7, 1921. 1 p MS notes. (12) "Additional Information to be Incorporated in the War Story of Smat-Lowit*." 1918 1 p MS note. (13) "Tragedies Yakima War" Louis Mann, Jan. 16, 1928. 1 p MS note. (14) "Koo-tah-winat: (Rain Falling from a Passing Cloud.)" 1 p MS note. (15) Excerpt from Kips' Army Life on [sic] the Pacific. Note: "Concerning Chief Owhi and Qualchien." 2 pp. (16) "Lineage of Chief Jim Wallahee, of the Yakimas." Oct.1923. 1 p MS note. (17)"Pioneers of the Yakima Valley." 1 p MS note. (18)"Incident at the Battle of Thappanish. Tokiaken Twi-wash, Aug. 23, 1921. 1 p MS note. (19) Note on the lineage and death of Chief Owhi. 4 pp MS. (20) Information on Thomas Beall. 2 pp MS notes. (21) The Owhi Family, re Owhi's father, Chief We-owikt (Yow-wikt-kut).]
  435 Owl-Child (Alec McCoy)*. 1915-1932, nd. c65 pp MSS, notes. [(1) "Owl-Child and the Buffalo Bull." 2 pp MS. (2) "Owl-Child's Adventure with a Buffalo." June 1923. 2 pp MS. (3) "An Adventure of Che-pos-to-cos (Owl-Child)." Alec McCoy, August 1915. 3 pp MS. (4) "Autobiography of Che-pos-to-cos (Owl-Child) also known as Shat-taw-wee (Leader in Battle). English name: Alec McCoy." 4 pp MS. (5) "How a Water-Ball Was Made: A Legend of the Cascade Tribe." Owl-Child, March 5, 1932. 2 pp MS. (6) "Coyote and Tah-tah-kle-ah." Owl-Child, June 1923. 1 p MS. (7) "Tahmahnawis* Power of Che-pos-to-cos." Owl-Child. 1 p MS. (8) "A Cascade Legend." Owl-Child, June 7, 1926. 2 pp MS. (9) "Hunting Stories. Owl-Child's statement of the Combat of the Klickitat and Grizzly-bear, as narrated by Chief Waters. This, to be combined to the Chief's story." 1 p MS. (10) "A Piegan Blackfeet* Legend." Owl-Child, Sept. 22, 1923. 2 pp MS. (11) "Was It Custer's Last Stand?" W.C. Slaper*, 1929. 5 pp MS with
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  435 cont map and let; 6 pp finished draft of same. [Says Custer was first man killed in battle.] (12) "A Wishom Legend." Owl-Child, June 7, 1926. 3 pp MS. (13) 16 pp notes about Owl-Child. (14) "A Canoe Race on the Columbia River. Owl-Child, June 7, 1926. 1 p MS. (15) "Statements by Alec McCoy. (Also known as Owl-Child)." 2 pp MS. (16) "Sequel to story of how Paht-paht fooled and destroyed the Tahtahkleah." 2 pp MS.]
  436 Finished Stories. 1916-1921, nd. c220 pp MSS, dups. [(1) "Battle of the At-Te-Yi-Yí and To-Qée-Nut." As told by the Klickitat, Cascade, Wishom and Wasco Tribes, July 4, 1918. Notes, McW. (2) "Battle between Eagle and Chinook: Origin of the Horn Spoon." Wasco. Sitting-Rock, Oct. 1921. Notes, McW. (3) "Battle of Cold Wind and Chinook Wind." Wasco. An-a-whoa: "Black-bear," 1917. Notes, McW. (4) "The Dead Canoeman of the Che-Wana." Wasco. Sitting Rock*, July 1920. (5) "The Battle between Eagle and Owl." Simon Goudy*, April 1921. Notes, McW. (6) "How Gray Squirrel Drove the Buffalo from Moses Coulee." Kikt-tan-nee, 1918. Notes, McW. (7) "Iques and Tweé-tas Gamble for the Control of Weather." Klickitat. Simon Goudy*, Dec. 1918. (8) "Álo-Quat and Tweé-Tash Contend Over the Division of Light and Darkness." Notes, McW. (9) "Ghue-ghue and Pédt-jum." Klickitat legend. Notes, McW. (10) "Eagle and his Cousin Tis-Kai: How Porcupine Came by his Quills." Klickitat. Blazing Bush, 1918. Notes, McW. (11) "Raccoon and Grizzly Bear." Yakima-Klickitat. 1916. Notes, McW. (12) "How Blue-Jay Outwitted Dog-Seal. Tulalip. 1921. (13) "Octopus and Mink." Puyallup. 1921. (14) "Legend of Big Skukum Inlet." Nisqualli. Salish Stock. 1921. (15) "How Ant Came by his Small Waist." (16) "How Deer Stole Rabbit's Coat." Told in an Indian Hunter Camp, April 1921. (17) "Chipmunk's Burial Ground."]
  437 Winter Houses. Wish-hom tribe, Division of. Various Items. Death of Yo-Yonen*, Son of Chief Smoholla*. 1919-1934, nd. c15 pp MS, notes. [(1) "Death of Yo-Yonen, Chief of the Wana Pums." 2 pp MS. (2) "The Wishom Tribe. A Story of their Division and Separation." 2 pp MS with note: "The Lost Band of the Wishom Tribe." (3) "Flint[-]Chipping Shop." 1 p MS. [Shop is near Yakima.] (4) "Fortified Village Site." July 18, 1923. 2 pp MS. [Site is north side of Logie Creek.] (5) "Cavern on Logie Creek." 1 p MS. (6) Let re Chief Sluskin*. (7) "Winter Houses of the Yakimas"; "Irrigation in the Yakima Valley"; "Baptism of Owhi's* Children." (8) "Dimensions of Lodge Houses. " (9) "Indian Minors. " (10) Notes about wild animals. Photocopy of sketch map (2 pp) of burial site between Tieton and Nachez rivers. Original in Folder 540.]
