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Ricardo Sánchez

Papers, 1968-1995

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Ricardo Sánchez donated these materials to the Washington State University Libraries in 1992 (MS 1992-42, MS 1992-44, MS 1992-73). The collection was processed in 2009 by Nora Wiechert, a Ph.D. candidate in the WSU Department of English.

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Sometimes called the "grandfather of Chicano poetry," Ricardo Sánchez was a professor of creative writing and Chicano studies at Washington State University from 1991 until his death in 1995. He was born March 29, 1941 in El Paso, TX and raised in a neighborhood called "El barrio del diabolo." After serving in the U.S. Army he was convicted of armed robbery and sent to prison. In 1969, he received a Ford Foundation sponsorship as a Frederick Douglass Fellow in Journalism and in 1970 was employed as a staff writer and humanities instructor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

He earned his Ph.D. in American Studies and cultural linguistic theory in 1974, at the Union Graduate School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Subsequently, Dr. Sánchez worked at El Paso Community College (1974), the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (1977), and the University of Alaska (1979). From 1977 to 1980 he was an assistant professor at the University of Utah Ethnic Studies Center. At WSU, he was a member of the faculty in both the English Department and the Department of Comparative Cultures, achieving full professorship with tenure in early 1995.

His works include Canto y grito mi liberación (y lloro mis desmadrazgos...) : pensamientos, gritos, angustias, orgullos, penumbras poéticas, ensayos, historietas, hechizos almales del son de mi existencia... (The 1995 edition includes poems written during Dr. Sánchez's tenure at WSU); Amerikan journeys = Jornados americanos (1994); Dr. Sanchez' all-you-can-eat poetry buffet, or, Lentils of revolution (1994); Selected Poems (1985); Amsterdam Cantos y Poemas Pistos (1983); Brown Bear and Honey Madness. Alaskan Cruising Poems (1981); and Milhuas Blues and Gritos Nortenos (1978).

Dr. Sánchez died of cancer on September 3, 1995.

Collection Description

The collection includes manuscripts (reproductions) and published works. Several of the poetry collections were written and published during Sánchez's tenure at WSU.

Collection Arrangement

The materials are arranged in a single series. They fall into five categories: 1. Materials about Ricardo Sánchez; 2. Photocopies of three Sánchez manuscripts; 3. Publications authored by Sánchez; 4. Publications that include work by Sánchez, such as poetry anthologies and collections; 5. Publications by other authors, owned by (and often inscribed to) Sánchez.


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Related Materials

Most of the papers of Ricardo Sánchez are located at the University of Texas at Austin and at Stanford University.


English and Spanish.


Some biographical information was obtained from:

Barceno, Roberto (compiler). "Ricardo Sanchez, Ph.D." (

Container List:

Box Folder Description
1 1 Sánchez Memorial
  2 "On Ricardo Sánchez: Marginality and Excess in Chicano Poetry."
  3 Newspaper articles on Ricardo Sánchez
  4-6 Manuscript (photocopy), les Suerostraats of BIG COTULLA. . . . 1988
  7-10 Manuscript (photocopy), Carta/Magda/Carta y otras misivas. (Una Obra Novelistica Epistolaria), 1991
  11 Manuscript (photocopy), The Furrows of Time's Swathe (a work in progress), 1985
  12 The Northwest Cantos Part I. Palousian Poets Press: Moscow, ID, 1992
  13 Brown Bear Honey Madnesses: Alaskan Cruising Poems. Slough Press: Austin, 1981
  14 Amsterdam Cantos y poemas pistos. Place of Herons: Austin, 1983
  15 Milhuas Blues and Gritos Norteños. Spanish-Speaking Outreach Institute, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1978
  16 Compages. No 18. Autumn 1987. Union of Left Writers: San Francisco, 1987
  17 Rio Grande Review. Spring-Summer 1992. Volume 11, number 2. University of Texas at El Paso
  18 New Blood Magazine. Number 6. New Blood Press: Boulder, circa 1982
2 19 Festival Flor Y Canto II. An Anthology of Chicano Literature. Pajarito Publications: Albuquerque, circa 1979
  20 International Journal of Art, Science &Philosophy. Volume III, numbers 1and 2. Pax Cultura Press: Texas, 1985
  21 "Los Tejanos." Special issue. Revista Chicano-Riqueña. Año VIII. Autumn 1980. Number 3
  22 Mind Spew. Cerebral Spillings: An Anthology of Experiences. Malcontent Press: Moscow, ID, 1992
  23 Nosotros. June 1972. Volume 2, number 3. El Paso, TX
  24 Caracol. La revista de la raza
    November 1977; volume 4, number 3
    January 1978; volume 4, number 5
    February 1978; volume 4, number 6
    April 1978; volume 4, number 8
    July 1978; volume 4, number 11
    August 1978; volume 4, number 12
    July-August 1979; volume 5, numbers 11 and 12
  25 Hispano Americano. Volume LXXIV, number 1920. 1979 February 19
  26 La Luz
    Volume 7, number 1, 1978
    Volume 8, number 2, 1979
  27-28 Nuestro
    Volume 1, number 7, 1977 October
    Volume 1, number 9, 1977 December.
    Volume 2, number 1, 1978 January
    Volume 2, number 3, 1978 March
    Volume 2, number 4, 1978 April
    Volume 3, number 7, 1979 September
    Volume 3, number 12, 1980 January-February
  29 Tiempo. Volume LXX, number 1808. 1976 December 27
  30 ¡A Mi Que! Jose Montalvo. With foreword by Sánchez. Raza Cosmica: San Antonio, 1983
  31 Papel De Estraza. Number 113. 1985 May.
  32 Nonstop. Marion Winik. Cedar Rock Press: New Braunfels, TX, 1981
  33 El Politico. José Angel Gutiérrez. El Politico: the Mexican American Official. Míctla Publications: El Paso, 1972
3 34 Chicanos. Our Background and our Pride. Nephtalí De León. Trucha Publications, Inc.: Lubbock, TX, 1972
  35 I will catch the Sun. Nephtalí De León. Trucha Publications: Lubbock, TX, 1973
  36 "The Mexican American. A New Focus on Opportunity." Testimony Presented at the Cabinet Committee Hearings on Mexican American Affairs. El Paso, TX. 1967 October 26-28. U.S. Government Printing Office: 1968
  37 1916 Villa Raid! Bill Rakocy. Bravo Press: El Paso, TX. 1991
  38 Great Missions of the Southwest. Bill Rakocy. El Paso Museum of Art. 1987 September