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Wine Advisory Committee

Reports and Proposals, 1994-2008

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The research reports of the Washington Wine Grape Advisory Board and its successor, the Wine Advisory Committee, were transferred to Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections at the Washington State University Libraries by Sheila Brooks of WSU's Agricultural Research Center in 2010 as part of a publications file (UA 2010-05). These reports and proposals were separated and processed in 2010 by University Archivist Mark O'English.

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Organizational History

In the late 1970s, an informal industry group called the Washington Wine Society (made up of Wade Wolfe, Bob Betz, Walt Clore, Max Benitz, Mike Wallace and others) approached the Washington State legislature for research funding. In 1981, Senator Max Benitz sponsored legislation that provided research funding through half cent per liter tax on all Washington wine sales, collected by Washington State Liquor Control Board and disbursed to Washington State University and the University of Washington. The legislation also identified an industry oversight committee made up of representatives of the Washington Wine Society. The Society was later renamed the Washington Wine Grape Advisory Board (WWGAB), and between 1982 and 1998 the WWGAB was made up of ten to twelve internally selected industry volunteer members. In response to concerns about governance and structure, the WWGAB was formalized in 1998 as a subcommittee of the Washington Wine Commission, and its name was changed to the Wine Advisory Committee (WAC). The Wine Advisory Committee provides recommendations to WSU for the expenditure of state wine and grape related research funding. (From the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers website Research page, "History" section, Accessed June 28, 2010)

Beginning in the 2000s, these reports and proposals were reviewed at an annual Wine Research Review meeting, held at the Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, Washington.

Collection Description

This collection consists of proposals and progress reports for research related to the state of Washington's wine industry. Also included among these volumes is one publication from the Washington State Concord Grape Research Council, which is not part of the WAC but oversees related research on grape juice.

Collection Arrangement

The collection is arranged in a single chronological sequence.


Wine and wine making
Viticulture -- Washington (State)
Wine industry -- Washington (State)


This collection is open and available for research use. Copyright restrictions apply. It should be noted that many of these publications contain front matter indicating that "proposals in this booklet contain confidential and proprietary information which is the property of Washington State University." The confidentiality requirement was intended to apply only up to the actual date of the review, and these proposals and reports are now considered public records.

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Wine Advisory Committee Reports and Proposals, 1994-2008
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington State University Libraries
Pullman, WA


Materials are in English.

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Box Folder Description
    Washington Wine Grape Advisory Board
1 1 1994 Reports and 1995 Proposals, 1994 December
  2 1995 Reports and 1996 Proposals, 1995 December
  3 1996-97 Progress Reports, 1997 March
  4 1997 Proposals, undated
  5 FY 1998 Proposals, undated
  6 1997-98 Progress Reports and 1998-99 Proposals, 1998 March
  7 Wine Advisory Committee. 1999 Reports and 2000 Proposals, 2000 March
  8 Washington State Concord Grape Research Council. 2000 Reports and 2001 Proposals, 2000 December
    Wine Research Review
  9 Annual Progress--Final Progess Reports for Wine-Grape Funds. Fiscal Year 2003 Reports, 2003 January 22
  10 Proposals and Progress Reports for Wine-Grape Funds, 2005 February 25
  11 Proposals for Wine-Grape Funds, 2007 February 13
  12 Progress Reports for Wine-Grape Funds, 2008 February 22
  13 Proposals for Wine-Grape Funds, 2008 February 22