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Archives 299
Black Studies Department
Records, 1970 – 1981


These records were received from the Black Studies Department at Washington State University as two donations (UA1983-10, June 1983, and UA1979-25, November 1979). They were jointly processed into one collection by Library and Information Science graduate student Katrina Burch between September, 2010 and February, 2011.


Number of containers: 5 boxes
Linear feet of shelf space: 4.25


The Black Studies department was created in 1970 and while the department itself has since been enveloped into Comparative Ethnic Studies in the College of Liberal Arts, black studies classes are still offered as part of that program. An early director of the department was Talmadge Anderson. He had earned an MBA from Atlanta University (as of 2011, Clark Atlanta University) and was faculty in WSU’s College of Business before becoming director for Black Studies. The department was one of the first black studies programs in the northwest, and offered classes included Swahili, Black Literature, Black Psychology and Anderson’s area of expertise, Black Economics.

In 1975, Anderson created the Heritage House, which was WSU’s first African American cultural center. It was originally located on College Avenue, in an area in front of Cleveland Hall, between it and the Owen Science and Engineering Library. As of 2011 it is located at 935 B Street; in 1996 it was renamed in honor of Anderson as the Talmadge Anderson Heritage House. As Anderson planned it, Heritage House was a place to talk about campus involvement and issues that relate to blacks. He also brought in many well known speakers.

In 1977, Anderson created and became editor of The Western Journal of Black Studies, a quarterly journal that specialized in black research, social and political issues, arts, and literature. It is still published today through WSU University Press.

Biographical materials retrieved from in January, 2011.


The collection consists of papers on affirmative action, correspondence, grants, Heritage House, proposals, The Western Journal of Black Studies, and television and radio programs. Included at the end are photographs and slides, as well as a Black History month print.

The collection is organized alphabetically by subject. Some subjects are further broken down by date.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions may apply.


The oral histories that go with the research paper that is discussed in folder 128 can be found at More information about the television program discussed in this collection, “South by Northwest” can be found at

Issues of the Western Journal of Black Studies can be found in Holland & Terrell at call number E195.5.W48 X.