  438 Story of the Kamiah Monster and Other Legends by Yellow Wolf*. 1923-1935, nd. c70 pp notes, MSS, let. Corrs: Mary M. Crawford, Thomas Broncheau*, J.S. Whiting. [(a) 3 pp MS notes for "Photo of the Heart of the Kamiah Monster, taken about 1890 or '91." (Near the Presbyterian Church at Kamiah, ID) "Kindness of Miss Mary M. Crawford, of the McBeth Mission, Lapwai, Idaho." (b) Misc information re the legend. (c) Nez Perce Vocabulary. (d) 3 pp MS "Its-I-Yi-i's
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  438 cont Wife." Nez Perce. Yellow Wolf, Oct., 1924. (Legend of Coyote's wife.) (e) 2 pp MS "How Its-I-Yi-Yi Was Thwarted in Attempt to Change the Course of the Inchelim River." Nez Perce. Chief Yellow Wolf, Oct., 1924. (f) 5 pp MS "How Coyote Killed Sun." Nez Perce. Yellow Wolf, Sept. 14, 1924. (g) 10 pp MS "How Its-I-Yi-I: 'Coyote' Lost Immortality to the Tribes." Nez Perce Yellow Wolf. (h) 1 p Nez Perce names for animals, birds, etc., defined by Yellow Wolf. (i) Cl re death of Yellow Wolf. (j) 3 pp MS "The Wy-akin of Tow-tow-no Hené: 'Shin Bone.' "Legendary Hero." Story by Yellow Wolf. (k) Misc notes and MS fragments re Indian stories and legends. See also "Kamiah Monster" map, Folder 549.]
  439 [Other Short Stories.] 1926, nd. c45 pp MSS. [(1) "The Story (un-named)." Western fiction story. 10 pp MS. (2) "The Mystery of Lal-a-wísh-pah, by Lucullus V. McWhorter*. Fiction Mixed with Facts." 12 pp; with second version, 14 pp carbon copy. (3) "A Sioux Hero Tale." Sam Lott [Many Wounds]*. 2 pp MS. (4) "A Hero Folk-Story of the Flatheads," by Many Wounds, Nez Perce, Nov. 1926. 5 pp MS.]
46 440 Mourning Dove's* Manuscript "Coyote Stories." Less #20 Missing. Should Never Have Been Published as "Edited." nd. MS bears note: "Mourning Dove's Coyote stories returned by Mr. Guie. #20 missing. 40 stories." c85 pp MS. [Thirty-nine stories (some with McW notes) are included of MS "The Okanogan Sweat House." MS includes: "Just Why" (introduction) 2 pp, dedicatory, 1 p, title page for "The Okanogan Sweat House," 1 p.; "The Great Spirit Names the Animal People." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Killed the Monster Whale of the Swah-Nétk-Qha." "The Whale Monster of the Swah-Nétk-Quá." "North-Wind Monster." Notes, McW. "Coyote Kills Wind." Notes, McW. "Coyote Subdues the Man-Eating Monsters." Notes, McW. "Coyote Kills Owl-Woman." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Killed Flint." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Broke the Salmon Dam." Notes, McW. "The First Sun Dance." Notes, McW. "The Moon and Sun Gods." "The Two Girls and the Magic Beads, or Boy Lynx and Owl-Woman." Notes, McW. "Lynx, the Hunter." "Hunter Lynx Calls Famine's Shadow." "Boy Lynx and the Owl-Woman" (Sequel to "Lynx the Hunter"). "Rattlesnake Kills Salmon." "The Origin of Mosquito." Notes, McW. "How Crawfish Whipped Grizzlybear." "How Gartersnake Scared Thunderbird." Notes, McW. "Coyote's Son Muskrat and Grizzly-bear." "Coyote and Mother Grizzly-Bear" (Sequel to "Coyote's Son Muskrat and Grizzly-Bear)." Notes, McW. "The Sons of Beaver and of Coyote." "Coyote and Wood-Tick." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Imitated Bear and Kingfisher." Notes, McW. "Chic-Adee [sic] Kills Elk." Notes, McW. "Coyote and Chickadee." "The Arrow Trail to the Upper World-Land." Notes, McW. "The Three Wolf Brothers and Three Bear Sisters." "Coyote and Fox." Notes, McW. "Coyote and Buffalo." Notes, McW. "How Rabbit Lost his Tail." "How Skunk Got (Came by) his Tail." Notes, McW. "Fisher and Martin." "Coyote as a Handsome Woman." "Coyote and his Daughter." Notes, McW. "How Coyote Lost and Regained his Eyes." "How
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Series 6: Indian Narratives cont
  440 cont Coyote Drowned because of Thirst." "Coyote and Wolf." Notes, McW. "How Spider Came by his Long Legs."]
