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W.S.U. Department Of Communications (History of Communications)
Class Papers, 1971-1979


These papers were given to MASC by Thomas Heuterman in the early 1980s. The papers were processed by Mark O'English and Tim Mace in February, 2009.


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Communications 410, taught by Professor Thomas Heuterman, was an undergraduate senior level course dealing with historical media (newspaper) issues.


The collection consists of papers from the 1970s from students in Communications 410, dealing with historical issues in newspapers. The collection consists of one series, organized by year.


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply.


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History of Communications Class Papers, 1971-1979 (UA 184)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


The Washington State University Archives also hold a collection of W.S.U. Department Of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers, 1956-1979 and W.S.U. Department Of Communications (History of Communications) Class Papers, 1988.

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Class Papers, 1971
11A History of WSU "Hilltopics" by Michael Burns
1A History of Educational Television in the State of Washington by Judy Engstrom
1The Offset Era at the Republic Publishing Company, Yakima, Washington by Fred Fishback
1A History of the Beginning of Radio in Seattle by Dic Gribbon
1The Relationship Between the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting System and KWSU-TV by Barbara Hanford
1KUGR-AM: A Selected History and Analysis by John Hebner
2A History of the Powwow (Concentrating on the Period 1910-1924) by Jenny Wing-Yee Kwong
2An Analysis of the Effects of World War I on the Tacoma Daily News by Pat McCoid
2Technometer History 1953-1971 by Kathy Sobba
2The Role of the Tacoma Ledger in the Anti-Chinese Outbreak of 1885 by Les Whiteman
Class Papers, 1972
3The Colfax Commoner by D. Auvil
3The History of KRPL Radio, Moscow, Idaho by Brooks Burford
3How Two Washington State Newspapers Covered the Super Sonic Transport Issue by Tim Cedergreen
3Bruce Helberg: At the Right Place, At the Right Time by Jim Corocoran
3The Seattle Daily Times Coverage of 1960 Kennedy-Nixon Television Debates by George Dewey
3Comparison of Daily Evergreen Editorials and Nation Student Thought Between 1945 and 1955 by Larry Earl Eaton
3An Historical Study of an Independent Television Station (KTNT-TV, Tacoma-Seattle) by Albert Eltvick
3The Rise and Establishment of the Hillsboro Argus by Michael McGraw
4History of the Chinook Washington State University Yearbook 1899-1972 by Sandra McIntosh
4The Cascade Broadcasting System and the First Satellite Station in the World by Craig Rinker
4The Use of Agricultural and Human Resouces News by Washington State Newspapers in August 1962 by M.W. Sampson
4A History of Seattle Newspapers' Coverage of A Gambling Controversy in October 1969 by Teri Torrence
4An Analysis of the Spokane Daily Chronicle's Coverage of the May 2, 1972 Sunshine Mine Disaster by John Webster
4Suburban Journalism with an indepth look at the Mercer Island Reporter by Deborah Wilson
Class Papers, 1974
5The Port Townsend Leader, A Unique Newspaper Serving a Unique Community by Kathleen Adams
5The Death of Brigham Young and Selected Newspaper Coverage by Geographic Area by Phil Anderson
5The U-2 Incident and Its Press Coverage As Reflected by The Seattle Daily Times and The Tacoma News Tribune by Gene Bigornia
5A Case History of the Editorial Page of the St. Maries Gazette Record by Pamela Chaney
5Freedom of Expression: Past and Present by Glenn Gergen
5Seattle Times Coverage of Events Leading to Spanish-American War Show Moderation by Jennifer Gilliam
