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Archives 307
WSU Stratigraphy Lab Collection of
Aerial Photographs and Soil Surveys of WSU Extension Facilities and Smoot Hill, 1934-1978


A donation of several map cabinets by Washington State University's (WSU) Stratigraphy Lab (part of the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences) to WSU's Owen Science and Engineering Library in April of 2011 included all the materials in this collection. Selected materials were subsequently transferred to WSU's Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) in May of that year. While the Smoot Hill materials and the Extension materials were both held and accessioned separately (UA2011-04 and UA2011-05), during process it was decided to combine the materials due to similarities in material types and relative geographic nearness. The collection was processed in May, 2011 by University Archivist Mark O'English.


Number of containers: 1 box plus 1 o.s. drawer
Linear feet of shelf space: .25 plus 3 (o.s)


The Washington State University Experiment Station dates to the school's founding as the Washington Agricultural College and School of Science in 1891. Experiment Stations were later established as early as 1894 (Puyallup) in selected counties, but most were established between 1915 and 1947. Each was centrally managed by Washington State University.

The Smoot Hill Reserve was not part of the Experiment Station system. Noted as "one of the largest intact remnants of the native Palouse plant community," it was purchased by WSU's Botany Department in 1972.


The collection is broken into two primary series by material sizes, with regular materials in MASC's stacks and the oversized materials located in MASC's oversize map cases. Within each series, materials are organized alphabetically by name of the Experiment Station, with all Pullman-area sites collocated after the other extension sites. In addition, one folder covering multiple sites, a listing of selected WSU land holdings in the 1950s, is found at the end of the regular materials.

The material consists of aerial maps and photographs, soil surveys, soil and capability maps, and other maps which serve to document the historical uses and extent of Washington State University's Experiment Stations (E.S.) and other agriculturally significant sites.


This collection is open and available for research use.


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WSU Stratigraphy Lab Collection of Aerial Photographs and Soil Surveys of WSU Extension Facilities and Smoot Hill, 1934-1978 (UA 307)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Box Description
11Cranberry-Blueberry E.S. (Long Beach). Soil Surveys, 1960.
2Irrigation E.S. (Prosser). Soil Surveys, 1948, 1960.
3Western Washington E.S. (Puyallup). Soil Surveys, 1955.
4Smoot Hill. Class Projects: Dam Designs & Site Notes, 1970.
5Smoot Hill. Field Surveys, 1976-1978.
6Smoot Hill. Mima Mound Soils..., 1976.
7Smoot Hill. Soil Surveys, 1971-1972.
8Land Owned by the State College of Washington, 1956.
O.S.1Cranberry-Blueberry E.S. (Long Beach). Aerial Maps, ca. 1960. Topographical Map, 1949.
2Colockum Creek Research Unit. Soil and Capability Maps, undated.
3Dry Land E.S. (Lind). Aerial Maps, 1955, 1976.
4Irrigation E.S. (Prosser). Aerial Maps, 1955. Soil and Capability Maps, 1960. Soil Surveys, 1948, 1958.
5Irrigation E.S. (Othello Unit & Royal Slope). Land Classification Maps, 1939-1940.
6Northwest Washington E.S. (Mt. Vernon). Aerial Maps, 1956.
7Southwest Washington E.S. (Vancouver). Aerial Maps, 1948.
8Tree Fruit E.S. (Wenatchee), including Columbia Heights. Aerial Maps, 1954-1955.
9Western Washington E.S. (Puyallup). Aerial Maps, 1955.
10College Farm & Whitman Tract (Pullman). Aerial Maps, 1950, 1957. Land USe Maps, 1947-1954. Soil and Capability Maps, undated. Soils Maps, Land Form Map, Land Type Map, all undated.
11Erosion Station (Pullman). Aerial Maps, 1950, 1957.
12Smoot Hill (Pullman). Aerial Maps, 1934, 1951, 1957, 1972. Soils Maps, 1970-1976.
13Spillman Farm (Pullman). Aerial Maps, 1950, 1957. Aerial Photographs, undated. Various surveys and land use planning maps, 1955-1967
14Tula Young Hastings Farm (Pullman). Aerial Maps, 1957, 1969. Soil and Capability Map, undated. Topographical Map, 1964.