  441 This Jacket Contains Original MS of Mourning Dove's Book Coyote Stories*. nd. c100 pp typed MS, many with handwritten corrections. [Crawfish and Grizzlebear. The Boy Lynk [sic] and Owl-Woman. Beaver and Coyote's Son Muskrit. Coyote as a Beautiful Woman. Coyote and Wood-Tick. The Northwind Monster. Skunk and Fisher. Fisher and Martin. Coyote Takes His Daughter as a Wife. The Whale God of the Swa-Netk-Qua. The Origin of Mosquito. The First Sun-Dance. The Three Wolf Brothers. Coyote Drowns in Water with Thirst. Chick-Adee (sic) Kills Elk. The Arrow Ladder to Heaven. Coyote Kills Whale. Coyote and Pheasant. Coyote's Adventures. Coyote Destroys the Man-Eating Animals. Coyote Breaks the Salmon Dam (with note: "This is the continued story of the bridge of the gods") Coyote Gets Flint Arrow Points. Coyote Imitates Bear and King Fisher. Coyote and Buffalo. How Garter-snake Scared the Thunderbird. Turtle Races with Rabbit. Coyote's Daughter. The Great Spirit Names Coyote. The Moon and Sun Gods. The Camas Woman. Rattlesnake Kills Salmon. Coyote Kills Wind. Coyote Eats his Children. Generation of Diseases. Owl-Woman and Coyote.]

Series 7: Mourning Dove Correspondence
  442 [Correspondence: J.P. MacLean to McWhorter* re Mourning Dove*.] 1914-1933. 25 pp lets.
  443 [Correspondence: McWhorter* to Mourning Dove*.] 1915-1930. 8 pp lets. [Re Mourning Dove's literary efforts.]
  444 [Correspondence: Mourning Dove* to McWhorter*.] 1915-1935. c285 pp lets. This material has been assembled from other parts of the collection. [Indian legends, Indian names, Mourning Dove's personal domestic affairs. Many Indian superstitions and beliefs mentioned. Much material re McW's assistance to Mourning Dove re a volume of legends she was preparing. Re Cogewea. Indian superstitions and beliefs concerning death. "Points" on Hudson's Bay Co. blankets. Meanings of various Okanogan words. Mourning Dove's collection of Indian legends.]
  445 [Correspondence: Mourning Dove* to J.P. MacLean.] 1916. 4 pp lets.
  446 [Correspondence: J.P. MacLean to Mourning Dove*.] 1916-1928. 20 pp lets.
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Series 7: Mourning Dove Correspondence cont
  447 [Correspondence: Miscellaneous.] 1916-1933, nd. c40 pp let frags, notes, MS, cls. 3 lets. Corrs: Mourning Dove, C.E.S. Wood, Susan Winegarden, Washington Post. [Re photograph of little boy, Joe-Joe. Autographing of copies of Mourning Dove's Cogewea presented to W.D. Vincent. 1 p typescript with note: "Used as a note in Cogewea." Robert Pelky and "Green Blanket Feet." Misc fragments and notes exchanged between Mourning Dove and McW re: stories and legends, most undated. Includes large let fragment with title "Concerning the Arrow Lake Indians." "Her fight with grizzlebear [sic]." 2 pp MS. Fragment of "Prologue, for Okanogan Sweathouse." Draft of dedication for The Okanogan Sweathouse. Unidentified frags. Publisher's blurbs. Book review of Coyote Stories, Washington Post, Dec. 16, 1933.]
  448 [Correspondence re Mourning Dove* and her Publications.] 1916-1935. 38 pp lets. Corrs: Martha McKelvie (several signed Ha-a-ko-wa-a), Paul R. Reynolds, Lola E. Lowther, Elizabeth Lawrence, J.L. Kalb, W.E. Johnson, Fred Galler, Harl Cook, William C. Brown, Richard G. Badger, publisher, The Arthur H. Clark Co., publisher; The Four Seas Company, publisher. W.D. Vincent, McW.
  449 [Correspondence: McWhorter*- outgoing- re Mourning Dove*.] 1916-1935. 25 pp lets.
  450 Guie. 1930. c35 pp lets. Corr: Dean Guie. [Work being done on Mourning Dove's* MS collection of Indian legends.]

Series 8: Newspaper Articles
47 451 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1863-1937. cThirteen misc cls. The Daily Citizen, July 2, 1863. Civil War newspaper; printed on wallpaper. States that this is the last "wallpaper" issue, due to end of the war.
  452 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1888-1942, nd. Eight misc cls, ns., Indians and World War II. 8 pp newspaper celebrating Cincinnati Centennial, 1778-1888, published by John Shillito Co.
  453 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1894-1942, nd. Lets, c100 cls. Corr: Ovid McWhorter, F.A. Duncan. [Almost all items relate to McW*. By-Laws of the Archaeologist Pub. Co. (partial?). Advert. for Border Settlers*. Misc certificates.]
  454 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1904-1914, nd. Fifteen misc. cls., including Chief Joseph.
  455 Clippings- Yakima Indians. 1906-1925. Eleven cls. [Re Yakimas' local affairs. All dated and ident. Indian names, whiskey, Indian water rights*, Louis Mann*, irrigation*, water, Indian fishing* rights, Top-tut, grazing issues, Chief We-Yallup.]
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Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  456 [J.M. McWhorter.] 1909. "Dr. J.M. McWhorter Passes ," The Upshur Republican, Nov. 11, 1909.
  457 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1909-1927. c165 cls. [Includes: cls re McW's* work as humane officer. Two envelopes entitled: "Newsprint for the Washington State Historical Society." c150 cls chiefly re Indians and pioneers. Most are dated and identified. Northwest newspapers. Remainder misc cls, some historical, some re Indians.]
  458 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1909-1927. c58 pp cls. [Articles re Louis Mann*, Tom Smartlowit*. Many re whiskey among the Indians: Judge (Jack) McWhorter's " Address Upon the Nature of the Liquor Traffic. " News story by McW*,un, tells legend of the celestial origin of the Yakimas, through Chief Owhi, who McW thinks "is unjustly made secondary in honor and glory to Ka-mi-akin*."]
  459 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1910. c25 cl Some un. [Local Indian matters. "The Case Against Ballinger Cleared Up" by Stewart Edward White. American Magazine, nd.]