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[Item Description]
Black Studies Department Records, 1970-1981 (UA 299)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Box Folder Description
1 1-2 Affirmative Action. Committee. 1979-1980
3 Affirmative Action. Memos. 1973-1975
4 Affirmative Action. President’s Committee memos and reports. 1974-1978
5 Affirmative Action. Pullman School district. 1976-1980
6 Anderson, Talmadge. College of Business and Economics. Papers. 1979-1980
7 Anderson, Talmadge. Business Administration recruitment. 1979-1980
8 Anderson, Talmadge. Business Administration memos and meeting minutes. 1970-1973
9 Anderson, Talmadge. Curriculum Advisory Program (CAP). 1978-1980
10 Anderson, Talmadge. Events. Expo 1974. 1974
11 Anderson, Talmadge. Speeches and awards. 1977
12 Anderson, Talmadge. Trips. Libya. 1979
13 Black Advisory Council. Meeting minutes and by-laws. 1975-1976
14-15 Black Advisory Council. Records. Relating to minority issues and affirmative action. 1971-1974
16 Black History Month. Letters and information. 1974-1981
17 Black Student Union. Correspondence. 1978
18 Black Studies Advisory Group. Misc. papers and meeting minutes. 1971-1976
19 Budget. Gifts. 1979
20 Classes. Black Studies Seminar 498. Correspondence. 1973-1978
21 Classes. Swahili. 1970-1978
22 Committees. Education Policies. Meeting minutes and memos. 1971
23 Committees. Social Adjustment for Minorities. 1977
24 Conferences. Black Eastern Washington Council. 1972-1976
25 Conferences. Information. 1977-1979
26 Conferences. Northwest Conference on Racism. 1971
27 Conferences. Northwest Conference of Black Public Officials. 1980
28 Conferences. National Council for Black Studies, the. 1979-1980
29-31 Conferences. Washington State Conference on Black Education and Economics. 1972-1975
32 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1970-1971
33 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1971-1972 [1]
2 34 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1971-1972 [2]
35 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1972-1973
36 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1974-1975
37 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1976-1977
38 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1977-1978
39 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1978-1979
40 Correspondence. Anderson, Talmadge. 1979-1981
41 Correspondence. Boating, Felix Y. 1977-1980
42 Correspondence. Jackson, Henry. 1978-1980
43 Correspondence. Johnson, Willie. 1976-1977
44 Correspondence. Johnson, Willie. Survival of Food producing. 1976
45 Correspondence. Memos to Black Studies Faculty. 1978-1979
46 Correspondence. Siwundhla, Hulme. 1970-1981
47 Correspondence. Taylor, Quintard. 1973-1975
48 Correspondence. Williams. 1977-1978
49-50 Correspondence. Wilson, Henry, Jr. 1977-1980
51 Courses. Black, Chicano, Native American, Asian American, and Women’s Studies. 1979-1980
52 Department records. Inventory, disposition authorization, and transfer schedule. 1975
53 Department. Research papers and memos. 1970-1973
54 Director. Anderson, Talmadge. Resume and memos. 1979-1980
55 Events. Visiting lecturers. 1970-1978
56 Events. Spring Symposium. American foreign policy. 1980
57 Faculty. Memos. 1977-1981
58 Faculty. Re-appointment applications. 1977
59 Faculty Council. 1978-1980
60 Grants. Pacific Northwest Black Studies. Summer Workshop and Short Term Institute. Undated
61 Grants. Surveys, studies, reports, and applications. 1976-1977
62 Grants. Washington Regional Afro-American Studies Summer Institute. 1975-1976
63 Grants. Misc. papers. 1979-1980
3 64 Groups. Association for the study of Afro-American Life and History. 1979-1980
65 Heritage House. About. 1971-1979
66 Heritage House. Advisory Council. 1976-1980.
67 Heritage House. Budget. Development fund ledger. 1979-1981
68 Heritage House. Budget ledger. 1978-1980
69 Heritage House. Building Renovations. 1975
70 Heritage House. Correspondence. 1975-1980
71 Heritage House. Development Fund: Corporate patrons communications. 1977-1978
72 Heritage House. Exhibits. 1977-1978
73 Heritage House. Exhibits. The Black Innovators. Correspondence. 1979
74 Heritage House. Exhibits. Black Visual Arts Exhibition. Correspondence. 1978
75 Heritage House. Funding. 1980
76 Heritage House. Gifts. 1975-1978
77 Heritage House. Misc. papers: meetings, building plans, and about Heritage House. 1976
78 Heritage House. Patrons. 1978-1979
79 Heritage House. Western Journal of Black Studies. Form letters, purpose, objectives, and jobs. 1977-1978
80 Issues. Women in Washington State. 1978-1979
81 Meetings. Faculty. 1970-1980
82 Minority Studies. Misc. papers and recruiting. 1970-1978
83 Misc. Outside faculty research that involves the department. Undated
84 Misc. Memos and building plans. 1970-1978
85 Misc. Iraq visit proposal. Undated
86 National Council for Black Studies. Memos, publications, and misc. papers. 1976-1980
87 Policies and Guidelines. 1974-1975
88 Policy. Policies and Guidelines Handbook. 1979
89 Policy. Memos. 1979 -1980
90 Professors. Visiting. 1977-1978
91 Professors. Kasungu, Halima. Swahili/Foreign Language 302. 1972 -1980
92 Professors. Wilson, Henry, Jr. Speech rough drafts and misc. papers. 1979-1980
93 Professional organizations. 1979
94 Projects. Washington Commission for the Humanities. Undated
95 Program. Donations. 1978
96 Program. Development. Undated
97 Program. Fine Arts Recruitment. 1979-1980
98 Programs. National Consortium Black Professional Development. 1978
99 Programs. Black Student Social. 1975
100 Programs. National Council of Black Studies. 1976-1980
101 Programs. Libyan Peoples’ Congress. 1978
102 Proposals. Applications and memos. 1979-1980
103 Proposals. Black Teenage Mothers. 1978
104 Proposals. Ethnic Student Resource Center. 1979
105 Proposals. Black Studies Spring Symposium. 1979
106 Publications. Purchased. 1971-1977
107 Publications. Misc. “Pasco Washington.” Undated
108 Publications. Tony Brown’s Journal. College Information. 1979-1980
109 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Budget ledgers. 1978-1981
110 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Article solicitation. 1977 -1978
111 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Correspondence. 1977-1980
112 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Incoming letters. Contributors. 1977-1978
113 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Outgoing letters. Contributors. 1977-1978
4 114 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Outgoing letters and memos. 1976-1977
115 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Outgoing. Contributors; rejections letters. 1977-1978
116 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Letters, memos and misc. rough drafts. 1977
117 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Misc. papers. 1978
118-121 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Correspondence. 1976-1980
122 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Meeting minutes. 1978
123 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Reviewer survey. 1977-1978
124 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Materials for issues. 1977-1978
125 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Circulation, memos, and reviews. 1977-1980
126 Publications. Western Journal of Black Studies. Reviewer’s comments. 1978
127 Reports. Six year projection, accreditation, faculty service, and memos. 1978-1979
128 Research. Survey of student shopping habits in Pullman. 1970
129 Research. History of Blacks in the Northwest. Proposals and memos. 1971-1972
130 Retreats. Eastern Washington Regional Black Council. 1976
131 Search Committee. Black Studies. 1977
132 Speeches. Undated
133 Staff Schedules. Undated
134 Teaching Assistants. Battle, Donna. Correspondence and course materials. Undated
135 Teaching Assistants. Davis, Mark. Courses. Undated
136 Teaching Assistants. Grigsby, Eugene. Correspondence and misc. papers. 1976-1977
137 Television/Radio programs. Relating to the department. 1972-1980
138 Unite Black Congress. Misc. papers. 1977
139 Washington Commission for the Humanities. Proposals and memos. 1975-1976
140 Washington Commission for the Humanities. Grants. 1979
141 Washington Commission for the Humanities. Black Symposium proposal and information. 1979-1980
142 Washington Commission for the Humanities. Symposium. 1980
143 Wilson Hall remodel program. 1971
144 Workshops. Black Culture Workshop, McNeil Island. 1970-1976
145 Workshops. Racism. 1971
146 Workshops. Pacific Northwest Black Studies Summer Institute. Correspondence. 1975-1976
147 Workshops. Pacific Northwest Black Studies. Student papers, assignments, and surveys. 1975
148 Workshops. Pacific Northwest Black Studies summer workshops. Proposals, grants, memos, follow up surveys, and misc. papers. 1974-1976
5 149 Photographs and slides. Heritage House. Exhibits. 1975-1980
150 Photographs, misc. Undated
151 Printing plate, rough draft, and mock up. Black History Month. 1976