5Senator Joseph McCarthy: Coverage in the Lewiston Morning Tribune and the Spokesman Review by Ron Hauenstein
6The Pearl Harbor Attack: Its Coverage by the Seattle Times by Brian Heineman
6A Biography of L.H. Gregory Sports Editor Oregonian by Colleen Leahy
6Here Comes Norma: A Brief Biographical Sketch of Norma Russell, Who Was Women's Editor of the Bellevue American Newspaper from 1953-1973 by Mary McDermott
6A Comparison Between The New York Times and The Seattle Times in Their Coverage of The 1966 Professional Football Merger by Paul Miller
6A City and Its Media in Love With a Boat by Andy Muntz
6The Spokane Newspapers' Treatment of the 1889 Spokane Fire by Kathy Nagel
6A Comparison of the Press Coverage of the Lindbergh and The Weyerhaeser Kidnappings in the Seattle Times and the New York Times by Carolyn Sarver
Class Papers, 1975
7Editorial Coverage of the Chinese Revolution by the Spokesman Review by Donna Davis
7Comparing the Reporting of the Hindenburg Disaster in Three Newspapers The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Times, and The New York Times by Dan Deighton
7KOL-FM Goes Free Form With Mixed Results, 1968-1973 by Merry Farrington
7The Spanish-American War and World War I: Two Editorial Perspectives of War's Approach by Michael Guilfoil
7A Historiography of Earl F. Luebeker by James Hartford
7A History of the Des Moines News of Des Moines, Washington by Peter Isaacson
7A History of Newspapers in South Bend, Washington by Stephen Johnson
7An Editorial Analyisis of the Lewiston Morning Tribune on John F. Kennedy by Kim Maclean
8An Examination of the Daily Evergreen's Reporting of Vietnam Dissent, Fall 1969 by Sherril Nossum
8KUID-FM: The University of Idaho's Educational Radio Station by Leonard Olson
8Bob Johnson: Personality of the Spokane Daily Chronicle Sports Pages by Sandy Ringer
8The Pullman Herald and the State Agricultural College 1889-1891 in Comparison and Contrast with the Colfax Commoner of the Same Era by Mark Skok
8An Analysis of the Editorial Content Concerning Grand Coulee Dam in the Wenachee Daily World From 1931-1933 by James Stone
8A Hisory of Offset Printing at Valley Publishing Company in Kent, Washington by Karen Torpey
8The Conflict for County Seat as Told by the Everett Herald and Snohomish County Tribune September 1894 - January 1897 by Terry Warner
8[Coverage of Tacoma City Council by the Tacoma News Tribune, 1969-1970] by Jim Wilson
8The WSU Board of Student Publications Eight Years by Jesse Wong
Class Papers, 1976
29Newspaper Coverage of the Super Bowl by John Barhanovich
9The Effect of the Lewiston Morning Tribune Editorials on the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Bill by Linda Chalich
9The Cultural Beginings of Steilacoom, Washington 1850 - 1870, Twenty Years of Progress by Scott Flick
9An Historical Overview of the Growth of KOMO Radio and its Programs by Duane Hill
9A Separete Marriage, The Bremerton Sun and a Navy Town by Steven Hunsberger
9Comparision of How the Spokesman-Review Covered Two Murders by Daniel Keenan
9Overview of a Suburban Newspaper: The Mercer Island Reporter by Galen Motin
9The Grant County Daily Journal: 14 Years on an Economic Roller Coster by Roy Neese
9Coverage of the Columbus Day Storm 1962 by Michael Quigley
10The Wilbur Register in 1902 by Bob Sheffels
10How A Newspaper Covered the Issues: The Colville Statesman-Examiner and The Northwest Alloys Plant by Mark Smith
10Bob Bailie: Community Publisher by Brad Stracener
10The Helena Herald, A Newspaper's Position in Montana's Search for Statehood by Colleen Sweeney
10The Star: How it Reported the Proposed Bombing Range by Teri Thompson
10Changes in Attitudes Toward the Environment as Reflected in The Wenatchee Daily World: 1910 and 1970 Compared by Wenda Vautier
Class Papers, 1977