  460 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1910-1931. Ten cls, The Sunday Oregonian and Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 2 pp cl, "The Looting of the Chippewa's Land," by Warren K. Moorehead, member of the U.S. Indian Commission and curator of the Peabody Museum of Philips Andover Academy, reprinted from the Boston Evening Transcript, Oct. 15, 1910.
48 461 [Astoria Centennial*.] 1911. 2 pp cl (one dup), " Astoria Centennial Grounds," The Oregon Sunday Journal, Sept. 10, 1911. Photos with captions; one with "Captain" McWhorter*.
  462 [Clippings: Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1911-1916. Seventeen cls. [Seven cls, Yakima Republic, various dates of 1916, Yakima Indian fishing* rights. Yakima Morning Herald, Mar. 3, 1916; "Whites Accused of Water Thefts: Article by McWhorter* in Eastern Magazine Scores Manner in Which Yakima Indians Have Been Treated." [Irrigation* and water rights*.] Eight cls, 1911-1915, Yakima area papers. Local Indian affairs. Cl, un, June 15, 1913: "Wants Old Fort Brought to City." Contains description of Fort Simcoe*.]
  463 [L.V. McWhorter*: Border Settlers.] 1912. "The Broader Horizon," Minnie Kendall Lowther, section: "West Virginia Author Wins New Laurels," The Parkersburg (W Va.) News, Feb. 8, 1912.
  464 [Lieutenant John Mitchell. Rogue River Indian War.] 1913. "Indian Fight is Recalled," Yakima Morning Herald, Jan. 19, 1913.
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Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  465 [Magazine.] 1913. Two cops the New Republic, Mar. 21, 1913. Contains article "Perry H. Kennerly, Cow Thief, Forger, and Ex-Convict, Now 'Special Attorney' for Brotherhood of North American Indians."
  466 [L.V. McWhorter* & Miscellaneous.] 1914-1941, nd. c11 cls. Two re McWhorter, Border Settlers and humane society work; additional miscellaneous subjects.
  467 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1915. Seventy cls: three dated, rest with nd. Column series "In Earlier Days," by Fred Lockley. Column series "The Oregon Country In Early Days," by Fred Lockley, Special Staff Writer of The Journal."
  468 [Newspaper.] 1915. The Dalles Daily Chronicle, Mar. 31, 1915. [Chiefly news of the European war.]
  469 481 [Chief Sluiskin. Miscellaneous.] 1915-1916, nd. Three cls. "Sluiskin Tells Own Story of First Ascent of Mount Tacoma," The Daily Ledger, Tacoma, Oct. 24, 1915. "Is He the Genuine Sluiskin?" The Tacoma Daily News, Oct. 25, 1915. "Is It Mt. Tacoma or Ranier? What History Says!", ns., nd.
  470 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1916. Periodical, two cops. [The New Republic. Vol. IV, No. 1, January 7, 1916. Contains article by McW*, "The Lament of We-Yallup Wa-Ya-Cika / the Venerable Yakima Chief Makes a 'Record' of His Great Love for Pa-pah-mox, the Bride of His Youth as Well as of His Old Age." Pic caption says: "We-yallup Wa-ya-cika, the late Head Chief of the Confederated Yakima Indians, and an opponent of the liquor traffic."]
  471 [Newspaper.] 1916. What's Doing in this Great Northwest, Jan. 1, 1916, Tacoma, Washington. Contains article, "What I Know About Watson C. Squire: The Story of a Newspaper Scoop," by L.V. McW*.
  472 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1916-1938. Three cls. "The Lament of We-yallup Wa-ya-cika. The Venerable Yakima Chief Makes a 'Record' of His Great Love for Ya-pah-mox, the Bride of His Youth as Well of His Old Age," by McW*, The New Republic, Jan. 7, 1916. Louis Mann*, troubles on Reservation, Yakima Morning Herald, March 7, 1926. " Blackfeet of Western Montana," Yakima Morning Herald, March 13, 1938.
  473 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1918-1921. Ten cls. [Re historical markers in the Yakima district including the old blockhouse at Fort Simcoe*. Long note by McW* re these cls. Receipt for dues to Sons of the American Revolution, 1917.]
  474 [Newspaper: Humane Society Supplement.] 1919. Charleston American, "Be Kind to Animals," April 20, 1919.
  475 [Humane Society.] 1919-1928. Twelve cls.
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48 cont  

Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  476 [General Custer.] 1920. The Sunday Oregonian, Oct. 13, 1920. "Did Custer Die by His Own Hand?"
  477 [Newspaper.] 1921. The Truth-Teller, Battle Creek Mich., Aug. 7, 1921. Re dangers of diptheria anti-toxin, 1919.
  478 [Humane Society: Miscellaneous.] 1921, nd. Cl "Approves Work of Officers," re L.V. McWhorter*, ns., nd. The Seattle Star, Dec. 20, 1921. Two misc. cls.
  479 [Newspaper Clippings: Humane Society.] 1923-1924, nd. Ten misc newspaper articles re Humane Society.
  480 [Newspaper.] 1924. 4 pp periodical The Wigwam, Yakima, Washington, September 24, 1924. Vol. XIV, No. 3.
  481 Indian-Published Newspapers. 1925-1927. Three periodicals. [The North American Indian Weekly (formerly The Real American). Published at Everett, WA. Issues of July 31, August 7, 1925. The North American Indian, published at Everett, WA. Issues of March 5, 1926; January 14, 1927. The Real American, "A National Indian Weekly Newspaper, Hoquiam, Washington." Issues of January 9, 16, March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 24, May 1, 8, 15, June 5, July 3, 1925.]
