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NWPR (Northwest Public Radio)
Audio Recordings, 1973-1999


The audio recordings of Northwest Public Radio (NWPR) were given by that department to the University Archives on February 19th, 2010 as UA2010-01. They were processed by University Archivist Mark O'English in February and March of 2010. During processing, a small number of nationally produced recordings were discarded, as were a number of musical program digital audio tapes (DATs).


Number of containers: 9 boxes
Linear feet of shelf space: 9


Radio services at Washington State University date to 1922, when station KFAE began in December, 1922; that subsequently became KWSC and then KWSU in 1969 (after Washington State College had become Washington State University ten years earlier in 1959). In about 1950, it instituted a "tape network," locally produced programs which were distributed on recording tape to commercial and non-commercial broadcasters in the state. When the National Public Radio network began in 1971, KWSU was one of the initial members. Through the 1980s, translator stations were established throughout parts of the Washington, and in adjacent Idaho and Oregon, and a network of stations based out of WSU and soon including Tri-Cities (KFAE), University of Idaho (KUID) and others began to form. This network of stations took the name Northwest Public Radio. Programming for these radio stations has long been a mix of local programming and programming acquired from the various public broadcasting networks and program distribution services.

For a fuller history of Washington State University radio, please see Burt Harrison's 1993 Washington State On The Air.


The audio recordings from Northwest Public Radio include not only finished radio programs, but also interviews taken for radio productions, short broadcast news items, and 'work' pieces that represent shows or presentations still in progress. A significant number of items are also recordings of WSU events, notably Murrow Symposia, Borah Symposia, convocations, and commencements.

The collection is organized into six series based on material types. Series 1 consists of 7" reel-to-reel tapes, series 3 is 10" tapes, and series 4 is 5" tapes. Series 2 is a small set of mini-disks, and Series 5 and Series 6 respectively are comprised of cassette tapes and digital audio tapes. Within each series, items are generally organized chronologically, with undated items at the end of each series, alphabetically by subject or responsible party. The exceptions to this is Series 1, which has two subseries of distinct programs, Northwest Perspectives (Subseries 1) and Talking Politics (Subseries 2) and then has a Subseries 3 organized as above. Similarly, Series 6 has an unofficial subseries consisting of Classic Northwest programs, given its own numbering.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.


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NWPR Audio Recordings, 1973-1999 (UA 287)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA

