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Archives 267
W.S.U. Department Of Communications (History of Communications)
Class Papers, 1988


These papers were given to MASC by Thomas Heuterman in December, 1988. The papers were processed by University Archivist Mark O'English and Tim Mace in December, 2008.


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Communications 410, taight by Professor Thomas Heuterman, was an undergraduate senior level course dealing with historical media (newspaper) issues.


The collection consists of papers from Spring, 1988 students in Communications 410, dealing with issues of race in newspapers. The collection consists of one series, organized alphabetically by each paper's author's name.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.


The suggested citation for the collection is:

[Item Description]
History of Communications Class Papers, 1988 (UA 267)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


The Washington State University Archives also hold a collection of W.S.U. Department Of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers, 1956-1979 and W.S.U. Department Of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers, 1971-1979.

Folder  Description
1Tacoma News Tribune and the Nisqually Indians by Synthia Arps
2The Quest for Unprejudiced Objectivity by N. Joseph Atwood
3The Yakima Morning Herald: Coverage of Japanese-Americans by Craig Batty
4"Treatment of Minorities by the 1884 Pomeroy Republican/East Washingtonian, Pomeroy, Washington" by Teresa Bingman
5A Study of the Coverage of Jackie Robinson in His Rookie Year by The New York Times and The New York Herald by John C. Boland
6“… together to act as brethren”: a Study of How the Seattle Times Treated Pacific Northwest Indians Involved in the Boldt Decision by Jeanette M. Bowers
7Crossing Over: A Study of Racism in Sports Journalism when Jackie Robinson Joined Organized Baseball by Mitchell J. Cooper
8Anti-Chinese Sentiment in The Spokesman Review by Christine Costello
9Editorials on Racial Issues Appearing in the Yakima Daily Republic by David M. Davidson
10Press Coverage of Spokane’s Japanese Community in 1924: Ignorance is Bliss by Kim Davidson
11A Study of the Spokesman-Review’s Coverage of the Chinese by Dante A. DeVon
12A Look into the Seattle Daily Post-Intelligencer’s Coverage of the Chinese Issue in 1882 by Can Du
13Indian Fishing Rights: Did the Seattle P-I Show Racism? by Rick A. Gallagher
14The Spark that Started a Fire: Racial Implications from how the New York Times and the Sporting News Covered Jackie Robinson Crossing the Color Line – 1947 by Jeffery Gardner
15Com 410 Research Paper: Racism Against Iranians by Bruce Graham
16Portland’s Invisible Citizens: A Study of the Portland Oregonian’s Coverage of Blacks and the Ku Klux Klan, 1924 by Karla J. Griffin
17Indian Coverage in the Frontier Press: The Washington Statesman 1862 by Brian Johnson
18The Couer d’Alene Coverage of Aryan Nation Activities by Karen Johnson
19A Study of the San Francisco Chronicle and its Reporting of the Japanese Problem during February of 1905 by Kea I. Jones
20Racism in the Palouse: A Content Analysis of Selected Newspapers in the Palouse Region, for References Made to Native Americans from 1877 to 1889 by Thomas A. Kelleher
21Community Newspaper Coverage of the Filipino Population in the Yakima Valley by P. Stephen Kern
22Racism and the Kootenai Indians by David J. Klick
23A Study of the San Francisco Chronicle and its Reporting of the Japanese Problem from 1869 to 1905 by Glenda L. Kochen
24Racism in the Media Concerning the Iranian Hostage Crisis by Jon E. Kraft
25Oregonian July 8, 1883 to September 30, 1883: The Indian, Chinese, and Blacks by Shellie C. Martin
26The San Francisco Chronicle and its Position Concerning the Japanese and Immigration Act of 1924 by David Mickel
27No Japs Wanted: Editorial Opinions of Three Puget Sound Newspapers, December 1941 through April 1942 by Mark Johnson
28Looking for Racial Discrimination in the Seattle Post Intelligencer Coverage of Blacks During the Detroit Riot 1967 by Mike Morgan
29Echoes of 1967: An Analysis of the Seattle Times’ Coverage of Minority Groups in 1977 by Chris Niccoli
30Minority Coverage by the Toppenish Review in 1938 by John D. Olsen
31Racism in the New York Times: October, 1945; August, 1947: Integration of Jack R. Robinson by Elizabeth Parkin
32Racism Toward Vietnamese Refugees as Seen in the Port Angeles Daily News by Andrea Patrick
33Latent Prejudice – A Dangerous Stereotype: A Study on How the Toppenish Review Covered the Indians of the Reservation 1921 by Lauren Michelle Phillips
34Bifurcation: How the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Constitution, The New York Times, and Washington Post Covered the American Black Athletes’ Protest at the 1968 Summer Olympics by Mary Frances Rogers
35Proving Racism Exists: The Colfax Gazette vs. The WSU Black Student Racial Uprisings of 1969-1970 by Shannon M. Scott
36How the New York Times Covered Malcolm X and the Black Nationalist Movement During 1964 by Mark Sorensen
37News Media Views on Japanese Americans After Pearl Harbor by Mark R. Stillman
38Bifurcation: How the NY Times and Pittsburgh Courier Covered Jackie Robinson Breaking the Color Barrier, 1947 by Robert Wean
39Stereotypes, Distortions, and Omissions in the Tri-City Herald: Coverage of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, 1963 to 1965 by Johari Wiley
40Tolerance and Understanding: A Study of The Tacoma News Tribune September 1, 1941 through March 31, 1942 by Michel Zahrly