  482 Newspapers with Articles About North American Indians. 1925-1930. cFifty newspapers and articles, several of which bear markings by McW*. [Re Nez Perce War, regional events, archeology, personal matters. "Big Brother (McW) Helps Indians," Oregonian, 18 Nov. 1928. (Four cops). "Did Custer Die by his own Hand?" (Owl-Child's story.) The Sunday Oregonian, 13 Oct. 1929. "Yakima Farmer (now) successful in producing Paw-paws." Oregonian, 5 Oct. 1930. "Columbia River Petroglyphs," Oregonian, 1 Dec. 1929. "Cole's March against Powder River Indians in 1865," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 10 July 1930. "Buffalo Calf," Conrad Independent-Observer, nd, Montana. "Hidden Gold," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 10 July 1930. "How Buffalo Calf once interrupted Church Services," ident to above, Rocky Mountain Husbandman, Aug. 28, 1930. "Indian Family and Marriage Customs," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 7 Aug. 1930. "Electric Lawn Mower Too Hot," (in 1885) Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 7 Aug. 1930. Portions of Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6 March 1927. "Totem Pole Carver Preserving Tribal History," Post-Intelligencer, 4 Oct. 1925. "Bears Just Like Human Beings," Seattle Times, 16 Feb. 1930. "Pirate or Merchantman," Oregon Journal, 11 Aug. 1929. "Story of Trooper's Vanity Revealed after Death," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 17 July 1930. "Trappers in Pioneer Days," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 17 July 1930. "Fiske Expedition of '62" Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 14 Aug. 1930. "Winter Retreat for Piegans," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 14 Aug. 1930. "Wood Choppers" & "Mystery of Mrs Plummer Solved," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 31 July 1930. "Animals that Excel Man," 1930. "Tutankhamen's 'Curse' Again Active?" 1930. "Ben
Box Folder Description
48 cont  

Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  482 cont Greenough," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 2 Oct. 1930. "W.J. Bally, Old Scout under Reno, Visits Battlefield," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 18 Sept. 1930. "Cold Hand of Henry Plummer," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 18 Sept. 1930. "Battle of Sand Creek," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 30 Oct. 1930. "When Riel's Activities Alarmed Montana," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 23 Oct. 1930. "Blackfeet Sioux Indians," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 3 July 1930. Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 29 May 1930. "Death Of White Killer Wolf," Conrad Independent-Observer, nd. Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 12 June 1930. "Fiske's Second Expedition," Conrad Independent-Observer, nd. Montana Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 8 May 1930. "Linderman's Latest Book" marked article. "19 Soldiers," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 3 July 1930. Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 5 June 1930. "Survivor of Seventh Cavalry," marked article. "Winning of the West," Rocky Mountain Husbandman, 21 July 1927. The Real American: 23 Jan. 1925, 13 Feb. 1925, 29 May 1925. The American Indian: 21 Aug. 1925. The North American Indian Weekly: 18 Sept., 25 Sept., 9 Oct, 16 Oct., 11 Dec., 19 Dec., 26 Dec., 1925; 26 Feb. 1926.]
49 483 McWhorter*- Indians. 1925-1932. Sixteen cls. [Memaloose Island burials, Indian irrigation*, Louis Mann*, Indian artifacts*, poison, Shaker church, alcohol ban.]
  484 [Newspaper.] 1925-1936. Two cops Winners of the West: "Col Charles A. Varnum's Experience with Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn*," E.A. Brininstool, March 30, 1936; various articles re Custer, March, 1925.
  485 [Newspapers.] 1926-1927. The Butte Miner, Semi-Centennial Number, Butte, Montana, July 5, 1926; marked with note in reference to the Nez Perce War, pp 8-11. Article about McWhorter*, "Yakiman Visits Battlegrounds," Yakima Morning Herald, October 23, 1927.]
  486 [Nez Perce History.] 1926-1929. The Sunday Oregonian, Nov. 10, 1929, "Mystery of Klamath Basin." Judith Gap Journal (np, nd), "Seventh Cavalry. Troopers Who Took Part in Pursuit of Chief Joseph and His Nez Perces Were on Verge of Mutiny because of Shortage of Supplies ..." The Sunday Oregonian, Apr. 22, 1928, "The Red Napoleon of the West / How Young Chief Joseph* Led One of History's Greatest Military Retreats ..." Mary Roberts Rinehart: "To Wyoming," The Saturday Evening Post, October 2, 1926; 5 pp cl with note: "Story of Custer's Fight." G.A. England: "Tortugas Tales ... Old Fort Jefferson," The Saturday Evening Post, October 2, 1926. 5 pp cl with note: "see reference to Custer's fight and Chief Crazy Horse." E.A. Brininstool: "How Gen. Miles Blundered in Ordering Buffalo Bill to Arrest Sitting Bull," ns., nd.
  487 [Miscellaneous Indian Clippings.] 1927. Three cls. [Includes: One cop cl, Dayton Daily News, October 3, 1927 re monuments to Tecumseh and Gen. Mills. Cl Greenville (Ohio) Advocate, same subject. Cl, un, "Legend of Red Men's Battle Near Ravenswood Great Spirit Poured His Wrath upon Hurons. Heaven's Bolts Spared White Man's Friend."]
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49 cont  

Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  488 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1927-1942, nd. Eleven misc cls.
  489 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1928-1930, nd. c100 misc cls. [Northwest Indians. Those ident are from Northwest papers.]
  490 [Chief Joseph* and Incidents of the War.] 1928-1939, nd. 90 pp cls [Most of the cls are dated and identified, and are from Pacific Northwest papers. Many relate to legends which have grown up around the war; others relate to deaths of participants. Rocky Mountain Husbandman is a major source. Some annotated by McW.]