Box Item # Subjects Dates
Series 1: 7 inch inch reel to reel audio tapes
Subseries 1.1: Northwest Perspectives
11Baltezore, Jay1988-09-30
2Harrison, Dale1988-10-10
6Harrison, Dale1988-10-31
8Baltezore, Jay1988-11-14
10Morgan, Pat1988-12-12
12Compton, Charles1989-01-02
13Baltezore, Jay1989-01-09
16Compton, Charles1989-01-30
18Kasavant, Ken1989-02-13
19Compton, Charles1989-02-20
23Harrison, Dale1989-04-03
24Harrison, Dale1989-04-03
25Compton, Charles1989-04-10
26Dumin, Fred1989-04-17
28Orlich, Donald1989-05-01
33White, Tony1989-06-19
34Krantz, Grover1989-06-26
39Harrison, Dale1989-10-22
40King, Doug1989-10-22
42Harrison, Dale1989-11-19
46Harrison, Dale1990-01-21
47Gorton, Slade1990-01-28
48Joyce, Ed1990-02-04
49Massey, Doug1990-02-11
50Smith, Charles1990-02-18
51Compton, Charles1990-02-22
54Joyce, Ed1990-03-18
55Massey, Doug1990-03-25
57Compton, Charles1990-04-08
59Joyce, Ed1990-04-22
60Limrick, Pat1990-04-29
62Compton, Charles1990-06-10
64Joyce, Ed1990-06-24
65Compton, Charles1990-07-09
66Kirshenman, Fredundated
67McKay, Gordonundated
Subseries 1.2: Talking Politics
69-72Pall, Linda1979's
373-77Pall, Linda1980's
78-81Pall, Linda1981's
82Pall, Linda1982's
83-86Pall, Lindaundated
Subseries 1.3: Miscellaneous
87Kirkley, Donald - Conv. with H.L Mencken1948-06-30
88Vogel Symposium - Mr. Schoeffels, wheat farmer, Wilbur, WA1973-03-26
89-90Murrow Symposium - Sevareid/Ashmore1973-04-27
91Jackson, Keith - Commencement Address1978-06-03
92Herbeck - The Palouse Indians1980-01
93-94Morgan, Patrick - Soviet Review1980
95-96Frey - Criminal Justice1980
97-99Buckingham, Peter - Historical Perspectives1980
100Black issues and concerns1981-04-02
101Redford, Robert - Convocation1981-10-16
102Smith, Ray - Pullman Schools1981
103Kicza, Jogn - Latin America1981
104True, Terry - On Drugs1981
105Harrison, Dale - News stories1988-05-01
106Harrison, Dale - News stories1988-05-05
107Messerschmidt, David - Technology and the Schools1988-05-05
108Kelser, Cherylyn - Harpsicord1988-12-23
4109Joyce, Ed - Idaho house/senate Leg. Dist. #5: elections1990-10-05
110Kreidler, Margaret - W.C. Commission Candidates Forum1990-11-05
111NPAN Regional - 6 features1990-11-28
112-113BDH - News stories1990
114-116Nez Perce Artists - SAPATQ'AYN1991
117Gardner, Booth - Commencement Address1991-05-11
118Historian, Hanford - Hanford History1991-09-20
119Serafin, Barry - Interview after WSU Pres. Convocation1991-10-07
120Banse - Election Coverage1991-11-06
121Primary Election1992
122Nell Lake / NPAN - Spotted Owl in Congress1992-05-21
123Lohet, Ingrid - Chesan Mine1992-06-12
124Compton, Charlie - Sid Morrison post-election interview1992-09-23
125Messerschmidt, David - NPAN Election Night Info.1992-11-03
126Kreidler, Margaret - Tom Foley/ Marlyn Derby Election Special1992-11-05
127Honig, Doug - Horizons- legal issues1992
128Blazek, Mary Lou - Hanford Technical Steering Panelundated
129Harrison, Dale - Work Tape Compilationundated
130IAL - Collective Bargaining19xx-04-15
131Kjellander, Paul - Silver City / Rosalie Sorrel / Unidentifiedundated
132Lowry, Mike, Governor - State of Stateundated
133Messerschmidt, David - Port Angeles: Ringside on the Pacific Rimundated
134Murrow, Edward - American Legion vs. ACLUundated
135Murrow, Edward - This I Believeundated
136Vidal, Gore - Face to Faceundated
137WSU - Artist Ross Coatesundated
138Education Reformundated
139Northwest Area Features19xx-05-16
140Prop. 1undated
Series 2: Mini-disks
1Feature Disk 1 - bones, kid study interview, pay equity, etc.1996
2OAFPFall 1998
3Features - Kid foodundated
4Nez Perce Grantundated
Series 3: 10 inch reel to reel audio tapes
51Dale Harrison, John Donnely - The Challenge of Global Poverty1981-03-04
2Dale Harrison, Larry Branen - Infant and materna1 nutrition1981-03-12
3-5Morning Edition - Mt. St. Helens, 1 year later1981-05-18
6Spellman, Governor - State of the State1983-01-10
7Murrow Symposium KWSU - Opening Remarks (reel 1)1983-04-22
8Murrow Symposium KWSU - The Impact of the Murrow Heritage (reel 2)1983-04-22
