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Army Specialized Training Reserve Program

United States Army

(ASTRP Company A, Unit 3923)

Collection, 1944-2007

Hector T. Garcia Memorial Collection

Acquisition And Processing Information

This collection was donated to the Washington State University Libraries in 2011 by Leah Garcia, the wife of Hector Garcia, the group's archivist, and Bob Glotzbach, a member of the group (accession number MS 2011-06). It was processed in 2011 by Katrina Burch.

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Number of boxes: 12

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Organizational Material

The Army Specialized Training Reserve Program (ASTRP) was one of several U.S. Army special programs created during World War II to meet needs for large numbers of soldiers with special technical and professional skills. ASTRP was created for men who were not yet old enough to be eligible for the military draft (17 years old), to provide college training with military scholarships, thus building a pool of personnel especially well prepared for military service as technicians, specialists, and officer training.

Washington State College in Pullman, Washington was home to ASTRP Company A, Unit 3923. In July 1944, its 250 members--17-year-olds from various western states--arrived on campus. From July until December, they received intensive academic and physical training at WSC, lived on campus in dormitories, and participated in competitive athletics. The 181 members who finished the program scattered to a wide variety of military assignments, but after forming strong personal relationships as members of this cohort many of them maintained lifelong connections with the group. Hector Garcia facilitated these connections through sustained research over many years to locate members.

The group held its first reunion in 1951, and began meeting regularly beginning in 1974. Their tenth reunion was held in 2006.

Collection Description

This collection consists of materials related to ASTRP Company A, Unit 3923, mainly from the years following their military service. It documents the sustained long-term relationships of many members, and the group's post-war activities. Most of the records are those kept by member Hector Garcia as the informal archivist for the group, and the balance includes papers from Bob Glotzbach, a member who authored a history of the cohort, Fortunate Soldiers (or Soldiers of Fortune) (Glen Ellen, CA: Regeneration Sources, 1997).

The materials include correspondence, company rosters, files related to Garcia's efforts to locate cohort members, reunion files, statistical reports and compilations, collected historical materials, photographs and audiovisual media.

The collection is named in honor of Hector Garcia (1926-2009).

Collection Arrangement

The Garcia and Glotzbach materials have been merged into a single collection arranged in six series:


United States. Army -- History -- World War, 1939-1945
Teenage soldiers -- United States -- History -- Sources
Veterans -- United States -- Biography
Washington State University -- History -- Sources


The collection is open and available for research.

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ASTRP Company A, Unit 3923 collection
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Location Note (Masc Staff Use)

Folder 234: boxed oversize.


Materials are in English.

Container List:

Box Folder Description
    Series 1: Correspondence, 1951-2003
    Hector Garcia correspondence
1 1 ASTRP members, 1974-2000
  2 Ned Ward, 1974-1997
  3-5 Bob Glotzbach, 1988-1999
  6 Correspondence with non-members, 1989-2000
  7 George Crampton, 1997-2000
  8 Miscellaneous, 1990
  9 Bob Glotzbach correspondence, 1951-2003
2 10-14 Bob Glotzbach correspondence, 1951-2003 (continued)
    Series 2: Membership records and member search files, 1984-2007
  15 Company A records, 1990-1998
3 16-17 Lists (Mailing, rosters, deceased members, and statistical data), 2003-2008
  18 Rosters and search documents, undated
  19 Membership correspondence, obituaries, information on Henry Butherus, and rosters, 2006-2007
  20 Member verifications
  21 Searches and results, 1988-2002
  22 Death certificate application forms, circa 1997-2003
  23 Death certificates and death notices, 1984-2006
4 24 Death certificates and death notices, 1984-2006 (continued)
  25 Death records, 1974-2006
  26 Death notices, 2005-2007
    Member search files
  27 Joseph Barlow, 1995-2004
  28 Richard Hal Calkins, 1998-2003
  29 Richard Kennedy Floyd, 1994-2001
  30-32 William Claud Moore, 1994-1998
5 33 Robert V. Petersen, 1993-1997
  34 Samuel Robert Rosenberg, Jr., 1994-1997
  35 Bernard S. Schwartz, 1994-1997
  36 Roger H. Walther, 1994-1997
  37-38 Benito Luigi Bacci, Donald Heyworth Miller, Melvin Gale Roskelley, 1997-1999
  39 Locating members, 1996-2008
  40-41 Locating members, 1992-1997
6 42 Identification of members of Platoons A and B, 1994 December
    Series 3: Reports, memorabilia, historical and miscellaneous materials, 1944-2007
  43 ASTRP historical background and related correspondence, 1944-1986
  44 Colonel Henry Butherus (correspondence, photograph, news clippings, and memorial information), 1976-2007
  45 Photographs of Palouse and Camp Roberts, CA (photocopies), draft of Bob Glotzbach's book, and clipping from Forbes magazine, undated
  46 Memorabilia (news articles, pamphlet, and photographs), undated
  47 Memorabilia ("life after Pullman"), undated
  48 Member orders, 1944
  49 Story and photographs on Mary Lou Neil
  50 Fortunate Soldiers (bound volume), 1997
  51 Fortunate Soldiers (draft)
7 52 Data compilation by Hector Garcia (military statistics, post-war statistics, rosters, and information about deceased members)
  53-54 ASTRP statistics, 1998
    Series 4: Reunions, 1974-2006
  55-56 San Francisco, 1974
  57-59 Oakland Airport, Oakland, CA, 1984-1986
8 60-61 Pullman, WA, 1990
  62-63 Asilomar, CA, 1994
  64-65 Hawaii (Kona) 1994-1997
  66 Hawaii, 1997
  67-68 Dana Point, CA, 1998-2000
  69 Denver, CO, 2002
  70 Denver, CO, 2002 (continued)
  71 Seattle, WA, 2000-2005
9 72-73 Sacramento, CA, 2006
    Series 5: Audiovisual media, 1985-2006 and undated
10 74 Washington State reunion videocassette (VHS), 1990
  75 Henry and May Butherus videocassette (VHS), 1997
  76 Fiftieth reunion, Asilomar videocassette (VHS), 1994 May
  77-78 Oakland Airport reunion videocassettes (2 BetaMax cassettes), 1985
  79-80 Butherus interview (2 audiocassettes), 1985
  81 Audiocassette, "Songs of Washington State--WSC Concert Band and Concert Choir" (reproduction), undated
  82 Interview with Colonel Henry Butherus, Walla Walla, WA (audio recording on compact disc), 2006 September 24
    Series 6: Photographs, 1974-2006
11 83 Butherus memorial luncheon, Vacaville, CA, 2007 November 12
  84 Visit to Butherus home, Walla Walla, WA, 2002 May 13
  85 "Photos from time at WSU" (photocopies)
  86 Miscellaneous (includes Butherus memorial, 1997-2007
  87-88 Unidentified people and scenes from around the Palouse, undated
  89-98 San Francisco, 1974
  99 Ad hoc planning committee meeting for the forty-first reunion, 1985
  100 Luncheon at Hyatt Oakland, 1986
  101-140 Pullman reunion, 1990
  141-144 Asilomar, CA, 1994
12 145-179 Asilomar, CA, 1994 (continued)
  180-222 Hawaii (Kona), 1997 November
  223-228 Denver, CO, 2002 June
  229 Seattle, WA, 2004 September
  230-233 Sacramento, CA, 2006
Oversize 234 1944 group portrait and related documentation (location note: boxed oversize)