  491 [Yellow Wolf Reviews.] 1928-1942, nd. c150 cls. Most of the items are reviews of McW's* Yellow Wolf, probably collected by a professional clipping agency. Articles re McW family, death of Judge J.C. McWhorter. Lets to editors and newspaper articles by McW.
50 492 [Unsorted Clippings.] 1929. c100 cls. [(1) "The Cry of a Broken People" by Vera L. Connolly. Good Housekeeping Magazine, February 1929, pp 30-31, 226-237. (2) "We Still Get Robbed" by Vera L Connolly. Good Housekeeping Magazine, March 1929, pp 34-35, 249-256. (3) "The End of the Road" by Vera L Connolly. Good Housekeeping Magazine, May 1929, pp 44-45, 153-170. (4) "The Indian Situation." Outline for report found inside of Connolly's article "The Cry of a Broken People." 2 pp MS (author unknown). (5) Misc notes re crimes for which "ward" Indian can be arrested and prosecuted.]
  493 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1929-1931, nd. Thirty cls re Yakima War, Jones Bill, land leasing, Indian alllotment land troubles, Indian water rights*, Indian affairs, and McW* from the Yakima Morning Herald and The Yakima Daily Republic. Misc. clippings including Seattle "P.I.," and Sunday Exponent Telegram, WV.]
  494 [Periodical.] 1930. The Saturday Evening Post, Nov. 1, 1930, with marked article "Guns and Gunfighters," by Stuart N. Lake.
  495 [Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings.] c1930. Four cls on misc Indian subjects.
  496 [Newspaper.] 1930-1931. Eleven issues, Rocky Mountain Husbandman, Great Falls, Montana, Nov. 27, 1930 to Jan. 31, 1931.
  497 [Clipping.] 1931. The New York Times, December 13, 1931. Sir Charles Marston, "Revising Old Testament Dates According to New Discoveries."
  498 [Newspaper.] 1931. Los Angeles Times Magazine, June 7, 1931. Contains article, "Broncos I Have Known," by William S. Hart.
  499 [Newspaper.] 1931. Mount Lowe (California) Daily News, June 29, 1931.
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Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  500 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1931-1932. Winners of the West, St. Joseph, Missouri. Aug. 30, 1932; Dec. 30, 1931, with marked story, "A Veteran of Whitebird Totes Bullets Yet Was Listed as Dead" [re Charles Blewett].
  501 [Col. J. W. Redington. Camas Prairie.] 1931-1933. Two cls. Re Chief Egan and Col. Redington, The Idaho Statesman Sunday Morning, Aug. 27, 1933; "How the Pioneers Conquered Camas Prairie," The Hailey Times, June 18, 1931.
  502 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] 1932. cFifteen cls. [Chiefly historical items. Indian water rights*. Indian Bureau*.]
  503 [Nez Perce History.] 1932. The Exponent, Clarksburg, West Virginia, December 12, 1932, "Friend of the Indian, L.V. McWhorter*, West Virginian, Wins Fame in the Northwest."
  504 [Coyote Stories, Mourning Dove, Dean Guie.] 1934. The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Jan. 14, 1934. Three cops full-page cl advertising Coyote Stories*, by Mourning Dove, illustrated by H.D. Guie.
  505 Chief Umtuch. 1935. One full-page cl, "Who Killed Chief Umtuch? ," The Sunday Oregonian, June 9, 1935.
  506 [Newspaper.] 1936. Two cops (one complete, one missing section four) of the Idaho Spalding Centennial issue, 1836-1936, of the Lewiston Morning Tribune, Lewiston, Idaho, May 3, 1936. Special eight-section issue. [Features early Idaho history. Includes several stories about Henry Harmon Spalding.]
  507 [Nez Perce War, 1877.] 1936. "Persons and Scenes in Nez Perces Campaign of 1877 in Montana," The Great Falls Tribune, Feb. 16, 1936. Includes photographs of Chief Joseph, Col. Nelson A. Miles, Maj. Gen. O.O. Howard, Gen. John Gibbon.
  508 [Yakima Indian Affairs.] 1942. Winners of the West: Official National Bulletin National Indian War Veterans, U.S.A. Vol.XIX, No.6, June 28, 1942. Marked articles: "How Lieutenant De Rudio Escaped," by E.A. Brininstool. "Colonel Miles Captured Indians in Early Morning Fights Sept 4, 1878 11 Killed," by "Mon Tana Lou" Grill.
  509 [Newspaper.] 1944. The Dillon Daily Tribune, Aug. 18, 1944. Contains article, "History of Big Hole Battle* Is Being Written." [Work being done by M.D. Beal.]
  510 [Marcus Whitman.] nd. cTwenty cls. [Re Marcus Whitman's "saving" Oregon. "The Romance of a College." 11 pp. booklet re Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.]
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Series 8: Newspaper Articles cont
  511 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] nd. Nine cls. [Rev. Father John J. Flinn. William Carey Johnson. Soapy Smith. Francis Xavier Mathieu. Yellow Fever. Misc.]
  512 [Miscellaneous Clippings.] nd. Ten cls. [Wreck of steamer Leggett including description by a survivor, George Poleman. Misc.]
  513 [Miscellaneous Clipping]. nd. One item, one leaf, ns: "A Shady Transaction," re the swindling of Indian woman by businessmen in Yakima County.
  514 [Mourning Dove*.] nd. One cl, The Wenatchee Daily World.
  515 [Union Gap*.] nd. One cl re battle at Union Gap, The Yakima Daily Republic.