9Murrow Symposium KWSU - From the London Blitz to Beirut Battles (reel 3)1983-04-23
10Murrow Symposium KWSU - The News and the Messenger (reel 4)1983-04-23
11Murrow Symposium KWSU - Keynote Address - Diane Sawyer (reel 5)1983-04-22
12Murrow Symposium KWSU - Mass Media and Government: How Adversarial?1983-04-23
613Murrow Symposium KWSU - Murrow Symposium - Reel 6 continued1983-04-23
14Joyce, Ed - James Farmer Speech1985-02-21
15Smith Inaugural - Inaugural Speech1985-03-21
16-17Weekend Edition - Unidentified1985-10-19
18SME Final Show - John, Perry, Vince1985-11-23
19SME Final Show - Final Show1985-11-30
20Bob and Bill1988-05-02
21Northwest perspectives - Reporters and the reactor1989-06-05
22Compton, Charles - Baugher-Newhouse Promo, Senate Race1990-10-31
23All Stations - Election Special1990-11-01
24Joyce, Ed - Borah Symposium1991-02-20
725Joyce, Ed - Borah Symposium & News1991-03-08
26Murrow Symposium - Murrow Symposium1991-04-01
27Critical Condition Series - Best Of Seattle After Noon1991-09-13
28Folkmasters #11 1991-12-15
29Borah Symposium - Borah Symposium1992-02-10
30Nader, Ralph1992-02-20
31Borah Symposium - Borah Symposium1992-03-11
32Daggett, Dr. Bill - Educational Reform1992-03-24
33Borah Symposium - Borah Symposium1992-04-06
34Sikes, Alfred (FCC Chairman) - Alfred Sikes Speech, Murrow Symposium1992-04-24
35Campaign Forum - Senate Forum part 11992-08-01
36Campaign Forum - Senate Forum part 21992-08-01
837Campaign Forum - Candidates Forum part 11992-08-01
38Candidates Forum part 2 and/or classical music1992-08-01
39Blethen, Frank - Gubernatorial debate1992-10-16
40Stimpson, Catherine - Post-Modernsim1993-01-01
41Ashby, Leroy1993-02-17
42AIDs Benefit - AIDs Benefitundated
43Compton, Charles - Snake River, Drawdown Forum19xx-03-16
44Harrison, Dale - Work Tape 1990-1992
45Honig, Doug & Messerschmidt, David - The Once and Future Northwest19xx-09-02
46Kreidler, M. - 9th district candidates forumundated
47La Duke, Winona - Winona La Duke Speech, Quincentennielundated
48Morning Edition - AMPEX-- daily recordingsundated
949Morning Edition - AMPEX-- daily recordingsundated
50Nichols, Scott - "gay guy"19xx-11-12
51Northwest Portrait - Northwest Portraitundated
52Schorr, Daniel - Daniel Schorr and/or classical musicundated
53Trotter, Kathleen - SPI Forum19xx-12-14
54Watson, Paulundated; after 1991
Series 4: 5 inch inch reel to reel audio tapes
1Science in the News / Morning Edition - Chinese bigfoots / news clips1985
2News: anti-Sandinistas, Nicaragua, El Salvador1986
3Agricultural news1986
4Gunther Schuller interview1986-01-30
5Goodspeed, Nancy - News: UI boiler, Wheat shipping, others1980s
6Blakesly, Bethel - Summer Newsundated
7Callahan, Scott - News, summer/fallundated
8Harrison, Burt - Literary Scrapbook: H.L. Menckenundated
9Hodge - Teaching Shakespeare in Idaho High Schoolsundated
10Ludlum, Annie - Paul Heyne Interview, Economic best sellerundated
11WSU artist Ross Coatesundated
12Interview: David Grimes, WSU Fire Captainundated
13Jim - Interview: Ron Johnson, USDA-APHISundated
Series 5: Audio cassette tapes
919806 boxed tapes - Murrow Symposium: Women in communication, Nimmo lunch, Leonard dinner, Garcia Keynote1980
198110 bundled tapes - Murrow Symposium1981
Series 6: DAT (digital audio recording) tapes
1NWPPC Meeting1992-12-09
2News/produced pieces - infant immunization, child violence, etc.1995-1996
3-4Washington Idaho Symphony1995-1996
5Pickett, John - Faculty Recital Series1996-02-14
6Roger Briggs interview1996-02-26
7New Vistas - Hilary Field Interview1996
8Consort Columbia1997
9Sehnelle, Robert - News - Apple orchards, poison, ontrovert, etc1997-1998
10OAFP - Hearts of Space1998-02-14
11WWDTM - WWDTM1999-09-16
12Alcohol Series1999
13Teresa (last name unclear) - Hate Groupsundated
14Sports Camp Audioundated
15Wharton, Bill and Linda undated
16-18Wilson and Cazavarroundated
19Windows on Our community - Farmers marketundated
20Windows on Our community - Workundated
CN1-CN13Classic Northwest Program - Numbered 1-13, #5 missing at time of donation to Archivesundated