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     Vladivostok: A  Historic Walking Tour is a revised Web version of Vladivostok Downtown: Historic Walking Tour, a 35-page booklet by Maria Lebedko.  The   work  was first published in 1995 by Far Eastern State University Press, Vladivostok.   ISBN 5-7444-0674.
     Special appreciation is extended to the FESU Press and its Director, Tatyana V. Prudkoglyad, for permission to adapt the booklet for this Web publication.
      Vladivostok: A Historic Walking Tour is dedicated to the long-standing collaborative relationships between Washington State University and Far Eastern State University.

Author:            Maria G. Lebedko, Head, History of the English Language and Professor,
                         Institute of Foreign Languages, Far Eastern State University

Editors:           Birgitta M. Ingemanson, Associate Professor, Director of the Russian Area
                        Studies Program, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures,
                        Washington State University                 

                        Donna L. McCool, Emeritus Associate Director for Administrative
                        Services, Washington State University Libraries

Photographs:  Kathleen Bodley, Pullman, WA
                        Erik Henriksen, Washington State University
                        Birgitta M. Ingemanson, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
                        Washington State Univeristy
                        A. E. Ivy, used by permission of Patricia D. Silver
                        Amir A. Khisamutdinov, Geographical Society,  Vladivostok   
                        Donna L. McCool, Emeritus, Libraries, Washington State University
                        Michael Owen, School of Architecture, Washington State University
                        Eleanor L. Pray, used by permission of Patricia D. Silver

                       The stylized bird gracing these pages is from a tile embedded in the west
                        facade of the Vladivostok train station.  Photograph by Donna McCool.

                       All photographs used with permission.  ŠAll rights reserved.

Technical       Jerry Becker, Libraries, Washington State University
Assistance:    Rhonda Blair, Humanities Resource Center, Washington State University.                         Lisa Day, Libraries, Washington State University.
                       Mikhail Denisenko, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok.
                       Douglas P.Winther, Language-Learning Resource Center, Department of
                       Foreign Languages and Literatures, Washington State University.

Web Project:  Donna L. McCool ŠAll rights reserved.

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            Copyright 1999 Maria Lebedko.  All rights reserved.