Series 9: Maps, Documents & Drawings
51 516 [Book Cover Sketches.] 1908, nd.
a) Rough sketch of frontiersman for cover of Border Settlers*..., nd.
b) Indian chief. Pen and ink sketch by H.R. Fulton, 1908.
c) Cover for The Crime Against the Yakimas*. One pen and ink sketch and one color sketch, nd.
  517 [Pencil Sketch.] 1909. Louis Mann*, pencil sketch by G.E.C.
  518 [Miscellaneous Sketches & Drawings.] 1912-1923, nd.
a) Indian paddling canoe. Pen and ink, by Baker, nd. b) Seascape. Ink sketch by A.B. (?), 1923. c) Indian sketch for Chinook. By L.D.B. Two ink drawings, c1912.
  519 [Chief Peo-peo Tholekt's* Combat with a Grizzly Bear.] 1926. "Drawn by himself."
  520 [MS and Printed Maps of Nez Perce Camp at Big Hole*, Montana.] 1926-1928, nd:
a) Sketch plan of the Nez Perce camp, after Peo-peo Tholekt, nd.
b) Sketch plat of Battle of Big Hole, by Peo-peo Tholekt, July 13, 1928.
c) Sketch map: Battle of Big Hole, drawn by Chief Peo[-peo] Tholekt, June 20, 1926.
d) Sketch map: Battlefield sketch of Big Hole, by Charles N. Loynes, nd.
e) Sketch map: Big Hole, Mont. August 9, 1877, by Many Wounds, nd.
f) Sketch map Nez Perce Big Hole Village, by Many Wounds and L.V. McWhorter, when on the grounds with Yellow Wolf*, nd.
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51 cont  

Series 9: Maps, Documents & Drawings cont
  521 [Sketch Map of the Battle of the Big Hole*: Nez Perce Camp.] 1928.
Drawn by Charles N. Loynes*.
  522 [Outline of Division of Domain Among Nez Perce Chiefs.] 1930.
Drawn by Peo-peo Tholekt*.
  523 [Cottonwood Creek*.] 1934.
MS map drawn by John L. Rooke.
  524 [Chalk Sketch.] 1935.
Jobe Charley Colwash, Yakima, by Jane Brewer.
  525 [Map of the 1877 Nez Perce Campaign.] 1935. By C.A. Badeau, prepared for Adventures in Geyserland, with corrections and note by McWhorter* re Nez Perce retreat through Bannack country and Yellowstone Park*.
  526 [Pencil Sketches.] 1935, nd.
a) Three pencil sketches by Yakima Indians, nd.
b) Printed drawing of a horse, nd.
c) Pencil and chalk sketch of L.V. McWhorter*. By Jane Brewer, Yakima, 1935.
  527 [Sketch Map of Pit Reputedly Reported as Being Site Where Captured Cannon* Was Buried, Big Hole* Battlefield.] 1938. Drawn by Floyd A. Henderson.
  528 Where Indians [Nez Perce] Captured the Cannon*. 1938. Big Hole* Battlefield. Drawn by Floyd A. Henderson, U.S.F.S., July 22, 1938.
  529 [Camas Prairie Battlefield Maps.] 1939, nd.
a) [Peo[-peo]'s* sketch map of Camas Prairie]. Where General Howard lost his pack mules." nd.
b) "Peo's map of Camas Meadows* night raid," nd.
c) McWhorter's sketch map with legend, of Camas Meadows Battlefield with letter, 1939. 2 pp.
  530 [Sketch Map Showing Sturgis' Camp and Joseph's* Scout Position, Yellowstone River*.] 1944. Drawn by I.D. O'Donnell.
  531 [Chief Joseph's Death & Yakima Reservation.] nd.
a) MS map of Chief Joseph's* teepee location, where he died in 1904, by J. Condon, Dec. 31, 1953. [Not part of original accession].
b) Fragment of Federal bill (pp. 3-13), "Yakima Indian Reservation," negotiating adjustment of claim concerning Yakima Reservation lands, with two printed maps: 1) White Swan, and 2) Yakima Indian Reservaation.
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Series 9: Maps, Documents & Drawings cont
  532 [Chief Looking Glass' Camp*.] nd.
MS map drawn by Peo-peo Tholekt*.
  533 [Domain Map.] nd.
Frag showing domain of Nez Perce in Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
  534 [Drawing of Nez Perce Fatality Tally.] nd.
Found on Husis Owyen's (Wounded Head) drinking horn, drawn by Mildred Schmidtman*.
  535 [Maps Showing Bolon Monument*.] nd.
Location of Bolon's murder and marker. (2 MS originals; one copy.)
  536 [Painting.] nd.
Hollow Horn Bear (Sioux).
  537 [Pencil Sketches.] nd.
a) Ollokot*, pencil sketch, artist unknown.
b) A dog, pencil sketch, by Samuel Hunter.
  538 [Peo-Peo's Fight With Grizzly.] nd.
Drawing: Peo-peo Tholekt's* Fight with the Grizzly Bear, by Peo-peo Tholekt, with note, "Description of the Pictograph *History of Peo-peo Tholekt's Fight with the Grizzly Bear."
  539 [Priest Rapids Drawings.] nd.
Two crayon drawings by Priest Rapids children*.
  540 [Sketch Map.] nd.
Burial site between Tieton and Nachez rivers.
  541 [Sketch Map of Clearwater* Battlefield.] nd.
By McWhorter* and H.L. Bailey*.
  542 [Sketch Maps of Yellowstone.] nd.
a) Sketch map of Nez Perce at Yellowstone*. Drawn by J.W. Redington.
b) Sketch map of Canyon Creek*fight, Yellowstone River*. Drawn by J.W. Redington.
