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Agricultural Extension Service Pullman Weather Data


These materials were transfered to MASC by Sheila Brooks of WSU's Agricultural Research Center on July 17, 2009, and retained as UA2009-14. The reports had been in the College of Agriculture's storage space in the attic of Wilson Hall for an unknown time; their prior provenance is unknown. The collection was processed by University Archivist Mark O'English in July of 2009.


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The College of Agriculture and the Experiment Station each began as part of the Washington Agricultural College, Experiment Station, and School of Science in 1892. Extension work (originally referred to as Agricultural Extension) at WSU (then WSC) was authorized in 1913 by state legislation. WSU's Institute of Agricultural Sciences combined Extension, Agriculture, and other departments in 1946, but was dissolved into its component departments in 1965 at which point Agricultural Extension was renamed as Cooperative Extension in 1965 and simply as WSU Extension in 2003. In Pullman, early weather recordings were done by people affiliated with the Experiment Station; Professor John A Balmer took many of the early readings.


The collection is broken into four series: Climatological Observation Records, Characteristics of Principle Storms, Temperature and Wind Movement, and Wind Movement Data. They present readings taken in Pullman at the Agricultural College (later further specified as the Soil Conservation Experimental Station).

Series One consists of Climatological Observation Records from February 1893 to December 1961, excepting the entire decade of the 1930s, which is missing. The title of these forms changes over the years, from USDA Weather Bureau Voluntary Observers' Meteorological Record to Extention Observers' Meteorological Record to Monthly Climatological Report. They include daily data on temperature minimums and maximums, precipitation, wind direction, "character of day," and other remarks.

Series Two is Characteristics of Principle Storms forms from 1932-1956. These forms tally individual storms on a daily basis, including duration in hours, total inches of precipitation, and intensity of precipitation throughout the storms' duration.

Series Three consists of Temperature and Wind Movement records from 1936-1954. These forms record daily temperature maximums and minimums, and wind movement in miles.

Series Four is Wind Movement Data, 1912-1948. These forms tally daily wind movement in miles.


This collection is open and available for research use.


The suggested citation for the collection is:

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Agricultural Extension Service Pullman Weather Data, 1893-1961 (UA 276)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


Reproductions of the forms in Series One, at least up through 1949, can be found online through the National Climactic Data Center (select Washington and then Pullman), but are freely available there only to certain users; on campus WSU users may freely access these. In early years these are reproductions of these forms (though each version includes some notes not on the other), and in later years the online versions are typed versions while MASC holds the print originals.

Folder  Description
Series 1: Climatological Observation Records
1Feb. 1893 - 1899
21900 - 1909
31910 - 1919
41920 - 1929
51940 - 1949
61950 - 1959
71960 - 1961
Series 2: Characteristics of Principle Storms
8Oct. 1932 - 1956
Series 3: Temperature and Wind Movement
91936 - 1939
101940 - 1944
111945 - 1949
121950 - Feb. 1954
Series 4: Wind Movement Data
13Apr. 1912 - Dec. 1948