11[Biography of John Sandifer] by Mo Ahern
11WSU News Bureau: A History of by Kevin Girard
11Howard Cleavinger A Man and His Paper by Dale Goodwin
11Stanwood Washington: How its Growth was Affected by the Contribution of its Various Newspapers, Through History by Debby Mann
11Coverage of Growth in the Sammamish Valley News by Paul Nickell
11Washington Witch Hunt: The Canwell Committee Hearings by Thomas Ryll
12[Spokan Times and the Northwest Tribune and the Birth of Spokane County, 1879-1880] by Julie Smitt
12Jim Stack's Daily Bulletin: An Uncommon Daily Newspaper by Don Sparhawk
12The Coeur D' Alene Mining Revolt of 1892 and the Spokane Daily Chronicle by David Spencer
12Go, Go You Pilots: The Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer Cover the Seattle Pilots by Alan Wasser
Class Papers, 1978
13The Handling of the Pollard Dickson Controversy: A Fairness Doctrine Issue by David Brevik
13A History of The North Idaho Press by Monte Kieling
13Coverage of the Vietnam War by the Everett Junior College Clipper by Lee Kreutzer
13Growth Coverage in the Northshore Citizen by Jim Moore
13Edward Laurence Dennis: A Biography by Carrie Parks
Class Papers, 1979
14Renton Record - Chronicle Coverage of the Impact of Boeing Layoffs 1970-1971 by Wenda Aldrich
14Hearst Raises the Knife Over Seattle's Vulnerable Throat: An Analysis of the Hearst's Impact on a Growing City in the 1920's by Vicki Ashby
14Hugh Rundell: A Biography by Wanda Crawford
14The Daily Olympian's Coverage of the Indian Fishing Rights Issue by Sue Droppelman
14The Lynching of George F. Parker and Ed Hill: How Five Newspapers Covered the Event by Dee Eaton
14Why the Gas Crisis: Will We Ever Know? by Mark Kullberg
14Effects of Hearst Ownership on Contents of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1919-1922 by John Leenders
14Wartime Fears on the Olympic Peninsula and the Role of the Port Angeles Evening News in the Community by Lynn Nowak
Class Papers, undated
15Analysis and Contrast of the Reporting of the Battles of To-ho-nome, Four Lakes and Spokane Plains by the Weekly Oregonian and the Puget Sound Herald by John Bright
15A Comparison of the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer During the May, 1970 Student Strike by Dell Burner
15A Time To Grow [Early History of the Tri-City Herald] by Debbie Dahlstrom
15The Spokesman-Review's News Coverage and Editorial Interpretation of Woman's Sufferage Campain 1910 by Karen Dymalski
15Jim Stack: A Unique Journalist by Bob Guptill
15The Washington State Copyright Protection Act: A Selected History and Analysis by Charles Hinde
15Coverage by the Seattle Daily Times and Seattle Post Intelligencer of the International Security Act and the Smith Act by Larry Jamieson
15The Development of Cable Televison in Colfax as Compared to the Development of Cable Systems in the United States by Curtis Lindskog
15The Development of Spokane's KREM-FM by Paul Lofgren
316Taskett v. King Broadcasting Co.: A History by Bob Malphrus
16[Coverage of the “Everett Massacre” in the Everett Morning Tribune, 1916] by Donn Marriotto
16A History of Commercial Broadcasting in the Palouse by Patrick Nymon
16[Coverage of John F Kennedy in the Seattle Times and Seattle Post Intelligencer, 1960] by Diane Parkinson
16Press Coverage of the Garfield Assassination by Pam Sather
16A History of the Tri-County Tribune and Its Predecessor, The Deer Park Union by Leah Thompson
16William Thomas Marineau, Publisher, The Daily Idahoian by Richard Todd
16A History of Radio in Wenatchee by Stuart Trefey
16Seattle and the Seattle Times 1896-1910 by David Vadney
17An Examination of the Press Coverage of the McKinley Assassination by Bill Walker
17The FM Movement and KREM-FM by Bob Ward
17Populism and the Mining Wars of Northern Idaho, 1887-1893 by David Wood