  543 [Yakima County Townships.] nd.
a) Plat of Township 5N, Range 15E of Yakima County, locating Bolon Marker*.
b) Pencil sketch of Townships 5 and 6 of Yakima County locating Bolon Marker.
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Subseries 9.1: Oversize Maps, Documents & Drawings

Note: Folders 544-571 are in oversize storage drawer designated "Cage 55"
  544 [Certificates.] 1877 & 1881.
a) John M. (J.M.) McWhorter's (L.V. McWhorter's* father) State Board of Health Qualification Certificate, 1881.
b) Certificate of Fellowship in Medical Society of West Virginia of John M. McWhorter, 1877.
  545 [Portrait of Peo-peo Tholekt*.] 1911.
Watercolor by C.M. Dowling.
  546 [Miscellaneous: Nez Perce & Land Forms.] 1911 & 1941.
a) Map of Former Nez Perce Indian Reservation, Idaho, 1911. Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. Compiled and drawn by Albert Henderson. (two copies).
b) Land Forms of the Northwestern States, by Erwin Raisz, Harvard University, 1941.
  547 [Yakima, Washington.] 1912.
a) Map of Yakima Indian Reservation*. U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 1912.
b) Map of Yakima County, Washington. County Engineers Office, 1912. Map shows historic corrals in closed area of Reservation.
  548 [Cutouts of Photographs of Caesar Williams*.] 1914.
L.V. McWhorter*, and Yellow Wolf*, on backing board.
  549 [Sketch Map: Kamiah Monster*.] c1914.
  550 [Industrial Map.] 1916.
Puget Sound by Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.
  551 [War Poster.] c1918.
"Good-Bye Old Man."
  552 [Maps: Yellowstone & Idaho.] 1921-1922.
a) Topographic map of Yellowstone National Park*, 1922.
b) Map of Idaho. Department of Interior, 1921.
  553 [Blueprint Map.] 1925.
"Priest Rapids Range Land," Longford Engineering Company. (Two copies).
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Subseries 9.1: Oversize Maps, Documents & Drawings cont

Note: Folders 544-571 are in oversize storage drawer designated "Cage 55"
  554 [Poster.] c1925. "Pioneers and Near-Pioneers of the Pacific Northwest."
  555 [Battle of Big Hole*/Nez Perce Camp.] 1927.
Pictographs drawn by Peo-peo Tholekt for L.V. McWhorter.
a) Battle of Big Hole, August 9, 1877.
b) Nez Perce camp on the Big Hole River.
  556 [Drawing.] 1927.
Attack on Chief Looking Glass' Village* near Kooskia, Idaho. Drawn by Peo-peo Tholekt.
  557 [Sketch Road Map.] 1930. Big Hole* Battlefield to Helena, Montana, via Dillon, Montana. Drawn by Prof. Rush Jordan, April.
  558 [Sketch Map.] 1934. "Upshur Co., West Va. Drawn by Clara Rightmire, showing the "Seneca Trail." Purports to be guide to rich mineral deposit near cave by trail.
  559 [Printed Map of Bear's Paw *Battlefield with Stake Tabulation.] c1935-1936. Surveyed by C.R. Noyes, (Three copies: two c1935-1936, one printed in The Great Falls Tribune, Feb. 16, 1936. One negative.)
  560 [Sketch Map.] 1936. "Trails supposedly traveled by Chief Moses* going to the Sound Country."
  561 [Maps: Negatives.] 1937. Big Hole Battlefield National Monument* and Proposed Addition. Field work by Robert W. Condie, 9/37, and Floyd A. Henderson, 7-8/37; platted by Floyd A. Henderson, 8/37. Points of historical significance as recorded by McWhorter, 9/37.
  562 [Drawings.] nd.
(Top). Combat between Peo-peo Tholekt and a Cheyenne at Bear's Paws Battle. (Bottom). Capture of cannon* at Battle of Big Hole. Drawn by Peo-peo Tholekt. (One original and one copy, with explanatory notes).
  563 [Kentucky Frontiersman.] nd.
Painting by C.M. Dowling for Border Settlers*....
  564 [Map of the Nez Perce Reservation Used in HMMC.] nd.
  565 [MS Map.] nd. Indian Trail from Lake Chelan, WA. to the Tumwater, above the Dalles, Oregon. Drawn under supervision of Captain Simon Goudy*, Yakima Indian Police."
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Subseries 9.1: Oversize Maps, Documents & Drawings cont

Note: Folders 544-571 are in oversize storage drawer designated "Cage 55"
  566 [Pencil Drawing.] nd.
East Indian battle axes.
  567 [Printed Map.] nd.
Linguistic Families of American Indians North of Mexico, by J[ohn] W[esley] Powell, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 30.
  568 [Printed Map.] nd.
Route of the "Pony Express." Reprint.
  569 [Sketch.] nd.
Sketch of buffalo lance found by Andrew Garcia.
  570 [Sketch Maps.] nd.
a) "Sketch Map of the Sandusky Country," (Ohio). Drawn by William E. Connelley*.
b) "Sketch Map Showing where Col. William Crawford was Burned." Drawn by William E. Connelley.
c) "West Virginia Map Showing the Principal Missionary Stations Established by the Moravians Among the North American Indians." Drawn by William E. Connelley.
  571 [Sketch and Printed Maps.] nd.
a) Map of the Camas Meadow Battle, by Nordby, with note and sketch by McW, 1944.
b) End sheets for "Yellow Wolf: His Own Story," Map showing routes taken by participants in Nez Perce campaign, with corrections by Badeau. c) Map of the Nez Perce Reservation with boundary lines for 1855 and 1863.
  572 [Graphic art, misc.] 1921, 1925, 1927, nd.
Includes magazine covers, illustrations.

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